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LOTR meets Stargate

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As Carter spoke, Brod was doing his best to understand but unfortunately, her words were incomprehensible to him. By the time she had finished, Brod’s expression had become extremely baffled and he looked to Galadriel as he asked, “Do you make sense of this? I understand that the stone structure creates magical passageways, but is not Arda the only world that Eru created? Unless…” he looked again to the Tau’ri, “do you mean that the passageways are between the different lands of Arda? These lands are called Middle Earth,” he looked once more to Galadriel, “is it possible that their Earth is an unknown land beyond the East or South, or perhaps even beyond the Undying Lands in the West?”



Hearing Brod’s reaction, Jack found himself running his hand over his forehead as he realized just how tough a sell this was going to be. Resisting the urge to tell the natives that their little planet was in fact not the center of the universe, remained silent as he waited to see if Daniel or Galadriel would respond first and if the latter, if she would comprehend any better than Brod had.

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[xd.png Magic passageways.... yep that describes the wormhole pretty well. Couldn't resist poking Daniel - though I'm sure he'd complain if he had been used as a footstool.]


Daniel had been a little too absorbed in his observations and in drawing some conclusions that he'd missed the start of the Q+A session. As such the first thing he noticed was Sam's booted toe nudging his back.


The second was Brod's confusion and the resulting consultation with Galadriel.... it seemed that Sam's answer had created a little more confusion than it was meant to resolve. Now what was the issue?... oh right, origin.




Galadriel had remained silent, until Brod questioned her understanding. Her keen elven sight had not missed Sam's subtle poking of Daniel, but she chose not to comment on his apparent daydreaming.


"The ring has stood for longer than we can remember, though there are some old tales that speak of it. And those tales mention objects and places that are not known to Middle Earth." She considered a little longer - trying to recall what the stories mentioned about the ring and what lay beyond it - then she spoke again.


"Whatever truth is hidden in those tales - all I know for certain is that they have travelled a greater distance than those that cross to the Lands of the Undying."



[i thought they [Elves and Ringbearers] sailed West to get to the Undying Lands? Then again, if in this version of cross-over its a way of saying Ascended, direction probably doesn't matter.]

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((Oops, totally had my directions crossed there, sorry ‘bout that. mellow.gif ))


As Galadriel spoke, Brod’s eyes widened in surprise at the age of the structure. It was hard for him to fathom anything being around longer than Elves, and it only served to reinforce the thought that these strangers actually were sent by the Valar…but if they were, why would they not say so, he thought as he gave them another measuring look. Realizing that they were dwelling on the less important matter, he shook head and then looked to Galadriel and said, “I am a simple warrior. It is enough for me, and I daresay my company, to know that these Tau’ri have come from a far away land. If more needs be known about where they have come from and how they have arrived here, that is a matter for the Elven Elders and the Dwarf Lords.” His looked again to Carter. “What I would like to know is why have you come here? You claim to be explorers not sent by the Valar – having never met any of the Valar, I will defer to the Lady’s experience as to the truth of that – and that Tau’ri is another word for the Race of Men. If that is so, why then did the Enemy seek your death?” He looked to Galadriel again. “There is no doubt that the Orcs were waiting for them…Why would he have sent such a force to dispatch explorers from the Race of Men? Unless… could he have known that his former servant,” he gestured to Teal’c, “was with them? Of course, that then begs the question why is a former servant of the Enemy traveling with explorers from the Race of Men?” With a frustrated sigh, he crossed his arms and said, “I can make no sense of this.”



At Brod’s comment about being a warrior, Jack gave a sympathetic nod for that was a sentiment that he was well familiar with, but then he furrowed his brow at the mention of Elves and Dwarves. The entire scene just looked so much like something from a fairy tale or fantasy movie that part of him couldn’t help but wonder if they had gotten stuck in another virtual reality world. The main thing that shot that theory down was the fact he didn’t think anyone on the team would have this running through their minds… Unless it was the new guy. Though he really didn’t believe it possible, he leaned slightly toward Carter as he whispered, “P7J-989?”



Alex was fascinated by the conversation between Galadriel and Brod, and made sure his notes included all the names and places that they mentioned. Making note their actions and reactions, he couldn’t help but notice that Galadriel seemed to take the time to fully form her thoughts before speaking while Brod seemed to speak as his thought were forming. Though he knew they probably wouldn’t be asked, he also wrote down questions that came to mind such as what was their creation myth, and why was Brod surprised by Galadriel’s words.



Teal’c raised a brow when Brod motioned to him, but remained silent. Though he hadn’t served whoever this enemy was, he figured it best to let Daniel correct the natives on that matter.


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[No worries, Middle Earth geography is confusing. At least it seems I've got the racial differences right...]


Since the default line for any SG teams interacting with natives was 'explorers from distant lands', Brod's warrior statement made things slightly simpler - at least as far as their origin was concerned. The issue was the whole middle-of-a-war thing they'd ended up in.


Though that was Daniel's problem was far as Carter was concerned, he was the diplomat, while she was.... well, generally the other brain and not the assumed leader of the group. She had meant her earlier comment of enjoying it while it lasted, but she was feeling a little out of her depth. Not that she'd admit it to Jack, who was at this point whispering a possibility to her. Biting her lower lip slightly as she considered it,


"I don't think so.... that time we started off in different scenarios based on our past experiences. Not all in the same one. And both Teal'c and I were observers, none of our memories were able to be accessed." She glanced at her wounded arm, the paste still drying. "It did mean that we were somewhat immune to the scenario influences."




Daniel took over the attempt at answering; the toe-poke being the biggest, yet subtle hint to do his bit.


"I have an idea that might explain the attack at least." He paused to make sure he hadn't overstepped local customs by speaking up, then he quickly continued,


"Making one assumption: that this Enemy knew we were coming, but not our purpose. He would want to remove us as a possible threat to his plans - as for the force size, perhaps after our demise - they were meant to ensure that no others were able to follow us."


He knew he had to correct certain misconceptions sooner rather than later. Such as Teal'c's former service wasn't with their Enemy, and the fact that Sam wasn't their leader Jack was. Though part of him was reluctant to change the second one, Sam was much more diplomatic than Jack was... and she could, under the misconception, curb his impatience much more effectively.




Galadriel considered both Brod's confusion and Daniel's words.


"That would be a simple explanation to that particular matter." The logical conclusion to that idea was troubling. To Brod, though still audible to those gathered, Galadriel observed:


"It is likely that he'll send a greater force to the Ring once he knows that his first force failed." Then she turned her full focus to SG-1, "It is also likely that you will be targeted again."

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While Brod appeared to be considering Daniel’s and Galadriel’s explanations, Alex looked alarmed by the thought of being targeted again and glanced to Jack as he once again wondered if they’d made the right choice in staying.


At Carter’s answer, Jack gave a small nod as he quietly said, “Good.” With that reassurance he turned his attention to what was being said, and though he was thinking that they should have left after the first attack, he outwardly took the news of being targeted in stride. “That’s nothing new…” he said, but then apparently having enough of diplomacy, he added, “But, we need to know what we’re up against here. I get that your enemy isn’t this Melgoth, or Morkor, or whatever, but is he another Goa’uld?”


Brod furrowed his brow as he started to say something, but then he stopped for a moment and then shook his head and said, “I do not know what a Goa’uld is, but the Enemy is named Sauron.”


Jack turned a little to look behind him as he said, “Teal’c?”


“I am not familiar with the name,” Teal’c said which caused a few murmurs around the fire as Brod gave him a slightly suspicious look.


At the native’s reaction to Teal’c’s reply, Alex was struck by a thought and he looked to Brod and said, “Well, we know that Morgoth was once known by another name, was Sauron known by another name as well?”


“Aye…” Brod replied slowly, “there was a time when he appeared in a guise and named himself Annatar. If he was ever known by another name, I do not know of it.”


((I had to look it up and found that Sauron’s original name was Mairon. However, that’s not something I’d see Brod knowing. Do you thing Galadriel would?))


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[Other Names would be more likely to be known by the older Races - or at least the more scholarly of them.... so yep, Galadriel would probably know the other name.]


As the topic turned towards the Enemy, Galadriel was able to continue her more passive role of observing SG-1, including the smaller in-team interactions and individual reactions. Teal'c was very hard to read, as were the more military minded members - though both Sam and Jack had little 'tells' that gave them away.


Their positioning indicates one thing.... yet the way they interact indicates something else.


"There is another name he went by, pre-Morgoth's rise; Sauron was known as Mairon" Galadriel mentioned after Brod had replied to Alex.


"Perhaps one of the alternate names are familiar?"


[if Teal'c doesn't recognise them - perhaps Sam (or more accurately Jolinar's memories) will? Since one of the Tok'ra got involved in Morgoth's final fall?]

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((Or they both could recognize the name. Sam not seeming to recognize the name Melkor at first could be attributed to the fact that she was a little preoccupied at that time…Also, I truly apologize for the briefness here, but couldn't think of anything else. sad.gif ))


Teal’c tilted his head slightly as he said, “I believe that was the name of one of Melkor’s Underlords, but that is all I know of him.”


When Teal’c once again spoke Morgoth’s former name, Alex noted that several of the natives (Brod included) gave the Jaffa alarmed looks and then looked to Galadriel as if to see her reaction. Alex looked to her as well, and saw one of her guards doing what could possibly be a very small uncomfortable shift.


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[That could work also. smile.gif Now for some fun with Carter's mind.... I must admit I see the elves as Mystic Vulcans (not just because of the ears) tongue.gif]


While Galadriel tried to keep a neutral expression, when Teal'c called Morgoth by his original name of Melkor, she couldn't help a small grimace. Whether it was from discomfort or distaste was hard to determine.


Though both Daniel and Alex would be able to see that it was likely that the name Melkor was taboo to be spoken aloud.


Galadriel quickly schooled her expression - after all, she was meant to be one of the Elven Elders, and they were never meant to allow emotions to overrule logic. At least, that's what was she had been taught by those before her.


As she considered how best to correct SG-1 on the issue of names, as well as give them some more information about the Enemy, she noticed a odd look cross Sam's face. It was a cross between recognition, realisation and something else...




The mention of the name Mairon tickled the back of Carter's mind. There was something familiar about it.... and she couldn't quite grasp why. Until Teal'c named him as an underling of Melkor's.


She had got done she had come for, now all that was needed was to avoid detection for a little longer until she could be safely retrieved. Melkor's own paranoid secrecy had worked against him - and the other System Lords were at this moment taking their revenge.


Time enough for other Tok'ra operations to complete without being continually hunted.


There was only one problem, Mairon. Melkor's current right hand. Mairon had spoken of his suspicions about her for quite a while.... and there was no doubt as to whom he'd punish after the dust had settled.


Unless the Council got off their lazy behinds and actually acted against the weakened Melkor. While she was debating on that likelihood with her host... Mairon decided to show up.....


Carter mentally tried to shake off the images, now was not a good time for Jolinar's memories to impede her focus. Or maybe it was a good time...



[Can't decide whether Jolinar got caught and Tulkas was the rescue party and Melkor's Fall was incidental, or whether Jolinar was the one that 'encouraged' Tulkas to intervene on Middle Earth?]


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((As for Jolinar, really both options work equally well, so have fun with it. smile.gif ))


Jack may have been oblivious to Galadriel’s reaction to Teal’c, but he couldn’t miss the look on Sam’s face so he asked, “Carter?”


Meanwhile, Alex did notice the flicker cross Galadriel’s expression, and it was obvious to him that that particular name was a touchy subject for the natives. The problem then became how to relay that without seeming to be rude or overstepping anyone. With that in mind, he quickly wrote in German, Brauchen Sie nicht mit Namen. Wie betonen zu anderen? |Need not use name. How emphasize to others?|, and then tried to discretely catch Daniel’s eye as he pointed to that line on the page. However, it was then that Jack said Sam’s name and Alex, still with his finger on the paper, looked over to see what was going on.


((The German translation is from Google Translate, so not sure how accurate it really is…))


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[Google Translate is usually pretty good, and I intend to have fun with Jolinar's memories. I'm so evil to Sam, but she can take it lol tongue.gif Leaving it vague for now so conclusions can be jumped to.]


Daniel had seen the same thing as Alex, and so the problem/issue of names was already on the forefront of his mind. He couldn't see an immediate solution however, so he used the chance offered by the notebook to have some extra thinking time. That and Sam seemed to be attracting attention - inadvertent or not.


He kept one eye on the page and one eye on Sam, his attention split between the need to not offend others and concern for his friend.




Carter turned to face O'Neill at his questioning, his voice filtering through the flashback and bringing her out of it. A very faint haunted look still remained in her eyes as she managed to form a simple reply.


"I knew Mairon, many lifetimes ago." Carter wasn't deliberately being cryptic, but it was the simplest truth that she could utter. Besides, SG-1 knew about Jolinar so it wasn't a far stretch to assume that they'd know what she meant.


The last vestiges of memory still lingered at the back of her mind - no doubt to resurface at the slightest provocation.


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At Carter’s statement, Jack looked exasperated as Alex gave Daniel a look that was a mix of baffled and questioning. Meanwhile, Brod’s expression mirrored the confusion of most of the Free People. He knew of no being or creature with more than one life – especially not the Race of Men – so that could only mean one thing … Ah-ha, he thought as his expression changed to one of realization, the truth is out. Though Carter had just verified that these Tau’ri were, in fact, sent by the Valar, Brod figured that they must have had a reason for not revealing themselves. Not wanting to risk compromising said reason or worse, angering them, he kept his thoughts to himself and trusted that his silence would set an example to anyone else who’d figured it out as well. Unfortunately, as he leaned back some with his arms crossed, he couldn’t help but give a small satisfied and knowing smile.

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[xd.png - I think Jack is irritated by the vagueness and confusion tongue.gif]


Since it seemed Sam was alright - at least not having any problems with her arm - Daniel started to turn back to the naming problem when her answer filtered into his brain. ..knew Mairon. But how could she...? Jolinar


His mind made the connections quickly, that meant Mairon/Sauron/whatever he went by was a goa'uld. Which probably meant Morgoth wasn't necessarily dead either. What have we walked into? Turning to Alex, he saw the confusion and mentally sighed as he also remembered that the new member hadn't read any reports, which meant Jolinar wasn't known.


He quickly mouthed the word 'later' to Alex, since that would be a long explanation.


He also saw Brod settling back with a knowing smirk, which most likely meant that something Sam had said had proved Brod's ideas. Helpful or not, Daniel wasn't sure... but he had a funny feeling it would make the misconceptions harder to correct.




Galadriel, in her role of observer, had picked up on the choice of words as well as Brod's satisfaction. She knew where that feeling came from, but she didn't think the Valar were involved with these travellers. After all - they surely would have known about the Enemy already and not feign such ignorance had the Valar had anything to do with their arrival.


Then again, maybe the lack of knowledge was intentional - just in case they had fallen into the Enemy's hands? It was certainly something to consider.




With a reassuring and slightly amused smile at Jack's exasperation, Carter refaced the fire and expanded slightly on Teal'c's explanation.


"Mairon was Morgoth's right hand for a while. Smart, a little too smart for his own good." Carter's eyes narrowed slightly as she said that, the only outward sign of Jolinar's left over irritation at the very perceptive - or just very lucky - Goa'uld.


"I suspect Lady Galadriel is right about one thing. We will be targeted again by his agents - but not to kill us. He'll want to get information from us first. We've got his attention now."


She didn't say Jaffa - mainly because without a Queen there wouldn't be any replacement symbiotes for them once they matured- and she didn't want too much suspicion on her team mate. Though she did wonder if any new Goa'uld had been made in the time between Jolinar's last visit and now....


Which did make her think of a question for Teal'c, 'how long did a symbiote gestate for...?', but she didn't voice that one yet. She wanted to see the reaction to her info first.

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Alex gave a small nod to Daniel, and turned his attention back to the natives. That’s probably not good, he thought upon seeing Brod’s reaction.


Jack also noticed Brod’s smug expression, and rolled his eyes as he gave a small shake of his head. He didn’t know the reason for the look, but he was sure that he and his team was going to regret it. However, before he could say anything, Brod spoke.


“Aye,” Brod said, “he was Morgoth’s craftiest and most loyal servant. Even now, he keeps temples in honor of Morgoth.”


Knowing that ’loyalty’ wasn’t really in a Goa’uld’s vocabulary, Jack’s tone was slightly sarcastic as he said, “And let me guess, he started his bid for power as soon as Morgoth was gone?”


Not noticing the sarcasm, Brod took the question at face value and answered, “No, when Morgoth was defeated, Sauron fled from the Valar and concealed himself on Middle Earth for…” he looked to Galadriel, “I do not recall how long.” He looked back to the Tau’ri. “However long it was, he has once again revealed himself, and has his entire will set upon enslaving the Free Peoples.”


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Not quite the typical Goa'uld.... most wouldn't wait to make a claim.... Carter mused to herself, then the part of her that was Jolinar pointed out that Mairon was hardly the normal specimen.


Looking over at Brod as he honestly answered O'Neill's sarcasm, Carter speculated:


"His absence from public view must have been so he could gather strength in secret - rebuild what was lost in the previous battles."


Poking her brain for any information that could be helpful, Carter filtered through her previous flashback, surely there was something there that she needed to remember....




Lady Galadriel was musing on the origins of SG-1 and the likelihood of the proposed scenarios.


She agreed with the assessment that Sauron was rebuilding in secret, but the idea that his agents would capture rather than kill them was a less likely prospect.


"The Orcs were bred for battle. An order to capture but not kill would likely confuse them." She reflected a little more, her gaze inadvertently going to Sam's injured arm as she continued:


"However Orcs aren't the only beings that are at his command."



[Wonder how the gathering would react to a crebain? Since the crebain wouldn't have the numbers yet that they would in the Third Age?]

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((Crebain sounds like fun, but not sure how it would play out…May I follow your lead?))


At Galadriel’s words, Brod looked at her in alarm as he suddenly sat straighter and uncrossed his arms as though he was ready to reach for a weapon. “Surely you cannot mean…” he started before pausing for a moment, but then whether unwilling or unable to say it out loud even he didn’t know, he lowered his voice to barely more than a whisper and leaned forward a little as he said, “the Nine?” He knew it was possible that only those nearest to him and the Elves would have heard him, but he couldn’t risk saying it any louder. Of course, the whispered words quickly spread, and Brod could only hope that everyone would remain level-headed and not do anything foolish like cause a panic by saying the words aloud.


The fact that Brod’s question sent a wave of alarmed muttering through the natives around the fire (and a little beyond) got Jack’s attention. He caught the whispered words, and since they were talking about the safety of the team, he wanted to know precisely what they might be facing, so he asked, “And who are…” he lowered his voice a little and leaned forward like Brod had, “the Nine?”


With Jack’s tone easily carrying his question across the fire, several around them looked at him in alarm while others looked around the surrounding area; some even stood and put their hands to their weapons. Meanwhile, Brod grimaced and with one hand held up to Jack as he said, “shhh,” with the other hand he motioned for everyone to stand down. The Elvin guards also looked uneasy, but whether it was due to the words of the Tau’ri or the actions of the Free People was impossible for Brod to guess. Once everyone had calmed, Brod gave Jack a stern look as he quickly and quietly said, “It is enough to say here that they were once kings of Men but now their will is the Enemy’s.” He looked back to Galadriel and motioned to the camp around them as he said, “Their power is far beyond what this force can survive.”


Jack raised his brow at being shushed and didn’t agree that they’d been given enough of an explanation, but he also had enough sense to recognize that pressing the matter would have been a bad idea. Thus, he stayed quiet as he waited for Galadriel, or really anyone else to respond. However, this was one thing that he wasn’t going to let go of, so he silently vowed that he was going to get the full story of these ‘Nine’.


The native’s reaction to Jack’s question gave Alex the impression that they expected the words to somehow cause these ‘Nine’ to suddenly materialize. The tension around the fire had him starting to feel uneasy and he found himself glancing almost nervously to the surrounding trees while Brod was speaking. He thought he saw something fluttering in one of the trees but then realized that it was probably just a bird and he was being foolishly paranoid. Shrugging it off, he focused his attention back to the task of taking notes. Of course, he was fervently hoping that they weren’t expecting to run into anyone whose name alone could strike such obvious fear in warriors such as these natives.


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(sure - since crebain are only giant crows lol)


Galadriel waited til the murmuring had calmed down, she could see that Jack was not yet satisfied with the answer given. She had to try to explain things... yet she wasn't sure how to do so in a manner that would satisfy Jack and not cause alarm among the Free Peoples.


"Those would be kept in reserve by the Enemy - He would use them for shock tactics on the main garrisons, should a direct assault ever come." She said to try and reassure Brod, but was likely to not have that effect. It would be a small comfort to think that they wouldn't be encountered in the field.


Subconsciously touching the ring she was wearing (having inherited it from her father before he crossed to the Undying lands), Galadriel recalled the tales she'd heard as a child.


"It is said that the kings of Men fell to the Enemy's Corruption long before they were ever poisoned by His weapons." Another glance at Carter's arm, where the paste was nearly dry enough from the heat of the fire to remove. "They were the First to succumb to the toxic touch of Morgul."


[Making stuff up - the Black Riders do make use of Morgul blades. Thought it would be poetic to have them be the first victims too.]


Both Daniel and Carter were paying attention to the information given - though perhaps for slightly different reasons. And Carter didn't miss the looks that Galadriel kept taking at her arm.


The same bird that startled Alex by its movement, settled on an overlooking tree branch. It appeared to be studying the gathering, with something akin to actual intelligence in its eyes. Its fully black plumage did make it hard to spot, but once seen - it could not be forgotten about.


[There creepy bird is creepy.]

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((The stuff you made up all sounds good. smile.gif ))


Galadriel’s statement that they wouldn’t be facing the Nine actually was reassuring to Brod. While he would have normally been bothered to be considered a non-threat to the Enemy, they were talking about the Nine here so he was quite fine with it.


As Galadriel spoke, Alex tried to focus on his notes but his gaze kept inexplicably going back to the bird he had seen. He wasn’t sure what or why, but something about the bird was making him feel uneasy. Of course, the way the bird seemed to be intently watching them certainly didn’t help the way he was feeling.


Jack was slightly mollified when Galadriel explained a little better but unfortunately, her explanation brought up more questions than it answered…not the least of which was whether or not these Nine were the originals or if Mairon/Sauron had replenished his supply over the years. Jack was figuring that it had to be the replenished theory when he noticed Alex’s preoccupation with something in a nearby tree. “Something wrong?” he asked Alex.


With a small shake of his head, Alex gave Jack an apologetic look as he said, “No. Sorry, there’s just a strange looking bird.”


Jack was fine with Alex’s answer until the natives reacted…especially Brod who had gone stiff and seemed to be struggling to not turn around. Watching Brod, Jack saw him make some gestures which had several people trying to discreetly knock arrows to bows, and that had Jack starting to reach for his gun. Whatever that bird was, it was obviously not good.


When Alex mentioned a ‘strange’ bird, Brod knew in his bones that there was no question as to what it could be. In fact, the only questions he cared about were: was it alone, and did it know they knew it was there? Of course, with their reaction if the bird didn’t know yet it soon would and they needed to kill it before it could escape to report to the Enemy. Still resisting the urge to spin around to see the bird for himself, Brod motioned for bows to be brought to ready.


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[xd.png, the bird has everyone on edge tongue.gif]


Carter's hand twitched at Alex's mention of the odd bird, almost as if she was trying to control the impulse to reach for her own weapon. She could practically feel the bird's eyes on the gathering. Not a pleasant sensation.


Fortunately, it seemed the rest were reaching, however discreetly for their own weapons.


It seemed Alex had the bird in his sight, so under the pretence of checking the progress of the drying paste, Carter tried to scan the rest of the surroundings for any other surprises.


Something was telling her that something was wrong. She wasn't certain whether it was Jolinar or just paranoia, but she wasn't about to dismiss it.



Taking her cue from Brod, Eretta placed an arrow to her bow, yet she kept her bow at her side and didn't draw. Such actions would no doubt alert the watcher that it had been spotted. And hence the Enemy would know it too - though it was likely he'd know it as soon as His Servant had been killed.


The elven guards had also readied themselves, Lady Galadriel taking in as much as she could, her own senses turned outwards to the surroundings. One crebain was bad news, more than one would be a nightmare.

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((Sorry for the shortness here, but really couldn’t think of anything to write unsure.gif ))


With the reaction to his seemingly simple statement, Alex realized that there was more to this bird than he thought. Though he wanted to ask what was going on, he remained silent as he set his notebook down and prepared to take cover, or move out of the way, or run…whatever he was told to do.


Taking his cue from the natives, Jack did his best to be discrete as he tried to locate the bird in question. Of course, the thing just had to be black to blend into the darkness. He figured that they’d get an explanation once things were dealt with so he didn’t ask any questions…yet. Still, as the tension around the fire became almost tangible, he found himself wishing that someone would just make a move. I hate waiting, he thought.


Brod didn’t like not knowing exactly how many of the accursed birds they were dealing with, so he was hoping that perhaps the Elves’ senses would enable them know the answer as he looked to Galadriel and asked, “Recommendations?”

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Galadriel processed what she could sense of the surroundings, the local wildlife was still active - if a little subdued. Which at least reassured her that this crebain was flying solo.


Answering Brod,


"Only one of them. If it can be dealt with easily, then do so. However, I'd also be wary of wasting arrows." She wasn't doubting anyone's accuracy - she just knew crebain were awkward to shoot.



Eretta was following Alex's original gaze, to see if she could spot the crebain. The black plumage did make it difficult to spot, and chances were they wouldn't have noticed it if it hadn't been for the movement.

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((Sorry, but not sure where to go here. Part of me wants to have Jack just shoot the bird, or have Teal’c shoot it with his staff, and then look around like ‘problem solved’ but that’s only because imagining the scene amused me. However, the questions are: Is that a route we want to take? Would that be true to the characters, or would they let the natives take the shot? Would Jack and/or Teal’c even be able to see the Crebain? Would the staff be able to make the shot? More questions and potential problems came to mind earlier, but I wasn't able to write them down and of course, now they've been forgotten...


Any thoughts, ideas, plans or other questions?


On an unrelated note; sorry it’s a little late but congratulations on your Raffle win! smile.gif ))


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[Well, with Galadriel's comment not to waste arrows.... SG-1 don't have that problem tongue.gif so feel free to have Teal'c/Jack shoot the bird. And the 'problem solved' look on Teal'c wouldn't really be any different to his normal look (Jaffa are kind of unreadable from facial expressions) but could be really funny.


I'd imagine the crebain - while hard to see, isn't completely invisible. The one issue with the staff weapon is the fact its an energy blast - so the tree branch would be singed too (at the very least). If need be - have the bird take flight to be shot. That way - he'd be spotted by movement (and both P90 and staff are faster draws than bows lol)



Re: raffle win: TY]

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With the native’s reaction to the bird, Jack was beginning to think that it must have been some sort of dangerous predator, and Galadriel’s comment had him thinking of the possibility of the swarming kind of predators. With that thought in mind, he knew they couldn’t let this bird get away but he couldn’t really see the thing. “Teal’c?” he asked figuring that the Jaffa’s enhanced senses might have an easier time locating the threat. Teal’c then proceeded to tell Jack at which o’clock to look but just as Jack found the bird, it started to take flight almost as if it realized it’d been spotted.


Once the bird was in motion it was much easier to see and it seemed that everyone with a ranged weapon brought it to bear. Of course, Jack’s P-90 and Teal’c’s staff weapon were the quickest weapons and both had been fired before any arrows had been loosed. Jack was confident that his shot had hit and it was obvious that the staff blast had, so Jack looked to Teal’c as he switched to a Texas drawl and said, “Nice shootin’, Tex.” With Teal’c’s expected response of a raised brow with a nod, Jack turned back to the natives with an almost smug look. He was about to say ‘problem solved’ but the words died when he noticed the native’s reaction. “Not good…” he muttered quietly.



When the weapons were brought to bear, Brod knew that the Crebain had taken flight so he quickly stood and turned to see if it was brought down. To say he was surprised by the sounds from the Tau’ri’s weapons, and subsequent smoldering Crebain falling from the sky, would have been an understatement. However, since he had already witnessed those same weapons in the battle, he quickly recovered from the shock and calmly turned back toward the fire. Unfortunately, not all of the Free People had seen what he had and the reactions around the fire were varied. While those who had fought alongside Brod in the battle looked to the Tau’ri with renewed awe, many looked wary, others frightened and others still looked to be debating whether or not to aim their weapons at the Tau’ri. Even the Elven guards had moved to stand in front of Galadriel as they held the hilts of their swords ready to draw.


Hoping to keep things from going bad, Brod gave a small chuckle as he looked to the nearest few people and said, “Though it is unlikely, find the beast and ensure it does not recover to report to its master.” He then looked back to the Tau’ri and said, “Your weapons truly are remarkable…” He gave a knowing wink as he added, “Or should I say magical? Gifts from Mahal?” At that question, every Dwarf in earshot put up his weapon and many started talking excitedly amongst themselves while some craned their necks to try to get a better look at the weapons.


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Eretta and a few of the nearest members of the Free People - both Dwarf and Man - headed off to find the downed Crebain. As they left, they could hear Brod's question for SG-1 and the reaction of the dwarves.




The reaction of the newer members of the camp to the weapons was, while somewhat expected, still made Carter run potential scenarios in her mind. She was looking for a way to diffuse the situation without any conflict. She was saved from those thoughts by Brod's attempt.


While Daniel was running through his mental databanks for any information on the name of Mahal, as well as trying to come up with a way to correct Brod's misconceptions, Carter spoke up:


"I think remarkable does well as a description." She knew fully well how annoyed O'Neill got at the goa'uld for pretending to be gods - using the supposition that superior technology is magic - and she wasn't about to make the same mistake. Even if she really should have let Daniel do the smoothing over - since that was his specialty.




Galadriel had seen the Tau'ri prepare their weapons when the initial alarm had been shown, so she had been expecting some sort of action from them. Her guards however, had apparently been paying more attention to the Crebain and had reacted to a perceived threat.


While Brod's words had mollified them somewhat, they only stood down at Galadriel's gesture.




The crebain - when it was found - had no feathers left. They had all been burned away by the staff blast. Eretta carefully approached to pick it up - after all the Enemy's agents were known for trickery, but it was well and truly dead.


Carrying the dead bird back to camp - Eretta figured they could throw it on to the campfire to be sure that no trace remained.


[Teal'c Fried Crebain, anyone? xd.png]

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As the name ‘Mahal’ spread like wild-fire through the camp, bits of conversations could be overheard: “Can it really be?” “Explains everything...” “No one else could forge such weapons...” “Oh for crying out loud,” Jack muttered as he facepalmed.


As Carter tried to bring the natives back to reality, Alex picked up his notepad and was noting the apparent importance of ‘Mahal’ at least among the ‘Dwarves’. Meanwhile, Teal’c’s raised brow was the only indication that he didn’t much care for the reverence that was being given most likely to a Goa’uld; though he was confused that the name was unfamiliar to him.


When the dead bird was brought back to the fire, Brod looked at it with wonder for a moment and then he looked back to Sam and said, “Remarkable is not near a sufficient description.”


Curious about this creature, Jack went over to take a closer look but what he saw left him underwhelmed. He couldn’t see anything to indicate that it would be a threat. In fact, it looked like an ordinary bird to him. Granted, a creepy bird with it being half-fried and featherless but still… Looking back to Sam and Daniel, Jack gave them a look that asked what he was missing.


((Just wanted to let you know, I will be net-less until the 15th.))

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