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Lolwutt.pngThe Lore_Master is a native species of Dragcave Forums. It's main habitat is the other roleplaying section, where it can lurk there for days, and then suddenly disappear without a trace, leaving other species very confused. It is like a wisp of smoke, and this species uses this skill to it's advantage, being able to sneak up on any prey quickly and silently. It is also the wielder of the mighty Bananablade, the best weapon in all of the world. It will kill anyone it comes in contact with except for the user, and is very deadly. When angered or irritated, this species will use it's Bananablade on it's enemies unless appeased with the offerings of chocolate and cookies. Approach with extreme caution. This is Animal Planet. ~Darkshadow

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    In a place only told in lore called Canada
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    Why hello there, little flies, I'm the spider :D

    Don't be scared, I'm just pulling your leg. If your reading this, this means that for some reason your interested in me.

    My name is Aidan Lucas, I'm an\ nineteen year old male (and currently single ;D ) For about ten years I have called Winnipeg, Manitoba my home. Or as I like to call it; "Mother Nature's PMS spot." It could be -40 one day, then like -15 the next day xD.

    I'm an athiest, and I'm proud to admit it. let me clear some misconceptions about Atheism.

    1) We don't hate Christians, Muslims, Hinduists or anybody that worships any religion. We only dislike those who are religious and show close-mindedness, ignorance and bigotry to anyone, regardless of religion.

    2) We just don't believe in Christianity, We don't believe in ANY sort of higher power, supernatural deity, legion of gods etc. We don't believe in the concept of heaven/hell, reincarnation etc.

    3) The universe is a big place, there are things on this very planet we still have to discover. We don't like we know everything because we truly don't know everything. We are human, we make mistakes.

    If you wanna ask me any question relating to Atheism, by all means drop me a PM. As long as you don't insult me, I'll gladly show you respect and answer your questions to the best of my abilities.

    & My sister is the most amazing person in the world, and this is not her writing right now.