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(Spring break! wooo)

Jacques stood by as Miyuki's emotions got the best of her. She was clearly not thinking straight, with the rage only an abandoned child could muster. If Jacques were ever to reach such a point, It would be game over for him and others for miles around. There would be no resisting Inkblood Psycho.


Jacques felt a twinge of pity for the older man. Having killed his own father, Jacques understood more than anybody that survival and personal gain were more important than family to some. The man wanted to live his life, didn't want two younglings holding him back.


"Hm." Jacques muttered as his normal charming smile was replaced with a frown.


"You and I are guests in this guildhouse. I think you've overstayed your welcome. It would be safest for you to go." Jacques persuaded.


He could see the frustration in the S class wizard, Sol's, eyes. Her magic power was overwhelming, and she too was going to lose her temper soon enough.


A large amount of ink slithered off of Jacques body and stealthily made it's way into the cracks of the wood between the two ice wizards, ready to spring up and protect the man should Miyuki release another onslaught.


"You should remove yourself, now." Jacques repeated.


He glanced over at the wheelchair bound wizard. Another S class, despite his obvious handicap. His magic must be powerful.


He finally looked to the wind dragonslayer. Powerful and emotionally unstable, he could also cause serious damage. Realizing that his ink shield may not be enough, Jacques calmly stepped in between the potential nuclear detonation.


"Let's all calm down. Blood won't make anything better." Jacques said, rather ironically.

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((I'm waiting for you to respond to Jacques, seems a bit irrelevant to have Sol or Nathaniel double down on the conflict))

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The man got up and brushed off the crumbs that got on his cloak, patted off the dust and smoothed his hair. "I just wanted to see my son. He needs a proper trainer and I got a guild hounding me to go get him...." He grumbled and limped to the door leaving saying something about coming back later. 


If looks could kill, both Jacques and her father would have been sliced to bits by now. Frost formed at her feet. Her breath mist in the cold bubble of air that surrounded her. She glowered at her new friend from the beach. "You seriously let him get away?! " She growled. 


Ankoku went over to his sister. "What were you thinking? You almost wrecked the place!"

"What difference does it make, it's like this every other day! He never deserved us." She hissed back.

"He's our father!"

"Who abandoned us!"

"Our blood, Miyuki! He said he found a trainer for me."

"I don't give a wagon full of dragon dung if he is! He wants you for something, I wouldn't be surprised if he ran into a dark guild and used you to be his bargaining chip. I didn't starve, play a fool, scrounge and take to keep you alive for him to walk in and drag you away from me! I know you want to be stronger, but you'll have to teach yourself. Dragon slayer magic is rare, the chances that his so called 'teacher' is another wind dragon slayer magic user are very slim. I rather you learn from a wind user in the guild they who knows where with some stranger." 

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Unbeknownst to the other guild-mates Jacques tattoos weren't the only ones moving around, the dragon tatoo on her shoulder was growing in size beneath her dress. But as the man left and the situation died down it reverted to it's usual size.

Sol let out a loud sigh a small spark of flame accompanying it. She raised her head and and nodded towards Jacques, "Thank-you for stepping in. Now, here at the guild we treat each other as comrades, a bond closer than friends but further than family. As such we don't pry into the family matters of our guild-mates. But if they would bring harm to the guild we will," Sol said calmly. She watched as Nathaniel wheeled himself over to join the conversation.

"But, that goes to you as well, if we deem you will betray the guild, be ready to feel the fallout of your actions..." She concluded, crossing her arms and staring accusingly at Miyuki.


Nathaniel chuckled.

"Ahh Miyuki, who knew this is what it would take to get you to break that cold demeanor of yours. But Sol's right, if you can't control your magic when your emotions get the best of you I don't think the master will ever let you up to S rank, power isn't everything. It's ironic that the fire wizard has a cooler head than the ice one," Nathaniel mused.

The line drew a small smile from Sol, breaking her steely glare, and the tension around her relaxed somewhat.

"Concerning a trainer for you Ankoku, slayer magic is rare and I'm not sure if one of the wind mages here will be able to help. Slayer magic is unique, you'd probably have a better chance learning from another dragon slayer. I've heard of one or two being present in other guilds though I can't recall specifics," Sol said.

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Miyuki gave Nathaniel a dead pan look however she seemed to relax a little more with this particular S class wizard was around. "My power was in check. My emotions however were not, and that is my fault for sealing them away for so long. I don't move up because I asked master not to choose me. It is Andy you need to worry about. From what I heard leaving the town, she nearly killed a man for insulting the guild. I have probable cause for my actions. He's bad news and will try this again. Father was never the same since mom died, that's when he started getting in trouble. He was in jail for six months for destroying a marketplace, that's why he didn't come back to us. During our struggles, many men importuned me because my father owed them money and he offered his daughter to them because he had nothing else and if they were after me, he could get away and slither into some crevices somewhere. No other ice magic user I know of could produce a ice living dragon that freezes everything it breaths on. It might not be as large as a true dragon, but it's big enough to scare them away and give me the title of ice queen.  As for teachers brother, if you truly want to become stronger, I'd rather go through the light guilds then some shady person dad can come up with. We can go through the proper channels and request a member or members possessing said power to come here to teach you. As Sol said, we are a family, I'd rather you stay here were we all can protect you than to trust the man who traded his own flesh and blood to strangers to cover his own backside. " She shrugged. "If you also want me to move up in class, I could use a trainer too and expand my skill set. You may be my brother, but I raised you like mom would have. I try to give you the best I can provide. "She said softly tucking Ankoku's cheek with a small smile. "I'm sorry I acted like that and worried you about my actions. Forgive me?" She asked. 


Ankoku nodded and hugged his sister. "Okay. Of course of do sis, but I think an apology is owed to Sol for wrecking the place. " He looked over at the woman behind the bar. To be honest, she scared him the most.



"You're right." She said, moving towards the bar. She bowed lowly. "My actions were inexcusable. I should've heeded your first warning but my anger clouded my judgment. I am prepared to face all repercussions for my actions and pay you for any damage I  have caused to the Guild hall.  I will also offer my services to clean the entire place top to bottom in atonement for my transgressions. You have my deepest apologies Miss. Fermèt." 

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