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Little lost dragon and I

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The castle... A place of wonder, excitement, and adventure, as well as great peril. Always it has existed, floating in and out of the universes, sometimes blinking in for milliseconds, sometimes for millennia. Stories from every culture in every univers have a legend or story mentioning it or something similiar. Yet it always looks the same, great pillars rising to support an impossibly stone door, towers that sat at angles so complex that no architect could hope to replicate them, windows that shine radiance from within, beckoning those outside to enter, but making it to bright to look in, and finally it's size, so vast that it could dwarf even a sun. So tall that the towers aren't visible.

Yet for all that only a few have entered, and none have returned. Some say it is cursed, some that there are untold riches, still others that it is a door to paradise where those who enter become divine. Though none are true in the intended telling, all are right to a fashion.

There are only two ways to enter the castle, great guile and intelligence, which only perhaps a dozen have managed since the beginning of time, and to be collected... Wherever the castle goes, always there are a number of disappearances, both of famous art or literature, as well as one or two people, none related, none of the same race. To those they know, the person in question just disappears, no sign of struggle, just an empty bed and a mystery.

You have been abducted by the castle, one of the lucky few who ever see it's inside. You start alone in a room with a bed made perfectly for you, and a door that leads into a hallway. What you do is up to you, how you interact with your fellow lost is your choosing. Just watch out for the danger that always lurks within wonders such as these...



Character name:






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((Username: LLD

Character name: Fren

Species/appearance: Shatong Black scales for her main and dark grey scales for her belly scales but piercing bright yellow eye's with a strange genetic deformation resulting white slitted piupiles. She's tall even for her race when standing normally legs part way folded at 7.6 feet high.

Abilities: Is able to jump and run fast and far with her powerful legs as well as use her tail as a third limb, like the rest of her kind she can 'mimic' things up to 2 hours or she starts to suffer if going longer.

Personality: *To be RP'ed*

History: She's served her people as a spy in conflicts using her mimic ablity to great extent as well as gather and using intel against the enemy. She's been involved in more then one war and is not afraid to inflict great pain to get information from other species. While her race a normally friendly race, her job and missions have taught her, a hand of friendship seems to be bitten more often then accepted.

Other: Thanks to her job if she can find the right things she can make a spawning pool out of organic matter to recharge and make lost devices. ))


Fren opened her eye's before looking around, she was on her back, tail stretched out across the room. Last she shut her eye's for some rest she was aboard a human vessel in the process of setting it up to frame the humans military to incite rebellion among the human empire to take pressure off the Shatong fleets.

Now she was here, in a stone room, on the stone floor. Had she some how been caught? How did they catch her? And why would they try to hold her in a stone room? Human knew simple bars and capture methods that contained many others would fail against her race as they could just melt around them.

She sat up and looked around her oddly brightly coloured eye's looking around still. She narrowed her eye's and got up and with a step was at one of the walls lightly tracing the stones with her 3 fingures on her hand.

She spotted the wooden door and in another few steps was at it. Was this some strange test? She knew of human history from hacking into the human data archives and downloading the data to her data device that looked like a oddly large scale on her side. Worked via being plugged into ports.

She opened the door and silently and slowly moved out of her room. Her tail slowly flowing out behind her and her talons on her feet hardly making a sound. Where was the guards? And why was there what looked like many other doors?

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Username: Ryujin13

Character name: Alina

Species: Shadow Dragon

Appearance: Alina

Abilities: Can phase into a shadow realm, in reality a different dimension. She can barely control this power and it terrifies her. She can breath little bolts of shadow energy, and has her claws.

Personality: RPed out

History: I know she's not supposed to start with wings, but I'm going to have her hatch when found, so she's in an egg right now.

Other: I'll be making a second character a bit later tonight, so she's not going to be my main. Her eggs sitting inside of a door and is thumping against the wood so your character can hear it.


User Name: Ryujin13

Character Name: Jak

Species: Nanyana


Personality: RPed out

History: Same as above

Other: His species have names that are incomprehensible to other races, so are often given names by those they encounter.


? stretched and yawned wide as he unwound himself from his curled up position, already considering what he would have for breakfast. ? wasn't a morning person, and as he wandered over to the counter he was considering the coffee that would soon be in his system.

He had made it maybe twenty paces, his eyes still closed blearily, another yawn coming when his nose hit the wall with full force.

? blinked his eyes open, rubbing his sore nose and blearily looked around. It was only when he realized that he wasn't in his apartment that he snapped awake and looked around.

A simple bed, a dresser, and a door.

? peered inside the dresser, finding his clothes neatly folded up inside. When everything was on ? went to the door and opened it, peering outside before leaving carefully. With a careful movement he scratched the door a little to mark it out, then began to move forward, walking on his four legs. He could walk on two legs, in fact he preferred two, but in this case four was better and stealthier.

The corridor went in both directions and was lined with doors, each one locked except for his. When he reached the corner he found himself at a T intersection. Carefully flattening himself against the floor, he looked out past the corner and down the hall, immediately spotting a large lizard being standing and looking around.

"Probably not a good idea to say hi." He thought to himself as he pulled back from the intersection and began to back away. A thumping brought him up short though as he froze and looked around, trying to figure it what was happening.

One of the doors was thumping like something was knocking on it.

Knowing the lizard thing would probably come to investigate, he began to back away again, making sure to face where the thing would come from.

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Fren paused as she heard scratching sounds. Her chemical signels detected nothing near by however and after a few moments the scratching stopped. She continued to slowly quietly move forward till movement caught her eye. The colors where odd to say the least. Tan with something red, not dark enough to be blood however. However her brain was saying life was being detected but she could not read what it was, the signal was something she had never seen before.

She was coming over to investigate when thumping started. She narrowed her eye's and rounded the corner to see the creature, but the door was more.... possibly threatening. Her long tail flicked as she glanced at the door that was making the noise. Her large legs visibly braced in case something came bursting through the door she approached it before looking at ?. "If your a guard, your strangely odd for one." she commented before grabbing hold of the door handle getting ready to yank it open.

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? stood up and shook himself slightly, then glanced at the door carefully. He was a good twenty feet away, but he never took his eyes off of Fren.

"That's because I'm not a guard." He said, scratching underneath his hat as he spoke. ?'s voice was high pitched and squeaky, with an odd accent tacked on. "But that doesn't mean I can't defend myself." He said quickly, realizing what he had said a moment later. "I'm a master of um..." He scratched one of his ears again and shook his head. "It doesn't matter, I can take you." He said finally, looking at the door as a series of bumps came from it again. "W-what do you have in there anyway?" He asked, trying to watch the door and the big lizard thing at the same time.


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Fren narrowed her eye's looking at him again. His range of movements was restricted compared to hers his body just be looking at it showed a creature not evolved or adapted to fighting. Unless those limbs contained much longer bone structure only shown when need be. "Your the one talking about a fight." she pointed out before looking at the door "I don't know, I assumed you knew, since you had to go right past this door after backing up down this hall." she said before opening the door ready to make snap movements.

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(My guys only about five feet tall at most, just a heads up)


"Well you..." ? paused and considered the situation, then moved forward a little, trying to look into the room without getting to close to the lizard person.

"Maybe you should leave that al-" the words died in his throat as she opened the door which opened to reveal an empty room. A rattling on the ground revealed an egg though, a whispy egg that didn't seem to be entirely there. It was almost see through, which made ? more curious then anything. Overcoming his fear of the lizard person, he walked forward and gently poked the egg with one finger, quickly snatching it back as the egg gave another wobble.

"We should leave it." He said, backing away. "Eggs are banned from interplanetary trade for a reason, at least live eggs are. You never know what's inside them is the problem." He jumped again as the egg resounded with a series of clicks against the shell. "We should close the door and leave it." He said again, scratching his head nervously.

Another loud click was heard and the shell cracked, causing ? to move a little bit away.

The crack widened and another click was heard before the whole thing seemed to just fall apart. A lump of greyish-white flesh fell out, covered in slime and chirping incessantly as it looked around, trying to stand on its legs as it did so. When it spotted Fren it cheeped again and tried to walk towards the woman, dragging its wings alongside it and falling not a few times over itself. Finally it seemed to wear itself out and it fell onto its bottom, breathing heavily as the goop continued to drip off of it.

"It's a... Thing." ? said as he peered inside the room over Fren's elbow. "Maybe it tastes good." He said, licking his lips and moving a bit closer. His advance stopped when the little creature sneezed and shot a small bolt of energy out of its mouth to hit the ground, causing him to jump a little.

The creature continued to watch the two beings for a few moments, it's grey body still slick with the juices from its egg, and it's yellow eyes carefully following Fren's movements.

It cheeped a couple more times, sneezed again, then coughed.

"Mommy?" It asked suddenly, looking up at Fren, it's little high pitched voice obviously female.


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Fren nearly hissed at the creature as she saw him go to closer after thinking about eating the newly hatched hatchling. She came forward placed a foot right in front of ? in a clear sign to back off. She bent down kneeling a bit as she gently and slowly scooped the hatchling up. This place was getting real strange now, kid napping it seemed and it did not seem to care what it kid napped either. She paused now gently holding the young one her own yellow eye's meeting the hatchlings. Fren might be a killer her self, but she was Shatong, she would not doom a hatchling to death. Not when it just hatched and showed signs of sentience right away. The only issue was the hatchling seemed to have seen her first, and in nature first being normally is the female and that takes place as mother. This little one already saw her.

"I'll be your mother young one, until we find your speices." she said pretty sure the hatchling would not understand that second part of her line.

She looked at ? "Perhaps you'd be a good meal your self. Lay a hand on her with out my word, I'll flay you alive. I've done it to many others." she said holding the hatchling close protectively. The slime from its egg not even being detected on her due to her own scales thin layer of slime.


((Great start between Fren and ? lol))

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"Yeah fine." ? said as he backed away a few feet, still eyeing the thing. In truth he wouldn't have eaten it now that it had spoken, but when it had been a little lump of flesh he would have seriously considered it.

"Fine, we have a baby thing, and a big stone place." He said, reaching into the pouch at his waist and taking out a device (it's basically an iPhone). "And there's no signal." He finished with a sigh, clicking the device off and shoving it into his pouch. "So what are you going to do now that you have a... Thing?" He asked, his cautiousness returning again. Obviously the lizard thing wouldn't hurt him unless he did something stupid, which meant that she was a giant walking bodyguard for him.

A smile came to his face and he carefully held out his hand for the lizard thing to shake. "Well, since we're both alone, and you have a thing, maybe it would be best if we stuck together. Four eyes are better then two you know." He said, the sweet smile still on his face. "My name is..." A long series of incomprehensible syllables came out, which sounded like gibberish to anyone listening.

"Sorry, my species has a problem with others understanding our names. Usually we just let others name us. Just as long as it's not bad."

"Mommy, I'm hungry." The thing in Fren's arms said suddenly. "Can we eat?"

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Fren looked at ? as he grabbed something out of his pocket before mentioning no signal. She shook her head with a sigh "Its called a hatchling for now." she stated before blinked with his sudden smile showed up along with a somewhat careful hand came out to her.

She did not like his sudden change in behaver but he had a point, her chemical radar only works so well. She slowly bent down a little to shake his hand "I stick to a simple name, Fren, I'll call you Tish." she said before looking at the Hatchling in her arm. "We need to first find food. But once we do then yes you may eat." she said before looking at ? before exiting the room "First things first, things needed to survive, food and fluids. Keep an eye behind us, and we'll take it slow." she instructed ?

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"Oh come on." He sputtered. "At least give me something good. I know humans, and I know for a fact that Tish is a girls name. I know a guy named meow and that's more dignified. Name me something good, like Jak, or you know, something good at least... Yes, that's what I'm called now, Jak." He finished. "So I'm Jak, and you're Fren, and that's um... A thing still- I mean a hatchling yes, a hatchling." Jak said, quickly changing direction when he spotted Fren's look. "So, I guess we're looking for something to eat, which way should we go?" Jak asked, glancing around as though expecting food to just appear.


The hatchling meanwhile was moving around in Fren's arms so that she could look out at the hallway, curious about her surroundings. "Mommy, your voice sounds different." She said suddenly, looking up at Fren. "I remember you talking and you said my name was Alina. I remember." She stated, looking curious. "How come you sound different?"

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Fren was not looking impressed and only got worse when Jak mentioned humans. This was going to be trying at this rate. "Alright.... Jak, first off, I've only fought humans, names are not important when your mission is to.... stop them." she said clearly trying to keep things light for the hatchling "Second, how do you expect me to know where food is? And looking around like that is only useful when where moving, unless your looking for a rock that's another shade to maybe be a button of some sort." she said before starting make way down the hall "Just watch our six, see anything I might of missed, you let me know." she stated before pausing as Alina spoke up.

She smiled a little and nodded "You are correct Alina, my voice is different, but I'll be a mother to you till we find your real mother." she said gently "Think of me as..... your second mother." she said with a nod before continuing. Her tail tip trying door handles as she went, the length allowing her to reach forward and side to side with easy.

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Jak glanced over his shoulder then frowned and turned back to Fren. "Hey, I'm just wondering if you knew where the food was. Maybe you've been places I haven't been." He said. "And anyway, humans aren't that bad. I mean, alright they smell funny, and they can be rude, but they're nice enough for the most part." He said. "Plus the humans aren't even fighting anyone right now, so is it like a secret war? Maybe you guys are duking it out where none of the other races can see you? That would be weird though, cuz you'd want your allies right? So fighting with the humans doesn't do any good." He frowned as he continued to walk, obviously not paying much attention to his surroundings beyond looking down the few intersections they passed. "Ooh! Maybe it's not a war at all, but like, a spy war! Maybe you're a spy, and the humans have spies and there are like secret shootouts, and cool spy gear like in the human movies! I love those! That's it isn't it? You're a spy and you're on a mission or something, and we've been captured and now you're trying to get us out before they can use us as hostages! That's so cool! Do you have any spy gear? Like laser watches or a grappling hook? I've always wanted one of those, do you have one?" He asked, obviously excited by the prospect. He had started talking at a normal pace, but had begun to speak faster and more excitedly the closer he got to his spy theory. "So do you have a gun or a badge or something? Maybe like a thing that scans your eye and let's you into the secret database?"

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Fren paused and visibly took out a deep breath in and out a few times. "It is no secret war, I never saw your kind involved so maybe you might be on the other side of there territory." she said now looking at Jak "Clearly your influenced by their methods and ways as you speak like one. Not having a clue of their talking about." she said before closing her eye's and her nostrels flared for another moment as she took a deep breath "Humans attacked my kind when we offered friendship, however they demanded we conform to there ways. Give them info on our tech, we refused and they fired. We had to retake and recolonize 3 colonies as they bombed the planets till there was nothing left alive. I work as a...... 'spy' as you call it, I specialize in sabotage and executing targets. Those range from one person, to an entire ship. Humans have since portraid my people as a threat and aggressor to rally there kind against us. We did not take military action until they made that attack on 3 of our colonies." she said before folding her legs and bending over a bit to look him in the eye's.

"So I'd like it you avoided such subjects." she said before standing back up.

"My kind do not use..... devices as you see them. If you behave, and I feel I can trust you enough, I might show you a few things my people use and do." she said before resuming.

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Jak had been beaming with excitement as Fren had begun to talk, but slowly his face turned to an expression of almost fear and he leaned away, especially when Fren bent to his level and locked eyes.

"I um..." He managed, still watching her even as she stood and walked away. None of what she was saying made any sense, but he didn't dare bring it up again, instead opting to walk behind her and sulk. He wished she would have showed him her gadgets, those would have been really cool, but he doubted he would be seeing them anytime soon. He stayed quiet for a good hour of wandering around until finally they found a staircase leading both up and down.

Jak peered over the banister, first up then down, trying to determine the correct way. "I think we should go down." He said finally. "We're someplace tall, and usually the food is on, you know the ground floor." He explained, his voice trailing off when he remembered he wasn't really supposed to talk.


Alina had been quiet as well, trying to understand what was going on. She knew that her mommy didn't sound the same, and that she said she was a second mommy. She knew that Fren was the one who she had seen first, so she was in fact mommy, and she knew that mommy didn't like the fuzzy thing that talked a lot, although she couldn't figure out why.

"Maybe the fuzzy is right." Alina said, piping up suddenly, hoping that supporting fuzzy would make mommy like him more.

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Fren sighed as they went. She was not a cruel being. Perhaps she was treating him with too much expectation. She could detect his mood with out even looking behind her, his foot steps, his scent and his own signature to her chemical radar.

Nothing seemed to change for a while till they came across a stair case going up and down. She hated stairs, partly due to how the steps where, played havoc with her leg build. But she did get an idea to maybe cheer them up after Alina spoke. She nodded and looked at Jak.

"How old are you? Judging by your coverings and behaver, your possibly young to mid age." she commented looking him over her voice not having that hard tone she had given him up till now "And since you listened, would you like a reward?" she asked "Maybe say, a quick trip down the stairs? I'll hold you with my tail." she offered having it wave around behind her.

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Jak looked back at Fren, then shrugged a little. "I'm 15." He said, glancing at the hatchling thing as it supported him. When offered a ride down, he frowned a little, unsure about the offer before finally straddling the tail and holding on.

The trip down the stairs was rough, with a lot of falling and sudden jerks when they landed, but eventually they hit the bottom and Jak got off the tail, stretching a little before looking around. They had reached a small room with a wooden door, which Jak curiously inspected. He tried the handle and gently pushed the door, allowing it to swing open, then peeked out. The room the door led into was huge, easily a couple hundred yards long and at least a hundred wide. The ceiling was far above, and it was covered in what looked like silver dots. One was extremely bright, the others dull by comparison, but suddenly the bright one went dull and another grew bright.

At one end of the hall was a huge door, taking up almost the entire wall, while to the side was a smaller, but no less impressive door. Immediately across from this was an opening, matching the size of the smaller door, but without the actual door. The scent of food wafted from it, and Jak immediately began to head in that direction, his stomach growling. "C'mon there's food this way!" He called, breaking into a jog.


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Fren nodded her suspicion confirmed. Jak was far younger then what she had assumed when they first met. She was careful with them her tail came around to wrap around his 'waist' to secure him and one arm to keep Alina safe. Though once they hit the floor, she was somewhat confused with Jak, he seemed to want to be involved with spy stuff, unless she talked that out of him good and proper.

She followed him through the doors looking around as they went before the scent of food caught her nose. "Food hall sure gets a show before you get there." she commented before picking up speed a little to catch up with Jaks jog, her legs resulting in a slightly faster walk for her. "Jak, I feel I must apologies from what happened back there, I took you for a much more..... grown up being. Not a 15 year old." she admitted as they went.

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"It's alright!" Jak called as he rounded the corner to see a gigantic feast room with a long table in the middle. The room itself was maybe half the size of the entrance hall, but was no less impressive for all that. Light fell from balls of light that were suspended in the air without any obvious means of support. The table was over 200 feet long, with benches and chairs set at the end closest to them. On the table sat a dozen or so platters filled with food. There were dishes from both Fren and Jak's home planets, a couple small dishes that were made up of a cooked meat for Alina, but also a number of other dishes, including a few human ones such as burgers, chips, pizza and a large plate of cookies.

Jak practically jumped into his seat and began to pull in the pizza and burgers towards him, then picked up his drink and sniffed it. "Root Beer!" He called happily, drinking deep and watching as the cup refilled itself before his eyes.

After that he began to eat as quick as he could, practically shoveling food into his mouth. After a few minutes he moved onto another plate, then finally the cookies which he devoured happily, leaving maybe a quarter of the total left. Finally he fell onto his back on the bench, belching loudly, his stomach sporting a large lump from all the food he had eaten.

"That was awesome." He groaned, letting an arm fall off his stomach so it hit the floor. His eyes closed after that and he began to snooze happily, his quiet snores the only other noise.

Alina meanwhile was eating her food carefully, chewing little pieces up and swallowing before continuing. She ate quite a bit as well, but finally stopped and curled up on the table, watching Fren eat.

"Why don't you like fuzzy mommy?" She asked finally as Jak gave loud snore and burped. "He's funny." She giggled.

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Fren nodded as they entered the feast room. She paused watching him take off only pausing to sniff his drink. She was just eyeing her plate when Jak finished. She looked at him as he belched looking a little disgusted. She shook her head as he fell asleep before placing Alina by her plate. She slowly picked up her own food and sniffed it unsure. This place kid napped them, and now was letting them feast? What catch was there to this place? Why did it bring them here?

She was slowly taking bites when Alina spoke up and she looked at the hatchling. She looked at Jak wondering how she would word it for Alina to understand. "While he maybe funny Alina, my reasons for..... not 'liking' him are... complicated. Once I feel you are old enough to learn such things, I'll explain it then. But for now don't worry about it alright? Mom won't harm him unless he does something to warrent it." she assured the hatchling.

She looked back to her food and then lifted an arm and removed a scale, or seemed to. She did this 3 times before putting the scales together which then merged in her palm as she seemed to fiddle with it with a fingure. Then a small creature like thing moved out of her palm and onto her plate. "Food sampler, it checks for poisons and other harmful things." she explained as it seemed to scurry up to each plate placing one long leg into each peice of food for only a second before moving on. "Should it turn black, that would mean its found a harmful substance." she pointed out.

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"Oh." Alina said, still not understanding. She knew that fuzzy was a bit... Strange, but he didn't seem to be dangerous or even bad. He just seemed to want to know about mommy. That wasn't so bad was it?

Alina continued to consider the matter for a bit, watching the food tester for a bit as she thought.

Maybe it was because fuzzy had wanted to eat her? That would make sense, but he had stopped when Alina had spoken up, so that didn't make sense. Maybe it was because of this war thing that he had talked about. Mommy didn't seem to like the subject because of the people the humans had killed, but fuzzy couldn't control that and he was just curious.

"What's a human?" Alina asked finally. "It's not like fuzzy because he said so, but is it like him? Is it furry, or does it have scales like us?" She asked curiously, standing and wandering across the table to look at fuzzy before jumping down onto his stomach.

Jak moved slightly at the pressure on his stomach and gave a snort but then went back to sleep.

Alina had poked her head inside his pouch though and pulled out his mobile device. "And what's this thing?" She asked, carefully setting it on the table. "Is it a... A spy thing like he was talking about?" She asked, jumping up on the table and poking one of the buttons with her claw.

The screen lit up immediately, causing Alina to jump slightly, but she returned a moment later and began to click more buttons, giggling at the sounds it made.

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Fren looked at Alina again as the young hatchling asked more questions. She looked back at her plate. She was used to killing humans, the people that would fire on her own people with out a second thought. Getting missions of which ones to take out and which ships to blow up.

"A human is..... there a odd creature, basics, there 2 legged simple creatures with pale pink yet tan colors to dark brown, nothing special about them on the out side or inside, no fur besides there heads and.... sometimes other places like arm pits and chests on the males. average they come up to my side maybe just below my nutrition sacks. Not very tall." she said as she thought "As a race they are...... there only friendly if you do things the way they want you too, they see others as lower then them, there are the rare ones that don't carry this but those rarely make it out alive. There only safe to be around if you behave the way they want you too. Even in your own home. Jak there, I've never seen his kind yet you can see some human culture on him, his clothing, that device, speaking of which." she said standing up suddenly coming over to Alina "I might be able to show you what humans look like, due to that." she explained before removing a out of place like scale before looking for a data port on the phone.

When she spotted it she smiled a little "Primitive device, humans discontinued this decades ago." she said plugging the scale in, its surface squishing in. "Data recorder." she explained before the screen flickered showing another completely different language. She pressed few things on the screen letting Alina watch "Store bought model, minimal security, clearly not met for use in conflict areas." she muttered.

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Alina watched the flashing lights curiously, unsure what the thing was, but knowing that it was pretty.

It didn't take more the a few seconds for the phone to show a home screen. On it were different icons like the internet, the store, messages, contacts, and all other sorts of things. One of them was labeled 'photos', and when clicked on showed a bunch of different places. Some were pictures with silly captions under them, others were of different people, but most showed Jak and a number of friends doing goofy things like pretending to lift an object that was in reality far behind them, or playing a prank on one of the people as they slept. There were a number of people that Jak seemed to be friends with, a couple of which were humans.

Alina looked a the strange creatures next to Jak, one of which was wearing a hat like Jak's except without the ear spaces.

"They look weird." Alina said, poking the screen. with a claw. "They don't look bad though, they look like they're having fun with fuzzy. See? That ones giving fuzzy a hat just like his." She said, pointing to a picture.

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Fren nodded before pressing a few times on her device before Jak's device reverted to the start it was in when Alina was messing around with it. "Like I said, conform to there ways and there safe, one can have fun and the sorts, but with in there ways and views. Few of them allow it otherwise and they are hard to run into. those images we just say, my suspicions are correct his race must live with the humans. Which is why he reminds me of them." she said returning to her seat.

She did not mention how humans for the most part also liked to control and enslave those they deemed a possible threat. And how reptilian life was often treated lower then mammal life, Jak was a mammal being visibly, while Alina was reptilian, Fren would be classified as a reptilian as well. She also did not mention how humans had lots of entertainment of similar creatures to Alina, being killed for sport and fame.

"Jak is young though, and there is a chance he's one of the few that are not into..... some of the thought processes the humans teach." she admitted "But only time will tell." she finished off saying before the food tester returned and she resumed eating.


She could not shake her fears of there being some massive catch to this place. Nothing good came easily, and this was a lot of food. This place had shelter, food, and no guards, what would the payment be? What kind of payment? Her food tester detected nothing adnormal in the foods. She remained braced for anything sudden to show up.

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Alina continued to look at the pictures even after Fren had sat down to continue eating. She was still confused by what mommy had been saying, especially about fuzzy and the humans. Mommy said that the humans were bad, but the humans that fuzzy was with seemed to be nice. They looked fun in fact, especially with the silly things they were doing.

Finally she sighed and carefully put the picture thing back in fuzzys pouch. After that she jumped back up onto the table and curled up again, watching Fren and thinking.

Fuzzy was nice, but mommy didn't like him. The humans seemed nice but mommy didn't like them either. In fact she seemed to hate all humans even though she hadn't met the ones with fuzzy in the pictures.

Alina struggled with this for awhile before covering her eyes with her paws in confusion. This shouldn't have been hard, but it was. The facts kept running through her mind, each piece confusing her more and more.

Mommy doesn't like fuzzy or humans. Fuzzy was nice though and it looked like his friends were. Did that mean that mommy was lying? That couldn't be because mommy had always told the truth. That meant fuzzy wasn't really nice. But mommy was letting him stay so he couldn't be bad otherwise she would have chased him off. Fuzzy had been funny and nice since they had met, which led Alina to conclude that he must be nice.

"You don't like fuzzy because he's like humans." Alina said slowly, walking her way through her thoughts. "Because he wears things like them and talks like them. But he's not a human. That means you shouldn't not like him, even if he does live with them."

Alina continued to think for a few more moments before looking at Jak again.

"Maybe you should get to know him better." She said, looking at Fren again.


Jak for his part let out a snort and sat up, looking around blearily before spotting Fren and Alina. He yawned wide then rubbed his eyes and took a drink of root beer. "Hullo again." He said, scratching an ear absently. "How was your lunch?"

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