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250 Book Challenge 2013-2014

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Book Number: 2

Number Of Pages: 215

Book Title: the puzzling world of winston breen

Author: eric berlin

Summary: Winston breen is a young boy who's life revolves around one thing; puzzles. one day, he comes across a puzzle he discovers in his little sister's birthday present, which sets of a chain of events which include an old ring belonging to a prince, two shady men, and old librarian, and a reporter who isn't what she seems.

Rating: (optional) 7/10

Review: (optional) the puzzles require the reader to be actively engaged in the reading, but the story itself is sweet, though short.

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Book Number:45

Number Of Pages:303

Book Title:Flower Net

Author:Lisa See

Summary:Inspector Liu Hulan is one of the few highly placed women in the Ministry of Public Safety. When she is assigned the case of a dead man buried in ice, she's told it's pretty much a cut and dried case of suicide, but she insists it's murder. Then a second such case happens on board a ship carrying illegal immigrants to Los Angelos, and suddenly Inspector Liu's life is much more complicated.

Rating: (optional)4/5

Review: (optional)This is a good introduction to a series about a police inspector in late 20th century China. I couldn't quite figure out exactly when the book takes place, but maybe I missed something, and if I went back and re-read I'd know. Probably the 1980s or 1990s.

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Book Number: 17

Number Of Pages: 1263

Book Title: Les Misérables

Author: Victor Hugo

Summary: There are several digressions, but the main thread of the story is about Jean Valjean. An ex-convict who is a good man, but who struggles to escape his criminal past. There is history, rebellion, love .. The lot.

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Book Number: 27

Number Of Pages: 144

Book Title: Ana y el detective (would be something like "Ana and the Detective")

Author: Jaume Fuster

Summary: Ana's father is a politician who has been behaving strange lately, so the girl hires a private detective to find out what's going on.


Book Number: 28

Number Of Pages: 129

Book Title: Los espejos venecianos (would be something like "The Venetian Mirrors")

Author: Joan Manuel Gisbert

Summary: A young student goes to Padua to study and rents a room at a house next to a palace. There's a tragic story in the palace's past that involves a curse and a girl who disappeared and was never seen or heard from again. The student is fascinated by it and starts investigating.

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Book Number: 3

Number Of Pages: 247

Book Title: the puzzler's mansion

Author: eric berlin

Summary: winston breen spends the weekend at a puzzling party at a famouse musician's house, and tons of famouse people are there, but so is a theif.

Rating: (optional) 8/10

Review: (optional) love the puzzles, but the ending could have been less sad

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Book Number: 78

Number Of Pages:558

Book Title:Do or Die

Author: Suzanne Brockmann

Summary: The US government commutes the rest of Ian Dunne's prison sentence and has him released so he can rescue 2 kidnapped children from their country's embassy and return them to the mother. Her government is holding them to force her to develop weapons for them. Ian gathers his tean reluctantly in order to keep his brother's family safe and sets out to rescue the children.

Rating: (optional) 8/10



Book Number: 79

Number Of Pages: 320

Book Title: Taken By the Wind

Author: Ellen Hart

Summary: Twin Cities restaurant owner and PI Jane Lawless is asked to help locate two twelve year old boys - cousins, who have disappeared overnight from a tent they were sleeping in out back of the one's farmhouse. Run aways? Kidnapped victims? Or murder victims? No one knows and the town is seething with barely suppressed emotions, passions and opinions. The town is also dying and that may be a contributing factor of the boy's absence. Jane and her best friend Theater director Cordelia Thorn go to Winfield, MI to solve the mystery.

Rating: (optional)8/10


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Book Number: 6

Number Of Pages: 550

Book Title: The Book Thief

Author: Markus Zusak

Summary: A young girl named Liesel lives with her foster parents in Nazi Germany where she makes new friends and learns to read by stealing books.

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Book Number: 29

Number Of Pages: 187

Book Title: Un cadáver en el sótano ("The Body in the Basement")

Author: Norah McClintock

Summary: Tasha's father used to own a restaurant, that the new owners are demolishing. What nobody expected to find is the body of Tasha's mother in the basement. The woman had left five years ago after a bit argument with her husband and was supposed to be living in Vancouver. At least that's what the letters said.


Book Number: 30

Number Of Pages: 184

Book Title: Los armarios negros (would be something like "The Black Closets")

Author: Joan Manuel Gisbert

Summary: Pablo's father is repairing an old house and, as he can't leave the boy alone, he takes him with him. There are some strange closets there that seem to be calling Pablo.


Book Number: 31

Number Of Pages: 221

Book Title: El valle de los lobos ("The Valley of the Wolves")

Author: Laura Gallego García

Summary: Dana is a girl who's living on a farm and only has one real friend: a boy named Kai, who nobody else can see. One day, a wizard arrives at the village and sees something special in Dana, so he takes her with him to teach her magic.

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Book Number: 140

Number Of Pages: 183

Book Title: Buddha, Christ, Merlin: Three Wise Men For Our Age

Author: Christopher Penczak

Summary: Nonfiction. A look at the teachings of three very different spiritual paths and the ways in which wisdom and understanding can be found within them.


Book Number: 141

Number Of Pages: 323

Book Title: A Gift of Grace

Author: Amy Clipson

Summary: Christian fiction. Rebecca’s sister Grace left their Old Order Amish world years before to embrace modern life, while Rebecca herself remained to wed her sweetheart Daniel Kauffman. Rebecca’s one sorrow is her inability to give Daniel children. Then she receives word that her sister died in a car accident, leaving her custody of her two teenage daughters. Now Rebecca and Daniel face the challenge of raising teenagers who have no knowledge of the world in which they suddenly find themselves living.


Book Number: 142

Number Of Pages: 294

Book Title: A Promise of Hope

Author: Amy Clipson

Summary: Christian fiction. Sarah Kauffman Troyer lost her husband Peter in a tragic fire. Pregnant with twins… her first children… she moves back in with her parents for the support and help she’ll need. Then a Luke Troyer comes from Ohio, revealing secrets that Peter kept from Sarah and the rest of her family. With her faith in her late husband shattered, Sarah tries to look to the future, but is torn between doing the sensible thing and following her heart.


Book Number: 143

Number Of Pages: 323

Book Title: A Place of Peace

Author: Amy Clipson

Summary: Christian fiction. Miriam left the Amish community four years ago, partly due to her wish to undergo nurse’s training, and partly due to the ending of her engagement to Timothy Kauffman. But when she returns first for her mother’s funeral, and then to help out when her father has a stroke, she learns that someone else’s jealousy engineered her breakup with Timothy. Knowing the truth, will she and Timothy be able to reconcile, or are they really through forever?


Book Number: 144

Number Of Pages: 322

Book Title: A Life of Joy

Author: Amy Clipson

Summary: Christian fiction. Lindsay, Rebecca Kauffman’s younger niece, settled well into Amish life. But her older sister Jessica, unable to adjust, had won permission to live with friends of her late parents instead. Now, four years later, Jessica is in college and pressuring Lindsay to give up her Amish ways. When Jessica’s guardian is injured in an accident, Lindsay volunteers to go stay with her for as long as she is needed. While there, she becomes re-acquainted with some of her old friends from school and church. Jessica fondly hopes that this will induce her sister to return to the modern world, but instead it just reaffirms Lindsay’s desire to embrace the Amish faith and be baptized into the Amish church.


Book Number: 145

Number Of Pages: 298

Book Title: A Season of Love

Author: Amy Clipson

Summary: Christian fiction. Lindsay is baptized along with her cousin Katie Kauffman and friend Lizzie Ann King. Soon after, Lindsay and Lizzie Ann both start courting, which inadvertently leaves Katie feeling like a fifth wheel. Then she meets Jake Miller, the Mennonite grandson of her grandfather’s business partner. Their friendship soon blossoms into attraction… something forbidden by her church. Dare they hope of a future together?


Book Number: 146

Number Of Pages: 273

Book Title: The Pandora Principle

Author: Carolyn Clowes

Summary: When the Enterprise finds a Romulan Bird of Prey drifting dead in space, Starfleet orders the derelict warship brought back to Earth to be examined. But the ship carries a mysterious cargo which quickly proves deadly. The only hope for the planet’s survival rests in the hidden memories of Spock’s protégé, Academy Cadet Saavik. With Kirk stranded on Earth, the Enterprise must cross the Neutral Zone to return to the world of Saavik’s birth… a nightmare of a planet known as Hellguard… to ferret out the secrets of the deadly Romulan threat.


Book Number: 147

Number Of Pages: 461

Book Title: Skye O’Malley

Author: Bertrice Small

Summary: For mature readers only. Beautiful and feisty Skye O’Malley is the youngest daughter of an Irish chieftain and seafarer. Boldly determined to chart her own course in life, her adventures take her from her first love in Ireland when she is taken captive by Barbary Coast pirates while on a voyage with her merchant fleet. Rescued by and married to a merchant of Algiers, she flees to England after the Turkish governor kills her husband in an attempt to gain her for his own harem. In London, she attracts the heart and gains the hand of one of the most powerful nobles of Queen Elizabeth’s court. When his death leaves her vulnerable once more, she must engage in a battle of wits with Queen Elizabeth to secure her rights before she is once again united with her first love.


Book Number: 148

Number Of Pages: 594

Book Title: All the Sweet Tomorrows

Author: Bertrice Small

Summary: For mature readers only. Widowed yet again, Skye O’Malley is forced to seek the favor of Queen Elizabeth to protect her young children’s properties. She is sent by the Queen to wed the ruler of a small duchy on the Mediterranean, to give England a secure port on that sea as well as to pass along any information of interest concerning France and the Italian states. But then word comes that her former husband may, in fact, be alive and captive in Algiers. She immediately mounts a rescue expedition, only to have him die of the treatment inflicted upon him within hours of their reunion. Finding comfort in the arms of a stalwart friend, she marries him rather than leave herself vulnerable once more, only to find herself once again at odds with Queen Elizabeth, this time over the actions of her siblings in Ireland.


Book Number: 149

Number Of Pages: 613

Book Title: A Love for All Time

Author: Bertrice Small

Summary: For mature readers only. Skye O’Malley’s youngest brother Conn came to England to seek his fortune with his big sister’s help. Introduced at court, he was invited to join Queen Elizabeth’s Gentlemen Pensioners. But his liking for the ladies proves to be his undoing, and the Queen orders him to wed with a royal ward, half-Irish heiress Aiden St. Michael, which also made him Lord Bliss as her father was the last of his line. Conn soon finds himself falling in love with his bride, only to have her torn away by a distant relation of hers… and an enemy of the O’Malleys… who sells her into captivity in the Ottoman Empire while implicating Conn in a plot against the Queen. Yet despite the odds against them, Conn and Aiden are determined to somehow be reunited.


Book Number: 150

Number Of Pages: 562

Book Title: This Heart of Mine

Author: Bertrice Small

Summary: For mature readers only. Velvet de Marisco is Skye O’Malley’s youngest child. Her parents were asked to voyage to India, in an effort to open trade with the natives there and break the Portuguese monopoly, and as her fifteenth birthday nears, her only concern is that they return soon and safely. Then word arrives from the fiancé she didn’t remember having. Alex Gordon’s father had been good friends with her own father, and the two men betrothed their children when Velvet was but five and Alex fifteen. Now the old Earl of BrocCairn is dead, and even though their wedding wasn’t scheduled until after her sixteenth birthday, Alex wants to wed immediately. Velvet flees to her godmother Queen Elizabeth and takes a place at court as a Maid of Honor, unwilling to marry a stranger, especially one who’d ignored her for the last ten years. With some help from one of her brothers, who brings Alex to court with him, she and her fiancé eventually become reconciled and wed, although she still is upset that he wouldn’t wait for her parents to return. Then, when he falls in a duel she begged him not to fight, her sea-captain brother just leaving for India to meet their parents agrees to bring her with him. In India, Velvet is kidnapped by the Portuguese and sent as a gift to the Grand Mughal Akbar. The widowed young woman finds love anew in Akbar’s arms and bears him a daughter only to learn that Alex had not actually been killed in that duel. She is returned to England, where she must rebuild her relationship with a man she thought dead, while mourning the child she was forced to leave behind.


Book Number: 151

Number Of Pages: 495

Book Title: Lost Love Found

Author: Bertrice Small

Summary: For mature readers only. Valentina St. Michael is the oldest child of Lord Bliss, born Conn O’Malley, and his wife Aiden St. Michael. Pursued by both her cousin Lord Padraic Burke and the Earl of Kempe, her peace is shattered when her mother’s dying servant confesses to eavesdropping on a conversation that indicated Conn might not be Valentina’s true father. Determined to discover the truth and learning of her mother’s captivity in Turkey, Valentina sets out for Istanbul with both her suitors in tow, hoping that the Kira family of Jewish bankers who have worked with the O’Malleys for years and whose extended family is actually based in Turkey can use their influence to aid her in her quest. The Kiras are able to get her in to see the Sultan Valide, who knew her mother during Aiden’s time there, and who was able to reassure the girl that Conn really is her father. Elated, she makes plans to return home, and also makes the choice between her suitors. But Valentina’s visit caught the attention of the grand vizier, who captures her for his own harem. She escapes with the help of the Kiras, then saves the Kira children when a riot erupts in the city due to devaluation of coinage, which the sultan blames on the Jewish population, bringing them back to England and wedding Padraic.


Book Number: 152

Number Of Pages: 658

Book Title: Wild Jasmine

Author: Bertrice Small

Summary: For mature readers only. Mughal princess Yasaman Kama Begum is the youngest of the Grand Mughal Akbar’s children, and the loveliest of his daughters, combining the best features of her father and her English-born mother Velvet. But her exotic beauty captured the unnatural attention of her half-brother Selim, Akbar’s heir. In hopes of thwarting his son’s twisted desires, Akbar weds her to a prince of Kashmir, but with Akbar old and ill, Selim arranges for the young man’s murder. In a last, desperate attempt to keep his daughter safe, Akbar does the one thing he’d sworn never to do: sends Yasaman to her natural mother and her grandparents in England. Sponsored into the court of James I by her grandmother Skye O’Malley and with her name Anglicized to Jasmine, the beauteous young woman quickly finds love with the Marquis of Lindley. Widowed and with three small children, Jasmine returns to court where she becomes the mistress of Prince Henry and bears him a son just before he dies of a winter illness. Not wishing to marry again, she is dismayed when King James orders her to wed Jemmie Leslie, Earl of Glenkirk, so that his infant grandson will have a father in his life.


Book Number: 153

Number Of Pages: 378

Book Title: Darling Jasmine

Author: Bertrice Small

Summary: For mature readers only. Unwilling to wed a man she believes is only marrying her on the king’s orders, Jasmine fled with her children to the de Marisco chateau in France. But Jemmie Leslie finds her there and convinces her to give him a chance. By the time they return to England, they are well reconciled and planning the wedding, only to be told by King James that he’d been wrong and was giving her a choice of gentlemen as her husband. Worse, the king insisted that she give his other candidates consideration even though she tried to tell him that she’d had come to love Jemmie. And Piers St. Denis was a man similar in nature to her half-brother Selim; a man unable to believe that anyone could refuse him his desire. Stunned when Jasmine rejected his suit, he forged an arrest warrant for Jemmie and followed them to the Scottish Highlands, where he eventually kidnapped Jasmine. She managed to escape, and when St. Denis made the mistake of thinking he’d have an easier time capturing her once again when she visited her grandmother Skye in England, he found himself dead by Skye O’Malley’s hand.


Book Number: 154

Number Of Pages: 223

Book Title: The Pride of Chanur

Author: C.J. Cherryh

Summary: Hani captain Pyanfar Chanur, mistress of the Pride, generally preferred to avoid trouble, which was bad for profit. But then at Meetpoint Station, an unusual creature of a race she didn’t recognize bolted out of hiding on the dock and into her ship. Determined to solve the mystery of the unknown being, she refuses to hand him over to the treacherous Kif who demand his return, putting the peace of the entire space Compact in jeopardy.


Book Number: 155

Number Of Pages: 327

Book Title: Almost Amish

Author: Kathryn Cushman

Summary: Christian fiction. Julie, overwhelmed by her overcommitted and overly-scheduled life, decides it’s a welcome break when her Martha Stewart-wannabe sister-in-law Susan gets the two of them and their children signed up for a reality show about trying to live like the Amish. But naturally, the “simple life” isn’t half as simple as it seems, and both women learn things about themselves and their families.


Book Number: 156

Number Of Pages: 351

Book Title: Gossamer Axe

Author: Gael Baudino

Summary: At seventeen, Chairiste ni Cummen and her lover, students at the mystical Harpers' School, sought to listen to and learn from a bard of the Sidhe, but were captured instead. Centuries later, Chairiste escaped, but the door between worlds closed too quickly for her lover to follow. Now in modern Denver and living as harp teacher Christa Cruitaire, she is introduced to rock music and realizes that it has a power the Sidhe bard cannot possibly know... power that could free her lover at long last. Now all she needs to do is learn guitar and put together a band that won't mind playing in stranger worlds than New York or Los Angeles.

Edited by catstaff

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General reminder: If you want to post another book and nobody else has posted, please edit your post instead of double posting.


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Book Number:46

Number Of Pages:375

Book Title:The Interior

Author:Lisa See

Summary:Inspector Liu Hulan is contacted by an old friend from her revolutionary days. The woman's daughter has died, an apparent suicide, but her friend suspects murder. Hulan agrees to investigate. In the meantime, her American lover shows up in China, to open a branch of his law firm, and this complicates matters a lot, considering that Hulan is pregnant with their child, and China has a few laws about that kind of thing.


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Book Number:80

Number Of Pages:419

Book Title: Cross My Heart

Author: James Patterson

Summary: Alex Cross is confronted by a pair of insane killers who decide to kidnap his family on Thanksgiving Holidays.



Book Number: 81

Number Of Pages: 543

Book Title:The Revolution

Author: Mercedes Lackey

Summary: The Meta Humans of ECHO are attempting to defeat the bad metas and former nazis. The forces of Good and Evil have a major confrontation and the power balance shifts wit the loss of some of the charaters . Love blooms on the battlefield.




Book Number: 82

Number Of Pages: 494

Book Title: Judgement Call

Author:J. A. Jance

Summary: Sheriff Joanna Brady gets a call from her daughter who has found her high school principal dead a few miles away from their ranch home on an early morning horse back ride. Tracking her killer proves to bed difficult as most folks seem to know very little about the woman.




Book Number: 83

Number Of Pages:392

Book Title:Home Free

Author: Fern Michaels

Summary: The Vigilantes have been pardoned and the younger members are trying to get on with their lives while the older members feel their life of "Do- gooding vengeance" may now be over. They feel down and depressed and older once more. Maggie, Ted, and Isabelle all find love in strangeplaces.



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Book Number: 32

Number Of Pages: 256

Book Title: Yo fui a EGB (would be something like "I went to EGB")

Author: Javier Ikaz and Jorge Diaz

Summary: This book shows how kids and teens of Spain lived in the 70s and 80s* and what they liked to watch, read etc.


(*I'd say part of the 90s, too, because my childhood was a lot like they show in this book)


Book Number: 33

Number Of Pages: 474

Book Title: La quinta ola (Spanish edition of "The 5th Wave")

Author: Rick Yancey

Summary: A bunch of aliens have invaded the Earth and killed most of its population in several waves of attacks. Now a girl who has lost her parents is trying to find her little brother after he's been supposedly taked by the army to a safe place. But is he actually safe? And are those soldier really who they say they are? And who is that mysterious boy who saved her?


Book Number: 34

Number Of Pages: 336

Book Title: El caso del loro que hablaba demasiado (would be something like "The case of the parrot who knew too much")

Author: Jordi Sierra i Fabra

Summary: Berta has now taken over her father's detective agency because he can't work anymore and her family needs an income. This time, she has to find the parrot of a rich old woman. Someone stole the bird because it's an endangered species and it would sell for a lot in the black market. The more she investigates, the more dirt she finds out about that woman's family.

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Book Number: 84

Number Of Pages: 357

Book Title: Blackberry Pie Murder

Author: Joanne Fluke

Summary: Delores Swenson is getting married and she won't make up her mind permanently on any of the details. Now her daughter Hannah Swenson is caught in an awful mess due to a severe thunderstorm in which she is caught driving home with her partner Lisa. The car spins out of control as Hannah brakes on the wet country road to avoid a downed tree. A man is dead on the road and Hannah hit him with the Cookie Jar truck. Now she is in jail. What more could possible go wrong? The answer is lots.

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Book Number: 35

Number Of Pages: 238

Book Title: El caso del chantajista pelirrojo (would be something like "The case of the read-headed blackmailer")

Author: Jordi Sierra i Fabra

Summary: Berta has two new cases. The first one is finding a girl who was apparently kidnapped by a sect and the second, be the messenger in a blackmail that turns into a murder when she finds the blackmailer dead.


Book Number: 36

Number Of Pages: 266

Book Title: El caso del martillo blanco (would be something like "The case of the white hammer")

Author: Jordi Sierra i Fabra

Summary: This time, Berta has been hired to stop a child from being bullied. The case turns into a drug gang war when she lears that the two bullies are selling a new drug called "White Hammer".

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Book Number: 4

Number Of Pages: 313

Book Title: The Fault in Our Stars

Author: John Green

Summary: Hazel is a cancer patient. During a Cancer Support Group meeting she meets a boy, Augustus Waters, who she soon falls in love with. This book tells the story of their love and their struggle with cancer. (trying not to give too much away...)


Book Number: 5

Number Of Pages: 165

Book Title: Would You

Author: Marthe Jocelyn

Summary: Natalie is 16 years old when the accident happens. Her 18 year old sister, Claire, ends up in the hospital. (again, trying not to give anything away)

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Book Number:85

Number Of Pages:157

Book Title: The Light in the Cellar

Author:Sarah Masters Buckey

Summary: WWII has caused Civilians throughout the States to cut back on their use of items needed by soldiers or the war effort. Molly McIntire and her family are doing their part to help out and make life easier for the soldiers in hospitals, nursing homes and on their way across the USA to feel appreciated. Molly and her friends discover some thieves who are probably part of a black market plan and stealing the rationed items in Molly's home town from the supply depot starage areas. The youngsters use their brains and courage to find and thwart the thieves.

Rating: (optional)8/10

Review: (optional) Great book for elementary school readers. It gives them a glimpse into life in the 1940s as the war raged in Europe and the Pacific.


Book Number:86

Number Of Pages:376

Book Title:Trial by Fury

Author: J. A. Jance

Summary: A sports coach for a local high school is found dead and Detective J. P. Beaumont is assigned to the case. He must figure out why the black man was killed, where, and by whom?

Rating: (optional)9/10

Review: (optional) Very good mystery story by Jance in her Beaumont series. An entertaining adult read.


Book Number:87

Number Of Pages: 521

Book Title: Fatal Error

Author:J. A. Jance

Summary: Ali Reynolds has just completed training at the Arizona Police Academy to return home and be placed on leave due to budget cuts now she is finally a full fledged police officer. A friend from her early life as a broadcaster asks her for help and then go missing. Ali takes up the case and with the help of an overburdened cop from another county figures out what is happening and why.

Rating: (optional)8/10

Review: (optional)



Book Number: 88

Number Of Pages: 512

Book Title: Gone

Author: James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge

Summary: Michael Bennet and his family including the nanny Mary Catherine are all in the witness protection program since Manuel Perrine was caught by Bennet and lost in the court building vowing vengeance on Bennett and his family. Perrine has decided to start attacking his fellow drug lords and other crime lords and also the authorities who have all been less than respectful to his desire to rule the criminal elements of the Us and Mexico.

Rating: (optional)9.5/10

Review: (optional) Gross and graphic bloody descriptions of crimes. but excellent story telling.



Book Number:89

Number Of Pages:288

Book Title: Gone With the Woof

Author:Laurie Berenson

Summary: Aunt Peg has volunteered her niece Melanie Travis to help out an old friend in writing a personal book. He is a crusty curmudgeon who thinks he is and was God's gift to women and that he is control of his own setion of the world. His son Andrew follows in his dad's footsteps and is discovered Dead. Melanie is roped into investigating and solving the crime after an 18 month hiatus from her detecting after her last case when she nearly died just as her child was due to be born.

Rating: (optional)8/10

Review: (optional) A fun read and slightly different from the usual Travis canine mystery. The dog show crowd helps to keep Melanie abreast of the facts in the case as she tries to figure out who killed Andrew and why.



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Book Number: 37

Number Of Pages: 296

Book Title: Tempus Fugit

Author: Javier Ruescas

Summary: Some sort of plague has left many people, mainly teenagers, in a coma. Hanna, whose father was one of the first victims, has been investigating the plague and finds a connection to Tempus Fugit, the company that invented teleport cabins after a big flooding changed the world.

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Book Number: 4

Number Of Pages: 176

Book Title: A Shooting Star

Author: Shiela Solomon Klass

Summary: The life of Annie Oakley, the best female sharpshooter in the U.S., before she became a shooting star.


Book Number: 5

Number Of Pages: 480

Book Title: WaterShip Down

Author: Richard Adams

Summary: A group of rabbits leave their warren when humans begin to destroy the land they were born on and go a long way, facing many dangers

and having adventures, all in the mission to create a new, perfect home.


Book Number: 6

Number Of Pages: 194

Book Title: The Skull of Truth

Author: Bruce Coville

Summary: A young boy stumbles on a magic skull, cursed eternally to tell the truth and force all others around it to do so also. The skull brings much color into Charlie's life, but not all of the action iis good.....


Book Number: 7

Number Of Pages: 516

Book Title: The Yearling

Author: Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

Summary: A bond deeper than normal ones forms between a growing boy and his pet deer, strengthening as they both grow through years of pain, adventure, and suprise. WARNING: this book will make you cry at the end, no matter how many times you read it.



Edited by Shadoe666

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Wow... too bad I only just came into this! LOL! Only 4 months.... hmmmm. Nope. Not enough time to do it in!


I read ALL the time tho. smile.gif Mostly stuff I read when I was in school tho, and I'm now 29... wink.gif

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Book Number: 18

Number Of Pages: 291

Book Title: On Writing

Author: Stephen King

Summary: It is a mixture of an autobiography and writing strategies/tips

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Book Number: 8

Number Of Pages: 211

Book Title: the dragon in the sea

Author: kate kilmo

Summary: the fifth book in the dragon keepers series (ive been following it since I was eight) takes place under the eighth sea in the quest for jesse and daisy to help rescue emmy's sister (egg) from a horde of zombie mermaids and a wizard in the form of a cucumber



Book Number: 9

Number Of Pages: 207

Book Title: Assasin

Author: Anna Myers

Summary: Young Arrabela Getchel gets wrapped up in a conspiricy to murder the president with John wilkes booth.


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Book Number:90

Number Of Pages:294

Book Title:Out of Sight,Out of Time

Author:Ally Carter

Summary:It's senior year for Cammie Morgan or at least it should be. At the start of the summer she had run off to find out what happened to her father in Rome. She wakes up in a convent in the Alps unsure of what has happened since the beginning of June. Back at The Gallagher Academy Cammie is having problems and not being her normal self. What is wrong? Why? how to fix the problems? Book 6 in the series is different, but good reading fun for fans of this series.


Book Number: 91

Number Of Pages: 293

Book Title:United We Spy

Author: Ally Carter

Summary: Cammie and her best friends are now seniors in their final semester at The Gallagher Academy. The circle is still out to get all of the original founders decendents and the good guys want to get them into protective custody which may not be protective enough for the protectees. Things get weird as various people seem to switch sides it is hard to read the good guys versus bad guys score card. There is also the question of what do we do next year when we have graduated?


Book Number: 92

Number Of Pages: 329

Book Title:Beauty and the Werewolf

Author: Mercedes Lackey

Summary: In the Five Hundred Kingdoms. The Tradition forces people's lives to go into traditional storylines whenever it can. Bella has a step mother and 2 step sisters thus she must be evil. Genevive isn't merely not willing to be seen as evil and she's willing to be lazy. When Bella is bitten by a wolf one night the king has her locked up for 3 full months to determine if the bite turned her into a werewolf also. Bella copes with her situation in a beauty and the beast type household as she attempts to free herself and her host.

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Book Number:47

Number Of Pages:285

Book Title:Concealed in Death

Author:J.D. Robb

Summary:When Roarke buys up an old building with the intention of renovating it and turning it into a shelter for street kids, he discovers the bodies of a number of young girls and calls his own personal cop -- Eve Dallas.


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