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Little lost dragon and I

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The beast tried to snap at Jak as he was snatched away by Varren but couldn't quite reach. It slid away but yelped in pain as the bolt of energy from Varren's weapon hit it in the back. It fell to the ground, but began to move almost instantly.

Jak had regained his feet by this point and was running towards the door with Varren. The beast was after them maybe three seconds after it had gone down, and was chasing them both as fast as it could.

Luckily Jak had tripped over the thing close to the door, so it was a short trip out of the room to slam the door shut. Instantly the heat went away and scrabbling was heard from the other side. It took awhile but eventually the noise stopped as well, causing Jak to slump against the door, breathing hard as he did so.

"What-what was that thing?" He panted, holding his side. "And what was that room?" He asked, carefully avoiding looking at the door.

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Varren shook his head and sighed "Welcome to the castle." he said before looking at Fren who was looking at them puzzled. She did not seem particularly frightened but then she had not seen the creature either. Only felt the heat. "That Jak is what I was talking about, the guards can be anything the challenges anything. I was protected as I have my helmet to show me things through its sensors which removes second effects." he said giving a jerk of his head and the things covering his eye's folded down. "When you see something interesting, best let me see it first, that room had trap written all over it, you where put into a trance almost right away, I assume those stone coffines where the others that got caught in there." he explained before looking around weapon still out "Blasted place is adapting to my weapon too, only stung the creature this time." he muttered. "Anyway, lets get moving, best never stay in one spot for long, longer you do, more trouble tends to show." he explained.


Fren looked at the door before looking away and started to move with the others, she seemed to be lucky this time, not being caught in the first danger, but sounded like there would be many other things.

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Jak frowned, thinking about the room, the coffins, the pedestal, the book. "What if that room was important though?" He asked, following Varren down the hall. "I mean, what's the point? If it's supposed to be a trap, why not just put that... Thing in the hall? Why the room, the silver, that book? I guess it doesn't make much sense to me." He said, obviously stuck on the idea that the room was important.

It took about an hour for him to finally let the thought go and focus on something else. "Varren, where does that door opposite the feast hall go? Not the entrance door, the smaller one. I tried to open it, but it was completely locked, it wouldn't even budge." He explained.

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Varren did not say anything in responce. After a while he paused and sighed "Jak, as I said before, there are a number of doors that seem to need some kind of key to unlock, one sometimes unlocks when the castle stops somewhere, lets us out for a bit, then either we board it or get left behind when it leaves." he explained as they went. Fren mean while was behind them staying quiet. Listening in hardly making a sound each step.


She still held Alina in her arms keeping the hatchling safe though wondered what the shadows where Alina said she saw.

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Jak followed along, continuing to think on the mystery of the locked door in the entrance hall. He really wanted to know what was behind it, after all it must be something important otherwise it wouldn't be locked.

"So, is there like a control center or something?" Jak asked suddenly. "Or an information center? Like a library? I mean surely this place has some sort of information about itself. Like who built it or what it's purpose is." He said thoughtfully. "Have you ever seen something like that?" He asked Varren.

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Varren nodded as they went "We did find a library before though got chased out of it by a guard, particularly large brute. But the place was huge and had info from..... well more things then anyone knew of." he explained "The books them selfs seemed to translate there own words for whoever the reader was. This place makes anything besides food and sleep, anything of great importance, very risky to get or do." he admitted before pausing at a cross road area before looking at Fren.


"You've been quiet, which way do you think we should head?" He asked and she looked at either path. "One slants upwards, the other is flat, I suggest we scout each floor before moving on to the next one." she said and Varren nodded "Sound good?" he asked looking at Jak.

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Jak looked up at his name and glanced around before shrugging.

"Sounds as good an idea as any." He said, turning down the hallway that headed up. As he walked he continued to think about the castle where it looked like he would be staying for a very long time. As they walked Jak continued to look around and try different doors, most of which led were simply locked. The few that opened were usually empty, with the occasional room having a piece of furniture or two.

"So you said this place wants us to do stuff, but what kind of stuff?" He asked, trying another door. "And how long have you been here anyway?"


Alina meanwhile was dreaming. She dreamnt of the time she had spent in her egg, listening to her mothers voice, of the things that had been said, most of which were just distant murmurs, a soft noise only. Then her dreams turned to Fren, her mother. She dreamnt of Fren's arms, nice and safe, of the protection given, of the love she had received.

Outside of her dreams, Alina twisted herself into a more comfortable position before falling asleep once more, her dreams I disturbed by the shadows from wherever she had gone.

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Varren looked at Fren as Jak started up the ramp one "Um, Jak? I think she met the flat one. The slant one would lead to another floor." he said before they turned down the path with no slant to its floor.


Varren shrugged after Jak asked his question "Honestly if I knew that, might be out of here by now." he pointed out "It chases you, locks doors, try's to bait you, do strange things to you if you get caught, guards almost always seem to kill you...... seen a few.... mangled body's of those.... less fortunate." He admitted "As for how long I've been here...... could only be months, years, I do not know, its been a very long time." he admitted "I used to think I'd get out soon, possibly save a few while doing so, but after the last group either vanished or died, I haven't really been able to locate another survivor, many dead ones, many signs of them, but I haven't had real company for a long time till now, its..... refreshing to say the least." he explained "Sometimes I honestly can't tell the guard from the victims, or worse...... never did find where the guards come from for this place. And why half of them smell like there rotting." he admitted


Fren slightly adjusted her arms to aid Alina as they went before looking at the ceiling "No real clear purpose, no clear objective, but it pulls you into traps yet provides, I have to say it could be as simple as a surviving test. How long can one hold out." she admitted as Varren shrugged again "Any guess is as good. Fact is no one knows."

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Jak's face heated up as he realized his mistake and hurried after Varren, silently cursing himself. Not only did Fren hate him, but now he had given her even more ammunition to use against him.

When he caught up Jak took up a pace slightly behind Varren so he could listen and talk but maintain enough of a distance that he wasn't leading.

"Ok, so it wants to kill us. Is there a place you recommend to use as our safe room? I mean surely you've found one, you've lasted this long after all." Jak said, trying another door at random.


Suddenly an unearthly wail, like the sound of a hundred death screams. It echoed up the hall from the direction they had come from, getting louder and closer by the second.

Jak's eyes grew huge the moment he heard the noise and he looked at Varren, then tried another door just as quickly, hoping to find a safe place.


(Varren will know that this is a security system that occurs every so often. It kills anything in the halls be it friendly to the castle or not. Then the bodies just disappear. The only way to survive is to find a room and stay in it for an hour or two.)

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Varren shook his head "I don't really have a safe haven for us to head to. I can open doors the hard way but its not rely-able." he admitted "Plus if I do try I trigger a secority system. Place does not take well to break and enter." he pointed out before the wail sounded. "That would be our cue to pick up the pace 100%!" he ordered "Try doors on the way don't stop for anything. If a door opens you got permission to jump in, that thing kills and your body will vanish. Ok info out MOVE!" he siad before shooting off him self Fren pausing beside Jak "Ride, yes no?" she asked quickly seeing his small legs would not carry him as fast as her legs could. Varren was already far away down the hall.


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Jak had started to run as quick as he could when Fren asked if he wanted a ride. He gave her a questioning look, then glanced back and got on, holding on as she took off.

The ride was extremely uncomfortable, especially with the speed that Fren was moving. Meanwhile the wailing was getting louder as the seconds slipped away and Jak knew they were running out of time.

Finally a door opened to Varrens touch and the group piled in and slammed the door, muffling the screaming before it went silent. The room itself seemed perfectly outfitted for the group, with a bed for Fren, Jak, and Varren as well as blankets on the beds.

The only thing that could be heard was their own breathing, and the only sign that anything had happened was the green light that could be seen between the door and the floor, and what sounded like scratching outside.

Jak got off of Fren's tail and wandered over to his bed where he fell onto his back, kicking off his sandals as he did so.

"What was that?" He asked, rubbing his eyes furiously, his heart still beating a million miles an hour. "That's not anything like the guard that we met earlier, that's like... I don't know but it sounded horrible." He said lamely, his arms flopping out. "How long will it last?" He asked finally, looking at Varren questioningly.

(On average about five-six hours. It's both a clean up crew and a security system. It checks everywhere in the castle except for the bedrooms.)

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Fren grabbed him with her tail not letting him ride on her but still carry him. She was not ready to let him on top of her in any form even if it was to save his life. She powered off after Varren slowly catching up to him. He slithered in a very fast sharp S manner to allow him to try doors as he went. When one opened he went right in waiting by the door way for Fren holding the rest of the group to enter. With that Varren slammed the door shut.


Varren panted a little but turned on a light on his weapon to let them all see each other, though the little light made Fren's brightly colored eye's seem to glow. Beyond that it was very hard to see her if one missed her eye's her black scales working well. "That Jak, is what we can only assume, is a terminator, one that kills anything in its path, and a janitor, but one that hates all other things that could make a mess. The castle deploy's these things once in a while, they last around 5-6 hours. Your caught by one your dead." he explained before gesturing to the rest of the room.

"Remember what I said about rooms moving about? Look at this one, there's bed's for everyone here. How would it have it ready for us unless it knew we'd run this way?" he asked "As for how they preparred it, no ones... seen anything be preparred in this place, we've only seen the fatal clean up crew, as you just witnessed, and pre ready rooms, like the food room and this room." he explained.


Fren went over to the bed that was hard to miss for her. She got a bit of annoyed look on her face "If it deems fabrics ok for my species I think it needs to update its data base for none human sleeping species." she stated "Not like my kind can sleep in these beds with out issues, like the sheets sticking like glue." she admitted and Varren shurgged "Place provides, you might of noticed the food room did not have everything one can eat, only a small selection of what you happen to like. What kind of beds does your people sleep on?" he asked.

"Fren looked at him "My people sleep in our homes, the floors already provide a soft enough surface to rest on and while somewhat deadly to humans, it cleans us as we sleep too. Its deadly to humans because there body's don't..... function well with no impurity's. Simple biological fact there. You'd say it felt..... like a soft flesh like muscle floor. Soothing on the feet, soft on the head, and does not stick to you like human like fabrics. No Jak that's not a jab that's a fact." she said making sure he could not use it as ammo against her.

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Jak shrugged at Fren's comment, to drained to care. He was visibly trembling from the shock of what had just happened, and was in a state of partial shock.

Seeming to realize that he was shaking, Jak rolled over so that he was facing away from Fren and Varren, not wanting them to see how scared he was.

Finally he managed to calm down enough that his shaking stopped causing him to roll back over so that he was laying on his back.

As he lay there he seemed to realize that the others were using a light to see in the room. He could see perfectly well because of the way his eyes were structured, but apparently the others, or a the very least Varren, couldn't.

Digging around in his pouch again, Jak pulled out the sphere again and clicked a specific button. He had figured out this specific function early on, and it came in handy now as the ball glowed white, lighting the room perfectly without being blinding.

After setting it on the bed post he looked at Varren, then at Fren before sitting up.

"I um, thanks for you know, saving me and stuff." He said, not meeting her eyes before he laid back down. "So what now?" He asked, looking over at Varren.


When the unearthly wail had started, Alina had woken with a start, unsure of what was happening. She could tell that the others were scared as well though, and then they were running again, fleeing from the noise that made Alina's head hurt.

By the time they had reached the room, Alina was crying in Fren's arms, scared and confused about what was happening. She snuffled quietly as the situation was explained, then looked up at the light that appeared in Jak's hand. It was very pretty, and she wanted to go look a it, but she was also scared of what was going on.

'Maybe later, when it's safe.' She thought to herself, curling in close to Fren.

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Fren gently covered Alina with her spare hand to try to help calm the hatchling down. She looked at Jak as he thanked her for the rescue as Varren turned his light off when Jak placed the orb thing on a table. "I may..... dislike somethings, but I won't doom a innocent creature for nothing." she said clearly not entirely pleased but her eye's where not as hard towards him. Varren cleared his throat and she slowly blinked "Your welcome." she got out before Varren nodded.


"for now Jak, we can't leave. If we do we risk being caught, and there's no garentee you'll find another safe room either." he admitted "As the bed provided, I'd say it wants us to sleep this off. However not all guards ignore the rooms. Those ones do but.... sometimes there are those that will detect you anyway." he admitted before Fren sighed "Well, its either having sheets stick to me like glue, or I can keep watch, I'll keep watch." she concluded "Besides, I got the training for it." she pointed out.

Varren shrugged "Alright, be sure to wake us if anything happens." he said and she nodded stroking Alina.

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(Sorry for the delay I've been having writers block with Jak trying to come up with a backstory. I want him to be interesting without using the same old thing you know. Anyway I think I have something so I'm going to go with it.)


Jak gave a small nod and rolled over again, pulling a blanket over himself and closing his eyes. It took awhile for him to drift off, but when he did he started to dream.

It was a familiar dream, one he had had a thousand times before, and hated just as much no matter how many times it happened.


He was in an alley, the same one as always, and was about four or five. A dumpster, the drainpipe, the rain the trash piles, everything was the same.

He had been crying, his arms wrapped tight around a stuffed toy that his mother had given him. She was gone though, and his father...

He sobbed at the thought and hunkered close to the dumpster, trying to forget what his father had done.

He had already been there for hours, and night was already upon the city when the footsteps came down the alley and stopped in front of Jak. A hand reached down and shook the boy awake, causing Jak to start awake and begin to cry again.

The huge being looked down at the boy, then gently scooped him up and took him away.

The dream sped forward as the person, revealed to be a an alien of some species or another, brought Jak into his home. Things passed quickly and suddenly he was nine. The alien who had taken him in was handing him a large duffel bag and telling him to deliver it across town.

The dream sped up again and Jak was being forced into a jail cell, the bag spilled in front of him, completely full of different drugs.

Flashes next as he was put on trial and ultimately found not guilty. The alien was convicted instead. Then he had nowhere to go. Then...


Jak woke with a start the sheets tangled around him from the troubled sleep he had just had. He also knew he had been talking in his sleep again, and that Fren probably knew the gist of what had happened in his past, or at least some of it. Not everything had been shown in his dream so he doubted he had said everything, but it was still out there though. Silently he waited for the questions to come, not looking forward to talking about it.

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Fren continued to stroke Alina every now and then letting the hatchling know no danger will come to her with out going through Fren first. She was also listening as Jak muttered in his sleep. She almost rolled her eye's when he mentioned alien and did before he woke. Of course the bloody creature would mention alien as the bad guy, he was all for the humans after all. She knew as she had the info from his device. She wondered if he had some kind of journal something he recorded events and thoughts with. If so she had it till they left the food place.

She looked in his direction when he got up. she saw his back again as he faced away. But she decided not to, she already could pretty much guess the over all story from what little he had said. She looked back at the door watching it. He wanted to talk he'd have to say something.


Varren slept though not peacefully. His coils shifted around as he tossed and turned. Scenes of horrors he had seen in the castle filling his dreams, memory of how some of the group he was last part of being killed. And wondering the halls wondering if he'd survive to the next day.

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Jak was surprised that Fren didn't ask anything about what he had said, but when he thought about it he changed his mind. Why would she want to know? She hated him and for his part the feeling was mutual.

Deciding it didn't matter he flopped back and curled up again, trying to get some more sleep before they had to start again.

It was hard to do so though, as the scratching could still be heard outside and now indistinct whispers as well.

So he just lay there, eyes closed, brooding on the dream and what had happened.


Alina had been dozing when Jak had his dream, and woke up to listen, her yellow eyes watching him quietly. She mostly understood what had happened, but wanted to know how he ended up in the alley and wanted to know what happened next. Did he go back to the alley? How did he get friends and become happy like he was? She took a small breath and looked up at mommy who seemed to be angry again, although Alina couldn't understand why.

"Maybe you should talk to Fuzzy mommy." She said quietly. "He's sad and I think he wants someone to talk to."

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Fren looked at Alina and with held a sigh. "From what we saw and just heard Alina, his story will most likely go something like this, bad things happened to his parents, someone took him in that was an alien, he ended up wanting out, I imagine a jail cell or cage if it was where he lived, later they found the alien guilty. Based on what we saw, he was taken in by another family and taken into human society and went from there." she whispered ever so quietly.

Why was everyone here so accepting of them? Humans lashed out at any unknown that they deemed a threat, If they could not get it to conform to there rules they destroy it. They where trying to do such to her people did not bend to there terms even though her people had not done anything aggressive. Humans entertainment was littered with similar things. Humans killing all kinds of other creatures. Always the good guy. Aliens and other creatures always the aggressor and bad guy. They'd even kill there own or make them an out cast. But last time she said something like that Jak just past it off. Jak...... 15 years of age but fully saturated into the human culture, accepted would be easy for him, humans had a thin for creatures with either skin or fur, scales they where against right away. Just like humans he wanted her to accept everything but like humans there was only 2 extreme's, accept everything or not. He was not responcive to her trying to make conversation with him before, did not like her telling him to stop for his own safety, only thank you she got was when she saved his life.

Such thoughts ran through her head before she sighed. Fine, she'll see if Jak is willing to speak to her again. But he expects her to accept humans he's got another thing coming. "Alright, Alina, we'll see what he says." she whispered not really happy about it but giving it a chance.

She moved her tail to his shoulder and gently shook him as she stood up and came over "Jak..." she took a breath in as she tried to not sound hostile or doing a interrogation with him "Would you like to..... talk about whats weighing on you?" she asked.

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Jak jerked when Fren's tail unexpectedly touched him. He hadn't been expecting contact and the touch had startled him.

When he looked around and saw Fren, he almost thought she was just going to kill him, but her question surprised him.

Alina was also looking at him from Fren's arms, but jumped onto his bed a second later to sit and listen.

"I um..."

"Please Fuzzy? I like it when you're happy. You're funny. But right now you're sad, please talk about it, you'll feel better." Alina said, her eyes pleading with him.

"I-" he started again, looking down at Alina, then at Fren.

He hadn't heard the exchange between the two so focused was he on his thoughts, but he could guess that Alina was the reason Fren was over here.

"I guess." He said, not really knowing why he was agreeing to share. He had only told this story to three people, his adopted mother, father, and his best friend Jacob who had asked at one point.

"I guess it's my dad's fault." He said quietly. "My real dad. I don't remember much of him, but he was always in trouble, I remember that. People were always visiting our home, and they would make dad scared and stuff."

"Anyway, I guess he had a drug problem as well as a gambling addiction, at least that's what I've pieced together, so one day he gets this visitor who tells him he has to pay off his debt or else.

So he try's to sell me. Finds a buyer in some scummy neighborhood, and does the deal, leaves me at this restaurant. I was five a the time.

The guy he sold me starts talking on the phone about me, offering me up for different things. I got scared and ran. The guy chased me of course, but I managed to hide in some back alley. I wandered around for a day or two until this guy, this alien finds me. Never found out his real name, but he had me call him Cesar. Anyway he has me stay with him, teaches me a few things. Then when I'm around nine he calls me in and gives me a duffel bag and tells me to visit Grey and give it to him. He's had me do deliveries before, so I'm not worried, after all he took me in and gave me a home, food, and all the toys I ever wanted.

So I go across town to Grey's. When I get there the police bust in and arrest us both. We both get sent to jail on drug charges along with the rest of his people. Turns out Cesar was a powerful drug dealer or mob boss or something. Doesn't matter either way. From what I gathered the police were planning a raid because they suspected him. The police know I'm involved, so Cesar drops me off at at the mall with the duffel bag where he plants a whole bunch of drugs. Then he sends me to Grey's, tip off the police and they have a perfect scapegoat.

We both get sent to trial and almost got convicted until new evidence came up. Both Cesar and Grey get sent to prison, but I get let off because of 'extenuating circumstances'. So they let me go. It looks like I'm back on the streets at that point, but the judge, a human named Abraham Gilford, had apparently been looking at my file. Turns out my dad had gotten busted a few days after he had dumped me and been charged with a bunch of offenses including child trafficking.

The judge knew I had nowhere to go so he comes up to me after trial and he starts talking to me. I'm only nine, I'm scared, and I'm alone, so I latch onto anyone friendly. Abraham asks if I want to stay with him and his wife for a bit, until things get figured out. I agree and I go with him.

He and his wife Tabitha give me a room, toys and space. They listen to me when I want to talk, but they don't push it. I was pretty screwed up, and I got angry a lot, but they just listened and were kind to me.

After about a year when I've calmed down and adjusted, they put me in school and formally adopt me. Apparently they couldn't have kids of there own and had been talking about adopting for awhile when Abe found me. So they were happy to take me in, especially with how bad my childhood was. But I made friends, and got good friends and stayed out of trouble, so I was happy and so were they... I guess that's it." Jak said before he shrugged and looked down at Alina who was drooping slightly from the sad story.

"Sorry." She said quietly, upset that she had made him tell the story. It was so sad what had happened and he was really hurt by it, even though he shrugged when he had talked about it. She was only a day old and even she knew that he was still hurt from being abandoned not once but twice by the adults in his life.

"It's ok." Jak said quietly, his eyes slightly wet. He shrugged again and took a breath before looking at Fren.

During his story he hadn't really looked at anyone in particular, but he also hadn't been looking at Fren either. He didn't know what to expect from her, nor did he know if it was something he wanted to find out.

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Fren listened to his story though eye's where narrow for a bit but her eye's softened a bit as she heard the story. But such as the problem with humans and there culture, she had come across many reports in her data stealing missions of drugs and other things they did fire each other for, yet kept trying to tell there own people to follow there heart.

Seems they got aliens into it where Jak came from. But at least the judge did not sound corrupted. Another extremely common thing she had found. Things that would not happen if her people where ones in control.

But all things considered Jak was not a human, he might act like one which annoyed her but he was not a human, otherwise she would have left him to the creature roaming the halls. When he looked at her she looked at him eye's not narrowed or hard. She might find certains things hard to understand or things like the race that try's to kill her people being a good race. But she was Shatong still and while her job had hardened her, she was still caring deep down. And her expression showed some concern for him. "I may hate humans and you may hate me Jak, but I don't hate you, I may dislike where your from, I may hate the race that took you in. But again I don't hate you, and that's not to say I haven't run into the rare ones that are decent. Sadly I've seen them killed for helping my people. But..." she paused looking down as she clearly attempted to formulate the words in her head first "I don't..... hold you responsible nor would I leave you to your doom. I'm not the best example to go for how my people act, my line of work.... I admit, a bit cold hearted at times..... but I'll try to let you be you, as long as you don't expect me to accept humans. I don't expect you to accept my people either, nor am I good example anyway." she said before looking at him "I suppose I'm being rather long about this, we may not like each other, but I won't doom an innocent. which you are, your an innocent." she said with a nod "Besides, Alina is tired of us arguing, think one with a troubled past" she started nodding to him "and one who's been trained like this, can get along? Just avoid a few.... subjects?" she asked.

She was trying to make some clear ground for them to stand on. Not a hostile one, though clearly this was not her skill set. She was used to killing those she hated, was part of her job, but this, making some smooth ground so they could get along.


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Whatever Jak had expected it wasn't this.

Fren had hated him basically since they had first met, and now she was offering to patch things up. He didn't trust easy due to his early life, and she hadn't really given him much reason to, but in this instance...

"I..." He stopped and thought for a second before continuing. "I never really hated you, I just hated that you looked a me like I was garbage. I got enough of that when I was little, and it just makes me angry." He said quietly. "But yeah, I guess we can try again." He said with a small smile.

Alina laughed and stood up then began to jump up and down on the bed happily.

"Yay! Mommy and Fuzzy are friends!" She giggled as she jumped. A moment later she misjudged her jump and landed in a pile on the mattress, still giggling happily. It took her a moment to untangle herself from her wings and tail but eventually she stood up and was mid jump when she saw the glass ball again.

"What is that?" She asked Jak, gazing at the pretty thing in wonder. She had forgotten it after falling asleep and listening to Fuzzy's story but now that she saw it again she wanted to look at it again.

Jak reached over and picked the ball up then set it in front of Alina.

"I don't know. I found it a year or two ago and I kept it. All I've found out is that it makes different lights but I think it does more, so I just kind of play with it whenever I'm bored or whatever." He said, watching as Alina touched the sphere lightly, causing it to change colors.

She giggled and touched it again, causing it to flash. After that she started to play with it in earnest, touching the different buttons happily and watching the pretty effects it caused.

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Fren watched him intently before blinking as he said his response. She gave a curt nod when he said they could try again. She looked at Alina and smiled a little as the hatchling. She would not deem her and Jak freinds but then again, as smart as the hatchling was proving to be for such a young being, hard to blame her for it.

She looked at the orb and listened as Jak said what little he could about it, she watched it change colors. "Could be a simple as a toy, or as complex as a becon." she said quietly watching it change colors, her eye's focused to see if she could spot symbles or if the colors might swirl to make any sign as it changed colors, or even patterns. "Do you remember what was going on when you found it?" she asked as she watched Alina play with it.

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Jak frowned, thinking back to the day in question, trying to remember what exactly he had been doing.

"I think I found it on a sidewalk. Yeah, I was walking along with my friends and I slipped on it. I've tried looking it up, asking people about it, I even tried looking in toy stores but no one knows anything. I asked dad, my adopted one not my biological one, about it, thinking maybe one of the gangs was trying to get back at me or something, but he didn't know, nor did any of his law enforcement friends know." Jak finished with a shrug, watching as Alina continued to play with the sphere.

"It seems like it should do more with all the buttons on it, but I've never figured it out, although I memorized how to use a couple of its features like making it into a light and couple other little tricks."

Alina was only half listening though as she continued to play with the sphere, watching each new function with interest. It was really pretty, and even mommy seemed interested in it, which made Alina's interest go up as well.

As she gazed into it the lights continued to flash, each one leaving a bright light in her vision when she closed her eyes. It was like things were moving inside, but she couldn't quite see what it was.

"There are things inside." Alina said, eyes staring at the sphere.

Jak merely nodded at this and shrugged before turning the sphere off again. "Yeah if you stare at it long enough you can see moving things, but it hurts your eyes. I couldn't see for a few hours after I stared at it for awhile." He explained, handing the sphere to Fren to see if she could determine anything from it.

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Fren nodded her eye's finding it easy to continue looking. She was slowly finding it easier to see something moving inside and she looked up as Jak turned it off giving him a mildly annoyed look. But it vanished when he handed it to her. "If there things moving inside, the species met to use this might of used it anywhere from a video device to communication." she commented as she turned it back on again "Maybe if able and once the eye's have adjusted I might be able to tell for sure. Might even be a energy being trapped or something." she suggested as she looked into it, her eye's going to very thin slits as she focused, her pupils dilating to thin slits as well to focuse yet not let too much light in. "With it not human in nature since the human eye can't take this level of light, you can never be too safe in these matters. For all we know its a study device that lets who ever is at the other end watch and record you." she said half to her self.


Varren woke up half way through Jaks story about his life and continued to fake he was asleep. Only peeking once to see Fren by Jaks bed, and Alina.... possible blocked by Fren. As time went on he was glad to see the 2 getting along. Alina sounded very happy when the 2 agreed to try and get along, and when Fren was looking at the ball he got up "Morning ease dropper." Fren stated not even looking up "Your heart rate had gone up part way through Jak's story, your chemical signature had already adjust to say you where awake." she said as Varren blinked "How did you know?" he asked

Fren did not look up "My people have what some call a chemical radar, gives us basic readings on beings around us somewhat easily blocked but your suits not sealed."

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Jak looked up at Varren's greeting, but paused as it was explained that he had been awake during his story. He didn't like that Varren had secretly listened in, even if he didn't mind that the snake person had heard.

Deciding it didn't matter in the long run Jak said hello to Varren and continued to watch Fren play with it.

Alina seemed rather put out after having her toy taken away, but perked up after a few seconds and jumped to the floor where she began to snoop around.

She looked behind the dresser, inside the bottom drawer, then looked under the beds. It was dark underneath them but she could see reasonably well, so she crawled further under, her tail the only thing that could be seen from under the bed. Eventually this disappeared as well.

Alina was gone for a few minutes, although sounds of movement underneath could be heard, but when she did resurface she was covered in a layer of dust and was dragging something behind her. The moment she got all the way out she sneezed, causing dust to explode off of her in every direction. A second later she was messing with the bag, a leather affair almost as big as her with a circle stitched into the side. The circle contained writing, although most of it was gibberish, and a two headed eagle was drawn inside of it.

It only took Alina a few seconds to have the bag open, and then she was inside it, looking at the things it contained.

"Look what I found." She said happily as she pulled her head out and used her paws to dump the bag. "They're stars!" She giggled, showing the group and Pulling more out.

They were indeed stars, each one a different size, style, and material, ranging from stone to what looked like diamond, but none larger then a fist. There were ten in all, as well as a piece of gold rod.

About four inches long it was covered in grooves up and down its length, each one seemingly random. The only part not covered was an inch or so of metal which flared out making it about half an inch wider then the other portions. "See? I can do important things too! I found something important right mommy?"

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