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1 minute ago, tjsweepers said:

please love me


Also post here so i know it goes to a happy home


Thank you very much! I plunk at collecting one from each prize line and I didn't have one from that dragon. ❤️

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No trading please, only for keeping.  


-Gone- enjoy @Soulsborne :)


CB Xenowyrm (Astrapi)

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Does anyone know Snaky's forum name? I would like to PM them a free solstice, but I don't know who they are.

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1 hour ago, HeatherMarie said:


I saw messy and pounced! Thank you, will be loved!


3 random CB hatchies



Yay! Glad it's got a great home. Enjoy, and Happy New Year :)

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Posted (edited)

New Year's Giveaway


A Batche of Holiday Hatchlings to go!


This is for people missed out on getting any Holiday Dragons this year.


Batch 1: Please PM or Post if you get these hatchlings:  Wings-Intro-fuschia-gift-white-bow-300x233.jpg by pallion. Enjoy your new hatchlings!


Just offer random dummy egg. I picked the wrong one.


WARNING! Hatchlings grow in 8 hours!

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