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Little lost dragon and I

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Fren did not pay the girl much mind as she continued to clean her self. Though she paused every now and then to see her relaxing and.... contently watching. This puzzled her, most beings disliked the whole slime thing with her people. And it was not like this was particularly clean looking either with dark yellow-ish blood nearly black mixed with glumps of her slime that she gathered and removed off her body's left side.

Then the girl was asleep. Fren paused taking a clean hand to make sure the young girl did not hit the stone too hard looking positively bewildered now. Perhaps it was the motions? Did she find the motions of her cleaning her self relaxing? There was nothing jerky or disruptive there was a smooth rythim to it....

A blink later and suddenly the room was in the format of a bedroom. She blinked at the now sleeping girl as Jak moved her to the bed.

She noticed a familier scent coming from a now opened door to a bathroom. To one side a curtan hung and behind it to most would seem a flesh caveran with a strange fluid in it, she smiled a little before stepping in sinking into the fluid up to her neck. Her eye's looking relaxed now as she gently moved around. The remaining blood on her seemingly dissolving off her before she got out her scales glistening wet and no slime layer on her now. She stretched feeling much better before returning to the main bedroom though sighed not seeing her kinds bed.... again. "At least progress was made." she muttered before sitting down where she had a good view of the door that lead out into the halls before sighing.


Varren watched the young girl watch Fren and smiled a little. Fren may not understand but such motions while maybe fore something else, helped on know they where not in danger. Now if only Fren would hum a little, that would top it off. But slow but steady. Fren may act cold but she seemed to have a caring side to her, he saw it with Alina, she's rescued Jak more then once now, and agreed to be by the young girl to make her feel welcomed.

He was glad once the bathroom showed up, cleaning him self and the now even more wrecked armor before looking at the avalible clothing sets "Could you at least spare a few parts?" he muttered shaking his head. cleaning up was nice, but a clean body is still a dead body, clean or not. He removed a few crystal shards from his helmet before pausing.

Crystals, light focusing, increased weapon power with lazor attributes. If his armor was getting worse and worse, he needed some way to make up for the dwindling protection. He set to work with the shards of crystal he and Fren brought here. The crystals already proved they could direct light, not to harness that.

With Fren falling asleep Varren did not wake her taking it as his time to keep watch and worked on his weapon as he did so,

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(Time skippers, eight hours later)


Jak stretched and yawned, his fur messed up from how he'd slept on it. He blinked around, then got up and walked over to the bathroom where he proceeded to shower, wash, rinse, then dry and groom his fur. It took maybe a half hour to accomplish all this, and when he exited the room with new clothes on, he found himself being watched by the girl.

Truth be told he had forgotten about her what with his lack of morning skills, but he said hello and gave a wave of his hand which wasn't returned. Instead she timidly got up and walked to the bathroom, only stopping to grab some clothes.

The door closed and the shower turned on immediately, steam already drifting from inside.

If Jak had taken a long time the girl took forever, taking almost an hour to get done. It took so long it almost seemed like she had just barricaded herself in the bathroom, but checking just revealed a locked door.

Finally the door clicked open and the girl carefully peeked out, her eyes now their normal molten gold color and her hair back to a well cared for look. She stepped out in a set of comfortable yet functional set of clothes specifically made for physical activity, each piece a color that complemented her hair and eyes perfectly.

After checking the room she went back to her bed and sat against the wall, continuing to watch the group silently.

Jak seemed determined at this point to get her to talk, so he quietly told her his name and a little about himself and where he came from, but she didn't respond.

Finally he gave an exasperated sigh and shook his head.

"Come on, you must have a name." He said, frustrated by her lack of response. "I mean everyone does. Maybe you don't want to tell us your real name? Well my real names not Jak, it's just so hard to pronounce in English that everybody just gives me a nickname. Is t like that for you?"

The girl shook her head, but seemed to think his words over for a second. Then she whispered something and immediately went silent again.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't hear that." Jak said kindly. "If you want we could just give you a nice name. Maybe ruby? Your hair is that color."

The girl looked up, her eyes watching his as though trying to see if this was a trick of some kind. Finally she shook her head and glanced at the others, then leaned forward.

"Kara." She mumbled so that just Jak could hear her.

Jak smiled at this and nodded. "Hi Kara, my names Jak." He said quietly so as not to scare her off. "That's Varren, and that's Fren." He said pointing to them while the girl nodded, showing that she knew.

"How long have you been in the castle?" He asked gently.

The girl shook slightly at the question and seemed unwilling to answer but finally managed to whisper a few words.

"15 days."

Jak glanced at the others, eyes showing shock at this announcement. She had survived alone for 15 days? No wonder she was so paranoid and emotionally strung out. She had probably been running almost nonstop which was also why she was so exhausted.

"I'm sorry." He said, causing the girl to shrug and look away. "Varren's been here for years, so he understands." Jak explained.

The girl looked at Varren when this information was given, her eyes wide as she considered this.

"R-really?"She asked him, her voice still tiny and scared. From what Jak could hear though it would have been beautiful at full volume, colorful and rich with emotion, each word ringing out like a song.

Jak nodded again, but stayed silent, wanting to see if Kara would talk by herself.

"How did you get hurt?" Kara finally asked, looking at the larger hunks of crystal lying around.

"We got attacked in the library by a crystal monster." Jak explained. "It kind of exploded."

Kara just nodded, seemingly content with this small bit of information.

Jak looked at the others for a little help then back to Kara.

"What's that?" Kara finally asked, pointing to the cube from the library which was laying on Jak's bed.

"It's a book, or at least I think it is, I hope it is. Didn't really have time to check." He explained, going over and sitting on his own bed, already playing with the cube. The controls were easy to see and read, and it only took Jak a few moments to activate the cube. Instantly a holographic book, well more of a journal really, appeared in mid air, perfectly sized, colored and detailed. Jak touched it and only felt a book, not the air that should have been there. He gingerly opened it and looked inside, seeing neat writing, detailed illustrations and other interesting items written in it.

"Wow." Jak said in amazement as he thumbed through the book. "This has everything in it and more. I mean look a this." He said, turning the journal so that the others could see a highly detailed picture of the crystal monster that they had just encountered.

"Lapis Magnus, 70 feet in length, thirty in height. A dangerous beast of great aggression, Lapis Magnus is capable of great speed and low intelligence. I have only found specimens in the great library, but each one seems to consist of a reptile formed from a green crystal of some kind. Each one refracts light to deadly effect, which makes me hypothesize that the library keeps its lanterns low so as not to damage the books as it's guardians go by. An interesting ability of this beast is its way of procreation. I have spotted one, obviously aged, splinter apart rather suddenly and become many crystals scattered around. Even as I watched the crystals began to form smaller versions of the large creature that birthed them. It took ten minutes before they started to fight. When it was all over only one stood triumphant, his mass increasing by the moment even as he ate his dead brethren. Another interesting observation as this place shows yet again it's lack of respect for physics or common sense due to the way the environment bends around the creature. Though a thing of such size should rightly make a mess of the library, the bookshelves and other objects obstructing its way seem to bend out of the way as though a spacial distortion is being created around it. The function is obvious as a guardian can't very well guard something it destroys just by patrolling. In all a very dangerous creature capable of a low cunning and great speed that should be avoided a all cost." Jak read aloud, looking back at the others with a grin on his face. "This is amazing, I mean who knows what else is in here." He said excitedly, already skimming through the pages, stopping now and then to look at things.

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Varren was finishing putting the last crystal shard that he could find to be of the right sizes and fitting them in. If all worked the weapon would have more narrow beam now but much more focused tripling the damage per shot and not increasing power-usage to do so.

He nodded to Jak as he got up before resuming tweaking the weapon. Shortly before Jak came out of the shower he put it away and sighed tiredly.

He watched Jak communicate with the girl and gave a small wave with his hand when Jak mentioned how he had been here for years. Honestly Varren did not know he just knew it was a long time. the castle does not have a timer of ones time in here and the clock on his armor had long since been dismantled for spare parts. Speaking of that he sighed and looked at his armor, the front was all but reduced to shreds of strands all over the place, and the helmet had sustained more damage as well including one of the sensor ports that allow him to see when its closed. Now a gash showed on the right sensor.

He looked over as Jak now had the cube they had grabbed that nearly costed them there lives, projecting a holobook into the air. He nodded quickly reading it "Say, would that have any info where spare parts could be found? Protection is kind of essential to prolonged times in this place. Had I been like you guys when we faced that beast, no armor I would have been killed for sure, but the old suit can't hold up to much more." he explained "Guns nice and all, but only goes so far in this place."


Fren woke up and stretched again as Varren spoke and looked at the holobook instantly getting a head ache from looking at it. She closed her eye's and turned her head away "There a way to not have it being displayed like that? My people don't take well to.... holotech," she admitted eye's still closed.

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Jak looked down at the cube as Fren spoke and nodded, touching the power button again and causing it to vanish. Then he turned his attention back to Kara who had watched the book with interest but now seemed secluded again.

"Where are you from?" He finally asked, his voice gentle once more. He had learned during school what the girls liked, and how best to talk to them, although he always ended up as 'just a friend' instead of something more. Now he wasn't going to make that mistake, but he needed to first get Kara to talk period.

"Shalera." Kara said, her voice still timid as though expecting to be attacked every time she spoke.

Jak nodded thoughtfully, deciding how best to go about this.

"Do you have family there?" He asked, watching the golden eyes behind Kara's bangs close even as she shrugged her shoulders.

"Sort of." Kara said quietly. "We're not close."

Jak nodded quietly, already knowing that she wouldn't want to discuss it, and not willing to push questions on her.

"I'm sorry." He said, causing Kara to shrug again.

"Doesn't matter."

Jak nodded again, wishing he could get her to talk more, but she seemed to be resisting any attempts to connect with her. Instead she just watched the group and gave small answers that didn't do much in the way of conveying anything about her.

"Um, well what's your home like?" He asked, hoping that such a broad topic would get her to talk.

"It's warm there. There are forests and oceans, deserts and tundra's." she said after a few seconds of thought. "There are humans there who think they rule the world. They don't know about my kind or most of the other races there. We stay hidden, they stay happy." She said before sitting back, obviously done talking about that particular topic.

Jak nodded again then went back to the book. He couldn't figure out how to reach this girl and bring her out of her shell. Indeed she seemed to be unwilling to discuss anything or even have a conversation. At this point he was giving up and focussing on what could save their lives, not some pretty girl who wouldn't even say ten words together.

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Fren opened her eye's after a few moments and after she noticed the hologram was gone she sighed and relaxed again. She listened to Jak try to get answers out of the girl and got up "Jak if she's not ok with talking then stop asking her questions." she said looking a little annoyed at how Jak seemed to be completely missing the signels. Had Jak not lived with humans most of his life? She could read the girl and it was there as plain as day.

Varren looked up "In my experence, trama plus no one to talk to for long periods of time can result in one not speaking for a while." he said and Fren nodded glad to get some support. "If you want answers Jak it might be best to give her yes or no questions, then she won't need to speak to answer the question and allow her to open up when she is ready." he finished off saying.

Fren came over slowly to the girl and crouched to she was closer to the girls height "Your not the only one with trouble from the humanoids, My people did not hide from them, when we did not conform to there methods and corruption, they fired on us." she said letting the girl know she was not alone in that aspect at least. "My duty was a...... infiltrator, ninja, spy.... one who enters in the shadows and takes out objectives with out anyone seeing them." she said pausing,

if the girl showed interest then she continued.

"The humans disliked my peoples culture and differences, we do not have cloths they do, we guide our people freedom, unlike the humans we keep it in check, they don't and its corrupted them beyond reason. A few of our laws they view as oppressive to them such was what they call, homosexuallity is a crime punishable by death in my peoples culture, not because we dislike them persay, its fatal to my people, on a biological level. The humans insisted we edit that out of our selfs. Which then defies another law we have, which we forbid any genetic changing on our selfs unless its to correct a deformity and or to save a life. This is in place as such things can not be allowed to be used with out a strict hand, which the humans hate. We did not force our laws in there territory however that was not good enough for them, they killed 3 colony's...... massive populations each. We took action and while we capture and parent there children, they shell the planets to dust." she said before sighing "The few good humans we find are often not alive for long." she finished off saying.


If the girl displayed no interest then Fren tilted her head at the girl "Did you find the motions I was doing fascinating?" she asked wondering. Remembering the content look she got from the girl as she cleaned her self.

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"Sorry." Kara said quietly, playing with her hair as she listened to Fren talk. "Most Humans don't like the fey either. We hide because they're scared." She said, still speaking in short sentences, her words very quiet and sometimes difficult to understand. She had a strange accent that wouldn't have been recognized anywhere but among the fey, which caused a faint trill at the end of her words. It sometimes interfered with her words when she spoke so softly, causing the normally easy to understand words to become slightly garbled.

When Fren asked about why the girl had watched her clean the night before, Kara paled slightly and looked away, nervously playing with her hair.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you nervous. It reminded me of something back home.

It was soothing." Kara finished lamely.

She stayed silent for a minute or two before looking at Jak who had unlocked a way for the book to appear while the cube was put away.

"Why does he want to talk so much?" Kara asked, her first real response to another. She seemed both troubled and curious in Jak's apparent interest with her, although she obviously didn't understand it or it's motivation. To her it just seemed like he want to talk about everything, which didn't make sense based on their location.

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Fren seemed to be taking a liking to Kara now that she knew the girl was not a true human, and that she and her people also had to avoid the humans. "Shhhhh its alright Kara, had I found it bad I would have stopped." she said "Matter of fact I found it a nice change, possibly a bit strange but nice. Most are disgusted by my peoples..... 'slime'." she admitted with a small smile now. Though that vanished as soon as she saw the holobook again and closed her eye's

"As for Jak, he's a young one, only 15 years of age. an age where they are still learning about whats around them and as a result, many questions tend to be spouted." she explained


Varren watched Fren speak with Kara and looked at Jak and slithered over to him blocking Fren's view of the holobook. "See about locating a path to Alina, secondary to a armory or some sort, then an exit, I have a feeling we'll be having a few more near death experiences before we get out of here." he pointed out before lowering his voice "Fren seems to be opening Kara up slowly but surely, give her some time and she may speak to you more, however Pheonixes can live up for hundreds of years, she might be far past your age, however that may open doors for you to ask about her experiences, all beings like to know young ones want to here about there experiences," he said quietly.


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Kara looked at Jak again, her golden eyes watching quietly, curiosity dancing in them.

"He looks at me strangely." She said, looking back at Fren. "Like he wants something. I don't understand why though, I don't own anything." She said thoughtfully, obviously thinking it through before shrugging and putting the matter out of her mind.

She sat quietly for a few more minutes, carefully playing with her hair and watching the room.

"I am young too." Kara commented quietly. "Only 150 yesterday." She said, not sounding particularly excited about it, instead sounding sad or troubled. "What about you? Are you old amongst your species?"


Jak meanwhile looked a the book as Varren had asked and began to page through it. Finally he poked a page.

"Today I found a great forge the likes of which I had never seen. It held the most marvelous devices to shape and form metal, as well as a seemingly endless supply of any metal I could imagine. On the floor there were grooves that channeled water for use as a coolant as well as a trash receptacle. There were twenty forges in all, each outfitted with enough tools to make any blacksmith envious, and each large enough for a fully loaded wagon to sit in comfortably. On some of the benches beside the forges were projects half done, left in a state that seemed to suggest that their creater had merely taken a break and would be back soon. Some were obvious in function, a hammer, an axe, a sword, while others were beyond my explanation, circles with teeth made into devices that clicked as they moved, others that lit up when I drew near.

In a wall opposite the forge's was a door marked with a hammer and a shield. Behind it was a room full of weapons and armor beyond my imagining. Some were primitive, made of wood or even stone, while some were made of materials I couldn't identify. One set of armor was even made of a fabric as thin as silk that even my knife could not pierce. The form and function of everything varied as well, and some did not even seem to be made for humans. Such wonders the forge and armory held that I wish I could have stayed longer. Sadly I could not. Anyone wishing to visit the armory or forge should be aware of the guardian however. A large stone statue stands in the middle of the room, expertly formed to perfection, made to resemble a man with a sword, point down. It is however a lie as the statue will come to life if any disturb the forges or works within those rooms. I saw fire surging through its skin, burning that which it touched, while it's sword seemed to become liquid itself, forming and reforming into whatever weapon the guardian should need. Beware what you touch in that place." Jak stopped reading and looked up at Varren. "It's got instructions for the platform after that." He said, putting the book away and devoting his full attention on Varren. "I take it we're going there?" He asked with a small smile.


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Fren got a thoughtful look "My people we don't really have age, we don't die from age only become wiser as time goes on unless where picked off by disaster or even too much stress after we hit the triple digits. May not die from age but we become frail with it. I'm kind of young compared to many, only 36 human years of age. I suppose that makes us all young for our species." she said with a smile. "As for what Jak was looking at you for, Varren seems more versed in those matters. My line of work..... I can read danger, threats, fear..... but out of those sort of things.... I might as well missed that memory in the learning center." she said.


Varren smiled and nodded "Guns nice, but protection is a must, that goes for both sides of the coin. It just so happens I got a weapon I need to test, I've intagrated the last beasts crystal shards into my weapon. More narrow beam but if the reflection was any hint, multyple crystals focusing the lazor plasma beam, for the same amount of power per shot the damage should be off the scale compared to what it was before. Largely due to using the castles own ... second thought, I should shout up. Place is always listening." he said "Should it fail, we'll make do with what we have, should it work, give me some time and I might be able to fit something for all over us. Trapping, killing the guard, either way then you guys can also arm your selfs rather then having to completely rely on me for defence, I'm only one being after all. And the little group is slowly growing."

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Kara nodded quietly but turned to listen to Jak as he read the page aloud. She didn't like the sound of the guardian, especially after 15 days of being chased by other guardians of the castle nonstop. She looked at Fren, her eyes showing how frightened she was by the prospect of going anywhere near them and shook her head.

"You shouldn't do that." She said. "We should just stay safe."

Kara didn't really talk to the others, not that they could hear her very well, but instead spoke to Fren. "Things chased me everywhere I went. Going back out is just throwing your life away. Please don't, mortals lives are short as it is." She said, her voice quiet as she spoke.


Jak tried to hear what Kara said, but only caught snippets of it. Finally he looked back to Varren.

"I'm getting hungry again, but you've been here longer, so you make the call." He said, already knowing what Varren was going to say.

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Varren thought for a few moments, none of them here could stock pile them selfs with food very well, he could eat a huge amount and be fine for weeks, them..... not so much. "Alright, food then the armory. Unless its past the armory then we could use the food room as shelter if things go wrong." he said


Fren shook her head "We can't stay though Kara, The castle already has displayed a want to keep us moving and on our toes, we hold up here I'm sure it till think of something to drive us into the halls. We've survived an encounter with a monster, that means we have a chance to survive others should we run into them, and where a group, one of us maybe easy pickings but a whole group? That will be harder for the guards to take on, more so now that Varren is using the castles tech against it now." she explained "Plus we have a hatchling to locate. Who know what's being done to her the longer she's left in its clutches."

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Kara shivered at the thought of the castle knowing and understanding what they were doing, but nodded.

"Ok, but I'm staying with you." She said, standing in preparation for their departure.

Jak seemed ready to go, already waiting by the door for the group, although he only had eyes for Kara, only looking away when she looked at him. She knew that he was watching her, and that unnerved her to say the least, especially after her time in the castle.

When the group was ready Jak opened the door and peeked out, checking for danger before letting Varren by.

Amazingly the platform was still where they had left it, and it was an easy matter to get there, with no sign of danger at all.

Kara was practically pressed against Fren as they walked, her fear obvious, especially in her gold eyes. She wasn't touching Fren, but was close enough that she might as well have been.

When they reached the platform Jak looked at Varren. "I don't know what combination leads to the feast hall." He said, stepping away from the control panel. "I mean I could look it up, but you probably know already."

Kara meanwhile was constantly watching, her head swiveling at the slightest sound or echo, her body trembling from fear.

She had begun to heat up as well, her emotions causing her powers to come to the fore.

"We should go, we need to move." She whispered to Fren. "Something will find us just like it always does. I know it, please can we go?"

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Varren slithered out after Jak weapon in hand his helmet closed giving him readings from its only still working sensor port. He waved the others to come out and head for the lift when nothing shoed up on his scanners. Granted he could not say if the scanner port was even functioning, the amount of use its gotten and beating, it most likely won't last much longer with out a refit. Repairs was out of the question too many short cuts and skipping path ways had been done in the lack of spare parts.

Fren came last with Kara her eye's watching for any and all movement. Her chemical radar now spilling into the air of the halls scentless to most giving her info of the surroundings. She kept her pace slow enough for Kara to keep up in her firghtened state. Once they reached the lift Varren was already at the control moving the levers to where he wanted them. Fren placed her tail tip on Kara's shoulder though noting the increasing heat. "Shhh Kara, currently no danger is around us. Varren should have the lift ready soon." she said quietly before looking at Jak "Jak, its impolight to stare, something our cultures share." she stated for him to hear starting to get annoyed with his behaver around Kara.


After a few moments the lift began to lower prompting Varren to get his weapon ready. Fren braced as well as they lowered. Down was closer to the beast they escaped. Down was also where the library was. Fren hoped Varrens new weapon upgrades would allow him to fend them off if they had to hold off the guardians. "Do not be alarmed if I grab you Kara, in the event we need to run, humanoid legs have proven little use in escaping guardians here. I can run a lot faster. Its saved Jak a few times already."

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Jak looked down quickly at Fren's rebuff embarrassed that he had been caught. He couldn't help it though, Kara was so different from every other girl he had seen before.

Kara meanwhile was to worried about what could happen to care about Jak's staring, and her skin was beginning to reach uncomfortably hot levels. Touching her would at the very least have hurt, and as it was it wouldn't be long before touching her would result in scorching. Her hair hadn't caught fire yet though which was good, but if she didn't calm down it would soon, lighting up their location for any palace guardian within earshot.

As close as she was to Fren it wasn't going to be long before the Shatong began to feel the heats effects.


The elevator meanwhile had begun to plummet again, the wind whipping around them as they dropped, Jak's face scared as he held onto the floors grating with his claws.

When the lift stopped they stood in the entrance hall, the lift enclosed in a semicircular alcove off to one side. The dining hall was to their right, and the locked door to their left.

Smells of food came from the dining hall, and as the group approached it finally appeared like the castle was giving them a break. There wasn't anything guarding the room, nothing appeared to Varren's sensors or Fren's smell, the whole place was just deserted.

On the table was another assortment of foods for each race in question, each suitable to their personal tastes. The only addition was a new spot for Kara, this one including a perch for a large bird and an assortment of different fruits, meat and seeds.

Kara blanched slightly and looked at the others, then at the perch.

"I um..." She said nervously, shuffling her feet slightly. "I-it's healthier for me to um... To eat naturally." She whispered, looking down and playing with her hair again almost ashamed of what she had to do. "The food... It isn't digested. It just converts to energy. Eating as a human gives me... It gives me problem.." She said, whispering the last part. "I-I have to turn back, and I can't...I can't do that wearing clothes." She muttered, her cheeks going scarlet as she explained. "Could you all-. Could you all look away please?" She finally asked, her words barely audible.

Jak for his part did as he was asked, although he couldn't deny he wanted to look, especially with how pretty Kara was. It took a minute or two of shuffling sounds behind him before a 'whoosh' was heard followed by a burst of heat.

When the group turned around a huge bird, with a wingspan at least 14 feet wide, and a long beautiful tail that hung behind it like a peacocks was sitting on the perch.

Kara was obviously trying to avoid looking at them though, seemingly self-conscious about her new form. She seemed content to merely eat the fruit and meat present, so Jak took that as a cue to dig in himself. He didn't eat as much as last time, but he did eat enough to hold him over, and he also stuffed a couple of the burger, still in the wrapping, into his pouch.

He was trying to not stare at Kara again, but kept glancing her way, his fascination evident on his face.

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Fren had to remove her tail after a few moments to avoid burn damage to her scales. As they lowered she felt the heat coming from the girl and got a bit worried, Was she about to explode? Why was she emitting so much heat? Not being from earth the concept of a pheonix was something she did not know at all. At least the warm was nice, like a really hot day on colony Dekkon, desert planet, was in late stages of being terriformed.

When they arrived Fren and Varren where still very tense but after a few moments and after the nodded to each other Varren slithered off the lift before lowering his weapon "Alright, safe." he announced before slithering over to the food table.


When Kara shyly explained about needing to strip down to change forms the news hardly fazed her, her and her people where always naked. Many other races found this hard to cope with but changed little. She nodded and looked away reguardless to not have Kara feel more self conshus. She ate her food steadily till she felt full again, Varren was already done and she could see where the food had gone. His coils where a bit thicker now. She kept detecting minor movements from Jak though and sighed and leaned over to whisper to him "If you wish her to open up to you, you need to stop looking at her. you do not have a high enough standing with her to let her feel ok with you looking at her." she said in a stern whisper. Again, had Jak not been taught to respect others? Or had humans forgotten that where he came from? Or just very lax about it? Who knows.


Varren sat back on his coils and sighed "Alright, next stop is the armoury, now the source we got from the library says there's a guardian there, if your not ok with engaging it, I want you to stay with the lift, and keep eye contact down the passage ways. I'll take those who will come with me and we'll trap or kill the guardian, which ever comes first. Afterwards I'll begin to fix up my armour and or find a new suit. The source indicated there might be something for everyone there. But for long term survival, protection is a must, Kara has only been here for 15 days and you saw what state she was in. I've been here for a lot longer with protection and you see how worn that is. So even you Jak, everyone here is to get some after the guardian is brought down, if we cannot bring it down, but can keep it occupied, Fren, your to take those you think can help and raid the place, grab as much as you can and get back to the lift. This place has been kind to you guys for the most part, I want to maximise our chances when the real challenges arise." he said with authority. "Then we'll make our next move afterwards, any questions?" he asked.


Fren looked at him "We nearly died last time, what makes you think we'll win in a direct confrontation? At least allow me to go in first, should the guardian attack then you arrive, I might be able to disable it though before any conflict happens." she explained wanting to make use her talents.

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Jak flushed at Fren's comment, not that anyone could see it through his fur, but nodded and instead pulled out the sphere and began to play with it again, the lights dancing around once more. It only took a few seconds before he stopped though, his eyes looking at the sphere. He couldn't play with the sphere and not think of Alina who was still missing. She had laughed and played with the sphere, and now she was gone. All he could think about was how lost and scared she must be.

Carefully he put the sphere away and instead went to the door of the dining hall where he sat and watched the entrance hall.

Kara was glad to have Jak leave the table what with his staring and all. To be honest she was beginning to wonder if he wasn't planning on attacking her. Fren and Varren seemed to trust him, but maybe he was targeting her because she was a bird.

Kara shuffled slightly at this thought, nervous about Jak's intentions which only made her time in the castle worse. Danger from the castle twelfth and now one of their party members.

She quickly finished her fruit and meat, then ate the seeds and sat thinking for a few minutes. She didn't like Jak staring at her, but she also didn't want to get in trouble and get tossed out of the group for making him mad. Maybe if she approached it carefully? In the end she needed to talk to him, even if that meant a fight.

With a soft trill that passed for a sigh in her natural form, she fluttered over to her clothes and clutched them in her claws before going to a corner. She made sure the others got the message before turning back to human and getting redressed.

"You can look." She said, already walking towards Jak. She kept a distance between her and him, but it was obvious she wanted to talk.

"I um, I want to know why you're always staring at me." She said, trying to sound confident but in reality scared of the possible consequences.

Jak got a dumbfounded look on his face, his mouth slightly open at this direct confrontation.

"I..." He said, his mouth moving soundlessly. "Um, I... I think you're interesting." He finally managed.

"You just watch me because I'm... I'm different?" Kara asked, her voice raising, obviously disliking this answer.

"No, no. It's not that at all, I um, you know, you're um... Special compared to the other girls I've met." He said, trying to avoid the truth.

"So it is because I'm different!" She said, her golden eyes angry for the first time since they had met. Her hair had caught fire at the ends and was slowly traveling up to the top of her head, even as her hands combusted as well.

"No I just... I just..."

"Shut up! I don't want to be stared at! Just leave me alone Jak, I don't need your attention, especially if it's just because I'm freak compared to you!" She said, her voice close to yelling as she stormed out and went to the lift. Once there she sat against the wall, her hair and hands still smoldering as she studiously ignored Jak.

Jak meanwhile just sat there open mouthed, unsure what had just happened, but knowing that any chance he had had with her was now gone.

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Varren was busy replying to Fren as Kara went back to humanoid form and dressed before both Varren and Fren paused to see what was going on.

As the conversation between the 2 happened it was plain as day things where not going well for Jak at all. Fren got annoyed how he avoided telling her the truth though.

After Kara stormed out Fren got up and paused by Jak "That how males from your universe flirt? Can't even say the truth." she stated clearly not impressed before she left the room. She walked to the edge of the platform and looked at Kara, "Would you like some company? Or would you like some alone time?" she asked gently.


Mean while Varren looked at Jak then at Frens tail as it vanished around the corner of the entranceway. "Alien women don't seem to be your thing, communicating with them at least.." he chuckled "Your responces there Jak did plainly say you where looking because she was different, not because you liked her, females don't like being stared at by strangers, most at least, but you maybe able to salvage a friendship out of the deal here, I've seen worse become friends." he said remembering the alien and his mate, but the 2 eventually became friends, even though at times, they wanted to kill each other. "Find a way to let her know you like her, and not because she's different." he said.

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"But I..." Jak stammered to Fren, still trying to understand what had happened. It had been so sudden and he was caught so unprepared that he had been saying the first thing that came to mind. True he had been avoiding revealing his crush to her, but he hadn't meant to make her angry either.

He turned and looked up at Varren, his mouth still opens little in shock.

"But-I didn't mean it like that." He managed. "I just, wanted to, you know, take it slow." He said lamely. "She seems so out of my league I just wanted to... I don't know, size her up, see if she would even be interested before I embarrassed myself." He said explained. "I've never been good with girls, they always make me nervous. I mean I can talk to them as a friend, listen and soothe them, but I can never get beyond that. I don't really know how. It doesn't matter though, she hates me, and I'm lucky she didn't light me on fire." He said miserably, his chin on his hands.


Kara didn't look up at Fren's approach, but she did nod and gesture to a spot beside her, inviting Fren to sit.

"I'm not different." She said, still angry. "I just have a couple problems is all." Kara knew that Fren didn't know what she was talking about, but it didn't seem to matter, Kara was just venting. "Who's he to judge me? He just met me, it's not like he could even tell you my age, or anything about me. He just stares at me behind my back, thinking I don't notice. Well I do, and it makes me feel terrible! I'm a Phoenix sure, but why should that matter?" She asked, her hair catching fire again. She was angry. Angry at being singled out again, angry that she was always singled out wherever she went, and angry that Jak thought she was stupid enough to not notice.

A tear rolled down her cheek which she brushed away, her emotions playing havoc with her powers.

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Varren chuckled a little "In this reguard I was a lot like you Jak, brain tends to shut off when you have a crush on a female, Might be a male thing that extends through all universes." he said slithering over "Jak she only hates you right now, I'll be having the same talk with her that I did with you and Fren if she can't work with you at the very least. Now, admitting your feelings would not be rushing things, only give her a bases for your words and actions. In this case would have prevented her from thinking she's different in the manner she thought you where saying. You need to stop looking at her, all beings know when there being watched at close range, its called the 6th sense, I know when your eye's flicker to me as we go down those halls, or when a foe is watching me. Kara would have felt you staring at her back. Which would not bode well. Give her some time to cool down, then say your sorry, then admit your feelings before saying she's different. Hard to explain but the 2 different are mile apart." he said


Fren came over and sat down on her tail base the rest of it flowing between her legs on the platform. She just let Kara vent before shaking her head "Such as the culture he grew up in from what I've gathered, remember he was raised by humans. They have loose understandings of respect. Often times told to 'follow there heart' which leads to impulse moves which can lead to situation such as this. Seen it enough in there data archives I can read it on him. He likes you Kara, he's just not been taught proper manners it seems for such situations it seems." she explain "I warned him more then once to not stare at you. He's not staring because you stick out. " she finished off saying "If such was the case he'd be staring at me too." she said with a small chuckle to lighten the mood.

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"I didn't... I don't know." Jak admitted. "She's just so pretty I couldn't help myself. She's just... She makes me feel good inside when I look at her. It sounds stupid when I say it, but I just... I guess that's it." He finished, listening to Varren some more as the older continued to speak. Varren's advice seemed good to Jak, and as he listened he seemed to cheer up a little, his thoughts moving towards the faint hope that he might be able to salvage the situation like Varren said.

"I'll do that then." He said finally. "I'll tell her I'm sorry, and I'll try and explain. But um..." He looked embarrassed again as he looked up at Varren. "Could you maybe help me? Tell me when it's a good time?" Jak asked with a faint grin.


For all the Kara knew she hadn't expected this, and she laughed a little at the thought.

"He doesn't like me, he's just looking at me like I'm an animal in a zoo. Why would he do that if he liked me?" She asked. "Besides humans always stare at me like he does. If they see me they either chase me away or try and capture me. If he was raised by humans I bet it's the same thing." She said, her golden eyes still showing that she was angry. She didn't seem to be connecting the word 'like' to anything romantic, instead just assuming that he wanted to be her friend. In truth Kara didn't have any experience with relationships as she was barely out of her teens in human terms. If compared she would be maybe 18, with her knowledge slowly accumulating even as her body changed. She was old to humans, but still a child to phoenixes, which meant she hadn't been looked at by anyone in a romantic light.

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Varren smiled back though looked a little unsure "Like I said Jak, I'm not the best with girls either, but I'll try to help you pick the right time." he said with a nod "When you do say your lines, just say them out right, don't try to process them or wonder how she'll take to them, believe it or not... rewording lines of being sorry and love tend to back fire." he explained before looking at the entrance "Now, we should start moving, we got goals to accomplish, Alina, and escaping."


Fren chuckled and shook her head "You've felt him looking at you however you haven't seen how he looks at you. When males get that look its like there looking at a dream, which is a good thing means they think your beautiful to them. Humans however don't teach self control in higher...... de-evolved society's. As a result you have him staring at you even with warnings being given to him." she said before she got an idea "Next time he stares, would you like me to give him a scare?" she asked with a smile.

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Kara laughed at Fren's obvious attempt at humor. Jak, liking her? That was so stupid it had to be a joke. Her smile faded when it became obvious Fren wasn't joking, and was indeed serious about Jak.

"That doesn't make any sense." She said, glancing at Jak and Varren. "First, I'm a Phoenix, a bird that controls flame, and he's just a cat thing. I mean there's nothing wrong with what he is, but a bird plus a cat? That doesn't work out well for either parties. Then there's the main problem." She said, lowering her voice so that Jak couldn't overhear accidentally. "The main problem is that I'm 150 years old, he's 15. I mean I'm young to my people, but still." She said. "Putting that aside, even if I liked him, and I'm not saying I do or don't, I'll live to be over 1600 years old, he... He will die within 90 if he's lucky. What's that going to be like for him? I stay looking like this while he withers away and finally dies? My kind have gotten together with mortals before, but most have sworn it off. Why get attached to someone who won't even be around for more then the tiniest portion of your life? Why go through the pain?"

Kara sat back again and thought about if for a few moments. She had to admit he had some qualities she liked, his smile, his attempts to make others smile as well. She hadn't seen much of that side of him yet, but she knew it was there, she could tell. But what would it be like? She couldn't learn to take on other forms until she learned total control, and that could take another 100 plus years, so she would be human the whole time. What if she lost control?

"I can't." She said finally, shaking her head. "I just don't think it would work. He would be miserable, I would be miserable, it wouldn't work."

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Fren shrugged "I'm not saying to go with him, I would not, you'd live much longer then him and you already know how long his life span is you'd be in more sadness then happiness knowing what you know. among other things." she explained "My people we can tweak others, preform clean ups and resets to allow none Shatong partners a longer life time but in the end, we too live much longer then most due to not dieing from age. And that's with species that are not human." she said "Human have an expression, friend zone, means your ok with him friends, but not anything romantically, but still better then rejection as well." she explained before looking up to see Varren and Jak coming over.


Varren nodded to the girls before heading to the controls "Alright, we've all eaten, everyone ready for the next step? Fren you'll be up first, you want to try to disable the guardien from the shadows, be my guest, I'll be waiting in case things go wrong."


((Just a heads up, finally got hired, won't be around as much but, I will be in the mornings and evenings))

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(Congrats man.)


Kara nodded, her mind made up in the matter even as Fren cemented the idea. She couldn't be with Jak even if she wanted to be, which as of right now she didn't. She just didn't know what to say to him or how.

"Could you tell him?" Kara asked Fren, already disliking the fact that anyone had to tell him. She knew what rejection felt like, and she knew he would become depressed at her refusal of his advances. He might even start to hate himself, thinking that he was to blame. Even if he didn't blame himself he would blame her, thinking that she was to stuck up or something similar. Either way the situation wouldn't end well when she rejected him.

When Varren and Jak came over Kara stood and nodded, confirming that she was ready to go.


Jak gave a small wave to Kara as he stepped on to the platform, hoping to break through the resentment that he had created. All he got back though was an appraising look like she was judging him.

"I want to help." He announced suddenly. "I want to help with the guardian." Even he knew that this was a stupid plan the moment he said it, especially since he had only a small amount of fighting experience. That being said he also wanted to make Kara like him, and one of the bet ways he could think of was to show her that he was capable of handling bad situations.

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(Thanks *is half dead*)



Fren nodded "I'll try, but he and I are not on the best standings." she explained looking up to see the males coming over.


Both Varren and Fren looked at Jak when he suddenly stated he wanted to help take on the guardian. What was he doing? His legs could not carry him anywhere near the speed Varren or Fren could go, he had no weapons nor any protection either. "Um Jak? There's a difference between foolishness and courage." Varren said "You'd sooner be flattened of the guardian is any good. You saw the last 2 we came across, both would have had you turned into mince meat had Fren and I stepped in. The mission is already going to be risky enough, what could you do to aid us against it?" he asked "That would not get you killed."


Fren shook her head not quite believing the move he just made. Either he was now suicide, or he was trying to pull the hero move to impress Kara. "Jak, this is not one of your worlds fairy tales."

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