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If you own the parents (or grandparents) of SPITE, please PM me!


**Still might be a little slow to respond to PMs right now, sorry. Please don't breed for me without checking.**


Seeking an experienced & reliable egg-sitter/hatchie-sitter. Please PM me. (Now offering 3G prizes, alt lineages, & more for regular egg-sitting or holiday hatching.)


Currently looking for: 2G/checker from Fool Mints and Xenos.

(Later: Fool Mints or Valentines from CB Hollies! Will give lots for one from CB female Holly.) Also: Prize-kin, alt-kin, Fool Mints, Lunars, and ANY AND ALL *CB* Xenowyrms! PM me to discuss/negotiate.

RIP Old Splits & Silvers Winters



The Spiteful Crow stole a dragon in the confusion of the battle!

Please see my profile for a list of dragons I need and my new trade disclaimer. I will accept IOUs & breeding requests on a case by case basis.

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    I'm in ur Onett, eatin' ur cookiez
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    CURRENTLY SEEKING: Fool Mint lineages; Valentine x Holly lineages

    ***Please see the following lists too, mostly for dragons that need holiday mates***

    CB Winters, Nebulas, & Pyrope Pyralspites. Also 2G holiday-kin (can do swaps on most) for lineage projects. Regarding IOUs, I'm working harder to finish mine, so if I have an outstanding one with you and we haven't talked in a while, *please* don't hesitate to PM me so I can get it fulfilled!

    Favorite common/uncommon dragons: Nebulas, Moonstones, Lunar Heralds, Xenowyrms.

    Favorite rares: Silver Shimmer-scales, Staterae, Ice, Magma, Chickens, Paper.

    Favorite Holidays: Shadow Walkers, Witchlights, Graves, Sweetlings, Mistletoes, Garlands, Radiant Angels, Hollies.

    Semi-retired favorites: I will no longer be breeding any of these dragons except for trades or special circumstances - Splits

    I also love dragons with neat codes, both "clean" and "dirty" and will trade nice things for good ones. :)

    Least favorite: (see bottom of this list)

    I can be bribed with other offers, however. ;) For example, I love pretty rare/shiny-fails! :) I could always use more.

    Rare note: I only like male Silver and Gold dragons for my personal collection, I usually don't want any females except to trade or gift. Please keep this in mind if you influence a hatchling for me.

    If you receive a dragon from me, whether as a present or a trade, the nicest way you can thank me is by giving it a nice name. :) (Unless it has a neat code.)

    Please don't add my dragons to clicksites unless they have less than 2 days left and I appear to be inactive. (PM me first.) Then by all means, please save them if they need it!

    DISCLAIMER: I do not always influence all the eggs I'm trading before they hatch. I usually do, but sometimes I don't, so if you're interested or have a question, please ask me about it beforehand. Sometimes I also trade hatchlings that will misgender that I can do nothing about. I will not be held responsible for any misgendered hatchlings if I've made no comment about it and am not contacted. Thank you for understanding. (Note: This disclaimer is old and typically no longer applies, but it's still better to ask than get mad at me because your hatchie misgendered.)

    (Last updated - 4/27/2017)
    (I need to update this more)

    Mates needed:

    Any and all 2G prizefails
    3G EG or checkered prizefails
    Spriter's alt-kin with nice lineages, especially 3G EG or checkered
    Fool Mint (upside-down) lineages

    A mate for my first alt Vine (2G)

    Male Silver for this female Ice x Silver

    This might be a long shot, but a male 3G Silver Shimmer with Winters for this female Winter that I accidentally let gender wrong would be great

    Male Red Copper x Shadow Walkers for this female Red Copper

    PM me and we can work something out. :) I can also promise you offspring when the dragons breed.

    I'm also seeking the following HATCHLINGS:

    Any from this group:


    2G Undine hatchlings (yellow)
    CB, 2G, or checkered Xenowyrms (with nice mates/names/codes)
    CB, 2G, or checkered Lunar Heralds (with nice mates/names/codes)
    CB White (female preferred)
    CB Nebula
    CB Lindwurms/Opals (purple takes highest priority)
    CB Duotone (male)
    CB Blue-Banded
    CB original Pygmy
    CB Glowback Pygmy
    CB Crimson Flare Pygmy (female)
    CB Dark Myst Pygmy (female)
    CB Misfit Pygmy (female)
    CB Pargulus Pygmy (any gender/color)
    CB Seawyrm Pygmy (female)
    CB Misfit Pygmy (female)
    CB Skywing (male takes highest priority)
    CB Water (either gender)
    CB Royal Crimson (male)
    CB Carmine Wyvern
    CB Storm (female)
    CB Sunstone (male)
    CB Bauta
    2G Bluna
    2G Shallow Water (male preferred, but female is okay)
    CB Guardian (either gender)
    CB Lumina (female)
    CB Golden Wyvern (male)
    CB Black (male)
    CB Brute (either gender)
    Shinyfail Xenowyrms, Lunar Heralds, Coppers, Moonstones, Royal Blues, Tsunamis, Undines, Falconiform Wyverns, and Frostbites with nice lineages

    Any messy hatchling for freezing (but would prefer long-yet-nice lineages)

    Least favorite dragons: If I've rejected a trade offer from you that you felt met the requirements, or if you plan to breed something for me, here's a list of breeds I don't particularly like:

    Bright-Breasted Wyvern
    Black Capped Teimarr
    Bleeding Moon
    Imperial Fleshcrowne
    Red-finned Tidal
    Spotted Greenwing
    Sunsong Amphiptere
    Water Walker

    Holiday: Yulebuck, Heartseeker, Solstice

    However, I will take some on rare occasions.

    If I've forgotten about a trade arrangement we had, please feel free to remind me. :) I'm usually good at keeping track, but I do get distracted sometimes.