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Wishlist: CB Gold pair :blush: | ND | black Zyu (CB / 2Gen from non-rare of same habitat)

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Leave an egg, take an egg!

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    Favorite videogame series:

    - Pokemon (X/Y is awesome =D )
    - Breath fo Fire (BoF 3 is my favorite one, next to 4)
    - Parasite Eve (awesome games, PE1 and PE3 are the best ones)
    - Final Fantasy (FFXIV:ARR, FF9 and FF7:CC are my favorite ones)
    - Monster Hunter (Favorite dragon: Kushala Daora!)
    - Fire Emblem (FE7 aka Blazing Sword is the best one <3 )

    Favorite animes:
    - Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro
    - Log Horizon
    - Digimon (except X-cross wars)
    - Yu-Gi-Oh! (Original and GX only)
    - Soul Eater
    - .... (forget the other ones! I know too many awesome ones! X"D