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FairyTail RP, open and actively looking for people to join (Please join, we swear not to bite much)

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This is a roleplay set in the FairyTail anime universe. If you don't know what that is then here is the link to the wiki. We welcome everyone and anyone to this RP, whether you've watched it all the way through (I haven't yet) or haven't seen it at all. This RP is for original characters only, so no canon character sheets please. We will not be having any dealings at all with FairyTail the guild or it's members. Everything that happens is also after the Edolas arc is completed so if you know what that is then you know where we are.

If you want to join then fill out a character sheet and PM it to me so I can post it at the start of this thread. Powers are not limited to what's on the show, if you've got an idea for something original then just ask. Make sure it's reasonably though. If you want to use a magic from the show then go ahead, but try and make it your own, make your powers unique, (unless you're a celestial wizard in which case you're kind of limited). Dragon slayers are very limited and I won't be allowing any of the "real" dragon slayers to be in the RP. I am allowing second generation dragon slayers that have been created using a lacrima infused with dragon slaying magic.


Character sheet!!! 


Description of character:

Basic Info

Age and date of birth::


Rank:: (Rank represents a level of skill and proficiency in terms of combat, job completion/experience, and mastery of one's own magic. Rank S is limited, ask before you make an S class wizard

Personal Information




Magic Name::
Description:: (Link if using canon magic)
Known Spells::


(Add anything else you'd like to this section as it's all optional)


Description of character: Alkwin Dadam is an old man, of that there can be no doubt, but he moves and acts like someone half his age. He has long white hair and a beard to match, with bright blue eyes. His skin is weather beaten and tough as old leather and he usually wears a purple cape along with whatever street clothes he happens to throw on. He wears a pair of glasses as well and always has a pair of hiking boots on, just in case.


Basic Info

Name:: Alkwin Dadam
Nickname/Alias:: Guild master/ master
Gender:: Male
Age and date of birth:: He refuses to give his age and instead deflects the question by saying 'old enough'.

Guild:: Master of Sphinx's Paw

Rank:: Master

Personal Information

Personality:: Alkwin Dadam is a man who doesn't let his guild get away with a lot. He prefers to stay out of the magic council's notice so he keeps his guild on a short leash rule wise. He understands that mistakes happen of course, and he also understands that there is a great deal of risk when on the job so destruction is a fact of life, but he won't tolerate people destroying things on every mission, especially when there were better ways to handle the situation. Alkwin also makes his guild keep a meticulous paper trail for every job that is taken so that there won't be any problems in the future. The only thing that he doesn't keep a steady eye on are the guild members themselves. He prefers to let them manage themselves and the guild itself for the most part as long as they stay within the rules. He doesn't often hand out actual punishments, preferring to tell someone in a strong voice what they did wrong. and then asking them what they learned. He thinks that punishments on their own aren't as good a teaching method as making people think about what they could have done better.

History:: Not much is known about Alkwin Dadam's past until he joined Sphinx's Paw. He was known to be belligerent and hot-headed, always causing trouble with the current guild master and generally being a nuisance. If it weren't for the fact that he made S class in record time Alkwin probably would have been kicked out of the guild, but everyone saw greatness in him even if it was hidden behind the stupidity of youth. When the old guild master finally retired, Alkwin had calmed down and aged enough to be named the new guild master, something that everyone agreed with. Since then he's run things fairly but firmly, never causing trouble with the magic council and keeping the peace.


Magic Name:: Wind Magic
Description:: Wind Magic
Known Spells:: He knows basically everything there is to know. He is the master after all.


The sword that Alkwin keeps with him at all times is a complete mystery. He very rarely draws it and then only in a true emergency. It seems to amplify his power but people think it does far more then that. Nobody can find any information on it however, so all anyone can do is guess.

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Description of character: 5'11" with a medium length blonde crew cut. Pale white skin. Lean, fit body. Cut, but not particularly muscular. Covered neck to toe in beautiful black body art. Only one tattoo is on his face, an intricate abstract line art beneath his bright blue right eye. Tends to wear a hooded olive green jacket and long black pants. Has a seemingly welcoming smile at first, but depending on the context it can be terrifying.


Basic Info:




 Gender:: Male

 Age and date of birth::26, December 10th

Guild:: None

Rank:: No class, but has power comparable to an A class but combat experience comparable to an S class

Personal Information


Personality: Jacques maintains an air of danger, as though every waking moment in his presence may be your last. He has a sadistic streak but refuses contracts to kill people he deems innocent. This usually includes children, the disabled, and non-magic users, although he does make exceptions.

                Those who have fought or seen him fight and survived call him a masochist. Excruciating pain makes him laugh, brings him joy.

                He usually has a demented-looking grin on his face. Those who have heard him speak have rarely survived, but those who have say his voice is smooth and tender, soft and loving. It draws the listener into a comfortable lull.


History:: Born to an assassin of a now-disbanded organization, Jacqued was raised in near silence. At 13 years of age, his father was caught and imprisoned in an assassination attempt. In order to keep the man quiet about the organizations dealings, Jacques was contracted to kill his father, a mission which he completed quickly and silently.

                The organization, however, still had concerns about his loyalty. He was released from his position into the life of a wanderer, and a high ranking assassin was sent after him. When the hired killer did not return, several more were sent after him. Still, none returned.

                With the best assassins all MIA, the organization's numbers dwindled and eventually disbanded. Thus the remaining assassin was dubbed Blackjack, in reference to the organization. He now roams the lands, taking simple contracts and the occasional assassination.



Magic Name: Inkblood

Description:: The wizard's body art is a living embodiment of his magical energy, intertwined with his own blood. The user can manifest the ink into shields and weapons, as well as use it for acceleration, launching himself, or firing ink missiles.

Known Spells:

Inkblood missiles: Fires projectiles made of ink. Inkblood Shield: Forms a barrier of living ink to defend himself

Inkblood Psycho: Inkblood reinforces all physical aspects of the user to superhuman levels at the cost of the user's mental stability. Liable to lose control in psycho mode. Also chances permanent physical damage.

Inkblood Spikes: Living ink explodes from the ground to impale





By gambleforadopts (I won him on deviant art)

Description of character:

Standing at 6'5 and still growing he's dramatically different from his sister. Born with black hair and deep black/purple eyes his skin is tanner then his sister. He has two sets of piercings in his left ear where he sometimes wears studs or a chain connecting the two with a charm of the sphinx's paw symbol dangling from it. 

He usually wears red and black, those being his favorite colors. Often with long pants and thigh high black boots. His jacket has flame designs embroidered on the back along with the sphinx's paw insignia on the right brest in gold. 


Basic Info

Name:: Ankoku Usagi Al-worth 

Nickname/Alias:: Koku, kuku, Usa, Mooney

Gender::  male

Age and date of birth:: 16 December 10

Guild:: sphinx's paw mark is on his left brest, sky blue in color.


Rank:: class C


Personal Information

Personality:: Ankoku is the rambunctious one of the siblings. He's always smiling and laughing at something and playing harmless pranks on others to get people to laugh. He's not one for sad faces, and doesn't like it when people cry. His optimism can be infectious at times and has yet to be seen shedding tears. Due to his sickly childhood, he wants to try everything he possibly can to say he's been there and done that.  His pranks sometimes leads to fighting which he enjoys as long it is a friendly skirmish between clan mates. 

 He tries to be Mr. Ladies man, but ends up getting flustered by his klutzyness or the girl actually acknowledging his presence. Most of his silly antics is centered around his big sister who seldom smiles or laughs unless fighting someone or reading.


History:: Ankoku was a sick weak child. Although bedridden he was determined to stay positive and would come up with creative stories to tell his sister while she made food or did household chores keeping the place neat and free of anything that makes his illnesses worse. He had a few close brushes with death until the lacrima was implanted into him. Once that happened he could go outside and run around without worrying about getting sick. 

Since then he found out he was immune to illness (except thirst, motion sickness and hunger. He can consume air but it depends on the quality how effective it is) and minor poisons. When his father disappeared he grew increasingly worried about his sister who smiled less and less becoming almost reclusive, retreating into her own mind. It's hard for him to grasp that the sister he knew as a sick boy is hidden deep within an icey heart.

However he things of the guild as a second family and tries his hardest to improve his skills. 



Magic Name:: wind dragon slayer (lacrima infused implanted in him)

Description:: Wind dragon magic

Similar to sky dragon with healing abilities however his offensive magic is different than the sky with no support magic.

Known Spells::

Healing: can heal motion sickness for a limited time, not on him self, along with burns, bruises and any wound that isn't major (can heal over multiple times but will leave a scar) or fatal. His magic has little affect on himself preferring to buy pain killing perfume to use. 

Wind dragon roar: a blast of wind forming a twister. Often combined with his sister's ice arrows for a devastating effect.

Wind dragon claw: five 'blades' of wind comes from his fingers as he slashes them through the air. They can happen on both hands as a sort of double attack.

Wind dragon wing: a blast of high powered wind magic flowing in one direction like a wing flap. 

Wind dragon speed: increases his speed like the wind itself is pushing him forward. He's faster then most mages but not as fast as an S class mage. 

Dragon flight: he could take to the air running on it however he could only go for one hour and his limit on altitude is about the height of a two story building. He uses this combined with speed to jump from roof to roof to get better advantage on targets. The length and height will increase as his power increases.



 He has a necklace that belonged to his mother that has a lyre charm  and a harp charm connected to it. He inherited his mother's beautiful singing voice (that was her magic) and detaching the charms they grow to full size and he often plays them to relax. 




Link to picture

Description of character:
Skin as  pale as snow with long hair white and silver braided with gold thread. One eye is a deep royal purple flecked with gold the other is a pale silver blue made even more astounding by the natural black eyelashes that lines her eyes.
she's 5'8" slender yet fit often wearing sleeveless or strapless clothes often light and airy despite the weather outside. She wears simple open toed shoes (if she has any on) often opting to go barefoot. She always has her hair braided. She chooses colors from black to dark green, often with light color embroidery in snowflakes, stars, dragon scales or arcs of blue lightning on the lapels and hems of her blouses, shorts, skirts and dresses she owns.
she often covers her purple eye with her hair due to the fact it's so unusual.
Basic Info

Name:: Miyuki Al-Worth
Nickname/Alias:: Frost, snow queen, Mimi(meme) odd eyes (bullies use this) 
Gender:: female
Age and date of birth:: 23 July 7th

Guild:: sphinx's paw emblem is on right shoulder, dark blue in color

Rank:: class A

Personal Information

Personality:: Miyuki has three distinct sides of herself. 
. The mother hen: often when around children, the disabled, younger mages and certainly around her little brother she's very protective and nurturing. Often scolding or chiding wrong doings, she rarely raises her voice although her soft, calm, frosty tone has been known to send shivers down the spines of grown men when they act inappropriately around the younger members of the guild.
. The silent observer: when she isn't being a mother hen, she's often shy or weary of others often coming across as timid. One can spot her sitting in a corner and just watching everyone. She's a quick thinker and remains level headed in chaos. On her days off she is found at the bar reading a book and drinking ale or cold tea while munching on ice chips or Apple slices.
. The ice queen: the name derived from her demeanor in fights. Cold, collected, distant and brutal. When faced with an enemy she is perceived as being weak given her soft spoken and timid nature however they are often caught of guard when she starts making creatures and weapons without hesitation with a almost cruel small smile and a cold determination in her eyes. 

History:: Miyuki was trained in the snowy mountains with her father as her mentor. Her mother passed after Ankoku was born when she was seven and it was just her father raising them both. Her father often disappeared for large amounts of time (often two or three weeks) to find work to support them leaving Miyuki to tend to her brother's every need. Her brother was very weak in body, constantly getting sick and bedridden until his father came home one day when Ankoku was three and implanted a wind dragon slayer magic infused lacrima inside her brother to make his body stronger. At the age of fourteen, her father left for a job and didn't return. They remained where they were for two months until they got kicked out and then they traveled along the countryside. During this time Miyuki experimented and tested the limits of her magic to keep them alive and safe. They joined the first guild that would take in children at the ages of seventeen and ten. 


Magic Name:: ice make dynamic and some static
Description:: Ice make
Known Spells::
she can do single hand cast, but often uses two to stabilize her creations.
She can create various living creatures from ice such as:
wolf(limit 2), Snow dragon, bear, rabbit, hawks, snow tiger, lion, panther, ice wings, ice elk, (3)dogs

and can create objects such as:
Shield, swords(2),arrows, spear, geyser, clone, slide, ladder, battle axe, ice whip, ice wagon (small and carries only 3 people for about 2 hours drains her greatly)

combine attack:
Wind dragon roar with ice arrows:
creates a whirl wind of air with sharp ice shrapnel that threatens to rip target to shreds. 

She makes her and her brother's clothes out of her own designs. She incorporates magic and nature she sees into her designs making them unique and often a fashion statement. The only thing that's consistent is the gold clip in her hair.



- Her hair is braided in the back to a small pony. 

- 5'4" / 165 cm 

-  Lavender hair & dark blue eyes. 

- She is very fashionable, and a fan of frills. 


Basic Info

Name: Midori Koizumi (小泉緑)
Nickname/Alias: Mimi (if close friends/teasing) 
Gender: Female 
Age and date of birth: 18 (September 27 - Libra) 

Guild: Sphinx's Paw

Rank:  A 

Personal Information

Personality: Midori is cheerful and friendly to most people, if not a little naive due to her upbringing. She holds a natural elegant air about her that makes her an attractive face to remember, however she can be intolerant of messy affairs. She's very easy to make laugh, as well as scare/shock, as she is easily surprised by the smallest things. A neat person by nature, Midori completes missions with careful accuracy. 

History: The third child and only daughter of a wealthy, affluent household, Midori grew up surrounded by adoration and an appreciation of the arts, magic included. Though her childhood was mostly dull, and her future was predicted to be one of luxury before she would marry and inherit fortune otherwise, this was not the case -- Midori's second oldest brother, a talented wizard, wanted adventure, and he joined a guild much to their parents displeasure. Just as they were getting used to this new development, he disappeared. 

The news was devastating to Midori, who had always been closer to him than to their first brother, the oldest. Believing that he was still alive and in trouble, Midori too left the household in order to search for him. For the moment, she has settled in Sphinx's Paw, enjoying the friendly atmosphere as her search for her brother continues. She is just beginning to get back into contact with her parents after they have recovered from the shock of her leaving. 



Magic Name: Diamond Make
Description: Using carbon, Midori is able to create diamonds to aid her in battle. It also allows her to sparkle unapologetically. As well, the diamonds will disappear after use.
Known Spells:

Diamond : Wall - summons a large wall of diamond-like structure to protect her in battle.

Diamond : Scatter - creates numerous small, pointed diamonds to fire at an opponent.

Diamond : Whirlwind - similar to Dia: Scatter, but a much stronger force.

Diamond : Arrow - her most common spell, this allows her to fire an arrow made from diamonds that is usually hard enough to pierce anything. 



- Midori enjoys playing the violin. 





Description of character: She looks older than she actually is and acts more like an adult than other 18 year olds. She has hazel-brown colored eyes and brown blonde hair with short shorts and white halter top. She doesn’t always wear a bandana but is always wearing boots and a hat.


Basic Info


Name:: Tricia

Nickname/Alias:: Tris or Trish

Gender:: female

Age and date of birth:: 18, October 15 X765 (not sure what exactly to put as the date she was born to make her 18)


Guild:: Sphinx’s Paw


Rank:: medium (somewhere between beginner and pro/S class)


Personal Information


Personality:: sweet, a bit shy around people she doesn’t know until she gets to know them a bit better, can be stubborn at times, and at other times mysterious (can be kind one minute but then mean the next).


History:: From the western continent and was born with the Magic she has but it didn’t fully develop until she was 10. Since she’s been 15, she’s been looking for a guild that she could join and she found it in a town a mile or so from where she lived. She’s now with the guild and really enjoys being around the people in it.




Magic Name:: Guns Magic

Description:: Guns Magic

Known Spells::


Requip - allows her to arm her guns (rifle, pistol, revolver, shot gun, etc.)

•Sleep Shot/Blast - a shot/blast that puts the opponents/targets to sleep but only for up to 15 minutes max

•Boomerang Shot/Blast - a shot/blast that, like its name suggests, hits the targets like a boomerang to knock them out

Light Blast - a blast that blinds the targets for a long enough time for her guild mates to attack them with their own magic spells




she’s currently experimenting with more spells she can do but the ones listed above are the only ones she can do for now. she’s also not currently in a team but is looking to join one. her mark is on her right arm below her shoulder.

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"You guys wanna hear a joke? Hey are you going somewhere? I want to go too!"

Standing at 5'8" Andromeda isn't a particularly tall girl, nor is she imposing. She has long auburn hair that reaches her shoulder blades and bright green eyes. 
Andromeda prefers to dress in simple clothing and doesn't care about fashion at all. She isn't opposed to wearing girly things but she isn't one to run around in them all the time. Normally she wears a pair of pants and a t-shirt, although she switches to heavier or lighter clothing depending on the climate and weather. The only thing that remains constant is the satchel that she carries with her everywhere. She keeps everything in it, from food and money all the way up to random objects that she picked up alongside the road.

Basic Info

Name::Andromeda Stellae
Nickname/Alias:: Andy
Gender:: Female
Age and date of birth:: 17, October 26

Guild:: Sphinxes Paw, Guild sigil is on her right forearm

Rank:: B although she's being evaluated to become rank A

Personal Information

Personality:: Usually a very happy kind of girl, Andromeda enjoys meeting new people and making them laugh. She likes adventure as much as the next mage and can never wait for the next job. She loves having company of any kind and if there's no one around then she'll go to find someone.
Andy always takes jobs seriously and will do everything she can to accomplish a given task whether through violence or through talking, although she prefers peaceful methods first. 

History:: Andromeda was born at night during a meteor shower while the moon waxed full overhead. It was a small farming village far from Luna and these particular omens were viewed as blessings by the village elder, who decreed that Andromeda was favored by the gods.
The young girl's life was good during her childhood, with the village doting on her and gladly paying attention to her no matter where she went. She was given gifts and toys, candy and friends, all because of the circumstances of her birth.

It was when she hit the age of ten though that Andromeda's life turned the opposite direction and became one of hardship. It was during another full moon and Andromeda was outside watching the bright orb in the sky like she enjoyed doing. She wasn't tired and didn't want to go to bed so she would sometimes come out and watch the stars or moon, always feeling a kinship with them. 
During that night some terrible twist of fate brought doom upon Andromeda's family when a meteor came out of the sky and smashed into her home, destroying it and her family in one massive explosion.

Andromeda tried to save her family and when other people showed up to see what had happened it was to find the young girl with burns, trying to dig through the burning rubble.

The farmers wrestled Andromeda away from the rubble and managed to soothe her enough that she finally fell unconscious, the weight of what had happened overtaking her.
The next day the young girl was given to another family but it wasn't to last. Stricken by grief Andromeda ran away, trying to understand why the stars hated her. She didn't want them too and after much thought decided that the only logical thing to do was learn magic. 

The logic held up to a ten year old at least, and she went in search of a wizard who could teach her to control the stars themselves. Andromeda journeyed a long way, hitching rides on wagons and stealing food if someone didn't offer her any, until finally she heard of a wizard who could control the heavens above.

It took another month to reach the wizards home, and after hearing Andromeda's story Thilda Vanel took the young girl as an apprentice. During this time Andromeda learned to come to terms with her grief and even be happy again. She enjoyed using the magic of the stars and after five years she had finally mastered it. 

During that time Andromeda had listened to Thilda's stories of belonging to a guild and of the adventures that came with such a thing. So after mastering her magic Andromeda decided that was what she wanted to do as well and left Thilda with a big hug before heading to Luna Crescente having heard of the guilds there, specifically the Sphinxes Paw guild where anyone was welcome. 

Now Andromeda has a family again, control over her own fate, and adventures to go on. How things will turn out is anyone's guess, but she is confident that the future is a bright one and should be greeted with a smile.


Magic Name:: Heavenly Body Magic 
Description:: The ability to control small solar bodies as well as being able to conjure starlight into beams of energy.
Known Spells:: 

Meteor Strike: Imbues a stone with the explosive force of a meteor, then fires it at an opponent. 
Star Light: Creates beams of energy from her hands. 
Solar Flare: Brings down a large beam of burning light at a large target area.
Hard Light: Can create objects out of starlight for short periods of time which are as solid as stone (Although they aren't unbreakable.)


Possessions:: The one possession that Andromeda values the most is her satchel which used to be her father's. It's plain leather and cloth with a few decorations from Andromeda's adventures. Though it isn't worth much monetarily it means the world to Andromeda and she will do anything to get it back.

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Standing at 6'1 Bartolomeo has deep crimson hair and golden eyes. He likes to dress nice and mostly wears dress shirts, vests and when the time calls a large high collared black coat. He’s been known to change his shirts from steely greys and blacks to fluorescent pinks and flower patterned depending on his mood. His guild emblem is on the back of his hand.

Basic Info
Name: Bartolomeo Jewel
Nickname/Alias: Barty, or Barty the Barkeep
Gender: Male
Age and date of birth: 19, 22 of April
Guild: Sphinx’s Paw
Rank: A, with his new magic he's aiming for S

Personal Information
Personality: Bright and easy to talk to, Bartys a popular face around the guild and likes to think of himself as everyones mate. He’s outwardly confident and backs it up with his belief in the strength of his magic, determined to succeed in the guilds S-class trials. He loves a good spat and despite his wealthy origins isn't concerned with getting his hands dirty.

History: Bartolomeo was born to a very wealthy family on the outskirts of the capital city and for the first 7 years of his life he lived in luxury and loved it. A few months before his 8th birthday his father lost their wealth. It turned out he had been a gambling addict on a losing streak.
The family lost nearly all their possessions to the thugs Barty’s father played with and tried to start up a farm with only the help of some of their former servants who’d always been paid fairly and treated with kindness. Barty was determined to help out his struggling family and frequently ventured back to the capital city to steal books on magic, he had always idolised the wizards of Fiore. His butler was an old retired member of a guild and assisted, in secret, Barty with his learning of Maker magic.
At 12 years old and with a strong drive and confidence in his new magic abilities Bartolomeo ventured out to his old butlers guild, to earn money for his family by becoming the best wizard in the kingdom.

Magic Name: Earth/Lava Make
Description: Creates and molds rock to his whims, he’s recently started upping the heat.
Known Spells: 

Earth Rain: Fires a shower of rocks

Earth Flail: Creates a flail weapon to attack with, has started imbuing it with lava

Lava Wave: Sends a surge of molten lava forward

And much more

Other: Works as the guilds bartender when not on missions and regularly sends money home.







Description of character: Change the red colours to emerald green, the tattoo to black and her hair to lime. She prominently wears dresses, however most are cut to allow for ease of movement and combat. She stands at 5’6” and often wears heels to appear somewhat taller. Many compliment her beauty and few believe that she is over 30 let alone 40. Her guild emblem is on her right shoulder blade.


Basic Info

Name: Solaine Fermèt

Nickname/Alias: Sol – Solar Flame

Gender: Female

Age and date of birth: Refuses to share her age but it’s assumed to be early 40s

Guild: Sphinx’s Paw

Rank: SS

Personal Information:

Personality: A fairly stoic woman never showing considerable emotion. Sol is very headstrong in her ideals and believes firmly in order above chaos. She is strict to the other guild mates when they act up, and is capable of intimidating the Master into submission. She rarely shouts, as her presence tends to quiet the room. She does have a softer side, she loves animals and cooking and has a soft spot for the younger guild mates and secretly longs for children. She loves her guild and firmly believes in her own abilities as the supports to their Masters foundation.

History: Little is known concerning the origins of her magic. She comes from an average family from an ordinary location. She showed up at the guild one day in her late teens, and put an arrogant S class wizard in his place and was quickly recruited to the guild. Her first mission was a decade quest and she returned successful in 3 years. After returning she never took another quest of that length and began working in the guild kitchens.

In recent years she has begun grooming Bartolomeo to succeed her, and while she rarely shows it, she has a quiet fondness for him, buying him floral style shirts similar to her favourite dresses and was the one who suggested he attempt to alter his maker magic to include other earth-based materials; like lava.

Magic Name: Fire magic

Description: She uses an unknown form of fire magic that burns with emerald green fire.

Known Spells:

Hellfire – She creates a large vortex of green flame

Wild Spark – Flings a small ball of green flame, upon contact with a surface it binds and burns without sensation until nothing is left or unless she wills it.

Nether-realm – She creates two small wells of fire in separate locations, serving as portals she can jump through them, traveling instantly. The flames burn those without her permission

Hades Inferno – Her most powerful known spell, rumour has it she wiped a town off the map when she last used it.

Other: She is an excellent cook though she has never been seen eating her own cooking.





Nathaniel has the appearance of someone who should be lying in a hospital bed. He has sunken dull eyes, long shaggy hair, he is 6’7 but few know as he is always seated in a wheelchair. He usually wears several layers of clothes and is always seen wearing a mask.

Basic Info
Name: Nathaniel White
Nickname/Alias: n/a
Gender: Male
Age and date of birth: 23, September 24
Guild: Sphinx’s Paw
Rank: S

Personal Information
Personality: While outwardly intimidating and off-putting Nathaniel is generally a nice person. He’s quite soft spoken and loves the guild more than anything. He doesn’t mind when things get reckless around the hall, choosing to enjoy it. He believes strongly that you should enjoy every moment of your life as it may be over the next.

History: Nathaniel prefers to keep his private life private. He showed up at the guild and many thought the master would reject him immediately, but seeing potential the master let him join at 18 years old. Apart from that the only thing known is that he has a chronic illness, not terminal but it cost him the use of his legs years ago.

Magic Name: Blood magic: Summoning

Creating different sigils out of blood he can summon various beings (he refers to them as demons) to assist him, they range from fairly humanoid looking to giant monsters of flesh. They do all the work for him.

In order of intelligence his summons are:

Vice – a humanoid looking demon who acts as Nathaniel's butler; pushes his wheelchair, cooks his food, attends to him. He can wield unholy magic and uses it to enhances his physical attacks.

Sentry - a large bat-like creature with large talons for feet and bat-like wings instead of arms it stands at 8 feet tall and lacks almost all facial features bar eyes, it communicates with telepathy and can use fire magic.

Cerberus - a large beast of sickening red flesh with a protruding skull and razor sharp teeth, it can split itself up to 8 smaller hounds that can be used as scouts or attack dogs.

Gargant - Nathaniel's largest summon, it stands at 5 meters tall with massive arms that reach the ground. Appearance-wise it is something like a giant gorilla but with a mass of tentacles writhing from its back, it is the least intelligent of the summons.

Gluttony: Obtained in the Black market of Taraq - It is a collosal sand wyrm and one of the 7 Sins, the most powerful natural demons in existence. Unlike Nathaniel's other summons it can only fight for a short period of time before it breaks free of the controlling nature of his magic.

Other: He has a running contest with Sol to defeat her, the current score is 53:0 to her.


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(The guild hall is pictured at the bottom of this post)



Andromeda cursed the rain under her breath as she trudged back into Stratham, her clothes soggy even beneath her supposedly weather proofed jacket. 

It had been raining since she had finished her job and left Berkton that morning, and hadn't let up since then. The only saving grace was that she could take the train most of the way, the inside of which was warm and dry.

 Unfortunately for her the train station was also a two mile hike across the town of Stratham from the Sphinx's Paw guild hall. Even more unfortunate was how open the town was, meaning that there wasn't much in the way of shelter on the way.


 By the time Andromeda made it to the guild hall she wasn't just wet, she was cold, muddy, and tired as well as wet. A wagon and thundered by and had sprayed mud and filth on her, then kept on going without looking back. Luckily it had just hit her long coat and her boots, but some of her hair had gotten mud in it and it was going to take some effort to get it untangled.

It had been an exhausting trip and as Andy rounded the final corner she was already thinking about the bath in her room followed by a nice long rest. 


 The guild hall for the Sphinx's Paw was a large place with an eclectic appearance that gave it an odd look. Parts had obviously been added to the building and could easily be told apart by the different architecture between the different sections. The newest addition was a smaller side entrance that had been built like a log cabin, but the most important one was the large set of guild quarters behind the hall itself where everyone was allowed to bunk up for a small fee. The rooms were small but offered all the amenities that one could possibly need in a room, and what was more you were surrounded by family.


Andy wanted badly to go straight to her quarters but knew that procedure had to be followed and a report had to be filed, so into the main hall she went to get the required forms.

It was nearing 11PM when Andromeda opened the door to the hall and stepped inside. It wasn't overly crowded at the moment without only a dozen or so members present, the rest either on jobs or sleeping. 

Andy carefully took off her rain jacket and hung the mud spattered thing from the coat rack near the door, then stomped the mud off of her boots before walking over to the bar, behind which stood Bartolomeo Jewel, or as everyone else called him; Barty.


"Hey Barty." Andromeda sighed as she grabbed the documents near the job board and sat down at the bar to begin filling them out. "Can I get something warm please? Anything will do." 

Underneath the jacket Andromeda looked slightly better then a drowned rat, but only just. She was a bedraggled mess and had bags under her eyes from lack of a good sleep. Her auburn hair was tangled and still had a little mud at the ends. She looked wet and cold, but the warmth of the guild hall seemed to be doing her some good at least.


"Some idiot decided that trying to use magic to switch minds with a bear would be a good idea. The guy in the bear's head was polite enough, but I spent two days tracking down the guys body which the bear took for a joyride, then another just dragging the body back so they could switch again. Seriously, who looks at a bear and decides that switching bodies with it is a good idea? I mean takeover magic is one thing, but this was just somebody being stupid." Andy complained as she scribbled out the required forms and dropped them into the 'finished jobs' box, next to the jobs board.

Andy sighed again and closed her eyes, setting her chin on her hands as she enjoyed the warmth of the hall. 
She loved it here and would never think of doing anything else for the world, but sometimes people were infuriating. 


"What about you Barty? Anything fun happen while I was gone?" Andy asked, opening one of her bright green eyes to peer at the barkeep. "The halls still standing so nothing exploded I guess." She joked.




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Barty chuckled as Andy approached.

"Well you look a mess, should've wrote ahead I would've brought you an umbrella," Barty said.

He clapped his hands and a stone umbrella appeared in his hand.

"It's a bit heavy though, and it doesn't fold down, but you could club someone with it if you get mugged".

Barty chucked the umbrella in the air and it disappeared.

"Something hot huh? Well let me just prepare some warm mulled wine," He flamboyantly twirled a wine bottle in one hand and scooped up a glass with the other and poured the glass.

Before fully extending the drink towards Andy he pulled back.

"Ahh but you're still underage!" He took a quick sip of the glass and revealed the kettle, freshly boiled.

"Coco good for you? It's a bit late for anything with caffeine and from the looks of you, you'd want a rest", he mused glancing up at her as he poured the boiling water into a mug.

Barty scooped some powdered coco into the mug and stirred it, finally adding a dash of milk. He placed the mug in front of Andy, popping a marshmallow into it.

"Help yourself to some more milk if you think it's too hot," He said, placing a measuring jug of milk on the counter.


Barty leaned on the counter twirling his glass of wine.

"He might've been trying to learn takeover magic, you know I considered learning it before switching to maker. Seemed too complex with too little reliability, though after today maybe I should've kept with it!" He exclaimed, his voice echoing throughout the quiet hall. Half the patrons were either too drunk or had fallen fast asleep in their seats to be bothered.

Barty directed his hand towards a freshly burned charcoal stain on the floor beside where Andy sat.

"Got a nasty scolding from the Master for practicing my Lava-making indoors. Who knew Lava would cause wood to catch fire, no explosions fortunately" He chuckled.

"Ahh but I think i've got it, check this out! Earth-make Furnace!" Once again Barty clapped his hands but this time a knee-high stone dome appeared next to Andy, there was a small hole at the side where a dull red glow was visible.

Barty reached again for the marshmallows, this time placing one on a fork and, leaning over the counter, stuck the tip of the fork just inside the hole of the furnace. The marshmallow quickly caught fire and Barty hastily blew on it before munching down on the char-coated mallow.

"If I just put a layer of stone between the floor and the lava it can work!" He offered Andy another fork and placed the rest of the marshmallows on the counter.

"I'll leave that there for now, it should warm you up a bit. Apart from the little burn nothing much happened; people came, left, drank, ate, fought. They're all too tired now. AREN'T YOU!?" He called the last part out to the rest of the hall, with only surly grunts in response.

"Ah I love 'em, anyway, tell me more. You've given me a taste but I want the full course!" Barty exited from behind the counter and plopped onto a stool, nursing his drink looking expectantly at Andromeda.

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(I forgot to make up a master, I'll do it later.)


Andromeda stuck out her tongue at Barty when he teased her with the umbrella first, then the wine. She didn't actually mind it all that much since it was all in good fun, and she did need something to laugh at especially after the day she had had, but appearances had to be maintained.


"Thanks Barty." Andy said when the cocoa was set down in front of her. She added a bit more milk to cool it down, then took a sip and sighed. Barty made an amazing cup of cocoa and it was times like these that she truly appreciated it.

"Yeah I guess that guy could have been trying to learn takeover magic but if so then he wasn't being smart about it. He didn't have a teacher or anything. Honestly I'm not quite sure what he did to switch minds, it wasn't anything I recognized. He managed to switch back after a couple tries but he was really quiet about what he was doing. I dunno, maybe he was trying to make up some kind of new magic." Andy said as she took a swig of her drink, listening to what Barty had to say.

"Why would you think that lava wouldn't burn wood?" Andy asked, choking on her cocoa as she started laughing with Barty. "Hate to say it but you might have deserved that scolding." She said, still coughing as she laughed. It took a few moments but she finally stopped coughing and managed to take another sip of her drink. 


She watched as Barty use his magic to create the small furnace and smiled as the heat washed over her. She scooted her chair a little closer, then took the offered fork and began to carefully roast a marshmallow over the furnace until it was a nice golden brown. She turned to look out at her guildmates when Barty yelled at them, smiling at the state they were all in and shook her head. 
"They're... They're family." Andy said quietly, her tone changing like it always did when she mentioned family in any way. She had never told anyone about what had happened in the past, but most of the members knew to avoid the subject around her.


Andy munched on the marshmallow for a moment, considering how best to tell the story of her latest job, then smiled a little. "Well the trip there was boring nothing much happened on the way. When I got to Berkton it didn't take long to find the employer, he was holed up in a big house at the edge of town. The bear he took over was massive and it was really hard not to laugh at him because he kept trying to act human. He to walk around on two legs, sit in chairs, drink tea out of those little cups, and he spoke with one of those rich people voices." Andy said, mimicking the accent (British) for the last bit before laughing. 
"Anyway he told me that he had switched minds with a bear and that he wanted me to find his body for him. He wouldn't go into specifics about what sort of magic he had used, although he didn't seem embarrassed, more like he just wanted to keep it a secret. Anyway it was easy enough to track the guys body since the bear was still trying to act like a bear but inside a human. It didn't move very fast since it was trying to walk on four legs and kept leaving torn clothing everywhere. It still had a head start though so it took me two days to find it." Andy explained as she began roasting another marshmallow.


The younger girl definitely looked better now that she was warm and had something warm in her stomach, although her eyes were growing heavier by the second. 
"Anyway I found the bear trying to catch fish by the river and used my magic to restrain it. After that it was another day of dragging the bear back through the woods and to the house where they switched back. It rained the majority of the time I was there and when it wasn't raining nothing would dry because of the fog that rolled in. I couldn't get a campfire going even with magic so that was a fun experience. Towards the end I was getting tempted to just use Solar Flare to burn down a tree or two. At least that way I would have been warm." Andy said with a faint smile.

She was starting to nod off now and it was easy to see that she needed to take a bath and get some rest, although she would continue talking until she fell asleep at the bar if Barty wanted to keep talking. It was in Andy's nature to socialize and she like talking to her guildmates, enough that she would keep talking until she passed out from exhaustion. She was nearing that point too, and it was an easy thing to see.

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(Well to give you time I'll just improvise)


Barty scratched his temple, scrunching up his face.

"Wait, so the rich fellow submitted the request... did he do that as a bear? That'd be rich," Barty concluded, taking another sip of his wine. He moved back around the counter and began packing up, the guild was always open late but it couldn't be open indefinitely.

"The masters out, by the way. A guild meeting I think, which means I get to decide when the bar closes. And just looking at you is making me realise how tired I am right now" Barry said, stretching his arms back and yawning.

He grabbed his coat from behind the counter and stepped back out, downing his wine glass.

"You stay here at the guild hall don't you? Must be lucky, I'm gonna have to walk through the rain to get to my flat". He mused, putting his coat on and pulling out a real umbrella. Barty glanced back at the rest of the guild-mates and frowned before grinning.

"I don't think I like the idea of leaving the bar unmanned with this crowd still here, what do you think?" He said. Barty turned back towards the counter and clapped his hands, "earth-make wall!"

A large wall of stone rose up, obscuring the entirety of the bar. He gave it a playful whack with the back of his hand.

"That should keep these drunkards out till morning," He said, smiling at Andy. His smile than changed to a concerned look, "Now finish your drink and head off before you fall asleep, I'm not gonna carry you to bed, I don't feel like getting myself covered in mud," He joked.

Barty quickly glanced down at the furnace and with a small puff it disappeared and began walking towards the guild entrance. When he reached the doorway he paused and looked back.

"Oh anything you need before I head off?" He asked accross the hall.

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Andromeda laughed at the thought of the bear writing out the request when Barty brought it up, ending the chuckle with a yawn. She ate the roasted marshmallow, then drank the rest of her cocoa before setting the glass down. She stood when Barty did, walking out of the way when he used his magic to cover the bar. She always did like watching Barty's magic, it was so different from her own which fascinated her. 

"Yeah I got a room out back." Andy said with another yawn as she followed Barty to the door and grabbed her coat. "So you're saying that if I fell asleep you'd just leave me for the others to mess with? I thought you liked the earth." Andy joked, flicking a speck of mud at Barty. "As for needing anything, no thanks. I just need to get clean and sleep is all. I'll see you in the morning Barty, good night." She said with a wave as she yawned again, heading out back and off to her room where she bathed, dried off, then fell into bed to fall asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

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(I hope you don't mind my interpretation of the town, I figure it's a lot more country then Magnolia and the lake was just flavour. I don't mind changing it if you feel it's too much)


Barty chuckled and touched the mud, it solidified and cracked in his grasp (this is a maker magic thing).

"Of course not, I'd just build you a lovely stone coffin, then no one would be able to get to you... you wouldn't be able to get out but at least you'd be away from the prying eyes of our elders," Barty said cheerily as he stepped out.

He waved goodbye to her and stepped out, unfolding his umbrella to keep himself dry.

Barty looked up in annoyance at the top of the door frame sighed, "The master really needs to put an awning so you have a bit of space before you have to use an umbrella".

It was a dark night, the clouds obscuring the moonlight and barty raised his hand and said "Earth-make lava-lamp!". A stone lantern appeared in his hand, it's sides were thick glass and inside was pulsing red lava. He was lucky that he had specialised in earth-make and not simple stone make magic, with his development into lava he'd figured out glass as well.

"It's not the brightest but at least I won't step in any potholes," he muttered under his breath, continuing forward.


He knew that many of the citizens liked to refer to Stratham as a town but in Barty's eyes it was just a large village. The market square has cobbled roads but the majority were dirt, and compared to other 'towns' he wasn't willing to call them streets. The buildings were spaced apart, even the market, the center of town was a large open area with considerable room between the buildings.

The Sphinx' Paw guild was on the outer edge, meaning on nights like this one had to trudge through the mud for sometime if they wanted to go anywhere. Barty's flat was about halfway between the guild and the market, when he first decided on renting property he'd discovered that the two most expensive places of residence in the town were those close to the market, and the guild.


After 10 minutes of walking he arrived at the front door of the building and released his lamp. Stepping inside he removed the mud from his shoes with his maker magic and quietly went up the wooden stairway. At the top of the stairs he fashioned a hook and threw it up at a small hatch on the ceiling. Barty lived in the attic, as it was the cheapest place he could buy and conveniently had more space than any of the other rooms. The hook found it's mark and with a tug the hatch opened and a ladder dropped down. Barty made sure to catch it so that it wouldn't make any loud noises. The hook vanished from his grasp and he hurried up the ladder to his room.


It was decently furnished, initially one large room, in his 2nd year living there he'd earned enough to convert part of it into a separate bathroom; he'd been using the landlords previously. A quater of the room was full of boxes, part of the cheapness was that the attic was used for storage. The other quarter made up the bathroom and the last half had a mat, bed, desk and armchair. On the wall opposite the storage boxes there was a window. As he made his way up Barty's eyes were drawn to it. His window had a prime view of the lake on the southern side of the town, and the clouds had parted enough that the stars image was visible reflected on the waters surface. Barty hung up his coat and took his shoes off, he moved to the bathroom and changed, his laundry going in the basket before he dropped onto his bed. He needed to be at the guild fairly early every day which meant many days he couldn't afford to stay up.

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(It's fine and I like the lake. I would say that the majority of the town has at least cobblestone roads, but that they get muddy when it rains because the water liquefies the dirt beneath. The guild hall definitely has a good road leading to it though. Also if you think of any story ideas for the long term then let me know, I'm trying to come up with one as well. Right now I'm leaning towards it having something to do with the masters sword although that's as far as I've gotten.)


Andromeda slept hard that night, her rest undisturbed, even by dreams. She was normally a lot more active during the night, a callback to the time when she had learned her magic, but with how exhausted she was it didn't matter.

The young wizard didn't wake up until ten the next morning, and even then it took ten minutes for her to just uncurl and pull herself from the nest of blankets that she had created during the night. She bathed again, this time taking the time to deal with her hair, and after she had dried herself off and gotten ready for the day she looked back to normal, albeit still a little tired looking.


At some point during the night it had stopped raining and had cleared off, leaving a beautiful blue sky. Unfortunately the mud hadn't dried yet so it was still a chore to walk anywhere. 
When Andromeda entered the guild hall it was to find a pair of wizards having a heated argument that looked like it was going to come to blows soon. The rest of the guild was staring at the two wizards and more then a few bets were being placed.


One of the wizards, a guy named Ezekiel Wurfel, was an S class shadow mage with a reputation for crossing the rules more then a few times. Why he hadn't been kicked out was anyones guess but he always seemed to just skirt the line that would have led to exile.

Ezekiel was currently in the face of another S class wizard by the name of Tuva Lundgren. She used speed magic and was usually friendly enough, but today she was shouting back at Ezekiel as loudly as possible.


"...We don't destroy things if we can help it! Just because the masters out of town doesn't mean you have free reign to do whatever you please!" Tuva roared, her fists shaking with fury. "I don't know how you've managed to stay here this long but hopefully the master will finally kick you out for this!"


"The monster was terrorizing a village, I figured out it was weak to fire, so I set it on fire! It's dead isn't it?" Ezekiel yelled back, shadows beginning to materialize around his own fists as his own anger grew. "My own magic wasn't working so I set that barn on fire! So what if it burned down the woods? The village is alive because of me!" 


"You burned down their livelihood you moron! They were loggers, as in the made money off of logs! In order to get logs you have to have trees! See the logic? You saved the people from the monster but killed the village just as effectively by destroying the people's one export! Where are they going to go? What are they going to do? I'll bet all that money you earned was the majority of their funds! Now they don't even have the cash to find a new home! You arrogant piece of crap!" Tuva yelled, her fury reaching a point where blows were going to be thrown. 


Ezekiel seemed aware of this as well and began to summon his defences in preparation for the upcoming fight. His shadow lengthened and spread across the floor around him, ready to catch Tuva if she attacked.


Luckily it didn't come to that as Tuva seemed to catch herself before things escalated any further. She looked around at her gathered guild mates, then caught sight of Andromeda near the front door. 
Tuva forced herself to take a deep breath, then turned away from Ezekiel and walked away. She didn't say a word but neither did Ezekiel. Instead he turned and walked away as well, muttering curses under his breath as he exited the guild hall through a side entrance.

Tuva walked past Andromeda on her way out the front door and gently touched Andy's arm in an affectionate way. She blurred out a second later and left the hall using her magic. She usually did this on the rare occasions that she got angry and had once explained that running gave her time to think and let her cool off.


Slowly the normal murmur of the guild hall returned and Andromeda slowly made her way over to the bar to find Barty. 
"I don't suppose there's any of that cocoa left?" She asked as she sat down on one of the stools. "And maybe some breakfast?" 


Andromeda dropped the money on the counter and glanced around before speaking again in a quiet tone.
"Nasty fight. I've never seen Tuva that angry before." She murmured. "I actually thought they were going to fight it out. That would have been scary to see."

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(Nothing at the moment sorry, also if you have any questions on magic let me know, like whether or not it's been done in the show and I'll catch you up. Hey do you want me to make a small character sheet for the character I introduce here?)


The next morning Barty got up at sunrise and showered.

After dressing he headed straight for the guild, the doors were open and the front had been sweeped.

Barty looked curiously, usually he was the one who sweeped out in the morning. Looking inside he saw the back of someones head behind the counter, they're features masked by a mass of wavy lime-green hair.

"Well, well, look what the cat dragged in!" Barty called out cheerfully, the early patrons turning to look at him. The head behind the counter turned, an eyebrow raised and a frown plastered on her face.

"Barty, what on earth are you doing here so early. And in that same old chipper mood I see," the woman asked.

Barty leaned against the guild entrance and shrugged.

"The masters put a lot of faith in me lately. Bartolomeo, he said, you're the best thing to happen to this guild in years. While I'm away I need you to take care of the guild, I'm putting my faith in you," Barty elaborated, in a mimicry of the masters voice. There were several loud guffaws as Barty rattled on.

The woman behind the counter just crossed her arms staring unimpressed at Barty.

"If the master had complete faith in you he would've given you the guild keys," she retorted.

Barty shrugged and entered the hall.

"He might have lost them," He suggested. "So you're finally back, how long has it been, 10, 20 years?" He continued, moving behind the counter next to her. He looked down, she had opened one of the cupboards and had pulled out several cooking pots.

"It's been 3 months Barty," She said sternly, examining a saucepan.

Barty shrugged, "8 months, 8 years. Easy to get those confused. So where did you go Sol?. The master didn't say," Barty asked, propping himself up on the counter.

Sol's eye darted towards Barty and narrowed. Barty let out a brief yelp and leapt off the counter-top, and looked at it. Emerald green flames danced on the surface for a moment before fading.

"Don't sit on the counter. And I was house sitting, my sister and her husband went on holiday across the sea and asked me to look after their dogs," She replied. She stood up and handed a large pot, big enough to stand in, to Barty, who's knees bent at the sudden strain on them.

"Help me bring these into the kitchen," She said curtly as she placed several more smaller pots into it.

Barty followed Sol, visibly struggling to stay standing.

"Imagine," He grunted, "The legendary Solar flame reduced to watching over a couple dogs," He managed through gritted teeth. They entered into the kitchen, just behind the bar, and he joyously placed the large pot on the ground and heaved a sigh of relief. Sol walked over to the stoves and turned them on, the glowing red lacrimas all blazing to life.

"Don't call me that, my magic has nothing to do with the sun. That's more Andromeda's forte isn't it?" Sol said. She began placing all the pots onto the counters in the kitchen. And opening the stores, pulling out ingredients.

"What are you doing? Or more, why so many pots?" Barty inquired.

"I haven't cooked for humans in a while, I want to make sure I haven't lost my touch after serving canned dog food for nearly a year" Sol replied, examining a knife before taking the blade to a lump of ham. She glanced back at him.

"You aren't a very skilled cook yet, give me a hand. I could use an assistant and you could use some experience, if you ever want to be fully qualified to work behind the counter," She then pointed back towards the food storage.

"Go get me -"

And so Barty's morning consisted of weaving in and out of the kitchen, preparing coffee for the guild members before returning to assist the guild expert cook.

Two hours later Barty emerged from the kitchen once again, a loud commotion had arisen between two of the guilds S ranked wizards.

"Wow, three of them all show up on the same day. Wonder if that's a sign of concern or a blessing in disguise," Barty muttered under his breath. His mind leaned towards curse as the argument grew more heated.

It's a good thing Sol is so invested in her cooking not to notice... I wonder if I should mention she's back, that'd probably quiet them down He thought to himself.

Ezekiel and Tuva eventually left, as they did Barty recognised Andy walking up to her.

"No cocoa, but tea and coffee if you're up for something warm. And yeah that would've been a sight to see but it wouldn't have lasted..." Barty trailed off, still looking towards the door.

He continued, "Sol's back, if those two had started a fight she'd smack their heads together. And concerning breakfast, our Star chef has been preparing something for the whole guild since I got here! I've been helping her out actually," Barty said, the excitement evident in his voice.


(Sol is sort of a mix between Erza and Mira in terms of her role in the guild. She's handles most of the food and is basically the masters right hand commanding authority from most of the other guild members. Though I'd say her personality is similar to Porlyuscas (though she doesn't "hate" humans). Power-wise I like to think she's the Gildarts of Sphinx's Paw, though I'm not willing to say whether or not she'd be his equal, she just holds the status of strongest wizard, baring the master... if that's alright. As I said at the top I can do up a character sheet if you like, but she's an NPC you can use her too. She uses fire magic but I'll keep the specifics hidden for now)

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(Yeah sure do a character sheet for her. I'll start posting NPC sheets near the top so we can go back and look them over if needed. I'll probably be doing one for Tuva and Ezekiel later.)


Andromeda sighed when Barry told her that there was no cocoa, having hoped that he might have made her some. 

"Yeah coffee will work." Andy said, looking over her shoulder back at where the two wizards had been fighting.


Andromeda's gaze didn't stay there for long though, because when Sol was mentioned she immediately snapped around to look at Barty.

"Sol's home?" She asked in a nervous whisper. "Like she's back there right now?" 


There wasn't a real reason for Andromeda to be scared or even nervous around Sol, indeed the older woman had always been respectful to her, but Sol was intimidating and that made Andy nervous. She didn't think that Sol would ever really hurt her, but that didn't mean that Andy didn't stay on her best behavior when the older wizard was around.


"Gabe told me she took a really long and dangerous job somewhere and wouldn't be back for years. He said that she was going to go wipe out a coalition of dark guilds that were planning on overthrowing the magic council." Andromeda said, glancing around as though expecting Sol to appear from nowhere and begin hitting her with a frying pan. "She can't have destroyed them all that quickly could she?" 


Andromeda's eyes had gotten wide at the thought and she could only imagine the number of people that had been killed when the dark guilds had been destroyed. The fact that there wasn't any news about these kind of events only made it that much scarier. "How many dark guilds do you think she destroyed? Gave said there were five but that doesn't seem like enough to take on the magic council. You'd need like ten at least. What do you think Barty?" Andromeda asked, forgetting that she was still waiting on her breakfast.

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Barty laughed loudly.

"You're taking Gabes word for it!? I don't even think he's has a conversation with Sol, wet's himself every-time she glares at him I'd guess," Barty said.

He took the coffee pot and poured it into the same mug Andy had used that night.

"I don't know about any dark guilds but from what I know she's only gone on one multi year mission. As for where she was, she was looking after her families pets," Barty said, still someone bemused at the thought.

He leaned in closer to Andy and whispered, "I don't know about any Dark guild coalitions, but rumour has it she once took an entire town off the map and had to spend three months in prison".

Barty stood up and continued, "It's just a rumour though... and I don't know, some dark guilds are just fluff, people who don't want to be restricted by the guild system and others are your full on cultists trying to summon demons. They're the ones you have to worry about but I don't know how many of those guild there are. But i'm sure the Wizard saints are stronger than them," Barty said reassuringly.

"And fortunately for us, Sol is firmly on our side. Now matter how intimidating she seems, she's always been a stickler for the rules - Barty was suddenly cut off as a soup ladle smashed down on his head, the force was enough to knock him onto the floor.

"I'm not a stickler for rules, I just prefer order to chaos. And don't go speaking of dark guilds to younger wizards. They're like monsters under the bed, the more you believe in them the more powerful they are. And the more powerful they are, the more likely they are to disrupt our society," Sols cool voice said, having emerged from the kitchen.

"Now get up and help me bring this out," She ordered, turning quickly on her heel and returning into the kitchen. Barty rubbed his head, his ears still ringing. He stood up and quickly followed her.

The two started bringing out large assortments of food; meats, eggs, freshly cut fruit an assortment of grain food. While not nessecarily breakfast food the aroma was enough to make anyone's mouth drool and the present guild members all quickly began crowding at the counter as Barty and Sol produced plates and bowls for everyone.

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Andromeda blushed a little when Barty made fun of her for listening to Gabe. She hadn't really considered it at the time but now that she did the entire story sounded kind of stupid. Dark guilds could hardly get along with one another let alone organize a takeover of the magic council.

"Yeah I guess it was pretty stupid sounding." She said embarrassedly.

Of course when Andromeda heard where Sol had really been she giggled a little, trying to imagine Sol sitting around for eight months house sitting for anyone. It just didn't fit the image that Sol projected and seemed like the kind of thing that would leave Sol bored stiff.. 

Andy's eyes grew wide again when Barty told her about the rumor though and she glanced around. "Really?" She asked in awe. "Sol destroyed an entire town? That doesn't sound like her, but I bet she could do it, especially if there was something really bad going on." Andromeda said, imagining a scorched crater with green flames dancing in it. At the center stood Sol with eyes aflame as well, her fists clenched and face in shadow. 
Just the thought made Andy scared although in truth she had never really seen much of Sol's magic. She knew that Sol could command flame and had seen it a couple of times but had never seen anything beyond a couple little parlor tricks. From what she had heard though Sol was as powerful as the master and that was saying a lot.


Andromeda's revere was cut short when the soup ladle hit Barty's head making the younger girl wince in sympathy as her friend crumpled to the ground. She wouldn't have guessed that a simple ladle could do something like that but there it was.

"Um, hello ma'am." Andromeda said to Sol in a cautious tone. "It's nice to have you back." 


"Hello Andromeda." Sol said with a small smile. "Thank you, it's good to be back." 
The older mage didn't say anything else as she dragged Barty into the back and started bringing out food. 

Andromeda was close enough that she was at the front of the line and soon had a plate piled high with food. She hefted the plate and found a table, then dug in. It was absolutely delicious like always and soon the plate was empty. Andromeda wasn't the only one to go back for seconds although she couldn't manage thirds like some other guild members could. When she had finished Andromeda picked up her plate carefully and wandered over to the bar where the food had been and set her plate down carefully.


"Um do you, you know, need help with dishes or anything?" Andromeda asked Sol nervously, not wanting Barty to have to be behind the counter all day just cleaning up the mess. "I can help if you want, make it go faster or something."


(So I was thinking that maybe Sol has a soft spot for Andromeda but just doesn't show it. Like she's not quite as hard on Andy as much as she is on others in the guild. She obviously doesn't show it publicly or even let Andromeda know, but it's there. Just a thought, your NPC though so you decide.)

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((heyoo ~ quick question, do you have to completely up to date on fairy tail in order to join this rp? i was pretty into fairy tail when i was younger and i'd love to join, but i'm afraid some of my knowledge is probably outdated by now : ' D )) 

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(Nomadic isn't fully caught up, but I am. I can fill folks in on anything, and I'm trying to not spoil stuff)


As the patrons of the hall began to eat, the sounds of clanging knives, forks and unpleasant slurping made everyone forget the loud vocal match that had just occurred.

Like many others Barty helped himself and ate with some satisfaction in playing a part in creating this feast.

As he ate he glanced over at Sol, she met his gaze and gave a faint smile before returning to the kitchen.

Like always she never seemed to take a bite of her own cooking.

Barty finished off his food and soon helped himself to seconds and thirds. Sol had returned and had begun to move the disposed pots back into the kitchen when Andy asked if she needed any help.

Sol paused and looked from Andy to Barty and back, "If Bartolomeo is going to sit their and eat for another half-hour I could use an extra pair of hands. Please" She finished, waving her hand from Andy towards the empty dishes.

Barty hastened his eating, he felt like he'd failed a test in some way.


(I'd say she has a fondness for all the younger guild members, and Andy would be included in that. She's fondest of Barty above all but I wouldn't put it past her to have prepared a tasty treat for Andy one day when she wasn't feeling well)

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(Feel free to join, always happy to have new people to play with!)


"Oh, ok then." Andromeda said nervously as she began to stack plates together. The pile she grabbed was extremely heavy and when Andromeda lifted it she almost lost control, only saving herself with quick thinking. 

"Hard Light!" She said loudly, causing a sparkling platform seemingly made of glowing light to appear in front of her. A couple of guild members cheered at the excellent save as Andromeda carefully set the dishes onto the platform, then waved her hand and made the platform, along with the dishes, to float off to the kitchen sink. 

After that there was nothing for it but to scrub dishes. Luckily the indoor plumbing made things easy enough, but it still took a full hour to accomplish as more and more dishes kept getting added to the pile when guild members finished eating. 
While she scrubbed Andromeda calmed down slightly, her nervousness disappearing as her mind focused on the task at hand instead of Sol.


It still took an half an hour to finish all the dishes, and then only because Sol started helping about halfway through. It was then that Andromeda's nervousness returned although she did a decent job of hiding it, even if she was tense.


When everything was finally finished Andromeda stretch tall and leaned back, making her back pop a couple of times as she worked the kinks out. Though she hadn't been awake very long the job had at least woken Andromeda up well enough making her ready to go.

"Um, so I guess I'll see you later then Sol." Andromeda said as she inched towards the door. "Unless there's um, anything else?" She asked somewhat hesitantly.


Luckily for her Sol seemed to be in a decent mood and merely shook her head and waved towards the door. "No that's fine Andy, thank you." She said a little shortly. "Go socialize, or better yet take a job." 


"I'll um, I'll look into that, thanks." Andromeda said, not wanting to say that she had just completed a job for fear of being called out for back talking. 

She quickly exited the kitchen, grabbed herself another cup of coffee, then ran off to Barty's table where she slid into a seat and took a long drink from her mug, only stopping when it was half gone. She put the mug down hard against the table and sighed, trying to calm her nerves a little by focusing on creating a ball of light about the size of a soccer ball on her closed hand. It was a meditation technique that her original master had taught her, and one which Andromeda still liked to use.

Andromeda forced her body to relax and calmed her breathing, then opened her hand and let the ball of light float up so that it was a few feet above the table . Another breath and Andromeda focused more magic into the ball causing it to expand until it was about three feet across, and making eight small balls split away from the large one. Each of these balls floated up and formed a line away from the large orb, then began to orbit it much like a small solar system, some going faster, others slower.

After a minute or so of holding this, her eyes fixed on the large ball of light Andromeda reversed the process, making the small balls merge again with the large one, then shrinking the ball of light, bringing it back to her fist, and letting the energy fade away.


Almost everyone present had watched the show from their seats and some clapped when Andromeda had finished, making the young wizard blush and look at the table. 
"Sorry about that." Andromeda said to Barty who had been forced to endure the whole show without her saying a word. "Sol just makes me... I don't know, she's just so serious and she makes me nervous. I mean I know she wouldn't seriously hurt me, but I don't want to be on her bad side which makes me super tense. I mean I don't know how you're even sitting up after what she did with that ladle. I guess all those rocks you play with must give you a hard head." Andromeda joked with a small smile. "Anyway what are you doing today? Got any jobs lined up? Or are you just going to do something around here? We could look at getting a job together, that might be fun." Andromeda said with a bright smile, her tension having melted away after her little show. "Just you, me, the open road, adventure ahead and money at the end! What do you think?" She asked excitedly.

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(( oh, that's great !! i'd love to join then, here's my sheet! please be patient with me ~

i hope you don't mind that i've drawn my character : ' D please excuse the messy sketch haha // and please let me know if anything has to be fixed!! it's late now, but if all is good to go i'd love to start rping tomorrow ~ ))





- Her hair is braided in the back to a small pony. 

- 5'4" / 165 cm 

-  Lavender hair & dark blue eyes. 

- She is very fashionable, and a fan of frills. 


Basic Info

Name: Midori Koizumi (小泉緑)
Nickname/Alias: Mimi (if close friends/teasing) 
Gender: Female 
Age and date of birth: 18 (September 27 - Libra) 

Guild: Sphinx's Paw

Rank:  A 

Personal Information

Personality: Midori is cheerful and friendly to most people, if not a little naive due to her upbringing. She holds a natural elegant air about her that makes her an attractive face to remember, however she can be intolerant of messy affairs. She's very easy to make laugh, as well as scare/shock, as she is easily surprised by the smallest things. A neat person by nature, Midori completes missions with careful accuracy. 

History: The third child and only daughter of a wealthy, affluent household, Midori grew up surrounded by adoration and an appreciation of the arts, magic included. Though her childhood was mostly dull, and her future was predicted to be one of luxury before she would marry and inherit fortune otherwise, this was not the case -- Midori's second oldest brother, a talented wizard, wanted adventure, and he joined a guild much to their parents displeasure. Just as they were getting used to this new development, he disappeared. 

The news was devastating to Midori, who had always been closer to him than to their first brother, the oldest. Believing that he was still alive and in trouble, Midori too left the household in order to search for him. For the moment, she has settled in Sphinx's Paw, enjoying the friendly atmosphere as her search for her brother continues. She is just beginning to get back into contact with her parents after they have recovered from the shock of her leaving. 



Magic Name: Diamond Make
Description: Using carbon, Midori is able to create diamonds to aid her in battle. It also allows her to sparkle unapologetically. As well, the diamonds will disappear after use.
Known Spells:

Diamond : Wall - summons a large wall of diamond-like structure to protect her in battle.

Diamond : Scatter - creates numerous small, pointed diamonds to fire at an opponent.

Diamond : Whirlwind - similar to Dia: Scatter, but a much stronger force.

Diamond : Arrow - her most common spell, this allows her to fire an arrow made from diamonds that is usually hard enough to pierce anything. 



- Midori enjoys playing the violin. 


Edited by ✿ 花れい

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(So I don't mind if you use this as long as the diamonds disappear after they're used. I am going to say that Diamon: Support can't float because maker magic still follows the laws of nature such as gravity. Finally I don't mind the arrow, however I will also tell you that unless you get a kill shot such as head or heart it won't kill immediately. The target will instead bleed to death because things like arrows leave such clean wounds. Just an FYI.)

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(( oh, yep yep!! sorry, i should have clarified -- they will disappear off into nothing, otherwise it would be kinda bad to have gems just sorta ,,,, lying around. : ' D 


thanks for the input ~~ i'll remove support as a skill and keep that in mind for arrow! )) 

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