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After breeding myself a shiny dusk Lycanroc, i have many, many rockruffs left, who wants one, should simply message me, we will find a time to trade. I cant throw them in Wondertrade because of the ability (and yes, the ability can be acrried over through breeding and it will evolve normally) so give me something random, but i would love you if you could give me some of your leftovers of competitive breedings! (i still need to fill my 4th box of battel-ready mons and they would help me a lot

getting things ready)


My shiny: As Rockruff and Evolved


in short: What i offer (for anything; CP competitive leftover would be nice)

Pokemon: Rockruff

Nickname: Your choice

Ball: Moonball

Gender: Your choice (see IVs)

Nature: Jolly (Speed+ ; Sp.Atk-)

Ability: Own Tempo (Event Ability)

Egg Moves:

- Sucker Punch

- Fire Fang

- Thunder Fang

- Crush Claw


35 Pokemons with 5 IVs on 31 (except Sp.Atk) [21 male and 14 female]

2 Pokemons with 6 IVs on 31 [male and female]

1 Pokemon with 5 IVs on 31 (Sp.Atk = 0) [male]



- 18.01.18 -- I thank 'band4ever' for trading with me, wish you fun with your sweet Rockruff!

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Not sure if this is the right thread to do this on, but since Miiverse is shut down and that's where I'd normally go for this, I don't know where else to go.


Basically, I restarted my copy of Moon recently, but I noticed I tend to end up using the same Pokemon A LOT. Even when I breed eggs to use instead of caught Pokemon, I gravitate towards ones I either know are good from past runs or I like but haven't really used yet. So I wanted to ask if people would be willing to trade me some random eggs. That way, I have no idea what will hatch and will actually try to use them instead of catching new stuff.


The only condition is I'd like one egg from each type. This only applies to the MAIN type, not the secondary (in other words, Skarmory and Woobat could both be used because they are different main types despite secondary being the same). I'm not interested in IVs, abilities, moves, etc. Just the main type.


I can't offer much in return, unfortunately, since most of my shinies are of questiionable legitimacy due to not catching the vast majority myself, and I don't have many spare legends atm. I have some extra Region Hat Pikachus, but that's all I can offer atm. I would just really appreciate if someone would be able to help me out.


Types obtained: Bug

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So you want a kinda Egg-locke, where random people give you random eggs so you never now what pokemon you get?


Then i would offer a BUG type pokemon, its one of my faves, its my next competitive breeding project anyway so i would love giving you a leftover! I will message you when i have the egg ready, you surely will love that unexpected mon ;D


I dont want anything in return anyway, would just love to help out.

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So for the late reply, it was middle of the night here XD And thank you very much! :) I'm looking forward to whatever it might be!

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So I really like marshadow...but I didn’t get my copy of the game till after the event ended and it doesn’t look like there’s any more scheduled for awhile. I have some shinies that I would be willing to trade for one, if anyone who got one at the event would be interested. I would be willing to trade any one of the following:

Shiny psyduck, caught it myself so it’s definitely legit, but is just a random Wild Pokémon with mediocre stats

Shiny victini, from wonder trade, looks legit, but I don’t know for sure

Shiny jirachi, also from wonder trade, obviously hacked, though


Would anyone be interested in trading their marshadow for any of these?? Please?? I also have some event pokemon from gen 6 that I can transfer up, so if there’s an older event you missed, I might have it (I think I got most of them, but definitely not all of them). 

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On 14.2.2018 at 2:12 AM, hydrargyrum said:



I would be able to get you one, know a big germany site for pokemon trading called 'Bisaboard' but i would need more Data to the mons. (ist a serious tradeplace)

OT: (Original Trainer Name & ID)
Ball: (In what call you got it)
Gender: (Gender of Mon)
Nature: (Jolly, brave, whatever it is)
Ability: (what ability it got)
IVs: (What does the Judge say about its stats?)

Also: Did it got exp since you catched it? Most people want an untrained shiny so thats an important info

I can guess that the legendaries will not be tradeable, since 95% of them are hacks when from Wondertrade and it would be just too shady for a trader to take them, but any shiny you got and hopefully catched yourself might be damn great to get you a Marshadow, i guess since you dont want a competitive one it will be easier to find you one.

(Usually 2 Shinys = Most mons you want)

The Event Legendarys you got could also be worth something, but only if you really dont want them or got two, that would be an awesome thing for you, would need the same data then.

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:D thanks for offering! Do people ever request nicknames for their pokemon? I have a shiny timid eevee in gen 6, can transfer up, but I can’t send it back to rename if that’s a desired thing. Currently he’s still in gen 6, male, level one


Psyduck: no exp gained, caught at 14, unnamed but can be given a name if desired.

OT: Alex 735770
Ball: basic pokeball
Gender: male
Nature: relaxed
Ability: damp
IVs: pretty good sp attack, hp, def, and speed; attack and sp def are decent


Arceus x2 lvl100

OT: GF 08016 (both)

Ball: cherish (both)

Nature: 1: rash, 2: impish

Ability: multitype (both)

IVs: 1: perfect attack, sp attack, speed, decent def, rest pretty good

2: perfect attack, hp, sp attack, very good sp def, rest decent


Jirachi lvl100

OT: GF 04016

Ball: cherish

Nature: lax

Ability: serene grace

IVs: perfect hp, sp def, and speed, rest decent


I have more to list, but will probably do it in a later post since I keep procrastinating and want to post what I have. Some of my others are keldeo, shaymin, and 2x each of shiny yveltas and shiny xernias.



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