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Pokémon: Distortion Games

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He began to wake and saw some champions. "Where am I...." He realized he was tired beyond belief. Standing seemed to drain him. "I'm Ahmed." He brushed himself off and recalled his pokemon. He was dusty and had dark rings around his eyes. The rings around his abdomen were his most distinguishing feature, other than the small horns and other weird stuff he had mutated.

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Katrina shivered as the warmth from the transformation left her. At least some of her hair had changed color, which was weird. It wasn't something that bothered her (on the contrary, she'd been thinking on and off about dying it), but she was a slight bit worried. Ho-oh had never mentioned anything about her physical appearance changing. Was there anything else they hadn't told her?


A small mirror was included in the room. She turned to look at it, curious about what her hair looked like. It was better than she expected. Bright streaks of color melded together, flowing down her shoulders. Her eyes, too, were different. They kept changing in color, from blue to violet to red. Her new appearance was fitting of the Rainbow Pokemon, then. "So, my hair's all colorful now, then?"


The legendary didn't reply.


Apparently she wasn't going to get much help, then. A bit bothered by this, she drew a hair tie from her pocket and pulled her hair back into a ponytail. Next, she put on a raincoat. The hood would hopefully hide her hair, for now. She'd like to avoid as many questions as possible until she reached the fields. There wasn't much that could be done about her eyes, but oh well. If anyone asked, then... ah, she'd cross that bridge when she came to it.


She returned Houndoom and Ninetales to their pokeballs before exiting the room and heading downstairs. She explained that there had been a change of plans and was leaving, then paid the price for the partial day use of the room and left the Pokemon Center.


In a flash of white light, she released Vaporeon from his pokeball and the pokemon trotted beside her. It was good to have some sort of protection, nowadays. Besides, Vaporeon actually liked the rain, unlike the more intimidating Houndoom. Might as well let him enjoy it.


Eventually, she reached the fields. There were many other people there- too many for it to be unrelated to her situation, what with the weather how it was. Another thing Ho-oh hadn't told her, then (should have asked a few more questions). She supposed that it did make sense: if she was Ho-oh's champion, then obviously the other legendaries had champions as well. That also explained why she was supposed to go to the fields in the first place, to meet the other champions. It had been an odd order. Maybe someone else had some more answers?

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"Yep. You're at Fortreee. Maybe you should have walked though." Moteki released his hand to examine it. It looked- well, like a hand.


'Yo Entei.'




'The fire coming out of my hand just now wasn't my imagination, right?'


Yep. It was very real. And hot.


"So, I'm Miteki Kurasama, that guy over there is Takaki Sakiyama. Entei and Zapados." He pointed to each of them in turn and gave the newcomers The Grin. His Typhlosion was looking warily at the new people. So was Takaki's Luxray.

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Lifting their nightgown over their head and off of their body, Branwen threw their gown to the floor and bent down to pick up the rest of their clothing. They faintly noted, as they pulled a shirt over their head, that it was not just their horns but their entire body that was cold to touch. Their horns felt like touching ice when Branwen brushed their fingers against it but their skin was not as freezing as their horns. Their skin was just chilly, not frigid like their horns. Unlike their daughter, their skin did not have a tint to it; they still retained the same beautiful, smooth brown skin they had before the transformation for which they were immensely glad of. After zipping up their pants, they examined themself in the nearby body mirror. A grey dress shirt grasped their torso comfortably while a brown belt secured the black pants reaching to their waist. They had put on some high-rising black boots that reached to a little below their knees for mobility. As fashionably as they liked to dressed, they didn't need to constrict themself for such an important event.


Satisfied with their choice of clothing, they exited the curtained room just as Cathy informed them that she was dressed and ready to go. Branwen grinned when they saw that Cathy had properly dressed herself, but frowned when they saw her lack of shoes. They would have preferred for Cathy to have some shoes on but with those strange new feet of hers, they weren't sure she could even put some on.

"Stay here, I'll be right back," Branwen said, motioning for Luxray to stay in place before turning and heading out of the side room. They glanced towards both of ends of the hallway to make sure none of their employees had arrived before turning back towards their bedroom. Both Branwen and Cathy kept their pokeballs in their bedrooms. Perhaps not the safest place to hide their Pokemon, but they had to keep them close, especially with all of the Legendaries disappearing. Now that Branwen thought about it, where even were the Legendaries? They obviously weren't dead, both Kyurem and Mewtwo had proven that. So just what was going on? Branwen shook their head as they opened the door to their bedroom. Kyurem said there would be answers once they arrived at the fields. Hopefully their words would ring true.


Walking up to the side of their bed, Branwen opened up the drawer of their nightstand to reveal six familiar pokeballs contained within it. They grinned faintly as they picked up one of the balls and rubbed it's surface gently with their hand. They had more Pokemon than just the six in the drawer, but these ones were special. Branwen battled primarily with the six while everyone else had various other uses. It wasn't that Branwen didn't love and care for their other Pokemon, it was simply that they had a special bond with the six they saw before them. Carefully placing the six balls in their respectably places on their belt, Branwen walked over to the other side of the room and bent down to examine the contents of their traveling bag. It was the basic purse-like bag that most trainers carried around while exploring the land. It contained potions, various berries, elixirs, pokeballs, and other various basic items that all trainers used. Branwen wasn't sure that they would need everything held within the bag, but it wouldn't hurt to have it. Slinging the bag around their shoulder, they exited the room and headed towards Cathy's bedroom.


After collecting Cathy's belt that had all of her pokeballs attached to it, Branwen returned to the dressing room and handed their daughter her belt.

"Put that on, we're going to be heading out," they explained before swinging their daughter into their arms. They reached for Luxray's pokeball with their freehand and returned her, watching as the red light consumed her form before leaping back into the pokeball. Carrying their daughter, Branwen marched outside of the breeding facility before plopping her on the ground. Taking out two of their pokeballs, they clicked the circular center, enlarging the balls. A stream of white light emitted from both of the falls as two forms appeared before them. The light retreated, leaving Starpator and Flygon out in the open.

"Can you make it on, Flygon, sweetie?" Branwen asked as the Pokemon stopped and stared at their trainer wide-eyed and clearly surprised by their transformation. "Do you need any help getting on? We're going to fly to the fields to make the trip quicker."

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Cathy nodded when her mother told her to wait as they left the room, leaving Luxray with her. While they were gone, she decided to look around, trying to figure out what she could do about her feet. She had seen the expression Branwen had made at realizing her feet were without suitable shoes and now Cathy wanted to please them. Finding a strip of fabric in one of the lockers, she tore it in two and sat down to wrap up her toes and ankles. Once done, she rose to her feet and searched for a jacket. Locating one, she grabbed it off the hanger and tugged it on.


By now, Branwen was returning with a travel bag and Cathy's belt of Pokémon. Her mother handed the belt to her and she stared at the six small spheres that rested securely on the strip of leather. Her eyes glowed once more and the belt floated from her hands, slithering around her waist and securing itself into place with a click. Blinking, her eyes returned to "normal" and her mother picked her up again, heading outside where she was placed on the ground. Already, water from the soaked ground seeped into the bandages she had wrapped around her feet, leaving an uncomfortable sticky feeling.


Beams of light shot towards the ground as Branwen called out Flygon and Staraptor. Cathy admired all of her mother's Pokémon but their six battlers were honestly her favorite. "Can you make it on, Flygon, sweetie?" Cathy nodded quickly, moving towards Flygon. "Do you need any help getting on? We're going to fly to the fields to make the trip quicker."


"No, I should be okay" Cathy responded, glancing at Flygon. The Pokémon looked uncertain about Cathy and the small girl frowned, anger flaring up in her chest. However, she shoved the feeling down; it wasn't Flygon's fault for her uncertainty. The Pokémon were handling the situation of their physical changes as well as anyone could be expected.


As Flygon lowered her body closer to the ground, Cathy climbed onto her back as if mounting a horse, leaning forward to wrap her wiry arms around the Pokémon's neck. Once settled, Flygon's wings began to vibrate rapidly with movement, constantly reminding Cathy of a fly's wings, ever buzzing. The ground dropped away and, despite the rain smacking against her coat and soaking into her pants, Cathy had to enjoy the wind created by flying. Some of her short, purple hair clung to her forehead due to the rain but she could ignore it for now. Though, she was going to be so happy to have her long, brown hair again when Mewtwo turned her back to normal.


If it did.


Glancing over at her mother, Cathy watched as Staraptor took to the air, the rain making for undesirable flying conditions for the bird Pokémon. However, he powered his wings without hesitation and, with guidance, turned in the direction of the fields, Flygon following suit. As they flew, wind blowing hair out of her face, Cathy rested her head against the back of Flygon's neck, her eyes fluttering with exhaustion. Maybe she could rest her eyes for a little while until they got to the fields. It was a nice idea and, whether she wanted to or not, the idea was brought to reality.


Before she knew it, Flygon was landing, the change in her movements arousing Cathy from her dozing state. A yawn worked it's way free and she drowsily rubbed at her left eye, blinking slowly. Flygon lowered herself once more and Cathy slid off, stumbling only briefly before she caught herself and regained her balance. "Are we here?" she asked, looking for her mother.


Across the short distance, she spotted a group of six other people and paused. Were they here for the same reason that she and her mother were? If that was the case, then that meant there were more Champions, more mutated people. Good. If she had to be this alien freak, someone else should be too.

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"Hey there's something up there-" Takaki started, pointing up to the sky. He was instinctively reaching for his poke ball, but realised that all his Pokemon were out.


"Oh. More people." Miteki waved. His Typhlosion was now looking warily at the new arrivals. His pigeot chirped when it saw the staraptor. "Hello!" He shouted across the field.


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Branwen squinted their eyes and stared down at the group of small people as Staraptor circled around to land with Flygon at his heel. They couldn't tell what the people looked like from such a distance but they could spot some differences in wild hair color and extra appendages. That group had to be composed of other Champions which made perfect sense. Kyurem didn't specify why they had to go the fields so meeting other Champions had to be one of the reasons. Perhaps they knew more than Branwen and Cathy did. Spiraling down from the sky, Staraptor gracefully landed on the ground, cooing softly as he did so. Branwen dismounted the avian, giving him an appreciative nod while doing so. The proud bird dipped in his head and response before shaking himself roughly to rid of the water droplets.


"I take it that you don't fancy the rain?" Branwen asked the Pokemon with amusement. He glared over at his trainer, making what Branwen could describe as an angry chirp in reply. Branwen chuckled at Staraptor's retort before pulling out his pokeball. "Well I won't let you suffer," the chuckled before clicking the ball opening, releasing a red stream of light that absorbed Staraptor before retreating back into the ball. "I do know someone who will appreciate the weather," Branwen mused to themself as they pulled out another pokeball, clicking the center of it in the process. White light pulsated out of it and disappeared as Luxray materialized before them. Her ears perked up and she glanced up at the sky as rain droplets pelted her. A roar of joy emitted from her lips and carried out through the air as she promptly threw herself on the ground and began rubbing her face against the grass purring all the while.


"Come on, we need to get moving," Branwen said, their voice losing the previous tone of amusement as they began to head towards the group of Champions. Luxray sprinted past Branwen and ran towards the group while Flygon stayed behind to follow Branwen and keep an eye on Cathy. Seeing Luxray run was a joyous moment for both the feline and Branwen. They had always regretted not having an open area in their breeding facility large enough for Luxray's taste. There was an area for Pokemon to run around and enjoy themselves, but it wasn't as large as Luxray would have liked. Now, she was flaunting her superior agility, making her way towards their group at an alarming speed. She skidded to a halt several feet ahead of the group, spraying dirt everywhere. Branwen could she her cautiously walking around the group, sniffing each individual with her ears flattened against her head.


As Luxray observed the group in her own manner, Branwen, Cathy, and Flygon were slowly making their way towards the group. As they got closer, Branwen noticed something that brought an immediate frown to her lips. They were all children. Not small children like Cathy, but teenagers. Branwen hadn't really thought as to why Mewtwo had chosen their sickly daughter but now that they saw the age of the rest of the Champions, they began to wonder just what on earth was going on in the Legendaries' minds. If they were to be participating in some earth-shattering matter, then why lay the responsibility on teenagers of all people? Branwen would have expected more adults. This was just unreasonable. Kyurem better have an excuse for such poor choosing.

"Well, this isn't what I expected," Branwen declared as they stopped several feet before the group, their eyes darting from person to person. Luxray, who had been curiously sniffing another Luxray, turned her attention to her trainer and pranced over to their side, promptly sitting down beside them with their eyes attentively looking out in front of them.

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"Well, Takaki, Miteki, I think I'll take exactly that route next time, I'm quite done leaving myself unconscious and vulnerable for the time being."


Brandon finally found the strength to at least sit up, and soon enough, he was standing.


"The other champions seem to be taking a better way than I did." Brandon said after Takaki pointed to the sky showing where he could see two trainers on their Pokemon in the air.


As they landed, Brandon could see that the transformation he had been through was substantially less dramatic than what it could have been. One was a smaller child, quite far from looking like a normal human, the other an adult with horns. That was when he realized that, given that all of the people currently around them were champions, this was the first adult he had seen. He also noticed another person with a ring around his abdomen that he seemed to have missed earlier.


"Well, this isn't what I expected." The adult stated with a rather discontent look on their face.


Brandon didn't feel right with all of the potentialy powerful threats around him and no protection, but to avoid the others mistrusting him as he did them, he carefully placed his words:


"Blade, come on out and play with all of these Pokemon. You too, Sly and Flare."


Brandon could tell that Blade was also somewhat uneasy, but he didn't think the others would notice, especially since not even Sly or Flare noticed the tension. The rain sizzled as it even approached Flare's head, which Brandon knew that Flare liked, and Sly became quite amused with playfully annoying someone's Pikachu. Blade, all the while, leaned against a tree, in his normal fashion, watching. Brandon had become used to hiding his discomforts with other people from them, so he felt as if he could remain wary, while still seeming open. The one thing he was worried about, however, was the girl with the opal on her head. From her appearance, he assumed that they were the champion of a lake guardian, and he worried that she could actually read his emotions, or even his mind.


As somewhat of an afterthough, Brandon wondered if anyone would recognize him as the Champion of Hoenn, or if the world had completely disconcerned itself with the current state of the League.

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"Yeah, thought so." Miteki replied with a grin.


"Hello!" Miteki greeted the newcomers once more, moving back slightly to avoid the flying mud. He whipped around when he heard his Typhlosion give a rather loud grunt as yet another large drop of water fell on his head. "Oh yeah, sorry." He whipped out his Pokeball, clicked it and watched as it gave out its white light before absorbing its Pokemon. He then in turn did so with every single one except for the Gyarados, who seemed to be enjoying the rain. Takaki did the same, save for his Luxray who had his head cocked slightly to the side as if confused with the whole notion of the other Luxray sniffing at him. "I'm Miteki, he's Takaki, Entei and Zapados. I don't exactly mean to be stupid but can anyone explain what the hell is going on?"


Meanwhile Takaki was looking at the girl. She had three fingers instead of two and had some horns out of her head. Why was it that some champions had undr gone such drastic changes but some didn't? He only had a new hairstyle and got a little taller. She seemed to have had an complete overhaul of an appearance.


"What, finding yourself a new- Ow." Miteki didn't finish his sentence. He looked back at Takaki.


"Don't even dare say it, you idiot."

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((Wall of text incoming my apologizes, first posts are always long))



"Why do I always have to work so long" Kiara muttered to herself as she sloshed through another puddle. Surely there was enough people able to cover all twenty four hours of shifts at the power plant? She knew it was a straight miracle to have a job in this world, but she was tired and who could blame her when she worked the night shift. Though Kiara couldn't care less thunder crashed over head again as the storm went on pounding her umbrella with rain. Storms were constant all over the region ever since nature had been thrown out of whack. Course they were a good omen in Mauville, "the city that still brightens the world", or what ever crap they said now.


Suddenly thunder, louder than usual, crashed over Kiara's head surprising her a bit.

"Girl you have been chosen!!" a voice boomed from everywhere as thunder crashed.

Kiara wheeled around looking everywhere for the source of the voice. Maybe she had just made it up and the lack of sleep was getting to her.

"I am not some sleep induced hallucination" the thunder crashed again as it spoke. "I am Raikou the Beast of Thunder and i require your service to help free us from this mad creature. The speed and power of lightning will be with you always that i can promise."

She didn't really want to write the legendary dog from her home region's voice off as nothing so looking to make sure she was alone answered.

"Do i at least get the a choice" she called back questioningly.

"Of course you have a choice" Raikou replied. "But would you really like to turn down such a powerful ally?"

The Pokemon made a fair point and Kiara knew from stories that if Raikou needed a human's help thing were bad. The legendary beasts were not known for their love of humanity as a whole but sometimes reached out to a special few.

"You don't seem all that powerful if you need a human's help" Kiara stabbed at the Pokemon. "I accept your offer what am i to do?"

The thunder this time seemed to shake as if it was laughing. "I knew i liked you girl. Go to the outer fields beyond Fortree City there you will meet the others."

As the rumbling died off a bolt of lightning fell from the sky striking Kiara but she didn't feel immense pain. There was pain here and there but it was no were near a normal lightning strike. Kiara could feel her body changing: the muscles on her legs bulked up, her facial features changed, and she felt electricity flowing through her.

As the lightning dissipated Kiara knelled on the ground breathing heavily. She caught her image in a puddle and began to examine herself. It was a bit egotistical to make her look more like Raikou didn't the Pokemon think. Then again it was a legendary Pokemon so ego came with the job.

"Hey i said i'd accept your offer not that you could change my appearance" she shouted back but if Raikou heard he did not care.


"Who are you shouting at little girl" a new voice muttered.

Kiara turned to see several dark figures appear from an alley all carrying some sort of weapon.

"Instead you should be giving us everything you got" the voice laughed triumphantly.

Gangs were just as common as storms now in Hoenn, and carrying strong Pokemon with you was immensely important.

"Jolteon, Pidgeot, Raichu lets go" she said angrily. "You people are what's wrong with this society."




Volcanoes shoot hot lava into the air as lightning light everything else on fire. The storm that ravaged the land did little help to calm the flames instead it only added to the destruction. Talia quivered in fear as the lava poured past her legs and into a town quickly melting it. It was indeed strange for her to have such a weird dream like this usually they consisted of happier thoughts than the destruction that surrounded her currently. Sweat pored down her face as she sat up out of her comfy plush bedding.

"Terribly sorry to scare you like that but that is what will continue should you not prevail" a soft voice spoke. "You are an extremely kind person, and it is why i decided upon you to be my champion."

"Uh who are you exactly" Talia said meekly still shaken by the dream more than a voice in her head.

"Oh again my apologize. My name is Latias and i am guardian of this region. Though currently my brother, the other legendaries, and i are being held captive by a mad creature."

At the sound of Talia's voice her Pokemon woke up wondering who their trainer was talking too.

"Alright well how can i help if the legendaries have no power" she answered Latias.

"Ah well become my champion and i shall grant you my power in return" Latias exclaimed happily.

Talia was always trying to help others which was why she was in Fortree City in the first place. Her father was head of a relief effort to aid the ravaged city. He had even build the log cabin she was sleeping in since they would be there for a while.

"Well i do enjoy helping others, of course i'll help you" Talia smiled.

"Excellent" Latias cheered. "Now you may feel a slight tingling."

Talia could feel a tingle start growing all over her body mostly concentrated around her head. As it began to subside she jumped towards her full body mirror to the surprise of all six of her Pokemon who reeled.

"Guys i got a new look" she shouted in joy.

Talia's long blonde hair had been cut at her shoulders and turned snow white in color. Two toughs which turned out to be hard bone grew out of her head, and her irises had shifted to a brilliant gold. Other than the new additions to her hair the other oddity she noticed was a red reversed triangle that had been imprinted onto her forehead. Though Talia was overjoyed by the change her Pokemon were more than wearily, Lilligant even picked up a picture of Talia's father. For some reason Talia knew exactly what Lilligant was thinking and she put the question to rest.

"My father will understand i will let him know about the situation."


Finding clothes to match her new color she raced outside, Lilligant close behind, towards her father's office splashing through the rain as they went. Her father's office wasn't much more than a tent, and as she approached odd stares were cast. Talia wasn't disturbed by the flood of questioning thoughts she felt and even heard as she entered the tent.

"Father Father look! Latias has chosen me to help her isn't this great" she called.

The feeling of surprise flooded over her as he turned around his face covered with shock.

"Talia Anne Merek, what did you do" he exclaimed.

Talia reeled at his tone as she knew he was not anywhere as happy.

"Latias chose me to be her champion so i could help the other legendary Pokemon" she replied. "Look i know you don't understand but it's going to be alright i can handle myself."

It took a fair amount of will power and time to convince her father that it would indeed be alright. After a good couple hours of arguing, explaining, and pleading Talia finally got her father's blessing to leave. It was only under the condition that she call when she got there and that she finished her chores till he could find a replacement. Talia hugged him tightly and thanked him as she left.


Once she was done Talia packed her things and took off towards the clearing Latias directed. On the walk Latias instructed her in the use of her newly acquired abilities. As she arrived at the clearing waves if emotion washed over her: from anger, to joy, to confusion.

"Hello there" she called to the group of odd shaped and colored hair people.

She knew she was in the right place you didn't need to be psychic to tell that. Lilligant waved as her greeting.


((Kiara will join tomorrow when i wake up just wanted to fluff out her character and change a bit. Besides she can join lightning fast if needed. Also sorry if i messed anything up the Blackhawk's game ran late so it's almost 2 am when i'm finishing this up.))

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Hot electricity travelled down Frey's spine and through his arms and fingertips. He couldn't move. It felt like something inside of him was changing or moving, but he couldn't place what exactly. The only thing he immediately noticed was the feeling of his hair falling down his face, lengthening and turning an emerald green color in a matter of seconds. That, and the sensation of his bones cracking and reforming. His mouth was agape in shock as his canine teeth began to grow longer and sharper. Two pointed tufts of hair sprouted from the top of his head, resembling horns. Finally, as the light faded from Frey's body, his eyes flashed gold.

The boy fell to his knees, clutching his chest and gasping for air. Everything felt different and wrong, like his consciousness was suddenly thrust into a completely new body.


"Wh-What happened...?" Frey wheezed with trembling shoulders.


"You have my voice now. You will be safe, for the moment.. " Rayquaza's voice was clearer now, and more gentle.

He didn't exactly feel in a hurry to do anything but cry. "I don't u-understand what you w-want from me!"


Rayquaza emitted a noise that sounded something like a sigh. "I am... not safe. I told you we need each other. I need you to go to Fortree to help me. There will be more people like you there. They will help you too. Get up, hurry."


Frey's breath hitched in his throat. He was having a difficult time paying attention to or remembering anything Rayquaza said. He just knew he had to get out of this place. He clenched his fists and slowly pushed himself off the dusty ground. As he stood straight, Frey was alarmed by how light he felt. It was suddenly easier to move around, especially considering he had just hit his head.


"M-Maybe this isn't so bad." Frey muttered, contemplatively looking down at his hands. He was still trying to process everything that had happened in the past minute or so. He quickly began to walk again, hoping he was going in a relatively straight line. The more time passed, the less ash he noticed in his surroundings. But he was barely paying attention to any of the scenery. He managed to traverse through the forested pathways relatively quickly due to his still pumping adrenaline, not to mention fear. Time felt like a blur, but he was jolted to attention when he realized there was a staircase beneath him.

Frey exhaled in relief as he looked up and saw a city before him, surprisingly well intact considering the state of some of the other places he had been to. Adrenaline wearing off, he groaned and sat down on the staircase to catch his breath. His legs were throbbing and his feet burned. He hadn't moved that fast since he was a child. Besides that, he needed to evaluate what happened to him. All he knew for certain was that something happened to his hair. With shaky hands, Frey touched the back of his skull and immediately froze when he felt the pointed tufts under his fingers.


"Wha-?!" Frey clutched at his scalp, wishing he had a mirror or some other reflective surface. He must have looked ridiculous! How was he supposed to make it through Mauville like this? He was fairly certain no amount of hair gel could recreate those horn-like growths. Oh, no. Everyone would stare at him. What if someone asked if something was wrong with him? How was he supposed to face anyone like this?! What if Rayquaza did something else to him that he couldn't see? Worst of all, his friend would think he looked like a laughingstock if they were ever reunited...


"This is part of being my Champion. You are part of me. Just keep going." Rayquaza's voice suddenly spoke up.


Frey whined and buried his face in his knees, too flustered to respond.


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Cathy followed her mother closer to the gathered Champions, smiling as she watched Luxray act like a carefree Shinx. She was able to make out details better, noting that most had nothing but strange hair and eye colors; if they changed at all. After all, a number of them still looked really normal. Were they actually Champions like her and her mother? Though, there was the one boy with a weird... thing, around his stomach and the girl with a strange looking tattoo or birthmark. And blue hair.


Beyond those few exceptions, Cathy wouldn't have suspected them to be Champions if it weren't for some of the introductions given. Entei and Zapdos? It seemed Mewtwo had to be the cruelest Legendary, mutating her to such an extent that it warranted stranger looks upon her.


Loathing rose in her tiny body, hatred making her warm as her blood heated. Why? Why did this have to be her problem to deal with? Why not an older kid like all of these bumbling idiots around her and her mother? Because, as it stood, the Legendaries had an odd favor for incompetent teens.


As they drew near, she took note of the few greetings she and her mother received by the others who hadn't announced who Championed them. Along with the cut off comment Entei boy had been starting to say. Instantly, her face scrunched up in an angry expression and she gritted her teeth. "No. Let the idiot finish his statement. I want to hear what he has to say," Cathy said sharply, violet eyes narrowed.


Someone else soon approached, waving at everyone as she arrived with a Lilligant in tow. Just how many were there? Was there someone for every Legendary? Or were only a certain number contacted? Folding her thin arms across her tiny chest, Cathy didn't bother with addressing anyone else, putting her full, angry, attention upon the Entei and Zapdos boys. At this point, she didn't care what their names were, even if they had introduced themselves. Right now, she just wished she could conjure up a pair of superheated seats to push their stupid behinds into.

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Concerning the quite obvious anger that the apparent mother and daughter were showing, Brandon discerned that he was already at an advantage over them. As long as he kept his cool, and either diffused their anger, or catch them off guard, should they explode, he was already forming a strategy. He could definitely play the defensive side, which would more than likely at least gain him allies in Takaki and Miteki, maybe even the girl with the tatoo. After all they were supposed to be working together to save the world. Which could definitely be a card to be played.


"Why such an angry look upon your allies?" Brandon asked the little girl in a somewhat soothing manner as she scowled at Takaki and Miteki.

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"Why such an angry look upon your allies?"


What? Allies? Cathy stiffened only a fraction, body tensing since she couldn't clench her three-fingered hands into fists. Turning her head to face the boy who thought it wise to interrupt, she gave him a hard, glaring once-over. She could sense the smug feeling of superiority vibrating off of him like a bright neon sign. The idea made her snort in derision.


"Excuse me?" she challenged, touching her nubby fingertips together and tapping them against her lips as if in thought. "What's your name, boy?" she asked quickly, a dangerous smile on her face. "Last I checked, and I assume the same as everyone else possibly, no one established any alliances with each other. As far as it appears, this entire group is made up of nothing but strangers! The only person I know here is my mother! And, last I checked, I have every right to be angry towards the very person who thought to try and insult me," she stated cooly, venom dripping into her words.


She gave a sarcastic smile, placing a hand on her hip. "Now, you would do well to avoid that fake, soothing tone with me and take a look around you. Use your brain because I know everyone here has one. Well, except maybe these two bumbling fools," she warned. "Here's something you probably didn't think about: you haven't given me even the tiniest reason to trust you." To emphasize her words, she motioned with a hand at all of the humans that weren't her mother. "So, be smart and don't infuriate me." As an extra, she gave the sweetest smile she could to the boy.

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They had been in the presence of the other Champions for less than five minutes and already everything was going downhill. If all of the teenagers were mature for their age, then Branwen could somewhat understand why Legendaries picked them as opposed to rational adults, but that wasn't the case. One of the first people who had greeted them immediately went to comment about Cathy's appearance. Branwen frowned at the motion just as Luxray flattened her ears and Flygon let out an irritated snort. The boy, Miteki was it? Had he no self-restraint? Granted he was a teenager, but he was a teenager who got chosen by a god-like being. Surely Entei wouldn't select an incompetent Champion. Alas, Branwen could not tell. Cathy, of course, went straight to defending herself. Her anger was justified although Branwen would have preferred for her to follow a more subtle approach. Lo and behold, another teenager wanted to jump on the, "Let's Make a Little Girl Feel Bad" bandwagon and asked Cathy why she was so angry with her allies.


Before Branwen could lecture the boys on an alliance was and that picking on a ten year old girl was quite despicable from their standpoint, Cathy went on ahead and began ranting. Branwen kept their hands behind their back the entire time, staring down at their daughter as she spoke. Branwen would have preferred to meet the other Champions on neutral ground, but they were by no means going to sit by and let their daughter be so insulted so bluntly. The snide superiority waving off of the boy who brought up allies didn't help in the matter either. At this rate, Branwen wasn't sure they could take the teenagers seriously.

"Now darling," Branwen soothed, patting the girl's back gently. "There is no reason to become hostile." Yet. "I do apologize for my daughter's behavior," Branwen stated, dipping their head respectfully in the process. "Although I would appreciate it if any further comments would be restrained. After all, there is no need to rustle some feathers." They shifted their gaze over to the boy who spoke of allies, their face holding no signs of anger or discontent.


"I hope you understand her standpoint when she says we are not allies," Branwen began, keeping a steady voice. "We do not know each other nor do we understand the circumstances that have called for our summoning. In face, I am quite surprised so many Champions seem to be under eighteen. I had thought the majority of us would be adults, but it seems I have made a miscalculation." Tearing their gaze away from the lone boy, Branwen let their eyes scan the entire group. "If we are now over our unpleasant arrival, allow me to introduce myself. I am Branwen Poniers, a local breeder and former trainer in Fortree City. I was Championed by Kyurem while my daughter, Cathy, was Championed my Mewtwo." Branwen gestured towards their daughter before nodding over to the Pokemon behind them. "This is Flygon and Luxray. I assume you've all been acquainted with Luxray." The feline perked up her ears as her name was called, letting out a small snort of acknowledgment. "I'd hate to repeat what someone just said, but does anyone have the full details on the situation? I'm afraid we were left out in the dark on such information."

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He gave a angry glare at Cathy after hearing this. "Whoever you are, we're not here to fight over things. We are supposed to save the land with our new powers. No point in arguing and fighting, better get used to it as we're gonna be together a long, long time." He reached down for a black dark plate in case. His skin turned pitch-black as he adjusted to the changing of plates. He then glared at Brandon. "The same thing to you. On the topic of what brought us here. I was told it was something to do with the devious Hoopa."

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'Yeah, I can tell.' Miteki thought to the legendary.


"No guys, this was my fault, I was being rude, let's not fight anyone just because they have problems with an idiotic comment. I'm sorry." He said that last bit to the- what, Mewtwo champion?


"It's not social awkwardness..." Takaki replied. His Luxray was watching the girl carefully. Miteki's Gyarados looked rather angry.


"Fine, awkwardness in general. As I was saying, let's not fight over my stupid mistake, and I apologize for anyone who I have hurt in any way. Sincerely." That was when Miteki caught something. "Who's Hoopa?"

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"Dunno the exact details, just know the legendaries are trapped here because of him." He said quickly. "I think we're also supposed to defeat him or something and he sounds like he also is a legendary. Therefore he may have a champion of his own to repel us." He bit into a piece of slowpoke tail he had stowed away with him on the journey to the fields. "In the event he has a champion however, I doubt he would have a hard time beating us if we are as disorganized as we are now, a simple insult would beat half of us."

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The girl was quite intelligent, Brandon would give her that, but also quite temperamental, just like the legend she had inherited. As much as he didn't like it, he needed allies. It was time to conform.


"I'm Brandon, and I believe that we are off on quite the wrong foot. In case you were wondering, I'm Palkia's champion, and I would be perfectly fine stopping Hoopa alone, if I were able to. The simple fact is, none of us can, not alone. Even the legendaries knew this, which is why were sent to gather here in the first place.


He looked around him at the misfit group and lowered his voice " This problem is bigger than anyone's rude comments or personal squabbles.

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A small group seemed to be gathered in one spot, along with their pokemon. Excellent, perhaps she could talk to them. She approached the group at a jog, Vaporeon following quickly behind her.


"...xcuse me?"


Things didn't seem to be off to that good of a start, if someone was already using that tone. How? They were all the champions of legendaries, weren't they? They were supposed to be helping each other, not fighting! The girl continued talking, and Katrina started to like her less and less. Even if someone tried to insult her, it was no reason to react like that. What was she, five?


Well, actually, taking a closer look, she didn't look much older than nine. The girl was sickly and pale and- oh, what had happened to her fingers? Katrina felt a pang of sympathy; that was horrible. The girl's skull had mutated as well, giving her squarish horns, and her feet had become too warped for shoes. Looking around, Katrina realized that her own mutations had actually been quite tame. The girl wasn't the only one with horns, and one boy had this weird... thing around his abdomen. Still others didn't really seem to have any odd features at all. Why was that, she wondered? Shouldn't they all have been changed similarly?


The girl's mother, at least, seemed to be much more mature and likable. That was good, at least there was someone who didn't seem to be rude or horrid in any other way. She didn't like boy with the thing on his abdomen all that much, either. He seemed overly commanding to her, to be honest. Calm down, couldn't he? As serious as the situation was, he didn't have to make it sound so hopeless. At least he seemed to know something, unlike everyone else. The legendaries were trapped by Hoopa? That would explain why they'd left. "I'm Katrina, champion of Ho-oh. Cheer up, won't you all? There's no point in fighting, and I'm sure we'll be able to manage," she said, smiling. "Where are be supposed to go next, anyways? Ho-oh's told be almost nothing."

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"How long are you planning to sit there? You won't accomplish anything like that!" Rayquaza's voice snapped in Frey's head, sounding much less sympathetic than earlier.


"I n-need a hat or something!" Frey protested, trying to smooth down his hair.


"Then get one."


"I can't buy one! I barely have any food money left."


The dragon legendary growled but kept a steady voice. "Just make it through the city! The other champions will look like you. This fear of yours is silly."

Frey groaned and forced himself to stand back up and keep moving. The pain in his legs immediately returned, but he was too preoccupied with worrying about his appearance to take much notice. He kept his head low and stared at the ground as he walked. Mauville was bigger than he anticipated, and fortunately it still had power. He didn't even want to know what the people passing him by thought of his appearance. The only time he raised his head was to look at a map written on a sign nearby the city's exit. Oh, no. Fortree was farther away than he thought. Not to mention the long path leading to it seemed inhabited only by trees.


"You need to hurry. I am afraid you may be running behind." Rayquaza murmured. "But I do not think using your powers this early would be a good idea..."


Frey sighed in resignation as he pulled Emmy and Dolly's Pokeballs out from his belt and released both of them.

"You think we can make it?" He asked and rubbed his forehead in frustration. Emmy inquisitively looked back and forth between the map and Frey as he tried to evaluate the current situation. Dolly simply looked down at Frey in concern, evidently sensing his distress. After a few seconds, Emmy nodded at Dolly and gestured towards the exit. She nodded back, then looked to Frey and knelt down.


"Thanks..." Frey exhaled and climbed onto the Pangoro's back, who quickly stood up and began following Emmy. It was a huge relief to finally not have to walk, even for a while. Dolly and Emmy's presence was calming as well. It reminded him of when they were all younger, when the world wasn't as scary, and when he wasn't some kind of half-human-half-rayquaza thing. Before he realized it, Frey had fallen asleep.


He woke to the feeling of rain sprinkling his back. Dolly quickly put Frey down and steadied him onto his feet, then held her arm over him in an attempt to keep him dry.

"Fortree?" Frey yawned and stretched as he examined his surroundings. Directly before him was the entrance to the city, settled in a lush forest. The idyllic scenery was a welcome change of pace from the desolate towns and ashen forests. But, he could see from where he stood that the Pokemon Center was in poor condition. The roof even seemed to have collapsed. At least his legs didn't hurt anymore.

"You can go back in if you want..." Shivering, he gestured to Dolce and Emmy's Pokeballs. "I'm fine."


Dolce shook her head and began to trek forward.


"Alright, I guess..." Frey sighed and began following after her, feeling guilty. Emmy trailed behind the two, frequently glancing over his shoulder. Having his Pokémon out with him made Frey feel somewhat less self-conscious about his appearance, but he still couldn't bring himself to look up. Fortunately, the city was very quick to navigate. All the three had to do was follow a straight path, and they quickly reached the edge of the settlement.


Before them was a wide expanse of field with light tree coverage, stretching on past the horizon for what looked like forever. The air smelled crisp and refreshing, which would have been relaxing had Frey's anxiety not spiked at the sight of people in the distance. Just how many champions were there? Emmy sped up slightly in order to walk next to Frey and rest his hand on his trainer's shoulder. As they grew closer, Frey could make out the forms of the other champions. Many of them looked younger than he had expected, especially one girl. She looked very young, but was mutated far worse than him. Some of them had markings on their skin, and some grew horns. A few of them were introducing themselves, but the atmosphere seemed tense. This was too much. Frey froze, unable to bring himself to move any closer than speaking distance. Dolce and Emmy halted on opposite sides of him and stood still, moving only their heads to look over the other champions. Frey couldn't bring himself to speak. What was he even supposed to say? All he could do was wait for someone to notice him, even though he really did not want to be noticed.

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¨So this guy called Hoopa has captured all the legendaries, so they decided to go and talk to us through our heads and change our hairstyle or something so that we can go get them. But they haven't exactly told us where to go or anything, so how are we going to accomplish that?¨ Miteki asked, ignoring the ten-year old for a moment. ¨Oh, hello.¨ He greeted the new arrival.

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As the girl named Katrina approached, Brandon became quite aware of some of the others' lack of knowledge of the situation.


"We need to make progress people..." Brandon muttered under his breath.


He returned Flare and Sly, as they were quite aware of the tension now, and he didn't want Sly to screw things up with his mischievous tricks. Blade should be sufficient protection.


"Just for clarification, Hoopa is a legendary Pokemon, who, according to lore, controls the ability to create wormholes through space-time. Having no challengers gave me a lot of time to read. What I know so far: Hoopa has trapped the legendaries. Each of our respective legendaries has chosen us, seemingly based on personality type, in order to save them. We were also given instruction to meet and work with other champions, for exactly the same reason. What I don't know: Whether or not Hoopa knows of the trapped legendaries having champions, how many legendaries have contacted people to become their champions, and how in Arceus' green Earth we are supposed to save them."


Brandon raised his voice so that the newcomer who was still farther off could hear.


"What we need to realize is that the problems don't end with weather. Knowing that Palkia has been trapped, it doesn't bode well for our dimension as a whole, and that's not even mentioning the fact that Arceus himself has a champion in our midst."


"Until we do something, we are living in a world with no god, and no peace."

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"... What."

Frey stared blankly ahead in confusion and thoughtlessly took a few more steps forward. He was too stunned to respond to the person who greeted him. "S-So that's what Rayquaza wanted?"

He looked down and nervously wrung his hands. "What am I s-supposed to do about that?! I can't fight- I don't even know any of you people- This has gotta be a mistake..."

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Miteki raised an eyebrow at the newcomer. "Well, I think that applies to all of us." The Gyarados and Takaki's Luxray were now by their respective trainers.


Ok, so we don't know whether Hoopa or whatever knows what exactly we are, we don't know where the trapped legendaries are, we aren't sure about Hoopa having a champion. Actually, does being a champion mean getting a share of a legendary's power or is it a replication? I would think that we get some of the legendary's power in exchange for the legendary losing some of it, if not then we would have hundreds of champions for Palkia or something right? So my best guess is that Hoopa wouldn't want a champion, because getting half of his powers lost wouldn't exactly go to his favor if he wants to do- I don't know, do whatever he wants to do or something. The only reason we we're like that is because the legendaries think that they don't have the opportunity to go up against this Hoopa dude, so they get us to do it instead. So that would mean that Hoopa probably doesn't know what the hell is going on because if he did, then he would easily be able to deal with us, what with being able to keep all the legendaries in cages. So, I'm guessing what's just left is where the legendaries are. They don't seem to know either."

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