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Pokémon: Distortion Games

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"I'm pretty sure he knows what his Pokemon are, what being with them for so long and all." Miteki answered without even changing the expressions on his face. "Just because someone is a dog trainer doesn't mean he can't have jackals as well." Miteki raised an eyebrow as the Palkia champion told the dog trainer that he liked him. Wasn't he just criticizing his Pokemon just now? He looked at the Sceptile. Grass type.


"Uh... Ok." Takaki replied as the two people walked off. He looked back and saw Miteki grinning.


"Judging by the looks of it, his best Pokemon member is Sceptile. My best is Typhlosion. I like the matchup."


"This isn't really the time to think about that..."


"Yeah I'm just saying." He turned back to the group.

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As Talia stood by letting the others speak she listened to the conversation both verbally and mentally through her powers. One of the newly arrived champions, Nikola, showed several signs he was displeased mainly with the turn out. Even if he hadn't said anything about it Talia could tell and the mind doesn't lie. Though another champion stepped up to challenge him as he turned to leave. This one seemed to understand Nikola's feelings, but had just the opposite view. She began to enjoy his thoughts as they expressed courage and a strong desire to help the world. The outburst seemed to halt Nikola for a moment to taken in the information before he turned and introduced himself. The older man's thoughts about Brandon definitely had not swayed greatly, but perhaps he now saw him in a different light.


As he took his leave, Brandon now in tow, Talia reached her hand out to grasp at the question he had presented only to withdraw it. Though it only took a moment more for her to scan the rest of the group to make her decision. The two seemed to feel confident enough in their abilities, and Talia had taken a likening to them. Grabbing a Pokeball she released Crobat, and handed a letter for her father to him. After her obligation had been complete she shouldered her bag and running to catch up joined the duo with a smile.

"Hi I'm Talia if you didn't catch it" she announced while Lilligant waved again.




Kiara had just got there and now the group seemed to be splitting up. Man had she slept in that late?

"Hey i don't mean to burden anyone but could someone possibly fill me in" Kiara said looking around puzzled.

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"Well, we've decided to break up to- I dunno, find out more about this guy called Hoopa who's apparently captured the legendaries, and understand our powers better." Miteki replied to Kiara. "Well, me and Takaki are going to go now, so if anyone wants to come by then, sure." Miteki started across the fields, Takaki following behind him.

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Cathy stared, watching their lips form words. Beyond the introductions, much of what had been exchanged after she last spoke was nothing but pathetic feather preening. Especially on the behalf of the canine trainer and Brandon. At least the idiots were leaving. Good riddance.... Ignoring practically everything else, the young girl idly stroked the fur on her Mother's Luxray's head, causing her to purr softly.


Blinking, she turned her attention to Roxanne. "If Mother is open to the idea, would you like to come with us, Roxanne? You appear to have a better head upon your shoulders," she asked, smiling briefly. "And I like you better."


I thought you hated everyone?


Oh now you speak up again? Why didn't you answer my questions? Cathy darted her violet gaze to side and down at the dirt, a scowl crossing her face for a moment.


You are a fool to try and test me, Child, Mewtwo stated, its presence bearing down on her mind.


Cringing, Cathy shifted her tail beneath her shirt in a tense flicker of movement. I just want to be normal again....


A humorless chuckle filled her head. I know. That is why you will free me from Hoopa. Once I no longer need your help, you will be a frail, little human girl again.


She wrapped her arms tighter about herself, frowning deeply. Fine, she replied to it. Shaking her head, she felt the pressure leave her skull and she sighed, quickly rubbing at her cheeks in frustration.

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As the champions had begun to congregate, it'd been easy for Roxanne to discern the differing compassions of the legendaries—who had been lenient in their physical transfigurations and who had not. Some kids, like herself, had gotten away relatively unscathed. Azelf gave her blue hair and an occasionally pained tattoo; the duo of Miteki and Takaki were similiary changed and ultimately, considerably spared. They were fortunate. Their legendaries had been kind.


Thank, Arceus, who had stuck a wheel in his own champion.


Cathy, who might have otherwise resembled a frail ten-year old, was one of the more unlucky ones as well. Her whole physique had taken on a vaguely anthropomorphic figure, blurring the line between Pokémon and human, between the powerful Mewtwo and a little girl.


She was an easily irritated spirit, and truth to be told, Roxanne couldn't blame her. If she had had a tail protruding from her derrière, she would've been a sour person as well, and yet, at the same time, Cathy seemed to be doing remarkably well all things considered.


She had some grit to her, something Roxanne could easily respect. Her mother was likewise oriented, stoic and intrinsically authoritative for it. She would love to travel with them.


"I like you as well, Cathy," she replied, returning the small smile. She batted a playful eye, too. "You're one of the most mature ones we've got in this bunch."


At the same moment, she watched as a wave of unpleasant looking emotions seized across her fellow champion's features; it culminated in a frown etching itself onto her small mouth.


"Mewtwo is a demanding force," Azelf simply noted at the observation.


Roxanne bit her lip at the thought.

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"Thanks..." Frey mumbled, caught off guard by Roxanne and Talia's words of encouragement. He wasn't expecting that. He didn't know what to say. He just watched everyone, biting his lip and idly pushing his hair out of his face. The tension seemed to be fading more or less, and the other champions were beginning to take somewhat of a liking to one another. Not exactly to him, though. He couldn't blame them. They started making offers and slowly splitting into groups, a few even began walking. Frey didn't understand how these people had already began to trust all these strangers. But, he supposed there wasn't really much of a choice. This... thing the legendaries tasked them to accomplish sounded far bigger than one person on their own.


"If- I'll go with whoever, I guess, If you want..." Frey blurted out as he tightened his grip on his wrist.

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"Heh, actually, should we invite the dude over there to come with us?" Miteki asked, nodding slightly in Frey's direction.


"Uh, sure." Takaki wasn sure how he felt about that guy, but-


Of course Miteki already had ran back, Gyarados at his side. "Yo, Frey, wanna come with us?" Takaki's Luxray followed him, eager to meet up again with the other Luxray.


"Might as well get Empoleon out, she likes the rain." Takaki muttered to no one in particular, then set about releasing his Pokemon from its Pokeball. It came out in a wave of white light and looked up to the sky, chirping happily.

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Frey stared blankly at Miteki, caught off guard. He genuinely didn't expect anyone to offer, and now he wasn't sure how he felt about being invited. They both seemed a fair bit younger than Frey. But he also got the impression that the two of them had much better trained Pokemon. Especially since one of them had a Gyarados. Maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to go with them, as awkward as he felt about it.


"Well... okay." Frey glanced aside. "I g-guess I should start training my Pokemon more..."

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"Nice! Let's go!" Miteki started running back to Takaki. His Gyarados cocked its head slightly at the new party member, then went after his Trainer. Takaki's Luxray pretended not to see Miteki run off, as he continued to paw at the other Luxray. "Yo, Takaki, new party member." He said.


"Oh. Okay." The Empoleon pecked playfully at Takaki. "Huh, what?" It motioned over to the Luxray. "Oh, right." Now it was his turn to run back. "Sorry Luxray, we're going now." The Luxray looked at his trainer, back at the other Luxray, then at the ground. He walked off with Takaki, looking back only once before pawing at the ground. They soon reached Miteki. "Ok, let's go."

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Nikola merely shrugged at Brandon's question, his attention having been drawn to the young lady came over to them "A pleasure, Talia" He greeted with a warm smile. He was rapidly becoming accustomed to the idea that legendaries had in fact contacted and in some cases changed the appearances of those here. Talia, for one, was a rather simple guess. Latias. She was even in matching attire for the part, of all the silly things. Still, it left him stumped about his own situation. From what he could tell he hadn't noticeably changed in a way that alarmed either himself or his pokemon, but he hadn't exactly seen a mirror in a while. His throat was a bit sore perhaps, but that he could attribute to getting up and suddenly hiking several miles across Hoenn to be here.


"If you're joining us, then I hope you have your things ready, because we're moving out" Scott snuffled curiously in the girl's direction, but Nikola quickly whistled him back in line and started walking towards the treeline from whence he and his pack came.

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"Hmm. Hi Talia, it seems Blade likes your Lilligant." Brandon smiled and pointed to where Blade was now walking comfortably beside the Lilligant, rather than himself.


He then turned his attention back to Nikola. "So you don't know which legendary it was?" He paused for a moment. "I can give you a few guesses just based on personality and appearance. Giratina, Yveltal, or Darkrai seem like the most viable options."


Some of them were quite obvious, like Arceus and Mewtwo, but it was true that based on appearance alone, without actually hearing from the legendary itself, Nikola did have more than one possibility.


"Maybe your powers could be an indicator."

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((Terribly sorry about that, work has been exhausting lately. Also i'm changing Talia's Pokemon a bit))


It was nice to see they had accepted her into their group, even Lilligant had found a new friend as Brandon commented on the pair of grass Pokemon.

"Yes it's nice to find new friends" Talia replied sharing her Pokemon's satisfaction before turning to Nikola. "I believe i have most of it, and Crobat should be back in a moment i don't live far."

She nodded at Brandon remark on three Pokemon Nikola could be the champion of. Though she decided not to announce that Darkrai was the best candidate since off handed mind reading probably wasn't a comfortable thought to others. Course she really didn't know if she could even turn off this access to information.



It wasn't until they had reach the treeline that a blur of orange jumped in front of them carrying a backpack and a purple bat on its shoulders.

"Ah! Arcanine you came to say goodbye" Talia exclaimed with joy hugging the Pokemon.

The large canine bowed to allow Talia access to the pack of supplies her father had likely put together. He always worried more than necessary, but she shrugged taking it from the Pokemon. Though instead of leaving Arcanine handed her a white pokeball with a note inside while Crobat landed on his trainer's shoulder to watch.

"I know you have grown up to be a strong person, but you're still my little girl so i'm entrusting Arcanine to watch over you for me. Stay safe for me Talia, and i wish you the best. I've packed food, water, blankets, a knife, etc etc....."

Talia quit reading after her father started to ramble, and she had already packed most of it before she left.

"Well i guess welcome to the group Arcanine" She announced.

"Alright now i'm ready."

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After offering up the plan of splitting up, Branwen held their tongue and simply observed the Champions as they mingled with one another, bickering back and forth as they compiled plans. They regarded the rest of the group with the same stoic stare, never allowing themself to show any reaction to the others aside from a raised eyebrow or two. The only time Branwen's face twisted from being blank to worried was when Cathy began to fidget nervously. A hint of a frown tugged at their lips as they placed their hand on their daughter's shoulder, giving her a comforting squeeze before letting go a moment later. The faint scowl disappeared as soon as Cathy began to speak. Branwen nodded their approval to Cathy's suggestion of having one Pokemon per trainer and reintroducing everyone for the newcomers. Those were the words of someone who knew what they were doing.

"Fair enough," Branwen cooed as they pulled out a Pokeball and clicked the center of it. A red light leaped from within it, enveloped Flygon, and then hopped back into the ball just as Branwen closed it.

"As I've said before, my name is Branwen, Kyurem's Champion. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintances." Branwen placed the ball back onto their belt and folded their arms as they silently watched the proceedings of the meeting.


Least to say, things could have gone better. Just about everyone hopped onto the "split up into groups" train save for the boy with the arc around his stomach. He suggested to stay in one large group to work on training, but his suggestion was quickly waved away through the chorus of people chattering away about which groups they should be in. It came to Branwen's attention that while others had been informed pieces and bits about what was going in, Branwen had been given no information whatsoever. Hell, even Cathy knew something which in itself was somewhat disturbing considering how cruel the beast she Championed seemed to be.

"Is there any particular reason why you haven't taken the time to explain anything to me?" Branwen questioned in her head. For a moment, they thought their inquiry would be met with silence. Much to their relief, the silvery voice of Kyurem crawled into their mind.

I assumed that the other Legendaries would end up trickling down whatever knowledge they possessed to their Champions. Was I not correct in my assumption? Branwen bit their lip at Kyurem's words.

"No, you weren't wrong, but some information beforehand would have been just lovely," Branwen huffed in reply. Kyurem chuckled, it's chilling laugh filling Branwen's thoughts.

Do not think I will keep you in the dark, Champion. Kyurem soothed. I knew the other Legendaries would not keep their mouths shut; it was only a matter of time before you learned our objective. I saw no reason to pointlessly babble on about your objective only for you to hear it again from other Champions.


The way Kyurem spoke of the other Legendaries and Champions didn't seem to be in a kind manner. In face, its tone held a hint of disdain. Curiosity bubbled in Branwen. The other Champions were still talking about breaking off into groups. Cathy was fidgeting again, which brought a wave of worry over Branwen, and Luxray was preoccupied with another Luxray who seemed to be batting at her playfully. It wouldn't hurt to ask Kyurem a quick question while everyone else dealt with their own matters, would it?

"You don't seem to regard you fellow Legendaries with any sort of reverence, do you?" Branwen asked as they folded their arms more tightly across their chest. Kyurem snorted in disgust at Branwen's question.

I wholly respect their abilities and the power they hold, Kyurem explained wearily. There is no doubt that the other Legendaries hold great power. That I acknowledge. Beyond that, I do not care for them. Some Legendaries are downright childish, if not foolish, while others are too snarky or arrogant for my fancy. They act more like squabbling Pidove than beings akin to gods. That's not to say all Legendaries are like that. Quite on the contrary, some I find quite mature but, alas, I rarely interact with the other Legendaries as it is.


Kyurem sighed wistfully and remained quiet for a length of time. Branwen could only assume that it was pondering, allowing itself to pick through its memories dolefully. When the beast spoke again, its voice had lost the sorrowful tone it held previously.

My personal preference of the other Legendaries should not be a concern of yours, Kyurem said commandingly. Your concern, along with the other Champions' concern, is the mission. Learn how to use your powers, gather what information you can, and prepare yourself to battle against a near god-like being. No other petty matter should enrapture your attention, you are to only care about the mission and anything that could affect it.

"Understood," Branwen replied earnestly. Kyurem's order seemed reasonable enough. Branwen had no idea just how the group was going to defeat Hoopa and "rescue" the other Legendaries, but then again. they still weren't completely sure what was going on. Running their fingers through their hair, Branwen let out a small sigh. There was still so much they didn't know. Where were the Legendaries? How did Hoopa trap them? Just how were the Champions supposed to fight Hoopa? As a stream of questions flooded Branwen's mind, one in particular caught their attention. They had Kyurem's attention so now was as good of time as any to ask them something real quick.


Yes, Champion?

"How do you want me to address you?" Kyurem remained silent for a moment as it processed the question.

Hmm, just Kyurem will suffice. When Branwen did not reply, Kyurem continued. Ah, you refer to my gender as well, don't you?

"That I do."

Well, I'm not sure if you humans have a term for it, but I identify as what you call female but only partially. I, along with most of the other Legendaries, was created with no gender or sex in mind. I hold only a bare association with such an identification although I'd much prefer being referred to as a she or her as opposed to whatever other pronoun people assume I use.

"Ah, so you are a demigirl then?" Branwen stated, twitching their lips ever so slightly as they heard the rush of surprise in Kyurem's voice.

Humans have a term for it? Kyurem asked, barely masking the delight in her voice. Maybe your kind is more resourceful than I had first anticipated.

"You did contact a human to help you after all."

Don't push me, Champion.


Chuckling, internally, Branwen turned their attention back to the other Champions around them. Several people, including the two boys that Cathy seemed to despise so much, had moved off into their own groups. Luxray let out a soft meow of farewell as the younger Luxray reluctantly left the female's side and ran off to follow its trainer. A blue haired girl with a peculiar tattoo on her forehead seemed to have captured Cathy's fancy. Cathy had offered to take the blue haired girl, who Branwen thought was named Roxanne, along with her and Branwen. Roxanne's amusing response was enough to loosen the worries Branwen had about her. She seemed like a mature enough girl. She was still a teenager like a majority of the other Champions, but she wasn't as childish as some of them. Learning how to hold her tongue would be helpful, but there was no need for Branwen to lecture the girl on such matters at the current moment. If allowing the girl to come along made Cathy happy, and if the girl was not as ill-minded as some of the other Champions, then Branwen saw no reason to argue against it.

"It would be delightful to have you accompany us, Roxanne." Branwen said smoothly, dipping their head respectfully in the girl's direction.

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Truth to be told, Branwen had intimidated her from the start, had commanded her instinctive respect with merely the way that they had held themselves, so inherently poised and sensible, so mature while many of the other champions frolicked through the flowers like infantile children—and not the amusing kind either. But then again, she was one of those people who thought the amusing child was the asleep or absent-from-the-room/noiseless child.


At any rate, Roxanne felt the sweet release of relief unclenching her stomach as they accepted her into the small, quite familial fellowship. Her lips parted in a fluent smile.


"Thank you, Branwen." She dipped her head in a manner to match Branwen's own; strands of the blue hair she had hurriedly tucked in a braid fell in feathery wisps across her forehead. "I'm honored to join you as well."


Next to her, Gardevoir also leaned forward in a graceful curtesy, her distinct cry murmured in a welcoming tone. At the same time though, the Pokémon's rosy eyes continued to survey the mother and daughter duo rather cautiously and unmistakably cynically; she was rather protective of Roxanne, and Roxanne of her beloved partner.


This process—no, this mission—was an endeavor they would take together, like they always did.

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Feeling Branwen's hand upon her shoulder, enough force in her mother's grasp to provide a comforting squeeze, Cathy sighed internally and seemed to ease in her tension. She must have not controlled her outward expressions well enough if the worried look on Branwen's face was any indicator. The small girl would have to do better to conceal when Mewtwo has bothered her.


At Roxanne's response and her mother's approval, Cathy smiled a bit more. "Great!" she exclaimed, tail wiggling briefly before she reached back to grab and halt its movement. "I'm really going to have to get used to this thing. It's... It's really weird," she muttered. Glancing at Luxray, she began to whisper, "How do you live with something like this?"


Cathy shook her head, short purple hair flopping with the motion. "It looks like groups are already leaving. Should we do the same? I'd kind of like to get out of this rain now...," she stated, brushing back strands of hair that stuck to her cheeks.


There was a laugh in her head and she bit back to grumble that rested on her tongue. What's so funny?


I am simply enjoying your ignorance right now. Nothing else, Mewtwo responded humorlessly.


Is there something I should know about? Cathy demanded, receiving no response afterwards. She already wasn't amused by his lack of conversational skills.

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"Hey, Miteki, do you know where exactly we're going?"


"Um... No. Maybe..." Miteki checked a map. "Some abandoned place where no one is so if we blow it up it's okay. That's fine, right?"


"Yeah, sure." Takaki looked once again at his two Pokemon beside him, the Empoleon chirping as if it were singing some sort of tune and the Luxray that was still pawing at the ground, occasionally taking a small look back at the slowly disappearing Luxray back where the group was. "Sorry Luxray..." The Luxray looked up for a second then went back to admiring to the ground.


"Well, the likeliness we're going to see them again is quite high, so you'll probably see her again soon." Miteki added in an attempt to console his friend's Pokemon. The Luxray continued to admire the ground, perhaps more enthusiastically.


"She's not going to look forward to seeing you. She doesn't seem to enjoy being with you." To this Miteki shrugged.


"Who knows? I might save her life one day."

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You are my champion. There is no quarreling this. Your life of no importance is one I value greatly.

Namina squeezed her eyes shut as the deep, yet soothing voice of death incarnate rang in her thoughts. This has been going on for what, a day? A few hours? The legendary's logic on compliments was gallingly....naïve. The day everything changed was one she didn't like to really think about. Yveltal was straight and to the point, after all.

You're ungrateful for the gifts I bestowed upon you. I could have chosen another.

She rolled her eyes. What a huge dork. Save the region for a death bird! Of course! That was the first thing she wanted to do!

Of course, because there aren't better things I can do.

A huff rang in her mind, as if Yveltal agreed.

You do understand! I was worried about you, champion.

A hand smacked hard against her forehead. Yveltal knew nothing about the human term called "sarcasm". They were too literal for their own good.

You are already late the way it is. I suggest you hurry. You are close, after all.

A brisk walk hurried into a jog at the legendary's words. fine. Fine. She'll hurry up. As her speed increased, she scooped Ajax up in her arms. The Sneasel spat and chattered, clearly displeased with this action. Namina merely scowled at the little creature.

Yveltal was right, she had been close. Her jog lasted no more than a minute before she broke into a clearing. She slowed to a stop at the edge of the clearing, cautious of the strangers. Clearly, by the looks of them, they were the other champions. That didn't mean, however, they were trustworthy.

Is this the human emotion shyness? Go, greet the fellow champions!

Fiiiinee. Jeez, you're too pushy for your own good.

"Look, I'm not gonna make a big deal about this. I'm a Champion, you guys are champions. Let's get this over with already."




Not long after Namina arrived in the meadow did another person arrive. The oldest of the group, he didn't seem to take the long walk from "civilization" well. A man like him, it was surprising that he hadn't been mugged on the way over. Maybe it was the two fearsome pokemon that trailed behind him. A Kabutops and Sawmpert, clearly set on edge by the general situation of their partner travelling alone, kept vigilant watch over Cerin. Unlike Namina, he was surprisingly sociable with these strangers.


A warm smile, and Suicune's champion happily ran to meet the others. Out of all the others, he was likely the most clearly marked. The huge white mark on his face and the vibrant purple hair did it all. Scanning the group for only a second, he couldn't help but grin at the sight of friendly faces.


"Hello! Oh, this is an exciting day! Meeting the other marked ones on friendly terms is the day I longed for the moment I was chosen!"

Mm. Your enthusiasm is a refreshing light amidst this chaos. I have chosen well. Cerin Rei, you will purify this world with the help of my brothers' champions.

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"Oh? New people!" Miteki was at it again waving and giving The Grin. His Gyarados on the other hand was watching them warily, ready to make a move against them should he find it necessary. Even his friend's Luxray stopped admiring the ground to examine the newcomers.


"Look, I'm not gonna make a big deal about this. I'm a Champion, you guys are champions. Let's get this over with already."


"Ok, well we pretty much already have. I'm Miteki, he's Takaki, Frey, Entei, Zapados, um... Rayquaza? Gyarados, Luxray, Empoleon, and I think that's Dolce? We've just decided to split off into groups to figure out what the heck we are meant to do and whatever our new found powers are. So that's pretty much it. If you want to go on ahead with the other guys over there sure or you could come with us, your choice." Miteki said in his rapid-fire-briefing-strangers tone.

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Okay. So not hostile. That was a good sign. Actually, she felt somewhat at home around these people. Grinning, Namina undid her bun so her long hair spilled down around her shoulders. A river of red, black and white spilled down to her waist. As if this wasn't enough, she also peeled off her tank to so her stomach was exposed. Dark lines traced all over her body, mirroring that of Yveltal's perfectly. "Namina Waltz. Yveltal." Her grin widened into a full-on smile. "What's the matter, surprised that I don't radiate death and doom?"


I don't do that.

Yes you do, shut up.


"I think I'll stick with you guys. After all, Xerneas's champion hasn't appeared so I have nobody else to butt heads with." Her electric blue eyes flashed with amusement at this. She was told that she and Xerneas's chosen would instinctively bicker, but he/she wasn't here. No worries, then.


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"Hmm... Ok, cool. So, now where we were going..." Miteki looked at the newcomer, then back at his map. Takaki leaned over to study it.


"We weren't going anywhere." Takaki said. Miteki looked back up.


"Ok, so anyone got any ideas for a place we can safely blow up? I think we're going to need that, since I'm a champion of a fire Pokemon and all. So... Anyone got anything?" He looked around for a bit then went back down to the map.


"I think there's some abandoned factories somewhere to the north of Slateport?"


"Oh yeah, the one where I nearly broke my arm?"


"I think it's there."


"Ok, we'll check it out. Say, you guys got any flying-type Pokemon?" Miteki asked.

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"I can empathize," Roxanne replied dryly, vaguely motioning towards the strands of unkempt hair plastered to the sides of her face. For the briefest moment, she even entertained the thought that the legendaries had gathered them in the rain and mud to sate their own warped humors; they had a few weather harbingers cramped on that little island of theirs. It wasn't an impossibility.


"We take our laughs wherever we can," Azelf bantered.


Roxanne almost snorted.


"I'm not entirely sure that I'm supposed to believe you."


Again though, Azelf's easy tone was undermined by a certain tenseness, a suppressed strain that she was instinctively attuned to, though it was entirely possible that she wasn't supposed to be. It startled her into focus; she redirected her attention towards Cathy and Branwen.


"I'm ready to get out of this forsaken field as soon as convenient," she agreed casually, her shoulders shrugging. At the same time, the compulsive part of her railed against the idea of being so cavalier about traveling directionless. At the same time, her shoulders stiffened as they shrugged. What destinations did her new companions have in mind? Where did they, or where should they as a whole seek to go? Was there a contingency plan? There had to be a contingency plan, right?




Roxanne bit her tongue though; she would save these concerns for a more welcoming time, for a time when everyone—herself included—was not trying to adjust to the fact that they had given up their bodies to be vessels for legendary Pokémon.

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