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Pokémon: Distortion Games

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"I highly doubt they are in cages, Hoopa is mischievous but not evil. Though considering the extent of what he did he may be unsealed and that form would be extremely powerful. But I doubt that Hoopa needs all of that power at the moment. I do not doubt that he is trying to or has already found a champion. If he knows about us, he already would've either stuck us in cages or destroyed us. In any situation we should train to master our powers in the meanwhile." He said this commandingly.

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"I'm not sure whether taking away the legendaries and causing a heck load of damage would be considered mischievous. Well, just putting my opinion out there if anyone actually cared. Gyarados stop staring at people."


I like the idiocy.


'What, starting to regret signing me up?'


No, I'm fine with the idiocy. The question is whether everyone else is.


'Still confused as to why you championed me in the first place.'


Ah. Something completely else from idiocy.


'I wonder what it is.'

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((Well, I had originally planned on a slower journey to the field, but everyone is already so ahead of me right now))


Nikola arrived in the midst of the large gathering, his entire team following him on foot rather than caged up in their pokeballs. That made Raoul the rather serious looking Lucario, Reina the beautiful Mightyena, the large stoic Absol named Casimir, a zealous Stoutland who went by the name of Scott, and a wiry Houndoom named Styx.


The meeting place hadn't been as hard to find as he thought, between all the young teens and their various pokemon milling about. He hadn't been under the impression that there would be anyone here. Then again, he was following the whims of a dream. Not exactly the sort of thing to rely upon for accurate information, but here he was. Obviously there was something important going on here and he had a feeling that it was to do with the recent disastrous state of the world "Be close and calm. No attacking unless you're attacked first" he ordered to his pack. These kids looked harmless for the most part, but appearances were by no means to judge character, especially nowadays.


Slowly, he worked towards the frey, taking his time to observe the group that had gathered. Had they been summoned here (summoned being a vague word for the reason he himself had come)? Or was this chance? A weather event that had drawn people to investigate? Then again, these looked like trainers with no rangers, adults, or police in sight. Well, that was except for one...


He made off purposefully for Branwen, intent on questioning them on what exactly was going on here.

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Name: Aryanna Hart

Age: 12

Legendary: Shaymin

Appearance: =Before= Aryanna has long, brown hair. She has a black top with a white flower on it, with worn, faded jeans. She also wore black vans. Aryanna has green eyes with big, black glasses.

=After= Her brown hair is now green, like Shaymin's land form. Her hair is a bit shorter now, and her eyes are now a lighter green. In Aryanna's hair, on the sides, are big, pink flowers. She also has yellow dots near the tips of her hair. She is wearing a white dress with a green ribbon at her waist. Aryanna is bare foot, wearing something that resembles socks on her legs and arms, but with nothing around the hands or feet.


Personality: Aryanna has a love for grass type Pokemon. She is a green thumb. Even though friendly, she is quite shy and doesn't trust a lot of people. Aryanna is smart and capable. . . of most things. Even though she seems care-free about her Pokemon, she worries about them.


Leafeon - 27

Lilligant -23

Deerling - 14

Altaria - 32

History: Aryanna's parents lived in Mauville City. They had a very big apartment and on there balcony was a garden, flourishing with apricorns and berries. The patio was filled with plants because of their relatives, sending over the seeds.

Abilities/Skills: Aryanna can speed the growth of any plant life.

Once in a while, she can make trees such as trees bearing berries or apricorns bear bigger fruits.

Aryanna can bend plants around her. (i.e: using vines to whack a person, making tree branches bend over like a wall to block anyone from getting through, etc.)

Other: Are you still accepting?

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((Please post your forms in the OOC))


"Oh, hi." Miteki greeted the newcomer. He had his whole pack out and they looked like they were ready to attack the group. Gyarados started to stare at them. Miteki and Takaki reached for their Pokeballs, in case an event should happen.

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((Accepted, DarkOFSorts12.))


As the number of trainers and their Pokémon began to multiply—and by multiply, it was as though the field had been taken over by a hoard of Double Teaming Pikachus—Roxanne began to question the legendaries' motives for this meeting. For the most part, the champions were clashing over the most minute of particulars instead of looking for answers, and then there were those few stronger personalities (those high-handed control freaks, she thought a little bitterly, a little hypocritically) who felt the need to assert themselves as leaders already.


It was masterfully chaotic, and yet, a field day for Roxanne's finer-tuned neuroses. She found herself longing for a cup of tea in the same moment that her mark began to throb.


(Good, Arceus. It hurt.)


"I don't suppose that this is what you legendaries had in mind when you were looking to save the world," she quipped to Azelf. At the same time, she continued to watch the fray from afar, her hands resting perhaps almost haughtily above her hips. Growing up in near-Hoenn aristocracy had imbued her with a bit of a superiority complex.


"You try proposing a better solution."


"I think I shall."


She turned to the boy with the horn-like appendage protruding from his body; he had an air of self-importance about him that dissuaded Roxanne's trust immediately, but his words had struck a chord with her. He was right; the champions did need to learn to control their powers, but why? And what for?


There needed to be an even distribution of information amongst everyone in the fields.


"You're right, Sweetie," she purred cloyingly; she rather hoped it would bring the guy down a notch. "We do need to master our powers, but first, let's figure out the logistics of our situation first. Not everyone can be as intuitive as you."


"As a fun tidbit, I also chose you because we're both disproportionately arrogant."


"I'm Roxanne Myrick. It's a pleasure to meet you all."


"I try my best."

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Oh, the children were serious, weren't they? Not only did the kid with the peculiar golden wheel around his abdomen feel the need jab Cathy after Branwen tried to disclose the issue, Entei's Champion and his friend tried to awkwardly apologize. Branwen raised their eyebrow as the boys explained it had to do something with one of them being socially awkward. Even if that was true, that wasn't any excuse to blatantly insult Cathy. Branwen was grateful that the boy apologized, but that wasn't going to be enough. Cathy was not the type to forgive easily and neither was her mother. Not for the first time since they met the other Champions, Branwen wondered if there had been some mistake.


As the others began to talk, Branwen's faith in the group's competence quickly began to dwindle. At least two of the boys seemed to be vying for some sort of leadership role. One of them was trying to be buddy-buddy with everyone while the other simply sounded stuck-up and pretentious. More disturbingly, it appeared as though some of the Champions had been told nothing while others got filled in on practically every little detail. Based on what everyone was saying, Hoopa, some sort of Legendary, had somehow either incapacitated the other Legendaries or had simply pissed them off. For reasons that no one had yet clearly explained, the Legendaries decided that the best course of action would be to mutate a bunch of random humans and gather them together in a single field to learn the reason as to why they had been transformed so terribly. If the situation could get even more convoluted, Branwen would probably turn around, walk straight back home, and forget the nonsensical proceedings of the day.


Rubbing their temples uncomfortably, Branwen regretfully listened to the teenagers as they rambled on. Branwen offered short greetings to the new arrivals but said nothing more. They were quite sure they were getting a headache from all of the passive aggressive comments everyone was throwing around. Mew above, why did the Legendaries have to pick teenagers of all people? They had chemicals being expelled all over their undeveloped brains. Their minds were still being shaped for Arceus' sake! Unless the Legendaries had purposely wanted to take advance of their growing brains, Branwen saw little reason for using them as Champions. Lowering their hands from their head, Branwen exhaled a small sigh before shaking their head pitifully.

"Well this is all nice and dandy, but I think we should take a few steps of caution before we're at each others' throats," they said as they lifted their head to get a better look at the group before them as well as dully noting the single man walking towards them. At least there was some other adults who had been Championed. "I take it that this group is a bit large for us to handle, no? We've already established that not all of us are willing to get along with others so how about we compromise, hm? I would propose that we split up into smaller groups to both spread out our area of influence and separate those of us who don't particularly see eye-to-eye. Now I'm not saying we should stay away from one another completely, oh no, I just think that perhaps we should spread out a bit before the tension in the air turns into something more violent."

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Nikola raised a dark eyebrow as he came within hearing distance of the group. It seemed that there was some sort of scene going on, and an organized one at that. The only thing was, "What's this about violence?" he asked, looking between Branwen and Miteki, who had taken the initiative to greet him but now had their hand hovering over their pokeballs. Violence. Right. Nikola couldn't blame them for their caution. His pokemon team was large, powerful, and well trained which was intimidating enough despite their currently passive state. Currently the more lively ones, namely Reina and Scott, were snuffling about the grass below their feet, curious but on-edge about the sheer number of trainers with pokemon currently out.


He whistled for them to halt at the edge of the circle as he entered its confines, not wanting to crowd it any further "Raoul" the Lucario stepped forward, the only one to accompany him. "Would anyone care to brief me on what's going on?" He was sure that he'd already missed something important since he'd apparently arrived late to the party, but that didn't make him any more updated on what was going on.


(I apologize for the shortness)

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Humans are incompetent. Aren't they? Mewtwo's words slithered into Cathy's head like a smiling cobra and she frowned. You're strong enough to beat all of them. You can leave here, come to me and set us free on your own. You have the power now. No one will be in their right mind to torment you any longer.


She turned her head, raking her gaze across the field and at everyone in turn. Their comments had hurt and infuriated her. That much was true. But her mother's soothing voice and gentle touch against her back made her hold her tongue. She didn't want to disappoint her mother and show that she had better self-control than the Entei boy. Mother will help me. She's stronger than I am and much more experienced. Why did you pick me? Why not another adult?


Cathy felt Mewtwo's thoughts press against her mind and she grimaced at the pressure, bringing a hand up to rub her forehead. Because, we have a lot in common. You and I both despise humans. We want nothing to do with any of them. Your desire to beat your illness feeds an inner strength that is waiting to be revealed.


How do you know about my illness? she asked quickly, shifting her weight nervously. She didn't like the idea of this creature knowing things about her when she knew next to nothing concerning it.


Mewtwo seemed to grin. That matters not. Now, how about I informed you of a few things? She waited, mentally shoving a demand for it to tell her everything it knew. It chuckled a moment later but there was no humor behind the sound in her head. The Legendaries are in some sort of isolated location. Hoopa has manipulated the region, making it so Palkia cannot utilize the full extent of its abilities. Time is also irregular here so it is difficult to tell how many days have passed since our entrapment.


It's been awhile..., Cathy informed, huffing and crossing her arms over her chest.


Apparently. Given the current, physical state of our planet. However, we are unable to reach it. Some sort of barrier prevents us from flying away while something - Palkia theorizes it has to do with the warped sensation from their spacial awareness - keeps us from teleporting elsewhere, Mewtwo continued. After a pause, Your human companions are still showing their lack of intelligence.


The boy with the ring around his belly was trying to act as if he was the leader, demanding people to train with their new abilities. A new boy had arrived as well, clearly not possessing the courage for many social interactions. Another adult, a man this time, also was newly arrived. It seemed he had his whole team out, ready for the attack at the drop of a hair pin. The blue-haired girl was making a sarcastic remark to the boy with the ring, causing Cathy to smirk. She liked her.


You humans are so pitiful, so weak and incompetent.


And yet, you came crawling to us for help, Cathy snorted.


She could feel the lack of amusement from Mewtwo and she briefly shrank away from it. Clearly, it didn't like being interrupted or laughed at. Moments ticked by but no further response came from Mewtwo and she began to frown. Was the Legendary really going to act like a child and give her the silent treatment? Especially now, of all times?


Hey! You aren't allowed to stop talking! You forced me into this and now I have the right to know everything!


No response.


Growling low in her throat briefly before she could stop her outward response, Cathy tensed her body again. Answer me! I don't want to be your Champion! Change me back and find someone else! Still nothing. Fine! Be just like a sniveling child!


Her mother was speaking now and she turned to look at them, listening. From the looks of it, Branwen must have been getting a headache and Cathy frowned in worry. Splitting up was a lovely idea though. "Before we break apart, we do need to know what we're going to do. Mewtwo's told me that the Legendaries are, in fact, trapped somewhere isolated; likely an island. They can't fly away and they can't teleport. That means, if we find them, we won't be able to fly or teleport away either. So, if we find them, we may very well be unable to get out."


Cathy stopped talking for a brief moment, tail shifting uncomfortably within her shirt and jacket. Thinking of what she wanted to say next caused bile to rise in her throat; she wouldn't enjoy her own words. "Mother's right about taking a few steps back. Too much tension. It doesn't help when everyone has several Pokémon out. So, perhaps it'll make all of us feel more comfortable if their numbers were dwindled to one per trainer or none at all," she suggested.


"After that, it might be wise to reintroduce ourselves since only a few of us have. As Mother stated earlier, I am Cathy. I'm ten years old," she hurried out. "Unfortunately, I was Championed by Mewtwo and mutated into this... creature. I don't want to be like this so, the sooner we get answers, the sooner I can go back to being human."


At that point, the strange man started speaking and she frowned. "We're trying to figure out what everyone knows. Mewtwo has confirmed that the Legendaries are trapped somewhere out of notice with no ability to escape. Some being called Hoopa seems to be behind all of this."

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"We do definitely need to split up, the tension tastes like molasses. Information is another thing we need. Does anyone know if the Space Center is still open in Mossdeep?" Brandon asked.


When the girl, Cathy, finally spoke in a way that didn't sound like she was going to slit someones throat, she made perfect sense, almost just how Brandon would have stated it...


"Again, I'm Brandon, and I am Palkia's champion, and this is my partner, Blade." He pointed to his Sceptile and Blade nodded. Right now we are trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle with no pieces. We gonna play this team captain style or what?"


Brandon didn't want to be a leader. He was capable of being a leader, but did not enjoy the role. He also didn't like being led however, hence travelling alone all of his life, without even a rival to compete with.


"If I'm completely honest, I don't much like being led, as you could all probably tell, but I also don't want to be a leader, and I'm quite sure none of you want me to be either. I'd much rather travel alone, but that seems out of the question now. By the way, are some of you still in contact with your legendaries? Palkia hasn't spoken to me since last night when he first gave me my powers..."

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Frey nervously looked back and forth between the crowd, his anxiety increasing with the tension in the air. He barely understood how any of these people could qualify as champions. But, of course, he thought the same of himself.

"H-Hey, look, mine are just th-therapy Pokémon, okay? I've never battled in my life..." Frey fearfully took a few steps back in response to the suggestion to return their Pokemon. He felt like somewhat of a fool for admitting his team wasn't for battling. They would probably all think of him as childish for needing his Pokémon's help just to cope daily...

To his surprise, Emmy turned to face Frey and nodded while gesturing to his Pokeball.

"What, really?" Frey stared down at him in surprise."... Well, I guess if Dolce can stay out..."

He sighed, then hesitantly returned Emmy.

"... You want introductions? Uh, I'm Rayquaza's... whatever it's called. It picked me." He mumbled as he turned back to the group, clenching his forearm with a shaky hand. "So, what, y-you're all gonna split up and try to take down that other legendary thing? I don't care, but I don't get what I'm supposed to do in all this. I mean, I don't want Hoenn to stay like this, but I c-can't fight, and I don't know any of you people... "

Unbeknownst to Frey himself, his eyes were beginning to slightly tear up.

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"Roxanne and Gardevoir," she offered at Cathy's prompting. She let the corner of her mouth lift in a petite grin before continuing on, her greeting laced with the inflection of her upbringing. It sounded vaguely accented as Slateport dialect was generally light, but cultivated. (Outsiders called it snooty.) "For some forsaken reason or another, Azelf has chosen me as its champion, but it hasn't given much in terms of information. I have one of the more sarcastic legendaries, so it functions primarily in insulting my finer tastes."


She waited for the legendary's inevitable retort.


It didn't come.


Azelf was listening though, and it wasn't waiting for a joke. It was waiting for an acceptance. It needed to know it had a hero, a champion. Roxanne didn't want to do it, but she would try anyways because that's what she did. She lived up to the expectations imposed on her; she'd been doing it all of her life, so why stop now? Why not help save the world or die trying at a grand seventeen-years old?


"What I do know, however, is that, the legendaries are struggling. They've resisted Hoopa's tortures until now, but some are beginning to strain under the pressure." She recalled with vivid clarity the fear in Azelf's voice as it had related the legendaries' current state. "I—we need to help them, and I believe that's our purpose as, well, champions, I suppose."


Azelf was ready this time, its response locked, loaded, and for the first time in awhile, serious and breathtakingly warm. "It is, little one. We chose each of you for a reason. It was calculated, yes, but at the same time, hopeful. We, the most powerful beings on this world, have championed you puny humans because we believe, we are hopeful, that you can right the balance."


Something wet pricked at the corners of her eyes. Roxanne looked away from the other champions. "That was rather sappy, Azelf."


"I'm well aware."


Another boy was talking, and unfortunately, she hadn't caught his name before; he was a nervous-looking fellow with a stutter to match though, had a way of speaking that suggested he was rather unsure of himself, despite the fact that he was one of the older ones here. She caught the tail end of his sentence; he was doubting his role as a champion, and his eyes mirrored Roxanne's—cloudy and wet—although for entirely different reasons.


"None of us really know what we're doing either," she admitted in reply. Her voice softened. "Your legendary chose you for a reason though, so whether you're a fighter or not is immaterial to that. You have something special about you that millions of others don't, including all of us here. Chin up, alright?"

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She doesn't sound like she's going to kill you, let's start with that.


'She still hates me though.'


Out of curiousity, what were you going to say before you were interrupted?


'Why should I tell you?'


Because the hairdo?


'I don't even know how I look like. No one's even saying what red it is.'


Well, I was just curious.


'If I told you it involved Takaki being beaten up and girlfriends would that be enough?'




'Well then, it involved Takaki being beaten up and girlfriends.'


You are sixteen with the mental age of two.


'Make that six, I speak fluently. You sound a lot like Takaki.'


I wonder.


Miteki looked once more at the ten year old. 'Yeah, she looks like she's going to stab me in my face as soon as she gets the chance. Wait, her name was Cathy right?'


Yes. Why are you asking?


'Oh, nothing really.'


Just note, I probably know. Yes, actually I think I know.


"Ok, Miteki, Takaki, Entei, Zapados, in case anyone cared. Besides figuring out our powers what else are we going to do start off with? Also, we should probably keep in contact. The legendaries gave us a bunch of powers and asked us to meet up in a field, so they're probably thinking we can't save the world by ourselves, so it wouldn't be of any use if we just left and never saw each other again, right? Oh, just repeated what you said. Never mind." He regarded Cathy's mother. That was when he noticed whatever his name was tear up.


"Well, I think that would apply to all of us, wouldn't it? I think I would be right in saying that no one was prepared for being tasked for saving the world, right? We've been tasked by a bunch of voices in our head to free them from a guy we barely even know about, let alone how to deal with, given a new visual appearance, we've lost our normal lives and quite possibly lose it sometime soon. I don't know any of you guys, already probably hated by a few, but I'm thinking I'm right in saying that we all don't know why the hell we got put into this, and that we're all probably going to have to do something about it if we want to get our normal lives back. Some crazy censorkip.gif is about to go down, and whether we like it or not we're involved, so anyone who wants to back down can back down, because I don't think what with everyone's lives at stake here that they will be able to get help and just get themselves killed for nothing." Miteki blinked twice at what he said, and shook his head. "That didn't make any sense, did it? Today's really getting into me. Hasn't today been a weird day? Forget everything I said."


"Today is really getting into you." Takaki remarked after a silence.




I'm still here, just so you know.


'Thought so.'


Takaki's Luxray looked uncertainly at his trainer and at Cathy, and feeling reassured with a nod from his trainer went back to the other Luxray.


((This is the biggest post I've ever made. Almost all of it is Miteki talking. I wake up at two, get a detention with my ICT teacher and then have a PE swimming assessment. I post this post and realise I spent 45 minutes on it. It isn't even good.


Today's really getting into me.))

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He stood up. "I think we should figure out our powers first. It would be a great waste of time not to know how to use our powers. If we were to encounter Hoopa himself how would we defeat him without know what we can use. So I say we train first and figure groups later. However the first time I used one of my powers I collapsed, so nothing too big."

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"Well, nothing to big also because we're in a field that can easily can catch on fire and case some trouble." Miteki added, possibly sarcastically. "Just clarifying, my power involves a lot of setting fire to stuff, according to Mr. Entei."


"Um... So how do you suggest we train?" Takaki asked. He looked back at his Luxray that was now playfully pawing the other Luxray.



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"I've already done a bit of training, and let me tell you... It's a process that can be very destructive." He pulled out his cosmic sword in a docile manner as he said this, in order to show everyone.


"To avoid potentially killing another champion, or someone innocent, as Miteki said, we probably shouldn't do the whole power testing thing here. I would suggest that we do that after we have split up to our objectives, when the risk is lessened." Brandon said

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((Thank you. Also, where are all the champions? I haven't gotten to make a post because of my lacrosse games.))


Aryanna sat down on a bench, panting and gasping. She dug under her hat to find the big, pink flowers still rested atop her head. Aryanna tugged at the flower once more, sending pain through her skull.

Aryanna shakily stood up, her breathing regular, her wheezing coming to a halt.

She took off the warm clothes and revealed a white dress and bare feet. She stuffed it all in the bag. Aryanna stood up and headed north, hoping it was the right way.


Keep going. Shaymin chimed in.

"Big help," Aryanna sighed sarcastically.

HEY! At least I'm giving you motivation, but I don't know where the right way is, so... She huffed.


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((Sorry guys work took a good deal more of my time then i had thought it would.))


Talia didn't like the way things were going for the group. The general emotion she could feel from the people and Pokemon around her overwhelmingly consisted of anger and hate, which she couldn't stand. Thanks to Lilligant's calming aroma and the drive to help others Talia kept from running away due to the tension.


"They can be hard to deal with sometimes, but i believe they'll come through. Why else would we put our survival in your hands" Latias chimed brightly in her head.

Talia brightened a little at the legendary's words, but still remanded wary of most of the other champions. She would have to get along with a couple of them if she was to join a group as they proposed, so making friends would be beneficial.

"I'm Talia, Latias's champion" she announced along with the other introductions.

Talia could feel a strong wave of doubt and panic coming from the boy who Rayquaza had chosen. She could sympathize with him as she too was doubting what they could do that the legendary Pokemon could not. Slowly making her way over to him she stood by his side, and flashed a smile as if to say "We'll get the hang of it, don't worry just yet".

Hopefully it would help ease him if only a little, and if not Lilligant's sweet smell would.




Kiara jumped so far off her pillow that the soaked rag on her forehead flew to the other side of the room. Had it been just a dream? She remembered the encounter with Raikou and the thugs, but she drew a blank on what happened after she fell unconscious. Kiara knew she had beaten back the criminals but it wasn't Jolteon or Raichu that had shocked them.

"Perhaps you used a bit too much power early in this process" a familiar voice commented.

"So it wasn't a dream after all" Kiara replied still exhausted.

"As i said, i am not a mere figment of your imagination" Raikou said, clearly annoyed. "Now you must go to the fields behind Fortree the others will be waiting."

Kiara heaved a sigh and slowly but surely got out of bed. As she made her way to the bathroom for a much needed shower, since she was covered in mud from last night. She nearly scream at her long purple hair when the mirror appeared behind an open medicine cabinet.

"Again Raikou i said i would help not that you could change my appearance" Kiara muttered reaching for the scissors.


Once she was prepared Kiara shouldered her backpack and hoped onto Pidgeot for a lift. Though it wasn't too long of a trip Raikou told her she was already late.

"Alright girl lets get going."

Pidgeot took off with a powerful thrust of her wings and before long they were on their way to Fortree. The journey that would have taken several hours by foot was shortened considerably, and Kiara thanked Arceus for the gift of flying Pokemon. Though sadly it would seem she'd have to finish the journey on foot as a storm grew closer. They soon landed and Kiara returned Pidgeot for a well deserved rest replacing her with Jolteon for companionship. The two both seemed to feel a spark(pun intended) in their step as they continued on through the storm.


It seemed she was indeed late when she overheard the group talking about splitting up. Though luckily they were still in introductions as Kiara approached.

"I'm Kiara, chosen by Raikou" she added.


((I changed Raikou's speech to purple because bright yellow is such an eye sore.))

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Nikola lapsed into a stoic silence as everyone introduced themselves by name and, apparently, what legendary had told them to come to this field. He crossed his arms, the corners of his mouth twitching into a hard frown and his newly-shifted indigo eyes scanning the faces of those there. All of them were incredibly young and- his brow furrowed as he spotted Cathy. Legendary pokemon or not, their judgement on suitable 'champions' had been piss poor. Children shouldn't be dragged into these affairs, especially when they hadn't even reached travelling age. ESPECIALLY with how dangerous even the cities had become. Nikola hadn't exactly been given details about the whole ordeal, if his dream had in-fact been caused by a powerful pokemon and not subconscious or happenstance. While he had seen a figure... Well, it was circumstantial evidence at best and it provided him very little information as to who he was supposedly summoned by. A blue eye. A tattered cloak. A nightmare.


The description didn't exactly ring any bells.


He ran a gloved hand perplexedly over his beard, conflicted. There was the Raquaza champion who looked to have just come out of his teens, though really he looked as if he'd rather be wherever home was instead of in the midst of a bunch of hormonal teenagers. And then there was the silver-haired woman with the horns, which Nikola couldn't decide on the realness of. Whoever they were, they hadn't spoken a word since he had arrived and he wasn't sure that they were going to. Following their lead, he decided not to enter the conversation. Even if they were young, these teens had pokemon with them and it was their own business if they decided to go investigate in groups or otherwise. It had no effect on his own plans. "Raoul" he motioned softly, taking leave to his patiently waiting back, who greeted him quietly in return.

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"If you are going to leave, at least tell us your name." Brandon said to the man who had just turned to go.


"I understand your discomfort with the situation, considering that most of us are teenagers with puberty being the least of our problems, but you seem like a powerful trainer, and the more of those we have, the better. Have you challenged the League?"


Brandon wasn't sure why he asked the last part. Maybe he did pride himself on his one and only accomplishment after all.

That's not what matters now, he thought. This world matters. The people living on it matter. No one cares if the one to save the world is the champion of a region or an orphan from Sandgem town, it just needed to be saved by someone, and it all started here. What happens here could very well decide what happens to everything that matters.

While thinking this he clenched his fist and gained a very sober expression to his face. He hoped no one would mistake this for anger.

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"Heh, funny you mention that, I'm hoping to go try out and challenge the champion, wonder what kind of Pokemon he has-" Miteki was looking up at the rain, but then stopped himself when he looked back down at Brandon and raised an eyebrow. "Wait a second, you're the Champion, right?"


"He is?" Takaki swung his head round to look at Palkia's Champion. His Luxray cocked his head to one side and looked at the League Champion, then went back to playing with the other Luxray.


"I think so. Dude, you okay?" Miteki asked, looking at the clenched fists. That was when he noticed another person introduce herself as Kiara, and the champion of Raikou. "Hi."


Ah. Raikou. Entei's voiced popped into Miteki's head.


'Um... Ok.'


Just a fellow legendary.

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Nikola glanced casually over his shoulder as he joined his pack and considered for a moment "I'm not leaving" The cloaked trainer decided, stroking his Absol's snowy mane affectionately. The white beast gave a low rumble from deep in its chest, watching Brandon intently as he spoke, but Nikola hushed him. He continued to take only a passing interest in the conversation, even though it now directly involved him, but he might as well introduce himself anyway. He had a feeling that he'd be meeting up with these 'champions' again in the future.


With a dramatic billow of his cloak, he turned to regard the boy, who only after Miteki's comment did he consider his real status. It had been a long time since he had first challenged the league indeed, and it hadn't gone over well. At least not the first time. His team had suffered greatly for his arrogance back then, but nowadays he knew better "My name is Nikola D'arco Volt, champion in both Hoenn and Johto" he answered with a short bow. He briefly looked Brandon up and down, noting his sword and how many pokeballs were strapped at his side. Nick had marked him as arrogant, just as he had been, and perhaps trying a little too hard to appear aloof.


While his opinion hadn't changed... Well, there's that old saying about not judging a book by its cover and if he had made it through the league and the past champion, then he deserved some merit no matter what his apparent personality was "...You will be seeing me and my pack again, but I'm off to investigate on my own terms" he said with a polite nod.

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"Yeah, I'm fine, and yes I am the current champion of this region, but as I was just thinking, that's not what matters now. What matters now is how we go about fixing the world we live in." Brandon said this in a kind of sad voice.


He looked to the tree where Blade had been standing, but saw that he had actually moved. He was now in a different tree, nourishing the berries. Brandon cheered up and even chuckled at the sight, as Blade was trying to do something productive, while the heroes of the world sat around talking about how confused they were.


"Bring some down for everyone, Blade. Especially Nikola. He and his dogs might need them if their going alone." Brandon said, still somewhat amused.


"I wonder if he realizes that Lucario isn't a dog." Brandon whispered to Miteki as Nikola found his leave. "It's a jackal."

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Nikola narrowed his eyes with a sardonic huff, picking up on the quiet thread of conversation. He hoped that the young man realized that he wasn't deaf, nor very far away, and he tried his best not to be offended, which he wasn't really. Still, he prided himself on raising canines. No foxes. No felines. No anything else furry with four legs. You could make the point that dear Casimir and Reina weren't exactly dogs either, especially the former, but it seemed that Raoul always had to get the short end of the stick. Shaking his head, the 'dog' trainer re-arranged his things, if for nothing else than to delay his departure in case one of the youngsters had a desire to speak with him.


He cleared his throat, tying off his pack and adjusting the belt of pokeballs slung around his shoulder "There is room in my party for one or two" he said without looking back "But we won't be seeing many towns or nights in a decent bed"

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"I don't know why, but I like you, Nikola. You seem quite level headed and serious. I hope I can trust your judgement." He nodded to Blade and Blade gave him some berries (1 oran and 1 pecha)


"I might take you up on that offer. I'm quite ready to leave." He then addressed the whole group. "Blade will give you all some berries that he has gathered (2 max per person, I'll let you all chose what they are), I hope we can achieve this as quickly as possible. We should keep in contact, so here is my Pokenav information." He set up a hologram with the information for all to see. And with that, he fell into step behind Nikola.


"So, which legendary championed you?" Brandon noted that from his look it could have been a couple of things... Yveltal, Giratina, or Darkrai were his best gusses.

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