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Take An Egg - Leave An Egg

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Welcome to Take an Egg - Leave an Egg!



This thread is similar to the wonderful Departures board in that people come here to leave an egg (or hatchling) for someone else to take, but with one big difference: if you take an egg you must also leave one for someone else! That means that there should be one or more eggs here for others to take at all times. (Unless we have problems with theft, but I will be doing my best to keep that from causing too much of a problem.)


Please read and follow these rules to keep everything running smoothly:


*When you take an egg or hatchling, leave something in return as soon as you can.

When you take something, you are making a promise to post a transfer link offering a gift from your scroll for another player to take. Taking something and planning to give nothing back in return is stealing from the thread, and isn't fair to the other players or, especially, to the person who offered the lovely egg or hatchling you are taking.

Remember- the dragons may be nothing more than pictures on the internet, but the people breeding and offering them are real people, and every single player deserves to have their generosity rewarded with respect, not theft.


*Make a post right away saying what you claimed, so the person who gave it doesn't think it was stolen. The best format is to post something like this:


Taking: Exactly which egg or hatchling are you taking, and who offered it?

Leaving: A teleport link to claim the egg/hatchling you are offering in return


When in doubt, have a look at the way other players are posting and follow their example.


*Do not claim something if you can't replace it by offering your return gift within 5 hours or less. If you know you won't be able to put up a replacement offer in that time frame, leave that offer for someone else. Otherwise the thread will have less to offer the next player who comes along.


*The sooner you post your return offer, the better. Remember that the thread 'shrinks down' while it waits for you to give your return offer. Keep your fellow players in mind and get that offer up as soon as you can! Don't shrug it off and wait the full five hours if you can make it more quickly than that!


*As much as possible, try to leave nice eggs in return for taking nice eggs.

Everyone is hoping to find something good here! We don't all have the resources to leave a rare in exchange for a rare catch, especially if you're a newcomer. That doesn't mean you shouldn't pounce on that rare find. But if someone is kind enough to leave a valuable egg, please don't claim it and leave behind some random egg with a tangled lineage that you don't want. You know what your resources are- do the best you can to match what you take. If you have nothing rare or uncommon maybe you can offer a hatchling, an egg with a nice looking lineage, or something with a BSA? Pinks and Reds are useful to everyone.


*Please do not leave common cave blockers with messy lineages.

Anything you leave here should be a dragon you think someone would be happy to have, and should not be something they can easily pick up CB or from the AP themselves.

A common hatchling or egg with a nice lineage (stairstep, spiral, purebred, tinsel/shimmer/metal/etc-fail or whatever else) is a perfectly good offer- but if it does not have a nice lineage, interesting code, or some other aspect to make it valuable to others, do not leave eggs from these breeds:



Black Tip

Bleeding Moon


Carmine Wyvern


Deep Sea

Dorsal (purple non-alt)






Imperial Fleshcrowne





Ocean/ Blue/ Puddle


Pygmy (standard yellow)

Pygmy (light blue/Nillia)


Spotted Greenwing




Water Horse


Water Walker

(Feel free to PM me if you disagree with a breed on this list. I am open to suggestions.)


*If you don't want your offered egg bitten, traded, sent to the AP or anything else, say so.

Otherwise the person taking it is free to do what they like with it.


*If you claim an egg that had conditions from the gifter, such as 'do not bite' or 'please name', remember that it is your responsibility to follow their request.

If you're going to give it to somebody else, you need to ask the person you are giving it to to follow the same conditions that were asked of you. Please do not send an egg that you received with conditions to the AP, because then you have no way to make sure the new owner will honor those conditions. This shows respect for the person who gave you the egg/hatchling in the first place.


*One-way vs. Two-way transfers (and theft)

One-way transfer links have the advantage of being nice and quick, which is especially helpful if you're hoping to have your offer taken as soon as possible. However there have already been several instances of theft, especially where hatchlings and rare breeds such as Tinsels, Shimmers, and Trios are concerned.

For now, until some better solution can (hopefully) be found, please use two-way trades if you are especially worried about not knowing who claims your offer, or if your offered egg is very rare. It's a bit of a hassle, and I'm sorry about that. If you have further opinions about the issue please feel free to PM me or share them in a post here. (Hopefully along with a taking and leaving offer!)


*An issue with leaving one-way offers in return for trying to claim a two-way transfer:

If the 'take' you're trying to claim is a two-way trade, and you post an offer with a one-way transfer as your 'leave' while you wait for the claim to appear on your scroll, then it's likely your 'leave' egg will be claimed while your 'take' goes to someone else, meaning you gave but received nothing in return.

To even this out, the person who was shorted an egg in this situation should get to claim someone else's offer without giving again. One given, one taken, fair is fair.

If you need to do this, please make note in your new 'taking' post where you were shorted, so nobody mistakenly thinks you are stealing.


*When offering on a two way trade, please use a Dummy Egg

When you offer something on a two way trade, it should be a dummy egg. A dummy egg is something from the AP with a messy lineage or aspect which makes it invaluable. You should not offer your leaving gift or a nicely linaged egg/hatchling on the trade. Two way trades are used to prevent theft, not to trade. Players using two way trades should accept the first posters offer if it complies with your request. Also, you cannot request a specific type of dummy egg such as CB only, or pretty lineage only.


*Please try to edit your teleport links after your offered egg is taken.

There are several eggs available all times, so when people don't delete or strikethrough their offering links it becomes hard for people to dig backwards through the previous pages and find which offers are still available. It's often hard to find your old posts to edit, so if you don't get every single one that's understandable, but please try to get them as often as you can.

The code for strikethrough is [ s ] and [ / s ], the same as italic or bold but using the letter s.


*If you offer an egg that nobody is claiming and you want to get it off your scroll

I understand your frustration. I've felt this way myself a few times on the Departures thread. You can, at any time, make a new post to substitute a different egg and take back the original to trade/gift/AP/whatever you like. (Please delete or strikethrough the original, no longer valid post).

Because you left that first offer in return for something you took in the first place, you must still leave something instead of just taking it back and leaving a gap in the thread! If your offered egg sits here for so long that it eventually grows into an adult, it would be appreciated if you leave something else instead, but you do not have to. I'll do what I can to fill in any gaps left this way, and hopefully others might be willing to be generous and help in these times as well.


*If nobody is taking what you offered, you can bump your post once per day.

Switching your offered egg to offer something else does not count as your daily bump, but please do not keep changing your offered egg multiple times a day.


*Feel free to leave without taking (donate), or to leave multiples.

This would be a very generous thing to do!


*When leaving return offers to the thread after you claim something, count each transfer link you claimed as 'one'.

If you accept an offer through one transfer link that gives you three eggs, then you only have to leave one offer in return.

If you accept three different transfer links, each one giving you one egg one at a time, then you need to leave three separate things through three separate offers in return.

(The reasoning is this: When you offer multiple eggs/hatchlings in one transfer, the person claiming it has no option to say 'I can only afford to repay one of these, so I'll choose to take only one egg;' they have to take all the offers that are bundled together within that link. So, the whole offer together counts as one item.)


*All through these rules I talk about taking and offering eggs, but hatchlings are great too!

Who doesn't love to save time by picking up a nice hatchie? If all you have to offer are common breeds, offering a hatchling instead of an egg is a great way to make it more valuable to others. Picking up a low time CB egg from the AP and putting it in ERs so you can to offer as a hatchling after a little while is a great idea.


*If you can't participate because you have no Magi dragons to Teleport for you,

PM me or Quis and we'll be glad to breed you one (or more). Goodness knows we have enough of them!


*Taking something now, Leaving something later.

(Rule added Aug 26 2013)

You can leave an offer now and take something for it later, ONLY IF:

*The offer you left is within three pages of the offer you are taking. (If you offer without claiming anything on page 10, you can claim something later from page 10, 11, or 12. Not page 13 or later.) This is assuming that your posts per page is set to 25.

*When you post to claim your 'take' later on, your post must tell what you left, what page you left it on, and either a link to the trade or what page it was claimed on and by who. (If it was stolen, mention that instead.)


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -



Want to help keep Take an Egg Leave an Egg running? Sign up to be a breeder!


It would be great to have a handful of people who promise to donate a nice egg on a regular schedule to keep things moving, in case the thread becomes bogged down with offers that nobody is taking, because of theft, or for any other reason. If you're willing to volunteer, please post or PM me with this quick little form:


I would like to be a breeder!

I will offer a free egg to the thread at least once per month. I understand when I post it that I should include that this is my breeder donation.


Official Breeders (and all around generous people!) are:














*If you are listed as an official breeder and would like to resign permanently, PM to let me know and I'll take your name down.

*If you are not donating your egg to the thread at least once per month, your name may be removed from the breeder list.

*If you know ahead of time that you won't be able to offer an egg on your month for whatever reason, it would be appreciated if you ask a friend to offer something in your place while you're gone if possible. If you can't, don't panic. Life is chaotic and these things happen.

*If you have any questions or queries about the breeders list, feel free to message me.


Official breeders with their name on this list are invited to use one of the following special banners in their signatures.

(Technically, yes, other people could break this rule and take them too, but... why would anyone do that? If you want to be a breeder, just PM me.)


Made by Enigmatron:

user posted image


Made by Eos:

user posted image


Thank you both so much for these great banners!


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -




Credit goes to Syiren for both of these banners. Thank you for making our first large one, and then our first small as well!

user posted image


user posted image




Large banner number two, made by Anavi_Ivy!

user posted image



Number three, by Ari97!

user posted image



We have another banner, made by BloodSpell! If this one does not make you chuckle then you have no sense of humor.

user posted image



This lovely, minty banner is brought to us by dhorne!

user posted image



Thank you all so very much for your work!

More banners will always be welcome! Please be sure to keep an eye on the Official Art Usage list when choosing which sprites to include.

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Note for records: Original post contained my opening offers to the project.


Record of Updates and News:


Most Recent Update:

Sept 27, 2014

Thread owner changes from Quis to Pippyspot. Please read the first post of the thread!


Record of Older News:

Oct 9, 2013

*Thread temporarily closed by SockPuppet Strangler to remind people to be civil; no threats or heated arguing, everyone.

*ArianeDragon added to the breeders list

*Eos added to the breeders list after being accidentally left out twice in a row (thus winning this month's award for patience.)

*Players are asked, as much as possible, to only offer messy dummy eggs in two-way transfers to discourage people from using two-ways as trades instead of for theft prevention.

Aug 26, 2013: TaE-LaE Turns one week old! New rule 'Leaving something now, Taking something later' added.

Sept 6, 2013: Poll to decide how long of a delay between taking and leaving should be allowed. (Still active! Vote if you haven't yet!)

Sept 6, 2013: Two rules added for clarity; 'If you claim an egg that had conditions from the gifter....' and 'When leaving return offers after you claim something, count each transfer link as one....'

Sept 18,2013:

*Poll about the delay time between Taking and Leaving offers finally decided and closed; a 5 hour limit was the winning option in the poll. Main rules have been updated to reflect this change.

*New poll opened to discuss leaving an offer without claiming anything at one time, then claiming something else later to make up for it.

*Several new breeders added (including Pippyspot, whose name was accidentally left out in the main update post).

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Originally posted by SockPuppet Strangler at Oct 9 2013, 01:50 AM




I am temporarily closing this thread so people have time to read and see this message:


Quite frankly, I am tired of receiving reports on members calling out other members (not tired of getting reports but tired of the fact that people are continually making these posts calling other users out). Publicly calling out members is unacceptable. Trading threads being allowed public ban and warn lists is a privilege, and it's one that the OP/project account owners alone take up.


If you have concerns about a thread, please PM a mod or the thread owner to discuss your concerns.


Transfers are one way. Yes, it is unfortunate that some users are seemingly not abiding by the purpose of this thread, but that does not give all members the right to rant about them or call them out here. If you cannot handle a member possibly taking your egg without leaving one left, this is not the gifting/exchanging thread for you. I understand this is frustrating, but there's no real way to uphold this.


I don't care if you know who is taking eggs without giving back. In a thread like this where you are leaving the transfer open for all, sometimes it is going to happen that someone takes the dragon without giving back in the spirit of the thread. Just accept that you put up a good gift that most likely went to a good home, and move on.


If you have suggestions for the OP, feel free to PM those suggestions to them. Perhaps a small group of polite users can be organized to send gentle PM reminders asking for people who have taken an egg to give back when they can. Otherwise, posting here to call out other members is against board rules and is also against the spirit of this thread, which should be sharing. Sometimes this means that someone may be going through a tougher spot and can't afford to give back at the moment. Yes, by thread spirit they should also be waiting to take, but let's have a little faith and assume they will be giving back sometime soon.


If you are taking an egg, please do abide by thread rules and give one back ASAP. If you don't have anything nice to give to the thread yet, try to do some trading or get on some gifting lists so you can build up your collection and be able to breed or bite nice eggs for the thread. Heck, get some AP commons (many of which are cb) and build some checkers or pbs or other neat lineages and give something creative back to the thread. Your egg doesn't have to be rare, just something someone will appreciate. What kind of neat checkers can you create from the AP that you don't see a lot? It doesn't take to long to breed a third or even fourth gen pairing that you can then breed for the thread every so often. Check out the Great Lineages Found in the AP thread for ideas. People there appreciate 4th gen pbs and 3rd gen checkers and 5th gen stairs or spirals. People like cool codes and lineages with neat/funny/creative/recognizable (such as song lyrics or jokes from TV shows) names. It doesn't take too long to make most of these lineages.


If you are giving an egg, please realize that there are, unfortunately, going to be times where you give but someone else doesn't give back. It happens. Try to remember all the times you have given and it has been passed on. Try to think of how special your offer was that someone took it to love it. Sometimes you pass it forward and it stops there, but a lot of times it doesn't. This thread is about sharing, so let's let things flow and not get caught up in the times when your kind gesture isn't paid forward.


I think overall this thread is doing an awesome job, and I would like to see it keep going on this way. Any further posts calling out users for not giving back (even if you don't name them) will be removed by me and the user will be given a warning. Thread OPs/mods may post reminders of the rules/expectations, but I don't want to see every user who had a couple 'bad experiences' ranting to the thread. That's not your place, and judging by the reports I'm seeing this attitude is just as detrimental to the thread as users who aren't giving back.


This thread will be opened back up in a few hours when more users have seen this notice.


Sorry for those of you who don't need the notice, but I think this is better as a mass announcement rather than trying to track down several users to PM them.




Originally posted by SockPuppet Strangler at Oct 9 2013, 06:48 PM


If you have not read my above post, please do so.


I think this thread has been closed long enough for a decent amount of people to read my post.


Please continue sending reports if you see more posts calling other users out. Just a reminder that calling other users out will mean your post is removed and you will receive a warning.


This thread is now: OPEN

Originally posted by Z at Oct 11 2013, 11:30 PM



Topic warning.




Rants, vents are not allowed in SD, take chat to pm.

Edited by rubyshoes

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Taking: Nothing


Leaving: Found this nice low time (4d 7h) egg while hunting in the AP. It's a 3G Moonstone egg from a perfect checker of male Moonstones and female Ices. All dragons in the lineage have nice names. It's on a one way transfer so you can take it home right away! Please leave something for this thread if you take this egg.


Please Adopt Me! Gifted through another thread


Edit: First?! I'm never the first poster! *does a happy dance*

Edited by F.ury

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Taking : nothing atm


Leaving as a welcome to new thread gift:


Cb Pyralspite from Alpine


please leave something for the thread if you take it!!


Claim my eggs/hatchlings!




edit because i can't spell....

Edited by milkaq66

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Taking : nothing atm


Leaving as a welcome to new thread gift:


Cb Pyralspite from Alpine


please leave something for the thread if you take it!!


Claim my eggs/hatchlings!




edit because i can't spell....



Took the pyralspite leaving CB ice - http://dragcave.net/teleport/399d3e5a8b65f...6a61a9715fc9fa6 - enjoy smile.gif

Edited by rubyshoes

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Hello and welcome to the new thread!


I'd like to welcome everyone to the new thread, which I am now the owner of. I'd like to firstly thank the lovely Quis, who is the original creator of this idea and thread and I'm so honoured that she's chosen me to take over as she's now very busy. I loved this thread since I first looked at it and I'm happy to be a part of it as long as I have, I will do everything in my power to make sure the thread stays active and disruption-free, and that the lovely community we've built carries on growing wub.gif


If you have any concerns or queries about the thread, please do message me. I'm always open to improvements, new ideas, changes, etc. I'll always try to get back to you as soon as I can. Quis and I are both willing to breed Magis for anyone who needs some. So if you're interested in getting your own teleporter dragon, please contact us and we'll help you out happy.gif


I would like to again thank Quis, because without her, this lovely thread wouldn't be here and she was a wonderful owner and helped grow the community so much. I know you're not leaving DC or the forum, but you'll be missed nonetheless <3


Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy the new thread!


~ Pippyspot


P.S If you have outstanding trades from the previous thread, please quote over your reply and post it here! All donations towards the thread to get it back on its feet are greatly appreciated, thank you! wub.gif


Edit: One thing I forgot to mention: All of your signature links will link to the old thread, make sure you update them! All the links in the post should now take you to this thread smile.gif

Edited by Pippyspot

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You guys all see what a sweetheart Pip' is? Got me all sheepish now. wub.gif


All right, let's help get this thing back on its feet!


Taking: Nothing

Leaving: 2nd gen PB Blue stripe hatchling


Edit: Gone to Dreulchen! Enjoy!

Edited by Quis

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Left this on the previous thread and it hasn't been taken yet. D:


Three Red dragon eggs for your BSA needs, a couple have nice lineages and the third is kinda messy. No inbreeding though. It's two-way, but I might change it to a one-way if I don't get an offer today. ;; Finally gone! haha

Edited by Doctor Sunie

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You guys all see what a sweetheart Pip' is? Got me all sheepish now. wub.gif


All right, let's help get this thing back on its feet!


Taking: Nothing

Leaving: 2nd gen PB Blue stripe hatchling

Two-way transfer for now, might change to a one-way if I have to leave the computer before I get a valid offer for it.

Awwie! wub.gif


Taking: Nothing

Giving: Magi Hatchie


I'm going to make a conscious effort to gift lots of magis so you guys who love gifting don't run out! xd.png

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Took the magi hatchie, thank you! and congrats on your thread, Pippy smile.gif


Leaving this new release egg


Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!


edit: i've got an offer, but I don't see a post with an egg for the thread... Hey, Mysterious Person, leave something here.

Edited by ewi122

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Taking: offered a dummy egg on SyrusAllen's Tri-Horn Wyvern

Leaving: this Avatar of Creation egg with a not-quite-even but still neat lineage.


Gone to Lolahighwind, not sure if it's being 'paid for' by the ice egg or if they're leaving something else for it, but either way it's a fair swap smile.gif

Edited by Quis

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Taking: Nothing, for now Took Quis' Creation. smile.gif

Leaving: An even-gen Ice egg; I'd prefer that it go to someone who doesn't have an Ice yet. smile.gif

Teleport Link

Edited by lolahighwind

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You guys all see what a sweetheart Pip' is? Got me all sheepish now. wub.gif


All right, let's help get this thing back on its feet!


Taking: Nothing

Leaving: 2nd gen PB Blue stripe hatchling

Two-way transfer for now, might change to a one-way if I have to leave the computer before I get a valid offer for it.

Offered on the hatchling



Leaving: CB Black egg

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In celebration of this new event, I have bred these TWO beautiful shiny eggs that you can influence to be a pair and make a cool lineage with! cool.gif


Gone to a new home.


I also still have this! smile.gif


Also gone to a new home.


Edit: As always, please name my gifts and be nice to them! No bad actions. Post here to claim them.

Edited by Spiteful_Crow

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Taking: offered a dummy egg on SyrusAllen's Tri-Horn Wyvern

Leaving: this Avatar of Creation egg with a not-quite-even but still neat lineage.


Gone to Lolahighwind, not sure if it's being 'paid for' by the ice egg or if they're leaving something else for it, but either way it's a fair swap smile.gif

Accepted! I'm glad to know it's going to a really good home. ^-^

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My daughter (Kruemeline) offered on that new egg tzhat was up at the old thread ... and one of the gold eggs from a later post (http://dragcave.net/lineage/lHlp3 <--- this one)


She is leaving:

Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!Bronze Tinsel


Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!Green Copper


Offer dummy. Leave something. Don't hurt. don't trade. Don't abandon.

Offered on the Copper smile.gif


Leaving: Ice egg Gone to Lachwen, enjoy!

Offer a dummy. Don't kill, bite or abandon; freezing is fine. Please name.

Leave something for the thread - I won't accept if you haven't.

Edited by Alectrona

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Taking: Took a Creation egg from Quis, and since I really love Creations, I figured I should leave something in addition to the Ice egg.

Leaving: A soulpeace egg with a nice even-gen lineage smile.gif

Teleport Link

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