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sunflowers__midousuji_akira_by_cosmicaquMidousuji's friends: 6Hi! Let me introduce this guy here. His name is Midousuji. He likes to cycle. He likes to stick his tongue out while racing on his bike. He likes to call people 'small fry'. He looks like he is going to eat you. Would you like to be his friend? If you do, PM me, saying, 'I would like to be Midousuji's friend!' because he needs them. My ScrollToudou Jinpachi is not amused Does anyone have a cure for mental block? I've been searching for months and I can't seem to find one.

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    Um... Why? I guess... Taipei?
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    Hi guys! I am SULDhasno (As you can tell), though you can call me SULD, Hasno or anything else really.

    So I am a major otaku though due to the many tiime constraints of life I have yet to finish many of the episodes

    I also play video games, things like Starcraft II or League of Legends, and of course Pokemon on my antique DS lite. I have a large game wishlist, I want Titanfall, Infamous Second Son, CS go, and a computer that can ACTUALLY PLAY VIDEO GAMES WITH A GOOD FPS

    Sad though, I'm grounded.


    You will probably see me popping my virtual head round to DC Forum at awkward times for your timezone (I live in Taiwan) but sure, come round to say hi and of course attempt to be friends with Midousuji Akira-kun.