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I <3:


Albino and Guardian hatchies. They are the cutest things, and I have at least 1 of each of them. I also love the female Neglecteds, because they look so pretty, the Guardians because they look perfect for what they are, the male Summers because they are so powerful-looking, the pebbles because they remind me of Kratos, and the Frills because they look friendly.

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I love the sky wing, they look so pretty and I love the way they were made. Also the purples are one of my favs smile.gif

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Sunset Female: I do not know what it is, but I love the pose, I love the colours... It is just pure <333. (even though the chest does pop a little bit, I will deal with it because it is just so pretty)


Female Alt Blacks: E-P-I-C. The pose, the shading... it is like PERFECT.


Ice Trio: Always has been a favourate of mine. It seems so cool and blue and...


*More to come as I go through the list... So many I love...*



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My personal favorites are:


Electrics (love the color combo, and the eyes are so interesting!)


Greens (Such a dynamic pose- I love the roaring, it's fantastic)


Nocturnes (In particular, I am obsessed with the evening adult sprite. The shading and lighting, not the mention the MOVEMENT in the sprite is FREAKIN AMAZING.)


I also really love the Blunas, Vamps, and Magmas!

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my favourite has to be the Bright-Breasted Wyvern. the poses for both male and female are so striking, enhanced beautifully by their bright, perfectly balanced colours. they're exciting to look at, and i doubt i've ever been so taken with a sprite.


Magmas would be second, they look like they could seriously mess you up, and are in fact on the verge of doing so.

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Hmm, difficult, very difficult.


I have to say I like all the dragon sprites and my "favorites" change based on the day, time of year, my mood, etc. Though I will admit to having an attaction to bright/bold color so sprites that are colored that way tend to hit the top more often. Doesnt mean I dont like the others, Ive always been that way. (my favortie color is "rainbow" which many people say doesnt count hehe)


So lets see if I can comment without offending people. (Always seems to happen when I comment on other people's art, think my brain is wired wrong, I never see the same things as others sad.gif )


Bright Pinks: love the pose, they remind me of cats. They were one of my first 4 dragons and one I'd hoped to make an army of, I was sad to see them discontinued. (This shows the color thing.)


Ice: Love the color and all the icicles hanging off the dragon is awsome. I also adore the hatchlings. smile.gif


Vampires: heh, I just like vampires. The whole consept was an auto win.


Stripes: So many colors! And I love how what you breed them to determines the color of the offspring biggrin.gif.


Daydreams: I love how the adult sprites fit together, Its shows a lot of thought went into their consept.


Frills: It was called to my attention recently that they have a techtured pattern, of scales, I can not even imagen how hard it was to do that kind of details on the small area of a sprite. Very cool.


Canopys: rainbow wings. enough said. cool.gif


Pygmys: I just like their tiny size, there so adorable. I do imagen that even the adults could get lost in my growing hatchie army. laugh.gif


Sunset: I love the shading on the male. and the new pose on the female means I just may have to get a few more. Also they are the school colors from my high school. xd.png



As this post is getting rather long, Im going to stop now but I may come back later to do the rest.

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I think all the sprites are great, but these are my very favorites...


Neglecteds: Nothing to do with rarity, but my very favorite of all, along with the Guardians of Nature dragon. <3 I just love the design and the sprite is lovely. Especially the wings.

Blunas: Beautiful colors, and the poses are great. I especially love the details and shading on the fins.

Zombies: Strangely cute. And I looove zombies. What's not to like?

Vampires: I want a whole bunch of these. The design is awesome and I love the colors of the male sprite.

Sweetlings: They're so cute, lovely shading. It's a shame I wasn't fast enough to grab one on Valentine's day. The alt. black-colored one is pretty epic, too.

Guardian of Nature: GORGEOUS. I love the colors, pose, and the wings most of all. I really hope my next Summoning attempt works.

Albinos: So much wonderful detail. I love all the poses, and the wings on the adult look amazing!

Ochredrakes: Love the shading, love the pose. <3

Sunrise/Sunsets: The colors. They. Are. Beautiful.

Hellfires: I absolutely adooooore the female. <333 The pose, the colors, the details are like, WOW.

Bright-Breasted Wyverns: The wings. They are marvelousss.

Pygmys: So cute and tiny. <3 And a nice pose for a sprite so small!


Wow, I have more favorites than I thought...

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Let's see...my favorites are..


Female Sunrises - They're just so awesome and will always be awesome in my book. If the sprite changed, I would probably cry.


Blunas - This breed is just beautiful. I love the colors, the poses, the ridiculously cute hatchlings; everything!!

Horse Dragons - These are awesome in the same way Female Sunrises are. I love the powerful look with their majestic pose. I actually started a private lineage with these and sunrises smile.gif


Female Alt Black - It's so cute but still awesome in that it could totally kick some ass if need be smile.gif


Skywings - My first dragon! The egg is gorgeous and the sprite is equally as beautiful. Plus I love the colors :3


Pygmies - They're just cute


Female Storm/Fog/Grey - So cute and compact! I still need to get one!!


Of the new dragons, I really like the Sunsong. The colors are very nice and it looks so peaceful smile.gif

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All of the art - and the artists - on this site are awesome. I can't say that there is any sprite I really dislike, of course I like some more than others.


The 'suns' - rise and set - are so great. I love the concept, the color and the poses.


The seasonals are really fun - very creative.


The frills are far more detailed and intricate than I had ever realized and also very creative. Well done.


The concept of th stripes are lots of fun also.


I can draw just enough to make me mad wink.gif - so I appreciate the hard work and dedication it takes to make something so small, yet so detailed as the DC sprites. I can clearly recall when I first started my scroll - just sitting and saying "WOW" over each newly discovered dragon.


And, while I'm at it - lots of thanks and appreciation to all the people who have made suggestions, constructive criticisms and worked together to make DC what it is. Your efforts are truly appreciated. Without you all, there would be no DC. Blessings to all of you!


Biggest thanks to the maker of the Cave - TJ! You have a great deal more patience than I do. May all of your effort be blessed with success.

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I think I have to say that the Balloon dragon is one of my favorites. They are so cute and funny, and they seem to have fun to. I really love their eyes, they are so deep so you can almost drown in them.

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Hmmm... favourite sprites.... I think Neotropical is my favourite, followed by Striped, Frills, and Mints. I also think Magmas and Alt Vines are really gorgeous. Oh yeah, and the s1 Split hatchie ~ so cute! I love how one head is staring straight at you.

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What a great idea for a topic.

:) thanks.


I love reading through this thread. It makes me super happy. so much love. <3

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I lovelovelovelove the Sunsongs, the Silvers, the Pinks, the Blunas, the Sweetlings, the Waters, and the Skywings. I know that's a lot, but....I just love their designs. They're so elegant and so beautiful. <3

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For sprites I like the blacks and mint hatchlings (as I may have already said).

I'm mildly (okay, maybe that's a little understatement) obsessed with pebbles, however.

Pebbles are the luff. <3


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Just want to say that the Bright-breasted wyverns are freaking epic, so thanks to Seiss, Dovealove, Dolphinsong and Angziety.

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The Female Black is also very beautiful, and at the same time so strong. I'm glad to have some on my scroll :3


And also, a big nice BUMP to this thread happy.gif

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I would like to say that the shading on the "new" Ochredrakes is absolutely lovely. I looks like a lot of hard work was put into it. happy.gif

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I already posted on the first page of this thread, but I wanted to post again. I just love the art on this game! It's what makes it so addictive. :3


Well, I absolutely adore the Silvers. I just recently traded for an inbred one so that I can have a female; I just love how graceful and pretty the breed is! I can see myself collecting any of them for a very long time from now. =)



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(Just going down my scroll...)


Greys. They are just so perfect, in so many ways. The shading somehow actually looks like they're in a storm to me, and the yellow eyes really stick out against the grey and black.


Blacks, both Alt. and normal. From the hatchie to the full grown dragon, they are just too flippin' cute!!! <3 I dunno what it is about them, but I'm gonna make an army.


Mints. Anything tiny and green is fine by me! Also gonna have an army of them.


Whites. They're just so beautiful... <3 And the hatchie sprites are toooooo adorable! And they're shaded perfectly... Shading white is so difficult to me, but the White dragons are lovely.


Waterwalkers. Okay, I spent weeks lurking the AP trying to get the egg, and am sooooooooo glad. They look strong, delicate, and the anatomy actually makes sense. O.o


Daydreams. GONNA MAKE A FREAKING ARMY... They're shaded beautifully, the colors are gorgeous, and the clouds are also nice.


Horse dragons... The details is excellent, and the mane and rib cage are shaded perfectly. (Okay, the sounded weird. O.o")




Magi. They glow, and have so much detail OoO


Purple. *passes out* So swirly and colorful and elegant and... OMG. GONNA MAKE A PURPLE AND WATERHORSE LINEAGE. 8D


Waterhorse. This is what I was hunting for when I grabbed a Waterwalker!! THEY ARE SO FLIPPIN BEAUTIFUL!!!


Stripes. I dunno why, but the pose just... :3


*cough* Pinks. *cough* Okay, I don't like pink in general, but the pose and the personality shineing through on the sprite make it a winner. biggrin.gif


Reds. They look like a typical storybook dragon, but are sooooo strong looking. :3 Again, great shading/detail.


Geode. Ooh, shiny.... blink.gif




Vampire. Okay, pretty doesn't work for this one, but the vamps are sooooo neat. *_*


Paper. I don't just like them because they're rare, but they really look cute. :3




Pygmy. AWWWWWWW!!!!! :'D


ALL the dragons are wonderful, though!! biggrin.gif


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I really love the male Sunset sprite. The orange & purple look gorgeous together.


I also love the Cloud & Geode dragons. Just some of my favs(:

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I have a huge thing for all the blue coloured dragons. Guardians, Bluna, Skywings, Waters, Deep Sea, Thunder, Ice, Splits, Blue Stripes. I love them all to the point of obsession.

They're all so... blue. ^.^ Just look at the shading! In my experience, shading with blue pixels is second in difficulty only to shading with reds. Especially if you have one overall colour to keep even.

So kudos to the blue shading artists! <3

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Despite the weirdness of the new val '09s, I love them.


They actually have WINGS that can FLY! I didn't like 'em at first, but now I've grown to love them. They're adorable!


Also love the female springs. It looks like someone flipped over the males. And the shading is done just so.



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