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Demigods and demons OOC

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What if I told you all the mythologies of this world were true? The Egyptian gods, the Greek gods, the Chinese gods, the Norse gods... all of them, and more, all real and co-existing. Now, these gods sometimes have children with mortals - resulting to demigods, beings of half-human, half-god. They have some powers of their godly parent and are gifted with excellent battle skills. But to battle against what?


Now, since all the gods and goddesses are real, so are the darkest creatures that taint the mythologies. They exist outside our world, in the void beyond, trickling through the fabric between them every now and then. Humans cannot comprehend what they see - the gods protect them using a Screen, a magical barrier set between the demons and humans, twisting the images mortals receive. When demons come into our world, the demigods are sent to battle against them using their powers and specialized weapons.


The demigods attract demons with their godly blood. Therefore, all demigods at the age of thirteen are sent to demigod schools, where they will be taught about their parent, their power, hone their battle skill, and overall, become prepared to face the demons and protect humanity.

Demons, on the other hand, may possess a human body and use it as a vessel. The demons have city-like bubbles of reality in the empty void beyond the fabric of our world, where they train to face the demigods.

This is a battle that has raged on ever since mankind became to be.


Which side are you on?


In this RP, your character is either a demon or a demigod.





You will start as a demon/demigod entering their school. There, the class guardian (RPd by me) will start leading the class and giving advice. You will live in the school in your own room. Studying will be harsh, with some field-work every now and then. Demons will learn how to move between the worlds and demigods will learn how to identify demons and their level of danger. As your skill increases, the encounters between demons and demigods become more likely and more often - field jobs become harder. Every now and then, a demon succeeds in possessing/inflicting a new human, bringing them back to the void. The demigods are always on the defensive; they can never follow the demons into the void.

The demons are stronger than ever and their masses grow. Will the defense of the demigods fail, or will they prevail?



Demigods and demons and gods



Demigods have one godly parent. Their powers are completely restricted to what kind of a god their parent is. Demigods can be harmed by both mortal weapons and godly weapons. They can travel into any of the nine realms, if they have the power and the courage.



In purely demon form, they are merely a corrupted shade with burning red eyes, sharp claws and fangs. Demons attract humans to them by showing pictures of their wishes and dreams, and then using these to possess the body. A demon that possesses a body acquires the likeness of the body. However, they still have long, black claws and a tail - although they usually hide the tail. Demigods are taught to find the demons amongst the crowd. The Screen prevents humans from seeing this, allowing demons to roam freely in the human world, infecting other people until a demigod comes and destroys it, or it escapes back to the void. Demons have a dark aura around them. If a human is in the presence of a demon for too long, they become infected and slowly turn into a demon themselves - like a virus infection.

Demons have either one named demon parent or two. In the case of both parents being demons, you will gain more variety in skills, but not more power.



Gods cannot interfere with the on-goings of the world directly, save for the Screen. They can only give commands to the demigods, who fulfill the wishes. Gods are very tricky by their nature, with strong personalities. They often fight amongst themselves and refuse to hear advice from the demigods. They are very proud, and some do not even want to help the demigods.



Most gods are seen as good and demons are seen as evil. However, some gods do not wish to interfere with the world and only want to be left alone, and some demons are not full of malice - they only seek for a place back in Yggdrasil. Therefore, there are neutral demons, gods, and demigods, who do not wish to be part of this eternal battle, for their own reasons. Gaia, Loki and a good number of others are not necessarily good or evil, but work for their own purposes - against the gods and demons alike.




The world


The world is shaped like Norse mythology: the great oak tree Yggdrasil carries nine realms, three on its branches, three on its trunk, and three on its roots. The demons live beyond Yggdrasil, and come to the human world by first entering the root worlds.

The nine realms are as such:


Branch realms:

Asgard - realm of the greatest gods and angels.

Vanaheim - realm of the minor gods and angels.

Alfheim - realm of the elves, faeries, unicorns, and all other pure creatures that take no part in the war.


Demons cannot enter the branch realms.


Trunk realms:

Jotunheim - realm of giants, ice and stone. Here also reside trolls and cyclopes. All creatures of great height, mass, and little brain power. Neither evil nor good, but often side with those who first ask for their help, be it demons or gods. They have little love for the gods, though.

Midgard - realm of humans. The world where the battles take place and where the demigods train. A rainbow bridge, Bifrost, connects Midgard to Asgard. Most of our RP is focused on Midgard.

Nidavellir - realm of dwarves. Create the weapons demigods and gods use. Fight rarely, but when they do, demand gold and other precious metals in return.


Jormungand, the world serpent, is coiled around the trunk realms.


Root realms:

Nifelheim - realm of ice. The dragon Nidhögg is trapped there and eats the roots of Yggdrasil, trying to escape. Weaker demons enter Yggdrasil from here, then travel to Midgard.

Helheim - realm of the dead. Demons cannot enter this realm, for all the gods of the dead live here, protecting it from evil.

Muspelheim - the realm of fire. Surt, the fire demon, resides here and waits for a chance to burn down the nine realms. Greatest demons enter Midgard from here, alongside the blue flames of Surt or Satan.




Training and classes

Both demons and demigods follow this line of training - like mirror images. Each class has a 'protector', or a successful demigod/demon who looks after the class and helps them.

Demons' have only one big school. The school is located on an enormous island of land in the void floating around Yggdrasil.


There are five categories in which you can specialize.

Dragon focuses on firearms, shooting silver or blessed bullets. Demons use regular bullets against demigods.

Aria recites words from holy text, exorcizing demons to leave Midgard. Aria needs only a praying necklace to be able to fight. Demon Arias recite words given by Satan or other great evil, turning their opponents into demons or sending them to the void beyond Yggdrasil.

Doctor not only heals his comrades, but also creates potions and poisons to be used against demons or demigods.

Knight uses a sword to fight - demigods use celestial steel and name their sword after an angel, giving them more power. Demons use shadow steel and name their sword after a greater demon.

Tamer summons creatures to help him/her. Both demigods and demons summon neutral monsters to help them. They can summon up to five monsters each stronger than the other, but begin with one weak monster.

You may, after studying your main category, study a sub-category, which will not be as strong as your main category.


Ranking goes as such. All will be in the beginning of the RP at Page.

Uniform is required for all students. The far left is a teacher's uniform, the middle one is a student's, and the far right is casual (casual can be whatever you wish).


In the school, students are taught in the same class until they are ready to choose their specialty. When they have chosen, they will be sent forwards to missions - demons to possess, demigods to defend.





Skole av Halvguder might seem nothing but an old wooden church - and a small one, with a simple fence around it. However, the school itself is located deep underground, where it spreads out into training halls, girls' and boys' barracks, classrooms, dining area and a large living room filled with sofas and tables, with accessible computers.

You enter the school from the church, where there is a secret entry behind the altar. From there, stone stairs lead you underground where a large hallway starts. Even though the school is underground, there is no absence of light, with fancy crystal chandeliers hanging from the roof. The barracks have been divided into shared rooms which each house from two to four students. Although not fancy, the rooms are comfy with soft beds, large wardrobes, good working space, and the Wi-Fi is fast. The food is cooked by a friendly monster Ukobach, who gets pissed off if someone disregards his cooking. He is almost always in the kitchens, so if you feel hungry you can just go ask him for food, as long as it's not past midnight. (Ukobach doesn't speak, but makes some growls and yaps to tell if he's happy or not.)

The training hall is a large room about the twice the size of a regular gym hall. There are machines that shoot tennis balls to be shot at (for Gun Arts) and moving mannequins to be practiced on (Sword Arts). Also, Sakke might bring the students to the training hall and release monsters from cages located underneath the hall for practice.




The demon school Abach is located on a floating piece of land that circles the giant world tree Yggdrasil. It is like a bubble of reality in the void. Inside this bubble, the school is like straight from a Goth's dream - an enormous jagged black church with violet glass windows. The school is divided similarily as the demigod school, the only difference is that the training hall is outside in the yard and instead of electric lights, they have flames that illuminate the inside. Even though it has a grand appearance from the outside, the interior is surprisingly normal, only with stony walls and enormous windows - at any point, if you're facing the right direction, you can see the roots of Yggdrasil before you, extending into the depths of the void.

The training yard looks like it has been a high school football arena (which it, in fact, has been before the transferring). Monsters that are used for training are kept in large cages on the edges of the arena, mannequins and tennis ball-shooting machines in the other end. There is a cliff that leads straight into the void, but the school's protective wards prevent anyone from falling.

While moving between Abach and any of the Nine Realms, demons turn into their shade form momentarily.





For the sake of simplicity, the schedules will be the same for both demons and demigods:


Breakfast: 6:00-7:45

Period 1 - 8:00-9:10

Period 2 - 9:15-10:25

Period 3- 10:30-11.40

Lunch - 11:45-12:55

Period 4 - 12:00-13:10

Period 5 - 13:15-14:30

Dinner: 16:30-18:30

Evening activities, usually led by the class guardian / students (only on weekends): 19:00-20:00

Silence begins at 22:00



Holy/Unholy Texts

Gun Art (note: Gun & Sword arts are held after each other in the training hall)

Sword Art


Potions and poisons

Monsters and mythology



Gun Art

Sword Art

Monsters and mythology


Holy/Unholy texts

Potions and poisons



Monsters and mythology

Holy/Unholy texts

Potions and poisons


Gun Art

Sword Art



Potions and poisons

Monsters and mythology

Holy/Unholy texts


Gun Art

Sword Art



Gun Art

Sword Art

Potions and Poisons


Monsters and mythology

Holy/Unholy texts



12:00-18:00 Practical training (AKA simple missions)

19:00-20:00 Evening activities



12:00-17:00 Practical training

19:00-20:00 Evening activities



Teachers are NPC - you may control them for the sake of the RP, but do not use them to harass another RPer without his/her permission.


Demigod school:

-Lukas Hjersted.

Knight, Upper 1st. Teaches sword art. Grisly old man in his late 50's with a scar across his cheek. Strict, but with a great sense of humor and a loud laugh.

-Elva Newell.

Aria, Upper 2nd. Teaches holy texts that can be used against demons. A fair lady in her 30's, with auburn hair and eyeglasses. As long as you remember to memorize her homework, she's a nice person.

-Jonathan Bager.

Doctor, Middle 1st. Teaches about potions and poisons. Very young, around his early 20's, with long, blond hair. Has his iPod with him at all times and listens to heavy metal and is really cool with the students.

-Isabella Leifsson.

Dragon, Upper 1st. Teaches how to use guns. Grey, short hair and looks like she could kick anyone's @ss, even though she's around her 50's. Has no sense of humor and Lukas likes to tease her all the time - he gets a black eye every now and then.

-Sakke Årud.

Tamer, Middle 1st. Teaches about monsters and demons. He's about 40, has a brown, wavy hair and a bright smile. Loves his monsters like they were his children.


Demon school:

-Befafes, the First Demon of War.

Knight, Upper 1st. Teaches sword art. Has possessed the body of a female teenager with raven black hair. When in battle is bloodlusty and unforgiving, but during the lessons she's patient and helpful.

-Lahad, the Devil Voice.

Aria, Upper 1st. Teaches damning texts that either turn demigods into demons or send them to the void. Has possessed the body of a male in his late 30's with red hair. Thinks his subject is the most important and demands his students to study the texts and sharpen their minds.

-Sabnac, the Demon of Poisons.

Doctor, Middle 1st. Teaches about potions and poisons, especially how to make deadly fumes that kill demigods but let demons live. Has possessed the body of an old lady, who reminds the students of an evil witch - crooked nose and all. Is somewhat insane, but enjoys teaching and is ready to help all students.

-Stygal, the Bringer of Death.

Dragon, Middle 1st. Teaches how to use guns. Has possessed the body of a male in his 20's with sand colored hair and electric blue eyes. His presence makes some feel uneasy, but he himself is a patient teacher who expects no less than the best from his students. Like Befafes, turns into a total monster while in battle.

-Meeod, the Life Restorer.

Tamer, Upper 1st. Teaches about monsters and demigods. Has possessed the body of a female in her early 30's with platinum hair. Works well with Stygal, although they have strong disagreements every now and then. She fears no monster and almost all bow before her rather than give a fight.



Demon rankings


Demigods use a system to identify the strength of a demon - and then send a group of people strong enough to face it. The monsters given are only as examples of their power level. There are many kinds of monsters and demons for every level, save for Level 1.


Level 1: Small creatures that birth of the demon's dark aura. They go forward and slowly infect a human, turning it into a demon. Easy to defeat.

Level 2: Ghouls and reanimated bodies. Holy water melts them.

Level 3: Shades - weak demons with no possessed body.

Level 4: Possessed human that hosts a regular demon. The stronger the demon inside, the higher the level.

Level 5: Hellhounds - if in a pack, almost impossible to defeat. Breathe fire.

Level 6: Summoned demons; become stronger over time, if not destroyed immediately.

Level 7: Evil dragons, children of Nidhögg.

Level 8: Minor flame and ice demons.

Level 9: Major flame and ice demons - tall as skyscrapers.

Level 10: Satan's personal demons - his children and brothers and angels who fell with him.

Over level 10: Only a god can defeat - Surt, Satan, Kronos...


Demons use the ranking table in identifying a demigod's strength.





-Do not overpower you character! You will be very weak in the beginning, but you will improve. Unless you want to be a Paladin or something above the Upper Class, in that case, PM me.

-If ever in doubt/have questions/have a problem, PM me!

-Long posts are preferred.

-Try to keep the balance between demons and demigods equal. Also, the balance between categories should be equal.

-No character limit. Just make sure you will make it clear while switching between the characters.

-All demigods in this RP will be sent to Skole av Halvguder - School of Demigods, located near Oslo, Norway.




Character Sheet

-PM this to me


[B]Player[/B]: (You)
[B]Character name[/B]: (Your character's name)
[B]Age[/B]: (13-> You will all be in the same class, though.)
[B]Demon/Demigod[/b]: (You know this one)
[B]Godly/Demonic parent(s)[/B]: (Demigods: Give us the name, major/minor, what mythology, what powers, and how those powers appear in your character? You will have only one parent. / Demons, give us the name(s), power(s) and how does those powers appear in your character.)
[B]Category[/B]: (Knight, Tamer, Aria, Dragon, Doctor. Tamer, describe your summoning creatures, max 5, starting from one weak. You will first specialize in one category and then study a sub-category.)
[B]Appearance[/B]: (Basically, how your character looks? Height, hair, eyes, style of dressing, etc. Remember, you will be wearing a school uniform most of the time.)
[B]Personality[/B]: (Tell us how your character thinks/analyzes/feels/remembers and so forth. Describe what goes inside your character's head!)
[B]Background[/B]: (What has happened to your character before? Demigods: where are they from, how did they discover being a demigod, what about their mortal parent, relationships with their demigod sisters and brothers... Demons: how have you seen the human world, how have your trips to Midgard and other realm been, etc.)
[B]Misc[/B]: (Here goes anything I missed to ask you guys to tell or you want to add something of your own here.)

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Accepted Characters


Demigods: 5

Demons: 5




Player: Gildraug

Character name: Venla Saarisjoki

Age: 21

Demon/Demigod: Demigod

Godly parent: Tapio, a major Finnish god of forests and hunting. Venla can control plants and earth, and ask help from wild creatures. She has better accuracy and senses, and has some healing skills if she can grow a plant to use.

Category: Primary: Dragoon - uses two handguns. Subclass: Doctor, although is still studying this category. Is the class guardian of Skole av Halvguder. Ranking is Middle 2nd Class.

Appearance: Venla, except she has blond hair and leaf green eyes. She's very tall, almost 180cm and weighs 70kg, and has been mistaken as a boy many times.

Personality: Venla, although being somewhat of an introvert, gets very well along with all kinds of people and finds it easy to make friends. She is very thoughtful and is always apologizing her actions, even if they did no harm whatsoever. Venla is a tomboy, and has never wore a dress in her life, nor anything else girlish. This made her a queer sort of a child, which resulted into bullying and eventually, depression. She still has some troubles with her depression, such as panic attacks, but she has finally got over the worse, and is proud of herself. Venla thinks rationally, but if her students are in danger, she will not hesitate to save them - no matter the consequences.

Background: Venla, living in the most forested land of Europe, was always surrounded by trees and nature. In a very early age, she discovered she could control plants, and devoted herself to her family's garden. Especially when she was having a bad day, Venla would escape to the garden and take care of it. She knew her father was a god by the age of twelve, a year before her mother had to send her away to the demigod school. In her youth, Venla saw demons - both shades and possessed - every now and then, but they left her alone, for which she was thankful.

She studied in Helsinki's demigod school, Puoliveristen koulu, but became an exchange student soon. Ever since, she's been living in the Skole av Halvguder and studied as a Dragoon. When she was appointed as a class guardian, she saw it as a great honor, and has been doing her duty well.

Misc: Venla has a fox-squirrel Raja as her partner, a gift from her father on her thirteenth birthday. Raja means 'border' or 'edge' in Finnish.





Player: ChocolateIzzy

Character name: Toraz

Age: 16

Demon/Demigod: Demigod

Godly/Demonic parent(s): Athena, major, Greek smile.gif, intelligence and excellent war strategies,

Category: Knight

Appearance: Dark brown hair, electric blue eyes, average height, skinny frame. Other than school uniform, she normally wears jeans, shirts combined with jumpers and sweaters. Her footwear normally consists of sneakers and converse. She dresses for comfort mainly.

Personality: Toraz is studious, incredibly intelligent, brave, stubborn, and can think on her feet. She is a book worm and is often found reading Greek history and fantasy books in her spare time.

Background: Unknown. Toraz was found at a young age, alone, and with no known information about her past.

Misc: Nada




Player: Forsaken Rider of Dreams

Character name: Leonard von Wolfstein (Leo for short)

Age: 18

Demon/Demigod: Demigod

Godly/Demonic parent(s): Mars - Major - Roman - Mars down to the very fundamental beliefs, was an agricultural god and a war god. Much has been debated over exactly what it was that he was, though the truth is uncertain to humans. For the sake of the RP I will choose the simplest option. Mars was once considered the god, not of agriculture, but of the wild. The twisted belief of who Mars is stems from this. Mars, being the god of the wild, has the ability to fight off that which harms what he protects, which includes plants and farm land (agriculture). He was also thought of to possess a feral personality fighting and protecting even humans on a battle field in a way only a savage would fight.


This transfers to my character by causing him to have a short temper. Leo was always able to fundamentally understand the wildlife. He can't truly talk to them, though he can understand what it is that they feel. When Leo gets close to someone, and that person is hurt, he snaps. It is almost like a second personality that come out of him, and he blindly attacks, letting only his muscle memory control his body. This means he fights like a fool in this state, until he can build the muscle memory.

Category: Knight.

Appearance: Leo is not a very small male. He hit his total height of about 6'0 6'1 when he was sixteen. His hair almost seems ragged with it thrown in all sorts of directions. It was a dark brown, almost black with faintly noticeable red strands. This almost gives his hair a tacky looking outline of red, which is why he has considered coloring it all one color. Leo's eyes can be considered cold. They are a deep ocean blue with gold slivers lining his pupils, yet they are almost dulled and lifeless. He has a semi-angular face, one that would be expected on a male running athlete. His body, because of his old job in the fields, is toned, yet not quite trained. Leo dresses pretty casually. He has a pair of running Puma's on at all times that are black with white outlines, a pair of snug jeans whom's leg opens to fall over the tennis shoes. Leo also wears a with V-neck T-shirt as an undershirt, and a random button up over it. When it comes to the uniform, Leo has a bad habit of wearing the wrong belt, normally wearing a black one, and not wearing a tie or sweater-vest. He usually unbuttons the top two buttons on the uniform shirt, and if he does wear the tie, it normally just hangs on his neck loosely.

Personality: (The personality section is going to be kind of wimpy because all of my characters are a part of me, and its hard to describe me.) Leo enjoys to just let things play their course. He doesn't bother getting close to people, and when something unexpected happens, he doesn't seem to care. This is because he has come to live by one single phrase: It is what it is. However when Leo does get passionate about something, he will quickly let his anger take over to protect what it is he is attached to.

Background: Leo doesn't have to crazy of a background. He was raised by a single mother, his father, now known to be Mars, was never around. Leo always thought that his mother was lying to him when she would tell him that his dad was 'ruling the world'. It was on his thirteenth birthday that he found out he was a Demigod. His powers started to expand, and when around certain animals, he would sometimes sense a rush of emotion, similar to an empath. It wasn't long before Mars came to Leo during the night. The two sat and talked for most of the night, and that was when Mars gave Leo the charm. As for where he grew up, it was in a small town. The house was large enough, though he worked the fields out to the side and the back contributing to his muscle tone.

Misc: Leo is always carrying a charm with him, one side with the image of a wolf etched in it and the other a woodpecker. He did not know this now, but the charm was given to him by his father. And when he has the ability to, it will morph using Leo's power, into a sword.




Player: Durppie

Character name: Solange Crespin

Age: 16

Demon/Demigod: Demigod

Godly/Demonic parent(s): Ba (Goes by Nuba or Hanba, though Ba is her proper name), In Chinese mythology, a deity of drought that helped her dad the Yellow Emperor against Chiyou. Minor deity. Naturally Solange has the power to dehydrate the environment, or even creatures. Dehydrating non-sentient things is easier, and needs her to be aware of them and able to see them in person. For things such as animals, human hosts of demons, demigods, familiars, etc it requires her to be within 5 feet of them. She cannot instantly dehydrate anything unless it has a pittance of it (like about an inch of water). It is a gradual process that can be broken at Solange's will (lack of concentration, unconsciousness, death also work) or by getting out of the five foot range for a living thing. She can increase the rate of dehydration or decrease it at her leisure, but she will always feel some of her power's effects. The greater the use of her power, the more severe dehydration symptoms she feels. This could lead to inadvertent death if she were to drain more than a third of a football field (this upper limit is assuming she is in perfectly healthy, non fatigued condition, with possible outside assistance. Completely draining an average sized person is an upper limit as well. She'll likely be unable to stand, as well as have the nastier effects of dehydration.) Some creatures might not be affected at all (ex. most demons in shade form, since no moisture), and for those she will have less of a toll taken on her, but a toll nonetheless.

Category: Doctor Subclass: Knight

Appearance: Casual Stands at 5'5", will wear just about anything, from a plain shirt with (possibly ripped) jeans and sneakers to dainty formal wear with no issue. Her overall appearance and style of dress is skewed towards feminine. Solange will have a white and red handbag with a big shoulder strap and handle for hand and shoulder carrying. She puts only a minimum of makeup on, but when she does she tends to put a little bit too much blush. Her skin is susceptible to drying out and cracking normally, and when pushing herself to use her power it gets even worse. She prefers wearing pale red flats, as they are really comfortable. Of course she wears the student uniform when needed. Her hair and eyes are actually dark brown (hair dye and contacts), and she tans easy.

Personality: Solange is self-conscious about her appearance, though she hopes that no one picks up on this. People tend to get the feeling, though, when they see her surreptitiously check herself. She is nearly always on edge and attempts to pay attention to everything around her in fear that something will go wrong. Again, she likes to play herself off as reasonable and unruffled, but people tend to notice something off with it after a while. Which may lead to her noticing their noticing, which makes her more paranoid and distrusting, and on and on 'til something gives. Leadership roles are something she will leave to other people unless if she thinks the leaders are incompetent (and she will say so). She is honest with other people (as long as it has nothing to do with herself), willing to support them and listen to them (though making a few verbal pokes is not beneath her). Sometimes she will do minor acts of prickery just to see the outcome.

Also likes keeping out of the sun, cooking French food and trying to convince people to at least try the smelly Camembert before they whine. Don't be surprised if you befriend her and she makes fun of you to your face, then says nice things behind your back and leaves a pastry in your dorming area.

Background: Solange is at least partially Chilean, and was adopted by French citizens who moved back to their home country with her. Her adoptive parents would notice that she had dry skin and drunk more than the average child from time to time. Areas where around her were drier than normal, and already baked summer ground would start to harden further and crack if she stepped on it. Without the then 7 year old knowing, they began trying to track down her biological parents and found her dad who was initially very reticent. Eventually he spilled the truth: he met a woman in green and began a relationship with her. She apparently vanished after a year, which was devastating to him as he was planning to propose even though she was an immortal goddess and he was but an aspiring mortal scientist. By the time the Crespins found him he was already married with a kid on the way. Lamenting that he couldn't help more, he referred them to an associate who worked with one of the demigod schools for more information. They broke the news to her, which she took with some incredulity.


After some schooling in her home city Nice, Ba visited her and spoke to her for a brief period of time before giving her a green tube of mascara and quickly leaving. The demigod school she previously went to was later destroyed. Fearing for her safety in France, they decided to send her overseas for schooling.

Misc: Drinks a fair bit of water, and has begun exercising more seriously. Is on good terms with her biological father in Chile, though they rarely get to talk to each other. Also has a few foster relatives in Norway. The mascara transforms into a Chinese broadsword, Zainan, which she has some practice with.





Player: Marcus Pheonix

Character name: Thadielle

Age: 20

Demon/Demigod: Demigod

Godly/Demonic parent(s): The child of Thanatos, greek embodiment of peaceful death.

Category: Primary: Doctor Secondary: Knight

Appearance: A bald young man with a black beard, making him appear older. He wears a black beanie to cover the head and pale green hospital pajamas at all times.

Personality: A kind soul who just wishes for people to be healthy and whole. He is somewhat recluse due to his nature but takes pride in his fathers work not believe that being sired by a god of death to be a bad thing. He likes helping others and hates bloodshed and injury, hence why he specialises in healing and medicine. But as the the child of death he is not against ending the lives of those who cannot be saved.

Background: The child of thanatos, the embodiment of non-violent death Thadielle believes strongly in his fathers ideals and tires to help mortals who are suffering. He's strongly opposed to the conflicts between demons and gods and would prefer that they not endager the beings around them, however as the demons are more inclined to involve the humans he chose to fight against them in whatever way he can.

Misc: The child of Thanatos Thadielle is very good at stealth, barley making sound when he moves and is good at blending in. Thadielle can also sense the quality of someones life, how sick they are what abnormalities exist inside them. He tries his hardest to make people better but should his efforts not bare fruit he passes them onto the care of his father, who guides them into Helheim








Player: Gildraug

Character name: Aciel, the demon of burning

Age: The body he has now possessed is 18 years old.

Demon/Demigod: Demon

Demonic parent: Was created as an angel by God countless of years ago.

Category: Knight. Also, is the class guardian of the demons. Level 10 demon, ranking only Upper 2nd due to his (not so) recent failure.

Appearance: A picture and another. Wears the teacher uniform rarely, even though he could - prefers the student uniform.

He's around 178 cm tall and weighs 67 kg.

Personality: Aciel has a twisted sense of humor, lined with his joy of manipulating humans. He has no love for the gods nor demigods and blames them for his falling from Asgard. Humans are nothing but pawns and hosts, barely above animals, and he feels no regret in possessing them. Aciel is not that much interested in protecting his class even though it has been assigned to him. He's more interested in seeing how the students will act in tight situations and craves to enter Midgard. Aciel shares his information and experiences if asked so, but otherwise is not very social. He bows down to no other demon lord than Satan, ignoring the other lords' commands with a smirk.

Background: Countless of years ago, Aciel was a higher angel in Asgard, serving the gods with joy. However, when Satan and the other demon lords started questioning the gods' supremacy, he joined the rebellion, only to have his wings ripped off and be tossed to the void beyond Yggdrasil. Ever since, Aciel has nurtured a burning hatred towards all other living beings - save for demons. Aciel has been successful in invading Midgard and possessing and infecting humans. One day, a few hundred years ago, he was caught by demigod Exorcists in Paris. He was sent back to the void in a million pieces and it took him a good two hundred years to gather himself back. After that, Aciel has become very careful in Midgard, avoiding demigods as long as he can and keeping a low profile.

Misc: Aciel's flames disappear when he sheathes his sword.





Player: Traveler

Character name: Vanil Pheles




Demonic parent(s): Okay so if you haven’t watched Blue Exorcist fix that and go watch it. For the named damon...Vanil Pheles yeah it’s THAT Pheles. This kind of asked for lore, I’ll give you some.


A summation of wiki will tell you Mephistopheles is a dark, knowledge giver who sweeps up after Lucifer. In the anime he is much more powerful, he is a lord of time, manipulates space and more. I am not going to explain all that probably because I won’t use it because time powers because are OP. Only about twenty-thirty percent of Vanil’s powers sways this way anyway. It does give him a slight intuition towards finding demigods and demons targeted or affected by Lucifer....like that will ever be useful. He also is academically adept and has excellent grades desipite his...habits. That is it for his super scary Named parent.


His other father, Belphegor is the fourth prince of hell and holds dominion over the sin of Sloth. What does this OH Mighty bloodline do to my kid???...Makes him rather sleepy and more than a little spacey.


Incase no one has noticed that gives my kid no power in a war torn world. So in addition Sloth has developed into a complete do nothing atmosphere. What does that mean? My kid is a magic Null. That’s the main core of his power. He’s not affected by other demonic abilities and though physical angelic weaponry can cut through this ability the person wielding the weapon cannot.

Now no one is going to just fall over. I realize my kid is rather powerful so I have all this limiting.

Example He’s a dragoon, He’s a dragoon sniper he’s ALL the way in the back. SO what is nulling even going to do for you?? Yes he CAN use other guns. And if he doesn’t fall asleep behind his weapon he is a scary force to be reckoned with but overall unless you get into direct proximity with him he’s pretty harmless. If moving his attacks are rather light because he probably has handguns which don’t have huge shells. He’s not tanky but he can take a hit or two. He’s used to getting beaten up in Nifelheim.

Right now he’s not at the above level. He’s tired, he can null things in a six inch radius from himself, he’s exceptional in class and a decent gunman with the exception of sniping.


CategoryPremière:Dragoon Deuxième:Undecided


Appearance:Everyone one is sniping stuff off photobucket/google and gods know where else. I’m not a fan of this practice but if it is for the rp...


Vanil has possessed one nineteen year old teen who looks similar to this young man and is 5’11 in heght. The man young man’s name was Patrice Eleanor and is something Vanil has done well to remember. The main differences between the image I am providing here: http://i1263.photobucket.com/albums/ii635/...zps2f8c7b2c.jpg


and Vanil is Vanil has heterochromia,due to demonic influence his energy has burned through the moral’s soul windows. One of his eyes does remain the gray-green however the left has become a smoky lilac in hue, natural to Vanil’s form when not a floating shade blob. Vanil could put through the effort of changing his appearance entirely. But unnecessary effort is not something this kid does.

Other more demonic aspects of him mirror Rin’s from Blue Exorcists simply because thoughs traits run in his bloodline. He has a sandy blond tail, four large pointed canines and large pointed ears. His fangs are hidden out of carefully practice when talking. You will notice his hair is very fluffy it covers his ears and his tail is kept wound around his body. He keeps his nails trimmed, they are significantly harder than human nails.At night or when normal vision would be impaired his pupils slit however everything is in shades of gray.


Personality: Vanil is the kind of kid that falls asleep in class or stares out the window then pulls an A on the test. Due to his bloodline knowledge and learning come easy to him. (Mephisto, his dam has taken carefully time to pound as much into his head as possible.) He finds the average lesson interesting but just can’t be bothered with. He can learn it on his own. On the upside he is really helpful to his peers should they need help can wake him. This kid is honestly extremely friendly and adores social interaction. He has a deep sense of empathy due to Sloths blood. He’s sweet and non violent. He doesn’t really fight back against things unless he absolutely has to. Despite everything above it is important to remember Vanil is an EXTREMELY effective student and there are classes you don’t use a pencil in. He does work hard for his grades. Mephisto would allow nothing less.


Background: Before all of this Vanil was training for this...academically training. He lived in modern Japan for a good chunk of his childhood roughly ten to thirteen years carted around and brooded over by his dam, Mephisto and rarely discussing his sire Belphegor. After after possessing Patrice Vanil was brought back to Niflheim and unceremoniously abandoned. For four years he was homeless, scavenging and beaten on, gods only know what else.Then out of the blue Mephisto showed up and brought him to a realm within the void. Having a dam with connections and power makes everything easier. They slipped into a pocket of the void similar to earth and have spent a few years there until Vanil was enrolled in Abach.


Misc: He’s a classic musician and can play, cello, violin, viola and piano in that order. Vanil has a love of culture and folklore. He is particularly interested in Japanese and French culture. Mephisto pushed a cultivation in Japanese anime/manga and as a result Vanil could be a professional artist in that field.


Vanil has Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome, it’s a heart condition that causes a variety of basic problems, rapid beating, dizziness, fainting, tightness of chest. He takes specially made medication for it.



Cats, People, Sunlight, Art

Sweets/ Pretty food, Anime/Manga

Miyazaki Ghibli works

Gentle or tuneful music, Flowers

Scenery, Serenity, Travel, Textures



Intolerance, mandatory activity

Barking Dogs(Earth dogs do that to him... always)

Pesky people, crash music, frenzied people

Mephisto’s nagging, mindless waste, congestion






Player: Tenanye Gytha

Character name: Olivia/Viverra

Age: the body she possessed is 13

Demon/Demigod: Demon

Demonic parent(s): Lahad The Devil Voice. Whatever Viverra says, people will believe.

Category: Primary: Tamer Infant Manticore Kappa Hellhound Griffin Stray Inugami (Her sub will be Aria later on.)

Appearance: Olivia/Viverra

weight 90 lbs height 4 ft 6 inches tall.

Personality: She is a klutzy, bookworm for the most part, ask her anything about a book and she will be able to tell you the most miniscule detail like a detail or name of a person that is only mentioned once in it, though she get angry quickly over some things and will not do anything she doesn't want to.

Background: Viverra had never really had much of a sense of what a family is from watching humans, she didn't quite get the emotional attachment part that anyway, family lines are a different story. Viv didn't care about this eternal war going on either, she had never possessed anyone before Olivia, I suppose if she had possessed anyone else her personalitly wouldn't have changed the way it did. Viverra can recall a few memories belonging to Olivia. Olivia seemed rather happy as far as Viv can tell, she did well in school, had a loving family, and close but very few friends. Her parents were mortal but her elder sister was a demigod. Olivia seemed absolutley star-struck by her older sister's powers, missing her when the sister had left, and expressed a desire see her more often. She wanted to be able to do what her sister did. Viverra couldn't quite call upon any names from the memories other then Olivia's and decided to keep it for use in Midgard.

Misc: Viv has a love of all creatures excluding humans. She sees them as ignorant, lazy, things that trash everything around them, valuing them less then fleas. Strangely she doesn't include Demigods with the humans at all, or Olivia despite her having been one.




Player: Coryn02

Character name: Azazel

Age: 13

Demon/Demigod: Demon

Godly/Demonic parent(s): Azazel's demonic parent is a Native American wendigo, a near-unstoppable cannibal demon. Both strong and swift, very few survive their hunts. They also travel in packs and can possess humans, compelling them to eat one another to make more of themselves.

As such, Azazel has very fast reflexes and can strike much harder than his size suggests. He is also able to take a lot of punishment in a fight, and has a slight edge in the control of human minds.

Category: Tamer (will decide on the second later, edging towards Doctor or Knight)

Azazel's first summon monster is a rather large raven, named Nyx. It has somewhat weathered feathers edging on discolouration and glowing red eyes. It is a bit bigger than a housecat. In spite of its ragged appearance, Nyx flies silently. Nyx has no magical powers. Since it has no body, it is not entirely solid and thus easily defeated.

Appearance: Azazel has white hair and hazel eyes. His features suggest some aboriginal ancestry, but not enough to pin down how much. He also has a scar on the back of his left hand. He is about 158 centimetres tall and weighs ~97 pounds, so he is a bit on the small side. When he is not forced to wear the student uniform, he will generally wear a plain long-sleeved shirt and brown pants. He has a few sets of fancier clothing for special occasions as well.

Personality: Azazel is a rather quiet individual, preferring not to speak if he doesn't have to. He tries to get his point across with as few words as possible; he doesn't like discussing a subject if it cannot be brief on his part. Azazel does prefer being around other people than alone though, since being alone creeps him out. He actively avoids discussing his family and history, mostly because he finds nobody would understand. Azazel only sees humans as tools to be used, whereas demigods are dangerous and need to be destroyed or avoided. While Azazel is highly mindful of the education his father arranged for him, he is not particularly brilliant. He also places value on his free time, which may or may not go towards his education.

Background: Azazel was spawned when his father possessed and corrupted an infant's body on a routine hunt. But instead of eating it and releasing the newborn wendigo spirit inside, he allowed the wendigo to grow within the human body.


The other wendigo laughed at him, saying he had grown soft. But he hoped that his son would grow up greater than any of them by learning about the invading demigods and drive them back, and that could only happen if he had a human form. Ever since they arrived from across the seas, the demigods made hunting much more difficult. Since he was the pack leader at the time, the other wendigo tolerated this during Azazel's early childhood.


A few years later, Azazel's father left and took Azazel to Yotunheim. They lived off the harsh environment as his father tried to find out where his son could learn about the demigods that plagued them. Eventually, he did get word of a school, and had his son enrolled. He told him that he was free to make his own choices from there, but to never forget his own kind. Azazel promised his father that he would come back and help kill all the demigods in North America to free the wendigo from their constant attacks.

Misc: Azazel usually spends his time outdoors if he can help it. He likes to hike, eats his meat medium-rare if he can get it that way, and prefers the cold to any other temperature (he is not really resistant to it, his human body will still freeze). His blood circulation is also somewhat weaker than that of a normal human, so his skin feels cold (he's perfectly healthy though). He is also a night person, and will stay up late even without a particular reason. While Azazel is primarily a Tamer, he is a good swordsman. He also has some experience in hand-to-hand combat from his time spent in Yotunheim with his father. Azazel has tasted human flesh, but doesn't like it that much (too stringy). He's always hungry to some degree, so he usually has jerky or something to eat on his person. To be clear, he is a wendigo demon in a human body and has never known what it is like to be in the form of a wendigo.





Character name: Saya Ash

Age: 18



Godly/Demonic parent(s): Asmodeus & Ash


Asmodeus is the patron demon of Lust and a demon prince be he male or female. Ash is a random victim of charm. Ash is my random unnamed demon but hey makes no sense if your dad doesn’t have a name. Lust is obvious, Ash’s power is probably obvious too. He’s a fire demon, pretty powerful one but not like demon prince level power, just moderate,powerful enough not to get beaten up when he is fighting back for real.


They both visit her though Amodeus rarer than Ash. Asmod usually drops by asking for something whereas Ash just drops by because he misses his pweciouse boo boo! Both her parents fully enforce the need for an education and thus have planted her in school however both her parents also see a need to cultivate living now as opposed to existing to live when you are smart and have money. Her parents are separated, (one can only dance with lust so long before He/She becomes bored with you) but they are still a loving family and Asmod will tolerate Ash if they are brought together for their daughter. Saya has key to both their places though Ash is usual out at a bar/brothel rather than his dingy little place.


Powers: In that like Says is a demon of fire and attraction. She can manipulate fire with her level of emotion(hell hath no fury like a woman scorn right?) This is to stop her from being OP. Because if she wants to burn down a country she can but she has to be SERIOUSLY driven to do so. Not driven like blackmail, Not driven like I really want to do this but driven as THESE THINGS TOOK ALL I HAVE AND NOW I’M MAD while she walks forward crying because she just FEELS that broken into. On an average day she can probably manage about as much as a flame thrower, meaning not a pillar of fire into the heavens. Her fire is to centered. Meaning she can’t launch fire ball the fire has to stem from her and remain in contact. She can project it by sending say a trail towards someone from her feet but she mainly just used it around her body(It takes a lot more energy to maintain a stream, doing an air stream say like a fire whip, near impossible unless it is at an unmoving target and over an exceedingly short period of time). If you cover her in a blanket or disconnect her flame trail from her the other end will go out. She’s a Knight like Rin(let’s hope her and Asciel get along or the dorm will burn) and tends to mainly use the fire along her weapon or body.


For the blood of Lust and the power from it well as I said she is a demon of fire and attraction. It’s not sexual you aren’t going to want to jump her in an instant but you will be compelled to do what she asks, go where she wills follow her, make her happy. This isn’t a FORCE it’s a little pull in the back of your head. Almost unnoticed like a subconscious twitch you may not even realize you are doing it. It is Constant when she is within sight and an undeniable whether you are interested in men or woman does not matter. It will do four things.


1.Make you more likely to make her life better.

2.Make other people feel like crap if you fulfill some desire of hers.

3.Make you feel light and happy if you fulfill some desire of hers.

4.When you do please her it will make you more susceptible to giving into the temptation again.


In simpler turns making her happy makes you happy. The happier she makes you the more you will want to make her happy. It stirs competition for her favor between all that surrounds her. This is not to make her a sex driven character this is a so I can better move people if screaming at you and braking stuff doesn’t work!


Now once again this is Attraction not Lust. You don’t NEED to cave, in fact Aciel will probably get angry about feel this tug in the back of his head. You can shrug it off but it will feel uncomfortable to do so like deliberately letting down a someone close to you. You can’t make the tug stop happening. It will be there but shrugging it off I mean ignoring it. You can ignore a bug bite, it still itches but you can choose to ignore it. Same deal here.


As a final passive note. She morphs, not at will. Saya will change shape based on what her wide spread area(Country, realm not world but like a large chunk of population) thinks is attractive. Example she is busty now because that is seen as attractive in her current location, her hair is actually blonde because that is attractive. She has to dye it red. She can fight this to some extent but seeing as her body constantly strives for this it would be exhausting and most of the time she has to give up or move. It usually take two week for her to fully transform from one trend to another. As a note Asmod does not do this. Lust doesn’t need to transform with the trend Lust is desire just as it pleases


Category: Knight Sub Knight


Appearance:Saya So this image. A is not mine and I give full rights to both the anime and the artist. B. The character in it is able so there are a couple changes. C. If someone is a fan of this anime and there is some ‘NO YOU CAN’T MAKE LOKI A GIRL THAT IS THE POINT!!’ argument. I have not watched the series, I probably will now so please don’t fuss. I spent the better part of my morning and afternoon looking for a suitable redhead for this.


Remember how I said Saya changes based on environment. Currently she is rather well endowed(d cup holla) and rather toned. She’s also tall and wears two inch heeled lace up combat boots, black. They make a rather nice clack sound when she walks down the halls. Her uniform like almost everyones has been altered and she wears a dark grey plaied short skirt(about mid thigh height) with off white lines. her tie is always loose and the jacket is slashed. She has hella nice legs. Demonic features include a tiny pair of bat wings on her back(her fathers are much larger) they are roughly a hand span large. She also has teeth similar to something like a snake shark hybrid...Ash is a predatory demon, he has teeth for that. SO ALL her teeth are pointed she has inversely curved fangs similar to a viper though smaller the rest of her teeth are pointe and very slightly pointed back, she has two rows of them. She has actually open her mouth quite wide giving her face and jaw a more rounded appearance. Her ears are quite long and slender probably a good inch(2.5 centimeters) longer than you index finger. Saya, unlike her father, has not tail much to her disappointment. She’s a trooper she’ll make it. She also has rather hard/sharp nails. They aren’t like cat claws they are more canid. So instead of being out at hooking and puncturing they are better for scraping and digging, they don’t break easy and are slightly blunted. She also has webbed footed and a pair of vestitual gills behind her ears. I can explain all this random anatomy if you feel like asking me. Her tongue is prominently forked.


Three little beauty marks rest under right eye and yes her pupils are slighted however she can actually see eight to nine primary colors given the realm she is in.



If she hears what you are saying but doesn’t see the point in it face.


Casual Wear


Personality: Loud, lively and determined to live life. Says is a high energy individual and she won’t let you crush that easily. She is more a of ‘go do it!’ then sit and think about it person. If you watch say fly diving or snowboarding or even surfing and think it is hella cool and man you wish you could be like them. She’s the one that drop you on a mountain with a board and say’ Now we do it’ Doesn’t matter that you might die it’s better to die alive then on you belly no? She won’t stand for whiny, there is no reason for it….unless it is something out of your control...like humidity, she HATES humidity.


Background: Born of Lust she was promptly dropped in a room and told, okay kid here are the rules. Amodeus wasn’t about to stop his/her/their immortal existence for the sake of yet another accidental child. Saya was raised till she could walk,read and talk to people and then was essentially left to wander the world. She was not abandoned, the door was always open...to her key...if she could reach the handle. She could have stayed and eaten thoughs her mother ignored and lived a very cushy lifestyle.


But this was frowned upon and how she very much did want to make her mother like her. Mother was so power and so beautiful and half the time would barely give Saya the time of day. So Says set out to get stronger to prove to her mother that she was worth his/her/their attention….Then Ash found her. Two years after she left, she was six at the time. Ash found his daughter in the streets terrorizing everything in sight. I truly wild child hellbent on taking out anything that may be a challenge. After beating her, and scaring the daylights out of the girl, he managed to get a few worlds in and she grudgingly accept him as her father. After that came the sweets phase. The living life like a real family her father and her and on exceptionally good day so would Lust. Just for that hours of supper and not to talk of anytihng outside of Saya’s progress in life. Nor would Lust hear anything of Saya’s triumph in battle( Saya was still going out to hunt to make a name for herself and such she just not had a home to return to and a father to look after and worry about.). It was merely a dinner chat about how the kid was doing in school...sometime a reward in the form of a small smile would be given to the young girl. Coming of her 16 birthday Amodeus finally accepted the warrior had become and will now give her audience and answer her calls.


Misc: LOVES clubs dance and music with a beat, doesn’t like whinnying, is a fan of sour foods, has no molars.

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A mythical rp? Tamers? Demons? Gods? Holy heck sign me up for this!

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Kinda reminds me of an expanded version of Percy Jackson and the Olympians...


All gods are good, even those of the dead.


Heh, an important distinction to make for us modern audiences. Mythologically speaking, most gods of the dead actually were good or at least neutral. Contrary to popular media, Hades and Anubis (who's really more a guardian than an actual ruler of the dead) are actually good.


From this, can we also infer that all demons are evil? That's problematic, since you list Gaia as a demon, and Gaia wasn't evil to my knowledge...


Anyway, seems interesting. I have... no idea which side I'd choose. Probably demons, if only because I'd have trouble choosing a divine parent.

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Heavily influenced by a great anime and mixed with Norse mythology. My kind of thing. Will rattle my brain for potential characters.

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A mythical rp? Tamers? Demons? Gods? Holy heck sign me up for this!


Just PM me your character sheet ;D




Kinda reminds me of an expanded version of Percy Jackson and the Olympians...


This actually is heavily influenced by Percy Jackson (+another amazing series called The Alchemist) and an anime called The Blue Exorcist (<- if you watch anime, I highly recommend you to check it out). biggrin.gif



Contrary to popular media, Hades and Anubis (who's really more a guardian than an actual ruler of the dead) are actually good.


They are, but I always like to make a clear distinction.


From this, can we also infer that all demons are evil? That's problematic, since you list Gaia as a demon, and Gaia wasn't evil to my knowledge...


Well, in Percy Jackson Gaia is waking up the gigants after the titans failed to conquer Olympus, if I do not remember it wrong. And anything that opposes the demigods by trying to kill them multiple times while they are resurrecting themselves is usually evil (Kronos, anyone?). Of course, it is possible that she's in the mythology neutral (?), but I am not an expert with Greek mythology, save for what I've read in the Percy Jackson books.

Anyways, nice that you're interested ^^




Heavily influenced by a great anime and mixed with Norse mythology. My kind of thing. Will rattle my brain for potential characters.


Fantastic! laugh.gif

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Hmm. This seems pretty interesting.


Question, is it possible to have a Tamer character who to begin with can only summon one weak creature, but can 'unlock' another four as they grow more experienced and the RP progresses?

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Question, is it possible to have a Tamer character who to begin with can only summon one weak creature, but can 'unlock' another four as they grow more experienced and the RP progresses?


Yes, that is exactly how it will proceed laugh.gif


EDIT: I have added links to some demon names (the picture is a little bit smudgy, I apologize) for those who want "real" demons as their characters. You can find the links in the "Character Sheet" - section. I also added the teachers of both schools.

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Well, Gaia seems less Chaotic Evil and more True Neutral in the myths. She doesn't really care about anything except her children/grandchildern NOT sealing people up in her. And the Olympians weren't exactly paragons of humanity either, Hera certainly comes to mind, but there also Athena, Hera, and Aphrodite starting a war over a petty apple ((Granted, apples are delicious and this was the Apple of Discord)), Hera deciding to marry Zeus out of shame because he... *ahem*ed her, and such.



In the Nordic myths, Ragnarok seems sure to come, there's that too. And Loki... Well, he doesn't seem evil in the stories, despite what Marvel says. More... I don't know how to explain it, more of a trickster. I mean, he DID mother Odin's horse, help Thor gain Mjolnir back, and assure that Idun wasn't carted off and the Gods lose their immortality.


...So, perhaps it would be best if their aliments weren't set in stone? As in, some demigods/gods/demons just want other to leave them alone or something.

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In the original myths, the Olympians were a very screwed up bunch.


I think of the purposes of the RP, it should be okay to pretend that all the Gods are good though (for a given value anyway).

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(for a given value anyway).

Yeah, though what I'm suggesting is that there's a shade of grey in between that has those that don't want to fight or doesn't care.

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So, perhaps it would be best if their aliments weren't set in stone? As in, some demigods/gods/demons just want other to leave them alone or something.


Of course, it is just a general view that the gods are mostly good. There is, certainly, variety as some gods simply refuse to fight, do not have demigod children (Hera is a good example, being the goddess of marriage), or even favor demons. On the other hand, some demons do not necessarily hate gods, but merely wish to be recognized and regain their place in Asgard.

There is the black-and-white, but also the grey. For the sake of simplicity I listed all to be black-and-white, but I can now add that there are these "grey" gods, goddesses and demons. Gaia and Loki would then, therefore, become grey demons.

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Hmm... got a few ideas cropping up. Not sure whether to go on the demigods' side or the demons' side. I like playing the "dark" side, although usually without actually being evil...


For the demigods, I'd probably play a child of The Morrígan from Celtic lore. That would make for an... interesting child.


For the demons, I wouldn't presume to take any named demons (you'd think after all this time they'd be too powerful to start off as, anyway), although I'd happily make an exception for Vassago. Hmm... can one play a relative of a demon, full-demon or otherwise?

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Of course, it is just a general view that the gods are mostly good. There is, certainly, variety as some gods simply refuse to fight, do not have demigod children (Hera is a good example, being the goddess of marriage), or even favor demons. On the other hand, some demons do not necessarily hate gods, but merely wish to be recognized and regain their place in Asgard.

There is the black-and-white, but also the grey. For the sake of simplicity I listed all to be black-and-white, but I can now add that there are these "grey" gods, goddesses and demons. Gaia and Loki would then, therefore, become grey demons.

does this mean you are viewing Loki as a demon? Inquiring as he is also considered to be the god of mischief.


Also, like the anime that influences this, can you take up two roles? I.e. Primary: Dragoon, Subclass: Tamer.


I believe the guy with the yellow hair was an Aria/Dragoon if im not mistaken.

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Do named demons have to still have to have an application, or can we list the demon we want?

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For the demons, I wouldn't presume to take any named demons (you'd think after all this time they'd be too powerful to start off as, anyway), although I'd happily make an exception for Vassago. Hmm... can one play a relative of a demon, full-demon or otherwise?


Yes, you are right about the fact that named demons are somewhat more stronger...

In that case, your idea sounds excellent: on the side of demons, you can have a named demon relative, and you shall have special powers according to that parent(s), very much like a demigod. I shall make some changes laugh.gif


does this mean you are viewing Loki as a demon? Inquiring as he is also considered to be the god of mischief.


"Loki, a child of giants who lives in Asgard and has god-like status. Loves adventures, mischief and trickery"

"When a great earthquake shook Midgard, Loki broke free (he had been imprisoned for killing Balder after one of his tricks) and decided to take revenge on the gods, calling his children and the giants and demons to fight against the gods." Quoting from my Norse mythology book, although shortened.

In this light, I decided that Loki, since not being a god by blood and in the end choosing to oppose the gods, he would be a neutral demon who works for his own purposes.


Also, like the anime that influences this, can you take up two roles? I.e. Primary: Dragoon, Subclass: Tamer.


Yes, that is possible, but you should first specialize in one class before you can take another, unless your character is ready to do double-classes laugh.gif


Do named demons have to still have to have an application, or can we list the demon we want?


I just made some changes: demons will have a named demon as their parent, but cannot play as the said named demon - they're too strong. (In the case of Aciel, he was once caught and sent back into the void, a memory that has made him very cautious in Midgard. If the demons and demigods meet, Aciel won't fight until he himself is in danger - he doesn't care about protecting his students that much.)

So in this case, you will choose a named demon parent(s). You can have two, but then your powers will be divided between those two, not doubled. Otherwise it wouldn't be fair for those who want only one named demon parent.


EDIT: Okay, did some tweaks for the demons laugh.gif

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Blue Exorcist RP!! O_O AWESOME! I haven't seen one of these and I would love to join. (Love me some Blue Exorcist and this looks well put together....except I can't find the demigod power rankings)


I can tell you now my character is going to be Male,Demon, Dragoon Prime his sub will be ether aria,knight or doctor but I don't expect to get there for awhile. I hope this helps people decided what kind of characters they want so things even out.


How are you tonight?


This looks well thought out and put together. Do you have like a whole plot and everything for us?

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Wonderful that you are interested. Just remember to PM me the full CS (character sheet).

If the link doesn't work for you, search using keywords such as Ao No Exorcist Ranking or such. It should pop out from there.

And thank you, I am doing quite well, although test week is coming up and I have a tight studying schedule laugh.gif

About the plot, I have one for both demons and demigods (intertwining at times), but it is just a general one I will eventually RP towards. Don't worry about that too much, the plot will come clear soon enough xd.png


EDIT: Phew, did some massive additions, hopefully they are helpful!


EDIT2: Just realized our two-week mark has passed laugh.gif Hopefully someone will have time soon to check out my horrible mistakes :'D

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This RP looks very good! I can't see any gramatical, punctuation or spelling errors, although I might have missed something. But anyway, I'll probably make a demon and a demigod (or maybe two demons xd.png) later on.


Hope this gets approved soon!

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Erm, completely random, but what about Izanami?


And, for that matter, Daji?


Edit2: Or is this Western Mythology only, with everyone to the East deciding "lolnope."

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Now, I unfortunately know very little of eastern mythology :/

With a quick Googling I found that Izanami is the goddess of both creation and destruction. However, she is still a goddess, looking after the world (please, do correct me, for my knowledge of the eastern mythology is horrible (aaah sorry)) even though she brings forth destruction, too.

Daji, if I didn't click a wrong link, tells that she's a fox monster/demon. Therefore, I would conclude she would side with the demons (?).


I would LOVE if people include eastern mythology, too! (Or ANY mythology, really.) So if you want to make a character with an eastern god/goddess as a parent, go ahead! happy.gif

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Thing is, Daji only gone out to do the things she did with those other two at the behest of Nuwa, and that was also to topple an already bad emperor if I remember correctly ((not just because he blasphemized said goddess)), and Izanami vowed to destory 1000 of Izanagi's creations each day because he.... Um.... *Seriously offended her* after... Erm... Stuff. Yeah.



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So would Daji in this case be a neutral demon? Meaning that she isn't evil by nature, but more of a trickster?

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