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    Freedom? Anti descrimination? Only there if you go with the crow
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*Does not support current current 'freedom' and 'anti discrimination' until it includes more then just secular and gays* Sick and tired of the crap of freedom for those people yet turn right around to anyone with say religion and say they gotta bend over or its homophobic! Just as bad as someone saying your racist when you say no to someone with darker skin. And morons support this! And have the gull to say humanity is going in the right direction?! Can I leave this race and become another?4t6gps.pngTIOHbuttonTashrin.pngjh31hu.png Dragon%20cave.png

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    Dragons, Naga (True naga's, the kind with scales from head to tail tip. Not lamia's that have human skin and a human head :p), the race Shatong, technoigy, RTS games.