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The Oddball Code Trading Center

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Welcome to the Oddball Code Trading Center!


I have permission from Iarsma to give this a trial run. If it takes off, it takes off. I would like everyone’s feedback and suggestions.


With the number of people in DC who enjoy looking for amusing codes, why not have a place that focuses on trading them?


You’ve found an egg or hatchling with a great code, and you think someone else might enjoy it. Maybe you’d like another interesting code, or something else altogether, such as another vamp to complete your collection.


RULES (subject to change with feedback)


1. You may post any egg or unnamed non-frozen hatchling on your scroll with an amusing or unique code.

2. Please post what type of dragon it is, and include its altered code in bold.

3. Altering codes: Please do so with raising or lowering caps. This will prevent clickdeath by curious onlookers but still allow others to see the full code. For example, ONOZ could be oNoZ.

4. If the code is a vulgar term, please edit it out of your post. Indicate the code is not appropriate and provide a scroll link in your signature.

5. You may post a link to your dragon’s lineage page (/lineage/CODE), but do not post a direct link to your dragon (/view/CODE).

6. You may request anything in trade for your dragon. It does not have to be another unique code.

7. Do not request specific codes for your trade, as this will be incredibly difficult to find. For example, it’s highly unlikely someone else will have the code “RAWR” available when you ask for it. A general area is better, like “anime” or “chatspeak”.

8. Regarding vampires: Biting of eggs is acceptable, but work out terms between traders in case the egg is killed and/or repulsed prior to exchange.

9. Free For All departure posts are acceptable, but be sure to edit the code out of your post once the dragon is abandoned.

10. Please keep all drama llamas in check.

11. Have fun!


For ease of navigation, please use the following sample format (similar to the standard DC trading threads)


HAVE: Frill egg, code 0Hai (caps messed)

WANT: Pokemon-related code, or gold egg


Or for departures:


HAVE: White hatchling, code coOl

DROP TIME: xx:35

Contact: Yes please


Once again, I would like your feedback and suggestions for this thread.

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2G Hybrid Setsong all caps word code, MRTAI (Mr. Tai) Setsong_egg.gif




* CB Rare offers! Copper_egg_variations_rotator.gif Cheese_egg.gif Paper_egg.gif Silver_egg.gif


* CB Red Dorsal egg = auto Red_Dorsal_egg.gif


* CB Aeon egg = auto Aeon_Wyvern_egg.gif


I also like:


* CB Lunar Herald egg, any color LunarH-egg-rotator.gif


* CB Xeno egg, any 


* CB Zyu egg, any color except white Zyumorph-egg-rotator.gif


* CB Purple, hatchling or egg Purple_egg.gif Purple_hatchi.gif


* CB Balloon egg Balloon_egg.gif


* Offers! Mystery.gif qyu.png



Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! :nyan:


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To whomever caught "raiin" in the Alpine biome a few minutes ago: I will trade a 2G Prize from my bronze Shimmerscale for this egg!  Or 4 z-coded new releases (z3F8b, ZNtn8, z3uNW, zzM2D), or anything else I can breed that's of interest to you, just PM me and let me know what you're interested in!


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CB Freckled with 5 letters perfect name Vagew

CB new release with 4 letters word code- traded



-Any SA offer? :3

- A mate for r4Ebw



PM if you have interested in :3 I might consider IOU😉

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View links removed, changed to lineage links

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This CB Bright-Breasted Wyvern will NOT phone home!!! 


This CB Sandwaste was almost a replacement for the Czech Yeti SUV.


This CB Deep Sea knows how far it is to the North Pole!  LOL


This CB Sandwaste is all-caps (almost a word-sorta)



W: Dark Sandwaste hatchling or other interesting offers. I like palindromes, other "word codes", rares and of course a ND is auto.


I do use the decline option. Plz msg me with any questions or alternate offers. I can combine.




Make an offer on Not ET egg!


Make an offer on the (almost) Yeti SUV replacement egg


Make an offer on Yardage egg!


Make an offer on all Cap letter code!



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Dragon Name Type Manage Views Unique Views Clicks
TOW3O (TOW3O) Hatchling Actions 1,485 99 4
C0wEQ (C0wEQ) Hatchling Actions 1,276 86 4
r2GO6 (r2GO6) Hatchling Actions 1,455 97 3
nUD37 (nUD37) Hatchling Actions 1,459 99 5

I have these babies for trade! All CB. Uninfluenced and unprecogged. PM me to offer or combine! I like CB codeswaps or pretty much any CB I do not already have four of on my scroll.

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4 hours ago, Mathcat said:


Here's a starsinger with code iOS. Does anyone want it?


Holly egg KARL also wants a home.

Took both, thank you so much!😆❄️

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Have: 3g wrapping wing from electrics FLYB1
CB wrapping wing aREDZ

Looking for: a yulebuck with a nice code to pair with YULBD the sakuhana wyvern. An all-caps or flower code would be great if one appears. I'm happy to add a replacement CB yulebuck if that's important.

- I may also consider a 2g wrapping-wing from F neotropical.

Make an offer on FLYB1!

Make an offer on aREDZ!

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Solstice_hatchi.png 3rd gen Solstice hatchling

- Male Silver Tinsel (Joker/Tango Down) x Solstice (pink wings) checker

- TREHX code; will have pink wings

- Please offer here or PM me




- 3rd gen Silver Tinsel (NOT Solstice) from Solstice (pink wings) checker unrelated to VK4Tl and k1gpo

- 3rd gen Mistletoe from Silver Shimmer checker unrelated to 6d1d0 and rKnCI

- 3rd gen Solstice (pink wings) from Deep Sea checker unrelated to GNTsc and ZEP0E
- 3rd gen Solstice (pink wings) from Mutamore checker unrelated to hih5k

- A nice 2nd gen Holly from uncommon mate (named parents) (please provide proof of influence/precog if offering a hatchling)

- Open to other nice / rare offers


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Osexy.gif Osexy! Very messy hatchling sadly :(



Offers please :3

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