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Little lost dragon and I

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Jak looked up at Fren sadly and stood when she started to argue with Varren.

"Fren look, it doesn't do any good to yell." He said, touching her shoulder and half expecting to get his hand ripped off. "Varren has been in this castle for who knows how long. He's the only guide we have, and he's done nothing but help. He says he might know where she is so we just have to trust that he's right." Jak said soothingly. "Look I know you're worried for her, and I am too, but we can't self destruct when we don't even know what happened yet. Please just calm down."


Alina stayed behind the pillar for awhile with her new friend, who had continued changing until she was the size of a Pingpong ball. Finally the coast seemed clear so Alina carefully lifted the little bird onto her back and balanced it between her winds before carefully wandering out and heading down the hallway, constantly checking for shadows as she moved. She turned a couple of corners as she wandered until finally she saw an open door. Peeking in she saw only shadows and turned to run but ended up bouncing off of another shadow. She shrunk in terror and let out a squeak as the shadow regarded her, but stopped trying to run when the shadow turned into a thing that looked like the humans on Jak's phone. This one had a lot of grey hair though and had a beard. He also was fatter in the middle and had sparkling blue eyes. He wore a blue robe looking thing and had a bracelet on with blue gems that were formed to look like water drops. The human looked down at Alina kindly and bent at the knees, causing her to back up, her fear returning once more.

"Hello little one." He said kindly. "What are you doing out here?"

Alina shook with fear and glanced around, half afraid this was a trap. "I-I got lost." She stammered, still fearful of something sinister. "Who are you?" She asked, finally looking back at him.

The man smiled a little and looked toward the open room.

"Well, what do I look like to you?" He asked, still smiling warmly.

Alina was confused by this question, but looked at the man again.

"A-a human with a blue dress thing on." She managed.

The man smiled and nodded. "Then I am Medad." He said. "Would you like some juice? Water maybe? You must be very thirsty." He said, standing and going to the door. Alina shook her head and backed away from the door as he opened it a bit further.

"N-no the shadows are in there." She said. "They're going to hurt me."

Medad smiled again and shook his head. "You thought I was scary at first right? These aren't going to hurt you, they're my friends and we were just about to sit down for a nice drink. Would you like to join us?"

Alina glanced around, then nodded and followed him into the room. Medad went to a place at the table and gently lifted Pikna up onto the table where she set down the bird thing and sat beside it. As she looked around her the shadows began to show themselves as weird creatures and beings, each one different from the others. One was very tall and thin with long ears, fur and a pair of canine teeth that stuck out of its elongated snout. Another was constantly shifting color and was never the same shape twice save its mouth which stayed the same, allowing it to drink quietly. There were others, more perplexing the more Alina looked, but all just gave friendly waves before going back to their drinks.

A cup was set in front of Alina and some juice poured into it by Medad before he sat himself down and sipped at his own drink.

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Fren nearly did bite Jak's hand off her shoulder. She almost did but stopped before she closed her eye's and took a few deep breaths "I'm sorry, I am not accustomed to being the lab rat in a maze." she said before getting up before she looked at Varren who nodded.

"Fren no one is, now we can go see if the room she might of been taken to is still there, but chances are we won't see her again till the castle decides so." he admitted before looking around "For now lets scout out this room, stick together though, yes less ground covered but more protection and ideally no one else should go missing. If they do we'll see it coming hopefully." he said.

Fren looked at the ground taking another breath "Lets get to it then." she stated. She was worried for Alina but felt completely helpless. She hoped this was only some kind of test, she did not know what it was doing with her but if the castle hurt the hatchling, she'd find out just how hard the guards where here to kill.

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Jak nodded and let go of Fren's shoulder before following Varren back to the platform. When the platform was activated it shot down a dozen or so floors making Jak's stomach spin before coming to a smooth stop. This time the stepped out into a corridor that led to a large circular room. There were six steel doors that wouldn't have been out of place in a prison, each with a single viewing window that seemed to be closed from the other side. Jak opened one cautiously and saw large room with horrifying equipment that could only be described as a torture room. Blood coated the devices and great hooks clinked together as they swayed from ceiling.

Jak practically slammed the door shut, his breathing fast and his eyes replaying the scene. He hadn't seen Alina, and if the other rooms held the same sorts of things as the last one he hoped they didn't find her.

With a grimace on his face he tried a new door, this one leading into a prison of sorts. Cages lined the walls, each one big enough to fit one person, long steel bars holding them in. Again he didn't see Alina, and he closed the door again.

The next three doors held equal horrors, some even containing the bodies of the rooms victims until finally only one remained.

When it was opened it was like staring into the sun compared to the other rooms. This place was a medical room plain and simple. The floors still had blood stains, as did some of the instruments, but they seemed more like medical tools rather then torture. The were a few rooms for what looked like recovery, but the central area was dominated by a device that hung from the ceiling. It had a dozen or so arms, each with a different surgical tool grafted to it, except for two that each had tools for grabbing. There was fresh blood on the table, and in the corner sat a screen that was playing the same scene on a loop. There was no sound but that didn't reduce the horror of what was happening on the screen.

It showed Alina appearing in a flash of bright light and backing into a corner, obviously terrified. The two large grabbing tools took ahold of her and held her to the table as bonds were applied to hold her down. A muzzle of sorts was attached as well, but you could still see her crying and trying to escape.

Finally the rest of the apparatus sprang to life. Two large needles attached to wires were shoved into her sides, causing her to scream in pain even though she couldn't open her mouth. A number of prods were attached as well, and suddenly she began to spasm as electricity began to surge through her body. It took about 30 seconds before she began to fade again, then suddenly she was gone, disappearing from the table. The bonds and prods fell from where they had been attached to her, and all was quiet as the video began to rewind and play again.

Jak felt numb all over as he watched the scene, horrified by what he had seen. Alina had been tortured so that she would disappear, and now she was stuck with no way home. He looked at Varren then at Fren and went to the table underneath the arms. Fresh blood still stained its surface, Alina's blood stained its surface... He wanted to throw up, he wanted to hurt something, he just wanted this nightmare to end.

"Is there any way to go after her?" He asked Varren. "Maybe a portal or something?"


Alina sipped her drink as well, using her paws to lift the glass to her mouth. She offered a little to the bird who drank happily, then looked at Medad.

"How come you're here?" She asked quietly, still a little scared of the shadows returning. "You're a human, and they only come from..." She stopped searching her memory for what Fuzzy had said his planet was called. "Um, ground?" She guessed, still unsure.

Medals smiled again and shook his head, taking another sip. "Earth." He said gently. "And I am from many places. Earth knows me as Medad and a hundred other names, as does every planet." He explained, taking yet another sip as Alina did the same, lifting the glass carefully.

"Why do you that many names? Why not just one?" She asked, slightly confused.

"It's complicated little one, but maybe I'll tell you another time. Now then, what is a little one like you doing here all alone? How did you get lost?"

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Varren slithered along weapon in hand and his helmet on expeting trouble after catching scent when Jak opened the first door. Fren looked ready to tear the next foe to ribbons. Varren took a peek at the prison cells faintly hoping maybe he'd see one of his old group. Then at least he'd know what happened to the few that simply vanished. Though also to his relief there was none that he could recognize.

Fren seemed to focus when each door was opening as if to scent the air, Varren pinned it to her chemical radar thing, she most likely was searching for familiarity's as well.


However the last room she went tense right away. "Alina was here." she whispered not needing her chemical radar, it was in the scent of new blood this time. Varren nodded before spotting the device on the ceiling and he took aim at it watching for it to activate. Fren mean while spotted the screen and a odd sounding growl left her chest.

Varren nodded when Jak asked about a way to go after Alina "Seems she's started to faze through floors now. Best idea is to head back to the elevator and go down another setting, faster the better I'm pretty sure half those victims did not hand them selfs over to that surgecal device willingly, something else had to bring them and I'd rather not find out what." he said a bit nervesly "Get the feeling its not to aid them judging by what we saw back there and the video."

Fren growled again before glaring at the device in the ceiling before looking at Varren and giving a stiff nod before heading for the door way again.

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Jak turned and followed the group, trying not to think about what had happened to Alina.

"She might not have gone through the floors." He said as they walked. "I mean, she didn't phase through the floor last time so maybe it's just, I dunno another dimension or something, where some things change but the basic details are the same." He said hopefully. "So she might still be on this floor we just can't see her." Even to himself this sounded stupid, but he had to say something if nothing else then to try and reassure himself. There weren't any other doors on this level so that couldn't be right.

He gave up on this line of thinking after a minute or two and just followed along, wishing he could do something. He felt useless, dead weight compared to the others. Varren had a bunch of experience, a weapon, and armor, he knew what and what not to do. Fren was a spy with gadgets and combat training, and he Jak was just some stupid kid with a screwed up childhood. He was scared of heights and the only thing he had managed to do was solve a puzzle by cheating. His tail flicked in agitation before finally slumping as he arrived at the inevitable conclusion; he was worthless to the group, and was in fact a liability, more likely to get them killed then actually help.

When they reached the lift Jak looked at the others as he sat in the center again. "What now?" He asked. "She probably fell through the floor so down is a good option." He felt stupid just saying this even as he said it. Of course Alina went down. If she fell through the floor then it was obvious. He didn't know why he was feeling this way all of the sudden, nor what had caused it. In truth the one thing that had been keeping him grounded was the knowledge that Alina liked him and thought him funny. She even called him Fuzzy which he liked even though he wouldn't tolerate it from any of the others. Not truly understanding this though he instead continued to watch the floor, depressed and worried about his place in the group.


Alina carefully put the cup next to the bird and let it drink while she looked back at Medad.

"I was playing with mommy and I was hiding from her, and then I was in a white room. I tried to hide but I was... A metal monster hurt me and then there were shadows. I ran and hid, and I accidentally hurt this bird." She explained, gently holding up the bird who chirped quietly.

Medad looked at the bird with interest, then gently took it from Alina and held it in his hands.

"This little fellow just needs some water." Medad said with a smile, standing and going to a large urn standing nearby.

Alina looked at the urn with confusion as it was brought over, unsure what Medad meant.

"Water just makes you not thirsty." She said going to the urn and looking in. The water inside didn't appear to be special although the urn was very pretty. It was seemingly made of marble that was painted to resemble the ocean. There were fish of many different sizes and plants and things under the waves, not that Alina knew what they were, she hadn't even seen a stream before the wood area. The only thing that didn't belong was the small painting of a pair of scales on the bottom of the ocean.

Medad smiled and shook his head, pulling out another cup and letting a small trickle fall into it.

"No Alina, it's not just that at all. Water is life. Everything needs it in some way. Nothing can live without it, and that makes it a powerful force." He explained, giving the bird the cup. It drank the tiny amount of water at the bottom of the cup and sat down where it promptly fell asleep.

"He'll be fine, I promise." Medad said gently. "As for you, maybe you should get some sleep as well. I bet you're tired after all that running."

Alina realized that she actually was tired, and she took the small cup of water that Medad offered immediately and drank. Instantly her eyes dropped and she curled up around her bird friend to fall asleep.

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Varren and Fren looked at each other when he said about Alina falling through the floor. Had Varren not stated that only moments ago in the room where she last was?

Varren activated the lift and they started to descend again "The castle has 2 main transportation methods. when it wants you somewhere, it can simply teleport you, though not often but very disorienting when it happens as its instant, one moment your in a hall next you could be in a room anywhere in the place. And or it shifts its self around like you both already saw, if Alina was teleported, then she phased through that might render the castle a few issues, as she is not where it wanted or allowed her. Which could cause some problems. Though.... what I'm wondering is why she did not phase through the floor the first time." he said as they went.

Fren shrugged "Her ability is still developing like the rest of her, she is only a couple hours old. even though her species intelligence clearly develops at a extremely quick rate." she pointed out "Varren..... how did you know that the place can.... turn those you know against you?" she asked and Varren looked away "Shasha was her name, another alien, shy quick to run, she was kid napped by one of the guards, one of those that looked to be of rotting flesh and moving black lines. We where caught out in the open when a cleaning cycle started as we tried to escape another guard when we tried to raid the place library, a room with many books, but guarded as well. She froze for one moment too long...... she was dragged into a opening with the guards weapon in her hind quarters, my weapon hardly fazed it and as a result I was powerless to save her, She in the end was ripped in 2. I had her arms and she held on to me......" he said "I put her out of her pain, there was no way to save her over a 3rd of her body was off. We buried the rest of her and..... a few days later we ran into another guard, had her features, only her scales were rotting and she too had the moving black lines across her body, the head had been put back together as well as her body..... but she her self was long gone. Only her body reanimated........" he finished off in a whisper before he drew a shaky breath "We lost her, but for all I know she might still be around, guarding who knows what and we just have yet to find it." he said before stopping the lift at the next floor "The guards of this place do not care if your alive or dead, do not give them a reason to catch you regardless."

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"We're dead." Jak said quietly. "We all died and this is hell. The castle kills us, makes us look and act like a new person, then tortures us again. There's no escape, just endless torment forever." He said, not looking at the others. "I could probably kill myself and you would find a new person wandering alone in a few hours." He was obviously freaking out at this point, rocking back and forth and clutching his ears to his head. "I don't want to be here, I just want to go home. I want to see mom and dad, I want my bedroom, I want my friends!" He said, tears beginning to flow. "Why me? What did I do? What did Alina do? What did you do?" He asked, voice shaking as he curled in on himself. "Just let me wake up, this can't be real, it's just a bad dream."

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Varren looked at Jak and sighed slithering over "Jak, no one chose to be here and no one wants to stay, now the place told us that there's a chance we can leave this place. It has not not yet told us we failed which we already know the penalty of that, but so far it has yet to tell us we failed which means we still have a chance to return to our worlds, or at least away from this place." he explained "We got a hatchling to find so she can join us once we complete the challenge that the place is putting us through currently. Now, come on, you seem better at reading the puzzles this place sometimes uses." he said



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Jak looked up at Varren and let pulled his hands off of his ears so that he could listen.

When the pep talk was done he carefully wiped his eyes and sniffed before nodding and standing up.

"Sorry." He said quietly, giving his nose a rub with his arm. He didn't really elaborate and instead waited for the lift to go down again. A few floors passed in a blur until the lift halted again.

This time they stood in the crossroad of four corridors, each one unremarkable save the statues at the end of them. One was a book, another a cauldron, the third a pair of scales and the last was simply a door.

Jak didn't like the door one bit, but wanted to see where the other ways went, preferably starting with the book. He had learned to temper his curiosity though and looked at Varren.

"Have you seen this before?" He asked, listening and watching for guards as he said the words.

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Varren nodded and resumed the lift and once it stopped again he slowly slithered off it. Fren close behind and making sure Jak was close too. Varren's helmet allowed him to see down the halls and he sighed at what he saw.

He looked at Jak and shook his head "That would have to be a false, like I said, being at locations..... might as well be new for me." he admitted "You can be here for years and never find the same locations in the same way." he admitted before looking at Fren "Lets start on our left. Investigate the statues, then we'll head for the door. might give us some insight before we find out whats in it." he said before pausing. A book and scales...... he did not know what the caldron was for.... but considering the memory he just explained on the way down? He disliked what the book and scale statues could mean.


Fren started to make way to the book statue on the left. Taking slow silent steps her eye's scanning each stone as they went. Varren soon joined them again weapon in hand again.

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Jak cautiously followed the others, his footsteps quiet as he padded along. The only sound was the clinking of Varren's armor, the click of Fren's claws, and the groups breathing.

The book statue wasn't particularly large, more of a replica of a book made of bronze. The pages had script on them, all of it unreadable to the group.

Jak carefully looked at the book without touching it, then grinned a little and pulled out the bag of stars in his pouch. He dug around inside the leather bag for a couple seconds before grinning again and producing the key. This he gently slotted into the spine of the book and turned before removing it again.

Gears began to grind and groan as the book statue and the wall behind it began to disappear into the floor. They didn't fall into slots either, it seemed more like they were melting and becoming one with the floor. It took about ten seconds before they had disappeared completely, and the only sign any of it had existed was a bronze etching of a book on the floor where the statue had stood. In front of them stretched a dark hallway, unlit by anything and leading only into darkness.

The unseen gears continued to clank though and movement could be seen as lanterns appeared from the ceiling, each one giving off light that strangely illuminated anything eh person was trying to see or read, but didn't fully illuminate the hall.

In the distance more of the light appeared, but now it was coming from what was obviously a colossal room. Jak could see only a tiny fraction of it from this end of the hallway, but he knew that what he saw was a library unlike any he had ever even heard of. The shelves he could see held everything from scrolls, books, even stone tablets all the way up to what seemed to be crystals. It was a place of knowledge and it held enough that nobody could even hope to know a fraction of it.

Jak's mouth hung open as they entered and gazed around. He knew that any one of these tomes was worth a fortune by itself, and that all of it put together... It was worth a galaxy and still wouldn't equal to the true price. "This is the library?" He asked, looking up at the shelves that stretched a hundred feet into the air, each one full to the brim. "This is amazing."

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Varren looked at Jak as he used the key on it. He frowned a little but did not stop Jak. But his blood ran cold once he caught a glimps of the room that passage had just been allowed too. While Jak was very impressed about it he was really on edge.

"Amazing as it maybe, do not take it for a free opportunity," he warned "But we might be able to snag a few books to get some decent amounts of info, but it will be very risky." he said


Fren looked thoughtful "I might be able to get a few with out triggering defence systems, so far everything has been triggered by the castle knowing where we are, if one us where to...... lose form and thus confuse it, may not even register on its systems." she explained and Varren sighed

"Or trigger it right away..... I want a plan in place regardless, for now, we know how to get here, lets find out what the scales are, that was next on the list." he said finding it hard to hide how afraid he was of a repeat happening.

Fren shook her head "You said it your self, we leave this now it may not be here again."

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Jak had taken a few steps into the library but stopped at Varren's words. He seemed to be frightened, which wasn't good since Jak hadn't seen him even flinch at the other things that had happened. He took a few steps back so that he stood in the hallway again, then glanced to either side as though expecting a map. Almost immediately he spotted one which he was sure hadn't been there before, but was now.

Jak carefully moved forward, testing each step in case of traps before looking at the map more carefully without touching it.

Just as he had thought the library was enormous, so large as to dwarf anything ever built by mortal hands. A tiny red speck along one wall seemed to represent the group, while the rest was quiet. As he watched red ink began to appear and morph into words e understand. After a Fes seconds the map was now labeled and had a catalogue of books in order of topic, and their location in the libray.

He looked at Varen and shrugged before looking at history.

The topic itself covered a thousand shelves by itself and didn't elaborate on what was actually held there.

"Come on, where would the stuff on this castle be?" He asked in a frustrated tone.

Instantly the map morphed again and highlighted a shelf in red. The catalogue changed as well, this time listing a few dozen books by name.

Jak gave a nervous laugh and looked closer, reading the titles aloud.

"Poems by Gharget, Legends of Frene, The Adventures of Gobeldego, Ly'dga..." He frowned at what it said, tried to pronounce it again then shrugged. "Someone's Account of the Changing Castle, of its wonders, dangers, beasts." Jak read aloud, looking at the others, his eyes wide. "We have to get that book Varren." He said, looking at Fren for support. "That thing could save us and maybe even get us out of here."

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Varren continued to be highly on edge. Fren went on ahead with Jak and things seemed quiet enough though. He remained though following at a distance.

Fren looked around and grunted at the all the books "Suppose most races are more accustomed to paper then anything else." she muttered to her self looking at the spines of the books. She looked over as Jak found of a map and when he spoke about wanting to locate something the map changed. She nodded "Both those books would be highly useful. A map that changes on command, and info on what we might run into and we'd be set to avoid the worst things." she said to Varren.


He looked at them "This place never just hands something like those over with out a price." he said before an idea came to mind "But perhaps we don't need to leave the room with the books." he said with a sigh "If the data recording features still operate, could scan and save each page, then we don't need to leave with the book its self." he explained.

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Jak fumbled around for a second before he produced his phone that still held a full charge oddly enough and held it up.

"We could do it on this." He said, looking back at the map. "How do we get to the fourth book on this list?" He asked, watching the map intently.

The page stayed the same long enough that he tried a few other ways of saying it before sighing and jabbing with his finger at the book title in question.

Instantly another whir of gears was heard, but much quieter, more like the sound of a music boxes gears then the great clanking noises this place normally made.

A light appeared above the map as a small hole opened and what looked like a small lantern with helicopter blades sort of fell out and hovered a few feet above Jak's head. It was maybe the size of a baseball with an incomplete bronze shell, but the insides were full of gears and pistons whirring away, all lit by the blue light at the things center.

After a few seconds it flew off towards a row of bookshelves, only stopping when it realized that Jack wasn't following it. It bobbed a few times then slowly came back as though exasperated by Jack's lack of cooperation.

He glanced at the others and shrugged before finally following the thing off down the aisle. It took a bit to reach but Jack wasn't paying attention to that, he was more interested in the titles of books that they were passing. Finally they turned from the aisle and went to a section like any of the others, full of tomes, scrolls and hundreds of other materials. The lantern swooped up to a spot maybe fifty feet up and projected a light at a spot on the book shelf.

Jack shuffled uncomfortably and cleared his throat, looking at the height.

"I uh- I don't suppose you could bring it down?" He asked, rubbing an ear in embarrassment.

The lantern's beam turned white in answer and a leather tome pulled out and drifted down into Jack's arms.

He didn't dare open it, instead glancing around at the others.

"Should we try and copy it here or something?" He asked, yelling as the lantern thing stung him with the white light and took the book away to be placed back on its shelf. The white light appeared again and the lantern brought back a metallic black cube with a couple of buttons. This it dropped into Jack's waiting hands.

He grinned at the others, only faltering when he heard a rumble behind him.

Jack slowly turned to see a huge monster regarding them from a few rows down, it's great teeth bared as it growled a warning.

Easily 20 feet high even in its position with head close to the ground, it was truly a monster of epic proportions. It's teeth were at least four feet long, it's body impossibly big. It rumbled again, this time turning down the aisle they stood in and advancing a few feet.

At first Jack had thought that there was no way it would fit down the aisle, after all this thing was huge, but the shelves seemed to bend around it, making way for it whenever it turned or moved.

Finally it's curiosity waned and it roared at them, it's ear-shattering sound causing Jack's ears to cease working and be replaced with a high pitched whine even as the thing started to charge.

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Varren was not suprized to see the monster what so ever, granted it was different then last time still, not suprized in the slightest. "Fren grab Jak, now!" he ordered taking aim. The monster looked like it had been maybe a t-rex that had slept one too many hours among developing crystals. "I don't know if your the same one from last time ugly but if so, yeah I'm still alive." he said loudly to it ready to fire it if it looked at Fren or Jak.


Fren grabbed Jak in her tail again before taking off back into the hall hoping Jak was able to keep a grasp on what he had.

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The movement from Fren and Jack seemed to set off the monster and it charged, giving another screaming roar that sounded like a hundred earthquakes grinding together, all of it shrieking at the people who had dared desecrate the library.

It tore off after Fren and Jack, chunks of its hide dig blasted off by Varren's weapon, but seemingly unharmed by the loss. One of the lasers hit a crystal and refracted off, slicing through an entire book shelf and lighting it on fire. The crystal in question shattered and it was up for debate which thing made the monster angrier, the pain from the crystal, or the destruction of the books. Either way it shrieked again and changed direction, taking off after Varren, it's feet thudding against the stone floor as Fren and Jack finally made it back to the door, Jack still clutching the cube to him. The huge monster didn't seem to corner well however, and had to slow to turn into a new direction. It seemed cautious around the book shelves even though they continued to bend around it. Slowly it was catching up to Varren though and it was only a matter of time before it would have him cornered.

The shots from Varren's weapon continued to take chunks off tough, and every time a crystal was hit the beam would ricochet wildly and shatter the crystal, causing the monster to scream in pain and fury.

Finally a lucky shot hit the things eye and the monster seemed to glow red as the beam shot around inside of it. Even as the group watched the monster exploded, shards of crystal and rock flying everywhere. When the whole thing was said and down the library looked like a tornado had gone through it, pieces of paper and parchment fluttering in the wake of the destruction.

Even as they watched though, the shelves began to repair themselves, small clockwork vessels began to put out the fire and books reassembled themselves. More alarming was the leftovers of the monster though, and the way the crystals began to move, each one starting to form a smaller version of the big monster, and all continuing to grow by the second. It wouldn't be long before 20 or more of the monsters stood at the same size and power as the original.

"Come on we need to get out of here!" Jack yelled, his face and arms bleeding from numerous cuts obtained from crystal shrapnel as he began to run back down the hallway, crystal eyes beginning to form in the new guardians heads.

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Varren shot around the book cases trying to keep its attention off Fren and Jak. Fren was agile and fast for her size and some times leaping over book cases to avoid the monster. Though Varren struct a crystal, while it sent the beam wild it seemed to pain the monster the more he did it, and it got it off him. Fren held Jak tightly with her tail still and paused wondering how they'd lose the monster, heading for the elevator would only lead it to a place to corner them, but as luck would have it, Varren seemed to get a lucky shot.

She dived for cover as the beast exploded. Shards of crystal flying like a over sized frag gernade had gone off. She had no objection to Jaks advice this time. She was up and limping to the lift as fast as her legs would get her, but a number had been done to her left thigh, her left side period. Varren was close behind them firing at the quickly growing beasts "Fren start the lift!" he ordered "Middle lever up and main lever down!" he said as he fired his weapon.

Fren nodded and did so and the lift was suddenly once again rocketing up, or at least she hoped so her balance gave out as she fell to her left knee.

All 3 scents told her they all sustained damage, Even Varren in his armour then again he was the closest to the monster. She could not see his front yet.

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Jak of the three was least hurt after the whole ordeal, and was quick to check on the others even as the elevator ground to a halt. This time they were back in a hallway like the one they had woken up in, lined with doors of all shapes and sizes. Overall the group seemed to have weathered the whole thing well enough, but all were bleeding from numerous cuts and damage sustained when the monster had exploded. Of particular concern was Varren, who had been close to the blast.

Jak carefully looked over Varren, but he couldn't quite see what all was wrong due to the armor.

"Varren, I need you to take off your armor." Jak said quietly. "After we find somewhere safer then here though."

Without another word he walked down the corridor and tried the first door, then the second, third and onwards, finally stopping when one opened. He looked inside only to find a blank room.

Running back to Varren and Fren he helped them into the room before closing the door.

"Come on Varren lets look at you." Jak said, gesturing to the armor.

He was about to offer to help when a scream was heard from outside the door followed by what sounded like a couple of small explosions.

After looking at the others Jak carefully opened a door a few inches. The heat instantly rose as the door opened, and an orange light could be seen as another small explosion was heard.

Suddenly a girl scrambled by, her hair and arms on fire and her eyes glowing orange. Behind her came a bug thing that vaguely resembled a scorpion followed, scorch marks covering its body and a smell of burnt flesh coming off of it.

The girl turned and threw an arm out haphazardly, shooting a fireball and hitting the wall behind the scorpion. She wasn't a fighter that much was obvious, but she still managed to hit it on the next go, this time seeming to stun the creature.

Jak opened the door about a foot and leaned out, gesturing for her to come into the room. The girl looked at him, eyes wide before running at him and practically falling into the room, the fire on her burning still as Jak closed the door and bolted it. He could hear he scorpion getting up again, but it was shuffling around outside as though confused, then walked away still searching for its meal.

Jak turned to look at the girl who had curled up in a corner and was sobbing, her flames slowly dying as she hid her eyes and cried, body shaking.

Jak moved forward and squatted.

"Hello." He said quietly, his voice trying to be gentle.

The girl merely jumped as though she had been slapped and sobbed again.

"What's your name?" He asked, sitting cross-legged in front of her. "My names Jak."

The girl just shook her head and continued to cry and shake.

"Are you hurt?"

Another shake of the head.

Jak looked back at the others, hoping for help, unsure how to handle the whole thing.


Username: Ryujin13

Character Name: Kara


Phoenix, can turn into a girl

Abilities: Creates and controls fire (mostly)

History: RPed

Personality: RPed


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Varren seemed to hardly hear Jak when he was spoken too. He just followed them to the room Jak eventually found that was open and empty. Fren was limping badly now having to use her tail as a third leg almost to get there. While she was not showing it each step was very painful, it showed in her eye's dispite her attempt to not make any sign of it.

When they reached the room Varren got most of the way in before coming to a pause before getting the rest of himself in. He slowly started to press a few controls that where hidden on his wrist before his suit sparked before popping open showing him to look shredded on the front. He just fell forward though Fren caught him with her tail. Then other sounds started up.

After a few moments a human looking girl entered the room causing Fren's eye's to harden. Jak was one thing, this girl was something else, Jak at least did not look human, she was a human that what she could tell.

But with Varren seemingly passed out and simply put, a bloody mess litterly on his front she asked the first thing that was currently on her mind "Do you by any chance know medical tricks or skills?" she asked her voice in that state Jak would reconize when she was attempting to be friendly with him before in the halls before they found Varren. Her voice in a forced normal attempting friendly tone.

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The girl looked at Varren and Fren and nodded again before carefully scooting over to where Varren lay and sat cross-legged.

She gently reached out and touched his chest, her fingers tracing some of the wounds before she stopped on the largest wound where a piece of crystal was still embedded.

Her fingers traced the crystal before she grasped it and pulled it out with a wet sucking sound.

Varren's cries of pain seemed lost on her though as she continued to trace Varren's wounds before reaching up to her face and wiping away a couple of tears. These she put into a little canteen around her shoulder before she closed the cap and shook for about ten seconds.

Finally she opened the canteen again and held it to Varren's lips, letting him drink.

The effect took a bit but Varren's wounds began to heal, pushing shards of crystal out even as the wound closed.

The girl then handed the canteen to Fren and finally to Jak.

After that she just went back to her corner and buried her head in her knees, still scared and crying from what had happened.

The feeling of his wounds healing was an odd one to say the least. The pain had been dulled and crystal shards and slivers pushed out even as his flesh moved and knitted back together.

When all was said and done Jak's cuts and bruises were gone and he felt like he had just gotten a good nights sleep.

Varren and Fren took a bit longer to heal, but in a few minutes they were all fine, albeit covered in blood.

Jak went and sat in front of the girl who moved as far back as she could into her corner as though trying to disappear.

"That was amazing." Jak said, his voice still gentle. "Can you always do that?"

The girl nodded, still silent.

"Same with the fire?"

The girl shrugged and turned her head away slightly before nodding again.

"That's really cool." Jak said, watching as the girl shook her head even as more tears fell.

He glanced back at Fren and Varren, his eyes and body language asking for help.

It was obvious that the girl wouldn't talk to him, maybe one of the others?

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Fren watched the girl help Varren and she had to cringe a little at times as larger chunks where pulled out of him. No wonder he was fading fast, he'd be dead before long. He seemed more or less dead as was his cries where hardly louder then whimpers. Judging by the amount of blood his insides had been badly damaged as well.

Then the girl took her tears and as events happened, Fren was no longer sure if this was a human, but something else. Varren drank a little then slowly but surely, the smaller crystals started to get pushed out of him, and the already empty wounds, slowly closing up. But was was pushing the crystals out?

She took the canteen and had a little before she felt multiple stinging on her left side, cuts and wounds pushed out the crystal shards and what ever else and the wounds also began to close up.

Jak even though he got it last, he had the least amount of damage done to him and as a result, healed the fastest. She looked at Jak as he tried to communicate then Varren spoke up "She's..... a phenix." he whispered holding his chest "My mate told me..... all about them." he said as he slowly pushed his torso section back up. "They take on other forms to hide from those that wish them harm, many things they can do." he said looking at him self.


Fren blinked "Whats a..... Pheonix?" she asked confused and Varren smiled a little "There default form? A bird the looks to be on fire. Yet thrives perfectly fine." he said to Fren before looking at the girl "Thank you, I owe my life to you now. I'm Varren, I've been wondering these hall for a long time, the black one with the long tail is Fren, she and Jak here arrived around the same time, your free to join our group if you want, its safer in numbers here. Our goals are one to find a hatchling the caslte took from us and then to get out of here. You won't be forced to do anything and there's nothing holding you to us either." he said

Fren looked at Varren then at the girl "Welcome to the club. And yes...... thank you." she said with a nod.

Varren smiled a little "Fren.... she's not used to humanoids, but don't worry she won't bite." he explained.

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The girl watched Varren as he spoke, then nodded quietly and put her head between her knees so that only her eyes and hair were showing over them.

Jak continued to try and make small talk but the girl seemed to have gone mute or else was incapable of talking, only the nods and shakes of her head showing that she understood at all.

She was obviously still scared as could be seen by the shaking and the tears still trickling down her face.

Jak sat across from her before finally deciding that she was probably scared befause of the way she was being watched by him. After pushing himself away he turned back to the group without turning his back on her completely. He didn't want to make her think that she wasn't welcome in the group.

"Maybe you should talk to her." He said quietly to Fren. "She might respond to another female more then a male." He shrugged and looked back at her.

Though he wouldn't admit it to anyone he found the girl really attractive, and already could feel a crush developing.

'Maybe later.' He thought to himself, knowing that the girl wouldn't appreciate an advance anytime soon.

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Varren smiled and nodded before coiling up though could not hide how he disliked feeling gunky from the drying blood all over his torso.

Fren was busy cleaning her self wiping off the slime with blood caught in it which did not take long. With careful pressure and movements she could remove what she did not want on her and wipe it off on the wall or floor. She knew it would be disgusting but at least it would only remain so here and not following her around.

She looked up at Jak when he suggested she talk to the girl. Ok first Alina, but Alina was not looking like a blasted human. A member of the race that opened fire on her people with no good reason. What was with the universe seemingly wanting to try to tell her otherwise suddenly?

She sighed quietly "I'm not accustomed to... counselling. But I suppose I'll try." she said before getting up and moving to sit beside the girl. She figured it would be best to let the girl speak first. Fren her self was unsure on how to start calming the girl anyway.

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The girl pushed against the wall as Fren neared but relaxed somewhat when Fren resumed wiping the blood away. She seemed content to watch Fren and seemed to relax somewhat as the minutes ticked by.

Now that Fren was close enough to see the girl it was obvious how bad of shape he girl was in. She had shadows under her eyes from lack of sleep. Her hair, which seemed like it would be well cared for normally was damaged and tangled, and she was covered in dirt and dust. She also had a number of bumps and bruises which weren't healed yet, talking volumes about how her time in the castle had been spent.

The trembling had finally subsided as had her tears, and now she seemed to be fighting the urge to fall asleep. She shook her head a few times and blinked before returning to watching Fren.

Finally, after almost ten minutes of saying nothing she seemed to give up and fell over unconscious, her breathing calming until it became obvious that she had succumbed to her exhaustion.

Jak went to check on her then looked around, immediately seeing that the room had become another bedroom.

He smiled at this development and gently tried to pick the girl up.

She was surprisingly light even considering her size, and he easily made it to the bed where he laid her down and covered her with a blanket. Her flesh had been extremely warm, far warmer then a humans should have been, but then again she was a phoenix so that was to be expected.

When Jak turned he spotted a new door which lead into a washroom with a shower/bathtub, sink, and everything else one needed to clean oneself. A set of drawers had appeared as well and now held new sets of clothing for everyone including the new girl. The only thing it didn't supply was a set of armor for Varren, which would have been to easy Jak guessed.

He went to his own bed and laid down, thinking about the days events before finally falling asleep, his small snores slow and steady.

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