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The Shadow King's Return

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From the Eye of the Dragon:


Nearly five decades have passed in the land of Sulanar from the first great battle between the Shadow King's first attempt to thwart the land's people and drain its energy and magic from it. But since Morning Glory has disappeared from the world, seemingly abandoning the rest of the world to whatever fates come their ways, Kapris is now the dominant ruling kingdom over all the land, the 'Sun King' now as its ruler. Times have changed, and so has magic. There have been new discoveries and developments in the world and with magics, creating a 'new' magic. There is peace between the all the kingdoms.

But... This also means that much has been forgotten. Dryads no longer speak to anyone and much of the old magics have been lost and are now hanging by a thread, tied together with the Wild Magics of the world.

And Morning Glory, since it has been cut off from this new world for so long, is the key to keeping these magics together.

Times are still changing though, and with new discoveries in magic come new dangers and threats, even such that can re-awaken old dangers such as the Shadow King...



Now this is where we start off:


The Sun King has been murdered, and another king has taken his place. This one is evil. Many believe he is the Shadow King, come back to destroy Sulanar. Certain individuals want to restore the throne to the rightful king, who is, as of yet, unknown. Others wish to be left alone and continue on with their lives. The land is still growing different, it is changing. What will you do to save it? And at what cost?



There are new partnerships, the partnerships of dragon and rider. Elf, human, goblins, dwarves, fairies and elementals are all said to be chosen by a Dragon as their Rider. The riders aren't picked from the dragon while they're in their eggs; the riders are chosen when the dragons are mere hatchlings. Their minds are linked on a basic level, which grows stronger over the years. When the rider dies, the dragon would usually kill itself if they had been partnered for many years.



Basic Character sheet:






























They are the same as the normal forum rules, but these ones are for this RP:



1- Try to stay with the plot line that is already going on if you want to join.

2- If you're going to create a new character please approve it by me first.

3- After you post your character, send the link to where it is in the thread so I can put it up here on the front page.

4- If you're going to create a new race please approve it with me too.

5- After creating a new race please send me a short description of it for me to put it up here as well.

6- If you're going to create a new place/kingdom/realm/ etc., it has to be approved by me first.

7- After I've approved of this new place I would like a short bio for it.

8- If you're going to create any kind of new magic it also has to be approved by me first.

9- And, you guessed it, give me a short description of the magic and what race or specific individual only that can use it.

10- You are NOT invincible! You can't take down a whole army all by yourself or a master evil. This is a Group RP. We have to work together to beat all the bad guys.

11- If you're going to speak Out of Character (OoC) I'd like double parenthesis around them ((like so)) as to not confuse with the real RP that's going on.

12- Detail! Make a post that others can follow and have something to go off of! At least five sentences, please.

13- Please, no more than 10 characters per person. And if you're creating more than one character, it would be nice to stick them all together in one post so that we can keep them together.

14- If you're missing in action for two weeks, your character will be deemed a NPC until you've returned.










The Land of Sulanar:


This is what the whole land in this world is called. It's where Morning Glory is Hidden, where Cildan, Kapris, The Shadow and Ribica Mountains, the Shadow Kingdom, and everything is located. Magic is connected to every part of the Land and to the life force of any person or being that has it.


Short Description of Places in Sulanar:


Morning Glory:

Morning Glory is an ancient Elven Kingdom that hasn't been seen for over five centuries, because of a Prophecy the Great Wizard Oberon foretold. The Prophecy was about the destruction would come about because of the connection of the Morning Glory's Magic’s tie to the rest of the world. So it has been a hidden kingdom ever since then and no-one knows where it is, save for those who live there. It is also protected by the Morning Glory Star, which is connected to Nim'Loki, the White Dragon and protector of Morning Glory. People that are not led directly to Morning Glory by someone of the kingdom cannot get to it, no matter what. It is enchanted so that people can't enter its borders without being detected or getting lost, or killed.

Morning Glory also has its dangers, as well that are connected to it through the old Magics that since so many magics are stirring, so are they.




This is the human kingdom that rules over the majority of the land of Sulanar and is the most respected kingdom as it is the only non-magical kingdom, but all of the kingdoms work together. The kingdom was official after their first King - Rune - fought in the Great War along with all the magical beings to fight off the Shadow King for the first time. Rune was pronounced King after that by all the lands and kingdoms to rule over the humans of the world.


King's Wood:

This is where the forefathers of Morning Glory came from. It is the longest-ruling kingdom as it has been here since before the First Great War.


The Shadow Kingdom:

No one has ever dared set foot in it or has gone as far as the Shadow Mountains that border it. It is a cursed and evil land where the Shadow King once ruled.


The Shadow Mountains:

People have been in them, but they are full of dangers and monsters. They border the Shadow Kingdom.



They are marshlands that also border the Shadow Kingdom. They are full of dangers and ghosts and ghouls and specters. They are also lands to drive a man insane because they can get lost so easily by the thick shrouds of mist - and there are also voices that taunt and tease and lure men away into dangers. No one knows what these voices are.



This is the fairy kingdom where all the fairies of the world dwell. It is magical and mostly peaceful. They live in the mountain forests.


Ribica Mountains:

These are also very dangerous mountains that connect to the Shadow Mountains. Mostly goblins live in these parts as the Goblin Forest is found on the other side.


Dragon Isle:

This is an island just off the coast that borders the Shadow of the Ribica Mountains. Nearly all the Dragons of the world live here if they do not live somewhere else. Which is a rarity. The dragons go there to breed.



Capital: Brandenburg

Mainly humans, but also have elves, fairies dwarves, etc. live there. They shun anyone who they deem as ‘barbarians’ such as orcs, goblins, trolls, etc.

Belka borders Kapris and the sea. They are known for their lovely beaches.

Though small, they have a proud warrior class, called knights, who have defended the country for many centuries. Though they are a separate state, they feel a kinship with Kapris since they share a common ancestry. Their king, Wladek Razgriz, has only one son to have ascend to the throne, but before he can lay claim to it, his son must adventure out into the world and gain, not only military experience, but also experience with cooperation and teamwork.


There are also many other little towns and cities, but these are the main ones.








They are a powerful magical people. There are many different races of elves: Wood elves, Sea elves, Mountain elves, Star elves, Moon elves, and Sun elves, as well as Dark elves that come in many different races as well. Elves usually draw their power from the source that they are connected to and the race that they are.

Star Elves- Draw their magic from the stars.

Sea Elves- Draw their magic from the sea.

Woodland Elves- Draw their magic from the woods.

Land Elves- Draw their magic from their surroundings.

Sun Elves- They get the majority of the powers during the day.

Night Elves- Draw their powers from the night.

Mountain Elves- Draw their powers from the mountains or anything close to a mountain.


All of these elven races' strengths and magical powers come from what kind of race they are and they are more skilled in these things because of their race.



Dark Elves:

Dark elves are elves that have been tainted, or stained, by dark magics. But not all of them are entirely evil. Dark elves can even become Orcs and worse. Some can become powerful magic users as well. But depending on how they use their magic and if they're not careful with it, it can either destroy them, they can lose their magic, or become a dark and powerful evil being- one such as the Shadow King was.

A race of ebony-skinned elves that live in a vast underground network that spans the whole world called the Underdark. The Dark Elves, or Drow for short, are known and feared to every race for their cruelty and black hearts. Drow might as well be the race that invented torture, for they have the largest experience and knowledge in the practice. Drow are also feared for their magic, for they train under the weight of a strange radioactive magic only found in the Underdark that compresses spells and makes magic extremely hard. Of course, that also makes Drow Magic extremely dangerous on the surface, for it tends to expand out of proportion. The Drow Race is endowed with three very special innate spell-like abilities: Fairy Fire (a harmless colorful flame that lines an enemy, making them easy to see in normal and infra-vision), Darkness Globe (a globe of pure darkness that is impossible to see through), and Infra-Vision (the ability to see in the heat spectrum instead of the normal light spectrum. This is what allows the Drow Race to live in the absolute dark of the Underdark.) Also, every Drow is trained in martial combat equal to that of an expert human warrior at least in one weapon form. Drow society is kill or be killed: You kill to up your rank, or you die to let all below you to rise in rank.

The Drow think that the body is like a piece of art and should be displayed as such. Therefore, in their society it is best to have no scars what-so-ever and to show as much of your body as possible if the situation allows. It is considered that you must be high in status to have a fit and good-looking body. Naturally, because of this, Drow clothes are very revealing and viewed as skimpy by other races. Also, the Drow are obsessive about pleasure and seek the most out of their life; quite understandable if you live in the Underdark...




Dark elves that are evil but have no magic or hardly any magic. But they are incredibly strong and viscous fighters. They are either those elves that have gone traitorous or have been created by evil magics.




They're fierce, intelligent and usually live somewhere high up, like in mountains. They have the head of an eagle along with wings, but they have a lion’s tail and body. Their fore-feet are like an eagle's talons, the back feet are the paws of a lion.




They are fierce, intelligent beings that breathe fire and can use magic. They usually keep to themselves and to their hoards of gold and treasures but they'll get involved if they find the need great enough or if they find it interesting. They can live for centuries before dying.




Many of them can't use magic but they are one of the more powerful races of the world. Kapris is the largest Kingdom of the Humans and it rules over all of the other communities, lands and smaller kingdoms of Sulanar. They can be of many races and ethnicities and even though they have shorter life spans than most other races, they are still a powerful people and have learned to use the magics and knowledge around them.



They're usually timid creatures. They're men that are half goat. Their lower bodies are that of goat legs and they have horns on top of their heads like a goat’s. They also have nature magical powers.


Marlessanesse (Soul Eaters of Morning Glory):

A Soul Eater is the closest translation to the human tongue that the Morning Glory Language can allow. But they are like specters, only much more dangerous, especially to the elven race. They are an older magic, and more of a being than a spirit than any living thing, but they aren't a spirit at all.

They are able to manipulate the magics around them to make them appear as something else entirely and the scenery to change by not so much as reading a person's mind, but more by feeling their worst fears and deepest desires. They use these feelings to create the images around them. No one knows what they truly look like as they always take on a different form from their real one.

They also use a spell like trance to lure in their victims and they feed of a persons magic. But in the process it's more like they take their soul but leave the victim alive. It's hard to recognize them for what they are unless one has faced one before and come out alive and unharmed. They only exist and live in Morning Glory because they are tied to the old magics and one of the last few remaining old evil magics. How one can spot them is that they have no shadow and their eyes are always black and hold no color. But with their magic trance it's the hardest kind of thing to see past.



Specters change their appearance to trick people and lead them astray. They're more of a cruel joke and lead the people to their deaths. They don't leave any foot prints and if caught before they disappear or the before victim dies the victim can ask a question to be answered and the specter must answer the question.



They are cunning creatures that are gruesome to look at. They nearly look like an overgrown goblin. But they are strong and dangerous and not as mindless as they appear to be.



They are horrible evil little cunning demons that are slightly shorter than a human and are horribly ugly. They're more like mercenaries and assassins. But they're only after riches and "glory" in their race by how many people or creatures they can kill in a life time.



A stout and hearty people, dwarves are a bit shorter than humans, but are incredibly broad and muscled. They are the weapon smiths and armourers, and their skill is second to none. Since they live three times as long as a human, the dwarves believe that humans are fickle and move too quickly, and a common saying among dwarves is, "The difference between an acquaintance and a friend is about 100 years."




They are a very rare species but they can range from being horribly huge to quite small. They aren't very smart, but love shiny things, but they can be viscous.




They are a strong, proud people and are experts in archery and astrology. They are very intelligent and keep to themselves and usually live in forests or in open plains.




They are a happy kind of people that have wings and live in the mountains where the best kind of air to fly is. They fight only if they have to but can be very powerful allies and they do posses magic. They can also be a strong magic people and sometimes because they usually have an attraction to the human world they will be fairy Godmothers or Godfathers.



Elementals are magical beings that can be in the form of their element. Some have been known to become a mage's familiar. They are a wanderer race, they keep to themselves and their element, trying to preserve it, as that is what their magic entitles them to do. There are many different elements that an elemental can be, though none are all powerful and great. Just because they are an elemental does not mean they control all magics/elements. They use their own element and combine it with the magic they were created from to use their element and powers. Some can be male and female and others cannot be identified to have a gender. They can also blend in perfectly to their element’s surroundings.








Wild Magic:

A Type of ancient magic that is so diverse and powerful that no one but the most ancient of peoples (such as elves, fairies, and few wizards as well as the Soul Eaters) actually or can actually possess it. But it is still rare even within these races that the magic even exists. It is nearly forgotten by the new world as it is also the first magic to have been known. But as such it is also un-controllable, and un-predictable. It is incredibly dangerous and can consume its wielder. It can take shapes and forms which are what Nim'Loki and can take their form from as they are only a Spirit Magic. The two magics are actually connected. Only those that have power enough and are strong of heart and in magic are able to wield these powers, though none ever know who will have it or what form it will take. It can also take solid forms or be in an object.

However not all magical objects are that of Wild Magic and only those that have wild magic can use those objects.


Old/Ancient Magic:

Magics that have been forgotten to the world and have been lost which Morning Glory is the only last link to and they only have the Old Magics as they do not know or possess the New Magics because they have been hidden away for so long that they have been the only peoples to still have the old magics as they have not possessed the new magics. This is also why their tie to the world is so great because the Old magics are what hold together the world. They hold it together because it is a magic that involves the energy and magic of the things around the magic user, such as stars, plants, animals and other things, it draws together the magic of the world and is the fabric that holds all the magic and the world together and gives it a purpose and is made for preserving the land.


*New* Magic:

A Magic that comes from the form of the Old Magics. The user instead draws the power of the magic from himself/herself and projects it outward to perform tasks and to create things. The two Ancient and New Magics now actually are an essence that must work together as they both came from each other and hold together all the magics of the world as they are the key magics. Anyone can have or posses the new magics, but have to be careful with how they use it as it could turn into a dark magic or a magic too powerful to use. Wizards and Sorcerers use the most powerful of the New Magics. But others can become just as powerful. And one that has only Old magics can learn to use new magic and vice versa.


Light Magic:

A magic that feeds off of light essences, it can be a fire or a star magic or any other kind of light. It is a dangerous gift; the user should not take the gift of Light Magic lightly.


Healer Magic:

Magic that heals, but through the own persons energy. Some healers are also given a sort of wisdom through the magic that helps them to know how to care for a patient or find a cure. There are also different levels to healing magic; some healers are more powerful while others may be a bit weaker but can do things the stronger ones can't, like being able to tell by touch and using magic to discover what needs to be healed. The stronger the Healing Magic is, the less energy the user needs to heal. It is also an art that can be taught, but takes years and years of practice and study.


Elven Magic:

Elven magic is much like the old magic. They draw their powers from the magic of what elven race they are, such as sea elves, woodland elves, star elves, etc. and they also do the best in that kind of climate or surrounding.


Personal Magic:

A creature's personal magic is a power that only they can use. It can be categorized as a light magic, healing magic or of any kind, but each person's magic varies and looks different from everyone else’s, like a human's fingerprints.


Wizarding Magic:

This kind of magic is a magic that you have to channel through an object to actually use, which is why Wizards and other magical beings like them often use an object to use this magic. It is called Wizarding magic in general.


Magical Items:

Magical items are items with curses or spells placed upon them and can also be items that enhance a person's magic whether for good or bad. They can also be items that have been created from Wild magic. Other magics however can be placed on items to make them stronger or to help channel magic. Wild Magic items however are incredibly RARE. So mostly if there is a magic item it is most likely one that has had a spell placed upon it from just the new magics or personal magics.


Dark Magic:

These are magics that feed on evil and hate and all the dangerous forces in the world. They are only used by the most powerful, but the Dark magic destroys them in its own way. They are magics that are forbidden and dangerous to the world but always seem to be around, perhaps they also are a necessity to keeping the world alive and to keep the old magics in preserve. But they are dangerous and will kill off not only the land but everything in it. All evil creatures use this and can be born/created from it such as the Soul Eaters of Morning glory and some orcs.


Tainted Magic:

This is a kind of Dark Magic only different as it can start off as an innocent use of magic that can become dark, if used inappropriately. It can also be a magic that feeds off of the user and it eventually always leaves some kind of curse or a mark on the user, if not eventually consume them with darkness or kill them. It is like a leech that feeds off the person and their magic; shades are the most common of this effect.


Shadow Magic:

This is also a dark and consuming magic that feeds off of darkness and shadows and dark entities. People can become corrupt by it.


Assassins Magic:

Shadow and Light based. This is a type of magic that helps with stealth and agility. The Shadow techniques allow them to literally morph into the shadows and manipulate the shadows slightly, creating illusions and traps by distorting ones fears. The light base allows for speed. Advanced users of this power can bend light into lightning and use it in fighting as a quick, and extremely powerful spell, the light can also be used to form shields and weaponry. However light attacks take many hand motions to summon the power, which is the downside.


White Magic:

Also known as pure magic, only those that have studied it can use it as it takes nearly a lifetime to learn and is drawn from nearly all life forces without draining them or the user and is also created from light. It is also one of the rarest magics and very few have it, it is even rare among the elven kind.



This is a gift most common among elves and few others have it. It is a gift that lets one see pieces and shattered fragments of the future, though it is not always as it appears and is never clear when it will happen. It can be a gift as well as a curse. It takes an incredibly long time to master and once mastered, it is very draining on the user. But it is still a powerful and useful gift.


The Gift of Tongues:

This is a rare gift as well. It is something that can be gained over time, or just simply be there from the beginning. It allows one to understand or learn all languages, and it has such a deep connection to the magics that tie languages together that sometimes one that has this gift is also able to speak to the minds of others and share images with them. This gift usually comes with a foresight, but not always.


Rune Magic:

This sort of magic is secluded onto to high members of the League of Assassins. It is a form of the ancient magic that allows the use to fuse their physical or spiritual self with the environment around them. They can also cast runes for attack, certain runes for explosions, walls of earth, and fire summoning can be drawn. The drawback is, that when the rune is finished casting, it takes more energy than a regular spell. The more magic drawn upon the more energy is used up. Therefore if too much energy is used and if the mage goes beyond their limits it will kill them. If they just use a little too much they'll go unconscious.


Nature Magic:

Nature magic is a magic that is known more to Fauns, Centaurs, Da'Kor, and other creatures. It is not a strong magic, just a magic that connects them more closely to the world and the magics around them.


Elemental magic:

This allows the user to incorporate any type of element: fire, air, earth, and/or water. Users are generally stronger in one element and weaker in the rest or don't use the others at all. It requires years of study to control the element(s). As for Fire and Water, it takes more years of study to create both and then control it. Most of who aren't skilled in water enough to create it carry around a canister of water in which they can use instead if there is no water source around. Fire typically takes fewer years than water since you have to learn to create it in order to use it. Human mages and elves must learn to control elemental magic whereas fairies and elementals are born with being able to use this magic.


Fairy Magic:

(Think of this as like Peter Pan and pixie dust, only without the believing stuff.) Fairy magic tends to be quite powerful but cannot harm anything living. It has the ability to transport things, on the whim of the fairy, either to the fairy, or from the fairy to somewhere else. Also, if a fairy finds a mortal mate, such as a human or another mortal creature, that fairy can use its magic to make them immortal, in the sense that they never feel the effects of old age nor do they age, they can still be killed by wounds or diseases. It can also make anything fly just by sprinkling what's called 'fairy dust' on it. Fairy dust, or fairy magic, is produced by the fairy's wings, which is why many fairies seem to give off a dust-like substance from their wings when they move them or fly. However, even though it is falling off the wings, the magic of the fairy dust does not work unless the fairy wants it to, in which it then sprinkles it from its hands. Only Fairies can possess this magic.


Heartmagic: (Thanks Laura-Lana!


Heartmagic comes in two brands that are both opposites and complements.

The magic that is connected to emotions that embrace life in all of its forms like love, joy and hope is the one half and called Lifemagic.

The magic that is connected to emotions that oppose life in any form like pain, despair or hatred is the other half and called Deathmagic.


Some people consider Deathmagic the tainted version of the true Heartmagic. This would make Lifemagic the true Heartmagic – an idea that is firmly rejected by almost all Deathmages, but no matter if one agrees or not with that particular definition Deathmagic has always been counted among the dark magics and is therefore forbidden in every land while Lifemagic is only frowned upon.

Because of its name deathmagic is sometimes confused with Necromancy. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Creating even a semblance of life, like the undead have, is nearly impossible with deathmagic. It is a magic of destruction not of creation.


“The thing you should never forget about Heartmagic is that it is born from your heart and that it will change your heart” (Quote of Lishiria- a Lifemage)

“Most people are afraid of Heartmagic, because using it will expose the core of your true self.” (Quote of Selron -a Deathmage)

“Stay away from Heartmagic! Both forms are addictive and both forms will drive you insane” (Quote of an unknown Mage)

“I’ve never met a Heartmage who wasn’t completely whacko one way or the other”. (Quote of an unknown human without magic)


To call up Heartmagic you must feel the emotion your brand of Heartmagic is connected to. If all you feel is agony lifemagic won’t come to you, likewise Deathmagic will refuse your call if you are completely happy. Summoning and using Heartmagic will change the heart of the person, who uses it into more easily feeling the emotions of their brand of Heartmagic. Therefore the more you use your brand of Heartmagic the easier it will become to use, because your heart will progressively become attuned to the emotions that are tied to this power.


It is said that one can either use Lifemagic or Deathmagic, but that no person can wield both. This is both right and wrong.

No person who has gained a certain level of skill with either Lifemagic or Deathmagic can ever use the complemental magic again, but those who are only beginning to use the magic can switch the source of their power. In fact a lot of those who attempt Heartmagic do this deliberately to balance the effect the Hearthmagic has on them out. It works. But only to a point. Every time one uses Deathmagic or Lifemagic it will shift the balance in their heart making it easier to use the same sort again and harder to use the opposite kind. Therefore using the opposite magic will require a greater effort of will and dedication. This in turn will make the shift in this direction greater once success is met. Eventually the Heartmage’s heart will shift too far in one direction and be altered beyond the point of turning back.





I have tried to get permission from Adelina, but she didn't reply.

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Accepted peoples!


Name: Zella


Nick Name: Zel


Age: 139, young, juvenile dragon.


Race: Dragon


Gender: Female


Position/Where: Near Kapris


Magics: Wild Magic


Weapons: Claws, teeth and tail


Description: Deep red with spines alone neck and back. Lighter red on her claws and spines, her eyes are the same pale red. She has a ruby inbetween her eyes, but a little higher.


Personality: Can be fierce when she wants to, but mostly gentle. When she has no-one to talk to, or be around, she's very lonely. She's quite a happy Dragon though, also very curious, sometimes that gets her in trouble.


History: Her parents were ancient beasts, so she was the youngest of her siblings. Her parents flew away and never came back (abandoned ^^). She has wandered the island for decades and has only just grew her wings. She was kicked off Dragon Isle then she met Luna. Luna and Zella became friends, then Luna became Zella's rider.




Name: Yaluna Eulira


Nick Name: Luna


Age: 350 (?)


Race: Night Elf


Gender: Female


Position/Where: Near Kapris


Magics: Elemental and Elven Magic


Weapons: The blades you see in her picture in their sheaths at her sides. don't know what they would be called.


Description: user posted image


Personality: Despite looking somber and impassive sometimes, she's really quite nice. Don't take her too lightly though just by appearance. She has a lot of experience and never wastes any time. In battle she's not one for talking and would rather end the fight as quickly as possible. Though, she'd rather not fight at all except when protecting friends, allies, and good people in need of her help.


History: She grew up in the Elven city ever since she was born. While she lived in the city she lived in the upper class in luxury, though she never really cared about the luxury. She spent most of her time training to become stronger with her weapons and magic. Doing that everyday and having the same old routine does get dull after awhile. So, when she was about 290 and had learned all that she could in the Elven city, she decided to travel around and see the world.

As she was traveling she met the young dragon Zella and the two became friends. After traveling with the dragon Luna became Zella's rider and a truly powerful force. Not invincible, mind you, but they have skills far greater than some.




Username: Kira1


Name: Lale Leust Lamuniel


Nickname: Lee


Age: 250


Race: Fairy


Gender: Male


Position/Where: Lost


Magics: Fairy and Elemental Magic


Weapons: He uses his magic to protect himself for the most part. Though, being a fairy he doesn't harm others with his magic but instead just uses it to avoid battle by teleporting away. He does carry a snowboard with him since in the mountains where the fairies live they get plenty of snow and he loves to snowboard. He can use this snowboard as a weapon if he wanted to since it was made from a strong unbreakable metal enhanced by magic.

His elemental magic is of ice and snow which allows him to also use his magic on water and if he really wanted to wind. He sticks to ice mostly since that is what he is the best in using.


Description: He's only four feet tall so most mistake him for a little kid.

user posted image


Personality: Lee can seem very ditzy at times and very carefree making him seem a lot like a child. He's also very hyperactive and quick to react to things, quite faster than most people. Though, he's also quick to anger and loses his temper. Lee is very friendly though and likes to make new friends whenever he can. He has this idea that he should try to make friends with everyone and have very few enemies. That way wherever he goes he'll have a friend and they can help ward off enemies.


History: Lee lived in Tintilla, the fairy home, and loved to always go up the mountain and snowboard with friends. It was very peaceful and he never had to worry about much. This peace became boring after awhile for Lee and he decided to explore the world. Everyone else thought he was crazy to want to leave Tintilla and constantly told him about the chaos in the world. He didn't care, he was getting wander lust the more and more he thought about what might be out there. Then one day he just up and left, packing few belongings and set out, saying goodbye to those who caught him as he was leaving. Now he has no idea where he is since none of this land is familiar. He wanders around, hoping to find some town or place that isn't dangerous.




Name: Veren Rantinenth Draduleth


Nick Name: Veren


Age: 450


Race: Dragon


Gender: Female


Position/Where: Just traveling


Magics: Wild and New Magic. The New magic helps control the Wild magic and it gives it a better form for her to use it easier. Not similar to Loraina's Wild magic though.


Weapons: Her sharp claws, razor sharp teeth, and magic.



user posted image


Personality: She is a very friendly dragon, and has a good sense of humor. She loves to play on the fact that most races, likes humans, find her very frightening and will cower in her presence. Veren will tease them, acting like she will bite them and sometimes even pick them up, watching as they struggle futilely while she laughs. Despite acting like a an immature hatchling at times, she can speak as a very wise dragon. Usually she talks how they did many years ago in a very formal tone, using some words that the newer generations don't use. Though, she has noticed herself slipping into the informal way of talking in this new age. It amuses her though. She also treats anyone younger than her as if they were a child, especially if they are not a dragon since then they are smaller than her and seem as if they could be a child to her.


History: Veren has been around for a long time and has seen so much. She was taught by her parents and other family members on how to use the Wild magic since it can be dangerous. She was schooled in it everyday to make sure she could handle it. Once she was old enough and could use the Wild magic very well she decided to travel around since she wanted to see the world. Her family let her and she went off to explore. On her journey she learned how to use the New magic from some Elves she met on her journey. It was quite fun to learn and she picked it up quite quickly and practiced it until she became better. She then mixed it together with her Wild magic and found that it made her magic so much better. Throughout her travels she had learned and saw many things, becoming a very wise dragon.

Fifty years ago she had met Luna and Zella and joined them on their journeys for quite some time. Eventually she was called to her own agenda and had to leave to return to Dragon Isle. Now that she is no longer needed in Dragon Isle she has returned to her wanderings around the world. Maybe she'll meet Luna and Zella again...




Name: Dekaminol Ruah Lorpaz’etilafriz


Nick Name: Lorpez


Age: Who knows…


Race: Drow!


Gender: Male


Position/Where: Right now? Who knows.


Magics: Assassins Magic, along with some nasty Tainted Magic (not his fault, he accidently stuck his nose in something he shouldn’t have)


Weapons: A long, dark, drow made longsword, along with several throwing knives tucked in his apparel.


Description: He’s an average height, dark skinned, silvered haired, red eyed drow. Not very interesting, except he’s quite modest in his apparel, unlike most of his kind. He keeps himself hidden under his dark cloak and cowl, and armored by flexible, but strong leather armor, which is human made, with some tweaks of his own. He has a rather dark, tattoo like mark over his left eye, which is caused by the dark, tainted magic that he stuck in. He keeps his blades close, and his feet silent.


Personality: He’s rather quiet and very…undrow like… but when he gets annoyed, he can be quick with his blade and talks later.


History: Lorpez lived in the Underdark for a good part of his life, related to a high family in the city he grew up in, but was abandoned because of some unknown reason. He kept to himself, fighting to keep himself alive as he spent most of his days wandering though the darkness. However, with a false charge, and mercenaries after his head, he slipped out into the bright land of the upworld.

In the lands above the ground, he hid under the shadows of his cloak. He was unfamiliar with the things around him, which got him into a mess of tainted magic, which resulted into a curse, even he couldn’t understand. He slipped amongst the crowds of the city, and with that, became an assassin for hire, though he only takes small-timers, not the high, very dangerous ones. He doesn’t want to get into a mess he had gotten when he had first came to the open skies.

Now, with nothing to do, Lorpez had set his mind into doing a bit of…adventuring perhaps, depending on what he can think up.




Name: Zythephshikolyte


Nickname: Zythe


Age: Currently 210 since he died (wait, does that make sense?)


Race: Specter


Gender: Perferably male. Females have certain body parts that drive him nuts


Position/Where: Good question...


Magics: Dark and Tainted Magic (seriously, he isn't the one to follow the rules)


Weapons: NONE (his specialty of illusion makes him scary all by himself)


Description: His description varies from form to form and place to place. His most common one (which is also the closest to his true form) is a black cloak and robe that trails longer than his feet and sleeves over his hands. He hovered an inch off the ground, but still the robe and cloak trail on the ground. His shadowy body flickers slightly, perhaps by a slight breeze or... the shadows that make up his apparel. The only thing colorful on this dark and shady specter is his eyes, his dangerous, vibrant gold eyes, filled with mystery and darkness that clouds his mind.


Personality: Varies. Mostly dark and creepy, if not stalkerish.


History: It's unknown where, or who Zythe really was, but there are glimpses in his vague memory that... he was not always a specter. He believes that he was a dark elf, possibly tipped by the fact that he lurked in the Underdark since his memory began to be clear. It's also a possibility that he was fooling around with magic and got too carried away, tainting his flesh and mind to something more chaotic and twisted. Possiblilites run wild with him, since the truth is hidden under centuries of dust and fuzzy- if not completely forgotten- memories.

During his life in the darkness of the underground, Zythe worked for various groups and families of drow, mostly for spying and interception of messages. One day, however, he was sent to officially kill a drow. Since he never killed in his life (which is surprising), the specter located the drow, and eventually befriended him. They found the way to the surface, though when the drow continued, a magical force kept Zythe from entering the lighted plane. He spent the next few years trying to figure out how to get out, which took him to places in the Underdark he didn't know existed, before he wormed his way to the surface to find that drow to pester him once more.




Name: His true name has been forgotten for many a year now. Since then, he has gone though many names, including Atem, Retrif, and Weltolem.


Nickname: At this date and time, he’s simply known as Syko (See-Co)


Age: Unknown, but it’s been awhile.


Race: Demonic of sorts


Gender: Male


Position/Where: Somewhere with people…




Imagitransformation is the ability to transform into anything that you can imagine that is, in fact, living and moving. One can shift into a creature made up of several creatures at once. Unlike typical transformation, which an individual can transform into one or two forms, this ability allows the person to vary in their forms; up into the thousands of possibilities. However, size and the duration to remain in the form has to be trained up to the higher levels, or else the person trying to be it will be drained and pass out, or possibly fall over dead.


The Summoning of Yexfulikasta

Yexfulikasta is the name of Syko’s odd shaped demonic blade (in the picture). Although he doesn’t use it often, Syko ‘summons’ it when he does need it. It’s an effortless, simple movement, and the blade appears in his hand with a flicker of dark shadows, and disappears just as easily. However, the power of the blade itself, remains a mystery, and this demon doesn’t seem interested to finding it out.

Defy Gravitational Pull-

This isn’t a magical power, just a quirk. It allows Syko to walk up vertical obstacles; even upside down. Otherwise, it has no other specific purpose.

(That’ll be it for now. Perhaps I’ll think of some later)


Weapons: Yexfulikasta


Description: Pic


Personality: Syko is a bit off, for a demon that is. He is very optimistic, bubbly, and extremely hyper. However, he does have a rather twisted sense of humour, short tempered, and violent. His idea is that, he comes first. Anyone who gets in his way of things will be cut down. If he’s in the mood to do so, for he’s the type to join a group to hang around for awhile before wandering off again.


History: Syko’s past, as most of it, has been forgotten. What is known to him, is that he was captured by a rich woman who wanted him to be her pet. When he refused, she threw him into the basement of her large mansion and left him there. With his unending hunger, Syko grew weaker and weaker, and possibly madder as the years went by, chained under a spell to keep him from transforming. Eventually, he escaped, joined a group, and followed them for awhile before departing suddenly without much of a goodbye to them. Syko wandered around for a bit, keeping in mind the rules that the group kept him under, until he couldn’t control it any longer and began attacking people again to feast on their flesh. He became known as a murderous, untrustworthy demon, and people avoided him. Or tried, at least, for he slipped easily amongst them. Syko doesn’t work for anyone; he works on his own accords. But otherwise, everything else he keeps to himself.





Name: Illonea (Her family name is unknown but she will introduce herself as Illonea Raven when asked about it)


Nickname: Little Raven


Age: 35


Race Darkelf:


Gender: Female


Position/Where: Illonea grew up in Tintilla and has recently wandered through Whisperlas. She is now somewhere on the way between Whisperlas and Kapris.


Magics: Heartmagic (At the moment she is still able to use Deathmagic and Lifemagic)


Weapons: Arrow, Bow, Poison, Dagger, Staff


Description: Since most Darkelfs mature around the age of 50, Illonea looks still like a girl although of the tough not the cute variety. She wears her shining white hair in lots of tiny braids with golden beads at the end and has those gathered together into a ponytail.

Her skin is like shimmering obsidian, the eyes like very dark wine. To the casual observer her eyes are simply dark. You will have to take a close look or the right light to see that her iris is actually red.

Her child-sized bow and her quiver of arrows are the only obvious weapons she carries. That she wears several pouches with poison on her belt to tip the arrowheads into is something you will likely find out too late.

She has an oaken walking stick to which she has tied her little bundle of possessions. She wears it over her shoulder normally, which can look strange because it is taller then she is.

Illonea wears a white linen tunic with flower embroidery and trousers and trousers of of brown leather that end shortly over her tigh high boots, which are made from brown leather as well. She is wearing matching archergloves that show some useage.

She is four and a half feet high and rather skinny.


Personality: It is unlikely that you have heard much of Illonea yet, but if you do it was most likely that she is a girl that is not activly seeking out conflict, but does not run away from it either or that she is proud and overconfident. You might be told that she is unusually selfcomposed for a girl her age or that she is downright strange – gentle and compassionate in one moment and mean and violent in the next. It very much depends on whom you ask.


History: As a baby Illonea was sold into slavery by enemies of her family. As a special cruelty they sold her to traders of the surface who thought they could earn much with the exotic child.

The baby was rescued by a group of noble heroes however, who had decided to do something about the slave trade. The young drow baby presented them with a problem. Given the vicious reputation of the darkelfes they could not exactly seek out their next settlement and ask if someone was missing a baby girl.

Neither did they want to raise her themselves.

When their travels brought them through Tintilla they stumbled over a little community of Lifemagic using faeries and decided to leave her there. They figured if there was any evil in the girl it would wither and die among the kindness she was bathed in.

Illonea (affectionally called little Raven by her faerie family because of her black skin) loved her foster family but she did not hold much respect for them. She thought them whimsical and careless and often left to seek out the company of the humans in a nearby little village.

Amused by the girlchild they taught her how to hunt and later trained her in combat as she desired.

Soon after Illonea had started to learn Hearmagic she was severly wounded by a wild boar. Trying to call up her power she discovered that it had a much more sinister side.

After pondering it for a while she decided to go to Whisperlas to see if she could find her kin. She did not, but she heard some strange rumors about Kapris king and decided to investigate.




Name: Humphrey the Tinker, John Biset, Kainemon, Max Butcher, […insert about a thousand different names here…]

- The only one who knows his true name is he himself




Age: Unknown, but older then he ought to be


Race: Human (or looks that way)


Gender: Male


Position/Where: Closer then you want him to be…


Magics: Can command all forms of tainted magics,

Personal magics:

(1) Pollute Magic

A long time ago the Shadow King turned all magic in the Shadow Land into tainted magics. No matter what source powers your magic, no one can use a spell or a magical ability in the Shadow Land without using the tainted magic and doing that will make you take the taint into your own heart.

Magical creatures like dragons will become insane if they stay too long in this land and can avoid that fate only by swearing allegiance to him.


It has been an endless source of frustration for the Shadow King that he couldn’t touch the magic elsewhere. But one day he found out that the reason he could twist all the magic in his own kingdom was the bond a ruler shared with his land.


Ever since he has tried to bring his followers on the throne of the other kingdoms or corrupt the rulers that are already there.

Once that is accomplished he’ll use his power to pollute the magic in this land until nothing but tainted magic is left.

This ability works like pouring poison into a pond. The rot will spread very fast to begin with, but will slow down more and more. The closer someone lives to the border of a kingdom the longer it will take until the taint reaches them.


(2) Corrupt

Anyone who was tainted by magic can be influenced by the Shadow King. The extent of the taint will determine how much the Shadow King can do to the person.

He’ll try to strangle anything that is good in those people until they are nothing but vessels for the dark power.


(3) Command

Once a person has given in sufficiently to their evil impulses the Shadow King can command them like a puppet. That is a knowledge he keeps from most of his followers, because someone motivated by their own greed is a far more effective tool then a mindless puppet could ever be.


He can also command all creatures that were spawned by dark-magic, like most of the monsters that inhabit the Shadow Mountains.


(4) Life-Elongating

Given that he’s looking like a human, while he’s definitely centuries old, if not millennia, rumor has it that he can elongate his life by using the powerful forces he commands to suck out the life-energy of children. Other rumors say that he’s not human but something else and using his powers to appear human. That would mean he’s sacrificing the children for the joy of it.



Weapons: Deception, Magic, People, Monsters


Description: user posted image


Personality: The Shadow King is consumed by the hunger for power, but he dislikes standing in the direct line of fire. That is why he’ll always try to rule through puppets. The only exception is the Shadow Kingdom but that is protected by the Shadow Mountains and more Curses than a reasonable person would ever want to face.

He’ll try to avoid direct confrontation unless he knows there is no chance of loosing. After all if one plot is unsuccessful there is always going to be another opportunity.

He’s not averse to sacrificing allies though. Especially if he doesn’t need them to rule a kingdom. There will always be more for him.

When cornered he’ll fight though and become a dangerous adversary indeed.


He’ll travel a lot in his various disguises, keeping track of what his followers do, recruiting new ones and generally doing his best to spread strife and despair.

He tries to avoid revealing himself as the Shadow King unless he appears in someone’s dreams ((Don’t worry, unless you get tainted that can’t happen to you)), but his followers will recognize him in any disguise.


(Recent) History:


The Shadow King tested his theory on the ruler of the Mordant Kindom, who was already experimenting with dark magic. It did not need much to corrupt him fully.


Once he had twisted the magic of Mordant, he helped the king recruit an army that could conquer neighboring kingdoms like Kamelon.


Meanwhile he had found a foothold in Kapris, the strongest remaining land. While the Sunking was pure of heart, his nephew could be tempted.

They arranged a series of ‘accidents’ for the other heirs then had the Sunking assassinated. After this they proceeded with executing everyone else who might have had a legal claim on the throne.


Rumor has it that at least one of the Sunkings’s children survived and was able to flee.


The taint hasn’t spread through all of Kapris yet. It is all present in the Capital though and will start to be felt the closer one comes to the Capital.

And it spreads with every day that passes.




Name: Princess Sapphina


Nickname: Sapphire


Age: 16


Race: Star Elf


Gender: Female


Position/Where: Unknown




Weapons: None


Description: Picture (She is the one in the middle, the one wearing blue.


Personality: Sapphire is a kind, sweet, child-like princess. Even though she has been raised in royalty, Sapphire is not spoiled, and she would rather put people before her than herself. She is scared easily, and that can lead her to be shy and timid. She is very scared of combat and fighting, but she will fight if need be.


History: Sapphire was born into a royal family in a distant land. Her family ruled the whole land, which was mostly consisted of elves. She has two older sisters and one younger brother. Her father had been king of the kindom since he was 13, and he led the longest rein in history. He was a fair ruler, and was peaceful to other countries. But that did not mean that everyone liked him.


After a new ruler came into one of their neighboring countries, Sapphire's kingdom was attacked. The attackers army was suprisingly very strong, and the kingdom soon fell. Sapphire's parents were killed, and she and her siblings were taken hostage. They were taken to a prison in a far away land.


Sapphire was beaten and raped as her time as a prisoner, along with her two sisters. The beatings and rapings mentally scarred her for life.


Eventually, after six months of living in the prison, Sapphire heard that her sisters had been saved. This news made Sapphire happy, but also depressed. She was happy because her sisters were safe, and that someone was willing to rescue them, but they had forgotten about her brother and herself.


Sapphire had fallen pregnant by the time she was rescued. At first, Sapphire was reluctant to leave her brother behind. But realizing that there was little hope for him being alive, she escaped the prison with her knight in shining armor.


Sapphire fell asleep during the way to the nearest town, and when she woke up, she was in an inn, with her rescuer no where to be seen. Luckily, people even this far away from her kingdom knew about her, and not only let her stay for free, but also repaired her clothes and gave her the medical attention she needed. They even offered to abort her baby, knowing it was an unwanted pregnancy. But Sapphire refused, knowing that it was wrong to kill her child.


Now, Sapphire is alone in an unknown town, looking for someplace to go.


OP's note (Added in to avoid confusion): She is princess of the Kamelon Kingdom.




Name: Zakar Dorinth


Nickname: Zak


Age: 78


Race: Centaur


Gender: Male


Position/Where: Wandering


Magics: Nature, elemental


Weapons: He carries a quiver on his back that can hold 50 arrows along with his bow, he also has two curved swords that hang from his waist. His elemental magic is earth.


Description: Zak stands at about 6'5" with a tanned upper half while his bottom half has light brown hair, he had light brown eyes with a slim lower half. He wears a traveling cloak over his human half with the hood normally up to cover his short brown hair and the cloak also covers his muscular torso. His four hooves are covered with wrappings that hide the white strips in his brown hair also covering a slight lumps where his legs where sprained at a time.


Personality: Zak is a head strong person who would rather listen to reason then to sheer luck. He sometimes has a short temper and will trample people under his feet if his temper flares, he like to meet new people also but he only has a few friends.


History: Zak was born on the open plains nearly 80 years ago, he grew up on the plains with only his parents who taught him how to use a bow and how to read the stars. He started to travel the world when he was 20 years old and on his travels he meet a smith who made his blades for him out of friendship before dying of a mysterious disease. He is currently traveling around looking for more people to travel with, just trying to get by in the world.




Name: Rubia


Nickname: Ruby


Age: 20


Race: Sun Elf


Gender: Female


Position/Where: Kamelon


Magics: Personal Magic


Weapons: Rubia wields a long, platinum sword which she has had ever since she was young. The sword is long and skinny, useful for fast attacks. The sword is made of a special kind of material that not only shines brighter, but is a lot tougher than normal silver.


Description: user posted image ((She is the one on the left))


Personality: Rubia is a serious, responsible person. She is a natural born leader, being very motivational and brave. She seems more of a boy than a girl, but her feminine side is pretty obvious to people around her. She tries to ignore the fact that she is not only a woman but is pregnant, fearing that it would get in the way of leading her people in revolt.


History: Rubia is the oldest of four children, and the technical heir to the throne of Kamelon. She has two younger sisters and one younger brother, all whom look up to her. Ever since she was little, Rubia had more interest in being a leader than being a "pretty, preppy princess", and always used to stalk her father, observing what it took to be a king. While her father was a little disappointed when she was born, wanting a son, he did not hold back when Rubia asked to be treated like one. While learning what it took to be a princess, she also learned skills like swordsmanship and how to lead a country.


Rubia grew up fast, and practiced her natural leadership skills on her two younger sisters, causing her to be somewhat bossy when she was young. She was nice to them, however, for she had no reason to be mean. She had a close relationship with both of her sisters despite their differences from one another, but never had the chance to share the same relationship with her brother, for when he was born she was too busy to do much socializing at all.


One day, her kingdom was attacked. Rubia led a small attack force that was ordered to protect the royal siblings, but was eventually destroyed by countless waves of enemies. She and her siblings were captured by the invading army shortly after that. They were taken to a far away prison, and she and her sister Esmeralda were raped the whole way. Her youngest sister was spared the pain until they reached the prison.


She was beaten, raped, and tortured in the prison, her captives trying to break her and her indestructible pride. Rubia eventually became pregnant, which led her into a deep depression. Why was she cursed with this weak, female body?


Eventually, Rubia was saved by a mysterious knight from another land. She requested that she would be returned to her kingdom so she could be with her people, but also requested that her sisters and brother could be taken somewhere else, so they would be safe from further danger.


At Kamelon, she hid with her people, and was nursed back to health by old friends. In the end, she decided to keep the child she was impregnated with, knowing that even though it was a nuisance, it was wrong to kill her own child. She now resides in Kamelon, leading a limited successful group of rebels against the invading army.




Name: Francesco de' Gervaccio


Nickname: Francesco


Age: 36


Race: Human


Gender: Male


Position/Where: Wandering the lands of Sulanar.


Magics: Strong Healer Magics


Specialized Spells:



Francesco's magical abilities include what he refers to as "Diagnosis", which allows him to discover the cause of an ailment at the touch of a hand. This requires a great deal of concentration, however, so it is best used when the cause of a disease is truly unknown. This power is restricted to non-magical afflictions and will not reveal magical causes for ailments. Also, Francesco must remove his gloves and have direct contact with the patient's skin for this spell to give an accurate reading. This spell can only be cast on another person and cannot be used to diagnose ailments that the caster is suffering.


Healing Hands

Francesco has the ability to heal wounds via the use of magic, resulting in a month's healing in just a few seconds. This spell requires a lot of energy to cast, which increases with the severity of the wound. Also, just like "Diagnosis", Healing Hands requires direct contact between the affected area and the caster's hands for the spell to be successful. Due to the energy drained from the caster, the spell cannot be cast more than once a day or the caster will fall into a coma. This spell can be used on either the caster and a second person.



This spell allows the caster to cure diseases and remove poison from the bloodstream of a patient. This spell does not require direct contact between the caster and the affected person, but does require that a wound be created in which the infected blood or poison can be drawn from (such as a slit wrist or punctured vein). The dangers of this are obvious, but Francesco has mastered this spell over the years, developing a safe method for which to use this spell. This spell requires the knowledge of what disease or poison is affecting the patient and cannot be used for magical afflictions. This spell can be used on either the caster or a second person.


Of these three spells, only the spells "Healing Hands" and "Cure" can be taught. "Diagnosis" is a spell that is unique to Francesco and cannot be obtained through teaching. These spells would take a fair eight years each to teach to someone who is completely devoid of any magical knowledge, though they could be picked-up by someone with a basic knowledge of Healer Magic with in a year (and mastered within three).






Fine Rapier


Although Francesco would rather avoid combat at all costs, he will still meet steel with an attacker if the need arises. For just such occasions, he carries a finely-crafted rapier on his person at all times. Said rapier features a basket hilt made of leaf-like strips of steel that have been woven together, black leather cord wrapped around the grip, a brass pommel with a large ruby set into it and a thin, 41-inch long double-edged blade that tapers into a needle point. Along the blade are intricate floral engravings and inlays, with his family crest appearing just above the crossguard. The sword is balanced to suit Francesco specifically, making it lethal in his hands but awkward in the hands of someone else. While it is still in good condition, it does bear the marks of use.


In combat, Francesco is able to wield this fine weapon with great effect, due to the training his father had given him when he was a child. With quick strikes and lethal jabs, he is able to make short work of most who cross him.





A common dirk. Forged from steel and honed to a razor's edge, it is as lethal as it is simple. Lacking the finery of Francesco's rapier, the weapon consists of long and slender blade, a simple crossguard, a rosewood grip and a decorative steel pommel. This is also the knife Francesco uses for surgery, so it is always kept clean and sharp.



Medical Syringe


A weapon of last resort, Francesco can use one of his syringes to inject an attacker with either a sedative or lethal dose of medicine (though he prefers the former over the latter). This shows that, in high enough doses, what is used to heal can also prove lethal.





The hatchet that Francesco would normally use to fell small trees for firewood and tent spokes can, obviously, be used as a crude weapon in times of desperation. With a heavy iron head, sharp blade and a foot-and-a-half long handle, this tool can be used to deadly effect.





Francesco is tall and wiry, standing at 6' and weighing 168 pounds. He is physically fit, but more in terms of endurance and stamina than mere brute strength. His skin is very pale when compared to the average human skin tone, bearing a few scars along his arms, torso and face. His dark blue eyes show the solemn soul of a man who has seen far too much pain in his life and the cold expression on his face reflects this. Among his scars are a crooked nose and a scar that stretches from the top-left side of his face to just above his upper lip, . His salt-and-pepper hair is long and straight, thous he usually ties it back in a long, low-hanging ponytail to keep it from flying in-front of him. He is missing the ring finger of his right hand, for it had been severed years before when a patient of his turned hostile.


Francesco's equipment consists of a long coat made from black leather with a detachable hood, both of which show the signs of heavy use. Over-top of the hood, he wears a stylized tri-corn and a white "beaked" mask, the "beak" being stuffed with various medicinal herbs to ward-off disease. He has a pair of leather gloves that are attached to the sleeves of his coat by decorative leather straps that extend to just above his elbows, ending in strips of thin, white cloth that have been sewn onto the coat. On his legs are a pair of simple black trousers, the ends of which have been tucked into black knee-high boots. Around his waist are several belts, each holding several pouches containing potions, bandages, syringes and other medical supplies. Finally, he has a leather backpack that contains general field supplies (food, water, bedroll and tinderbox, among other items).


Fully Equipped: (Note: Backpack and Weapons not shown.)

user posted image




Francesco is a calm and collected individual with a somber demeanor, exuding the aura of quiet intelligence one would expect from a self-taught intellectual. A gentleman by nature, he is polite and well-mannered towards any and all around him, but he is not afraid to defend his honor or the honor of his companions should it be challenged. Not one to lose his temper quickly, he would rather settle the arguments he sometimes finds himself in with words instead of violence, though he is not above crossing blades with an opponent if his life is threatened. He almost always has a cold and somber expression on his face, rarely showing any emotion other than mild sadness.


Francesco is skilled in Medicine and the healing arts, having studied them his entire life. His kind heart drives him to aid those in need - be they friend or foe - using his knowledge to treat wounds, illness and the occasional poisoning. Ever prepared, he always has what he needs on his person (syringes, bandages, alcohol, et cetera), allowing him to treat all but the most grievous of wounds, which require a clean table and more sophisticated equipment. This, coupled with his gift of strong healing magics, makes him invaluable to have as a companion. However, he has his flaws.


Francesco's kind heart, while invaluable in his line of work, makes him reluctant to killing or seriously injuring opponents. This could prove to have disastrous consequences while in combat. His high intelligence and overly-calm demeanor gives him a seemingly inhuman presence, which could result in those who do not know him feeling uncomfortable when near him. He is a pacifist, preferring to stay out of conflict if at all possible. Finally, he suffers from a minor case of Pathophobia, making him squeamish around unclean objects and areas (i.e. sewers, chamber pots), though not to the point of being crippling.




Francesco was born to an aristocratic family in Brandenburg, Belka. He was born the first of two children and was at the age of three when his younger brother of two months was stolen from his crib. His father, a respected physician and former soldier, searched all across Brandenburg while Francesco's distraught mother cared for him. After a year of searching, Francesco's father returned a broken man, unable to find his kidnapped son. Because of this, Francesco was almost always in a sorrowful state, refusing to leave the safety of his family's mansion and choosing instead to spend his time in his father's extensive medical library.


Francesco taught himself how to read and write at the age of six (for he refused to take formal classes). As he grew older, he began spending more of his time within the library, memorizing every word of every book and writing down his observations, all the while developing his mind and shaping his personality. When he was not in the library, he was being taught how to fence by his father or being taught how to treat illness and bind wounds by his mother. Little did he know, however, that his studying of medicine and the teachings of his parents were waking a dormant trait within him.


Thirteen years passed and Francesco's shut-in mentality had slowly dissolved. He decided to put his extensive medical knowledge to use and, like his father before him, donned the robes and mask of a Doctor. He began to roam the streets of Brandenburg, becoming a part of the community. Although he was of aristocratic status, he felt more at home with the common folk, who began to treat him with respect for his medical knowledge and his willingness to offer his services for free to those in need. While his family frowned upon this, he payed them no mind, choosing instead to gather his possessions, books and his share of the family fortune and move to the common district, where he opened a General Practitioner's office. It was here that he tended to those in need, be they common or Noble, rich or poor.


After ten years of service, Francesco had become known throughout Brandenburg for his medical expertise and the fact that his patients recovered twice as fast as those of other doctors. One by one, the populace flocked to him in the hopes that this "miracle man" would rid them of their plights. They brought to him the terminally ill and mentally unstable and while he was unable to cure their afflictions, he was able to ease their conditions and bring them closer to living normal lives.


One particularly disturbed patient had been brought to Francesco unconscious, due to over-dosing on the medicine he had been prescribed to suppress his insanity. The patient came-to as Francesco was examining him and, upon seeing his robe and mask, the patient removed Francesco's dirk from its scabbard and slashed at Francesco's right hand, severing his ring finger. Recoiling in pain, Francesco held his injured hand as the patient was pulled away by his family. It was now that Francesco's gift manifested, for as he was clutching his bleeding hand, the skin near the wound began to weave, closing the wound in naught but a few seconds after the injury was inflicted. Shocked by this development, he looked towards the family of the patient he had been treating, seeing their expressions of shock, horror and outrage. Word spread of Francesco's inhuman powers and he was soon expelled from the kingdom of Belka on the grounds that he was "not human".


Now, at the age of 34, Francesco makes his living as a traveling physician, offering his services to passers-by in exchange for a few coins. He has refined both his medical skills and his powerful gift over the years and, after careful preparation, can heal even the most grievous of wounds and illness, though he still cannot aid the terminal or mentally unstable. Aside from his career as a traveling doctor, he is also in search of his long-lost brother, whom he believes is still alive somewhere in Sulanar.


Misc.: Feel free to create Francesco's long-lost little brother. It would help to spice the plot of this RPG up or, perhaps, start a new storyline altogether.



Edited by WonderBubbles

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"...the Shadow King's first attempt to thwart the land..."

to thwart the land? how do you thwart land? i think you should use a different word to describe what the Shadow King tried to do.


"...and drain its energy and magic from it and since MorningGlory has disappeared form the world..."

that's a run on, kinda. you should only use 'and' once in a sentence otherwise the sentence can turn ugly. so after "from it" there should be a period then start a new sentence.


"...whatever fates come their ways. Kapris is now the dominant ruling kingdom over all the land..."

After "ways" there should be a comma not a period.


"Kingdoms cooperate with each other and get along and there has been much peace."

You repeated your self in this sentence. Either choose to stick with the Kingdoms cooperate with each other, or choose to stick with they get along.


"And Morning Glory, since it has been..."

I thought Morning Glory was female, not an it.


"May believe he is the Shadow King..."

Is that supposed to be many believe?


And Wonder bubbles, do you want to keep our original characters in this new rp? They can be friends and such. happy.gif Luna can be Zella's rider! xd.png

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((I have noticed that. gosh, what a sexist rider. everyone knows women make the best riders. lol

you can if you want. it would add more to the story.))

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I've noticed the twist of the Eragon books without even reading the OCC posts sleep.gif


Personally, I think it's a bad idea, but that's just me *crawls away into a corner to poke at dust bunnies*


I've been packed with stuff to do this week, and most likely the only free time I'll have to actually look over this closely is...


Sunday? Meh, even then it can change D:

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((Spellingspellingspellingspelling. Spelling. As an example...



This also means that much has been forgotten.


Don't forget the capital letters, but don't capitalize random words... And don't forget the spaces.))

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Terminology blatantly taken from Dungeons and Dragons aside... there appears to be quite some length of background material. I'm going to enjoy looking over this....

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I think this is a good idea, Neutual. who cares if it has similarities to other stories or things.

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I read it, found the mistakes and this is what I came up with. The quote boxes are the ones with mistake(s).


But since MorningGlory has disappeared form the world,


There is much peace between the all Kingdoms.


These sections have problems:

Morning Glory, Elemental, Light Magic, Healer's Magic, Personal Magic, Tainted Magic, Asassin's Magic, Farity Magic.


It can be a gift as well as a curse. It takes an incredibly long time to master and once mastered, it is very draining on the user. But it is still a powerful and useful gift.
This sentence is confusing. At first, you say it could be a gift as well as a curse then you say it is a powerful and useful gift.



I might want to join this...

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OOC// Okay, it's better now. smile.gif But I still found mistakes here: MorningGlory, Elementals, Personal Magic, Tainted Magic.

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OOC// Okay, MorningGlowy is done but there are still mistakes in these sections: Elemental, Personal Magic, Tainted Magic.


Even after you're done with that, I'm not sure if your RP is totally mistake-proof since I was somewhat dead-ish when I first read it. Sorreh about that. smile.gif

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OOC// Well, now you only have to correct one mistake in 'Personal Magic'. Other than that there are other mistakes. I don't think that Located and Non-magical really needs to be capitalized, right?


And that's good to know. smile.gif Don't wanna annoy anyone.

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There have been new discoveries and developments in the world and with magics, creating a "new" magic.


((It should be 'new'. " " are for talking.


Nickname is one word... I'll check the rest later.))

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Okay, I went over the bit about the magic and races to make some corrections. Hopefully it'll get an approver to look over here again. Bolded things are my corrections.


In The Dark Elves Section:

...it can either destroy them, they can lose their magic, or...

It was originally "loose" but it should be lose.


In the Marlessanesse (Soul Eaters of Morning Glory) Section:

...not so much as reading a person's mind, but more....

Person's does not have an apostrophe to make it possessive.

...and they feed off a person's magic.

Same in this sentence and it needs to be "off" not "of."


In the Dwarves Section:

...They are the weapon smiths and armories,...

"Weapon smiths" is not one word, it's two. And Armories is spelled wrong.


In the *New*Magic Section:

The two Ancient and New Magics now actually are an essence that must work together....

The "must" used to be "have to" and this way it's less wordy and sounds better.


In the Magical Items section:

....that enhance a person's magic....

Again we need to make "persons" possessive by adding an apostrophe.


In the Rune Magic Section:

The drawback is, that when the rune is finished casting, it takes more energy than a regular spell.

"Then" was changed to "than."


And that's all I got! xd.png

Edited by Kira1

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((lol, i used Word to find the errors XD though, i do have the latest version so that might be why. some words even get underlined in blue. like, if i put her self, instead of herself it underlines it in blue.


well, hopefully an approver will approve it soon. *holds out cookies for approvers using mizu-kun's method* XD ))

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Fairy Fire (A harmless colorful flame that lines an enemy, making them easy to see in normal and infra-vision), Darkness Globe (A globe of pure darkness that is impossible to see through), and Infra-Vision (The ability to see in the heat spectrum instead of the normal light spectrum.


The sentences go on, so the letter after the (s don't need to be capitalized.


What rating are you shooting for? Semi-lit? Lit? Semi-lit: minimum posting requirement of 5 detailed sentences. Lit: minimum posting requirement of at least 2 paragraphs of at least 5 detailed sentences in each.


The cookie method seems to be working... <3

Edited by DarkLorienne

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I think this will most likely be semi-lit.


*holds out a cookie for Lorienne* If the cookies seem to be working then here's one for my rp. 8D

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((2 sentences? Nope. That's illiterate. 5 sentences is the semi-lit minimum.))

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They are the same as the normal Forum rules, but these ones are for this RP:


Forum doesn't start with a capital letter.


11- If you're going to speak Out Of Character (OOC) I'd like double parenthesis around them ((Like so)) as to not confuse with the real RP that's going on.


It should be 'Out of Character' and 'OoC'. You do not capitalize words the 'of', 'a' or 'the' in titles or shortened words. 'Like' doesn't need to start with a capital letter.




It should either be 'Kingswood' or 'King's wood'.


I don't understand why you capitalize dragons and riders while you do not capitalize humans or dwarves. They're just normal nouns, they do not need capital letters.


Mainly humans, but also have elves, fairies, etc. and dwarves live there.


The grammar of this sentence is wrong. 'Etc.' followed by 'and dwarves'? That's a mistake. Et cetera includes dwarves, so you can leave the 'and dwarves' out.


" " are for talking. ' ' are for words like barbarians.


Knights doesn't need to be capitalized.


Now why do you capitalize 'elves'? And 'wood', 'sea' and stuff like that? You don't need to.


Magic doesn't need to be capitalized either.


Your explanation is good, but your grammar needs to be polished. ^^ Could you correct similar mistakes?

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((bumpity. you'll put Luna's profile up there? or you want me to pm it to you so you don't have to go to the other rp to get it?))

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((hm, guess i should change the history part. nothing else would change besides that...and age...how many years has it been again? scratch that, i went and looked and saw that is was fifty decades. are you sure you shouldn't put 50 years? since decade is a period of ten years. so 50x10=500 meaning it's been 500 years, so Zella would be over 500 and Luna would be 700. I think 50 years would be better. then Zella would be 90 (i think) and Luna would be 350.


and yeah, i'll pm it to you.))

Edited by Kira1

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(( *just noticed this was approved*




I'll try to think of something... if not use the same character as the other one


Which I have to point out, running both the first and second parts to a plot line isn't good. For one, starting the second one means that the first one is done, and that the second one takes off after it.


... if that made any sense... sleep.gif I'm coming down with something and can't think worth beans. ))

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