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CPA Duels (OoC/HQ thing) [Almost Always Open]

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I got Mother Lagie's permission to make this.


RP for random character interacting stuff.


ARENAS (also located where they originally were)


Helper people or something: Marcus Pheonix, Dragonhatchling


Because CPA occasionally has a random duel going on(especially recently), I thought: Why don't we just get a thread for this?

So... Here's the thread for it.

Not just CPA can duel here, however! That's not how CPA works, either. You don't have to be a Compulsive Poster to post in CPA, so why would you need to here? I just have a few rules to keep this as fair as possible.



-DC rules will always apply.

-Don't be overpowering. That takes the fun away!

-Okay, let's face it. No one is perfect in a duel. So don't be a Mary-sue or a Gary-sue. Or a anti. We don't need perfect imperfections.

-Please. If you don't like someone, please don't yell at them. This is not the place to do that.

-Oh! And seriously, keep it PG 13. I know it's a duel and all, but...

-Powers do NOT work when the object is inside the opponent, and they don't work on the opponent's stuff. Powers cannot be used directly on the opponent, except for rare cases.

-One item per game. No matter what item you use.

~Flying abilities are not allowed in bottomless arenas and places you can fall off. There are a few(VERY few) exceptions.

-Do not delete posts unless I, or one of the helper thingies(listed at the top, below DH's edit for the Arenas) okay it. It takes the toppages away. However, deleting parts of the post is okay.


-Certain things are still under construction, so the rules may change-

...Also, in case you haven't figured it out yet, you get to be the 'character'!


Please take any arguments or concerns to PM.


If you have any further concerns, questions, comments, or just want a mediatore.... I'm here. That's what I'm for sometimes.... Feel free to spam my inbox with arguments and crap. I'll mediate or settle where needed.


Anywho: No more arguing or telling people to "shut up" around here. K? Good.



Nicknames: (Of username.)
Species: (Are you a phoenix? A cat? A dog?)
Looks: (Technically optional. Anything you want to look like? Height is a good thing to add.)
Powers: (Don't be too OP. Five powers is normally the limit.)
Skills: (In case you have more then one life or can absorb flames or... Two is the limit.)
Rank: (...This is completely random. It also randomly changes.)
Preferred Weapon: (Sword, bow and arrow, daggers, pistol, rapier, ect.)


Current Accepted Form Things

Click here for the forms!


There are no 'higher' or 'lower' ranks. Ranks are just there. They do nothing.




More will be added. This is a semi-WIP. It's open and such, but we're working on it. And we 'we' I mean whoever decides to lend a hand.


Compulsive Posters Anonymous(CPA for short)


~The Lists~


Grey List (Temporary # day ban)

-None! Yay!-


Orange List (Temporary # week ban)

-None! Yay!-


Red List (Temporary # month ban)

-None! Yay!-


Black List (Banned)

-None! Yay!-


Prizes may eventually be given out.


Colorless List(Has helped... Kind of)



Copper List (Has helped out numerous times)


~Fractional Pi Day~



Silver List (Has helped out lots of times)



Gold List (Has helped out countless times and is still helping out)

~Marcus Pheonix~ (...He convinced me to make this.)




Thank you!



So we know who's on when.

seacatsmew - UTC

Takhesis - GTS

Dragonhatchling- EST(Cave-time)

Edited by seacatsmew

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Types of Duels

Challenge- When someone challenges someone else to a duel, then the Challenge Duel begins. It's just Challenger VS The One Who Was Challenged. The stage is chosen randomly with the weapons.


Coin Challenge- Flip a coin! The one who calls it gets to pick the weapons, the one who loses picks the stage. It's otherwise like a normal Challenge.


Team- Team VS Team! Perfect for beginners. Coin Flip is also there; Winner picks weapons, other picks stage.


Normal- A number is chosen and two people will battle. If they want to, that is. Everything is random. Unless the ref wants to decide.


Free-for-all: Every user for themselves! xd.png (TehUltimateMage's idea)


Open: Just like Free-for-all... But anyone with a form can join, even in the middle of it! (TehUltimateMage's idea)


Juggling Act: A two-versus-two team battle... With only two weapons that the team members have to share. One weapon per team! (seacatsmew got the idea from one of MP's posts.)


Soul-Swap: Switching characters with your opponent... (SoiledLove's idea)


Mission: Working together to beat a enemy played by the referee! ...Or just doing some mission with another. The referee controls the environment. There's also a team version, and a 1v1~ (SoiledLove's idea)


Cheese: OP people everywhere. Seriously. Everyone becomes OP. It's a battle of being OP.


Cat Battle: Everyone is turned into a cat! Usually played on the Kitty Cat Arena, it's housecats only! It's a battle of who can adapt the fastest, and who already has a cat form in their character. (KoalaNoob's idea)





Dragonhatchling(Who is actually the official unofficial official referee.)

Marcus Pheonix(Official. Final Boss! ...Also, allowed to be OP in some cases.)



Let me clear something up.

The Referee: They have no say over the arena unless the arena says they do. They're making sure the duels are kept fair. The duels. Not the arena. The powers aren't their problem, either. They simply have to make sure the duels are fair.

The Maker of the Arena: They decide the specific things about the arena. As soon as they decide, however, then they cannot change that. At all.


Battle Points

seacatsmew ~ 0

Silverphoenixx ~ 2

Dragonhatchling ~ 0

serce2 ~ 0 - Serce has requested to be on the no-item mode.

Marcus Pheonix ~ 0

TehUltimateMage - 0

Melomancer - 0

Techno_Elf - 0

KoalaNoob ~ 1

Fractional Pi Day - 0 - Pi has requested to be on the no-item mode.

SoiledLove - 0 SL had requested to be on the no-item mode.


Item Shop (Item Shop)

-Under construction-

Shopkeeper: SoiledLove

~Potion Surprise - 10 Battle Points~

What potion will you get? You won't know until you buy! It could be anything from a summoner potion to the sparkle potion! There's 10 different possible potions to get!

user posted image ~Top Hat - 1 BP ~

Would you like to take out your enemies in style, but think that being completely classy is overdoing it? Then get a Top Hat! Even your Wailord, if you have one, will gain a top hat.

Frying Pan: Makes your next fight a frying pan fight. ~ 5 BP

Stick of Butter: Gives you the ability to rain down butter on your opponents. 7 BP

user posted image Penguin: An adorable penguin to help you fight. ~ 10 BP

Unicorn: Creates rainbows during your next fight. ~ 6 BP

Fireworks: Gives you a firework during your next fight. ~ 12 BP

Flying Wailord: Does absolutely nothing. Except take up tons of space and fly. ~ 2 BP

Phone: Allows you to call for advice during your next fight. ~ 4 BP

Surprise Penguin Gift Box: A penguin delivers a box to you during your next fight. Has a chance to be any of the items in the item shop, even another Surprise Penguin Gift Box. ~ 15 BP

Dream in a bottle: Gives you a cloud of dreams to ride on during your next fight. These dreams are edible because they are all about food. Tastes like cotton candy. ~ 4 BP

Poison: A bottle of poison for your next fight ~ 8 BP

Tape Dispenser: A bunch of tape for your next two fights. I dunno, you could do something creative with it? ~ 10 BP

user posted image Duckie: Summons an army of Invincible Rubber Duckie to help you crush your opponent under a flood of yellow plastic. ~ 25 BP

user posted image Donut: Topped with pure sugar and filled with marshmallows, this will give you a sugar rush. ~ 8 BP

Video of the Ambiguous Limb Dance: Utterly confuses your opponents. Confuses everyone, it's just that confusing. ~ 20 BP

Pet Wailord: Permanently summons a wailord to be your helper and try to eat your opponent. Only works in Aerial and Underwater stages though. ~ 25 BP

Classy Clothes: Makes you look classy and have an accent. Other than that, no effect than giving your pet wailord (if you have one) classy clothes too. ~ 3 BP

Giant Doggie: A huge dog that looks suspiciously like Clifford attempts to crush your opponent at a random time during your next fight. ~ 20 BP

Teacher: Summons a teacher to deliver a lecture that either bores your opponent to tears or engrossed them completely. ~ 4 BP

user posted image Bittermelon: Gives you a bittermelon to bring into your next fight. Excellent for stuffing into an enemy's mouth, as it is rather disgusting. ~ 8 BP


user posted image Hero's Cape: Allows you to screw with physics and have a perpetually blowing cape despite the wind speed being null. Otherwise, mostly useless. ~ 5 BP


user posted image Cup of Tea: Have a nice afternoon snack, maybe with some wheat, like bread, cookies, or crumpets! Side effects include bringing Wailords crashing down to join the party. ~ 10 BP


~Celetsial Items~


user posted image Celestial Paint: If you have a Celestial Brush, you can paint things into reality using this ink. ~ 3 BP(Can only be used in one battle)


user posted image Celestial Brush: Can be used alongside Celestial Paint to draw things into reality. ~ 10 BP(Has infinity uses)


Celestial Manual: You must have it to use all Celestial Items. It contains instructions. ~ 15 BP(Cannot use any Celestial Items without it)


Reserved Matches








Mission Duel



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Where there will be current duels and past duels. It is the equivalent of a bulletin board with folders tacked on.


Duels in Progress:


Seacatsmew vs. Evangeline

(In CPA and on hold)


Silverphoenixx vs. Seacatsmew


Team Color vs. Team Monochrome


Team Phoenix vs. Team Clover


Finished Duels


Silverphoenixx vs. Seacatsmew

-Link to thread

-Posts just in case something happens:


Round One (Started by Silverphoenixx):


There is a long gleaming blood red sword on one side of the table, it has many dark rubies and looks wickedly sharp. There appear to be pure gold designs on the handle which is made out of obsidian. A sheath lies next to it, adorned with a gold dragon holding a garnet.


On the other side, lies a set of silvery daggers. They have the green tinge of poison on their tips and seem to be made for efficiency rather than beauty. However, the handle on each one is different and carved with many beautiful fish. The blades appears to be sharpened to a fine point on one side and covered in small spikes on the other.


Which one do you choose?


I test the weight of the sword in my hands. It's heavy, but not too heavy for me. I can probably hold it one handed if I use my right hand. It is a bit unbalancing if I swing with all my energy, but quick, light, and accurate stabs will be no problem. I hold the sword in my right had and the sheath in my other hand. As I hold it, I realize that the sheath is shaped similarly enough to a shield to be used as one. I'll have to be careful, a hit, even a minor one will probably mean a loss for me. I could always change into a poison resistant animal, but then I wouldn't be able to hold anything... Flying will be a help since my opponent cannot do so.


I examine the daggers. They're pretty good for speed, which will be good- I hate being slowed down. I'm used to daggers, which is good. Poisoned? That could work. I'd just have to be careful not to hit myself by mistake. They're better made then most of the daggers I've used in previous battles. The blade seem reflective enough that if needed, my mirror magic could save my life. Well, one of my lives, at least. Xin could always give me extra lives later. The sword's dangerous, I know that; If I miss when I attack, that moment could be one of my lasts.


Oh wait, I forgot that my opponent could fly without wings. That's a shame, it would have been better for her to not be able to so I rest in the air. At least I get reborn when I die, otherwise I would never have accepted a duel. Now, how to strike? I could just straight out charge, but that would be to easily blocked. I go over some plans in my head. My opponent is part cat, so she probably has good reflexes. However, I am also very fast and have excellent reflexes. Practice makes perfect, after all, and I've practiced quite a lot. On a second thought, I don't really like this shield-sheath. Blocking just isn't my style. I have a feeling that I might need something to block later though. Perhaps with a few modifications I could use this shield better. Making my hand over it, I thin the shield so that it is lighter. It will break easier now, but also be less of a burden to carry. Looking at my opponent, I attempt a quick slash towards her arm but change to a leg stab at the last second. If I can wound her enough, then she will be slowed.


Moving quick, I step out of the way- Only to nearly have my leg stabbed. Reflexes kicking in, I jump back, landing softly. A plan flashes through my head. I have no other choice; Time is limited. I dart around to her back and close, then quickly make a attempt to scratch her with the dagger's tips, using both at the same time. In case I missed, I move back as fast as I can afterwards, before she can attack back. I stop when I'm out of her sword's reach and quickly take in a breath as I watch her every move. The daggers are the right weight. Not too light, not too heavy. Light enough that they don't slow me down and can strike fast, but heavy enough that they don't move so fast I can't control them properly. But her sword could possibly be just as fast. It depends how often she used a sword.


Expecting a dodge and a possible attack, I launch myself into the air just before the daggers hit me. That was close, a bit too close for my liking. I have confidence in my sword though. I'll have to move quicker next time. Looking down at the ground, I see that it is made of dirt. Good. This fact is crucial in my next plan. I pretend to go in for another attack, but dive instead and send dirt at my opponent. I aim for her eyes and throw some around her too in case she moves. The dirt was the dusty kind, perfect. Not losing a beat, I raise my shield and slash quickly at her legs, then launch myself upwards for a circle slash all around me.


I can't help but smile. Every movement, I can hear. Although the dirt is blinding me, I could hear her every move. I quickly do a combat roll backwards, then stand up and wipe the dirt off my face. My eyes are tearing, and the dirt is gone, thanks to that. But the roll got me out of the way. I move forwards and there's a flash of silver as I slash at her face. Even a cut would be perfect. I then run to behind her again, knowing it's safer to keep switching back and forth... Until she suspects it. Then I can switch it. If the place was darker, it'd be perfect, but it's fairly bright. But that works, too. I move the dagger to reflect light at her, hoping to pay her back for the blinding in a similar way.


Dang it. She must have cat hearing too to have heard my movements. Well, no matter, I can change to owl wings. There. Perfect silence now. Except for my sword, of course. Wait...if she has sensitive hearing, I can use that to my advantage. I see a blade come startling close to cutting my eye out, and leap backwards. There should be the arena wall behind me, so I kick off against a surface. This leap sends me high into the air. There's a flash behind me, and I realize that she had tried to blind me. That means I might have kicked her, but that was good too. Now, I turn around and face her. Letting out a shrill almost inhuman scream at my loudest, I hope to stun her. I'm not stunned, nor do my ears ring, because I'm used to loud noises. Now, I charge at her and bring both the sword and the shield towards her, one higher than the other in case she try's to jump or duck out of the way. This is a risky move, but I fine tune my alertness so I can dodge faster.


My ears both turn back and lay down flat against my head as I wince. She noticed how sensitive my ears were! I've recovered just as she's attacking. I have one move, and I better make it count. Two, if I move fast enough. I use my left dagger to slash at the shield, pleased as I find that it breaks easily. I move back, and find myself against the wall. Ah, well, I can sue that. Holding my right dagger so it supports the left in a cross position, I find that the sword is blocked by it. Great; My coach had taught me this move. I push the blade away as fast as I can and slip away, attacking with several slashes before moving the the center of the arena. My ears are tightly against my head. I can't hear as well, but I can still hear. Perfect.


I throw away the shattered remnants of my shield, aiming the fragments at my opponent. The block was quicker than I expected, but I react quickly and use the momentum of the push to jump backwards again. I deflect the slashes with my sword, and a idea comes into my mind. She seems to like counter attacking, next time she does that I'll have a nice surprise for her. I see one of my long feathers on the ground, I pick it up and inspect it, careful to watch my opponent as I do so. It's long and slim, perfect. I wave my hand over it and it solidifies, becoming a mini feather sword. It's about an inch longer than the daggers, which works quite well. It is a little fragile, but light and sharp. I launch myself into the air, and stay there. She'll have to fly to reach me now, and the air is my domain. I can move with utmost ease, grace, and silence here, no matter which wings I use.


As I see my opponent fly, I notice she has made a sword out of a feather. Now that's not as fair, is it? I stay on the ground, on guard. I crouch slightly, knowing the ground is the safest. My tails move from side to side, helping me keep my balance. I grip the daggers tightly, watching her every move. If she's making weapons, she can't say it's unfair if I do the same if I need to. But I don't want to, not yet. And mirror weapons are only good for so long. Mirror... Ah. That gives me an idea. But not yet. My eyes never leave her as I wait for her to strike. She has to come down eventually. And when that time comes, I'll be waiting.


I change to large gliding wings to save energy and float in the air. I could do this all day. She can fly, why won't she? Well, I'm certainly not coming down. Making a feather sword might be a bit unfair, but it's only good for one use. I observe her carefully, wondering what she will do next. Ah, I have an idea. I start to feign tiredness, putting on a convincing display of losing altitude. I'm good at acting, I know that. Now I just have to get her to believe my act. I drop slowly down, watching the ground come closer. I'm not quite in her range though.


She's not in my range. She's not in my range. She's not in my range. I will not strike until she is. I will not move until she is. I will not attack until she is. She must be faking; She's made for the air. Unless she isn't. But I will not strike until she's close enough. The ground is mine. Mine. Ah; I need to focus. Can't let those thoughts take over. My eyes are now shooting daggers as I watch her, because SHE'S NOT IN MY RANGE. Focus, seacatsmew! You need to focus!


She doesn't believe me. Yet. I try to make it more convincing by muttering under my breath. "I must be out of practice..." It's just loud enough for her to hear, but I act as if I don't want her to hear it. I notice her glaring at me. Good, I'm annoying her. I decide to annoy her more by dipping into her range for a fraction of a second before rising again. I pretend to use all my effort to go high into the air again, before dropping, realistically faster this time. I'm still waiting. I have to wait for the perfect moment.


Is she trying to annoy me?! ...Actually, that's fine. I smile and appear to relax, watching her. The daggers from my eyes are gone. I seem amused instead. I won't bother fighting her yet. Not until she's close. My reflexes have been trained, and I know exactly what to do. I'm waiting. And I won't bother striking, even if she's serious. She's not close enough. 'Closer, closer,' I think. Her voice is nothing. She might be lying. I don't care. If she's close... But maybe she isn't lying. Maybe I should strike. It's best to wait, though, If she is tired, then she'll crash. And that's the perfect opportunity to finish her off. I have nine lives, and I have to spend them wisely. Xin can only restore so many at a time.


She isn't convinced. But she isn't sure I'm lying either. She's waiting. I'm going along with her plan then. I continue to drop, holding my feather blade under my hand. I'm on a crash course to the right of my opponent. Good. I'm in her range now, but moving so fast she can't possibly strike me accurately. The reason being that I folded my wings in. As I pass by her, I do a quick strike to her heart. Quick, but accurate and deadly. At the last second as I'm about to crash, I snap open my wings and soar upwards. Training always pays off in situations like this. Now I'm back in the air.


I shoot backwards before she has a chance and curse under my breath. That was much too close. My reflexes barely got me away; They wouldn't be able to do that a second time. But... Perfect copies of me began to appear. They did everything I did. We shot off, in a circle, in an attempt to confuse her. If she was flying and making weapons, this was just as fair. The mirror magic I knew wasn't strong, however, and these clones were merely reflections. I narrowed my eyes, then stopped, and with deadly accuracy, I threw my daggers, one after the other. She could block the first one, yes, but it was almost impossible to dodge or block the second- It would hit too fast after the first. I had no other choice; If she wouldn't come down, then I had to make her. And the clones did the same, so she'd have to figure out which ones were real.


I smile as I watch my opponent throw her daggers. She would be weapon less afterwards if I dodged these. This was perfect. Almost too perfect. I had been trained to fight clones before, and clones were almost too easy to kill. I dropped downwards, barely touching the ground as I used it to send me back into the air. The two daggers were in midair, and I bit my feather sword so I could catch them. I caught one, then another, and waved my hand over them to melt them into a useless puddle which melted into the ground, along with the poison. I took the feather sword and flew over each clone, passing the sword over them. It didn't break when hitting clones, so this was an easy way to tell what was what. I had almost made a full circle, my true opponent would be hit soon if she didn't do something. I was on high alert though, as this seemed like a plan. It was just too perfect.


I hissed, and transformed as she flew over me. The rest of the clones shattered at the sudden change, and she was too high to hit a cat. I switched back and twirled my hand. Glass shards took the form of two more daggers. Much more fragile, but they'd work. Glass was just as dangerous; I could allow it to break upon contact. Then I dropped them and yawned, stretching. "Looks like you win, Silver. The glass daggers dug into my hands, and I'm weaponless. Though, now I can move quicker, so killing me would be a chore... Ah, well, I surrender." I smile, holding my hands up.


Round Two (Started by Seacatsmew):

-Link to thread

-Posts in case something happens


You stand on a metal bar connected to numerous other bars. The ground underneath is lava. Two swords are in the center of the arena.

One is a longsword. The blade is pitch black, and the hilt is white with a silver phoenix design, wrapping around it. A jewel in the pommel happens to be a ruby. The blade has been sharpened, and the scabbard lies beside the sword. The scabbard is ruby red, while the locket and the chape are both gold with another phoenix, this one gold, wrapping itself around it.

The other is a katana. It appears simpler then the longsword, having a black handle and a silver blade, and a black sheath. However, a blue dragon is on the sheath, also wrapped around it.


Which will you choose?


I inspect both weapons carefully, going over strengths and weaknesses in my mind. Eventually I decide on the longsword. Picking it up along with the scabbard, I find that the designs on it interfere with the grip. Waving my hand over it, I shift the designs so that they are more comfortable. Now what can I do with the scabbard? Deciding to use it as another sword for now, I form a handle on it and sharpen the edges. It is hollow still, but it'll do for now. Holding the scabbard in my left hand, I do a few practice swings with the longsword. It follows my movements perfectly, not even tipping my balance a bit. I smile at this and swing the scabbard now. It is a bit bulkier, but it lends itself to swinging just as well. I don't do anything else to the swords because I consider using too much of my weapon magic cheating, but the minor modifications I did do serve me well.


Of course I had to choose the two weapons I've never used before. Well, I guess it's more practice then anything. I take the katana, securing the sheath to a belt around my waist. Then I quickly moved back, gracefully moving along the metal bars. I loved balancing. Not so much now, with the lava, but... I spun around, balancing on one foot, and placed it back down. "And how are you?" I purred. I was more or less asking how good she was doing in this arena. I actually was curious; It didn't bother me much, but it was kind of hot, and I was glad I had no fur at the moment.

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A bit of explanation~

Toppage- When one 'tops' the page, by making a new page and being on the top of it.

Cuffing- When one uses a dragon to 'cuff' the 'toppager'. The dragon must have handcuff(s) or cuff(s) in it's name.

Ninja'd- Someone posts while you write a post and therefore do not see it. The people who have ninja'd someone are known as ninjas.




user posted image




First Banner.

Second Banner.

Third Banner.

Fourth Banner.

Alternate Fourth Banner.

Fifth Banner.

Alternative Fifth Banner.


user posted image


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Wha- Wait, me and vang are still going?! o_o Darn it... (Though, we're dueling in CPA instead. Ah! I'll add a link to CPA in a moment.)


Anyways. We're open. xd.png

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Nah, everyone can join. Anyways, okay. xd.png I'll go write that down somewhere so I don't forget.


Hmm, I'll add a bunch of stuff up. Like types of duels and such.

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Oh, have a form for me!


Username: Silverphoenixx

Nicknames: Silver, SP, etc. Anything really.

Species: A little bit of everything, though mostly phoenixes and birds.

Looks: A silver phoenix. I drew a picture once, but don't have it with me right now. Too lazy to find a picture for my human form.

Powers: Flight, bird shapeshifting and weapon magic (turning stuff into weapons and modifying weapon) so far. Also can be extremely loud, but that doesn't really count as a power.

Skills: Rebirth and immunity to flames, like a phoenix.

Rank: Commander of the Torchic Army, Leader of the Butter Penguin Battalion, Friend of the Invincible Rubber Duckies, Eater of Sushi.

Preferred Weapon: Something light and quick, but I can use mostly anything. I also like using long range weapons such as a bow and arrow.

Other: Maybe more stuff later. I'm always ready for a duel!

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Added it up, Silver! xd.png (The ones who have more then one life and Rebirth and such can't be reborn and continue fighting in one round and such, also. It just means they don't have to have medical attention normally.)


You're ready of battle all the time, and I'm normally like 'give me a few hours'. xd.png


Also, nice ranks. I'm just... Maker of CPA Duels. I should add up Commander of the Absol Army...


EDIT: Adding the types of duels up soon!

Edited by seacatsmew

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Can I design some Arenas? Sorry if I'm asking to do too much stuff, I just have tons of time.

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We should have a treetop arena where you have to fight on thick branches lest you fall into a bottomless pit and die. owo

Edited by Techno_Elf

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Nah, it's fine, Silver. You can design some; I plan on drawing them out, too.


That's a good idea, Techno. I'm gonna go write that down. c:

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Arena ideas:


-Underwater one with sharks and various other sea life.


-One with bars as a floor on top of lava which you have to balance on


-Aerial one for flying duels


-One with reversed gravity/no gravity.

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Username: Dragonhatchling

Nicknames: DH (Dragon, Shadow, Ninja, Draghatch, Draggie, Hatchie, Hatchling.... I have lots)

Species: Western Dragon

Looks: Red dragon... very big... I'll find my avatar's picture later

Powers: Fire breath, making hallow rocks appear out of nowhere that are much bigger on the inside than they appear on the outside (sometimes fully furnished), some general magic

Skills: Flames and ice do not affect me (the ice is just cuz I'm naturally too warm for it to work). Poison usually doesn't either.

Rank: Befriender of the Lapras Army, Leader of the Flygon troops, Protector of the Hallow Rocks and Hallow Mountains and Queen of being a completely random dragon

Preferred Weapon: special, dragon-breaking-proof longsword... except I'm quite good with a bow and arrow setup too.

Other: I'll pop by from time to time. Probably.


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xd.png Adding the ideas up, Silver.


The floor is lava? o_o


Added it up, DH! Glad to have you semi-here. ^^

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((Do I have to be my avatar? I'm not able to play in-character as America and much less in a duel, so can I join as another thing instead?))

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Yeah, you can join as something else. I've always been a cat, so... I'm still a cat. xd.png

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Username: serce2

Nicknames: N/A

Species: Technically a shape shifter, but only changes once in a long time. Their current form is actually two creatures- one, a mouse, two, an unnamed creature. Mouse form is kind and overly emotional, if not shy. Second form is much more bitter and cruel. The two often comment on what the other did critically, and often act if they were separate entities- which they are not, they are separate states of mind. They don't change during a battle, since neither will give in to each other.

Looks: First form is just a mouse, though much bigger and stands on two legs. They wear 3D glasses and a Santa hat, usually with a trademark grin and a cheerful, if not immature, personality. However, the mouse form stands at 6 feet tall, with a powerful tail and an intelligent face. The monstrous form, however, is a different story. Head of a deer skull, azure horns which branch out twice, pointing forward and up, hands which are actually just a sharp, built-in scythe and powerful, long legs. It has a darkness black color.

Powers: Mouse: Every ten minutes, can turn into a Shaman which is able to summon certain objects, like cannonballs or wooden planks. Since they're hardcore mode, they can use a pre-set totem of something they built- in this case its a cannonball volley. They can only use a totem once a fight, and Shaman lasts for only two minutes. The creature form doesn't need a power. Both have enhanced senses.

Skills: Can switch forms but only does this when desperate. As in, if they were about to die, the knife held to their throat or gun pointed at them.

Rank: Admin Stalker, The Scribe, Leader of the Masked Ones Underground.

Preferred Weapon: Sounding Sword. Basically, a curved sword which generates sound waves able to damage the enemy. Anything light, basically. Creature again doesn't need or want anything.

Other: Only able to fight after the Fifth. Also, I'm new to fighting, so I'll need some help.



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I was trying to start a 1x1 duel earlier on with Techno_Elf, though I'm itching to have another. I like to use a whole bunch of different characters, so I'm not sure if I should post them all. tongue.gif


In other words, I'm looking for another fight and maybe add Techno's duel to the list if they agree!



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'Accepted', serce2. I'm somewhat new to fighting, too- I have a 'coach' of sorts. xd.png


Also. You're the character(so you get to decide what species you want to be and such).

Anyways, okay. If Techno agrees, it'd be a Challenge Duel. xd.png


Okay, I'm gonna vanish for a bit, so I won't be replying for a while. (I have things to do now, or so I've been told.)


EDIT: ...Ha... Toppage... (Don't ask.)

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Maybe we should have a referee for each match. To hand out the weapons and stuff like that and keep each person from being OP. Although, it isn't really needed, it could be nice for more official things.

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Heck yes I accept your challenge, Ultimate! Bring it on!

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Is there going to be 2x2 or possibly teamxteam duels? I understand that it'll be harder to set up, but teams would make it easier to learn and get into the hang of dueling.

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That'd be cool, actually. I would like that. ^^


Oh, and you don't have to make it all formal. You could have a lighter duel if you wanted to. Me and Seacat's duel is really formal.

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@Silver: Good idea. We could switch it from person to person, because I have to leave tomorrow.


@Techno: Looks like we'll have a duel to keep track of soon, then. xd.png


@serce2: I was actually thinking of that! It'd also be fun.


Because I'll be gone tomorrow, someone will need to 'take over' while I'm gone, and keep an eye on things. I'll be gone until Monday... Or Tuesday...

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