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  1. https://dragcave.net/teleport/f241455d63fc92be02640b40fc9b0ae1 https://dragcave.net/teleport/e1d1b9a9e194f9b5caaa6b9082fadce6
  2. BlueLatios

    Z Project

    Regifting from someone kind. A quite slow Z https://dragcave.net/teleport/4b5d1b8ef5a7d12d368aefdedae9586f?new=1
  3. https://dragcave.net/teleport/39954a17077016c4f21e26918576f396?new=1 Something
  4. BlueLatios

    Z Project

    2G Z from Zs https://dragcave.net/teleport/8bccadbd1700534a3414681bf6984a82
  5. Anniversary already Grats! And have fun
  6. Awesome! On a side note, this is the release where AP time is gonna plunge into the lowest of times Thanks, TJ and spriters
  7. Maybe someone will like this https://dragcave.net/teleport/a70984fcb68f7cc338b011b076c36278
  8. As of now, there are speculations as of how Baikala breedings produce which colored eggs. The ones that I and some people have gathered are that: All green Baikalas produce green Baikalas. For blue Baikalas, if the mate originates from Forest or Jungle, it will produce green Baikalas. (This includes the glitch blue Jungle Baikalas.) All other biome mates and bred/Cave-biome dragons produce blue Baikalas. For blue X green Baikalas and vice versa, it's interesting in that it can produce a green offspring with one blue Baikala, and a blue one with the other blue Baikala. https://dragcave.net/progeny/lOlEX From various Baikala breedings, it remains consistent in that if a pair produces blue Baikalas, it will always produce blue Baikalas. The same goes for green Baikalas. Is the offspring color predetermined by some sort of unknown factor (that if it's meant for the players to figure out, we'll try to do so), or that it's predetermined once a Baikala pairing is bred together? (Similar to breeding rates, whether a pair likes each other, is not interested, or refuses each other)
  9. DC has deep lore indeed, this is amazing to plot since 5 years ago Amazing work! Wyrms may be a limited breed subtype but with all the colorful ones, I think they're awesome!
  10. It's still June. I like to assume this is birthday event Part II But yeah, people have their thoughts on the secret 7th egg. Nonetheless, they look awesome, so I decided to take two by luck
  11. This is the definition of chaos right here Nice!
  12. Yay! Thanks for the exchange, and I hope everyone enjoys the fun Thanks again, aqub!
  13. Ooooh I won, yay! Thanks to everyone for the donations and to wheel for hosting, as usual
  14. So apparently we have a trading system implemented. It's chaos time
  15. https://dragcave.net/progeny/ZXgAg I didn't notice this until a few months ago, then it seems that nobody else was able to produce a Purple from Spitfire. Was wondering whether they're as hard as getting a Gold from Xol dragons, but then again, Purples are not hard to breed, Spitfires are quite dominant but not as much. So is this a ratio problem or a bug? (Thanks for the thread, I also want answers )
  16. Alright, I suppose I can get a bit of help here as well, I guess Z! Also a purply
  17. It's funny how I got this (gifted by a friend) and this reminds me of a DC dragon probably Labradorites but it looks like something from IRL, a common fish living in depths of the ocean
  18. Thank you for the gifts, ValentineHeart! Sorry I'm late to pick them up ^^'
  19. Donated something special into this round ^^ I have not much to share, but it's true that most of the awesome stuff I'm able to achieve is because through the kindness of others. There are many forms and all equally worthwhile, one of them is gifting! I know it's cliche but, when you gift because you wanted to see someone else happy, that is a wonderful feeling a gifter would feel. I have not been able to send my gifts personally, but I just want people to know (if this matters) that if I donate lineaged dragons, I do so in hopes of giving people wonderful lineages, even tho it's not "continueable" or has no matching mates, and that with each egg, I hope it can cheer someone's day up even if just a bit. Happy 1-year anniversary to this minigame
  20. sweet! Thanks, Dracleaia and dustpuppy! ^^
  21. Hatchies, grow faster! I wanna try something
  22. Happy Birthday to DC! And did you say 256 breeds! 255 or 256 is the magic number