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250 Book Challenge 2013-2014

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Catstaff may make 250 books again this year. I don't believe I am going to do so. How sad. I'll keep reading and sign up for next year when that thread opens if you all are doing this again. Thanks for the opportunity to try and another reason to read a few extra books.




Book Number: 141

Number Of Pages: 525

Book Title: March To The Sea

Author:David Weber and John Ringo

Summary: The Throne of Man's Tertiary heir to the throne is still trapped on the inhospital planet they landed on as they eluded the force trying to kill their space ship. The Marienes and Roger's guards are trying to keep him alive and travel half way around this iron age to industrial age planet to reach the only spaceport and a chance at getting off the hot wet planet of tribal war.

Rating: (optional)9/10

Review: (optional) It is exciting and a way better book than my summary makes it appear. I was so upset that I didn't have Book 3 in the 4 book series to start as soon as I had finished this one.




Book Number: 142

Number Of Pages: 500

Book Title:March Upcountry

Author: David Weber and John Ringo

Summary: Earth is united under one ruler, an empress. Her youngest son is being sent on a diplomatic mission when his ship is sabotaged and the survivors manage to make planetfall alive. THeir mission is to get Prince Roger back to his mother alive and hopefully unharmed. The resources and skills of the entire landing party are tested again and again as they make their way across the hostile planet.

Rating: (optional)8.5/10

Review: (optional) Intriguing characters and plot twists. Very well written.





Book Number: 143

Number Of Pages:264

Book Title:Death at the Door

Author:Carolyn Hart

Summary: Jane Corley, a rich resident of Broward's Rock, SC, is murdered. Her husband is jailed as the murderer. Jane's death happened soon after an apparent suicide and some of the residents like Annie Daring think they are connected. Annie sets out with her friends help to prove the suicide murder and the husband innocent of the crime with which he is charged.

Rating: (optional)8/10

Review: (optional) A fun read for mystery lovers who like strong characters. The latest in the Death on Demand series.



Book Number: 144

Number Of Pages:300

Book Title:Sacrifices

Author:Mercedes Lackey and Rosemary Edghill

Summary: The students at Oakhurst Academy are becoming fewer one and two at a time. Evil stalk/s the area and is residing at the school. The students aren't the only ones disappearing or dying though. Teachers, staff, and Townies are also having majorly bad luck. Spirit White and her friends are trying to stop the evil and survive. They also want to escape from the school for orphans. Sacrifices is the next episode in their journey to escape and stopping the evil Mordred has released once more upon the world.

Rating: (optional) 8.7/10

Review: (optional) Lackey and Edghill write great books for youngAdults in a fantasy world. Magic, the Arthurian legend, and mayhem in Montana.


Book Number:145

Number Of Pages: 277

Book Title: Mint Julep Murder

Author:Carolyn Hart

Summary:Book store owner Annie darling is helping out at the Book Festival on Hilton Head Island. One of the attendees is murdered and the police think Annie did it.

Rating: (optional)9/10

Review: (optional)



Book Number:146

Number Of Pages:324

Book Title: Dead Giveaway

Author:Joanne Fluke

Summary: A group of condo owners in their 10 story apartment building 3o minutes outside Las Vegas are trapped by a Blizzard and someone is killing them one or 2 at a time.

Rating: (optional)9/10

Review: (optional)Scarey Book as you wait to find out whether or not all of the good guys stuck in the avalanche will die.


Book Number: 147

Number Of Pages: 274

Book Title: Werehunter

Author: Mercedes Lackey

Summary: Title short story deals with a girl on the streets running for her life who ends up going voluntarily through a world gate to High Halleck's Waste. She is hunted again by the town and others makes for. The book is a collection of stories including 4 of the S'Kitty ones and one about Alberich.

Rating: (optional)

Review: (optional)


Book Number:148

Number Of Pages:413

Book Title:Cheap Shot

Author: Ace Atkins

Summary: Spenseis hired to protect a Patriots Player from a person apparently out to get him. The security and team agents and PR people want Spenser fired, But Kinjo Heywood has personally hired Spenser and refuses to fire him. The kidnapping of Heywood's son makes a bad situation worse. Spenser, Hawk, Z and Susan all try to solve the case and bring the victim home alive.

Rating: (optional)7.5/ 10

Review: (optional) A very good story, but for those of us used to Parker's smooth prose and lines of witty carcastic dialogue for Spenser, it is off just a little.


Book Number: 149

Number Of Pages:251

Book Title:Dead Between the Lines

Author: Denise Swanson

Summary: The book club's latest speaker is murdered after his controversial shortened talk to the club. He pontificates his opinions and refuses to listen to opinions that differ from his. The body is found behind her store in her trash and the murder weapon was snatched from her store. Dev needs to discover who did it before she ends up dead herself because of her snooping.

Rating: (optional)7/10

Review: (optional) Light hearted small town mystery with a love story triangle underneath. Well worth the time to read the 250 pages set in Shadws Bend, Montana.


Book Number: 150

Number Of Pages: 390

Book Title:Sugarplum Dead

Author: Carolyn Hart

Summary: An aging widowed actress calls her family to Browards Rock Island off the South Carolina coast for her 12/15 birthday and to stay through the Christmas season. Marquerite Dumaney Ladson has become obsessed with the idea of speaking with her dead husband Claud. She has decided to leave her money to the charlatan who is tricking her into believing he can do this for her. Family is horrified and terrified and a Murder occurs. Annie and Max spend a good portion of the book trying to clear her father and step sister of being implicated in the murder.

Rating: 8.7 /10

Review: Sugar Plum Dead is a fun Christmas murder mystery read. You finally get to meet Annie's father whom she doesn't know and her stepmother and stepsister whom she never knew about. Annie is hurt that Rachel knew her dad growing up and she never did, so it's hard for her to forgive and let herself get to know and love him.


biggrin.gif I finally made it to 150 books read! Part way through two more books.


Edited by DustyBelle

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I'll be happy if I reach 50, which was my personal goal all along. Now that the summer starts and I won't have anything to do, I hope to be able to reach that goal.


Book Number: 43

Number Of Pages: 340

Book Title: Hyde

Author: David Lozano

Summary: A group of teenagers arrive at a secluded house to spend some time working on a school project to increase reading habits. However, they realise that the aim of the project is not so innocent when the first member of the group is found murdered. The teacher left the night before, so they're alone and they know that the murderer has to be one of them.

Edited by Raistlin24

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Book Number:5

Number Of Pages:281

Anecdotes of Ming Dynasty(2) /明朝那些事儿(2)


Summary: Just like what title said, it told the anecdotes of Ming Dynasty, the last Dynasty in China ruled by Han people. This book told the stories after Ming Dynasty had been established, following book 1 and followed by book 3. The main characters are still the emperors, the queens and the offcials while the main plots are the conflicts between them.

Rating: (optional)9/10

Review: (optional) This series now ranking top 3 of my favourites.


Book Number:6

Number Of Pages:273

Anecdotes of Ming Dynasty(3) /明朝那些事儿(3)


Summary: Just like what title said, it told the anecdotes of Ming Dynasty, the last Dynasty in China ruled by Han people.

Rating: (optional)9/10

Review: (optional)The character who gave me the most deep impression is Zhuhouzhao, who fall in love with his amah, a women who was 17 years older than him.


Book Number:7

Number Of Pages:305

Anecdotes of Ming Dynasty(4) /明朝那些事儿(4)


Summary: Just like what title said, it told the anecdotes of Ming Dynasty, the last Dynasty in China ruled by Han people.

Rating: (optional)9/10

Edited by Shelybear

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Book Number:63

Number Of Pages:160

Book Title:A Sea of Troubles

Author:Donna Leon

Summary:In the early hours of the morning, a boat explodes on the Pellestrina, and two men are killed. The Venice Police are called in and Commissario Guido Brunetti investigates.


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Book Number: 44

Number Of Pages: 531

Book Title: La ladrona de libros (Spanish edtition of "The Book Thief")

Author: Markus Zusak

Summary: A girl is sent to live with a foster family in WWII Germany. There, she learns how to read, steals books to read them and becomes friends with a Jew who the family is hiding in the basement.

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Book Number: 188

Number Of Pages: 244

Book Title: Coal Miner’s Daughter

Author: Loretta Lynn with George Vescey

Summary: The 1975 autobiography of classic country star Loretta Lynn, tracing from her mining-community roots in Kentucky through the biggest years of her stardom in the 1960s and early '70s.


Book Number: 189

Number Of Pages: 214

Book Title: An Excellent Mystery

Author: Ellis Peters

Summary: It's August, 1141, and Brother Cadfael meets two unfamiliar Benedictine monks riding for the abbey, bringing a tale of the destruction of Winchester and of their priory there, burned in the ongoing civil war. One is in his middle years, a former Crusader now ill and dying. The other is young, devoted to his comrade, and totally mute. From the first, Cadfael senses a bond deeper than their shared brotherhood between the two, but what is it?


Book Number: 190

Number Of Pages: 228

Book Title: The Raven in the Foregate

Author: Ellis Peters

Summary: In December of 1141, a new priest comes to the parish church of the Foregate, bringing his housekeeper and her nephew. But while the new priest is book-learned, he is not people-smart, and his dealings with his new parishioners quickly cause tension and resentment. Shortly after word gets out that the nephew is actually a scout for the Empress Maud, the priest is found murdered. And while suspicion falls on the nephew, many of the parishioners also had cause to want the priest dead.


Book Number: 191

Number Of Pages: 230

Book Title: The Rose Rent

Author: Ellis Peters

Summary: A woman widowed tragically young leased the house where she had been happy with her man to the abbey after his death; the rental price is a single white rose from her favorite rosebush each June. A lingering winter and a chill spring in 1142 puts the rent in doubt for a time, but when the roses finally begin to bloom, a monk is found murdered beneath the hacked and damaged rosebush. Brother Cadfael must discover who is so desperate to void the lease that they would kill, and why.


Book Number: 192

Number Of Pages: 224

Book Title: The Hermit of Eyton Forest

Author: Ellis Peters

Summary: In October of 1142, the lord of Eaton Manor dies; his heir and only child is a boy of ten being educated at the abbey. His father's last wish is that he stay and complete his education. But the boy's grandmother disagrees. An ambitious woman, she wants the boy to immediately marry the much-older daughter and heiress of two neighboring properties, and she has the support of a religious hermit newly settled in the nearby forest. But the holy man's servant hides a secret, and before long, the young heir vanishes and a man is found dead within the forest. Brother Cadfael must sort out the mysteries and save a young boy from an unwanted bride.


Book Number: 193

Number Of Pages: 196

Book Title: The Confession of Brother Haluin

Author: Ellis Peters

Summary: In early winter of 1142, a heavy snowfall damages the roof of the abbey's guest hall badly enough that repairs must be undertaken immediately. Brother Haluin suffers terrible injuries in a fall from the icy slope while taking his turn at the work; injuries serious enough that he makes what he thinks is his dying confession, witnessed by Brother Cadfael and the abbot. However, and much to his own surprise, Haluin recovers although he is left crippled. He is determined to make a penitential journey to expiate the grave sin confessed, so the abbot sends Cadfael to aid him along the way. What they discover at their destination is deceit, betrayal, bitter revenge, and murder.


Book Number: 194

Number Of Pages: 250

Book Title: The Heretic’s Apprentice

Author: Ellis Peters

Summary: Seven years ago, a Shrewsbury merchant set out on pilgrimage to Jerusalem, accompanied by his young clerk. Now in the summer of 1143, the young man returns with his master's coffin and the man's dying request to be buried at the abbey. This is granted despite the merchant having once been reproved for "heretical" ideas. When the young man admits during the wake that he agreed with some of his master's views, two members of the household who do not welcome his return report such to the abbot. Less than a day later, one of them is found murdered.


Book Number: 195

Number Of Pages: 217

Book Title: The Potter’s Field

Author: Ellis Peters

Summary: In fall of 1143, workers plowing a field recently given to the abbey uncover the body of a young woman. The field in question was once tenanted by a potter who abandoned his wife to take monastic vows. It was said she ran away with a lover, but now it appears she was murdered instead. And when a novice from another Benedictine abbey and with family nearby seeks shelter in Shrewsbury due to the war, he brings yet more mystery to add to that which already surrounds the body.


Book Number: 196

Number Of Pages: 245

Book Title: The Summer of the Danes

Author: Ellis Peters

Summary: In the summer of 1144, Brother Cadfael is chosen to accompany a friend from the cloister on a mission of churchly diplomacy into Wales. But the two are quickly caught up in a dispute between two Welsh princes, one of whom has hired Danish mercenaries in an effort to force his brother into giving him what he feels is his due. Cadfael is captured along with a young woman who sought to flee an arranged marriage... or possibly involvement in the murder that took place the night before word came of the invasion.


Book Number: 197

Number Of Pages: 237

Book Title: The Holy Thief

Author: Ellis Peters

Summary: In a stormy fall of 1144, two groups of travelers shelter in the abbey: two Benedictines seeking donations to rebuild their abbey destroyed in the civil war, and a French troubadour traveling with a slave girl. All are called upon to help when the Severn floods and threatens the valuables within the abbey church. But when the floodwaters recede, the abbey's most sacred relic turns up missing. Not long after, a dead body is found. In an age that believes in signs from God, Brother Cadfael prays for divine guidance to solve the mysteries.


Book Number: 198

Number Of Pages: 255

Book Title: Brother Cadfael’s Penance

Author: Ellis Peters

Summary: In November of 1145, the civil was that's wracked England for years suddenly touches Brother Cadfael in a most personal way. Following the sack of Worcester several years back, he'd learned to his surprise that he'd fathered a son while on Crusade. As a man, that son had, through chance, become known to him, although Cadfael had not revealed his own identity. Now, though, his secret son is being held prisoner. Cadfael is determined to find and free him, even if it means forsaking the Benedictine Order.


Book Number: 199

Number Of Pages: 439

Book Title: And the Shofar Blew

Author: Francine Rivers

Summary: Christian fiction. Paul Hudson seemed like the perfect pastoral candidate to revitalize a struggling church. And before long, attendance was up and a new building was in the works. But as the fortunes of the church improved, Paul's wife Eunice started to wonder if Paul was truly working for the Lord anymore, or if he was simply out to prove to his televangelist father that he, too, was a good pastor.


Book Number: 200

Number Of Pages: 496

Book Title: A Voice in the Wind

Author: Francine Rivers

Summary: Christian fiction. In the year 70, Christian girl Hadassah traveled with her family from Galilee to Jerusalem for Passover, to celebrate Christ's resurrection with other believers, only to be trapped by the battles which destroyed the city. Her family dead, Hadassah is enslaved and transported to Rome, where she becomes the property of the powerful Valerian merchant family. There, she faces both her greatest temptation and her greatest fears. Meanwhile the German warrior Atretes is captured and trained, becoming one of the empire's most renowned gladiators.


Book Number: 201

Number Of Pages: 432

Book Title: An Echo in the Darkness

Author: Francine Rivers

Summary: Christian fiction. The Valerian family, now settled in Ephesus, struggles to accept the changes wrought within them by Hadassah. Matriarch Phoebe embraces Christianity enthusiastically, while Marcus travels to Judea in his efforts to find God. But Julia willfully closes her eyes and embraces a path of self-destruction. Only when it is nearly too late does she call upon a physician of the city whose mysterious, always-veiled assistant is reputed to be able to heal with a touch.


Book Number: 202

Number Of Pages: 473

Book Title: As Sure as the Dawn

Author: Francine Rivers

Summary: Christian fiction. Atretes has won his freedom in the arena, but is angered to learn that Julia Valerian ordered the child he gave her exposed at birth. But when he spoke to her slave Hadassah, he learned that she did not expose the babe as ordered, but secretly took him to the Apostle John. Atretes seeks out John, who introduces him to Rizpah, a widow who'd lost her own baby and adopted the boy. Determined to leave the empire, he takes Rizpah with him on the dangerous journey back to Germania, and learns to open his heart to God along the way.


Book Number: 203

Number Of Pages: 256

Book Title: The Best Little Girl in the World

Author: Steven Levenkron

Summary: A fictional account of a girl with anorexia nervosa, this story portrays the insidious way the disorder slowly takes over first her own life and then the lives of her entire family as they try to keep her alive.


Book Number: 204

Number Of Pages: 600

Book Title: Love and Glory

Author: Jeane Westin

Summary: Set against the backdrop of WWII, four young women answer the call to arms, joining the first class of female officer candidates to become part of the very beginning of the Women's Army Corps. Their friendship spans the globe, from their basic training in Iowa, to the beaches of Normandy and the small but military-crucial islands of the Pacific, as they all hope for a bright future when the war is over.


Book Number: 205

Number Of Pages: 534

Book Title: Air Force Wives

Author: Ruth Walker

Summary: A tale of four friends, whose lives are bound up in the Air Force: Tai, the daughter of a noncom forced to retire in disgrace due to the actions of his superior officer, vows to get her own back somehow. Bobby Jo, the sheltered daughter of a chaplain, falls for the charm of a cocky Academy senior with devastating results. Privileged Shelley, daughter of a general, seeks the love she never found from her parents in the arms of a noncom mechanic from a coal town. And ambitious Crystal, her father's low rank denying her the sort of opportunities Shelley had, is determined to do whatever it takes to marry a man with rank and status.


Book Number: 206

Number Of Pages: 535

Book Title: Rings

Author: Ruth Walker

Summary: The story of three generations of women whose lives are tied up with the circus: Romany Mara, cast out of her tribe, finds fame as an aerialist and love with a wealthy Bostonian. Her daughter Vicky, brought up by her prejudiced grandparents to believe both her parents are dead, is rejected following an innocent mistake. In desperation she takes a job as assistant to a trick rider in the circus, where she attracts the attention of the owner's son. And her daughter Michelle, whose sole ambition is to run the circus herself one day, despite her mother's efforts to groom her for an advantageous marriage and her grandfather's insistence that she as a female is less suited to the job than her ne'er-do-well brother.


Book Number: 207

Number Of Pages: 473

Book Title: The Club

Author: Ruth Walker

Summary: Having delayed her own post-graduate work to support her husband through his, Janice is finally starting on her doctoral dissertation in sociology, and is wracking her brain for something new. When going to meet her divorce-lawyer godfather for lunch, she meets several of his clients in his office waiting room, and conceives a plan for her dissertation: following the lives of several women through the year following the breakup of their marriages. Presenting herself as another client, she coaxes the other four into forming a support group with her, to meet monthly and discuss their lives as newly-single women. But before the year is over, Janice's work begins to expose the cracks in the marriage she once believed perfect.


Book Number: 208

Number Of Pages: 449

Book Title: The Love Slave

Author: Bertrice Small

Summary: For mature readers only. To save the life of her pregnant twin, Regan takes her sister's place on her wedding night, to assure the groom that his bride is indeed a virgin. The two trade places once more in the morning, and Regan is sent to a convent. But she is barely within the gates when she is taken by Viking raiders and sold to a Moorish merchant. Renamed Zaynab, she is schooled by a Passion Master as a Love Slave, and included in the merchant's cargo of gifts to the Caliph of Cordoba. But during her training, she and her teacher fell in love. While she must go to the Caliph, Zaynab is determined that somehow she and her beloved will be reunited.


Book Number: 209

Number Of Pages: 341

Book Title: Chicks in Chainmail

Author: Esther Friesner (editor)

Summary: A collection of humorous short stories inspired by the archetypical fantasy character of the Woman Warrior Wearing Chainmail Bikini. Authors include Esther Friesner, Jody Lynn Nye, Roger Zelazny, and Elizabeth Moon. Tales run the gamut from Hillary Rodham Clinton being grabbed by the Valkyries to be their governess, to a group of female guards finding every loophole to avoid paying a new tax on bronze bras.


Book Number: 210

Number Of Pages: 229

Book Title: Laura

Author: Donald Zochert

Summary: Nonfiction. This is a biography of Laura Ingalls Wilder, the author of the Little House series of books based on her own childhood and young adulthood growing up in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and South Dakota in the late 1800s.


Book Number: 211

Number Of Pages: 213

Book Title: The Girls of Huntington House

Author: Blossom Elfman

Summary: An English teacher takes a job at a school for pregnant teenagers. Somewhere in between teaching Julius Caesar and The Scarlet Letter, she discovers that she's learning as much or more from her students as they are from her.


Book Number: 212

Number Of Pages: 333

Book Title: Somebody Else’s Kids

Author: Torey Hayden

Summary: Nonfiction. They were the class that wasn't supposed to exist. So-called 'mainstreaming' laws had passed, putting all but the most profoundly disabled children into regular classes, to be given extra help from a resource teacher. Torey, who had taught various classes for the mentally and emotionally disturbed, was now a resource teacher. But there were a few students that slipped through the cracks... the autistic boy who only spoke to repeat what others said, the seven year old girl incapable of reading due to brain damage from abuse, the violently angry boy who'd witnessed his father's murder, and the shy sixth-grade honor student who was kicked out of her parochial school upon getting pregnant. For lack of anywhere else to send them, they ended up in Torey's classroom, with a teacher who saw them as individuals rather than problems.


Book Number: 213

Number Of Pages: 448

Book Title: Beautiful Child

Author: Torey Hayden

Summary: Nonfiction. Venus never spoke, never even responded to another person... yet an accidental jostling on the playground would send her into a violent rage frightening to witness. Her unresponsiveness perplexed even the professionals, leaving them wondering if she was autistic, mentally disabled, or something else altogether. Special education teacher Torey, who'd previously worked with electively mute children, was sure she could see signs of awareness in Venus, and was determined to discover the reason for the girl's silence and to convince her that she didn't need to remain silent forever.


Book Number: 214

Number Of Pages: 318

Book Title: One Child

Author: Torey Hayden

Summary: Nonfiction. Six year old Sheila never spoke. A survivor of horrible abuse, abandoned by her mother on a highway at the age of four, she was placed in Torey’s class for the severely disturbed and retarded after committing a vicious attack against a smaller child. Everyone regarded her as irredeemable… except Torey. With her skills and experiences working with the electively mute and the disturbed, she drew Sheila out and discovered that this neglected little girl was beyond bright to the point of having a genius IQ… and convinced others to give Sheila a new chance at a future.


Book Number: 215

Number Of Pages: 264

Book Title: The Tiger’s Child

Author: Torey Hayden

Summary: Nonfiction. Due to changes in the laws as well as in her personal life, Torey lost touch with Sheila after the school year they shared. But seven years later, Torey’s new job brought her back to the area where Sheila lived, and chance brought them together again. While Sheila’s life had slightly improved with time, it was still a troubled one, and the young teen still searched for both answers and someone she could count on as a friend. Over the next few years, Torey helped Sheila to the best of her ability, helping the girl come to terms with her past and start making plans for her future.


Book Number: 216

Number Of Pages: 411

Book Title: Just Another Kid

Author: Torey Hayden

Summary: Nonfiction. Torey hadn’t planned on teaching again, but took this one last job as a favor to a friend while waiting for her visa to become a permanent resident of Great Britain. It was the first self-contained classroom for behaviorally disordered students in the district since the mainstreaming laws of the 1970s. Three of her students were refugees from the terrorism of Northern Ireland. A fourth was eleven, and had never known life outside an institution before. The fifth was eight, hyper, easily distracted, and sexually precocious. And the sixth was seven, unable to speak and almost completely unresponsive. They were joined by a volunteer aide, a brilliant woman whose nearly paralyzing shyness led her to alcohol abuse to cope with social situations, but who was able to be herself with no one but the children and Torey watching… and who found herself being helped by Torey as if she was just another kid.


Book Number: 217

Number Of Pages: 196

Book Title: The Good Master

Author: Kate Seredy

Summary: In pre-war Hungary, city girl Kate is sent from Budapest to the country, to live with her uncle and aunt and her cousin Jancsi after a bout of the measles. Jancsi expects a delicate and shy little girl, but Kate proves to be a mischievous little wildcat instead. The cousins share many adventures together as Kate learns about country life and Jancsi learns that girls aren’t nearly so boring as he’d thought.


Book Number: 218

Number Of Pages: 194

Book Title: Black Beauty

Author: Anna Sewell

Summary: The “autobiography” of a horse named Black Beauty and his life in 19th century England, starting from his early years as a colt. It follows to his first working homes as a riding and carriage horse for Squire Gordon and then his friend the Earl. Sold after being injured by a drunkard riding him as the scars made him “unfit” for service in an aristocratic household, he passed through several other situations including working as a rental horse at a livery, a brief stint as a mount for a man who knew nothing of horses, and finally as a cab-horse in London. His first owner there was a kind and careful man, but the second overworked him until he collapsed in his harness. Bought for a pittance by a kindly farmer who saw that with a little time and care, he would still be a good and steady horse able to handle reasonable workloads, he found himself reunited with a former stablehand of Squire Gordon’s, who recognized and remembered him from those days, and who promised him a good home for the remainder of his life.


Book Number: 219

Number Of Pages: 206

Book Title: Big Yoga

Author: Meera Patricia Kerr

Summary: Nonfiction. This book is a guide for the practice of yoga, especially tailored for larger people or those with mobility and/or flexibility issues.


Book Number: 220

Number Of Pages: 265

Book Title: Circles, Groves, and Sanctuaries

Author: Dan and Pauline Campanelli

Summary: Nonfiction. This book gives descriptions and examples of various kinds of sacred spaces as created by practitioners of various pagan religions, ranging from a prison inmate’s makeshift altar setup to outdoor sanctuaries complete with planted labyrinths.


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It'll be good if I can reach 11... I started a book and barely read it, been reading fanfictions for a months and not my book >< ...

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It'll be good if I can reach 11... I started a book and barely read it, been reading fanfictions for a months and not my book >< ...



I know what you mean. I'd have hit 250 a couple months ago if I didn't keep getting distracted with fanfiction.

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I'm on the 3rd book of Lord of the Ring and reading those take me ages and don't want to start something else before finishing it... thought i'm barely at chapter 2 ... of the first part...

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Book Number: 45

Number Of Pages: 284

Book Title: I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have to Kill You

Author: Ally Carter

Summary: Cammie studies at the Gallagher Academy, a school that's apparently just another boarding school for rich girls, but is actually a spy school, where children of spies go to learn the family bussiness. She has learned several languages and how to face all sorts of difficult situations except for one: What to do when a nice boy is suddenly interested in her.

Review: I loved how Cammie and her friends approached the idea of a date as an undercover operation xd.png

Edited by Raistlin24

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Book Number:64

Number Of Pages:357

Book Title:Dead By Midnight

Author:Beverly Barton

Summary:A serial killer is targeting the actors who played in a pornographic movie many years ago.


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Book Number: 151

Number Of Pages: 214

Book Title: Cherry Ames: Army Nurse

Author: Helen Wells

Summary: Cherry Ames and her fellow classmates have all signed up during WWII to become Army nurses as a unit right after graduation. The girls go through basic training and on to Panama where they learn to work in a real out of country Army hospital and Cherry naturally finds a mystery to solve.

Rating: (optional)4th through 7th grade girls audience

Review: (optional) It's a fun series book about nurses in the mid 20th century.

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Book Number: 24

Number Of Pages: 1117

Book Title: A Dance with Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire, #5)

Author: George R. R. Martin

Summary: Events in this book run parallel with those of the previous book, but follow different people. This book is mainly concerned with events in the north and across the sea, though with some glimpse of Cersei in King's Landing too.

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Book Number:152

Number Of Pages:320

Book Title:Scandal in Fair Haven

Author: Carolyn G. Hart

Summary:Henrie O sets off to a cabin in the mountains of Tennessee for a much needed vacaation. Her friend has suffered a heart attack and can't go with her. A murder has been committed and her friend's nephew is the prime suspect. Henrie O needs to find out the truth and so she uses her investigative reporters skills to discover who committed the murder and Why.

Rating: (optional)8/10

Review: (optional) Keeps you guessing til the end on who actually shot the gun and why.


Book Number:153

Number Of Pages: 581

Book Title: Cauldron of Ghosts

Author:David Weber

Summary:Mesa is the main stting for this book which wraps up the loose ends from an earlier story, after Green Pines Nuclear Explosion what happened on Mesa. The government decided to destroy the people believed to have committed the terrorist act and now the former slaves are revolting against the government. Cachet and Zilwiki with help from Torch's government set out to liberate the subjugated people and proclaim the truth of the atrocity.

Rating: (optional)9/10

Review: (optional) Don't get too attatched to Weber's characters as he is well able to kill off his characters if the plot calls for it.


Book Number: 154

Number Of Pages: 254

Book Title:Victories

Author:Mercedes Lackey and Rosemary Edghill

Summary: Spirit White and her 3 remaining closest friends use their magic and the Hallows of Brittain to fight against Mordred and his army . Mordred wants to rule the Earth.


Book Number:155

Number Of Pages: 292

Book Title:Brother Cadfael's Penance

Author: Ellis Peters

Summary: England is in the midst of a civil war as King Stephen and Empress Maud each put forth a claim to England's throne. Families are torn apart as members support opposing claimants and tempers and greed run high. Brother Cadfael's son has been taken hostage by an unknown supporter of King Stephen's. He goes hunting for Olivier with the Sheriff of Shrewsbury's help and stumbles on mystery and murder which he needs to solve to get his life back on track.

Rating: (optional) 9.5/10

Review: (optional) A wonderful new addition to the Chronicles of Brother Cadfael, a former soldier of the Crusades who returned to England after his stint and joined the Benedictine monastic order at Shrewsbury where he tends his herbal garden and solves mysteries.

Edited by DustyBelle

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Book Number: 25

Number Of Pages: 554

Book Title: The Book Thief

Author: Markus Zusak

Summary: It's a story narrated by death, taking place in Germany in war times. It's about young Liesel, the book thief, sent to live with a foster family.


It's a wonderful and terrible book. Terribly wonderful? I cried at the end ;_;




Book Number: 26

Number Of Pages: 372

Book Title: Storm Front (The Dresden Files, #1)

Author: Jim Butcher

Summary: It's the first book about Harry Dresden, a wizard working in Chicago. He's brought in by the police to have a look at a particularly awful double murder, and ends up in the middle of a case involving black magic, and someone who very much wants Dresden dead.

Edited by Nimrodel

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Updated to here smile.gif


I'll set up the new thread in a few minutes. This one is still valid until the month is over though and anything finished before the start of August still belongs in this thread.


I'll edit this post with the link to the new thread once it's there.


Edit: new thread: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=162733

Edited by BookChallenge

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Book Number: 27

Number Of Pages: 432

Book Title: Fool Moon (The Dresden Files, #2)

Author: Jim Butcher

Summary: Murphy contacts Dresden, and brings him to a crime scene where a person has been ripped to shreds. It looks like werewolf activity

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Whew! Made it! *wipes sweat from forehead and rubs tired eyes* Glad I saved a bunch of shorter books for the final stretch, so that I could play catchup by reading two or even three in a day.


Book Number: 221

Number Of Pages: 468

Book Title: Daughter of the Red Deer

Author: Joan Wolf

Summary: When the prehistoric Tribe of the Horse loses the majority of its women to tainted water, the young men of the tribe come up with the audacious plan of kidnapping the women of the Red Deer Tribe. They specifically choose them, because of all tribes of the Kindred, only that one still follows matriarchal ways, and they believe that the men of the Red Deer must be weaklings who will not fight, since they willingly follow a woman leader. All their problems will be over, or so they think... until they discover that women led by a woman are just as competent and more subtle at fighting back than any man of the Horse.


Book Number: 222

Number Of Pages: 443

Book Title: The Horsemasters

Author: Joan Wolf

Summary: The Tribe of the Red Deer faces internal division, when it becomes apparent that the daughter of the tribal Mother is unfit to take on the mantle of leadership, but her son is. Adamant that a man will never rule the Red Deer, she exiles her son. He builds his own tribe from the outcasts and runaways of many other tribes of the Kindred. He is also the first to notice and heed the danger posed by the Horsemasters, a strange tribe with the ability to ride horses, and who are determined to conquer all the tribes of the Kindred and steal their lands, women, and wealth. But can he bring all of the Kindred together in time to stand against them?


Book Number: 223

Number Of Pages: 309

Book Title: Anne of Green Gables

Author: L.M. Montgomery

Summary: When the Cuthberts of Green Gables decide to adopt an orphan, they want a strapping boy to help on the farm. Instead, they’re sent redheaded Anne, a talkative and imaginative sprite of a girl. Against their better judgment, they eventually decide to keep her. And before long, they can’t imagine life without her.


Book Number: 224

Number Of Pages: 276

Book Title: Anne of Avonlea

Author: L.M. Montgomery

Summary: With Matthew Cuthbert’s death, sixteen year old Anne gives up a college scholarship, choosing instead to teach at the Avonlea school and help Marilla with the upkeep of Green Gables.


Book Number: 225

Number Of Pages: 244

Book Title: Anne of the Island

Author: L.M. Montgomery

Summary: At eighteen, Anne is off to college at last. But she and her friends are growing up and finding love along the way.


Book Number: 226

Number Of Pages: 258

Book Title: Anne of Windy Poplars

Author: L.M. Montgomery

Summary: While fiancé Gilbert is in medical school, Anne takes a position as principal of a high school in Windy Poplars, making new friends there while keeping in touch with the old friends from home.


Book Number: 227

Number Of Pages: 230

Book Title: Anne’s House of Dreams

Author: L.M. Montgomery

Summary: Newlyweds Anne and Gilbert move from Avonlea to Four Winds Harbor, where he will take over his aging uncle’s medical practice. As always, Anne’s winning ways make friends wherever she goes.


Book Number: 228

Number Of Pages: 277

Book Title: Anne of Ingleside

Author: L.M. Montgomery

Summary: Married for years and a mother of six, Anne begins to worry that perhaps Gilbert no longer loves her. But a chance meeting with his old flame from college, along with the realization that he simply needs a vacation, proves otherwise.


Book Number: 229

Number Of Pages: 225

Book Title: Rainbow Valley

Author: L.M. Montgomery

Summary: Anne’s children are growing up and having adventures of their own, together with the new preacher’s children and an orphan girl unexpectedly adopted by a neighbor.


Book Number: 230

Number Of Pages: 277

Book Title: Rilla of Ingleside

Author: L.M. Montgomery

Summary: Anne’s youngest, fifteen year old Rilla, expects the next few years to be the most fun of her life. But the winds of war sweep through Canada, forcing Rilla to grow up quickly and do her part in maintaining the home front while her brothers and the man she loves fight overseas in WWI.


Book Number: 231

Number Of Pages: 221

Book Title: The Magician’s Nephew

Author: C.S. Lewis

Summary: Digory Kirke’s Uncle Andrew is a magician, who sends Digory and his friend Polly to… somewhere else. The children first find themselves in a dying world, confronted by the evil sorceress Jadis. When Jadis manages to accompany them back to London, the two hatch a plan to get her back to her own world, but instead find themselves witnessing the birth of a new world… one brought forth by the song of the Lion.


Book Number: 232

Number Of Pages: 206

Book Title: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

Author: C.S. Lewis

Summary: When the four Pevensies are sent from London to stay in the country home of Professor Kirke, they don’t expect much. But when Lucy hides in a wardrobe and finds herself in a strange winter wood, taking tea with a faun, their adventures are just beginning. With the help of Aslan, the Great Lion, the foursome defeat the forces of the evil White Witch and free the land of Narnia once again.


Book Number: 233

Number Of Pages: 241

Book Title: The Horse and His Boy

Author: C.S. Lewis

Summary: Set during Narnia’s Golden Age,Shasta, a young Calormene boy, learns that he is not a Calormene by birth. He runs away, heading north to seek Narnia, and meets a Narnian Talking Horse who had been captured years before. The two decide to work together on their journey. But in making his way through the city, Shasta is mistaken for another runaway, leading him to learn the truth of his birth.


Book Number: 234

Number Of Pages: 238

Book Title: Prince Caspian

Author: C.S. Lewis

Summary: As the four Pevensies are returning to school, a magical summons pulls them from the train station into Narnia, where they had once ruled. They find a land in turmoil and a usurper on the throne. With Aslan’s aid, they lead the Narnians against the tyrant and give it into the care of Prince Caspian.


Book Number: 235

Number Of Pages: 271

Book Title: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Author: C.S. Lewis

Summary: Lucy and Edmund Pevensie, along with their cousin Eustace, find themselves pulled to Narnia once again. Now well-established, King Caspian is determined to bring back the art of shipbuilding and sailing to Narnia, as well as to find the seven Lords banished by his usurping uncle. Aboard the newly-built vessel the Dawn Treader, they sail east through many adventures towards Aslan’s country at the End of the World.


Book Number: 236

Number Of Pages: 257

Book Title: The Silver Chair

Author: C.S. Lewis

Summary: In running from the school bullies, Eustace and his friend Jill escape through a door in the wall, only to find themselves in Narnia. Aslan himself sets them a task, to find and save Prince Rilian from the clutches of an evil witch.


Book Number: 237

Number Of Pages: 228

Book Title: The Last Battle

Author: C.S. Lewis

Summary: Aslan supposedly has returned to Narnia, yet the learned centaurs say that he has not, that men may lie but the stars do not, and the stars are predicting disaster. King Tirian’s only hope is that the children from another world might once again appear, as they had done from time to time in Narnian history. Only moments later, Eustace and Jill appear before him. Can they save the land they love from the false Aslan, or are they doomed to fail?


Book Number: 238

Number Of Pages: 441

Book Title: The Kadin

Author: Bertrice Small

Summary: For mature readers only. Lady Janet Leslie was betrayed and sold into slavery, finding herself in the seraglio of the Ottoman Sultan. Given to his son Selim as a gift, she quickly wins the love of the man who would become sultan with his father’s passing… and becomes the mother of the man who would become known as Suleiman the Magnificent.


Book Number: 239

Number Of Pages: 662

Book Title: Love Wild and Fair

Author: Bertrice Small

Summary: For mature readers only. Catriona, Countess of Glenkirk, is brought to the court of James VI of Scotland by her husband the Earl who wishes to show off her beauty. Coerced by the king into becoming his unwilling mistress, Cat is terrified that her husband will find out… and when he does, his reaction is even worse than she’d imagined. She flees to the one person she thinks might help her, Francis Hepburn-Stewart, Earl of Bothwell. With him she finds love at last, but a vengeful King James separates them in a fit of jealousy and exiles Bothwell from Scotland forever.


Book Number: 240

Number Of Pages: 164

Book Title: Samantha on Stage

Author: Susan Clement Farrar

Summary: Eleven year old Samantha is a natural at ballet, used to being the best in her class, and eagerly awaiting her first toe shoes. But her confidence is shaken when Lizinka joins her class. Daughter of a Soviet diplomat, she has been schooled at the Bolshoi from a very young age, and the daily lessons show in her skill level. But as the girls become friends, they each share something important with the other. Lizinka teaches Samantha the importance of hard work and dedication, while Samantha teaches Lizinka that dance should be fun even while striving for perfection.


Book Number: 241

Number Of Pages: 295

Book Title: Out of My Mind

Author: Sharon M. Draper

Summary: Melody has a photographic memory. She's probably the smartest kid in her grade. But no one knows it, because she can't walk or talk. She's confined to a wheel chair with cerebral palsy, and plenty of people assume that because her body malfunctions, so does her brain. Then she gets a special computer that allows her to communicate with others more easily than using a letter-board, and suddenly she's able to make some friends and even gets on the Whiz Kids quiz team. But not everyone else is ready to handle Melody's disabilities, as proven when she is purposefully not contacted by the team leaders when a snowstorm forces a last-minute change to the team's travel plans for the National Championship.


Book Number: 242

Number Of Pages: 226

Book Title: Blindsided

Author: Priscilla Cummings

Summary: At fourteen, Natalie had endured seven operations on her eyes due to glaucoma. But then a routine visit to her eye doctor gave her the news that she would lose what little sight she had left, most likely within the year. She’s sent to a blind school so she can learn Braille and how to navigate with a cane and other skills. But will she embrace the opportunity, or hide behind her fears?


Book Number: 243

Number Of Pages: 391

Book Title: Betrayed

Author: Bertrice Small

Summary: For mature readers only. Left penniless due to feuding between her father and grandfather, Fiona makes a desperate bargain with Angus Gordon, the laird of Dun Broc... she would become his mistress if he would dower her four younger sisters. Angus quickly falls in love with Fiona, and brings her with him to the court of King James I, planning to marry her upon their return home. But the king has other plans for Fiona, and threatens retaliation against her sisters unless she allows herself to be kidnapped by Colin MacDonald of Nairn so that she may spy on his half-brother the Lord of the Isles. She submits to protect her sisters, and learns to care for the big Highlander. But when he falls in battle, she must fight the king herself so that she and her children will survive.


Book Number: 244

Number Of Pages: 195

Book Title: Whispers of the Moon

Author: David Harrington and deTraci Regula

Summary: Nonfiction. The biography of Scott Cunningham, modern-day Pagan author best known for his book Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner, along with many other works put out through Llewellyn Publishing.


Book Number: 245

Number Of Pages: 396

Book Title: Black Tie Only

Author: Julia Fenton

Summary: Alexandra, Mary Lee, and Jette, the daughters of wealthy Americans, made friends with Lady Diana Spencer while they were all in school together at West Heath. Now married to hotelier Richard Fitzgerald, Alexandra has been asked by Princess Diana to host a special party for her and Prince Charles. She agrees, but labor issues threaten first the extravaganza… and then her son.


Book Number: 246

Number Of Pages: 253

Book Title: The Final Reflection

Author: John M. Ford

Summary: In the early days of the Federation, the Klingon captain Krenn was known as a brilliant strategist in battle. But when he is sent on a diplomatic mission to Earth, he has to learn a lesson in peace… and then must fight a secret battle of his own, to prevent the Empire from shattering the Federation… or from being torn apart in the attempt.


Book Number: 247

Number Of Pages: 372

Book Title: A Reluctant Queen

Author: Joan Wolf

Summary: Christian fiction. The Old Testament story of Esther, the Jewish beauty wed to the Persian ruler Ahasuerus, who saved her people from persecution, transformed into a love story.


Book Number: 248

Number Of Pages: 371

Book Title: Fire-Starter

Author: Stephen King

Summary: Charlene “Charlie” McGee’s parents met in college, but under unusual circumstances, when they participated in a drug experiment run by the Psych Department… or so they’d been told at the time. But it was actually a secret governmental program and the experimental drug in question wasn’t merely an LSD variant, but a chemical designed to bring out various psychic talents, and those talents proved to be permanent. Now 8-year-old Charlie has proven to also have psychic powers, including that of pyrokinesis… and the government wants her, and will do anything to get hold of her and contain her… and possibly kill her.


Book Number: 249

Number Of Pages: 198

Book Title: The Bear Tribe’s Self-Reliance Book

Author: Sun Bear, Wabun, and Nimimosha

Summary: Nonfiction. A practical guide for those interested in “getting back to nature” and/or becoming more self-sufficient, this book gives an overview of many practical skills. It discusses how to find good land and build shelters, care for livestock, grow a garden and preserve food, and more. It also includes many Native American legends, and gives an overview of several tribal-type communities that existed at the time of writing.


Book Number: 250

Number Of Pages: 433

Book Title: Jane Eyre

Author: Charlotte Bronte

Summary: The classic love story of the spirited yet plain governess Jane Eyre and her employer Edward Rochester.


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Book Number: 28

Number Of Pages: 378

Book Title: Grave Peril (The Dresden Files, #3)

Author: Jim Butcher

Summary: The ghosts are going mad, Dresden and Michael (a knight of the cross) have their hands full. Then they get entangled with the vampires

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Book Number:65

Number Of Pages:168

Book Title:Through a Glass Darkly

Author:Donna Leon

Summary:When Commissario Brunetti helps the friend of a friend who has been arrested, he has no idea the situation will lead to murder.






Book Number:66

Number Of Pages:165

Book Title:Friends in High Places

Author:Donna Leon

Summary:When an official from the Venetian Housing Regulations office tells Brunetti that he must supply them with the blueprints and permits for his apartment, Brunetti is understandably upset, but he doesn't expect the situation to lead to murder.



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Book Number: 29

Number Of Pages: 371

Book Title: Summer Knight (The Dresden Files, #4)

Author: Jim Butcher

Summary: The Summer Knight is killed, Queen Mab wants Harry to investigate, and Harry's status with the White Council (even his life) depends upon the outcome. He has no choice, and becomes involved in the affairs of Faerie.

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This challenge is finished!


Special congrats to catstaff for reaching 250 and great job everyone for reading and challenging yourselves smile.gif

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I have just stumbled across the 2013 and 2014 threads and i am an avid book reader. I just want to say its great that such an awesome challenge was set up. I'm really happy to find loads of awesome, long books that I'll love here(though i have to go through many pages to find them). Also is there such a challenge for 2015? If so, id love to share my favourite books with everyone!

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