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Wishlist: Val '09, 2G Thuwed, CB Metals, CB Blusang, 2G/3G prizeI hoard: Blacks, Hellhorses, Hellfire Wyverns, Horses, Nebulas, VinesI may have dead eggs on my scroll from failed bites or Neglected experiments.Fury-HP.png 33nw5tv.png 1ggft3.png eug5jl.png26683.gif 26684.gif 26685.gif

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    Chicagoland Area
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    Gift/Trading/IOU Waiting List

    For khitori:
    -a Thunder egg from my Silver/Thunder stairstep line
    -a magma egg

    For Singalana: A 2G Bright Breasted Wyvern from female BBW X male Canopy

    For Lumikkja: 6EG Silver Shimmer Thuwed

    For aethertube: 5EG Dorkface Thuwed egg

    From ponie: a 2G metal <3 <3

    In future: Contact Tecca about swaps from Hellhorse X Soulpeace line once I've gotten mine to 4G

    Holiday Trades

    With Torkie10:
    —2nd Gen Sweetling from Sweetling x Brute
    —2nd Gen Sweetling from Sweetling x Carmine

    in exchange for

    —2nd Gen Radiant Angel from Radiant Angel x Carmine
    —2nd Gen Arsani from Pink x Arsani

    With Olympe:
    - 2G White X SA and 2G Stripe X SA (3G White X SA after holiday breeding season)

    in exchange for

    -A Val '09 egg