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Pokémon: Distortion Games

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Roxanne's head bow, mimicking Branwen's own head dip, was, at the least to say, amusing to some extent. Honored was quite a formality to hear from a girl that looked no older than seventeen. Of course, the young girl's Gardevoir glaring at both Branwen and Cathy alike contemptuously did manage to suck the amusement out of Branwen's mind. Luxray quickly caught onto the Gardevoir's glare and let a low growl rumble in her throat. With a quick snap of Branwen's fingers, Luxray silenced herself, flattening her ears instead as she flickered her tail in agitation.

"I would propose that we keep the hostility between us as low as possible," Branwen advised coolly, keeping their gaze on Roxanne as she spoke. "I can understand the caution but we needn't place ourselves in a hostile atmosphere before we've even started, no?" Honestly, the amount of dirty looks Branwen and Cathy were getting collectively was just astonishing. Sure, Cathy had snapped at someone but she had done so rightfully so. A better question was why was everyone so aggressive towards each other? Branwen could understand not trusting strangers, but the amount of contempt going around was more than Branwen could have expected from such young individuals. Perhaps relations would get better later once everyone had a better grasp of both their powers and what was going on.


Just as the group with the rowdy teenage boys and the nervous boy with therapy pokemon headed out to leave, two more individuals showed up. The two adults seemed to be polar opposites; while the woman was brash and abrupt, the older man was cheerful and cordial. It was quite interesting to see just how different all of the Champions were from one another. Just as they did with the others, Branwen bowed their head respectfully towards the two newcomers.

"I'm Branwen Poniers, Champion of Kyurem. It is a pleasure to meet both of you," they cooed smoothly as they raised their head back to an upright position. The woman, after a quick introduction and an odd joke that Branwen did not catch, she moseyed on over towards the rude boys' small group and began to head off with them. Branwen only heeded the woman for a moment longer before shaking their head and turning their attention back to their little group.


For a second, they pondered the thought of someone else joining the group. After all, the woman did just hop into the boys' group without a moment of hesitation, but they shrugged the thought off. If somebody else wanted to jump in, they had better do it before the group left.

"We can probably go back to my breeding facility to train," Branwen mused as Roxanne exclaimed her desire to get out of the muddy field. They brought their hand up to their face and cupped chin thoughtfully. "Battle Ready: Poniers' Breeding Facility or just Poniers as most people call it. It's a facility dedicated to both breeding battle ready pokemon and training them. I have several private acres where we can train in peace without anyone bothering us. I can close down the training section of the facility for the day and let my employees work solely in the breeding section. We haven't been getting much business lately anyhow so there shouldn't be a risk of anyone walking into us training." Branwen lowered their hand and folded their arms across their chest firmly. "We'll have room to do whatever we please, it'll be in private so no civilians get hurt, we're close enough to civilization to get medical assistance if need be, and both Cathy and I are familiar with the area so we know what precautions to take. Does that sound like suitable place to train?" Talking about isolating themself away from other people so they didn't end up hurting anyone was a disturbing thought in Branwen's opinion. They didn't like to think that they, along with their daughter, had the power to hurt drastically physically hurt someone with powers they didn't even understand.

I thought you were stronger than this. Are you not glad to have received power few could only dream of?

"Glad isn't the word I would use.

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"I would propose that we keep the hostility between us as low as possible." With that, Roxanne glanced to her side to see that Gardevoir had continued to glare where Luxray had been sensible enough to back off at Branwen's indication, had disengaged herself with an ease that must have been instilled in her. Even so, there was an aura about the Pokémon and trainer alike that suggested remaining friction; they were almost offended at the treatment Branwen and Cathy had received so far, and even earlier than that, Roxanne had picked up amusement on the former's behalf. It was oddly perceptive of her. She was a seventeen-year old; if it was any other day, her distinct level of self-absorption wouldn't have allowed her to care at all. "I can understand the caution but we needn't place ourselves in a hostile atmosphere before we've even started, no?"


"Of course," she replied, placing a meaningful hand on Gardevoir's tense shoulder. Her partner, reluctantly albeit, reconstructed her expression to resemble nonchalance. "Gardevoir is rather protective of me, and I of her, but it isn't needed here or now."


She roved a golden stare over Branwen and Cathy. "I trust the both of you until the day that you give me a reason not to."


She felt so insufficient; her arms moved to cross each other defensively.


She felt so insufficient; once upon a time, even once or twice this morning before Azelf had stolen into her mind, she had prided herself on having a well-ordered disposition.


Roxanne liked to think that she sounded mature, but as she apologized under Branwen's cool eyes, she wondered if the height of her impressiveness amounted to coming off as slightly less immature than everyone else. It was a thought that humbled her. She sought a moment to breathe in her mind, but Azelf was waiting for her there, and for the first time, she wished that it was only her.


"You understand the importance of impressions."


"Yes, so what?" She was being prickly—she knew that—but with the refuge she had spent her entire life utilizing as tool to compose herself suddenly being occupied by a stranger, she thought she had a right to a certain increment of annoyance.


Apparently not.


"So you should also understand that internal monologues about making an undesired one are rather pointless. I could have chosen anyone else to channel my affinity for willpower, but I chose you because I knew that you had enough of it to resist and overcome the whims of others. You are stronger than what you presume. You have the ability to become more than some silly, little human. I have entrusted that faith in you." There was a slight pause. Azelf's voice softened, that familiar warmth Roxanne associated with it seeping through again. "I am not as harsh as some of the other legendaries, but don't fool yourself into thinking that I will let you become the weakest of champions."


It was sound rationalization; Roxanne submitted to it wearily as Branwen described the benefits of her breeding facility. "I don't want to be the weakest either."


She nodded her head as though she had heard everything, allotted a small smile to encourage the idea that she was undisturbed by the reality both in and outside of her head. "Sounds good."


"That's my champion."

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((Half of the posts on this post are bumps




Maybe I overestimated/underestimated


EDIT: I overestimated.))

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Cathy smiled a bit more as her mother began to suggest the breeding facility as a decent place to train with whatever new abilities the three possessed. When Roxanne agreed, the small girl nodded her head, tail swishing inside her shirt. "Then it's settled. Do you have any flying Pokémon?" she asked, hoping they wouldn't have to walk back home in this rain.


You won't learn about it on your own, will you? Mewtwo's voice slithered into her thoughts, a mild taunt to its tone. But, irritation edged the question as well, leaving Cathy nervous.


What is it you know that I don't? Tell me! she ordered, trying to act like the creature didn't intimidate her, for all the good it would do.


A sigh washed against her thoughts followed by a growl. Use that brain of yours, so full of Pokémon knowledge! What's common between the powers of Psychic types? it inquired.


She paused, frowning. Their abilities are based on telekinetic properties, allowing them to manipulate objects without touching them such as moving an item or lif-


You've figured it out. Well done. Use your knowledge. That's how you'll master the power I've given you. Mewtwo's voice faded away and Cathy worried her lower lip.


Turning her attention back to her mother and Roxanne, she swept wet hair out of her violet eyes once more before speaking up again. "I can fly," she stated bluntly, already knowing that her mother might worry. "If you don't have a flying Pokémon, Roxanne, I think I can carry you." As if to emphasize her words, her eyes began to glitter before the glow of her power illuminated her irises. A shimmer of the same light raced down the edges of her body and her mutated, bandaged feet gradually lifted from the ground.


Faintly wobbly at first, Cathy quickly shifted her center of gravity - hah! - and steadied herself. In the process, her tail slipped out from beneath her shirt and jacket, weaving back and forth behind her like a snake. With her body levitating a few feet off the ground, the tiny girl murmured, "Shall we head home now, then? I'm getting really cold...."

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((This RP looks like it's going to die


But I really don't want it to die so



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