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Süpėr School

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You wake up and begin your day like all of the others. You eat breakfast, brush your hair and teeth and put on your clothes. Looking in your mirror, you sigh knowing that today will be just another day at school. Unfortunately, your wrong. Your whole life every adult has called you different or special. The kids called you a freak. Your parents have decided to send you to a school that was made for people like you. However, they didn't tell you about their plan. You get on your bus to go to school like all of the other days before but this time you notice that the bus takes a different turn. Since the bus driver is also different, you decide not to say anything. Soon, your bus arrives at a domed building in a remote area. A few adults come to the bus and escort you and the other kids on the bus to the building. You are led to a large auditorium were a woman identifies herself as the principle of the school. She also tell you that you are one of the many hero/villains in training at the school. You are shown where your dorm is as well as your classrooms. The last thing you are told is that you have 4 years to make it to the accepted Hero/Villain class. Until then you are trainee, or to the seniors, a sidekick.




The villain school has many differences from its counterpart. Instead of being located in a remote field like the hero school, the villain school is located in a mountainous area lined with cliffs and peaks. The villain school is not domed but instead a typical rectangle building. It is made of black and grey marble and gargoyles and demon statues line the roof edge. It has two large towers in the front with a large pair of doors in the middle. The door way is decorative with stone guardians and torches in their hands. The building only has 5 stories compared to the 7 of the hero school. The first floor is identical to the hero school and contains the same offices and stations. The second and third floors contain the classes of history, science, math and english. The fourth floor is the lunch room and the auditorium room and the fifth floor is the door floor. The villain school also has a court yard. The court yard has a marble walkway. Dead trees as well as huge statues dot the court yard. Instead of flower beds, there are beds of poisonous plants and flowers. The walk way leads to the gym just like the walkway at the hero school. The gym is domed with small towers on each of its four corners. The towers and edge of the gym's roof is lined with obsidian spikes and torches. In this gym, which has the same internal layout as the hero gym, students learn how to use their powers to cause havoc.




Student- If you're a student. Your job is to prove yourself in your classes and in gym using your powers. If you plan to graduate as a hero, prove to everyone that you are loyal and trustworthy. If you plan to graduate as a villain, show them that you are to be feared and that you care for nothing except bettering yourself at the cost of others. There are also Basketball, football, volleyball, soccer, and baseball games against each other.(as in hero v.s. villain games)


Teachers-Your job is to teach the students how to master your subject so that they can do what is necessary to graduate as a villain or hero.







Free Period:11:30.:.:.12:00




Free Period-3:00.:.:.8:00


Lights Out-10:00:7:00


The school: The school is a domed building in a remote area. There is one main building with 7 floors and a huge building across the field for Gym class. The first floor contains the main office, the dean's office and the nurse station. The second floor holds the core classes of Math, Science, and English. The third floor has a lunch room and a theater style auditorium for plays and major announcements. The fourth floor had History and Combat classes. The fith floor is the dorm floor. It contains all of the rooms for the students. There is a minimum of 1 student and a maximum of 3 to a room. Males with males and females with females, of course. The sixth floor is the teacher's dorms and the teacher's lounge is on the seventh floor. Lockers line the halls of the second and third floors and deans constantly monitor the hallways. The gym is also domed and has two changing rooms. The main court room has bleachers on each side, a score board and the roof is made of glass. In between the gym and main building is a beautiful court yard. It has a brick sidewalk leading between the buildings and it is lined with flower beds. Trees spot the court yard and black granite benches are placed under their shade. There is also a water fountain with a statue of the founding Hero in the pool the fountain makes. After lunch everyone is given a 30 minute brake to study, meet with friends or just relax. The court yard is the students favored place to spend their brake.


Big thanks to Alumentum Who was a big help in the making of this RP, and for his help he is the other owner of this RP, so he can approve people too and do everything i can do in this RP







Dorm floor:

Dorm #:



description:(pics allowed)



Nickname:(ex:superman(cannot be used))









Teacher lounge


You can choose to be a villain or hero and you will go to a different school for each one.



No more than 3 charries

No spam

no egg-spam

no goddmodding

no power playing

keep it pg-13

no cussing

no big romance only kissing, NO NON-CLOTHING SCENES!



use () for Ooc

all forms sent via pm to me

all of the forms are in the OOC thread


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((I'm not an accepter, Walkman, but you are going to need more depth in your plot and a small history of sorts. At least a couple of paragraphs for this to pass.))

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(( You can take a look at some of the approved roleplays if you want. Explain a little bit about the school. In what ways is it special? Also, make a plot. What are the characters striving for? Again, I'm not an approver either, but this definitely won't pass as a semi-lit if you leave it like this. ))

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((I have no more advice to offer you besides that already given.


You two apply for approver NOW! xd.png


Follow their advice, and then I'll see and approve.


And no profiles, not even your own, before approval.))

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(ok, i just edited it)

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someone plz approve!

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((It's okay if you make your own character apply before approval, if it's in the first post.

And um.

No plot.

I'm also very confused from reading everything you've type.

Edit it so that it is intelligible.))

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((I'll join if this gets approved))

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((I want to join, but that's not gunna alter my opinion.


You appear to have edited nothing, and the plot is REDICULOUSLY short.


Slam this bastid through a spell checker, and the whole Student thing appears to be an RP post below the illiterate level. It's also repetetive and sameish, something that's been done so many times even the BEANO had picked it up before I cancelled the stupid subscription.


Try to make it more original.))

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((You've done nothing except remove the already tiny plot.


This is denied btw, just incase you try and pull something with the auto-approval.


Denied until you satisfy either myself or LD.))

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FYI i removed the plot, made under semi-literate, added more to the school, and i did what the two other people said to do.))

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((All you have done is section the student bit up and add about half a line more to Teacher.


You HAVEN'T done what they said. Not at all. Khallyne said "you are going to need more depth in your plot and a small history of sorts. At least a couple of paragraphs for this to pass" you haven't done that AT ALL. I see no history and the plot is still 2 dimensional, no depth at all.


Shadowflame said "Explain a little bit about the school. In what ways is it special? Also, make a plot. What are the characters striving for? Again, I'm not an approver either, but this definitely won't pass as a semi-lit if you leave it like this" You REMOVED the half a line plot, you've hardly explained what they're striving for, besides "getting to the big class" or "making havoc."))



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(bump, accept please!)

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(Dude, dont bump within 24 hours you can only bump if its been 24 hours since the last post in the topic just saying tongue.gifbiggrin.gif )

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i dont care, someone approve!))



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((Approved, muchly improved.


OH, WAIT, if you don't care about the section rules, then I guess we'll just have to perma-deny it....


Not really. But consider that your only warning. Now and forever. Say you don't care about the rules again within my hearing and I'll ask LD to take the warnblade for a spin.


I now officially intend to join this.))

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(yes!!!! thank you!)

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