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Digging it...

Come on, all hail the artist who made coal (?) eggs!

And the one who made yellow hatchlings!

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I absolutely adore the stone stage 2 hatchling. It's ever so cute, but at the same time it looks strong and powerful. The detail is just... just wow. It's incredible.

I also am in love with the female silvers. They look so graceful, elegant and beautiful...

The silver hatchlings too are so so special. The pose is terrificly cute, and they seem like they're glowing.. it's adorable.

I also love the winter seasonals. They seem almost reflective, like ice. It's beautiful.

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bumping this thread of love.

I LOVE the new Embers. They are gorgeous. I did see them as a WIP but wow... they are lovely on the scrolls. I also have a newfound love for night glory drakes. Very striking colors.

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Everything about the Embers, from the eggs to the adults. They totally blow me away every time I look at them.


The Nebulas, especially the eggs. I wish we could freeze eggs! I would freeze dozens!



It's really hard to pick my favorites actually.


Male vampires. Vampire eggs


Skywings. I'm raising an army.


Sunsongs. They're so shiiiiny. and i loooove shiiiiiny


Reds and Earth dragons. They look like DRAGONS, you know? Like the one in Beowulf.


(BTW, we totally need a dragon sprite curled up around a pile of ancient gold, poisonous fumes being exhaled from it's nostrils)


Really, if I detailed all my favorites I'd be here all night!



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all the sprites are wonderful really. but i have some favs <3. like...


nebula dragons - OHMYGOD they are beautiful. just loveee! the colors and their wings.


bright-breasted wyverns - now that's a wyvern. looks like it could be something real...such a tropical feel from them, lovee it.


xmas '09 dragons - i love how they came in 3 diff wing variations, though i wish i got the gold with red/green tips. but they all rock regardless <3.


silver dragons - my first fav dragon everr. back when they were so easy to breed, haha. just elegant, shiny, and beautiful.


other mentions have to be: ridgewings, seasonals, embers, neotropicals, holidays...ahh <3. i could write all day about every sprite. xd.png

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Embers are so so wow. The male looks so striking and regal, the female looks almost inquisitive, but still scary.

The s2 hatchling's too look so so scary, and they look like they are glowing, and so does the s1 hatchling, glow glow glow.

Embers are one of my new favourites. Ultra-Ember love.

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I LOVE the winter dragons and I hate the winter time xd.png They have that delicate look but at the same time look like they could whoop some butt! The female Hellfire and the nebula hatchlings are simply ADORABLE!! The Embers look extremely fierce and exotic and the Water Dragons make me wanna go swimming and I'm TERRIFIED of water. There's so many others I wanna mention but all the sprites look simply amazing and I hope I can get all of them on my scroll

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Daydreams are simply great. I love their cotton candy coloration, and the pose of the female.

Male vampires are epic, I could (and eventually will) have tons of them. happy.gif

I adore the male alt blacks' glare.

The underrated dorsals are amazing, too. I love the pose. :3

The color, tiny wings and adorable hatchlings make waterhorses gorgeous.

Ridgewings are epic. Enough said.

Yulebucks are so graceful, yet they look festive, as a Christmas dragon should, really well done.

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BBW are in my list of favorites. I saw the WIP and thought; "Wow! This dragons look so dynamic and amazing, I hope they get released!"


Whites are just lovely.


Horse dragons, very well done, very dynamic. It's hard to get the stepping of a horse right, but this dragon just gets it all perfect.


Nebula. I have a thing for space themed things. The new female alt is just WOW.


Ember; Very, very well done. Again, I saw the finnished dragon in the completed list, and thought; "they have to release it!"


Magma dragons. I was not very fond of them at the beggining, but I kind of grown to like them.


Snow Angels, Rosebuds, Yulebucks, and, quiet honestly, every festive one. Considering I hate pink color, it's quiet a compliment that I'm so fond of these guys.


Water dragons; What's there to say about these guys? They're a classic, and give away the most lovely alts, of which I'm very fond too.


To be honest, I like them all (well, not really, but it'd be quicker to mention the ones I don't like tongue.gif)

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I adore silvers. There's a reason I have an army of them on my scroll. I love how they look so happy, and... I don't know how to describe it, other than that their images look -soft-, like they would be very petable.


I love the draconic dignity of magis. They're just hangin' out... keeping an eye on you.


I appreciate the different seasons, and now the different genders of the different seasons, of seasonal dragons. There's eight different adult sprites of one breed! That's an amazing amount of work, and they reflect their seasons so well.


Trios, of course. Their poses are wonderfully dynamic, and so much detailed attention was put into them--even without the Summon BSA, they would be sought-after because they're just very good-looking sprites.


Electrics also look happy and petable! Even though you'd get zapped every time. I like how they reflect their name so well.


The new pinks (I think of them as "rosebuds") really are just fabulous-looking sprites. Their BSA is super handy too, so I'm happy to have a bunch of them on my scroll, and always willing to add more. Their coloring is wonderful, and the dynamic poses are excellent too.


Nocturnes have three different sprites, all of which look excellent, and the nighttime poses are very lively and happy-looking, perfect for their breed. I'm happy to have them on my scroll.

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I just looked at my grown up Marrows and noticed I'm in love with them. I already thought they were great last year when I got the CBs, but it's as if they became even better with time... The sprites are so beautiful I had to find this thread just to tell the world how much I love them. (In a mostly platonic way.)

@Spriter(s) of Marrows: great job. smile.gif

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I love all of the water horses, and for some reason I draw water horse feet on practically everything I do now. They're so easy and round.


I also like the deep sea dragons VERY much, and the white and zombie hatchlings are the cutest things ever.

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I'm so glad this thread popped up on the first page of the forums; I so want to gush about some dragon designs. biggrin.gif


I know Albinos are not very popular, but I find their pose so oddly charming - they remind me of a small dog looking way way up at a caregiver, trying to get attention and affection. It makes me want to drag them into the shade and snuggle them! And the egg design is very pretty in an understated, non-shiny way.


I also love the Nocturne male nighttime sprite; the the low-angle-light-source shading looks so dramatic and suits their pose so well.


I miss the old, sitting chubby Black hatchling sprites terribly; they were just so cute with their leetle baby faces and their sitting like dogs. The new ones are pretty, which is not something I necessarily expect in a baby thing.


I love the White and Guardian hatchlings too... it seems I just love dragons that are in dog-like poses.


I also adore the colour/pose choices for the Spring seasonals, and how well the male and female sprites balance each other.


Female Daydreams are another thing that I want to cuddle with; they look so smushy-comfy-soft somehow. I love that the male and female sprites are designed to interact with one another.


The male Sunset sprite is in exactly the pose I usually imagine dragons in. I like the vibrancy of the colours as well.


The Waterhorses have such an interesting... I guess it's kind of like a texture? They look like they're made of gelatin, like a Jelly Baby or a gummy bear. I kind of want to eat them up. dry.gif


Water Walkers are maybe my favourite. They look so awkward and nonthreatening that I find it really endearing.


Baby. Electrics. Oh em GEE, do I love baby Electrics. They really look like they're little versions of the adult sprites (sometimes it seems like there's a lot of change that has to happen for a hatchling to grow into an adult) and they have such smug-looking little lizardy faces. I love the baby Electric sprite.


The female Shallow Water/Goldfish sprite really does make me think of a goldfish, which makes it count as a definite design success in my book.


Overall I love how there has been an increasing trend towards more dynamic posing, more interesting lighting, and that the general quality of artwork seems to be constantly improving - I think it reflects well on the community here, because the dragons in the cave were created through collaborations between dedicated users who are genuinely interested in creating good art and deliver quality for no tangible reward.

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I love the BBW, the male sprite especially. I love the vibrant colouring.


I'm also a big fan of the male pillow. I wish I had a pillow that fluffy!


Ridgewings are amazing. Sunsongs have amazing colours. I love how regal whites look. Day and night glories are also fantastic. I love silvers, especially the hatchlings. They're very cute. And black marrows of course. They're so scary looking. tongue.gif


I just adore all the sprites. I wish I was talented enough to make them.

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Grays always look so alert to me. I'm especially fond of the females, but I love the way the male's holding his little storm cloud, like he's washing off his claws with it; such a practical utility for a weather control ability! biggrin.gif


Two-headed dragons tickle me as well, with the red eyes and the long faces.


Male Blunas are just stunning. The females much less so, for me, though I do really like the look of their faces. But the males have that dynamic, circular body pose, and the hatchlings are adorable. In S1 they look like they're demanding to be fed, and in S2 they look like they're taking themselves super seriously now that they're so grown up.


Alt vines look really creepy (in a very good way) to me. More than any other dragon, I think they look sincerely dangerous and/or sinister.


Embers have a huge 'wow' factor for me. I'm really glad they're not rare, because they look rare. Same goes for Nocturnes. Their sprites are all so lovely and capture a sense of movement really, really well. The male ember totally looks like he's roaring mad - same as the pebbles - and the female looks like she could be hissing, or trying to warn to you off, or getting ready to bolt. Male Nocturnes look like they're having a blast, while female Nocturnes look like they're hunting really intently.


Female geodes have to same sort of long, smooth face I like on the males, but the way the crystals on their bodies (both genders) look makes me think of the old rpg games I used to play. Like they should be waiting in a cave for a fight, or to dispense sage advice, or something.


Day Glory Drakes are gorgeous, but for my money I love the Night Glories. They look like someone cast them out of metal and used stained glass for parts of their wings.


Guardians are just - I love Guardians. I love the big huge tail, and the orange glint of their eyes, and the horns on their heads. I love how they look like they mean business, but not in an aggressive way. It just fits their description completely.


Female Harvest dragons, with their wings stretched out and the stripe of green running down their backs, look very warm and autumnal and kind of thoughtful.


And then Hellfires - both genders - are just flat out insane. In a good way, I mean. The gender dimorphism is really interesting between them, especially since there isn't one which seems to have an edge on the other; they're both equally awesome, just different.


Ochredrakes are really, really pretty, too. I think they get overlooked a bit because they're common and don't have any dimorphism, but I remember when they first came out, and I thought it looked like someone had woven a dragon out of wispy fabric. They look like they would be soft to touch. Only, you know, without having anything on Pillows, which are probably the most huggable-looking dragons I've ever seen.


I love how the female is rolling onto her back. Probably because every dog I've ever had has done that, so it makes her look sleepy but also goofy, while the male is more flat-out fuzzball cute.


Male pinks look so inquisitive, I love them. I especially love how they manage to look pink, and delicate, but also feasibly male. I mean, not butch-hyper-masculine, but like he could be expected to take your head off with that sharp tail tip of his if he felt like it. The females are great, too.


I love all the pygmies. They're just so whimsical. Nilias are probably my favourite, though I can't quite put my finger on why. It's probably just because I like the whole blue-spread-wings thing; I love Ridgewings, too. Though Ridgewings beat them a bit because they're also shiny. tongue.gif


Plus there are Black hatchlings. They really seem like they should be mock-hunting bugs and looking at everything with their inquisitive green eyes. Whenever I see them I always want to scoop them up and keep them forever. Especially once they get their wings.

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Me personally, i say the nebula's are amazing looking they look graceful yet powerful (like most of the dragons, love them all) but these are on the top of my faves list


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