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    The phrase "good morning" is an oxymoron.
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    First things first. Let me give a huge thanks to everyone who's gifted me. ;)


    I have been known to take breeding requests if asked nicely. Even holiday IOUs! :) PM me! I don't bite.

    I will breed Avatars for FREE for people who don't have GoNs. PM me!

    I name ALL my dragons. Eventually.

    If you ever need to contact me, and my PM box is full, you can send a PM to Hawktalon on MagiStream or Hawktalon (#70062) on Flight Rising.

    NOTE: NightEagle needs a 3rd gen PB Silver.

    I OWE:

    -Atan; 2nd gen PB yellow Undine

    Breeding Promises-
    -moonshark; Change from Glyth x Solstice
    -Dimar; purple Ridgewing from Aoredien x Shaithelle, 2nd ten PB Striped River
    -Mathcat; Nihostrife from Aoredien x Shaithelle
    -Shimmer from Jiaolun x Kai Mune


    -SnowSherry; a silver Shimmerscale

    Breeding Promises-
    -Dothefreddy; an EG Black Marrow x Black Marrow



    IMPOSSIBLE DREAMS... they're called this for a reason XD

    Female (Lineage doesn't matter unless specified):
    -Bright Pink (I know... But I can dream, right?)

    Male (Lineage doesn't matter unless specified):

    Either (Lineage doesn't matter unless specified):
    -Frill (Is it true? Are they coming back? :O)
    -2nd gen prize
    -2nd gen Holly from gold Tinsel (IMPOSSIBLE yet beautiful dream... *sigh*)

    Favorite breeds:
    -purple Ridgewing
    -Bleeding Moons
    -Pretty much anything in the pink/purple/blue range


    Thank you to everyone who has glomped me!

    Dragon with descriptions: 297/336
    Pending: Fedelmia, Cendadric, Endezela, Falith, *Celesti'iya Stardancer

    *Already approved once; getting updates or replacements

    The HawktalonOfRiverClan is a funny creature who is often seen in the Other Role Plays section and lives in the forests of the Dragon Cave Forum. This cat-dragon has great imitation abilities and is a great hider. The HawktalonOfRiverClan loves to read and role-play, and it has a special place in its heart for cats.
    Thanks, SF!^^


    Ode to my Black dragon, Baskina, who suffered an accidental death. RIP.

    Your wings, dark as night,
    Your name, a cruel allusion.
    Doomed without reason.

    Green eyes forever blind,
    You were not meant to suffer.
    You met death proudly.

    Young Black, wings anew,
    Wear his name, Baskina, well,
    Living memory.


    Guardian of Nature egg by MapleDragon, animated Guardian of Nature image and avatar by Mysfytt, Hawktalon of RiverClan banner by Romani, and Description of the Month badges by Grishiu. ARK badge, If it Has a Face badge, and Happy Birthday Release badge by respective artists. Thanks, guys! :D

    EyeWolfsbane29828 Name I need to remember.

    Dimar- Aug 25
    Sock- Aug 29