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[IC] X-DREAMERS: A Massive Multiplayer Crossover

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Canada exhaled, closing his eyes. His breath came out in a thick, misty cloud, dispersing into the air. Ice expanded outwards for miles, coated in a thick layer of snow, glittering in the sunlight.




“It’s really nice out, eh, Kumajohn?”

The bear, sitting on the snowmobile, blinked up at him. “Who are you?”


Canada sighed. Perhaps he should go back to the cabin soon. His fingers were starting to ache with cold, and the wind seemed to be picking up. Still, he didn’t really want to. It felt good, just being out alone in the cold with Kumabo. Ah, well. Safety first, eh?


He checked to make sure that the hunting rifle strapped to his back was still secure. It was just a precaution- there were bears in this area, and not all of them were as friendly as Kumaren. Canada hated the thought of hurting a polar bear, but getting mauled was a really unpleasant experience. Besides, bears weren’t the only dangerous things out here.


He started to reach for his helmet, but before he could he was blinded by a harsh light. What…




When he opened his eyes, the light was gone and he was lying on the ground. Where.. where was he? Definitely not on the on the frozen lake anymore- the sky was the wrong colour, and… was that grass? “Kuma-Kumakana…?” he called out. He couldn’t hear the bear- whatever strange force had transported him must have left Kumaro behind. Oh, no, oh no, this wasn’t good. Had England messed up a spell again? England probably messed up a spell again. Maple, what could he do about this…? Would Kumatala be alright?


Groaning, he sat up. A few metres to his left was a glittering lake, and he could hear people talking nearby. Someone with purple hair, a kid with odd, spikey hair, a lady with a spear, and… someone wearing a sort of red armor? What a strange group- half of them looked like they came from video games. “He-hello?” he asked, too quiet to be heard, as he pulled his gloves off. He brought himself to his feet, struggling with his thick clothing; he needed to remove his jacket and ski pants before he overheated. Working quickly, he unstrapped his rifle and set it on the ground. He then unzipped his jacket and shrugged it off his shoulders, revealing a red maple leaf bunny hug. Next, he untied his boots and removed them so he could take off his ski pants. That was better, though the sudden heat was making his fingers hurt.


Was… was that a bear and an old man walking towards them? It wasn’t Kumachico, obviously, but it seemed tame enough. Ah, what was going on? England had never messed up this badly! “Please, someone? Where am I?” Louder this time, good. Hopefully, someone would notice him.

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Sora - Lakeside


The guy in red armor didn't seem too amused by Sora's journey remark and, for a moment, Sora paused. However, the purple-haired kid started to respond and get to their feet. Smiling anew, Sora stood up as well, clasping his hands behind his head, laughing lightly. "Great!" he responded.


More voices.


Blinking and letting his hands fall back to his sides, the boy took in the other woman who spoke and the appearance of an old man with a bear. Lastly, a blond man spoke up, removing some layers of thick clothing. Whoa. Guess introductions were in order then.


"The name's Sora!" he greeted, answering the commonly asked question among the group. Glancing at the woman with the spear, he nodded. "Yeah, another world. You got here through a portal? Well, I guess that counts as a doorway? I'm not sure. Things might have changed during the year I was asleep for..." He trailed off momentarily before shaking his head and continuing. "Gummi Ships, they're rockets used to travel from world to world among the stars. Each star is another world. Normally, the worlds aren't connected - people aren't supposed to travel between them. However, because of the Heartless, they've been connected for some time and worlds have been destroyed," he informed.


Rubbing the back of his head, Sora wondered how much he was actually allowed to say. Well, it couldn't hurt to explain everything. Could it? After all, they all seemed to be in the same situation. "I don't know what world this is, it's a completely new place for me," he said, directing his glance at the blond man to at least partially answer his question. "Mickey would have been better at explaining things..." he mumbled, thoughtfully.


Looking up at the sound of a loud roar, Sora turned his gaze towards the guy in red armor. "Yeah, I'm coming with. It could be trouble!" he exclaimed. Fighting was familiar to him. He could at least fall back on that since he didn't have his friends to help fill in the blanks of what happened.

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((Okay, that should be good.))


Sylla's walk towards the others was interrupted by a young man in the grass, calling out for help. He appeared to be in distress; only natural, given their situation.


The man seemed young enough, physically. He probably wasn't a day older than 20. He had light blonde hair and dark blue eyes, and was wearing eyeglasses. He looked as if he was rather timid. The man had taken off what appeared to be extra clothing, possibly for winter wear. But it didn't look like it had been woven or sewn by hand.


Were those clothes made by magic? It would explain why they look so strange... Wait, is that a rifle next to him? Even so, that's not important right now.


Sylla and his bear stopped in front of the man. As he did, he heard someone else nearby, this one a teenager, introducing himself as Sora. He then went into a long explanation about worlds, stars, and heartless men. Moments later, he decided to leave to go investigate a loud roar in the distance in case it was trouble.


That's the opposite of what we should be doing right now... Kids never know what they're doing.


The Spirit Bear curiously sniffed the man before them, before being discouraged by Sylla, who scowled at it.


"Now now, that isn't polite."


The bear kept to itself with an indignant grunt. The druid turned back to the man again.


"I don't know where we are, but I plan to find out. Don't worry, I won't let anything bad happen if I can help it." Sylla reassured the man. No need to panic yet, they didn't know what this was about.


"I'm Sylla, by the way." He added as an afterthought.

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UNDYNE - Castle Meadows


She moved her head a bit to see that the guide was fighting yet another dragon-like creature, of course amazed at his size... and, very slightly at his use of magic. But then, he might be of royalty, as, in the Underground, only royalty could use magic. Undyne felt an urge to summon her weapon once more to help the mage out, but, from what she could understand, the guide did attack first, and she felt that it was self-defense. He seemed to be stuck into this mess just like the rest of the gang, and they were all put in a situation that he... they, couldn't control. She couldn't blame them.


And still, there was these two... still asking about her spear. "Oh, uh. It's just a weapon? We don't call them, uh... quinques."

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...He honestly had no idea what Sora was talking about. It sounded like the sort of thing America and Japan liked- portals and rockets and travelling through worlds. The kid did seem to have some idea of what was going on, which was good? Canada had thought that England had caused this, but now he really wasn’t sure. He doubted that England could do something this powerful, even by accident. Perhaps the kid was right, then…? It still didn’t make sense though. There were so many questions he wanted to ask. Space didn’t work like that, did it? Why would an alien world be so similar to Earth, and how could rocket travel so far?


Nervously, he picked up his rifle and clutched it across his chest. He hoped that the others didn’t take that as a threat; that would be pretty awful, and he didn’t want to scare anyone. It was most likely a useless concern, as it wasn’t like he was holding it in any sort of useable position. Still, it was a weapon and-


An earsplitting roar interrupted his thoughts. He jumped and turned his head towards the noise with wide eyes- what was that? It was biological, definitely. Machines didn’t sound like that, and a speaker would have to be huge to be so loud. It… Oh, no. They were planning on moving towards it? That was an awful plan. They didn’t seem to have any more of an idea of an idea about it than he did. It’d be best if they could get to higher ground, or find some other way of learning about the situation. ”I don’t think that’s a good idea… Shouldn’t we figure out what’s going on first?” If he was honest, he’d probably end up following them if they decided to go. He needed information, and if they had any he needed to learn about it.


"I don't know where we are, but I plan to find out. Don't worry, I won't let anything bad happen if I can help it. I’m Sylla, by the way."


Matthew smiled softly at the bear as it sniffed him. Yeah, it was definitely a nice bear. He wasn’t sure what Sylla was planning on doing to stop anything bad from happening, but given the bear the man probably wasn’t quite normal. ”I’m Ca- Matthew. Matthew Williams.” It probably wasn’t a good idea to introduce himself as Canada. Not at this point, anyway. With luck, they’d actually remember his name.

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Lucas had done it. He had pulled the final needle. He had watched as the underground cave pulsed with unnatural colors, the ground rumbling violently underneath their feet as a geyser of steam gushed out of the tiny pinprick of a hole he'd opened. Now, all that was left was darkness, blackness that stretched out for as far as the eye could see. Did I do the right thing? he wondered dimly, as the world exploded in a burst of light.


When his eyes had adjusted to his suddenly illuminated surroundings, he'd noticed that he was lying down on an unfamiliar meadow. Rubbing his eyes, he looked around. Where was he? Where was everyone else?

Before he could consider this any longer, the sound of roaring in the distance snapped him out of his thoughts. Whatever it was, it sounded angry. As he looked for the source of the noise, he saw a group of strange people (and a bear?) walking in his direction. Though he recognized none of them, at the very least he could ask around and figure out what was going on. Scrambling to his feet, he approached the group.

"Excuse me, but do any of you know what this place is?" he asked.

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