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Little lost dragon and I

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Fren looked at Alina and sighed "Alina...... its far more complicated then what meets the eye. You'll understand as you grow though." she said and was about to say more when Jak woke up. She looked back to her food "Its alright so far, we all know you loved yours, I must warn you Jak, stuffing your self like such can lead to more trouble down the line, unless your kind is met to eat like that, I imagine your belly is not entirely happy with you currently." she explained before taking another bite her razor double layed on both upper and lower jaw teeth showing as she did so. Teeth Jak would not have seen when she spoke moments ago.

"You already know the situation of where I'm from, we know how Alina came to this place, but neither of us know much about you Jak, you seemed utterly confused when I told you about the war, nor have I seen your kind before in..... anything." she said looking at him "Would you like to share where your from?" she asked trying to not sound like she was starting an interrelation but make conversation. Though it was hard to not sound like that.

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Jak watched Fren eat, his eyes a bit wide when he saw her teeth, but he seemed to calm down after a few seconds. He knew that Fren was telling him in no uncertain terms that he was to tow the line or risk her extreme displeasure.

When asked about his past though he tried to conceal his nervousness as best he could, but couldn't resist scratching under his hat as was his habit.

"Um, well there's nothing to tell." He said as nonchalantly as he could. "Just, you know, grew up like everyone else, hung out with friends and that sort of thing."

He tried to maintain a smile but finally he just went back to a neutral expression, his ears falling down.

He didn't meet Fren's eyes either, and he could tell that she knew he was lying, but he wasn't willing to talk about it either, at least not in detail.

"I don't want to talk about it." He said, finally looking up at her, his ears still drooping. "Bad stuff happened, I got rescued, end of story." He said, turning to look around at the room.

After a moment he stood and wandered off into the entrance hall where he looked up and watched the shining spots on the ceiling.


Alina, for her part, had watched fuzzys reaction with interest as well as a hint of pity. She didn't like that he was sad because of a question, especially since he was normally so happy, or at least from what she had seen of him.

"Maybe it's like your spy stuff." Alina said quietly, unsure of what to do. "He doesn't seem happy about it."

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Fren paused as he tried to say his first set of line. She could always check the data her device got from his device but she would not do so right in front of him. Then he said a extremely simplified version before getting up into the other room in quick order. She looked at Alina as she spoke before shrugging "Before you hatched he said he was a supposed master at something, with that info, and the rescue thing he said, I'm assuming we have a adoptions case here. Its not a uncommon story either in human entertainment." she admitted before getting up after gulping down the last peice of food on her plate.

She came over "For one who just hatched maybe a few hours ago, your developing very quickly Alina," she commented smiling at the young hatchling "Let resume exploring this place, hows that sound? Jak? Would you like to continue exploring?" she asked raising her voice when addressing Jak so he'd hear too.




Username: LLD

Character name: Varren

Species/appearance: Naga: Purple scales from head to toe, snake head with coils that span the length of 20 meters. He wares what looks to be a heavily modified suit that's taken damage over years. He carry's a weapons that is able to damage the castle walls and doors but very slow fire rate.

Abilities: Very fast slithering ablility, able to crush things in his coils.

Personality: To be RP'ed

History: Trapped in the castle for what seems to be decades, the group he used to be apart of dead or missing. Varren now roams the halls much older then he had been when he encountered others like the organicoid or a goddess girl who he had become mates with till she vanished with out a trace.

Other: Return of a character from the last one of these we did..... litterely lol.




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(The one problem with Varren is that being trapped in the castle for that long means there's no mystery left. He can just tell everyone what he knows and everything's good for the group. Maybe he's only been alone for a few months? That would be a bit more reasonable.)


Jak continued to stand in the entrance hall, quietly watching the silver spots, trying to not think about the past.

"Sure whatever." He said back when asked if he wanted to go exploring.

In truth he didn't really want to be with Fren at that moment, after all she had done nothing but threaten him, get angry with him, and generally unpleasant. The problem was he also wanted protection, which meant he had to stay near her.

Without waiting for Fren, Jak walked over to the door opposite the feast hall. It was defiantly smaller then the huge entrance door, but still insanely big. Two great rings were set into the doors, and Jak pulled on one of the doors with all his might. It didn't move an inch, so he repeated the process but pushed instead of pulling. Still the door refused to move. After trying the same thing with the other door he shrugged and wandered off to the multitude of small doors that were scattered around.

The one that they had entered from Jak put an X by scratching the wood, then turned to walk away. A small sound made him turn back though, and before his very eyes the wood healed itself so that the woods was unblemished. He tried again, and still the X lasted only a few seconds before disappearing.

"Fine, I won't mark it, I'll just have to remember." He muttered before going to the next door and opening it. This door led to a hallway that curved to the left so that he couldn't see more then a few hundred feet.

"How bout this one?" He asked Fren.


Alina smiled too and climbed into Fren's arms.

"I um, I think I'm supposed to grow quickly." She said, scrunching her eyes in thought. "But I don't know." She finished with a sigh. "Do you like me?" She asked suddenly, looking up at Fren.

"You don't like humans or fuzzy, so do you like me?"


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(That all depends, Castle has mystery, thus who's to say rooms will always be where they where last seen? The garden place might be converted to something else, the medical area moved to the other side of the place. The entire lay out could have switched, all he'd know is that the rooms where there but would not know if they still where.)


Fren stood up after Alina was in her arms again. She thought on the question then nodded. "Yes Alina, I like you." she said as she turned and caught up with Jak before watching him make a mark in the door. She blinked watching the wood heal its self. She watched him mark it again and same result. She looked at him and watched him open a door and ask about it. She looked through the door way and shurgged "Got to start somewhere." she said half to her self before going through. "So Jak..... judging by your clothing you live in a time..... closer to something called..... dark age, or mid evil. While this place is clearly not one, it seems to try to resemble a castle." she said as they went. "Do you know much about castles?" she asked glancing at him.

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(Ok, just don't make him know everything. I have some ideas and I don't want him to ruin them lol .)


Jak turned to look at Fren in a confused way, wondering how she could even think that.

"Uh no, I'm not from the dark ages, or the Middle Ages, or any of the ages. By the human calendar I'm from the year 3456. I mean, sure I wear this shirt because it looks nice and it's comfortable, but the fanny pack? The hat? That's not from those ages. And I have a phone, and some money, and a wallet, and a Rubik's cube, and this thing." He said, digging out all he items as he spoke before showing a glass sphere that flashed different colors. "Does that look like I'm from the past?" He asked incredulously. "Plus, how could I be from the past? We're here sure, but why would we be from different time periods?" He finished, putting the sphere back into his pack carefully before turning and heading down the corridor, checking doors here and there as he walked.



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Fren sighed "I said closer, not from. As for time periods, for all I know your from another universe. We have no way of knowing. I was asking because you have more experience with social end of humans thus raising the chances of you knowing." she explained as they went. "A simple no would suffice." she pointed out before pausing. "Jak stop moving." she said firmly as she seemed to be attempting to pin point something, what ever it was it was not in sight yet. Or able to hear it yet, but her chemical radar said something was approaching very quietly.

She slowly moved forward before a click sounded far closer then she would have liked. "Don't move." a voice said "I can see you, so don't try anything." the voice said before a power up sound was heard "Now, slowly step to the right, and identify your selfs." the voice demanded.

Fren narrowed her eye's, he could see them? She could detect him, but not see him, not one of her own kind then that's for sure. "Lower your weapon and no one will get harmed." Fren replied before a grunt was heard.

"Step around the corner.... slowly." the voice ordered.


Around the corner and aimed was a naga, his helmet partly there along with his armour. Years of wear and tear with few spare parts met he had to be very critical, even the weapon did not look like its origanel form any more. His long coils stretching for a long ways behind him as he aimed at the corner "Do not comply and I'll show just what this thing can do, if your castle guards you'll either wait for me to round, or you'll attack quickly, prove to me your not new castle guards, and then I lower my weapon."


((No worries.))

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Jak stopped and turned to look at Fren, obviously upset. "Why should I?" He asked. "All you've done is be angry with me because I hang out with humans and asked the wrong questions. Well sorry for having lived my life and being curious! I happen to like humans, and I couldn't care less what you-" He stopped and turned when the voice told them to freeze, unsure what was going on. A second later he finally processed what was happening and did exactly as the voice said. When he took his steps to the right he was greeted by the sight of a huge snake thing with beat up armor and some kind of gun.

"Um, hello." Jak said nervously, giving a small wave. "I'm not a guard if that's what you're worried about. I just woke up a couple of hours ago." As he spoke he badly wanted to itch his ear like he always did when he was nervous, but knew that any movements could get him shot. "I'm um, people call me Jak." He finished, trying to remain as nonthreatening as he could.



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Fren was clearly getting ticked off with Jak when he would not shut up. Did she not try to do conversation moments ago? Did she not try also at the feast hall? Or did he take that peice of not stuffing his face like that too?

She stepped out into the open to see the long large snake creature "I'm Fren and this is Alina, I assure you neither of us are guards as well." she said

Varren looked at them before lowering his weapon "New comers..... been a while since I found new comers here. Sorry about the scare, when you've lived here long enough you learn caution is the better part of valor." he explained "Sounds like you 2 have some things to work out. Kind of hard to miss from a ways off." he commented. "I'm Varren, I've been here for...... a long time, time like hours become a blur after a couple of days, its its been many, no I don't know much about this place. The lay out shifts from time to time." he said before Fren spoke up "Well currently any guide is as good as any." she said very glad it was no human in front of them.

Varren nodded placing his weapon on his back before coming over "I'll do what I can if you'll have me." he said extending a hand to shake.

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Jak was happy to see a new friendly face, and quickly shook the Varren's hand.

"We just ate but I don't know if you have." He said, talking quickly to avoid Fren getting a word in. "So what is this place? Everything seems to be empty except the feast hall and our bedrooms." He asked, ignoring Fren completely. "And wha about you? Where do you come from? Just be careful, if you've been around humans Fren here will take it out on you for no reason." He said, raising his voice as he spoke, making sure the Shatong could hear his comment.



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Fren looked at Jak as he spoke. Finding out why she disliked this mammal all over again now. She looked at Varren who looked more amused then anything.

"I kind of picked up on that over hearing you 2 before, don't worry I was coming down this hall when I heard your voices. Sounds like you've lived a pretty sheltered life, I should be dead thanks to them." he pointed out "To a point I know she feels. But your not going to win anyone over with accusations like that last one." he explained "I'm from a planet called earth, don't think you want to hear the back story, and yes most rooms are locked, I imagine each one is for each kind it finds and brings in." he said.

Fren looked at him before looking at Jak then to Varren "Glad there's someone else here who knows what humans are like." she said resisting the urge to insult Jak.

Varren chuckled a little "Not all humans are bad." he said before hurriedly continuing to not give Jak a chance to say something "Many are, but not all. Its all really based on how there raised, and those raised by them. True colors only show with the unknown that they can't control." he said looking at both Fren and Jak "Judging by how you 2 are getting along, might be a good thing I found you when I did, so first things first, your both are to cease aggression towards each other." he said looking at them both "I know I'd rather not risk harm to the hatchling or to the group." he said.

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Jak bristled angrily at Fren's insult and turned before Varren had started his next sentence.

"You know what? I don't care what you think! You're a selfish, ignorant person who doesn't know what she's talking about! I doubt you've even talked to a human! I'm beginning to wonder if you've even seen one! They're mostly good people. True some can be bad, but can you honestly say that all Shatong are nice? Because if you do then you're a liar or stupid, and I'm pretty sure it's just stupid at this point! I thought it was cool that you were a spy, but now I could care less! You're just... Just... Gah!" He shouted, throwing his hands in the air and stomping away past Varren.

He didn't respond to Varren's new rule, instead leaning against the wall and folding his arms.


Alina meanwhile was cowering in Fren's arms, upset at the anger coming from mommy and fuzzy. They shouldn't be fighting, they should be friends, but both seemed to just hate each other the longer time went on. As she grew more scared she began to fade from view, whisps of smoke appearing as he form grew more translucent.

Suddenly Alina fell through Fren's arms to hit the floor, her form barely visible. To Alina it seemed that everyone had disappeared and she now stood in the same hallway but with shadows in it. There were large shadows, small shadows, and every size in between. Some were shaped, some were just blobs, but all turned towards her and began to move in her direction.

Alina shrieked in fear and turned to run only to discover that she was surrounded. She closed her eyes, waiting to be hurt when suddenly she was back, sitting on the floor, shaking and crying for her mother.

"M-mommy, t-there were sh-shadow things, and they wanted to hurt me!" She wailed as she was picked back up. When she was held close Alina hurried her face in Fren's arms so that she couldn't see the bad things anymore.

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Fren looked at Jak and rolled her eye's as he spoke not bothering giving him the honor of a response. Only a whisp of smoke caught her eye sight, she blinked now concerned before looking at Alina who was.... fading? Then suddenly Alina barely there, fell through Fren's arms making her let out a suprized gasp. Both her and Varren looked at the now ghostly form of the hatchling, a few moments later she was back all the way there, crying. Fren scooped her back up gently stroking the hatchling with her spare hand to try and calm her down, Varren looked plain puzzled but not suprized, and Fren was very concerned about what was going on. "I'll let you deal with her." he said before slithering over to Jak


"Jak, I know you very much dislike if not hate Fren, however you'll both have to learn to deal with each other, now you where both raised thinking polar sides when it comes to humans now hear me out Jak, I'm not done here, I too was raised fighting them however I know there is some good in them, you where raised and accepted by them, once they accept you they are good and decent, however if they do not that's what Fren knows, now I don't know what happened between her people and humans, but I can pretty well guess her people did not change to meet the humans views which more often then now leads to conflict. Its going to take time, for both of you to get along but it is possible, don't go making jabs at her and I'll be having this talk with her as well and she won't be making jabs at you. This place has been easy on you both, trust me its got its own ideas, many lead to death. To survive you'll need to work together." he said before leaning back "Now, minus my end of things, do you have any questions?" he asked his snake eye's looking right at Jaks.

The whole time Fren was gently stroking Alina letting the young hatchling cry as long as she needed to a ways down the hall.

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"I've tried to be nice to her." Jak said angrily. "But the minute she learned that I had human friends she threatened me and told me how stupid I was for liking them. Almost everyone has human friends, and not because we conform to their way of thinking, it's because everyone gets along. I mean yeah I act more human then most, but that's because of some... Things that happened. I mean yeah I got overexcited and asked a lot about her brig a spy, but that's no reason to hate me. I also asked about eating the hatchling, but that was when it hadn't talked. I thought it was just an animal! I mean c'mon, I can't help what the humans did to her people, especially since it sounds like we're not even from the same universe. Where I come from the humans haven't had a war in over a century. Why would they? They're the trade hub of the universe, the center of alliances! They literally help hold the galactic community together. I can't help what she's been dealing with, so why should she be angry at me?" Jak asked as he finished his small explosion. He hadn't actually yelled, but his voice had raised slightly the more upset he got. He hated being looked down on, he hated being viewed as garbage for things he couldn't control, and this giant lizard woman who he had just met was already doing that without any real reason.

Jak walked off a small distance and stood, breathing in and out before finally turning and looking at Varren.

"Listen, I'm sorry for blowing up on you, and I'll try to not fight with her, but I doubt anything will get better between us. She can go to hell for all I care because she views me the same way." He said, trying to remain calm.

"What is this place?" He finally managed after taking a couple more breaths. "Why are we here, and what happened to you?"


Alina meanwhile continued to shake and cry, her head buried in the crook of Fren's arm, trying to keep hidden from the shadows. Finally after a few more minutes of crying she seemed to begin to calm down and even managed to look up, tears still staining her cheeks. "W-what happened mommy?" She asked, looking to the person she knew would have the answer. "Why weren't you there but the shadows were?"

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Varren watched him go on a rant for a bit before moving off before turning around and saying a few things before asking about the place. He sighed and looked around "Jak, just because you did not do anything does not mean her views and as a result, bias look will shift over night, it took some getting used to for me as well when I first came here, clearly we are from different universes as where I'm from both of us are still trapped on earth and well my people where fighting for survival, castle brought me here right before a artillery shell exploded where I was, saw the fire then I here." he explained "Now that you say she was a spy, that might mean it will take longer, she's used to killing and extracting info.... at least that's what spy's did where I was from last I was home. For now, don't mention anything to do with humans unless the topic allows it, from the sounds of it, its one of those things that for now should be avoided. Till at least you 2 can in time trust each other." he said with a nod.


"Now as for what this place is.... I've been here for a long time, but it changes, shifts, lay outs change, enemy's change, I never know what the next foe might be, or if I'll find the same room in the same location." he started "This suit used to be complete, used to have self heaters shields even time and date and other features, this weapon used to be a full fledge plasma beam rifle, thanks to few spare parts, wear and tear, and damage from surviving in this place I've..... had to be very sparing, not one bolt is left in a none essential system, though as time went on, I slowly adpated, used to be with a group but one by one they vanished or died to this place. the cloest ones last. Which is why I say you and Fren must get along, I don't know what this place will do but its not sparing, you fail what ever it wants to do, your lucky to be alive." he said with a sigh "Even signs change, a speck here might be a trap there, yet might be more food a hour from then." he admitted "All in all, this is a place that tests you, sometimes rewards, but gives little rest. Heck for all I know you guys might be a test for me, how or why I don't know."


Fren shook her head not sure what to say "I don't know Alina you...... vanished, then went right through my arms, you looked afriad of what ever you saw but...... when I tried to pick you up my hand went right through you." she admitted "But I was always near by, even if you can't see me." she said "Perhaps you found your ability, I can mimic other forms, maybe you can... phase to another dimension." she said peicing together what happened verses what Alina saw, a dimention could very and the same place could be very different.

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Jak was still upset, that much was obvious to anyone, but it didn't seem to be true anger, more frustration at what was happening. Finally he nodded and looked back at Varren. "Fine, I'll play nice, just keep her away from me." He said quietly, taking his position against the wall again. He stayed there then slowly sank down the wall so his legs were sticking straight out while he sat. Carefully he took the little glass sphere out and began to play with it.

Truth be told he didn't really know what it was or what it was supposed to do, all he knew was it made lights and had buttons, which was more then enough for a curious mind like his. As he played with it he began to calm slightly, although he couldn't drive off the image of Fren's obvious disapproval. He hated that look, that smug look that people got when they thought they were better then you. He had had enough of that look for a lifetime, and he didn't need it in this situation either.

As he sat there and toyed with the sphere he listened to Varren's report on the place, before nodding quietly.

"Ok, so we have a bunch of places that aren't where they're supposed to be all the time, we have things that want to kill us, but also gives us delicious food, and people randomly show up all the time? That's insane, it sounds like a bad horror flick." Jak said, his paws constantly manipulating the sphere as he spoke. "But fine, what kind of dangers are there? You said something about guards but I haven't seen or heard anything about that, and apparently the spy hasn't either." He said, practically spitting the word 'spy' as he said it.


Alina shivered at the thought and shook her head, listening to what Fren said. "Don't make me go back mommy! Please? I don't want to, the shadows were everywhere and they were trying to touch me, and it was so cold." She said, her voice heading towards tears again. "Please mommy I don't want to, please?"

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Varren shurgged "I've run into many, anything from poisoned air to mind bending substances to guards that look to be of rotting flesh and anything in between. And yeah I'm not suprized I did not find anything at first either. I think all new comers get a free pass for a little bit." he said looking around before back to Jak "Sometimes we'll stop at other worlds, and if needed provide whats needed to survive on the planet, once it stopped on a ocean world and gave us breathing masks." he explained "But normally, guards seem to be the first thing you will see for dangers. What they will look like? I got no idea."


Fren let out a soft purr like sound from her chest and neck "Shhhhh, I'm not going to make you at all Alina." she gently assured the hatchling

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Jak nodded quietly, tapping the different buttons on the sphere without looking as he listened.

"Alright." He said. "Well, I don't know anything about real combat. I mean I've played plenty of video games, but I doubt that will do much good." He said with a shrug. "So what's a good place to hide out for now. If these guards are going to try and hurt us we probably want to surprise them or something right?"


Alina quieted down again at the soothing words, the shivering stopped, the quick breaths, and every other negative reaction stopped shortly thereafter. After that her body seemed to give up and Aline fell asleep, her wings falling to her sides and her breathing becoming quiet.

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"Good places to hide normally are.... the rooms, strangely the guards most of the time, not all but most, seem unable to detect you in rooms." he said "fighting the guards is largely.... futile, we ended up trapping a bunch on what I assume was a assembly line but that's been moved and who knows what else since then. My weapon I got it configured to punch through this places walls, so it can affect the guards but slow rate of fire and unless there big..... normally there's more then one guard." he explained before looking as Fren approached. Before either her or Jak could say anything "Fren, I need to have a talk with you." Varren stated


Fren paused with a blink before sighing shooting Jak a glare before Varren lead her off a ways off so they could have there talk out of ear range. "Fren, I know you dislike anything to do with humans, you grew up like such and I understand, my kind where at war with humans as well. Granted I learned they just needed to be taught we where not bad. Now Jak is not a human granted he behaves like one. For the groups survivability I need you 2 to get along. I know it won't happen over night, but the sooner the better." he said quietly to not wake Alina.

Fren looked at him "I have attempted to be nice to him, offer him a ride down the stairs, make some conversation, give him a piece of advice, and ensure his safety when I detected you but I think he's the one that needs more work. I've tried being nice to him, but like a pathetic human he seems to demand I accept everything about him before progress is made." she stated.

Varren sighed "I know I over heard your attempt with the castles and you giving the order. Like I said, I need you to get along, at the very least not at each others throats alright? No making jabs at him, he won't be making any more jabs at you. I've already had this talk with him. This place is not forgiving once it starts messing with you. to maximize your chances of living, you'll both need to work together." he explained.

Fren sighed but after a few moments gave a nod "I'll try again, but if the little pest can't get past his own I'd sooner eat him." she stated

Varren sighed and nodded "Alright." he said before leading her back to Jak "Alright, you both know the situation, lets try to start off new, all past experience with each other is to be put aside, as if you guys just met now. shake hands and we'll be off."

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Jak stayed where he was while Varren and Fren walked off a distance and began to talk. He knew what the talk was, and he pretty much knew what Fren was saying as well.

When the two came back over he stood, slipping the orb back into his pouch. Varren told them both the score, then demanded that they shake hands again.

Jak looked nervously at Fren's hand, then gingerly grasped it and shook then pulled it away as quick as he could.

He then walked and stood on the other side of Varren and looked at their newest companion.

"Ok, what next?" He asked, completely ignoring Fren at this point. "Should we go and hide or make a base or something?"


(Sorry for short post.)

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Fren somewhat gritted her teeth but complied. After Jak asked his question Varren shurgged "Bet is to locate sevral rooms to retreat to, I know a few back where I came from however there's nothing saying there still in those locations. The food hall can be one though." he said "Seeing as you guys seem to be brand new, your in the..... easy setting you could say." he stated before starting to slither in a random direction "Over all where in the same boat, I do not know what will come after us or what will happen, this place seems to have a infinite supply of tricks."


Fren shook her head "So it kid naps, then treats its occupants like rats in a hu-lab?" she asked catching her self "I knew there was some kind of catch to this, nothing free comes with out some kind of catch." she said catching up "It does not seem to care who it grabs as well it grabbed one that had yet to even hatch." she said half to her self "If we could find a data port of some kind, I might be able to extract some info" she offered and Varren shook his head "Tried that before, no results, a few halls seem to show signs of wonderful things however most of those doors are locked, and the keys are.... well haven't found one yet."


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Jak followed Varren, listening carefully to what this person said. He had clearly been through hell and obviously knew what he was talking about, which meant that listening meant a better chance of survival.

"Ok, so we make a couple retreat point, but what then? Do we explore or do we just hold up?" He asked, looking at the doors they passed. One of them caught his eye however and he stopped, looking closely at it.

"Look what I found." He said, pointing to the door.

The door was a dark wood, richly finished with a tree etched into it. The wood itself was different from the other doors, and none of the others had carvings on them.

"What is it?" He asked, tracing one of the roots with a paw. He didn't even hear the answer though , instead focusing on the carving. The tree was mesmerizing and the longer Jak looked at it the more he saw. The tree seemed to come alive, stars shown overhead and a full moon was high above. Somehow he knew it was a solstice and that everything was perfect.

Without pausing one second to think about the consequences he took ahold of the handle and opened it. Inside was a large hall, more of a church really, but instead of pews there were large stone coffins, all etched with runes, all sealed shut. In all there were perhaps 200 of them, each one identical to the next, all perfectly aligned to each other and the walls. Silver lines connected them to a central line that ran to the end of the hall where it ended at a huge stone circle raised maybe a foot off of the ground. The circle had 12 carvings of animals on them, each separated by more silver lines. In the center of the pedestal sat a small book etched with silver runes, and on top of that a single piece of silver perhaps two feet long and as big around as a pencil.

"What is all this?" Jak asked, walking in, his eyes still glazed slightly as he began to head towards the pedestal.

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Varren and Fren paused when Jak asked about the door but when Varren told him he did not know, seemed as if Jak was already lost to them. Fren watched Jak was he opened the door and went in. Granted, the more time the less of Jak they seemed to see. She came over before Varren's hand showed up on her shoulder "Your mothering a young one, Jak's not him self, I'll go." he said "Don't look at the room." he said before his helmet had peices that covered his eye's before he approached the door.

He got to it the tree for him not moving at all due getting imput from the scanners rather then just his eye's alone. He slithered through and noticed the coffins "Oh no......" he muttered before slithering after Jak and seeing the silver and book on the raised stone. "Jak? This smells like a trap." he said grabbing his weapon looking around.

The stone coffines, all sealed, the silver and book where it was, the runes, all shouted trap to him. "JAK!" he shouted loudly to get his attention coming over, as a test, he placed a hand on the beings shoulder to stop him. "Jak, we need to leave, I don't know if we can get you out of one of those coffin's if this is the trap I think it is." he admitted.



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Jak stopped when the hand was placed on his shoulder and turned so he could face Varren. It was obvious he wasn't himself, his eyes were dilated and it seemed to take a few seconds for things to process. To the casual eye it seemed as though he was high on a drug of some kind.

"It wants me to use it." Jak said slowly. "I have to."

He turned and resumed walking towards the pedestal, but stopped again as he fell over something solid.

Just like that Jak shook his head and looked around as though seeing the room for the first time.

"Why are we in here?" He asked in a confused way. A growling sound made him turn again as a thing seemed to appear from nowhere. It seemed to have been sleeping on the floor, but now it woke up and turned to face the door as Jak scrambled back towards Varren before regaining his feet. The beast itself was about four feet tall while standing, but was about six long. The heat coming off of the thing was what was extremely worrying however, and just where Varren and Jak stood it was 20 degrees hotter.

Jak was seconds away from running, and after the beast turned to growl at them he turned and ran, his tail being snapped at as the beast took off after the moving target.

Jak took a quick turn between coffins, causing the beast to try and turn as well. It was a sprinter though so it took a wide curve coming in on the next row, the top of its head now the only thing visible. The beast turned again, this one slower and took off after Jak again who was heading towards the door. The beast was faster though and beat him to the door, standing guard so that Jak couldn't leave.

Jak was freaking out now and turned to run back towards the pedestal, his arms flailing, tail being snapped at by the beast, and yelling for help the whole way.

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Varren was about to whack Jak over the head with his weapon, not to knock him out but to get him to snap out of it. But then things took.... if the situation was not so dire, a comical turn of events, To Varren, Jak tripped over a guard creature, and now was running around the room arms flailing. Varren slithered slowly noting the creatures movements, readied his weapon. He let Jak run past him again this time snapping Jak off the ground now wrapped in Varren's tail before he fired into the creatures back with his weapon before making best speed towards the door.

If all went according to plan the creature would at least be stunned by the blast due to the weapon being configured to do more then just make burn spots to the castle, however the met a very low fire rate. This beast was not particularly frightening to him larger due to, having faced worse, creatures the size of..... zoids attacking. If all worked, and the door did not magicly close, they'd be out in a moment. If that plan failed, Varren had watched it struggle on high speed turns. Provided he did not get cocky, and it did not have any.... particularly mean tricks, speed and manoeuvring was on his side.


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