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[IC] X-DREAMERS: A Massive Multiplayer Crossover

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The sky is a shade of almost unnaturally bright blue, decorated with fluffy white clouds that float through the sky at a leisurely pace. Some gulls fly by, shrieking as they fly towards the sound of waves, their silhouettes passing over the sun but their small bodies barely cast shadows on the lush green grass below. There is a small, but welcome breeze. The grass trembles, and so do the leaves of the many small fields landscaped around the field. In the distance the bright red shingles of a stone castle with small windows can be seen, with a single tower rising high and four -- one of them having a hole blown into it and missing its roof -- smaller towers surrounding it. There is only one dirt road, leading straight to its heavy timber doors, passing over the moat in the form of a solid wood bridge. Above the entrance is a magnificent stained glass piece of a fair maiden with blonde locks and a pink dress. On her head sits a silver crown adorned with red jewels.


You wake up here suddenly, almost like a dream. You remember what you were doing right up to the point you woke up here -- perhaps you were sleeping, perhaps you were about to give the final blow to your nemesis -- but you are teleported away to a new location in a flash of bright light.




Pascal -- Castle Meadows


Pascal nibbled on the end of a pen in her mouth, some of the rubble from last night still stuck in her hair. She sat cross-legged in the middle of the castle's atrium, large pieces of paper scattered around her (most of them filled up with a tiny and illegible scrawl peppered with detailed diagrams). The explosive results were not anticipated -- alright, perhaps anticipated a little -- but the Magi dragon threw up a shield right in the nick of time when the light imploded, then exploded. While everyone involved was fine, she couldn't say the same for the console she slapped together in the last week, nor the tower they were in which was blown to bits. Oh well, looks like they would have a skylight now. Natural light and a nice view of the stars at night.


She estimated it would take her only a day or two to get back to where she was, though she was convinced that her assumptions were not completely misguided. "Of course!" she suddenly shouted to no one, snapping her fingers and sprinting out of the front door with her staff in hand. Maybe she wouldn't have to start over after all!


At the top of one of the lush hills of this place -- it was a nice castle she stumbled upon a few days ago through actively hunting for transfer points, though a bit small and devoid of residents for some reason -- Pascal put a hand to her brow to shield the sun from her eyes, and squinted. There seemed to be some bodies near the shore of the lake, and some more in the meadows in the castle's font garden. Her lips broadened to a smile. This wasn't the intended effect, but it was a nice side-effect. The original plan was to recruit people once the portal was completed, but this made things a little easier.


There were the ruins of the tower she needed to check as well, just in case. Since the meadow was the closest, she headed there.


"Rise and shine!" she yelled as she approached in a run, arms flailing and regretting having forgotten to bring a frying pan to bang on.




Twilight Sparkle -- Tower Ruins


"What a mess…" Twilight levitated one boulder at a time at the top of the broken tower, her horn glowing a brilliant pink as she put the rocks down into a neat pile beside her. The pony was anxious that it was her fault that the experiment failed, and she couldn't help but feel like a failure for not even conjuring a barrier spell in time. Some princess she was.


She dropped the rocks a little more forcefully than she needed to. They would have to resume the construction of the portal as soon as possible. She needed to let her friends -- and Princess Celestia -- know that she was alright, and maybe even convince them to help with this new threat. Unless, she worried, that the cracks in the universe had reached Equestria already, bathing the world in a chaos that governs itself like the winds of the Everfree Forest? Her coat stood on end at that thought, and she ruffled the feathers of her wings nervously. She still wasn't used to those things on her back.


So caught up in her work, she didn't notice the figures appearing in the grass below.




((Here we go! You have the choice between waking up near the lake (no one there at the moment), in the meadow (where Pascal is), or behind the castle near the tower ruins (where Twilight is). Feel free to interact amongst yourselves, explore, or engage in conversation.))

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sans - castle meadow


The kid did it. Generations of monsters had suffered in the Underground, meekly smiling and humoring one another in an attempt to ward off the impenetrable wave of despair that loomed above them. For as long as Sans could remember, the glimmering hope of venturing to the surface world, the mere thought of basking in the sunlight and living every day with the granted knowledge that the time of misery was gone, was no more than a fleeting dream. Despite all the odds, despite every instance that could have secured the continued stream of misfortune for monsterkind, the kid managed to save them. In one fell swoop, the kid had broken the barrier locking the monsters in the dreaded Underground and led them into a new life on the surface where they could live in harmony with the humans who had banished them so long ago. It was a dream come true, the transformation of fantasy to reality. Frisk had provided Sans, his brother, all of their friends, and every monster in the Underground with a new world to explore. They were all given a second chance, a chance that none of them thought they would ever had. It was funny really. The sight of the rising sun, the sweet scent of dewdrops in the morning, the majesty of the clouds, the beauty of the world above, none of it would have been possible if Sans had gone with his gut instinct and took out the kid when he had the chance. If Sans had never made that promise to look after the kid, Frisk that was, then the war between monsters and humans would be reignited and nothing but fear and destruction would reign upon the world.


But, alas, it did not appear as though Sans was destined to reside in the new haven forever. Just as he was beginning to settle down and enjoy his newfound home, everything was torn away from him or rather he was torn away from everything he had ever known. He had climbed into his new bed, breathing a sigh of relief as he flopped down onto the mattress.

"tomorrow is another day," he told himself as he reached for the lamp plug. "another day without having to worry." Sans gripped the lamp switched and pulled it down, plunging the room into darkness. Smiling to himself, to let his arm go limp as he rolled onto his back, pulled the covers over his eyes, and drifted off into sleep. The warmth of sunlight hitting his face is what woke Sans up. Initially, he planned to ignore the light streaming from his bedroom window and simply roll over and sleep for another seven hours or so. It was only when Sans felt grass between his fingers did he realize something was amiss. Mumbling incoherently, he glanced to his side to see a blurry bulge of green laying next tohim.. "is that... grass?" he asked himself sleepily as he attempted to push himself into a sitting position. It appeared as though he was in some sort of lush meadow. Sans frowned as he looked around at his surroundings. This wasn't where he went to sleep. Where exactly was he? Perplexed, Sans stood up, shoving his hands into the pockets of his jacket as he did so. Where on earth was he?


Just then, a horrid dawning realization hit him. If he had been teleported to someplace he didn't recognize, then that meant there was the possibility everyone else had been moved as well. There was only one being powerful enough that could do such a thing and, if Sans was correct, that brought upon horribly implications. As soon as Sans formed his hypothesis, he began to panic.

n-no this can't be happening! we waited so long for freedom; is everything really all erased? has the world been reset? i thought i wouldn't be able to remember the resets. i can’t do this, not again! did the kid really...? It was only after his mind began racing with horrendous thoughts did Sans realize he didn't recognize his surroundings. He flickered gaze across the the area as he inspected the new environment, breathing heavily as he did so.. He certainly wasn't in Snowdin but he wasn't on the surface either. When he gazed up at the sky, he quickly noted that it was a deep shade of blue, too deep in fact. Sans couldn't tell what about the place was so uneasy to him but it just seemed as though the world was too vibrant. Sure, the surface world was gorgeous by all means, but it wasn't like this, at least, from what he saw it wasn't. Besides, if the world had been reset, why was he on the surface? He knew every nook and cranny in the Underground and by no means was there anyplace you could see the sky from. Now understanding that the world had not been reset, Sans let out a shaky sigh of relief. “thank god,” Sans whispered to himself, lowering his head as he closed his eyes. "thank god."


With his initial fear gone, Sans could concentrate on the real problem: where was he? Turning himself around in order to get a better view of the area, Sans spotted something peculiar. There appeared to be bodies scattered across the area, most of which he did not recognize. In fact, he wasn't sure if the other bodies were that of monsters or humans which, in itself, was rather perplexing. Glancing backwards, Sans caught the sight of a magnificent castle. Sans could only compare it to Asgore's own gigantic castle but even then it was hard to compare the two. Unlike the king's castle, this one was elegant with soft red tilling for the roof and a brilliant stained glass portrait at the front. The woman depicted in the glass had to be human as she had the shape of one with pale skin, silken golden locks, and an exquisite pink gown whose likes Sans had only seen on television. While Sans was admiring the the artwork, a loud voice rang from across the meadow.

"Rise and shine!" Sans faced himself towards the voice, grinning as he saw what he could only imagine was a human running towards him. Unlike the other people around him, this woman appeared to be fully awake and active. Either she had been awake before him or she had a lot of energy when she woke up. Deciding he had nothing better to do and thinking that he could inquire as to what was going on, Sans started walking towards the woman, keeping his hands in his pockets as he did so.

"well hey there," he called back to her as the distance between them began to close. "you wouldn't happen to know why everyone decided to take a snooze in the field, would you?"

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Undyne went to bed happily. In all of her years living in the Underground, she finally saw the stars in all of its glory -- the denizens of Waterfall always wished to see the stars. She wanted to make sure every wish came true, and it was possible because of that kid. That kid made Dr. Alphys a lot more open. That kid made even Undyne a lot more open, and hell, that kid might as well been a third wheel to probably more than one couple's relationship! But most importantly, that kid -- Frisk -- was responsible for the freedom of the monsters in the Underground. Monsters and humans can finally live in harmony, and she was about to meet them tomorrow, drifting off to sleep as she did so.


The distant sound of seagulls woke her up. She initially woke up with a grin, about to rush outside to meet the humans, but she immediately stopped grinning as she felt something was wrong. She forced herself to get up and to assess the situation at hand. She summoned up her spear. She held her breath, noticing the bodies scattered throughout, but then continued to breathe as she realized that they were unconscious, not dead. The place felt surreal - although it seemed like the Surface, the way the sun hit her face and even walking around in the grass proved that this wasn't the Surface.


She looked around some more and noticed a familiar figure - a small tiny skeleton. She ran up, put away her spear, and ran, yelling, "SANS!!! SANS!!! Oh my God!!"

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" Lever." I commanded. My batling servant scuttled off and retrieved a small, ornate bar. I sighed.

" Not what I meant, Kazul."

" But it's better for prying with!" He objected innocently.

" You're cleaning it."

" I'm fine with that..."

" I know. You are naturally submissive and endearing." I grabbed the bar from him, examining the large, pearly dragon egg. It needed to hatch, but I failed to help the hatchling inside grow strong, so it couldn't break free of its own shell.

" Go to the bottom!" Kazul said less-than-helpfully. I ignored him.

" There." I found a hairline fracture in the shell and wedged the tip of the bar in. Kazul watched in unnecessary fascination and I bent the bar just slightly, causing the tough eggshell to crack, before finally leveraging it far enough to grab and wrench off.

" Too... much... trouble!" I grunted, tearing the shell off. " For a simple dragon."

Flop. A pale grey hatchling with a metallic sheen slipped out of the egg. I prodded it expectantly, examining it. Hm... seems fairly well-developed.

" DRAGONS!!" Kazul squealed.

" Go get the encyclopedia."

" Yes master!"

" What did I tell you about calling me that?" I barked at him, though he was too excited to care, fetching a heavy tome off one of the many shelves that surrounded us. The weight of it nearly squished the poor fellow, but he successfully dragged it back with him. I grabbed it from him with much more ease, opening it and letting some casual magic flip through the pages for me.

The dragon hatchling didn't move. That was a problem.

" Kazul, go grab some netherrack."

" NETHERRACK!" Another excited shout, followed by scuffling as he dashed off. " Where is it?!"

" Universe 68, 32." I instructed calmly. No need to shout in this massive library when you have the magic to avoid it. I added to myself, remembering my attempt to cull the volume of Kazul's voice in the past.

" Found it!" His voice resounded off the walls. The tome finally came to the page I needed it at, and I read the page carefully.

Weak hatchling... weak hatchling... where was it? Ugh, I knew I should have simply made the book bigger instead of the text smaller!


The distinct clacking sound of Kazul returning with the netherrack caused me to turn back around, hand held open expectantly. The batling heaved chunk of red, slippery stone into it, very pleased with himself.

" Did you see that?! I dragged it all the way back here!"

" Yes, you did very well." I assured him, gripping the stone and concentrating on the hatchling, a hand hovering over the open tome so I could still search its texts.

Weak hatchling! There it is. Fire... fire type, needs warmth to break membrane...

I squeezed the stone so hard my claws dug in and left scratches on its smooth surface, focusing on the limp dragon hatchling. Kazul was bouncing around in excitement, even though he has seen this a hundred times before.

" Heheeeheeheeee! Burn!!"

Fwoosh! Like a gust of wind, heat exploded from the hatchling, bathing it in live flames. Most beings would be deterred by the intensity of the fire, but I felt better, relaxed even, being so close to it. Kazul kept laughing like a maniac, watching the baby dragon stir in response to the more appropriate surroundings.

Good, it worked. I thought, loosening my grip on the stone and letting the fire die on its own. The hatchling was now wide awake, squeaking and acting perfectly healthy.

Another successfully-hatched fire dragon! Because you know, I need some more of those.


" Kazul." I demanded simply, handing him the netherrack; he retrieved it, still giggling, and I slammed the tome shut and went to put it back.

My library was large enough to consume a cathedral, but I could remember the order in which I sorted my books. Now, the amount of information I could remember... that was a bit of a problem. I had noticed lately that I have been more scatter-brained, hence the huge library to keep track of all of my findings. I mean, it's one thing to remember as much as you can about your own dimension, but once you start meddling with others information is as flighty as a pigeon in your mind. It'll stay for just long enough to eat your garbage and leave some presents behind, and then it's gone.

One thing I could always remember though is where I leave my portals. So when I went to put the dragon tome away, I was bewildered to see a light coming from a nearby doorway.

" Kazul!" I barked.

" Yes master?" His voice echoed faintly.

" Have you opened a portal again?" I asked.

" No..." He squeaked. I cocked my head at the glowing opening.

Then what am I seeing? I wondered, taking a few steps closer to the light. Who opened a portal in my-


Literally the last thought I had... for now.






Falling... falling... Whoa!

I felt my glaives slip out of their sheathes, and I braced myself for impact. With blue, green, and red all confused and disoriented, my first instinct was to attack and get my bearings.

There wasn't much to attack, aside from the red stone, which was racing closer and closer. So I swiped out in front of me, expecting a clean slice.


" WHOA!" The hooks in the glaive caught and sent me sideways! I twisted myself in midair, trying to make sense of the blur of bright green and clear blue, though I didn't have a chance until the green mass came and hit me on the head, hard.

Not comfortable, landing on your head.


I tumbled and rolled about, digging my glaives into the green thing to try and slow down my momentum and having something brown and grainy bleed out of it. Finally though, the other glaive caught on a rock and I managed to come to a full stop.

My mind was still whirling, so I simply lay for a while, gathering my thoughts. The library... Kazul... wait, what? Was I knocked unconscious?

Wouldn't be the first time, would it Shadow? I laughed at myself. I sheathed my glaives and pushed myself up off the ground-the green mass I now recognized-and tried to get a bearing on my surroundings.


Green. Lush. Wait, is this Wisconsin? No, don't be stupid Shadow, this isn't Earth, it's too green. A FaeRealm? Can't be, I just came from there! Where the heck is where? What happened to the Abyss? My library? The dragon hatchling!?

Shut up and calm down! With that thought, I spun about, looking around. The serene landscape was... well, serene; aside from the big gouge I dug in the earth, of course. My trajectory seems to include a nearby castle and a large boulder. The castle seemed oddly familiar... where have I seen that castle... red roof, pale walls, small windows, isolated with fluffy clouds around it...

Think of your human allies. What would they think it is? I wondered. The scene was too perfect to be a realm I had visited before... maybe a.... video game?

Hey, at least it's not Minecraft. I laughed aloud at that, before pausing. Wait, it's not Minecraft. Dang. Here I thought I had a free ticket out, too.

" Nice to visit, though." I said to myself. I held my hand open and tried to open a portal in front of me.


Baffled, I tried again, this time saying the spell in my mind, word for word.


"Exsius spentin takuda!" I spat, expecting a portal.


I huffed and glared at the ground. This place must be blocking my spell. I should get higher up. I thought. I looked up at the impressive castle, and saw that one of the towers had an open roof as though it had just been besieged. That ought to work.


Climbing the tower would be easy, normally. I would bring out my ethereal wings and just take a couple of leaps up, no problem.

Problem is, my wings were missing.

I craned my head over my shoulder, staring out the armor protruding through my cloak out the back-the wing pieces. I flexed my back muscles and watched the armor go down, normally the resting position where the wings would evaporate. I flexed them again, and they opened widely... and normally, bright blue translucent wings would show up in its sockets, giving me flight. But the wings were missing.

" What the heck kind of place doesn't let a Reaper have its wings?" I asked incredulously. I suddenly paused at the normal sound of my voice.

" 'What the heck kind of place'... oh, you're kidding me..." I groaned. It wasn't the dimension's fault at all; my power was gone! I couldn't fly, I couldn't cast spells, I couldn't do anything! I was weak here!

But if coming here stripped me of my powers... that means I need to hunt for souls to fill back up. Oh boy. You prepare so you never have to hunt in a hundred years, and yet some imbalance occurs and you're basically Starvin' Marvin.

Wait... who was starving Marvin again?

Figure it out while you hunt! I thought grumpily to myself, checking to see if my arm glaives were still working. Aside from a little dirt, they still seemed in good condition. There was still the problem of the vacancy of this dimension though... I hadn't seen one person since my entering here, making me wonder if it's an empty place.

Oh good! Starved so you can't escape, and no fuel for escaping! The best combo in the world!


I unjustly kicked a patch of grass and grumpily circled around to the front of the castle, assuring myself that there had to be someone here to build the castle in the first place, meaning they must come back eventually. As I came to the top of a hill though, I looked up and saw a gathering of beings in the distance. Many of them were laying still on the ground, though a few were up and about, including an individual hastily running toward them. I was too far away to see who anyone was or hear their voices, though I might be able to get close enough to snatch a soul or two for my escape...


((Shadow is still pretty close to the tower she tried to scale(the one Twilight Sparkle is in), so there's interaction there while she's in plain sight.))

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Minato stood in the middle of a dark void, completely empty save for one other figure - a being several times larger with a face like a han'nya mask, holding a giant knife.


The reaper of souls, the last person he'd ever see while he was alive. Such was the price of the reaper death seal. He accepted his fate.

"Lord Shinigami, I offer my soul unto you. Take it."

Death raised his knife, swinging it towards him at high speed.

A painless flash of light, he was gone. He was surprised to find himself on a grassy, flowing field instead of fiery plains. He had made it to heaven? He looked around, seeing other people in various states of wakefulness. Isn't this a bit... on orthodox? Where are the angels?

He noticed a figure coming towards him, waving her arms and crying out "Rise and shine!"

He nodded. Evidently not heaven, and she was the only one not confused. She probably knew where they were, and why. Getting up and walking towards her,he called out "What is this place?"


Ciel stood, staring at the large screen in front of her as the operator navigated it with her mind. This could mean whole new worlds... untapped potential... I don't know what caused this ripple, but I don't need to. Not yet anyway. All I need to know for now is that it works. Hearing the doors swish open, she turned around. "Ah, Zero! I have somewhere new to send you today! For some reason there's a ripple in the fabric of space-time and the operator calibrated our teleporter to send us through it."

Zero nodded. "And I'm to protect you as you gather information?"

She smiled. "Yup! In fact, it's just about ready. How goes it, operator?"

The operator frowned, not liking what she saw in the headpiece linking to the computer. "It's as ready as it will ever be, but it's somewhat unstable. I wouldn't advise-"

A rending sound carried through the room as the very air split open and became a swirling portal, sucking Ciel into itself.

Without a second thought, Zero charged into it. "Ciel!" After he went through, it sealed itself and everything looked like it did before.


Zero opened his eyes, observing his surroundings. He blinked and tried again. Yep, he was definitely at the bottom of a lake. Shifting his body, he kicked against the ground, propelling himself upwards and swimming to the surface. As he walked onto the shore, a familiar floating face came over to him. ">€`~ΠΠ¢©_÷×!!!"

Zero tilted his head. "You're reverted to your child state... you must have lost your abilities." Checking himself he noted he'd lost all but a few of his EX skills as well. "No point in worrying about it now. Let's look for Ciel." He walked along the edge of the lake, searching for any other people.

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((I seriously suck at intro posts, so sorry this is so smol))


"I'd better be getting paid decently for this" I grumbled as I tried to make 50 batches of a very complex potion. The fact that the only book I had on it was enchanted to prevent people from making it only made it harder. "Let's see here; after the mixture turns bright green, add the podid venom," I read. Alchemy books never went into enough detail, and I had no idea what kind of podid venom. I just took a guess and decided on Southmarsh. The book suddenly sprang to life and launched itself at my face. I managed to telekinetically hold it in place for a few seconds so that I could pop the lid of the venom vial and just splash some of it in. Unfortunately, I forgot what happened during this step of the process. A bright blue flame erupted from the cauldron blasted through the roof of my lair. A rock broke off of the ceiling, and fell into the mixture. I instinctively pulled my goggles down. The elixir turned dark blue, produced a blinding flash of light, and then everything turned black.


An unbearably loud "Rise and shine!" was what I was greeted by after getting knocked out by the failed potion. I plugged my clawtips in my ears, unwilling to see the damage my epic failure had caused. After about a minute, I gave in. What I saw was totally unexpected. I was in a meadow, with some kind of castle-like structure built on it. I looked down a little, and saw a creature running towards me, flailing its arms. I had no idea what it was, but it looked like some kind of Beastclan. I immediately made a pathetic attempt at a defensive stance, just in case it attacked.

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Pascal -- Castle Meadows


A short skeleton in some clothing was up and standing, smiling as widely as she was, eyes glowing in their dark orbits. He had a strange way of speaking, though it wasn't his accent -- Pascal couldn't put her finger on what exactly it was. Maybe it was her imagination.


"Hey-yo Skelebro!" Pascal yelled back with her hands cupped around her mouth to project her voice, before continuing to run towards Sans. Another being, who looked like some sort of bipedal fish lady with a ponytail, was also running towards the skeleton while yelling. Neither of them were sights that really fazed Pascal; Pascal had seen a lot of things, and Pascal had an absurdly high tolerance for the abnormal.


She began her explanation, her voice speeding up as she spoke, "The megaverse is threatening to literally shatter into infinitesimally small itty bitty pieces and I was trying to findsomewaytofixtheinstabilityand--" she sucked in a huge, gasping breath, "--long story short, some stuff happened and now you're all here!"


Another person came to their senses, this time a man with spiky blonde hair and a headband, and a green vest. He asked (perhaps too calmly for someone standing beside a skeleton, a fish monster and a clothed purple dragon that had its back arched like a frightened cat) what exactly this place was. "You're all just a liiiiittle early to the party," said Pascal, holding her index and thumb about an inch apart to show how little early they were, "because I haven't really thought about where exactly we are right now. I guess I call it home base?" She put her hand to her chin in thought. "Or maybe base of operations? Fortress of functions? Castle of commissions?" she mused to herself, lost in thought.





Twlight Sparkle -- Tower Ruins


Twilight froze, keeping the brick she was floating levitating in the air, ready to throw it. She had quickly realized that not everything in these new worlds was as nice as the ponies and the other creatures in her homeworld, and sometimes it was better to be safe than sorry. She heard something, maybe some noise below, and her ears swivelled to one side, then the other, to catch any other noises. Nothing. Maybe it was her imagination.


She placed the brick down, and trotted over to the new opening in the tower wall to peer down below. A bipedal cloaked figure was stomping around, and she doubted it was anyone who she met in the castle. Twilight shook her mane, tensed her body, and with a running start, jumped out of the tower.


Her wings caught the wind when she opened them, and with a rapid flapping she was able to hover in one spot to survey the area. Near the mysterious cloaked figure there were also some people -- mostly of the (human, was it?) sort -- laying in the grass near the tower. Descending slowly, she sheepishly touched down on the ground and looked around, indecisive about who to check on. Would any of them be hostile? Maybe she should call for Pascal's help?


"Who goes there?" said Twilight, to no one in particular.

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Gray slowly opened his eyes. He was outdoors and from the few sounds he could figure that he wasn't in magnolia.

He sat up, rubbing his head and looked down at himself.

Oh thank god I still have my clothes He thought to himself. He then pulled back the sleeve on his long white coat and noted the mark on his arm that was the sign of his demon slayer magic.

"I still got my mark... so where the hell is this," He mumbled to himself.

Looking about he noticed several bodies lying on the ground, of varying size, shapes and species.

"Woah, what the hell is this," He asked shocked. He ran over and checked a few of them, none of them were familiar.


"Hey Natsu!" No reply. "Erza! Lucy, Wendy, Happy! Any of you guys here!?" He called out trying to spot one of them amongst the bodies.

Dammit... is this Avatar's work!? Or could it be Zerefs He thought concerned. Finally he looked around to take in the environment.


Green grass, trees, giant toadstools and a near perfect blue sky. This was certainly wasn't anywhere he knew in Fiore. He appeared to have awoken behind a large castle, deciding that his best course of action was to look for any others who had woken up he moved towards the only form of shelter.


As he did he noticed movement as a winged purple creature lept out of the tower and soared down over him. Following it's flight he saw it land a little farther away and for the first time he noticed a hug skeletal hooded figure. His eyes widening gray ran over, looking more intently at the purple creature, it was small and appeared to be...

Is it a pony? A frickin' purple pony! With wings!? Where the hell are you Gray? He thought, as he heard a voice emanate from the pony he rolled his eyes again, this just keeps getting weirder.


He arrived behind the pony and instinctively bought his hands up, the side of his fist resting in the open palm of his hand. Cold winds began to billow out from his hands.


"Stop right there! What the hell is this, where am I? Were you the one who did this!? Are you working for Zeref! You better tell me!?" Gray demanded his eyes fixed on the hooded figure. He then briefly turned his gaze towards the pony and mumbled, "Also... did you talk?"


((In the midst of running over gray's coat and shirt have mysteriously dissappeared))

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Behind castle


A slender, gloved hand came into focus as the groggy lombax tried to shield his eyes from the harsh light. Where was that light coming from anyway? The last thing he remembered was cruising in Aphelion heading towards Bogon and now he was laying sprawled....wait.

Ratchet sat up and looked around quickly, his long ears laid back with anxiety. He was clueless what planet he was on let alone how he got there in the first place. He discovered he was laying on the edge of a expansive stone wall surrounded by lust green grass. A little too green if you asked him. Almost as if it was a simulation and the ground he stood on was just a figment of some vast computer program. Or not.


Ratchet activated his wrist com, "Display planetary map" He said

"Unable to determine location. Suggested action: Move to location with better reception"

"gee thanks Gadgetron", the lombax mumbled, his eyes trailing skyward. Tracing the wall and looking higher to the structure. There seemed to be some kind of ruined tower higher up the building. "perfect". Ratchet clicked his heels, igniting the blue jet bursts that pushed his feet off the ground. Ratchet shot upward towards higher ground.

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I stared at the figured in the distance. They were definitely reacting more to each other, acting oddly, as though they didn't know what was going on. I cocked my head, trying to make out any features they had, but it was too hard to see the details.

Too bad I can't morph into a Nightwatcher. I thought dryly, wishing for the tough armored form and amazing eyesight. Even if I could though, I couldn't interact with any souls.


I heard a fluttering behind me, and whipped around. What I saw was unusual, but no more unusual than what I saw during my time in the FaeRealms. It appeared to be some kind of stunted purple alicorn with expressive eyes. I took a few steps back, curious but also wary about how close it came to me.

" Who goes-"

" Stop right there!"

The loud voice made me jerk my head up and let my glaives slip out, the huge blades still covered in grass stains and dirt from my initial impact.

The alicorn isn't anything to worry about; the human in front of me, who was clearly a mage(who needed some more clothing, to be exact), was. His hand was out in front of him, though no magic was cast... yet. I could tell he was a mage solely by his stance, the tattoo on his chest and arm, and the sudden breeze that stirred up. Wind magic, maybe?

" What the hell is this, where am I? Were you the one who did this!? Are you working for Zeref! You better tell me!?" The human shrieked. I got into a battle stance and watched him cautiously, thinking. He obviously was just as confused as I was about our location, though... no, he was a mage. Depending on the magic he's using, it could be a ruse of some kind. Or maybe I'm just being suspicious?


I remembered my hunger for souls, though was hesitant about attacking. The alicorn was in front of me, surprised by the newcomer's presence-wouldn't she know him, since she's from here?-so I would have to move to get a clear shot at the human. Then again... I can't exactly throw myself into a battle, Reapers aren't built for full physical combat....

Then then again... I'm really hungry.


Both beings were waiting for a response. The human seemed genuinely panicked, and missing his shirt. I stared into his eyes, judging his soul.

You better have red or brown... I ill-wished. Please be sinful enough for me to kill!

Too bad for me. There were a few strikes of red, but they were overwhelmed by many other colors-he must be a convert of some kind.

I huffed grumpily, keeping my glaives out but not responding. Even though I don't know what dimension I'm in, I'm still under Nausicaa's rule-the Arch Angel of Life doesn't like it when her opposite kills someone who shouldn't die.

Curses. I'll have to find someone else to eat.


" I would like to know who Zeref is; is he an aspiring overlord? Or just an incompetent villain?" I said tersely. " Regardless, I only work with my peers, and I know none of them are called 'Zeref'. Now, are you going to cast a spell? Or would you rather be neutral for now?" I turned to the alicorn. " I don't know who you are, but you have some questions to answer. Why did you drain me of my power? And who's your half-naked friend over there?"

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sans - castle meadow


"Hey-yo Skelebro!" The girl had cupped her hands to her mouth in order to project her voice. Sans halted his advance as she neared. He figured she keep sprinting towards him so there was no real reason for him to continue walked towards her. Not too long after he stopped and stood, awaiting the woman's arrival, a familiar voice sounded from behind him.

"SANS!!! SANS!!! Oh my God!!" A familiar fish-like monster was running towards him while shouting his name.

"oh hey undyne," Sans said casually as he turned to face the monster. It occurred to him that if Undyne was in the field, than there was the possibility that Papyrus, Frisk, Toriel, and the rest of the gang where somewhere nearby as well. It also occurred to him that if Undyne let the moment take her and treated Sans as physically as she did with his brother, he would most certainly have a bad time. Having 1 HP tended to be rather problematic when it came to physical contact. "hey uh, why don't you cool off for a second?" Sans asked as Undyne ran towards him. "i know you're a fish out of water, but you should, uh, take it down a notch and cool off for a second. "


Just as he finished speaking, the woman began speaking at an accelerated pace.

"The megaverse is threatening to literally shatter into infinitesimally small itty bitty pieces and I was trying to findsomewaytofixtheinstabilityand--" Sans chuckled as she sucked in a gasping breath before continuing. "--long story short, some stuff happened and now you're all here!"

"you alright there, pal?" Sans asked as he grinned up at the gasping woman. "it looks like you could use a snooze. it seems like a lot of other people had the same ideas well." Out of the corner of his eye socket, Sans caught a glance of a man standing up beside him. He looked to be a human with unnaturally spiky blond hair that had a headband bound around it and an offical looking green vest.

"What is this place?"

"You're all just a liiiiittle early to the party," the woman replied, framing her fingers close together to visually support her statement. "because I haven't really thought about where exactly we are right now. I guess I call it home base? Or maybe base of operations? Fortress of functions? Castle of commissions?"

"realm of roles?" Sans added on, grinning bigger as he spoke. "area of affairs? camp of commands? stronghold of services? there's a lot you can do name-wise, lady" Sans was already beginning to like this stranger. She had a peculiar sort of charm to her. She seemed eccentric but laid-back enough to treat the situation with an ease that Sans found appealing. "while i would be more than happy to help you figure out a name for this lovely domain, i think knowing a bit about the place would help me figure out some names," Sans said with a complimentary wink. "so uh, where are we exactly?"

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Twilight Sparkle -- Tower Ruins


Twilight jumped, startled by the harsh voice of another figure arriving on the scene. The human man who rushed in had shed his coat, and his top part was bared. Was clothing just as optional for humans as it was for ponies? She'd have to ask to confirm her suspicions, as this one could very well be an outlier. She nodded her head, a little unsure. "Yes, I can speak…?"


The cloaked figure, it spoke with a female voice. Nevertheless, Twilight was curious to see what was under that hood -- even if the shape was human, there was also the chance that it could be a sentient cloud of mist, or a cloak filled with hundreds of bees that managed to form their swarm into a coherent body. It -- she? -- drew her weapons, and it appeared that she was about to fight the shirtless human.


The moment was tense and silent, and Twilight found herself tilting her head down to prepare her horn for a potential spell. A cold wind blew from the direction of the man. It wasn't uncommon, from her experience, for humans and humanoids to have special abilities (were the markings on the man the equivalent of cutie marks?), and it was entirely possible that the drop in temperature came from him.


No one relaxed, not even her. She tensed up when the cloak asked if she was going to cast a spell or not, though the question was actually addressed to the man. "I have no idea why your magic is gone," Twlilight answered truthfully, "Nor do I know who that human is." She backed away a few steps, horn still at the ready, making sure that the two beings were both in her field of vision.



Pascal -- Castle Meadows


The skeleton was a riot! Pascal felt that they got along just fine. Stronghold of Services was a good one; Skelebro knew his stuff. Continuing on her train of thought, the young woman absently tapped her foot, trying to recall the name of this place. It didn't really matter at the time, but now that she had to explain to others their specific location… "I'm not entirely sure of our exact position myself, but we're somewhere called the Mushroom Kingdom," she remembered reading that on a sign in the castle, at least. "Though i haven't seen any mushrooms anywhere yet."

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this is literally just cry, punch, and 'how are you all totally okay with this' ))


Jack of Hearts - Kanae von Rosewald :: Lakeside


A gasp was their first sign of awakening.

Kanae woke suddenly, with violet-lashed eyes fluttering open on cresent-moon cheeks. Their hands grabbed at nothing in the air, lashing out in an attempt to steady themselves on the nothingness of the atmosphere before their being.

"Oh," they sighed, upon realising that the sky was such a beautiful shade of blue. Sitting up slowly, they swept across the horizon with a wary, tired gaze--oh?

The scene was not familiar. A crease rose between their eyebrows, and Kanae paused.

"Master Shuu?" they cried out, voice painfully small within the distance of their sight, and the purple-haired one waited an answer.


Where could he be?

"Ah, Master," they called again, staggering to their feet even as their chest screamed in pain, heart hammering across their ribcage. "Are you well, Master Shuu? Haiße, I will not forgive you if you harm my master . . . !"

They continued upon this rampage for a few precious seconds, before all the hatred collapsed their lungs entirely and Kanae fell to their knees, gaze staring distantly into the horizon.

"Master Shuu . . ." they whispered.

"Have you . . . forsaken me in a new world?"

The mockingly-bright sky seemed to blind them, the crystal-clear horizon of the waters threaten their sanity. Kanae's thoughts filled with poison, images of clocks stretching through their vision.




Tick, tick, tick.

Tick, tick tickticktickticktick--

They let their gaze drop to the ground, hunching over as their shoulders shook with unshed tears. Feeling desolate emotion tear at their being, Kanae closed in on themself as their breathing became strained, for this was a new world--

A new world that would hurt, would it not?

I do not wish to live without Master Shuu.

Where are you . . . ?

Why have you . . . ?

Come back to me.

Do not abandon me . . . !

"Master Shuu," they whispered between trembling, porcelain-white fingers, as they felt familiar anguish stir within them.

I will . . . find you.


First Class Investigator - Hairu Ihei :: Castle Meadows


His hand . . . was so warm.

Ihei opened her eyes slowly, a small smile flickering lazily across her face. Despite being a First Class Investigator, the female still liked, very much so, to sleep in against all odds. It was a wonder she made it to work at all, despite being almost frighteningly late at times, yet the pink-haired female cared not for the expectations of others.

All except . . . one.

Are you proud of me now . . . ?

I've trained hard.

She rolled over, stretching. Expecting to feel the warmth of her bed beneath her figure, sink within the delicate embrace of her pillow, the female was surprised to feel strands brush against the back of her uniform.

Uniform . . . ?

Immediately, the female was on her feet. How . . . ? A quick scan of the area taught her that the place was unfamiliar.

The enemy base . . . ?

Are there . . . ghouls?

A hand was on her briefcase, and knowing both Aus and T-Human were near brought a great deal of relief to the experienced Investigator. She swept an almost careless look across the area once more, senses tuned to perfection, and in the distance she noticed what appeared to be a gathered group of individuals.

Friends . . . ?

Or foes?

This world is killed or be killed.

With apprehension cloaking her breath, Ihei pulled up the hood of her uniform so her face was obscured from the general view. Slowly, she began approaching the figures in the distance.

Whatever this place is . . .

Wait for me.

A finger clicked onto the briefcase's trigger, prepared to release her quinque at a moment's notice.

I will exterminate all the ghouls . . .

And meet you at the garden.

I will not . . . fail.


Quinx Squad - Saiko Yonebayashi :: Castle Meadows


Mom, I'm hungry.

Aren't you always?

The girl meandered through the flowers, a look of utter distaste upon her features. Her stomach rumbled, and Saiko delicately pressed a hand against it in an attempt to placate her hunger.

When was the last time she ate?

I didn't have breakfast this morning.

Never skip any three meals!

Despite waking up in an unfamiliar place, the girl was not alarmed.

Urie will find me . . . or Mutsuki, or Haise . . .

I won't be alone . . .

Wahh . . . I hope they bring beancakes.

Urie will bully me if he finds me.

. . . !

I can't let Urie find me!

He's so mean . . . he'll blame me for waking up in an unfamiliar place!

I hate his face a lot . . . He never smiles.

At the sudden thought of Kuki Urie finding her impossibly lost and also very late to work, Saiko picked up momentum. She did not know what she was running from, nor which direction she was running, yet the girl feared the possibility of such a cruel villain catching onto her rouse. No, she wouldn't let Urie pick on her anymore . . . !

So rushed in her thoughts was Saiko that the girl failed to notice anything in front of her--she ran onwards, huffing as she did so, for her stamina was not great and already suffering without the aid of a proper meal, and so she stumbled through the grass, nearly tripping over small stones in her path.

It wasn't until it was too late that she unfortunately collided with the back of one unsuspecting unknown--the person was wearing a large blue hoodie, and had seemed only moments ago to be standing and talking with another group. Saiko rubbed her head, groaning as she regained her senses, and looked up--

She stared into the face of one surprised . . . skeleton?

It was true. The newcomer had no skin, no eyes--for hollowed sockets where glowing pupils lay embedded were all that regarded her back, and the girl shrieked and launched herself backwards.

Bokusatsu . . . where was Bokusatsu . . . ?

I'm sorry, Urie!

I'll fold your laundry for a month, just come help me now!

What if . . .

What if they're ghouls?

I'm not ready to die . . .

I haven't been able to finish Dandelion: Wishes Brought To You yet . . .

Haise . . . Mama . . . Where are you . . . ?

She looked around, only to see a . . . lady with scales . . . ?

Saiko covered her mouth, trembling. Is this how I die . . . ?

I haven't completed Laito's route in Diabolik Lovers . . . !

"Don't hurt me!" she burst out, looking around. She caught snatches of blond hair, red hair, and . . . purple . . . ?

Ghouls . . . and monsters . . . ?

If I survive this . . . I'll never skip practise ever again!

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Morgan opened her eyes slowly, blinking at the harsh sunlight. She looked down and noticed she'd been laying down in the middle of some grass and had no idea how she got there. Yes! This was how Dad started out, I'm closer to becoming as good a tactician as him than ever before! This is amazi- wait a minute... Dad didn't have any memories when it happened to him and I do... She could clearly remember how boring Ylisse had been without any need for battling or strategy, and how she had spent her time poring over tactics books until she was rereading all the same ones. Alright, I guess this change is for the better. Time to get in a fight! She stood up, straightening her long cloak and making sure her pants and knee-high boots hadn't gotten any dirt on them before checking her bag. Book of Naga... Bolganone... Forseti... and of course my trusty sword. I can work with this.

Observing her surroundings, she noted that the sky and grass seemed a little too bright, that she was near a crumbling tower, and that- ooh, a fight!

She walked toward the two strange figures purposefully, her book of Naga starting to give off a white glow. "Hey, you three! I wouldn't advise starting up a skirmish unless you want to get hit with a couple doses of Naga, so how about you just calm down a little." She turned to Gray. "And put on some clothes for heck's sake!"


Zero was scanning the water to see if anyone had been in the lake like him, but turned away when he heard Croire chittering excitedly. "#$}{€^^¥|||`¶¡¡¡" She was doing her best to try and point to a figure over by another section of the lake. He headed towards them, noting features as he got closer. Purple hair... pale skin... this was obviously a young... boy? girl? He couldn't tell without seeing their face. Resting one hand on his blaster, he reached the youth's side. "Hey, are you okay? C'mon, I'll help you up." He offered his hand to the crumpled figure, then noticed for the first time that they were crying. Dropping to one knee, he patted their back. "Hey, I know it's a new world and it might be overwhelming, but crying doesn't get rid of that. Unless you're native to this world, in which case I could use some help finding someone."


Minato tilted his head, slightly confused. "Mushroom Kingdom? You say that as if you don't actually know what that is. I guess a much better question would be how we got here, and why." Well, I did cheat death so anywhere would really be okay with me, but if it's here I'd at least like to know why... Just in case, I'd better check something. Interlocking his fingers and keeping them straight, he made an X with his hands. "Kai!" When nothing changed, he frowned. "If it was Genjutsu this would all be easier to explain..."

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She had wanted to journey past the Isles ever since she was little, short-haired, and still falling out of the trees she tried to climb. But now, not until she was sure the situation after the war in Valeria had mostly been smoothed over, that Catu--no, Queen Versalia (in public, anyway)--had no more opposition to the throne, that those irritating warmongers were quelled, all the churches and whatever relief provided to those scarred by war were operating as should, and so much more. Then her sisters decided to put her to sleep and book her a passage on the last ship of the season to the mainland.

And that wasn't even counting how she still needed to adjust to the fact that she can hear the voices of honest-to-gods.... Well, gods. She had gotten used to the fact that her wind magic was nearly twenty times as potent as it used to be a long time ago, with the help of a few trees, some rocks, and one unlucky gryphon. And the fact that she, along with her sisters--can sense magic in a way that surpasses even the skill of the Star Seer Warren. At this thought, Cistina involuntarily shuddered as she imagined the aura of corruption and black magic that was arrived with the appearance of the two ogres wash over her...

She shook her head to clear the thought. At any rate, in the present, the sun was shining bright and the air up near the crow's nest on the ship was fresh with the salt-tinged smell of the sea. Hand and feet positioned securely on the coarse rigging, not that she would have died if she fell, Cistina ran a hand through her hair and raised her head to feel the wind...Wait.


"Miss! Get down!"


Her eyes flew wide and her head snapped to the side as a wave of unfamiliar magic washed over her, then gasped at the sight of a rip in the sky itself, surrounded by maelstrom of lightning mana. The crew member who was on the nest was climbing down as fast as his limbs could get him down. Cistina didn’t bother with climbing the rigging, she just pushed herself off the ropes and muttered an incantation as she fell—


Shaman, this is no magic of our world!


Goddess Hahnela? Why are-!


She was being sucked towards the-the—the—whatever it was—instead of falling gently towards the deck of the ship. People were milling about and shouting, some of them pointing at her. She made a few desperate attempts to grab the rigging, the sails, just any part of the ship at all, but the thing was sucking her in faster and she couldn’t grab anything—

I wish you luck, shaman. Be safe.


The surface of the lake broke again, this time by a girl with silver-streaked hair wearing yellow and a spear strapped to her back. Cistina headed for the closest shoreline, gasping for breath as she swam. There were other people at the shore at a glance;, was the red one kinda familiar? Didn’t he zoom past her underwater a few seconds prior? She reached the shore at last, panting...She wasn’t prepared for swimming right now…

Goddess Hahnela?


No reply. And come to think of it, the background noise that was constantly in her head, whispers and snatches of gods’ conversations, was gone. Cistina looked at the red man walking around—gods, was all that red armor?—and called: “Hello! Do you know where we are?”



Kami flopped down on the leather mattress he called a bed with a groan. His head felt like hell again, after some unbidden fragments of memories hit his head earlier in the day like a lightning bolt. Or one of Kan’s wayward Flash Crack Boom!s when he was just learning magic.

But it was a good thing. He was remembering the last bits of his forgotten past (though why he was only remembering now was still a conundrum for the ages) and the Princess was sleeping soundly in an adjacent tent since he and Ton, Kan, and Chin didn’t have time to build anything before they brought her back, but she claimed she didn’t mind since she was used to similar conditions in the Dark Heroes’ hideout; in Kami’s opinion, she deserved much better than a tent made of dodonga hide, a leather mattress that you can’t feel the feather stuffing through, and a blanket of manbroth fur.

She was worried about him when they were getting back to their own hideout, as if she knew that he was getting a mind-numbing migraine, and had advised him to go to sleep early, but he couldn’t sleep when fretting over her.


She was safe now, though. Sukopon spotted any threat that approached, Silver Hoshipon spotted everything Sukopon didn’t (plus, it was generally agreed that Silver Hoshipon didn’t sleep), the entrance to the hideout is a castle gate with a heavy portcullis... Among other things… So why did Kami have this gut instinct that something was very, very wrong?


But was the feeling about the princess? Kami pushed himself up from the bed and checked her tent for the umpteenth time. Still sleeping peacefully on, blankets wrapped around her like a newborn babypon. The fire in her tent had smoldered into tiny embers now, but that was the only difference from when he last checked on her. Kami tossed another log on and poked the fire until it caught before returning to his tent. He needs to sleep, if only his mind would let him…


When he came to, the sun was shining on his mask. Wait. He was in a tent with only a hole for fire smoke. Kami propelled himself up and looked around wildly. He was in a green grassy meadow and the sky was a shade of bright blue… Bright blue? He doesn’t know a place where the sky was *this* blue. There was a castle—a castle!? Kami tensed, but forced himself to relax. No, this castle looked nothing like one of Bonedeth design; for one, there wasn’t enough of that ghastly green color and those creatures there looked nothing like bonedeth anyway, assuming this castle was theirs’. And right behind him, there was a tower that was mostly in ruins, with the rock that his head was on much too rectangle to be natural. Kami knelt and picked his spear, contemplating if he should head towards the creatures over there or go somewhere else.


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((Smol second post is smol))


I sat down, confused. Why weren't these strange Beastclans attacking? How were they all capable of speaking common Draconic? And how come none of them have been documented? The one that was shouting looked sort of like a base- it had all of the common traits of every species yet none of the unique ones. There were two more nearby, one who almost looked like a skeletal version of the first and one that looked like a Maren, despite being able to breathe on land. I decided it would be best to observe them and flee if they decided to attack. After all, I was a Pearlcatcher dragon- one of the worst species at combat, physical or magical- and I was outnumbered three to one. There was no way I win, so I quickly conjured a scroll and began writing down notes.

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They had stepped through the door to light, him and Riku. They stood together and Sora's vision became filled with the blinding doorway as it consumed them both. Wherever it placed them, Sora was ready with Riku at his side. In less than a moment, he was falling from the sky, one of two specks of light in the dusky sky. Partially conscious, he felt cool water envelop him completely, the taste of salt water filling his mouth. Blinking, he quickly swam to the surface, his head of spiky, maple-brown hair breeching above the water just as Riku's white-haired head did.


For a moment, the two bobbed there, trying to gauge their location. "Sora! Riku!" Sora's heart leapt into his throat at the sound of the familiar voice and he twisted around, spying Kairi on the shore, waving and smiling. Her red hair and pink clothing stirred faintly with the breeze. Glancing back at Riku with excitement and surprise, the boy surged forward, swimming towards the beach.


Staggering to his feet once they touched the bottom of the shallow water, Sora was quickly jumped on by Donald and Goofy, King Mickey running past to embrace Riku. "We're back!" Sora exclaimed.


Kairi smiled. "You're home," she stated warmly.


"Sora! Kairi!" Riku's shout wasn't excited. It sounded more worried. Looking over his shoulder, Sora saw Riku pointing out at the ocean. Glancing quickly at his feet, the boy's eyes widened when he noted how the water was receding.


"Oh no..." Sora breathed, shaking his head. Looking at the ocean again, he watched as the water began to amass and swell, a distinct wave beginning to form. "Get away from the shore!" he shouted, shoving Goofy away from the ocean. The tall canine gave a hoot of fear and scrambled forward, tripping over his large feet, while Donald shrieked as he hopped and waddled.


The giant wave crashed down on his head. Sora's last sight was Riku being swept off his feet along with the others. Everyone's got to be okay! Blinding light enveloped him once more and his thoughts trailed off into heartbroken fear.




He was falling again. Why was he always falling? Stirring slowly into consciousness, Sora felt the wind bombard his body, lashing his clothes and hair as he plummeted from the clouds. Blinking his eyes open, he gasped and twisted so that he was no longer falling backwards and could see the expanse of green fast approaching. Shouting, he flailed his arms and looked about, hoping to find something to arrest his fall.


There. A large castle stood among the green. It would be uncomfortable but Sora figured it was his best bet. With a shower of light and a faint sound of magic, the Keyblade appeared in his hand. Angling himself differently, he aimed the weapon. "Fire!" he rushed, a blazing ball of flames exploding from the tip of the blade. As the fireball launched outward, Sora was propelled backwards in the direction he wanted, causing his trajectory to veer.


But, now he was falling faster and the red tiles of the castle's rooftops filled his vision. "Aero!" A barrier of wind surrounded him, buffering the impact with the titles but not dampening the amount of jarring his body was dealt. Crying out, he was tossed off the roof by momentum and fell to the ground. Several tiles came with him, ripped off by his collision and the spell. The Aero didn't last as long as it should have though, dying away within moments of Sora hitting the roof.


Hitting the ground, his lungs were knocked empty and he rolled for several yards, rocks hitting bits of his body until he lurched to a stop (face first) in a patch of sand. Groaning, Sora picked himself up to his hands and knees, spitting out the dirt and sand filling his mouth. Shaking his head, he sat back on his rear, legs kicked out in front of him. Rubbing the side of his head, he grimaced as he willed the aches and pain away. Eventually, the throbbing dulled to only a minor nuisance and he blinked his blue eyes open. "Wha-?"


Quickly, he looked around, startled. That second flash of light must have been another doorway, transporting him to another world. Frowning, he picked himself up, dusting off his clothes and hair. Alright. Another world. Hopefully he can find out just which world it is really quickly. Twisting about, he took in his surroundings. The castle was to his left and so was a bridge, a lake to his right and a field to his back and front.


He didn't see any of his friends. That worried him most of all. "Riku! Kairi! Mickey, Goofy!" he started shouting, cupping his hands around his mouth. "...Donald?" Sora's voice trailed off as he got no responses. When was the last time he had felt so alone? It almost hurt until he reminded himself that he was never alone - his friends were always with him and providing him strength. Even when he couldn't see them or hear them.


Right then. He needed to find out what world this was and figure out a way to reunite his friends. If all worked out nicely, they would still be at Destiny Islands. If they didn't jump into a Gummy Ship and go from world to world trying to find him of course. Spotting a trio in the near distance by the lake, Sora started walking towards them. "Hey!" he shouted to get their attention, waving.

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[ Kuki Urie : Castle Meadow ]


I want...to win…

against that ghoul...

(My prize.)

He woke up in the meadow.



Where am I?

Kuki recalled Noro, the ghoul from Aogiri.

The sudden attack when they all thought that Noro was taken down.

Rank 1 Michibata, the investigator that dealt the “final” blow.


But what about everyone else?




...and Sasaki?

As far as he knew, Sasaki was on the rooftop.

Am I dead?



I refuse.

Kuki clenched his fist. His body (thankfully) felt solid.

Ah, and his briefcase was nearby.

Was he alive?

What happened to the mission????

This can’t be the afterlife.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

He could breathe.

Everyone must be here then.

I don’t know why we’re here...the Lunatic Eclipse doesn’t have a meadow.

“Kuramoto? Squad Leader? Mutsuki? Saiko?” he yelled.

Kuki paused for an answer.

“(It’s useless.) Are they even here?”

He swore.

Was Noro here too?


Kuki bit his lip and brought out Tsunagi.

If Noro was really here, then Kuki would use his kagune against the ghoul.

I’ll fight you myself.

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"I'm not entirely sure of our exact position myself, but we're somewhere called the Mushroom Kingdom. Though I haven't seen any mushrooms anywhere yet."

The Mushroom Kingdom? That didn't sound like a civilization that could live on the Surface and it most definitely wasn't anywhere in the Underground. Sans wasn't sure if he should count that as a good outcome or something he should worry about. If he wasn't in the Surface or the Underground and retained his memories of the previous timeline, than there was no way the occurrence of strange events had been a result of a reset, right? But at the same time, if Sans didn't know where he was and didn't know how he got there, then who exactly moved him, and Undyne for that matter, into the meadow next to a castle? The stranger, although seemingly more enlighten about the situation, appeared to be befuddled if not to a lesser extent than everyone else. In fact, by glancing over at the nearby lake and castle, Sans could see more people scattered across the ground with a few select persons standing up and interacting with one another. Whatever had happened, it must have been on a grand scale. Sans knew either he or somebody else would have to ask the woman about how exactly everyone got into the meadow, if she knew that was, but, even with that weighing on his mind, Sans couldn't help but snicker at the name "Mushroom Kingdom" when the woman mentioned it and begin to go through his brain and think up of all the mushroom jokes he had laid out. He could ask about the mysterious force that brought everyone to the meadow in a little while. Right now was a perfect opportunity for a joke and he wasn't going to let it go to waste.


"the mushroom kingdom?" Sans asked as he let out a chuckle of delight. "that's a great name; it's absolutely fantastic. oh, hey, lady, what do mushrooms eat when they sit around the camp-" Sans didn't get to finish his joke. Right as he was about to finish his sentence, someone had bumped right into him, causing him to stumble forward and fall flat on the ground. Sans let out a soft grunt as he landed on the ground. He attempted to pick himself up, twisting his body around and pushing himself backwards as he tried to wiggle himself out from other the stranger's weight. When he looked up at who had slammed into him, he caught the sight of what appeared to be a young girl, a human by the looks of it. "well hey there, kid," Sans said while grinning. "how are-" Once again, the girl interrupted Sans, this time with a horrified shriek as she stood up and backed herself away from him. Terror lighted up in her face and she screamed out loud, begging everyone not to hurt her.

"whoa there, kid," Sans said as he stood himself up, waves his hands in a non-threatening gesture as he did so. "nobody is going to hurt you. we're all just as confused and worried as you are. there's no need to panic, kid." Sans noted that blond human asked the question of, "how did we get here" and made some strange motion with his hands before saying something about Genjutsu. Well, at least he wouldn't have to ask the big question later on. There also appeared to be another newcomer who had just woke up. He appeared to be yelling out names but he didn't seem to notice the group of people right next to him. He would need to get caught up as well but right, Sans's concern was the terrified girl who didn't seem to take well to running into a skeleton. Sans remembered that when he and the rest of the monsters came to the Surface, it took a while for the humans to become accustomed to their presence. Perhaps the same thing applied to this girl? "hey, uh, if you need me to back up or something so you can take a breather, just tell me, alright?" Sans said steadily, winking in an attempt to lighten the mood. "i can understand if you need to take a minute to cool off. we all need a break once in a while, right?"

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The alicorn finally broke the silence, aware of the growing tension between us all.

" I have no idea why your magic is gone," She began. " Nor do I know who that human is."

I stared incredulously. " You don't know him?" I said, pointing with my glaive. " Who is he? Who are you?" I looked to the mage. " One of you has to come from here!"

" Hey, you three! I wouldn't advise starting up a skirmish unless you want to get hit with a couple doses of Naga, so how about you just calm down a little."

I whipped around at the new voice, spotting another human approaching in the distance with a glowing tome in her hands. I tightened my fists, getting ready to evade some attacks; cornered by two human mages! Next thing I know, the alicorn is lying!

The girl looked at the "wind" mage, giving him a exasperated look. " And put on some clothes for heck's sake!"

She knows him! I assumed, my eyes narrowing into a glare.

" You are both foolish to start cornering me like this." I hissed. " Come one step closer, mage-girl, and you're dead! I could use that extra soul..." I searched her, still contemplating if it would be wise to get into a fight when I couldn't even fly in my current state.



Screams are pretty good at redirecting your attention. I whipped up and around, looking at the roof of the castle next to us but keeping my glaives at the ready in case either of the mages saw an opportunity. I saw no one, but that was definetly a cry from the sky...

Another unwilling transient? How many of them are there? There's the alicorn, and then there's me... are the mages planning something?! Or... are they out of place too?

I whipped back around, first to the male mage and then to the female one.

" You both have one minute to prove you're native to these lands!" I spat. " Either you don't belong, or you do belong and you're an enemy!"


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Jack of Hearts - Kanae von Rosewald :: Lakeside


"Hey, are you okay? C'mon, I'll help you up."

A . . . voice?

Kanae immediately looked up, eyes wide. Before them, they saw a stranger.

An enemy . . . ?

The newcomer stretched out a hand, yet upon catching sight of Kanae's crumpled features dropped to a knee and gently touched their back. The touch made Kanae jump, unused to such delicate handlings, and the purple-haired one could only stare in surprise, scarred eyes wide.

"Finding . . . someone?" they echoed, taking a moment to collect their thoughts. Kanae dropped their eyes, staring at the grass before them as their hands curled into fists, shoulders shaking.

"I do not know," they replied, shaking their head. "Hass . . . I am just as lost as you, stranger." A pause, and then Kanae's head snapped up and purple eyes blazed with an internal desperation.

"You would not happen to know anyone by the name of Tsukiyama, would you?"

Fingers coiled around the grass in his grasp, and in stress Kanae ripped a few delicate strands from their roots.

What if this was a trap?

Could the other be working for the CCG?

And yet . . . they had spoken so gently, acted so lovingly.

It's . . . been a long time.

Before Kanae could think further, they were interrupted by the emergence of yet another figure from the water.

Rising through the seafoam . . . a lady of the lake.

How frighteningly beautiful.

The purple-haired one was silent, eyes apprehensive as they watched the approaching figure. In addition, another voice called out in the distance, and bloodshot eyes immediately snapped to the figure of someone in the distance.

This was . . . too much.

A trap?

They do not like being outnumbered.

Kanae got on their feet slowly, swaying slightly, and tucked themselves within the black, all-covering Aogiri cloak. Easily suspicious, they stayed silent.


First Class Investigator - Hairu Ihei :: Castle Meadows


Ihei approached the figures in the distance at a steady pace, watching carefully. She was taken aback when the blond-haired one suddenly gestured, shouting out as he did so--what?

She raised the briefcase, fingers coiled tightly around its trigger.

Unfortunately, before she could think to act nor introduce herself, another figure crashed into one of the others, the shorter who had been wearing a blue hoodie and the intruder wearing . . .

The CCG uniform?

How interesting.

Perhaps there was . . . no need for alarm, then.

Ihei slowly withdrew her cloak, allowing the fabric to fall down and reveal a head of light pink, cherry blossom hair.

I need a . . . place to hide.

Where can you hide in a meadow?

Light eyes regarded the group in the far off distance, and Ihei waited.

Is it safe . . . ?


Quinx Squad - Saiko Yonebayashi :: Castle Meadows


"nobody is going to hurt you. we're all just as confused and worried as you are. there's no need to panic, kid."

Saiko let out the breath she had been holding in, eyes wide as she regarded the skeleton. He . . . spoke?

How . . . ?

This isn't possible . . . !

"Don't eat me!" she burst out again, staring into the skeleton's eyes.

Black sclera . . .

A ghoul . . . ?

No . . . !

I'm too young to die . . . !

Should she . . . use her kagune?

Wild eyes scanned around, and she realised that the group the skeleton seemed to accompany seemed perfectly placid. How . . . ?

Do they not know . . . of ghouls?

Or . . .

Are they are . . . ghouls?

She failed to hear the skeleton's next words, so terrified was she in this revelation that she may have just stumbled into a ghoul's nest.

With a pop, she withdrew her kakugan. Her left eye blinked once, and when it opened a grey colouring had overtaken the sclera, with the red iris shining vividly.

"S-stand back!"

I . . . I need to hold on!

Until Haise . . .

Until he comes for me . . . !


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She was about to straight up tackle him -- seeing a familiar face in the midst of all this weirdness ignited all of her energies inside of her, but stopped as soon as he said anything. Though, as soon as she stopped, she was speechless, and didn't know what to do... or to say. The megaverse? About to shatter? Could she do anything about it? Probably not. Undyne didn't think too oddly about the man, even with his odd fashion choice of headband and official-looking vest -- Frisk wore a tutu with their striped shirt when the two battled -- but then he made an odd gesture and caught a mention of Genjutsu. She was curious about Genjutsu -- including Frisk, all of the humans she met didn't have any powers. ...And the Mushroom Kingdom? She didn't see (or hear) of any mushroom-related civilization in the Surface, and, while Waterfall had a couple of mushroom beds here and there, those mushroom beds aren't exactly the most abundant thing there.


She noticed a girl, which she presumed was human, til she finally noticed her odd eye. Undyne jumped away from her, giving her adequate spacing to fight, and her spear appeared in her hands. She bared her teeth, not wanting to lose a familiar face. "Really? I should be saying that!"

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[ Kuki Urie : Castle Meadow ]


"Don't eat me!"

"S-stand back!"

A voice.


Kuki turned and noticed a group of people nearby...and a skeleton?

The skeleton appeared to be talking to a panicked Yonebayashi.

That can’t be a ghoul, right?

He rolled his eyes.

I’ll (try to) help her.

Kuki moved towards the group.

“Yonebayashi, stay back. (I’ll do the work.)”

If you trained more, maybe you wouldn't be scared.

He lowered his voice.

“Don’t use your kagune yet, we don’t know who these people are...unless you already made yourself acquainted with them. (I'm sure you did though.)”

Kuki glared at the skeleton. “Who are you? (I wouldn’t mind cutting you down. Consider it as target practice.)”

I want a promotion after this.


edit: (italic) isn't spoken by kuki; those are his thoughts along with italic.

some examples (in canon): x y z


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Pascal -- Castle Meadows


"How you got here?" she echoed the blond man, who made an X with his hands and muttered something about a Genjutsu (was it something edible?). She mimicked him by crossing her forearms in an X, like a sign for no. "I was working on a portal earlier to try to make use of the energy of the Transfer Point here," the young woman gestured vaguely with her hands, "you know, distortions in time-space that allow for travel, but like, on a bigger scale! There's a lot of smaller portals in this place too, but none of them that allow for inter-universal travel." She paused. How could she phrase the next part? "What's happened isn't really the intended result, but you're all here now so I guess my experiment was a success! Better you land here then in some desert somewhere inhabited by crocodiles." Her hands finally settled on behind her head, fingers interlocked, as she smiled sheepishly.


Seeing the dragon that woke up suddenly sit back down and write on a scroll, Pascal took the opportunity to stall a bit longer. She siddled over to the purple creature and peered over the sheet, eyes twinkling with curiosity. She understood none of the writing, and she wasn't even sure if the dragon understood anything they were saying -- though, it was probably sentient to some degree, judging by the clothes it wore and the fact that they were using a writing implement. Not much different from Twilight, or the orange dragon. "What'cha doing, Mr. Dragon?" she asked, oblivious to -- or perhaps deliberately ignoring -- the fight about to break out behind her.


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sans - castle meadow


"Don't eat me!"

"ah come on kid, im not going to eat you," Sans said as the girl shrieked again. "i dont even have stomach,"

geez, this lady's really out of it. The girl was not handling the situation well. Sans wasn't sure if she had just even seen a skeleton before, wasn't comfortable with herself in an unfamiliar area, or both. Either way, someone had to calm her down before she did something she would regret. The way she was glancing between everyone in the small group in a panicky fashion was more than worrying. Just Sans was trying to figure out what other words of comfort he could say to soothe the girl's nerves, she suddenly withdrew what appeared to be a small hammer. She blinked her left eye and to reveal that it had changed grey with a red iris that shined menacingly.

"S-Stand Back!" she commanded once more, her fear evident in her posture and voice.


"oh geez, okay" Sans said as he took a few steps back with his hands held in a pacifistic manner. "put down the hammer, kid. nobody has to get hurt." Just as Sans was attempting to coerce the girl out of whacking someone with her hammer, Undyne thought now would be the best time to move into an offensive stance with one of her many spears in her hand.

"come on, undyne," Sans said as he took another step back. "dont you think fighting is a little unnecessary right now? didnt frisk teach us that you could solve your problems without violence? we can resolve this peacefully"

hopefully we can. At the rate the situation was escalating, a fight was going to break out before anything was resolved. The last thing Sans wanted to do was kill a kid he barely knew. After everything that happened in the Underground, Sans didn't want to start another cycle of child murder, even if it wasn't in the Underground. Because the matter wasn't complicated enough, someone else woke up and immediately took action. He apparently knew who the girl was, addressing her as Yonebayashi, before pushing her behind him and asking who Sans was.


"oh me?" Sans said, greeting the stranger with a big smile. "name's sans, sans the skeleton. you folk look just as confuse as us. you neednt worry, i have as much of an idea as to whats going on as you do. the same goes for about everyone here except our lovely host." Sans motioned towards Pascal before continuing. "seeing as nether of us have a greater understanding of the situation, i would propose we cease hostility-" Sans gave Undyne a quick look. "-and figure out what's going on as opposed to bashing each others skulls in before we even know why were here." Sans, once again, winked at the strangers in order to lighten the mood. Thankfully, before anything else could occur, the hostess of the evening decided to, if not vaguely, answer the blond guy's question as to how everyone got to the field. The large grin that had persistently stayed stretched across Sans's face wavered for a moment.


"hey, lady," he called as she smiled sheepishly at the crowd. "messing with the space time continuum is something you probably shouldnt do. but, considering where we are now, i guess its a bit too late to warn you about it." Unfortunately for Sans, the woman appeared to be preoccupied with whatever the dragon was doing. Chuckling anxiously, Sans ran his hand over his head, much like someone would if they had hair on their head. Good Lord, had that woman ripped everyone from their timeline and brought them here? No, it couldn't be their timeline. She said inter-universal travel. That meant different universes and, to an extent, dimensions, didn't it? Had she torn people out of their worlds and brought them to... wherever they were? No, no, that couldn't be it. That wasn't possible. Frisk's resets were powered through Determination and that only dealt with timelines. That had nothing to do with other worlds or universes or whatever was going on and yet there was nothing about the girl's statement that sounded like a lie. She was vague, sure, but it sounded like she expected everyone to know what she was saying rather than trying to hide the truth. Sans did on occasion as did Alphys. So what in God's name was going on? Sans didn't understand nor did he think he would understand unless he had a better grasp on what was going on. "well, there you have it," Sans said as he managed to get a better grip on his grin. "so, how about we all put away the weapons and try to figure out what to do next?" Sans shoved his hands into the pockets of his jacket, balling his hands into fists as he did so. Sans was planning on figuring out exactly what happened, but first he ended to get the strangers to calm down. Perhaps making himself as non-threatening as possible would do the job.

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