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[IC] X-DREAMERS: A Massive Multiplayer Crossover

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UNDYNE - Castle Meadow


Unnecessary? Undyne disagreed. It seemed like it was eventually going to lead up to a fight, even if she hadn't summoned her spear. Especially after another person seemed to wake up and immediately went to the girl, pushing her behind him... as if he was summoned by the girl's voice. From the tone of his voice, he seemed ready to kill, strangely glaring at the skeleton in particular, as if seeing a fish lady wasn't weird in his world at all. Still, Sans was right, and it's not like she made him guard nearly every border in the Underground for no reason. ...Plus, she didn't want any more blood on her hands... and another child too. As he introduced himself to the human with his characteristic calmness, Undyne realized that Sans could take care of himself. And plus, even if he was in trouble, she could summon up her spear again just in case. She breathed, and just like that, her spear disappeared once again.

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((Another smol post))


I almost jumped. I was so occupied with the other two that I failed to notice the first one sneak up on me. It took me a second to process what she asked, and several more to think of a response. It's kind of weird to explain to a creature that would normaly be attacking you that you're studying them. I just decided to be vague about it and went with, "Taking notes on the flora and fauna of this region," which technically wasn't a lie. I stood up, for no particular reason, and made the scroll disappear in a rosy flash of light. "So," I inquired, How exactly did we get here?"

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Zero paused a moment, scanning his database for any mention of the name, to no avail. "I'm sorry, but your Tsukiyama is just a stranger to me as my Ciel is to you. Unless that file was deleted when I came to this world... no way of knowing, I suppose." He turned his head upon hearing another voice and saw a silver haired woman with- wait, was that a spear? Just an ordinary spear? Who even used weapons like that anymore? No matter, she isn't being hostile with it. "I'm afraid I'm just as lost as you are." If there was already a breach for Ciel to exploit, then these other people must be here because of whoever started it in the first place. He must have been caught up in it as well instead of wherever Ciel went. No matter how he looked at it, he had to find the people that started this. Before he could voice his thoughts out loud, however, another person called out to them. Maybe they were the one behind this? He waved back, beckoning him over. "You know where we are?"


Minato didn't fully know why everyone was fighting or what kind of ocular Jutsu they we're using, nor did he have to. What he did know was that he had the power to stop them. Extending his middle and forefinger on each hand, he crossed them against each other in a sort of + symbol. "Kagebushin no Jutsu!" Two clones appeared at his side and in a flash (quite literally) were in front of the two that had weapons out, compact swirling balls of air appearing in their hands. He walked over, talking as he approached. "Listen, I don't know why you two are so ready to fight this guy but he hasn't made a single threatening move towards you. You put away your weapons and I'll dismiss my clones, okay? Bad enough we have no clue where we are, no need to jump at each other's throats too."

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This was the destiny of the purple dragon. He ended his message to allow his words to sink into his enemies, especially Spyro the purple whelp who- from his observations -was defying his destiny. This was what the purple dragon was to do; conquer the world, destroy it and create a new one. He watched, on a magic screen, the Destroyer rise from its volcano to complete the circle path that would burn the planet in fire. Everything is going well. It goes too fast for anyone to catch up; in no time, I shall have a blank canvas to work off of. He released a low cackle that turned into an evil laugh. The world is mine! He bellowed. Nothing could go wrong for the god-like dragon, surely not when he was this close to victory.


A glow started at his feet, and he raised an eye muscle. What the hell? He willed the light to cease, but it only grew, and he backed up in worry. What is this? I cannot stop this strange glow? He said to no one in particular, and for the first time in so long, a thread of fear swam inside of him. He tried blocking his sight with his tail as the light flashed in his vision, and he blacked out.




His entire body ached with unfamiliar pain. He had not felt weak since he was a youngling, unknowing of his destiny. What happened to him? No magic wielder in the world could create something that could defy him, the Dark Master, so how did this one do so?

His eyes slowly opened,and he stood up slowly, wincing at the slow pain. The sky was unnaturally blue, much too blue. The grass of the meadow was green, and he looked dirty compared to it. What is this, some place in Avalar? Those cheetah whelps will get what they deserve...maybe some fear will do? He opened his mouth to release some fear power, just because he could...only to find that nothing came out. He snarled in utter surprise and tried again. Again. Again. Nothing.

Then, a mix of livid and fear churned inside the dark lord, and he tried once more. Nothing. Then he tried shadow. Poison. Earth. Wind. All of the elements except Fire and Electricity did not work. All of the anger he felt vanished, and only pure fear was left. His eyes widened in anguish and he shook his head. No, no no no, no! Malefor, the Dark Master, the great purple dragon, weak?! No! No! This must not be true! A dream! NO NO NO! He started to scream to himself, unaware that others were in the meadow, and that he was screaming in the middle of a conversation. He tried spitting fire and lightning, to discover that even those elements were weak. Now he started to panick, and he grabbed his head and shook it. NOO! He roared, and he never imagined the day he would be weak.





Squad Levi was dead. Two of his friends turned out to be the Colossal and Armored Titans, and it just piled onto the emotional weight the boy was carrying. He felt like punching something, killing some Titans, to let out all this emotion. Eren slapped his head against the wall, then threw a stone at the wall opposite of him. He should probably get going soon. Mikasa and Armin would get worried, and surely he had military stuff to do.

Suddenly, light appeared at his feet. He raised an eyebrow. That was worrying, since there was no fire or anything beneath him. He walked a few steps, and the light followed. That was rather scary. He stomped on it, but then the light grew and enveloped his vision. He screamed for help, but there was only blinding light, and he thought he heard his childhood friends call his name. Mikasa? Armin? He looked around, it sounded like his voice echoed in the space, and he felt like he was falling. He coughed once, closed his eyes and lost consciousness.




He woke up to the sound of frantic screaming and roaring, as well as a woosh of fire and electric zaps. He got up, feeling an ache, confused. Where was he? It was a meadow, blue sky, green grass, no sight of Titans and no walls. His attention snapped and he looked around, seeing all sorts of humans and creatures. What the hell? Where's the Survey Corps? The TITANS, the walls? He got up and stretched. Are we outside the walls? Why would I be sleeping here and still be alive? He groaned to nobody in particular.





"Okay Sputnik, Ready to be the first non-full god to enter my lair?" The goddess giggled, and the weakened god grew a bashful face.

Yes, Alphess, I am. He tried to respond in a bold tone, but there was still a crack in his voice. It was hard, especially when talking to a GOD.

"Are you okay, Sputnik?" Crystal had asked, clearly concerned. He quickly nodded.

Oh? Uh, yeah, I'm okay. Nothing's wrong! Now, shall we head off? He said, then spread his wings...and that's when the light started to grow.

"Sputnik?" The alpha had asked, as the weakened god was surrounded by light.

Whah....huh...oh f**** ! He screamed, until he blacked out. As he did, he tried to piece together what happened....




Sputnik snapped his eyes open and got up, looking around the rocky ruins he woke up in. Confused, he remembered what happened to him, and sighed heavily....until he heard commotion ahead. He carefully made his way around the rubble, until he spotted a purple equine and a weird...creature...thing. Eee, uh, hello?

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Jack of Hearts - Kanae von Rosewald :: Lakeside


"I'm sorry, but your Tsukiyama is just a stranger to me as my Ciel is to you. Unless that file was deleted when I came to this world... no way of knowing, I suppose."

The words sent a pang of hurt into Kanae's chest, the ghoul's shoulders visibly shrinking after hearing of such awful news. Could it truly be . . . ? Had their beloved master abandoned them to a world where he did not exist? Kanae could not comprehend an existence without the one thing they fought for, would dedicate their life and death to protecting, and with this realisation came a strange sort of acceptance that threatened to swallow Kanae whole, ice cold fingers wrapping around their neck until they were forever burdened by such words, chained to a forgotten future worth absolutely nothing.

Still lost in thought, Kanae turned towards the newcomers--a silver haired lady, graceful in her strides, and a boy with spiky brown hair. Oh?

Perhaps they would know something about this strange place. It did not matter to them that they were endangering themself, for Kanae's mind was only focused on one thing: finding Master Shuu. If he remained safe, yet without being his master's sword and shield, then what sense could living possibly bring them?


First Class Investigator - Hairu Ihei :: Castle Meadows


Ihei yawned--now that she could see two of her underclassmen within the meadow group, the collected people, though strange, did not seem a threat. Without cause for concern, Ihei suddenly found herself both very tire and very uncaring. She stumbled towards the group, putting forth an act that was a perfect combination of both laziness and foolery, before--


How was this . . . possible?

The blond-haired male, who had once been standing so passively, suddenly took an aggressive stance.

Are you trying to pick a fight?

Before her, Ihei saw three identical figures. She blinked, before shaking her head. That . . . wasn't possible, was it? Such magic, if it could truly be called a thing . . . well, that went beyond all expectations of science from what she was used to.

"Wait!" she called, stumbling forth in an attempt to integrate herself into the conversation. Immediately, she regretted her choice as she came close, for the situation was not as she had thought--Urie seemed to be close to the point of attacking, and before her eyes the fish-woman materialized a spear.

A quinque?

Just as quickly as the spear had appeared, it disappeared, and the man pulled out three clones.

Magic . . . ?

Come now, Ihei, there is no such thing.

"How realistic," she commented lightly, appearing perfectly normal at this intrusion.A quick sweep around, and Ihei took in everyone who seemed to be at this present conversation--how frightening.

It was as if all the characters from her fairytales had come to life.

Really, Ihei, you are an adult now.

There is no room for dreams in reality.

"A quinque?" she suggested, giving a sidelong glance to the man with blond hair. "I could call myself surprised."

That . . . is not a quinque.

Ihei gave the male a quirky smile, before turning to face the woman who appeared to have . . . fish-like features . . . ?

"Um . . . could I ask your name? As well as that of your quinque?" she suggested, before looking around. "And that of everyone here? I do know Investigator Urie, but I'm afraid he's very uptight and Investigator Yonebayashi is easily frightened. . . I'm Hairu Ihei, and I'm only 20 . . ."

That spear . . .

She smiled cheerily in an attempt to break up the tension.

I wish to know what strange powers this universe inhabits.

Friends before foes, right?

And in the distance, the sky came alight with fire.


Quinx Squad - Saiko Yonebayashi :: Castle Meadows


“Yonebayashi, stay back."

"U-Urie!" Saiko cried, blinking at this sudden appearance. If Urie was here . . . could the rest of the Quinx Squad be in pursuit?

Everything will be alright, now.

Shivers run down her spine.

No . . . it won't.

Urie . . . he's going to kill someone again.

Just like he stabbed Mutsuki.

Does he . . . have a heart?

"I-I have no such intention," she stammered, her heart in her throat as she thought of bringing her kagune to light. Such destructive power . . . surely, she did not wish to resort to such means quite yet. The appearance of Urie had calmed her frayed nerves, and upon getting a better look . . .

The skeleton was so small.

He seemed to be speaking to the fish-lady, who had withdrawn a spear and now was glancing menacingly. Saiko watched in amazement as she made her spear disappear, giving the skeleton a look.

She peeked out from behind Urie, tapping him on the shoulder.

"I don't think they're dangerous, Urie," she commented lightly. "Or else they would've tried to--" A gulp. "Eat us already."

She stared the skeleton in the eye, yet before she could speak further another commotion crashed the scene, and Saiko blinked.


First Class . . . Investigator Ihei?

She looked up at Urie, wondering if he was just as confused as she was.


((ppsst @misatange: if it's okay ihei is confusing undyne's spear for a weapon from the tokyo ghoulverse because it looks kind of like one, undyne will probably be confused ; u ; ))

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Sora - Lakeside


He got their attention. Great! As Sora approached to within normal hearing distance, the red-armored individual addressed him. "You know where we are?"


Shaking his head, Sora rubbed the back of his neck. "Not really. I only know we're on a different world. Did you guys get taken hear by a doorway too? Or a Gummy Ship?" he asked. He didn't know of anyone else who could travel between worlds like he and his friends did but, it was still worth a shot to ask. Right?


Glancing at the other two - a girl with silvery hair and a child with purple hair in a dark cloak - Sora blinked rapidly at the person in the black coat. His fingers itched, starting to beckon for his Keyblade, but his gaze took in the symbol on their back; Organization Thirteen members didn't have any symbols on their coats. Relaxing a bit, Sora took notice of their distraught state. "Hey, you going to be okay?" he asked softly. He wasn't too certain about how he might be able to comfort them - Donald and Goofy did a much better job at that.


However, he could at least try something. Crouching down to be more at their eye level, Sora gave a goofy grin. "Hey, we're starting a brand new journey. Except, there's one condition. As a friend of mine once said, smiles only. So no frowning, okay?"

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Twilight Sparkle -- Tower Ruins


Another human was approaching them with a confident saunter, forcefully breaking the silent, three-way stand-off. She was threatening them all with some sort of book -- a spellbook? -- and Twilight nearly relaxed.


The cloaked figure, however, had a different idea. It was blatantly unamused by the woman's appearance, and jumping to conclusions. The human man simply spat, "Are you deaf or something? I don't know where the hell I am, but you're the one giving me a real bad feeling. Ice Make: Floor!" As a show of power, the half-clothed human clapped his hands together, summoning a blue rune circle and stomped the ground, creeping frost across the grass. "And I ain't got time for clothes!" he shouted back to the girl.


"That's enough!" Twilight yelled. The pony shifted her stance, sliding her hooves along the dirt as she braced herself for a spell. A field of pink erupted from her horn, and no sooner after had it passed over the group like a gust of wind, surrounding the three -- Shadow, Grey, and Morgan -- with a sparkling pink aura. The spell immobilized their limbs -- hopefully, but could still let them talk. At least it might make them calm down a bit. Trying her best to retain her focus on the spell and her glowing horn, she hastily said, "Let's not jump to conclusions so quickly!"




??? -- Lakeside


Bubbles rose up from the surface of the lake, and a tiny squid creature beached itself onto the sand. It rose barely a foot tall with ten stubby tentacles, and was all white except for the black mask-like markings around its big eyes. It looked around, and, noticing the four humanoids on the beach, hastily dove back into the water.





Pascal -- Castle Meadows


What notes did that dragon even have to take? All there were here were some birds and some strange red fish. Pascal looked back at the skelebro and the fish lady. Oh. That's what it was probably talking about. The dragon then asked -- again -- how they got here, and Pascal considered assembling them all together to give the explanation, event though she loved the opportunity to talk about it. "Well, I was working on a portal---"


An infernal screaming shattered the air -- interrupting her repeated explanation -- followed by a few explosions of fire and lightning. Pascal shielded her eyes from the light show with her palm, trying to get a better view of what was causing the abnormal fireworks.


"Excuse me for a moment," Pascal said to the group behind her, nonchalant. "There is something I have to take care of." With her staff tucked under her armpit, she climbed over the a hill and crossed the short distance to where the new purple dragon was going berserk.


Jumping into the air with a yell, she twirled her weapon, bringing the head of the staff down to strike like a club. "Pre-emptive Strike!"


((Is this a tutorial battle? Maybe. You can let Pascal take care of it. Or not. Either way, Malefor is going to have a bad time.))

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The male mage didn't seem very interested in peace, instead taking up my challenge with a show of power and plenty of shouting. " Are you deaf or something? I don't know where the hell I am, but you're the one giving me a real bad feeling. Ice Make: Floor!" A blue rune circle appeared at his feet, and I hissed, bracing myself for an attack as he shot back at the girl mage who had just arrived.

" If you aren't from here, then why don't I believe you, human?!" I thundered back. " If you're so interested in fighting, why don't you cast your fancy spell? Face the creature you brought from another world!"

I powered my legs forward, launching me toward the human, glaives out in front of me for a beheading slice. Finally, an excuse to get a soul so I can get out of here! Whatever these mages are doing, it can't be any good!


" That's enough!"

I felt the force of something coming from behind me, but I couldn't react in time; my momentum was too strong. So instead I powered forward, ignoring the force...

Until it enveloped me.

I couldn't move. My feet weren't touching the ground. My glaives were only feet away from my target, annoyingly close and yet so far. I struggled with the spell, but whatever this pink glitter was that suspended me prevented even a twitch from happening.

Pink-glitter immobilization fields?! How more frustrating and embarrassing can this be?! What does that alicorn want? I screeched in my mind.

" Let's not jump to conclusions so quickly!" She said from behind me. I could have just enough movement to twist my face into a glaring frown, though not like it mattered since no one could see it.

" I'd be happier if this dolt didn't think he was so powerful!" I snapped at her, unable to turn my head. " Besides, if you had that trick up your sleeve this whole time, why didn't you try it before? Could have saved all of us a whole lot of trouble!" Then again, if she didn't, I would have my soul and be out of here already. I sourly added that last part to myself.

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I watched the, uhh, creature as she scaled the hill to spot the source of the light show. It sounded like a dragon's roar. I hoped it was a dragon. I needed to see a (relatively) familiar face after all this craziness. I plodded my way up the hill, and, sure enough, there was another dragon. However, it wasn't any species I've seen before. (S)he could've passed for a Ridgeback, but there were three very large, backwards-facing horns on his/her head. That was something I'd never seen before. (S)he also had orange irises, which explained the fire earlier. I leaped down from the hilltop to talk to him/her, when I noticed the creature about to bring her weapon on the dragon's head. "Wait!" I shouted at the top of my lungs.

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Zero blinked, slightly confused. Only... smiles? Had this poor boy been dropped on his head as a child? He dismissed it. Not important. Right now they needed to get focused. "I don't care what facial expressions you make, we should probably search the area to see if there's anyone else. One of them is probably the one who brought us here." With a breach that large, there are probably a lot more people here... Maybe... just maybe... Ciel is one of them. Before he even took a step, however, a roar render the air. "#$%&&&7:;//%3!!¡!¡!?" Zero sighed. "Yes, we all heard it Croire. That's not very helpful." He started heading in the direction of the meadow, then looked back at the rest of them. "You guys coming?"


Morgan glared at the strange figure, ready to cast a spell-

"Ice Make: Floor!"

"That's enough!"

She felt a wave of numbness go over her limbs, freezing her in place. She struggled against it to no avail- she was held fast.

If you can't take out the magic, take out the source.

She let energy flow through her, channeling it with the book. Just... a little... more... and...


A ball of light appeared around Twilight, rapidly contracting towards the point where it would be so small it was forced to explode.


Minato stared at the two strange people, debating inside his head. They seem to have cooled off sonewhat... but I'll be keeping an eye on them just in case. He dismissed his clones, their Rasengan dissipating into the rest of the breeze. "Now that you're a little calmer, what sort of ocular jutsu is that? I've seen many others before, but none like that."

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[ Kuki Urie : Castle Meadow ]


The skeleton’s name was Sans. Judging from spiel, Sans’s priority was for everyone to stop fighting.

But why?

Kuki clenched harder on Tsunagi’s hilt.

Is this a trap?

The fish (woman?) withdrew her spear after she heard Sans. He kept his stance, glancing at both the skeleton and fish.

All of a sudden, two blond figures were standing in front of Kuki. Both had blue spheres spiraling in a circular motion in their hand.

(Are we in one of Saiko’s games?)


Analyze the situation…

We’re outnumbered, but I could probably take on the man and the sentient fish. Saiko could fight the skeleton. Our trump card would be our kagune. On my signal, Saiko would unleash her kagune...could she even take them all out in one shot? It also—


A tap on his shoulder interrupted his thoughts.

Kuki turned around and made eye contact with Saiko.

"I don't think they're dangerous, Urie."

I disagree.


"Wait!" a (familiar) voice called. Investigator Ihei came stumbling forth and introduced herself to the others.

After hearing Ihei's orders, the blond man released the clones. The man asked about something called an ocular jutsu.


"You don't need to know," Kuki replied. "It's nothing special, really. (I don't even know what you're talking about.)"


He lowered Tsunagi and relaxed.

“First Class Ihei, what are your orders?”

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sans - castle meadow


It was quite amazing how much could happen in less than ten minutes. One moment, Sans was trying to talk down two humans and Undyne from getting into a fight and now, after the blond guy had seemingly copied clones of himself only to make them disappear moments later, everyone was calming down save for the screaming dragon in the background who had attracted the unwanted attention of the groups lovely guide.

"well, that could have gone a lot worse," Sans commented as the woman marched towards the dragon breathing fire and what appeared to be electricity, closely followed by the dragon who had been writing on a scroll moments earlier. Considering the seemingly innate chaotic nature of the gathering, Sans figured that even though there wasn't any fighting, which would have just made everything a hot mess, everyone was going to be confused until the guide finally stopped and properly explained everything. Even then, Sans doubted most people would understand the complexity that was, what Sans assumed based off what the guide had said, multi-dimensional travel. Heck, it took him years to wrap his mind around time travel and he was still having some trouble thinking about what the guide had told him. Nevertheless, he was sure an explanation would come sooner or later and, for the time being, he could concentrate entirely on making sure no one was planning to stab him when he had his back turned.


"well hey there, hairu ihei," Sans said as he turned to address the newcomer. She seemed laid-back for the most part but, considering the nature of her colleagues, he decided to hold off on formalities for the meantime. "the names sans, sans the skeleton. im, uh, not entirely sure what a quinque is but, hey! undyne might," Sans nodded on over towards the fish monster, giving her a grateful wink as he did so. Seeing the girl, Yonebayashi Ihei had called her, was peeking at him from over Investigator Urie's shoulder, Sans decided it was high time to try and remedy the rift that was created between them earlier. After all, it wouldn't hurt to make a friend or two."hey kiddo, sorry for the spook," Sans said as he looked over at Yonebayashi, greeting her with a welcoming grin as he did so. "i guess most humans arent used to seeing skeletons walking around, huh?" It had only been a week or so, if Sans recalled correctly, since the monsters had been freed to go to the Surface. Humans still weren't necessarily used to monsters living among them but they were getting more used to it. Perhaps Yonebayashi was unlucky enough to have never seen a monster before or perhaps she just wasn't used to them yet. Or, if Sans was picking up on the guide's explanation correctly, perhaps there weren't any monsters where she was from. Could that actually be the case? Could there be other worlds were entire species simply did not exist? If that was the case, then the guide had a lot of explaining to do both of the part of how everyone got brought into the field and exactly what the extent of the multiverse was. That was, of course, if someone could get a straight answer out of her.

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UNDYNE - Castle Meadow


Undyne's hands were up in the air as he summoned up clones of himself, threatening her; she tensed as he did. He was definitely not a human... or maybe he's a human with strange powers...? History was cool; when Undyne was little, history class was one of the few classes she actually paid attention to. She felt like history was more like stories -- stories of humans with magical powers. Certainly nothing like this, though... As she pondered the thought of non-mage powered humans, the ball of air, as well as the clones, were gone.


Her eyes widened as yet another acquaintance of the supposed enemy awoke... this time with a much less murdery intent. Still, she had to be careful.


"Yeah! My name's Undyne, as Sans said. And uh, yeah, Sans... I dunno what the hell a quinque is..."

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Twilight and Gray -- Tower Ruins


Gray felt his body freeze up, and all he could do was clench his teeth within the pink blob around him that glimmered like fairy dust. Really? What kind of magic was that? No matter how much he tried to move his arms to conjure something to smash the demon who was already attacking, his limbs refused to move. All he could do was stare at the horse, and letting a hissing breath out through his teeth.


"I just wanted to stop you all from fight---" the alicorn was interrupted by a small explosion of light striking her in the flank and sending her tumbling backwards and crashing into the stone wall of the castle. The immobilization spell vanished immediately, freeing the two humans and the pouncing cloaked figure. Twilight stayed crumpled in a heap, trying to lift her head or get onto her feet, but feeling a sudden spell of dizziness, flopped down and remained immobile.


"Hey, you, what's the big deal?" Gray demanded from the other mage. He clenched his fist, attention turned away from the shadowed figure for a moment. Two against one -- but which two? Maybe an outright attack right now might not be the best option, but he was prepared for it.

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I glared at the male mage, since I couldn't focus on anything else, and this particularly frustrated me when I heard the female mage speak again:

" Naga!!"

" Why do you keep mentioning snake-?!" I began, but there was a bang and a shock wave sent me tumbling slightly off target from the male mage. I grunted upon hitting the ground, skidding yet again with my glaives trenching the dirt.

These dratted little-! What do they think they're doing?! Though as I picked myself up, I had a moment of doubt with everyone involved. Before the... explosion?... I couldn't see, the alicorn had begun to say something but was cut off. Something about stopping everyone? Perhaps she was no offender... It was just an immobilization spell, as frustrating as it was.

But if she didn't bring me here, who did?


I picked myself up and stood my ground, glaring down at the mages and trying to decide who to attack first. It couldn't be a coincidence that the explosion occurred right when the female mage said "naga", but yet again, the male mage was about to cast a spell of unknown strength before the alicorn froze us... Thankfully though, he had turned onto the female caster and lost his temper, granting me some time to recover and ponder my situation.

Who's a greater threat? Hm... I couldn't take on two of them at once without killing one of them, but I was unsure now about the origin of the first mage, and I certainly didn't have the magic to deal with a caster of explosives... but I did have my uncanny speed. If I could disarm either of them, it would be easier to get rid of them both. I already knew I needed the souls.

Shirtless-mage first? Or Naga-girl?

Wait! The alicorn! If I can get her on my side, it will be more balanced, and therefore easier to take these two out. Getting her to trust me so soon-especially after so much hostility-is a questionable feat for me, but I remember Lord Natchmagan's training well enough to deceive ordinary humans... an alicorn would be no different, for sure.


Keeping the two casters in sight, I backed up to the alicorn who had struck the nearby castle with surprising force, hoping that the blow hadn't knocked her unconscious; if it did, I would at least have my back covered by the pale brick walls. I said nothing, simply making sure that neither of them acted out of turn; if they did, I would be on them in an instant, making sure they were slain and stayed slain.

I've had enough trouble with the previous war; I didn't need to be kidnapped by inter-dimensional mages and forced to fight more! Why can't a Karitzuian get peace when it wants it most?

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Morgan stretched her limbs, relieving herself of that awful numbness. She stared at the fallen pink horse thing, an thought coming into her head as she mumbled to herself. "Y'know, this doesn't actually require any tactical skill. I should really be somewhere like a battlefield or something..." She raised her voice so the others could hear her. "Well, it's been fun and all, guys, but my services are needed elsewhere. Maybe we'll meet again, but for now, ta ta!"

She turned around, heading in the direction of the meadow and raising her arm to wave goodbye to them over her shoulder.

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This was terrible. Of course, right after triumphantly celebrating the awakening of the Destroyer and a victory for him, he was transferred to this unnatural world of too-happy skies, to find that he was weak. Weak. The word echoed in his mind, and he shoom it as if it would remove the word and reality. This was a nigh-

Pre-emptive Strike!

The words brought him out of his blur of fear, and before he could question who hollered, something hard whonked him right on the head. It hurt. He froze for a few seconds to register what happened, then slowly lifted his head with a glare and snarl....to lay his eyes on a creature. A creature with white (and red) fur on top of its head, and strange cloth where fur should have been. It was holding a staff, which was likely what it hit him with.

His stomach growled, a feeling he was not used to. I guess this is a side effect of being weak; being hungry. Well, this creature will do to satisfy this irksome feeling, I think anyway. He advanced towards the thing and bared his teeth. My, what are you, puny whelp? No matter what kind of sad creature you may be, you are soon to find out what a mistake you made. He evilly grinned, then charged at the thing, using his wings to create a glide effect. His jaws were outstretched, and a medium-sized flame poured out the sides.




He slowly tried approaching the scuffle, when his entire body was immobilized by some...pink glittery air. The Gods and Godesses wouldn't make such an obvious spell to trap them. But are the gods here?

He observed the chaos that continued; it probably would've been a better idea to snap their mouths shut too, since somebody cast a spell that hit the unicorn. When the unicorn faltered, the spell went along with it- her, from the looks of it -ruining the supposed effect. The tensions looked high; none of them could have come from the same place. He never saw glittery unicorns or demented Grim Reapers or pale, bipedal things with fur on their heads but not anywhere else in his world before. Unless he was dragged to the areas outside the clans, where it was rumored to be terrible? He didn't know.

Guys, please don't fight! He rushed forward and skidded in between them.

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Pascal -- Castle Meadows


Pascal's staff made contact with the dragon with a thock that was felt rather than heard. Her fingers still tingled a bit from the vibrating metal as she pushed herself back away, landing in a crouch on the balls of her feet.


She seemed to have made it angrier. But then again, things tended to get angry when you whack them upside the head. Its grin showed its rows of sharp teeth, and there was just a feeling that its intentions were less than pure. What started as an intention to stop the dragon from setting the landscape on fire had turned into a full fight against something most people would run from. At least it could talk? It was more than a mindless beast, then. Pascal figured that all she had to do was knock it out -- although it was proving to be more difficult than she expected. It had a thick skull, she concluded, as her staff barely did anything. It was also incredibly dense for a creature who could speak human language.


She heard someone shout from behind her to stop, but it was just a few seconds too late. The dragon pounced towards her, wings and claws outstretched. Pascal jumped to the side from her crouch, feeling the searing heat of the dragon's unexpected flames on her skin. She stumbled as she got up from her roll and steadied herself with her staff, before steading her stance.


"Spread!" shouted Pascal, a blue magic circle appearing at her feet and a small geyser of high pressure cold water erupting up from the ground in front of her. Regardless if it hit or not, she tried to follow with a second staff strike through the mist of droplets.



Twilight and Gray -- Tower Ruins


"Get back here, dammit!" Gray shouted to the girl with the spell book. He struck his open palm with his hand, conjuring another blue rune. A spear of solid ice materialized and shot itself in pursuit of Morgan -- he thought there would be many more than just one -- trying strike her before she got too far. She wasn't getting away with this scott-free. The horse was still knocked out, and a red and black dragon darted between them. It was the next to tell them to stop fighting.


"Hmph," he huffed, "Let's deal with the girl first, before she goes off blasting other people."

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The female mage seemed very relaxed in spite of the tension that was raised further, stretching her limbs rather casually.

" Well, it's been fun and all, guys, but my services are needed elsewhere." She dismissed us. " Maybe we'll meet again, but for now, ta ta!"

I just stared blankly at her. Who the heck did she think she was?! First she blasts an alicorn into unconsciousness, and then saunters off?

The male mage-who I had doubts about before-was also not amused by this new position.

" Get back here, dammit!" He shouted at her, his face contorting into an expression of anger. He summoned a spear of ice, which shot toward the girl at its own accord-just before a dragon skidded out in front of him. Luckily for it, the spear was created just beforehand, so the dragon wasn't in its path.

" Guys, please don't fight!" The dragon demanded, clearly alarmed by the state of things. The male mage sniffed.

" Let's deal with the girl first, before she goes off blasting other people." He countered.

Agreed. I thought, backing up to the castle wall and judging my trajectory. I can't wait to cut off a limb or two!


With that thought, I jumped up against the castle wall, then pushed off of it with all of my strength, launching me up and toward the female mage with lightning speed, zipping past the male mage and the dragon. If I can't have my wings, I'll use momentum to my advantage!

Glaives held outward as I dove down at my target, I anticipated either a killing slice or at least a fatal blow dealt to the mage; if I only wounded her, I would have to fight to get that spellbook out of her hands so she doesn't try anything funny.

This is going to be fun! I thought, satisfied about releasing my rage. Even if I don't manage to kill her, at least I could shed some blood and vent some anger!

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(( wwait i'm confused so is pascal just handling the battle while the meadow group is just chilling eating cheese or ))


Jack of Hearts - Kanae von Rosewald :: Lakeside

"Hey, you going to be okay?"

Kanae jolted at this unfamiliar voice as the figure in the distance drew close, revealing a brown-haired boy who seemed innately curious in their movements. All thoughts of their master flew from their mind at this question, the ghoul daring to raise their eyes to meet the other as he crouched down and spoke again, this time with a large, goofy grin stretched across his face.

"Hey, we're starting a brand new journey. Except, there's one condition. As a friend of mine once said, smiles only. So no frowning, okay?"

"Smiles . . . only . . . ?" Kanae echoed, the words loose on their tongue. The ghoul blinked once, twice, and dared to sneak a second peek in the eyes of the other--

Eyes were the window to the soul, they had been told once. Such time had passed since the golden years of their youth, wonderfully bright yet ripped from them all too soon, and Kanae could no longer remember who had spoken to them witch such kindness.

Was it . . . Master Shuu . . . ?

They're not sure.

Suspiciously, Kanae drew back from the stranger with wariness in their eyes. However, when the stranger did not retaliate in any way, Kanae dared to loosen their posture by a slight fraction.

They stood up shakily, staring at the other.

"I do not know where you wish to go," they replied quietly. "And I . . . do not know about the smiling, but I will try to frown less, I suppose." They gave a small nod of thanks, unable to give voice to the tornado that was their thoughts, and swept up their cloak to bury themselves in further. Still, Kanae continued to watch the newcomer, who seemed so . . . so illuminated by light, shrouded by happiness.

Who is he . . . ?



First Class Investigator - Hairu Ihei :: Castle Meadows


"Ah, Investigator Urie . . . !" Ihei greeted cheerily, swinging around. She blinked at Urie question, watching carefully as he lowered his quinque, Tsunagi. "Um . . . my orders?" She paused, sweeping her gaze around the room. "I don't really know, Arima usually hands this stuff . . . or Ui . . ." The girl raised a hand to her chin, thinking for a sight moment, before nodding firmly. "Yonebayashi is correct--they don't look dangerous, at least not for now. Um . . . maybe we should try to make friends." Ihei stepped back to address the gathered group, and in doing so approached Urie. Lowering her voice, she whispered in an undertone a careful few words to the Investigator, that of which not even Saiko heard.

"Keep your guard. At the first sign of a ghoul . . . we'll exterminate it."


At the skeleton's greeting, Ihei tilted her head and listened to his words. "Nice to meet you, Sans," she returned, though curiosity piped her words and she was just about to speak again when the fish lady spoke up, introducing herself as Undyne.

"Undyne . . ." Ihei echoed, taking a moment to simply look at the other. "But your weapon, the spear . . ." she started, "you summoned it from nowhere with such finesse. If not a quinque, then what is it?"


Quinx Squad - Saiko Yonebayashi :: Castle Meadows


"Ocular . . . jutsu . . . ?" Saiko repeated, confused. Since the situation had calmed significantly, and Urie had at last lowered his weapon, the girl crept out from behind her coworker, blinking once. In a flash, her kakugan disappeared--thank goodness. Often when stressed or under pressure, she had difficulty summoning it and then pressuring it back--perhaps its timely appearance now had been because she was so afraid of the skeleton newcomer?


"hey kiddo, sorry for the spook," the skeleton spoke suddenly, and Saiko started before she realised the newly-dubbed Sans the Skeleton was speaking to her. Oh . . . ?

She regarded his grin with apprehension, yet all traces of suspicion melted from her mind. If the . . . skeleton . . . had wanted to attack, he surely could have by now. Perhaps he really was as friendly as he preached to be . . . ?

"That's okay," Saiko commented lightly, wandering away from Urie and Ihei to approach Sans. "Are you real?' she asked bluntly, then thought to the skeleton's earlier comment--well, it would be rude not to answer his earlier statement, right?

"Human or not," she responded, "I've never seen a walking skeleton before."


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sans - castle meadow


"oh," Sans said after Undyne claimed she didn't know what a quinque was. "well there you have. i guess neither of us can help you in that department." Sans have a nonchalant shrug before turning is gaze to the young human who had stepped out from behind her friend and began inching towards him. At her abrupt question, Sans cocked his head to the side and glanced down at his jacket. He reached down and grabbed the end of his jacket, flipping it up just enough to reveal the bottom of his open rib cage.

"looks like im real," Sans commented as he pulled down his jacket, brushing dust off it as he did so. "i wouldnt expect a human to take in the sight of a walking skeleton so easily. at least, most humans that is." Sans smirked at the girl as he looked up at her. "normally when humans freak out over seeing a walking skeleton, i try to convince them im not, but i know i cant get away with that with you. after all, you can see right through me." Right after Sans spoke, the guide, whose name Sans did not know, suddenly shouted out loud. Looking around Yonebayashi, Sans could see she was battling what appeared to be an enraged purple dragon while the smaller pink dragon was shouting at her to stop. While the last thing Sans wanted was for people to fight, he assumed the guide had a reason for fighting the dragon and, frankly, he was too tired to try and assist her. "it looks they're having a good time, " Sans said as he turned his attention back to the girl in front of him. "id help but im bone idle."

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Morgan hummed quietly to herself, thinking a bit as she walked. This place is definitely not the world I came from... is it from farther in the futu-

"Get back here, dammit!"

Oh, great. Naked boy again. She turned, about to say some witty retort but changed her plans when she saw the spear of ice. Quickly she dropped the Book of Naga into her bag, pulling out Bolganone and launching a ball of magma at it. That should take care of-


A chunk of ice slammed into her head, knocking her back enough that Shadow's attack didn't hit vital organs.

But it hurt like a censorkip.gif*.

Twin lances of fire blossomed in her left arm and her stomach on the opposite side, causing her to let out an involuntary scream. Th-this... wasn't what I expected... battle... to be like... Dad always... made it seem like numbers... percentages... She slumped slightly, her vision turning to black.

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Sylla went to sleep in his forest encampment after a long day of work, with his companion at his side. They had both worked hard today, defending the Radiant position in their woods. As they walked into the woods, they came upon a simple cave with a stone hearth, with weapons on a wooden stand, along with bags and shelves containing their other belongings.


This was home... Or at least the closest they had to home. Their true home, with the Bear Clan, was destroyed.


Soon enough, they would be able to win this war. Only then would they be safe, so they could plant the Seed at the end of time.


He looked to his Spirit Bear, who was also looking at him.


"One day soon, my friend, this war will end. And when they all end, we can finally do what we set out to do a thousand years ago."


The Spirit Bear licked his hand as they walked together. Sylla smiled at his friend.


Sylla started to light a fire by stoking the ashes of the firepit, revealing smoldering coals. The Spirit Bear set itself to work fetching fire wood, and in a few minutes they had a roaring fire burning before them. The Spirit Bear curled up in front of the fire. Sylla scratched his companion behind the ears, who yawned loudly and closed his eyes.


"Another long day. See you tomorrow."


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


No sooner than Sylla had drifted off to sleep did he awaken in another place entirely. He awoke in a place that was not familiar to him. A green field, with a gray-brick castle by a lake. Clear blue skies. By all accounts, a beautiful day.


Something was very wrong.


Immediately, Sylla looked around for his Spirit Bear. He found it on his left side, slumbering peacefully next to him. Sylla laid a hand on his friend's flank, which immediately woke up, rose to its feet, and stared at him questionably.


"Something's not right. Be on your guard."


Sylla rose to his own feet, taking in the surroundings. He wasn't alone; there were several others in the area. One of them seemed to be clad in metal; a knight, perhaps?


I don't suppose the armored one's Dragon Knight. Any familiar face would be welcome right now... I need to find out why this is happening.


The druid started towards them, with his bear walking beside him.

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The female mage turned at the male mage's voice(I really ought to learn their names), opening her mouth to say something.

Judging by her expression though, she was caught off guard at the sight of a bolt of ice and a cloaked figure racing toward her.

I hissed aloud when she summoned something of intense heat next to me, causing the ice spear to shatter. Several pieces of ice dared to imbed themselves into me, but the armor I wore underneath reduced most of the damage. What it didn't reduce was the aftershock, which knocked my momentum off course.

Darn it! I cursed silently as one glaive simply grazed the girl's side, though the other glaive managed to make a nasty cut on her arm. The girl collapsed almost immediately, causing me to face plant into the obnoxiously-green grass just over her; luckily though I landed on my back, so I didn't have to spit out any more dirt.

I've collaped on the ground enough times. I decided bitterly, quickly getting back up and posing for a counterattack.


Nothing. The female mage was out.

I stared incredulously at her. I mean, sure she was bleeding... pretty badly, considering I cut her arm open... but really?! She must be from here, with a pain tolerance like that! I mean, serene surroundings, simple mages...

Wait. I suddenly realized. If she caused that explosion, then that means there are others like her with that amount of power. If there are others with that amount of power, this land needs to be teeming with magical energy. If it isn't, she's as much of a stranger as I am. I almost cursed aloud. Darn it Shadow! You almost killed someone who wasn't even from here!

Could of used the soul. My conscious argued.

Not helpful, she might be form a universe where they don't exist. I huffed, looking down at my left glaive, which had a splash of blood on it. But the only way to know if she's not from here is to know how much raw energy the land contains. How do you do that?... You can't. Not when you can't even have wings.

" Need energy..." I muttered, glaring down at my fallen foe. She was still breathing, but her eyes were closed, so I couldn't check to see if she even had a soul in the first place. And trust me, when you have giant metal claws you don't want to go around prying people's eyes open unless you want them blind.

I felt like shrieking something out in Akrai, something that shouldn't be repeated. But instead I kept my mouth shut, grinding my teeth together as I debated my options.

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"I'm afraid I'm just as lost as you are."

Cistina nodded as she took in a few more deep breaths before dragging herself out of the water completely. And was it just her, or was the water too blue? It was almost as blue as Olivya's outfit, for goodness sake, or as blue as the Obero Sea on a good day, but this was only a lake! After finally catching her breath, Cistina stood up to see a person with.... Was that bright purple hair?


"How did you get that much dye for your hair?"


She didn't mean to ask that out loud. The question sort of had just came out, really! Cistina bit her lip and lowered her head slightly, looking a bit to the right. “Er, I don't mean to be rude, just, I never seen anyone dye their hair before...Or anyone dying their hair at all, for that matter... Is that natural?"


The man in red armor called out to someone then, and Cistina turned to face whatever direction he was shouting at to see a brown-haired boy with spiky hair running towards them with a grin on his face, saying something as soon as he got within earshot.


"Not really. I only know we're on a different world. Did you guys get taken hear by a doorway too? Or a Gummy Ship?"


“What? Different worlds? A doorway? Gummy ship?” Cistina cocked her head slightly to the side. “I didn’t end up at the bottom of a lake by entering a door, I was sucked into a portal. I don’t know what a gummi…” Cistina’s eyes grew wide as the first words the boy said sank in. “An—another world?! But... How is that possible?”


Goddess Hahnela… Where am I?


But it made sense to a degree, the grass was almost unnaturally green, the sky too blue, the water *much* too blue, the castle looked more for show than practical use, the seagulls…. Why were there seagulls so inland? The magic, too, didn’t feel *quite* right either. But perhaps that was the absence of the goddesses—would the gods even be able to find her?


"Hey, we're starting a brand new journey. Except, there's one condition. As a friend of mine once said, smiles only. So no frowning, okay?"


Cistina looked at the spiky haired boy--Wow, those spikes can’t be natural, can they?--No frowning… But what about her family, her friends, her country? Unlike a ship to Xenobia, there was no telling if she could return at all if this really was another world. Cistina looked away from the boy and raised her head to look at the sky. Stay positive, hm. Well, if she got here from another world, she would be able to get back somehow, right?


Cistina giggled. “Alright, no frowning. So, who are you?”



Kami watched the chaos unfold from afar. As far as he could tell, the horse thing did something to the group gather there that started to fight amongst themselves--did it want to stop them?--before suddenly getting enveloped in an explosion that knocked it out cold. They didn't look like demons except that dark shadow-looking one, but that one's colors were all wrong and it looked nothing like any of the demons he'd seen before.

One of the things detached from the rest of the group, to the annoyance of pretty much everyone there if the fact that they all started attacking it meant something.


Well, if these were the archdemons' new lackeys, he saw no difference between this new group and the old group in terms of how well they got along. The thing that ran away fell down after getting hit by some ice and a bit of fire--the shadow thing's swords didn't even touch that thing. Kami cautiously stepped into view, spear held in a relaxed manner but in a way so that in case any of them decided he would make a nice meal, he would be able to attack quickly.


"Why are you guys fighting? Can I join?"

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