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banner.gif0D05cyn.pngQ2vF5Ox.pngDark Myst Pygmies: M:217/1000 F:157/1000 Looking for dragons with the codes Noizu, Clear, Virus, Berta, Vince, Grimm and Ulqui in ANY variation!! Will trade/breed!! I'll take any Dark Myst Pygmy! For I'm a hoarder

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    Noiz and Grimmjow are my loves!
    And so are Dark Myst Pygmies and I'll gladly give any a home!

    ~dragons with the codes Noizu, Clear, Virus, Grimm, Ulqui, and Vince capitalization and lineage doesn't matter either

    ~2nd gen Hollies and Prize dragons. Willing to breed/trade whatever I possibly can!!

    ~I love CB Ice dragons or ones with CB Ice and CB Winter parents. Willing to trade what I can ^^

    ~I'll take any and all Dark Myst Pygmies!!

    ~CB Silvers and Golds (I'd love at least two of each)

    ~8th or 10th gen BronzexEmber staircase Ember egg

    ~11th gen BronzexEmber staircase Bronze egg

    Got an egg from Lagie with the code 'NEKo'! Thanks a ton Lagie! ^_^