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LOTR meets Stargate

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((I am feeling better, thanks. I’m not sure how much computer time I’m going to get before heading out, but I’m looking forward to reading your cut scenes when I get back. smile.gif ))


Brod was a little frustrated by how slowly they were going but he knew that the Race of Men simply wouldn’t have been able to maintain their previous pace. However, though they couldn’t go faster as a whole, that didn’t mean he couldn’t send some messengers ahead to the Elven camp. Motioning a few Dwarves over to him, he spoke quietly in Khuzdul as he told them to make haste to the Elves and explain to them all that had happened. There was still much he was uncertain of, so the quicker the Elves would be able to work on figuring things out the better.



While Alex was relieved when he realized that they were going at a slower pace than before, he also rather hoped that it wasn’t due solely to him. He was already embarrassed by how poorly he’d handled the first part of the march and slowing down just for would only make it worse. He was trying to figure out how to ask without sounding self-centered when he noticed Brod send some men off. Though he wondered what was going on, he didn’t want to risk offending their guides by asking nosy questions. Unfortunately, his curiosity was, as typical, difficult to ignore so he switched to speaking Russian as he asked Daniel, |“What do you think that was about?”|


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[ smile.gif The language pick was funny simply because of the following canon scene:


'Hammond: .... placing a Russian member on SG-1.

O'Neill: Over my rotting corpse..... sir.'


xd.png O'Neill has such a way with words tongue.gif]


Daniel thought a bit, then replied to Alex, switching to Russian automatically:


|"Advance scouts perhaps? After all, some of the other force did escape the battle."|


It was a reasonable assumption to make, and there was some logic to it. Even if Daniel would end up proved wrong in the future.


Carter, while recognising the language spoken by her two companions, had no clue what they were discussing. What she did know, was that O'Neill didn't like the Russians and that she may need to do some damage control. Or not as the case may be.

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----Cutscene ----


The orcs that had fled the battle continued running until they reached their main camp.


There, those that had not been sent gathered around to hear the reports of the survivors - expecting to hear of some great massacre. They did not like what was spoken of.


Orcs did not flee. They were not cowards, and those that returned in failure had shamed themselves.


Only one of the survivors was spared the fate of the rest. One messenger was enough. The Lord of Mordor had to be informed. And the Lord of Mordor hated bad news.


The fate of a coward was almost certain to be better than what was in store for that unfortunate Orc.....





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[second cutscene, also a bump tongue.gif]


The dwarven messengers soon outpaced the rest of the group. Their innate endurance would aid them in getting to the Elves without rest.


Of course, they wouldn't need to go all the way before meeting the third allied race. The Elves maintained their own watch posts, and one of those would be reached first.


The urgency of the message was easily understood, and the dwarves were led along the secret pathways than sped them on their way towards the Elven Elders and potential answers to the questions that the strangers posed the races of Middle Earth..

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((I actually chose Russian because of the scene in the episode 1969 where Daniel was asked if they were Russian spies. xd.png


I like your cut-scenes, thank you for doing them. ))


Hearing the two archeologists speaking in Russian, Jack didn’t say anything but he did roll his eyes. At least we’re not going to be interrogated as spies, he thought but then he remembered some of the natives’ reactions to them and silently added, hopefully.


((Afraid I really can’t think of anything else to post so if you’re ready, feel free to timeskip them to camp.))


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[That reason also makes the language pick funny.


And cut scenes are fun to write. Feel free to write some yourself, like Dark Lord Sauron's reaction to the news, perhaps? lol]



This march was easier to maintain for all concerned, if only due to the slower pace. As such, both Carter and Daniel found their thoughts wandering slightly.


Daniel's thoughts were centred on the locals, their culture and the occasional one about the on-going battle they'd ended up in the middle of.


Carter on the other hand was more focussed, she was mentally assessing the weapons, armour and positioning of their escorts. Not that she was looking for trouble, she just wanted to be prepared if things did turn sour. It didn't help that her arm kept reminding her that she wasn't at her best - that was the other recurring thought. Itchy and it keeps burning... that can't be all that good.


Eretta, though still curious about SG-1, managed - mostly - to keep her eyes on the surroundings. Like the scout she was supposed to be.


Eventually thoughts of the natives turned towards making another camp. Somewhere defensible in case the Enemy's forces came back.


When they stopped, Carter was subconsciously favouring her injured arm again - more noticeably than before.


[Not sure how long they'll be stopping for this time, though perhaps someone should see to Carter's arm - if only to change the dressing.... And the messengers can return/not. You pick.]

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((Was kind of thinking that it’d make sense for the camp to be for the night and that Alex would redress the wound. However, did you want Brod to see it during this redressing or later? When Brod sees her wound, he will call for King’s Foil right away, so if you want to prolong healing I can hold off on his coming back. Of course, it will also be your call if there is any King’s Foil in camp which could be another possible way to prolong healing while allowing Brod to properly freak everyone out.


As for the messengers, I figure that their report would’ve piqued the Elves’ interest enough that at least one elder would return with them. The question would then become, would any of the famous Elves (Elrond, Gil-galad, Oropher, Thranduil) be in this ‘remote region’ or would it be a random Elven elder? To be honest, I’m only familiar with the Elves as seen in the movies and the Hobbit and Fellowship of the Ring books and… not a fan of Thranduil.


Will have to give some thought on a Sauron cut-scene. wink.gif ))



As the evening started to wear on, they came upon a location that was most likely the best place for a camp they’d be able to find in the waning light, so Brod called for another halt. Turning to the Tau’ri as he took his helm off once more, he gave another respectful nod and said, “We will camp here for the night. If you will pardon me, there are arrangements to be made and then we have much to discuss.”


“Lookin’ forward to it,” Jack said as Brod turned to leave, but once the native was gone he looked to Carter and asked, “How’s the arm?” He had noticed her favoring it, but he wasn’t going to full out call her on it both out of respect for her and because he didn’t want to risk indicating weakness.


Having spent most of the march observing the natives, Alex hadn’t noticed Carter favoring the wound. Thus, when he heard Jack’s question, he didn’t think anything was wrong as he said, “Now’s as good a time as any to redress it if you’d like.”


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[Night camp makes sense, as for Carter's wound..... hmmmm the team freaking out about it would be kinda fun *has evil humour*.


Plus King's Foil - while effective treatment, needs to be applied pretty quickly if I remember correctly. Though that was on a wound close to the heart... the arm could probably cope with a delay.


As for the elf Elder....Elrond would likely be in Gondor, so I think a 'younger' Galadriel might show up.]


The messengers returned as the camp was being set, one sought out Brod while the rest remained with their guest. The elves, once informed of the developments, had not wished to delay long. An elder returned with the messengers to offer council and silent judgement on the 'strangers beyond the standing pool'.




Carter returned Brod's nod and only realised she'd been favouring her arm when O'Neill asked her about it.


"Annoyingly itchy." she replied, with a wry grin at being caught out, though the answer sounded hollow to her ears and possibly to those who knew her too. She wasn't the type to complain about something as simple as that.


Then at Alex's offer to change the dressing,


"That might be a good idea. Thanks."


Since the First Aid kit was in her bag, Carter started to remove it. With the automatic assistance of whoever was standing nearest - most likely Jack since he'd noticed her earlier discomfort and didn't want to call too much attention to it. Or possibly Teal'c since she'd asked his assistance on replacing the gear after the wound was bound originally.


Supplies ready, Carter let Alex take over treatment. When it was unwrapped, those nearby could see what was really wrong.


While the bleeding had stopped, the area around the wound looked angry. The original wound line was surrounded by a flame red rash. While that could be blamed on the chafing caused by movement and would explain the itchiness, it didn't account for the thin black lines that were radiating outwards.


For something that was 'just a scratch', it certainly wasn't normal....

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((Hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to postpone having the messengers return for just a little bit. I could see Galadriel coming in and being like, “Everyone chill, I totes got this”, and by the sounds of it, don’t think we want that just yet. Also, I don’t think anything would need to be changed in your post because it doesn’t specify whether they arrived early in camp setup or later.


As for the Kingsfoil, it healed Faramir, Eowyn, and Merry from Black Breath - and whatever it was from striking the Witch King - after what seems to have been about a day or so, and Kili from a Morgul Shaft after about a day and a half. Thus, I was thinking the timing would be reasonable for it to still work for Carter… Especially now that it’ll be in the hands of Galadriel.


On a side note… Admittedly, I’m writing how I envision things, but if it ever severely contradicts what you have envisioned or goes in different directions than you wanted to go, please don’t hesitate to say something so we can work together to mesh the two. There’s nothing that can’t be edited…does that all make sense? unsure.gif ))



Judging by what Carter had said about her arm, Alex was thinking as he unwrapped the wound that it had perhaps started to get infected so that was what he was expecting to see. He was not, however, prepared for what he did see. “That’s not good,” he said in an alarmed tone. Looking at the others as they quickly came over, he found himself saying, “It kind of looks like a venom wound or…or poison.”


While Teal’c didn’t recognize the type of wound, there was something in the back of his mind that said it was really bad.


Jack grimaced as he looked at the wound and, not for the first time, regretted not going back home when they had the chance. At least there they’d have had modern medicine to properly treat whatever was causing this. Looking into Carter’s eyes he asked, “How are you fee-”


Though Brod didn’t hear what Alex had said, he did hear the alarm in his voice so he was naturally concerned about it. Going over to the Tau’ri, his eyes grew wide when he got a look at Carter’s arm. “Why did you not say something of this?!” he asked cutting off whatever Jack was saying, and there was unmistakable concern mixed with annoyance in his voice.


“Of…what?” Jack asked but he got no answer for Brod was already turning away from them.


“I need Kingsfoil and a healer!” Brod shouted urgently, and everyone around them stopped what they were doing. As the call was then quickly spread throughout the camp, he could only hope that the two things they desperately needed were currently within the camp. With a deep and worried sigh he then proceeded to point to whoever was nearest to him – it didn’t matter if it was Dwarf or Man – as he issued orders. “Start a fire! Make water hot! Alert the Rohirrim commander!”


At Brod’s reaction, Alex’s concern deepened and he wondered whether it would help or hurt to dump all of the antiseptic, and whatever else they had, onto the wound. Meanwhile, as people started to scatter to carry out Brod’s orders, Jack tried to get his attention by raising his hand and saying, “Um, excuse me?”


Not noticing Jack’s words, Brod pointed to Carter as he said, “Remove yo-” He stopped as he realized he was about to ask a woman to disrobe in front of everyone. Clearing his throat, he motioned Eretta over as he pointed to someone else and ordered, “Find a tent or blankets of needs must,” he pointed to an area next to the fire that was being started nearby, “something for privacy.” As the man nodded and motioned for others to help him, Brod looked to Eretta and said, “When they have finished, help Major Sam Carter to remove her…” he looked at Carter’s odd garb then back to Eretta, “armor.”


Tired of being ignored, Jack shouted, “Now just hold on a minute!” When that finally got Brod’s attention, he asked, “What exactly is going on here? What do you know about Major Carter’s wound?”


When Jack yelled, Brod looked to him with a furrowed brow and unsure what the man meant with his question, he pointed to Carter’s arm as he simply said, “That it was caused by a Morgul Bolt.”


Though Brod’s tone, and the fact that he started to turn to the Rohirrim commander, indicated that that answer should have explained everything, Jack and Alex were both visibly confused. Teal’c, however, tensed as he raised an eyebrow.


((Yeah, that one kind of ran away on me, so forcing myself to stop now. xd.png ))


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[That's fine... I deliberately left the return vague, so you could decided whether Brod had wandered off to see to them or some other generic camp duty...


And yep, Kingsfoil will still work - I was thinking of Frodo's wound lol. I'm not evil enough to kill a member of SG-1 from a random wound. The Morgul Bolts are just annoying them.


I suspect that Teal'c recognised the cause from his reaction.... though no honourable Jaffa would ever stoop to using such methods. Disgraced Goa'uld indeed.]


While Brod was frantically organising the camp after seeing the state of her arm, and O'Neill was failing to get his attention, Carter knew she couldn't brush off the interrupted question with a default 'I'm fine'.


Based on the reactions of everyone, she should be anything but fine. Although, the only thing that was wrong was the wound area itching and burning. Apart from that she felt normal. Or as normal as SG-1 got, with the standard confusion thrown in.


She hid a smirk at Brod's slight discomfort in the middle of his orders, even if it was caused by her gender.


Finally, O'Neill got Brod's attention and an answer. Which didn't help.


While most of the team shared a similar look on their faces, Carter tapped Daniel on the shoulder and drafted him into helping the natives set-up what they needed. On the understanding he'd find out some more info by doing so.


That broke the 'stalemate' somewhat.




Eretta, at Brod's gesture, had joined the group and was waiting to assist as needed.


The Rohirrim Commander had joined up with Brod at some point during all the shouting for supplies.




Daniel had decided to make things easier by setting up one of their own 2-man tents. Though easier was a relative word.



[i'm assuming the team is carrying two of their tents... despite being currently 5-man. Teal'c will likely by happy to Kel'nor'reem by the fire later.... if he's not too worried about Carter.


Also didn't Alex pick up the offending bolt? He may, once people are moving, remember it.]

Edited by Takhesis

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((Alex did pick up the bolt, but not quite sure how to run with it. Looking up Morgul Blades, it said that “Morgul blades disintergrated if anyone but the owner touched or picked up the blade”, and that was seen in FotR when Aragorn picked up the blade used on Frodo. However, in AUJ, both Radagast and Gandalf handled a Morgul blade without disintegration, but could that have been because they’re wizards? I kind of like the disintegration route, but do you think it’d be plausible that Alex would have still been shaken up enough to not notice the bolt head turn to dust (assuming the shaft is wood)?))

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[i suspect that quirk does have something to do with Wizards tongue.gif And technically Gandalf is one of the 'Maiar' as well - if Valar are archangels, then Maiar are angels.


Here's something else to consider, SG-1 are not of Middle-Earth - so would the same rules apply?


It is plausible that Alex wouldn't notice the disintergration, but for Carter not to see it as well... Alex showed her the bolt after picking it up.....


So it could have had a delayed reaction, as in an 'off screen decay' tongue.gif


Either route can be fitting]

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((Sorry it took so long to reply. Have some family stuff going on. Nothing bad, just time consuming.))


As Daniel went to set up one of the tents, Jack watched for a moment to make sure that the natives weren’t going to be a problem, but then he turned again to Brod who wasn’t looking at him again. “Let’s pretend for a minute that I don’t know what that means,” Jack said.


“It means that this is very bad, Colonel O’Neill,” Teal’c said and though he may have appeared calm, those who know him could probably tell that he was rather concerned.


Brod watched Daniel go to where the men were gathering what would be needed for a makeshift tent, and as the men made room they, and he, looked on with bemused expressions as Daniel started to assemble a rather complex looking contraption. Shaking his head as Jack started to talk, Brod turned to the Man only to have his expression turn somewhat disbelieving as he listened. “That is one way to say it,” he said. “While to us Dwarves it is only fatal, to the Race of Men it is much worse.”


“Worse than death?” Jack asked somewhat incredulously. He did note in the back of his mind that Brod had set himself as a different species from humans, but the more pressing concern was Carter’s arm so he chalked it up as something to discuss later.


“Aye. Once the poison reaches the heart, the heart will become corrupted and she will fade into shadow to become a wraith.” Brod “A servant of the Enemy with no will of her own.”


Not making any sense of any of that, Jack turned as he said, “Teal’c?”


“Several thousand years ago, the System Lord Melkor-” At the mention of that name, several of the natives around them, including Brod, gave Teal’c alarmed looks.


“Morgoth,” Brod interjected pointedly.


“Excuse me?” Jack asked.


“That name is not to be spoken, he will ever be known as Morgoth.”


Figuring that that statement would almost certainly grab Daniel’s curiosity and that the conversation could get seriously sidetracked, Jack said, “How ‘bout one history lesson at a time?” He then gestured to Teal’c and asked, “What about this,” he made the air-quotes, “‘Morgoth’ guy?”


“Indeed,” Teal’c agreed as he regarded Brod with a raised brow, but then he looked back to Jack and said, “Long ago, he developed what were known as Morgul Weapons; bladed weapons which carried an unknown poison. Those receiving even a small amount of the poison would essentially become non-corporeal and turn loyal to Mel-Morgoth.”


“Okay…” Jack said slowly while pinching the bridge of his nose, but then he turned the others as he asked, “Would anyone else care to try translating?”



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[That's ok. Was thinking I'd confused you with my non answer about the bolt smile.gif ]


Daniel wanted to ask all sorts of questions, but one look at Jack indicated that he was in no mood for a lengthy investigation. And for once, Daniel wasn't going to argue, Sam had to come first, so he concentrated on the tent set-up, while keeping his ears open for any information that could be useful.




From her position, Eretta listened to the on-going discussion about the nature of Carter's wound, as well as watching Daniel fiddle with something that looked like it could be a shelter of sorts.


"Permit me to try to explain," Eretta offered at Jack's continued confusion, when his attention had shifted towards her - she continued.


"Her wound is poisoned. This poison - if allowed to continue unchecked - will result in complete corruption. She will become one of the Enemy's most loyal servants - at the cost of her spirit."




Carter's mind had been working overtime since the first mention of the word 'poison'.


As Eretta tried to explain, things finally fell into place. They had encountered something very similar before.... twice. Once with Hathor and again with Seth.


Catching O'Neill's attention,


"Nish'ta. Except more insidious."

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The more Alex learned about this Morgul stuff, the greater his dread became. However, he was also thoroughly baffled by the idea that a poison could turn someone into a non-corporeal being and how said being would possibly be able to serve anyone. Though he very much wanted to ask about that, he knew it wasn’t the right time so he remained silent.


At Eretta’s explanation, Jack also came to the comparison with Nish’ta but it was obvious by Teal’c’s reaction that this was far worse. “Maybe…” Jack said to Carter’s comment but then fell silent for a moment in thought before he said, “So, how do we treat it? Let me guess; a shot with a zat won’t work?”


“No…” Teal’c said but then hesitated clearly not wanting to continue. “There was no treatment other than to kill those wounded by such weapons before the poison had reached its full effect.”


“WHAT?!” Jack and Alex both exclaimed simultaneously.


((Stopping there so the others can react before either Eretta or Brod corrects him…))


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[heehee That simple statement of Teal'c's.... I can imagine the looks on the rest of SG-1's faces.]


At Teal'c's statement, Daniel froze mid-task. He couldn't believe what he'd just heard. Did he just suggest killing Sam?!? From the looks - and sounds - of it, the others couldn't believe their ears either.


He'd almost finished setting the tent, while the natives had finished their tasks of fire setting and collecting the other requested items. Though the water still needed to boil.




Carter had also frozen at the given answer - though since she hadn't been doing anything it was less noticeable. There must be a counter agent.... Not for the first time, Carter wished she retained more of Jolinar's memories - or at the very least had easier access to them.


"What about a Sarcophagus?" Carter finally asked, only half joking. It was highly unlikely they'd be able to find one of those on short notice - though they had pulled off more against the odds things before.




Eretta studied the dark-skinned warrior as he gave his answer, she too was stunned that he didn't know of the herbal treatment to the poison.


Then again, she reflected, if he had been in service to the Enemy, it is unlikely that the antidote would be made known to the ranks.


"That is not quite true." Eretta spoke, quietly, somewhat uncertain as to where she stood among the strangers. They may not respond well to contradiction, but she felt compelled to speak the truth.


"There is a herb that will counter the poison, if it is applied promptly."


[Was thinking Eretta wouldn't need to speak up - due to the somewhat stunned silence. Though feel free to have her words go unheard by the concerned parties. smile.gif She's standing near to Carter - so Sam could pick them up if need be. Or just have Brod say it louder. xd.png]

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Jack knew that Teal’c wasn’t saying that they should kill Carter, but rather that he was saying that, historically speaking, that was what the Jaffa had to do. Now, it was a matter of making sure that history didn’t repeat itself. There’s always an ‘or’, he silently quoted himself as he tried to think of something; anything. Starting to feel a little desperate, Carter’s suggestion had him seriously calculating how long it would take them to get back to the gate as well as trying to figure out where the safest Sarcophagus would be. Fortunately, Eretta’s comment interrupted his train of thought, and he looked to her with as close to hope as he got.


Brod was also taken aback by Teal’c’s statement, but mainly because he couldn’t fathom how servants of the Enemy would not know how to treat wounds their own weapons inflicted…and why they would be using them against themselves in the first place. At Eretta’s uncertain sounding words, Brod turned toward her as he silently scolded himself for not easing the Tau’ri’s concern himself. Giving the young woman an encouraging half smile, Brod said, “The lass is right, and Major Sam Carter is not yet to the point where such a drastic measure is needed.”


“And where do we get this herb?” Jack asked.


“The call has been put out, so we shall know soon if there is any within camp. If there is not… Well…we shall send scouts to locate some.”


Though he was just as relieved as Jack, Teal’c couldn’t help but look from Eretta to Brod with a raised brow as he asked, “How was this treatment discovered? The System Lords were never able to find an antidote, for when any of the weapons were taken from their owners, they all disintegrated before they could be studied.”


Though Alex had been shocked into immobility, the fact that things might not be quite as dire as they seemed had him calming slightly. He was still feeling utterly useless until Teal’c mentioned the weapons disintegrating and he remembered that he had picked up the bolt. “I have the bolt that grazed Major Carter,” he said as he took off his pack. “I picked it up to talk to Dr. Jackson about it. I’d never seen a design like…it…” He trailed off because he had unwrapped the bolt and found that the head was gone. “Okay, I swear it was all there when I put it in my pack.” Certain that the head must have broken off in his pack, he started to carefully search for it as he said, “Major Carter saw it too, right?” He glanced toward Carter hoping for confirmation.


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While Alex was rummaging in his backpack, Eretta turned towards Teal'c to answer his question.


"Purely by accident. The herb I spoke of earlier has other properties, and was used merely as a last resort when the other treatments failed."


The rest of her answer was cut short by Alex's frantic searching for the bolt tip.




Carter watched Alex unfold the bolt from its wrappings, while listening to Eretta answer Teal'c and confirmed that the bolt was whole at the time of the original pick-up.


It took a while to register in her mind, but soon the connection between Teal'c's observation about the weapons and the fact that Alex could no longer find the head of the bolt became clear.


"Try looking in the folds of the wrapping, Alex.... but carefully. If it has disintegrated, then there may still be some dust or ash-like residue left behind." Carter was uncertain about what would cause a weapon to spontaneously disintergrate - but Teal'c was their expert on anything Goa'uld, so she was giving the idea the benefit of the doubt.


[Making stuff up about the herbal treatment - but it does make sense for it to be a last resort treatment - the other properties making it like Foxglove extract (digitalis), good for treating heart conditions in low doses but otherwise poisonous.]

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((All that about the Kingsfoil sounds good to me. smile.gif ))


“Okay...” Alex said with a touch of uncertainty.


As Alex was looking for the bolt-tip, Brod shook his head as he said, “The bolt has turned to dust.” Sure enough, at that point, Alex looked up with a baffled expression as he pointed to a small bit of dust on the wrappings. “What I do not understand,” Brod said as looked at the man with a raised brow, “is why it did not turn to dust when you picked it up.”


“The disintegration was not instant,” Teal’c said, “but it would happen before the weapons were able to be studied.”


“How does a weapon just disintegrate?” Jack asked with clear disbelief.


“Dark magic,” Brod said at the same time that Teal’c said, “That is also unknown. Melkor-”


“Morgoth,” Brod once again corrected.


Teal’c nodded in acknowledgement but continued, “-kept all information about the weapons from the rest of the System Lords which was one of the reasons he was cast out. It is not even known where the weapons were created.”


“They are forged by the fell creatures in Mordor,” Brod said with some uncertainty of his own. Everyone knew where the Morgul blades were forged.


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[Just let me know when you want the scouts to return with their guest - Galadriel will most likely stay on the outskirts of camp until invited in.]


While the discussion was continuing, Daniel finished up the tent. Normally Jack would have been teasing him about how much time he'd taken over it - but due to circumstances, he was understandably distracted.


Now he could pay better attention to what was being said around them. After the initial shock of seeing the state of Sam's injury, Daniel had managed to pick up on a few things. The fact there was a herbal treatment for whatever had infected the arm. The fact that Alex had picked up the offending bolt, and that it had - like previous weapons of its type - disintegrated. And the fact that Teal'c had little knowledge on the process.


He wasn't sure which worried him more, the lack of knowledge or the fact such weapons existed.


Coming alongside Alex, Daniel indicated that he'd like to look over the remains of the bolt.




Carter was deep in thought. The issue of disintegrating weapons did pique her curiosity. Third shot of a Zat? Though that doesn't seem to leave any residue behind.... Though she wasn't so absorbed in that riddle not to pay any attention to everything else. Those that knew her would probably be able to hear the proverbial gears turning as all the information was processed.


So we're dealing with an outcast Goa'uld. Or at least someone with access to their technology and research. Outcast Goa'uld or not, they were still problematic.


There was no need for her to retire to the tent just yet, since it looked like the main ingredient for treatment wasn't in view.


She could make some logical guesses: that Melkor/Morgoth - or his legacy - was the Enemy that was being fought. But there were still questions that she wanted to ask. Mainly about this fallen System Lord, how long ago was he cast out - and whether it was likely that he'd regained the lost favour. Whether he had any allies that would pose a bigger threat if he was 'removed' from the equation.


"You say the Morgul weapons were only one of the reasons he was cast out. Is it possible that Morgoth has regained favour among some System Lords since his fall from grace?"


[Eeep runaway post. And Carter's not helping in the certain matter of leadership of the group.... Jack's not going to be that impressed...or maybe he is at her multi-tasking while injured?]

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Based on what he’d heard so far, Jack was putting this Morgoth guy quite high on his ‘people I don’t want to meet’ list at about the same time that Sam asked her question. Though he didn’t really think it was the right time to be thinking about such things, he decided to let it slide if for no other reason than to distract Sam from her arm.


“I cannot say with certainty,” Teal’c answered, “but I do not believe so. His allies were said to be few.”


As Carter was talking, Brod was handed a pouch of Kingsfoil but his brow furrowed in concern at the fact that the pouch wasn’t accompanied by a healer. However, before he could voice this problem, one of the messengers he’d sent ahead came up and, speaking quietly in Khuzdul, told him of the Elder Elf who had come back with them. Answering just as quietly in Khuzdul, he asked the messenger to invite the Elf to join them and then with looking relieved, he turned his full attention back to the Tau’ri. He had been listening to them still, so he said, “No, Morgoth has not, and will not gain favor with the Valar nor whoever these System Lords are ever again.”


“The herb?” Jack asked as he pointed to the pouch and then gave a small sigh of relief at Brod’s nod, and then went back to the Morgoth conversation. “No offense, but guys like Morgoth are pretty hard to kill. Can I ask what makes you so sure that he’s gone?”


“You truly do not know?” Brod asked in a puzzled tone, but then he gave a small shake of his head and said, “History tells us that just as Morgoth was about to conquer Middle Earth, the Valar were convinced to sail from the Undying Lands to aid in the final battle of the War of Wrath. After his defeat, Morgoth’s feet were hewn from under him, and he was hurled upon his face. Then, bound with the chain Angainor, and with his Iron Crown beaten into a collar upon his neck, he was cast through the Door of Night into the Timeless Void.”


Not really knowing how to respond to that, Jack said, “Well… That sounds…painful.” He then turned to Teal’c hoping that he could explain what Brod meant but Teal’c’s raised a brow spoke volumes, so he gave Daniel a look that clearly hoped that he had made at least some sense of that.



Alex handed the bolt to Daniel with a small shrug to indicate his confusion. Though these weapons were obviously very bad, he couldn’t help but feel that it would’ve been interesting to actually see the bolt disintegrate. Not wanting to cause any problems, he kept those musings to himself as he watched the others. “Uh-oh,” he muttered at the look on Brod’s face when he was handed a pouch, but then Brod's expression changed and Alex added, “Or not…”


((Credit where it’s due, Brod’s description of Morgoth’s fate was a slight paraphrasing from this Wiki page.))

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[ Wonder what the guys reaction to Galadriel will be, since her pointed ears are rather prominent?..... Though Jack may just think Vulcan due to Star Trek lol]


The remains of the bolt didn't provide any direct answers, though Daniel was sure that the dust could be analysed back at the SGC.


He looked up at Alex's worried exhalation, and practically got distracted right away by Brod's explanation of Morgoth's Fate.


Seeing the confused look on Jack's face, Daniel considered the tale:


"The first part of the punishment sounds very much like an extraction. As for the second.... maybe a way of preventing it from taking another host via some sort of isolation?"




Carter then realised what she'd done with her question. She'd inadvertently taken the Colonel's spot again - though the first time it wasn't her fault. She was determined to blame that on Daniel, but this time round she was definitely acting slightly beyond her position.


She gave a slightly guilty look in his direction. Sorry, sir.


Not that she thought he'd be mad at her for it, it was within her job description to think of 'stuff'. Though she wasn't meant to bypass his leadership in the process - he was meant to be the one thinking of military intelligence.




As requested, the messenger returned to where the Elf Elder and the rest of the scout 'unit' waited. Even though allies, it would have been considered rude to enter another's camp without invite. There were, of course, exceptions to that unspoken rule.


The Elder did not actually look old - but the Elves were blessed (or cursed) with a long lifespan. Dressed in a plain travelling cloak, Galadriel nevertheless managed to convey an air of graceful nobility as she moved with swift, yet unhurried, steps towards Brod's location.


With the hood lowered, her pointed ears were framed by her golden hair.


[i think we know what Galadriel looks like tongue.gif Just a few centuries younger here - so hairstyle would probably look a little different from her movie self (maybe not as long?)]

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“The Lady Galadriel,” one of the Dwarven messengers announced as the Elf joined them.


Though he had never met the Lady before, Brod had heard of her and was a little surprised that one of such importance had come. “Well met, Lady Galadriel,” he said with a respectful bow. “I am Brod son of Brind. Forgive my haste, but these are the strangers who call themselves Tau’ri. One of their number has been wounded by a Morgul Bolt and while we have Kingsfoil, there is not a healer among us.”



When the lady was sort of introduced, Jack was speechless for a moment as he almost irreverently compared her to Vulcans from Star Trek. However, he judged by Brod’s reaction that this Galadriel was someone significant – and perhaps more importantly someone who could treat Carter’s arm - so he smiled as he said, “Hi there.” He was still going to leave the diplomacy stuff to Daniel, but figured there’d be no harm in being friendly.



Alex all but gaped at the woman before them. He was struck by how human she looked, but yet it obvious that was she wasn’t and it wasn’t just her ears that marked her as alien. He had heard the phrase ‘ethereal beauty’ but had never encountered anyone who fit that description. Realizing that he was staring, he lowered his gaze in embarrassment and hoped that no one noticed.


((Out of curiosity, would a couple of Elven guards have traveled with Galadriel and would the Elves view Teal’c as a considerable threat?))

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[Hmmmm Galadriel would likely have her own guard with her - a ceremonial token escort only, since the dwarves would be more than capable of ensuring her safety. Any more than that would most likely be viewed as an insult - and any less wouldn't be fitting of her station.


As for Teal'c, he would certainly be marked as different from the other visitors and they'd perhaps be more wary of him, but their stance would be based on his actions towards them....]


The arrival of Lady Galadriel in the vicinity of SG-1 precipitated a change in topic - for those still able to speak.


Eretta seemed a little star-struck, but managed to perform a respectful bow.


Daniel's explanation of Morgoth's Fate dried up as he too got distracted by the new arrivals. At least, he was able to cover up his staring by noting her companions and the shock of hearing Jack giving a greeting that was void of his normal sarcasm managed to break the spell.


Returning Brod's greeting with one of her own;


"Well met, Brod son of Brind. There is no need to apologise for haste, wounds made by the taint of Morgul necessitate such concerns." Her gaze took in those of SG-1, acknowledging them all equally. It didn't take long for her to identify the one in need of treatment.


"Perhaps I can be of assistance? I have some knowledge of the healing arts." The question was aimed at Carter, but Galadriel's stance included all those gathered.


After all, the Kingsfoil was from dwarven stores and she could not assume that she could take it without permission.


[blame Elven manners for that one. xd.png]

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“If you would please, Lady,” Brod said and as he offered the Kingsfoil pouch to Galadriel, he became acutely aware of just how grubby it looked. He wasn’t ashamed of himself, nor of being a Dwarf, but in that moment he found himself feeling a little self-conscious and unsure if the Lady Galadriel would want to touch the pouch. Though he wondered whether or not he should have taken the herb out of the pouch, it was too late to do anything about it without being obvious so he waited to see how the Lady would react. Of course, it would not have been good for his men to know what he was thinking, so he had firmly kept any and all uncertainty out of his demeanor.



While Galadriel greeted Brod, Jack took a moment to give her obvious honor guard a once over; taking particular note of where their weapons were. Wondering if they also had Vulcan ears hiding under their helms, he turned his attention back to Brod and Galadriel and was suddenly struck by how much the scene before them looked like something from a fairy tale. He was about to make a comment to Daniel about that, but was distracted by Galadriel’s offer. What art, he thought as he suppressed an exasperated sigh, you administer the antidote and viola, problem solved. It wasn’t that he wasn’t grateful, and he knew that any antidote needed preparation – probably boiling in this case – but still…the natives were making it sound so mystical. Not wanting to risk offending anyone at least until after Carter was ‘healed’, Jack managed to contain his reaction to a slight raising of his brows as he gestured to Brod and said, “Yeah, what he said.”



Recovering slightly from his embarrassment, Alex studied the other two new arrivals trying to figure if there was anything about them that could be similar to any ancient Earth cultures. When Galadriel’s gaze reached him, he blushed a little but was unsure what to do. He’d noticed Brod and Eretta bow to her but since no one else on SG-1 did, figured that he shouldn’t. Unable to think of anything else, he gave a small smile as he nodded a greeting and mentally kicked himself for doing something so lame.



Teal’c raised his brow at Alex’s apparent discomfort, but then his expression became impassive again and as Galadriel looked to him, he gave his customary greeting of a respectful incline of his head.


((Was kind of thinking, and thought I’d toss the idea to you to get your opinion… Do you think we should PM Archios about editing into the OP that Jack, Teal’c, and Daniel (if you want) are available to be taken over if anyone is interested in joining us but would want one of the SG-1 characters?))

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