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Favorite Color Palettes

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Hi there! I was wondering if anyone would be interested in sharing their favorite color palettes?

I'll start us off with some of my favorites:

- Dark blue and dark purple, with bright electric blue accents
- Black with gold accents

- Midnight blue, turquoise and silver
- Lavender, robin's egg blue, and powder pink

What about you?
What colors do you think look pretty together?

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Some of my favorites:

- Neon Green / Pitch Black

- Ruby Red / Pitch Black

- Tangerine Orange / Midnight Blue

- Electric Yellow / Lime Green

- Sea Green / Azure

Plenty more! Could name them all day! XD

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- blue, red, yellow, black

- purple, green, orange

- neon green, neon orange

- black, red

- pretty much anything eye catching

- grey, light green, hot pink

- brownish green, cyan

- brown, black, purple

- navy blue, electric blue, fuschia

- bloodred, pretty much anything

Is this why my mom questions my fashion sense? :P

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Navy blue with purple, light blue, and light green

cyan with light green

silver with pink

gold and any light color

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-Gold, light pink, and white

-Silver, green, and gold

-Turquoise and light blue

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  • Purple and light blue
  • Dark blue and light purple
  • purple and blue
  • Did I mention purple and blue?
  • Oh and yeah I forgot to say purple and blue
  • p u r p l e a n d b l u e

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I really like

-white, blue, and purple

*whereas two shades of blue and purple and just white

-Light Grey with a deep purple 

-coffee brown/pastel brown and pastel pink + peach

-any shade of faded pink with pastel yellow

-Sea blue+silver+gold+white

-i prefer to stay away from neon colors but i love when neon red+blue contrast perfectly 

-faded shades of green+faded shades of blue is probably my favorite too

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I like autumn colours <3 

Also dark blue and white are so nice together

Pink, blue and yellow

My friend said his three favourite colours were blue, black and silver so I made him a present that was those three colours and it was so nice so those also

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I have a personal preference towards blues and warmer greens and purples. Though I also love fall and Halloween colors together aesthetically.

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my prefer color is: phitalo blue /imperial purple

magenta /grass green

jade green/oriental blu

yellow / mineral green

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honestly, what would best describe is the urban decay heat palette. or the tarte just peachy paletteee

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- Gold, red, and black

- Teal, gold, and white

- Dark blue/black and cyan

- Brown and orange

- Pink, orange, and yellow

- White, gold, and bright green

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Interesting thread. Based on what I like to paint with, I'd say:


neon yellow, neon orange, and royal blue

light blue, light magenta (is that a thing?), and white

dark metallics like metallic green and metallic dark purple

midnight blue and bright red

sky blue, very dark red, and dull orange

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I like almost any palettes as long as colors are not too clashing. Here are a few of my favorites:


- Navy blue, bright orange

- Light blue, light pink: much like cotton candy.

- Dark purple, blue

- Cobalt blue, grey-ish blue

- Turquoise, blue/green

- Brown, turquoise blue, white

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- Blues, greens, purples.

-Blues, greens, purples & white, silver or gold together.

- Solid black.

- Black and [ insert color here], together.

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