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2013-04-07 - April Release

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I managed to get 2. I need to figure out some combos, and maybe get my hands on a blusang with my epic clicking skills.

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Ugh, my slow internet. X)

Gotta hurry up and free the rest of my egg slots!!!

Bad moment it was to hoard CB Pillows, it turns out to be LOL

(Anyone not owning them + interested = PM me)


Thanks TJ!!! biggrin.gif

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Gonna keep a summary list of breeding attempts here.


Hellfire x Ember

Hellfire x Gold

Hellfire x Gray

Hellfire x Magma

Hellfire x Mint

Hellfire x Nocturne

Hellfire x Stone

Moonstone x Lumina

Moonstone x Silver

Moonstone x Stone

Moonstone x Sunsong

Moonstone x Sunstone

Moonstone x White

Silver x Blusang

Silver x Gold

Silver x Guardian

Silver x Nebula

Silver x Speckle

Silver x Sunsong

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Maybe the hybrid egg "gives off a beautiful glow" is from gold x silver?

Well that would be an expensive hybrid

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Too locked to try but guessing it's lumina x something blue, RB, water, tsunami?

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Hellfire x: Stone - Nocturne - Gray - Silver (refusal) - Gold - Magma - Mint - Ember - Spotted Greenwing - Red -Black


Moonstone x: Black - Purple - Gray

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Moonstone x red = Moonstone

Moonstone x pink = Moonstone

Moonstone x Albino = Moonstone


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Locked with Crimson eggs, but will definitely be keeping track.



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really hope the hybrid isn't a silverxsomething since I don't have a silver and they're already difficult enough to get


looks like it was a bad time to collect a bunch of CB eggs unu now I can't get any of the crimsons until my eggs hatch or unless I decide to abandon them

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has anyone tried nebula pairings?

DC isnt loading for me anymore. >.<

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just tried a Silver & Gold, thankfully nadda. that would have just been cruel for a hybrid imo


going to mull it over and think about other possabilities. most of our hybrids are the result of two commons and atleast 1 CBer in the mix.


i think the discription is misleading ... best option is to go with the blue colored dragons.

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Tried Gwyvern x Moonstone, got a Moonstone.

Tried Silver x Moonstone, no egg produced.

ETA: tried Moonstone x Nebula Thuwed, got a Moonstone Thuwed smile.gif

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