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Ookami11.pngTrade.png2vlmko3.pngI am open to IOU's!

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    I stopped playing for two years and have no idea what's going on. In the process of collecting "new" breeds.

    My scroll is in the process of being reorganized and many dragons will either be renamed and those that are not named will be given proper names! Especially any unnamed that were gifted!

    An in-progress spreadsheet of my scroll can be seen at https://goo.gl/qZYlv7 .

    I am HAPPY to deal with breeding requests and IOU's! :>

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    In Progress: None!

    I owe jerzeeshadow a 2G Solstice from Witchlight in exchange for a 2G Aegis from S. Lunar Herald. Must be bred 6 PM to 6 AM Cave Time during the Holiday season.