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"It was. But now it's gone." -- BJ09, 02/17/17

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    -Two-finned Bluna (hoard)

    Others owe me:
    Hatchling or CB Pink (KrystalSharz)
    0/2 PB alt blacks (synditrix)
    1/3 PB alts/stripes (Justarius)
    Gold (AlphabetGame)

    08:46:08 *** TJ09 quit (Quit: Xylophone)
    08:46:14 RotomGuy Wat

    18:37:08 TJ09 Gist, was AFK, quoi?
    18:37:41 Gist 421 licks after three trials, myself
    18:37:56 Gist ahem, was the average total
    18:38:17 TJ09 aha.
    18:38:21 TJ09 I made up a random number.
    18:38:28 TJ09 I guess I wasn't too far off, relatively.
    18:38:29 Gist ...
    18:38:48 Gist bursts into tears
    18:38:49 MagicFanfiction lol
    18:39:00 TJ09 wat.
    18:39:22 Gist But I thought teej was serious
    18:39:43 TJ09 Gist, why would you think that?