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Striving For Survival

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The following is not intended for some. It contains violence, coarse language, undead gnawing human flesh, demented personalities, creepy people, crazy people, and impossible settings.



Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. That is where you are when the military closes off the area. They have no intention of opening it ever again. So that means you are now trapped in Riverview where 99% of the population has died and is now up again, trying to eat you. Your mission is to survive and exterminate the undead.

The city is in ruins, and whatever is still standing and/or secure most likely has zombies in it. Beware of falling pieces of what used to be structures such as buildings, schools, and bus stops. A lot of the city is ruined, some is on fire, and the rest is to be discovered. If you dare. (Dun dun DAAAA!)

Whatever your rank in society was, it hardly matters now. You are all in the same position: zombie food. Where you are can depend upon your status. (The statuses will be listed below.) Try not to kill humans. You want as many people alive and well as possible.

Food and weapons. You either have them or are looking for them. You will, eventually, run out of food and ammo. You are not magical; you can not have an endless supply of stuff. You could have gotten stuff from home, (before you left) other peoples houses, stores (not a great idea if you're alone) and/or dead people that have yet to turn or have turned.




-No Godmodding/Power Playing.

-No Killing off other peoples characters. (Without permission. I always have permission if you refuse to post or edit a post.)

-You can use mild cursing.

-Minimum of four decent sentences.

-Decent grammar. (I can't spell that well, so I'll cut you some slack there.)

-P.M. me your character sheet.

-No character age below 18. (Without permission.)

-I reserve the right to remove you from the R.P.


-I reserve the right to add, or edit, rules if I see fit.



-Hider: You prefer to get someone to stock up some supplies for you so you can hide in a secure location. (Usually has kids with them.)

-Runner: The one who risks their life, getting food rushing around the zombie infested streets, and getting other small supplies that are needed immediately.

-Leader: The leader is usually a self appointed decision maker. (There doesn't have to be a leader.)

-Child: This doesn't always refer to a kid, but can merely be a childish adult.

-Dumbass: This is the character that will be seen and attacked the most, by zombies, because of his/her lack of common sense.

(More will be added later.)


.:Character Sheet:.
Character Name: 

Eye Color: 
Hair Color and Legnth: 

How many days a week are you online?:
May I P.M. you about random things that may occur?:

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Hello, I'm Dauntingale and I'll critique your RP. First off, this plot needs to be further developed unless you want to move to Freeforms.


- Are there weapons? If so, how are they obtained?

- Will groups be formed? Are there allies? Competition? Enemies?

- Describe the setting more. Is it same New York, or is it all wrecked and deteriorated?

- What are the people's means of getting food?

- Can shelter be taken just anywhere?


Please add some of the above, or maybe some of your own ideas to the plot. I'll be back to check up on this once you've edited.

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Hello. I am Dauntingale, an approver, and I'll scan through the RP again.


That is where you are when the military closes off the aria.


- “aria” should be “area”.


So that means, you are now trapped in New York City where 99% of the population has died and is now up again, trying to eat you.


- Unnecessary comma after “so that means”.


Your mission it to survive and exterminate the undead.


- “it” should be “is”.


The city is in ruins and whatever is still standing and/or secure most likely has zombies in it.


- Comma before the first ”and”.


Beware of falling pieces of, what used to be, structures.


- Delete both commas.


some is on fire, and the rest is to be descovered, if you dare.


- Delete comma before “if you dare”.

- “descovered” should be “discovered”.


You are all in the same position now: zombie food.


- Take “now” out because it is repetitive. (The last sentence had one and it implies that it’s now anyway.)


You want as many people alive and well as possable.


- “possable” should be “possible”.


You either have them, or are looking for them.


- Delete comma. Remember, only use commas when the conjunction is connecting two complete sentences, is in a list, or is part of a parenthetical phrase.


You are not magical, you can not have an endliss suply of stuff.


- Run-on sentence. Change the comma to a semicolon (;).

- “endliss” should be “endless”.

- “suply” should be “supply”.


You can get stuff from home, (before you left) other peoples houses, stores (not a great idea if you're alone) and/or dead people that have yet to turn or have turned.


- Rephrase for tense, grammar, and clarity to: “You could have gotten stuff from home (before you left), or you can get them from other people’s houses, stores (not a great idea is you’re alone), and/or dead people that have yet to turn or have turned.” Go ahead and copy and paste the bolded.


-Hider: You prefer to get someone to stock up some suplies for you so you can hide in a secure location.


- “suplies” should be “supplies”.


-Runner: The one who risks their life rushingaround the zombie infested streets, getting food and other small suplies that are needed immeaditly.


- “rushingaround” should be “rushing around”.

- Delete comma.

- “suplies” should be “supplies”.

- “immeaditly” should be “immediately”.


-Leader: The leader is usually a self appointed decission maker.


- “descission” should be “decision”.


-Child: This doesn't always refur to a kid, but merely a childish adult.


- “refur” should be “refer”.

- “but merely a” should be “but can merely be a”. (So that it’s clear that it means it can be either a kid or a childish adult.)


.:Character Sheet:.


- You might want to put this in code for convenience. If you don’t know how and you want to, just ask.


Good luck! I'll be back to check up on this once you've fixed the above! If it's been too long, and I'm not back, feel free to shoot me a PM.

Edited by Dauntingale

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One last thing:


It contains violence, coarse language, undead knawing human flesh, demented personalities, creepy people, crazy people, and impossable settings.


- Change "impossable" to "impossible".


I'll be back soon.

Edited by Dauntingale

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knawing human flesh


- Change "knawing" to "gnawing".


Minimum of four decent scentences.


- Change "scentences" to "sentences".


No age below 18. (Without permission.)


- Specify. Do you mean their character or the RPer?


-I resurve the right to add rules if I see fit.

-I resurve the right to add rules if I see fit.


- "resurve" should be "reserve".


It's about done. smile.gif

Edited by Dauntingale

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Hey there! More crit:


Beware of falling pieces of what used to be structures. Buildings, schools, bus stops.


- Combine the two sentences: "Beware of falling pieces of what used to be structures such as buildings, schools, and bus stops." Otherwise, the second sentence would be incomplete.


A lot of the city is ruined, some is on fire, and the rest is to be discovere, if you dare.


- "discovere" should be "discovered".

- No need for comma before "if you dare".


As usual, I'll be back after you've finished. Nearly there!

Edited by Dauntingale

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Do you want your plot (and setting) to be any more developed than this? A concrete plot would usually attract more role-players. If not, it's fine, and I'll still approve.

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(No, but thanks for the Approval. I just have three more questions. 1. Could you please delete your edits? 2. Witch section will it be placed in? 3. Do you plan on joining?)

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  1. Contact a moderator if you would like critique to be wiped.
  2. This will go in Other Roleplays since it is not related to DC.
  3. Unfortunately, I will not be joining because I have my hands full with life.
  4. Have fun!
Edited by Dauntingale

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(Thank you.)




Username: Quhanta

Character Name: Sarisha Marconseuse

Age: 15

Weapon(s): A swis army knife, a shot gun, a rifle, and a hand gun.

Personality: She is a tom-boy, rough-and-tough, no-bull**** type of person. She is very mature, mentally. Occasionaly, she will losen up, but not often. She despised whiney and spoiled people. She is honest to the point of being rude. Usually, she shows no emotion other than anger.

History: Her father was a police officer and an avid hunter. He taught her to shoot, hunt, and to fight. She stole most of his weapons after he was eaten in his sleep. She escaped with her mother, who got killed on the way to the truck. Dispite being too young to drive, Sarisha used the old Ford to escape.


Eye Color: Bright Green

Hair Color and Legnth: Brownish Blonde and is down to her hips. It is almost always in one braid down her back, never down.

Hight: She is 5'3".

Weight: 110lbs

Clothing: She wears a black tank top, a jean jacket, camo pants, and dark brown hiking boots that go half-way up her shins.

Accessories: A silver chain with an old fashion, silver key and a silver ring with a green stone in the middle on it.

Other: She has a backpack with some canned goods, can opener, a small first-aid kit, bullets, and pads inside it. She has a brittish accent, dispite her oriental name. She was on her way to go camping when her family was killed.

How many days a week are you online?: Every day after school.

May I P.M. you about random things that may occur?: ... lol


Username: KyokoYei2

Character Name: Lien

Age: 19

Weapon: Small dagger, handgun with some ammo she found at a police station.

Personality: Easy to anger and startle, usually a quiet and thoughtful person who looks out for others.

History: She is a transfer student from Vietnam. She is an only child and was staying with a family but they all died. She is on her own and tries to find others while staying alive. She had taught herself English and speaks with a heavy accent, but she claims it's her best achievement.


Eye Color: Dark brown

Hair Color and Legnth: Black and about at her shoulders and its curly.

Hight: 5'7"

Weight: 123 pounds

Clothing: Long sleeved light blue shirt with a sun with a smiley face on it with a knee length black skirt and knee high brown shoes.

Accessories: A gold cross and a plain silver bracelet that is her good luck charm.

Other: She's a runner, and she is scared of water and tries not to go near lakes and deep streams.

How often are you online?: Almost every day

May I PM you about stuff that may happen in the story?: Of course!


Username: Pinkieseb

Character Name: Josh

Age: 21

Weapon: An average pistol he used for saftey while doing his job.

Personality: RP'ed

History: He came from a fairly poor family and had to do illegal jobs for money because no one wanted to hire him because of his "phyco" behaviors.


Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color and Length: Brown, Fairly thick but short.

Hight: 6'1"

Weight: 47kg

Clothing: A plain white T-Shirt with some grey shorts.

Accessories: A pair of glasses and a hat wich he tries to look after.

Other: N/A

How many days a week are you online?: 7 days a week (unless something bad happens)

May I P.M. you about random things that may occur?: Yes of course


Username: Nerendier

Character Name: The Major

Age: 29

Weapon: 9mm Beretta Px9 Storm, AR15 (that’s the civilian model of the m16 btw), and n M3 Combat Knife. Minimal ammo, as he simply had it these weapons to remind him of “better days.”

Personality: (Could I leave this blank? I’d like to develop him in game and don’t want things spoiled.)

History: “The Major” was an Army Ranger who joined at age 18. He graduated from a prestigious military academy as a lieutenant at age 21. He spent years in various conflict zones around the world. During the last major conflict he lost a leg to a mine. Upon being honorably discharged from service as an army ranger he got several prosthetics. He soonafter got a job at a local high school as a PE teacher and the coach of a division three track and field team. Needless to say he’s a faster runner than any of his former members, even with a prosthetic. He wanted nothing more than to die in service to his country, so after his forced retirement he purchased various armaments, regularly went to the gym, and the shooting range. He’d hoped that one day he’d have the skills to impress the rangers enough that they’d let him in even with a prosthetic. He was about to leave for the local army recruiting center to rejoin the military when the zombies began overwhelming the city defenses.


Eye Color: Light brown

Hair Color and Length: Auburn, short, nearly buzz-cut

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 170 lbs

Clothing: He has camo army clothing. On his chest are several pinned awards.

Accessories: He has his purple heart medal around his neck at all times.

Other: N/A

How many days a week are you online?: Every day, or just about.

May I P.M. you about random things that may occur?: yes


Username: Arctic

Character Name: Lt. Winston Arctur

Age: 44


• Heckler & Koch HK417 DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle). 20+1 capacity, with an attached bipod and a medium/long range scope and flash (but not sound) suppressor. Four magazines – one has been reduced to 7 rounds (total of 67 bullets). Not good for close quarters combat – the length poses problems.

• M9 Bayonet. 7” blade, 12” total length. Not so much used as a weapon against the undead, as Winston doesn't like getting that close. Used more as a utility knife now – for instance, cutting fabric or prying open cans.

• Beretta 92FS. 15+1 capacity, with an under-mounted flashlight with failing batteries (thus, used sparingly). Seven magazines - one has been reduced to one (1) bullet (total of 91 bullets)

• Hatchet. Not part of his military gear – he gathered it up because he thought it may serve him well. It has.

Personality: Winston is by no means your archetypical “quiet badass” one might generally associate with the military, though he is quiet. This is primarily because he doesn't particularly know what to say, and much prefers to simply observe and listen and give input where it matters. His judgment and decisions could often be considered logical and sound, but he much prefers to follow orders than give them. Overall, he is slow to anger, but can get frustrated quite quickly and may (at first) passive-aggressively lash out at whomever is causing such a feeling. Overall, he's kind and amiable, though given the nature of what's going on in the city, he can be paranoid at times. Additionally, he very much wishes to be a father, but has never found a woman that entirely pleased him (and, of course, his job didn't allow for it). As a result of this paternal instinct, he tends to be irrationally protective of his comrades, specifically those of a young age.

History: Winston grew up in San Francisco with his father, a second generation Russian immigrant and a poor man who could just barely afford a home for them to live in. For this reason, they never had any pocket money, and Winston had to find other means to entertain himself. Such things included the abuse of animals (something he isn't proud of and looks back on with regret), spraypainting, carpentry, metalworking and getting in to fights – but all of this was done to relieve boredom, as he had never been a particularly violent person and never had any interest in the arts. His father never really cared what he did, so long as he was making good marks in school (something he somehow managed, despite all of his on-the-side mischief). At the age of eighteen, he graduated and decided to join the military and attend college on the G.I. Bill. He soon discovered, however, that he liked the discipline, and opted to stay.

Winston stayed in the military and served briefly in Desert Storm as an infantryman before being wounded in the leg by shrapnel. He spent a couple months recovering in a military hospital, and he expressed interest in training to be a sniper. At first, such requests were denied based on his injury (he still shows a slight limp today, but can cover it up quite well), but he showed his capability (most likely via obstacle course) to a commanding officer, who was begrudgingly convinced to allow it. He was trained as a squad marksman, and later a sniper, and proved to be rather skillful in sharpshooting. He served in Iraq and Afghanistan in various sniper teams, but more often was stationed as a squad designated marksman. After years of service, he was eventually promoted to 1st Lieutenant, and after that was offered the chance for further promotions, but turned down every one. His rank already required him to command individuals, and he was (and is) more of the kind to interact well with small groups rather than large ones.

He was later with the military quarantine force around Moncton, and was cut off from his squad in one of the military's few attempts to retake the city. He has no illusion that his squad may be alive, as he heard their screams and eventual silence over the radio (which has since been shut off). He is simply trying to survive.

Eye Color: Brown.

Hair Color and Length: Shaven (brown).

Height: 6'2” (without uniform), 6'3” (with uniform – no helmet).

Weight: 190 lbs

Clothing: Darkly colored military BDUs for use in an urban environment, Interceptor vest (side plates removed to reduce weight), black fingerless gloves, no helmet (it was removed and left on the side of a road – he had no use for it). Boots, kneepads, elbow pads.

Accessories: A set of four (4) road flares, a set of two (2) long-lasting green glowsticks, one (1) white smoke grenade meant for masking soldier movement, one (1) green smoke grenade meant for signaling. Swiss army knife, compass, two canteens of water, a few cans of food (scavenged). Wears a cross necklace (is of Christian faith), though it's often tucked underneath his shirt.

Other: Has various tattoos on his arms, the top of which are visible at the base of his neck.


Username: missHPfan2

Character Name: Lianna

Age: 24

Weapon: Carries some kitchen knives. Was living on her own when it started. Can also use rubble (throwing) and rebar or similar as a club.

Personality: Usually mature, especially in serious situations. Somewhat naive. Can be immature if she desires, but you're not going to see that side of her much.

History: Lianna has been living on her own and doing well since she was 18. She worked at a convenience store before the zombie disaster happened. She'd always been crafty with weapons, able to use nearly anything. She trained herself with the help of some books.


Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color and Length: Red, shoulder length, always worn down.

Height: 5' 6"

Weight: 145 lbs

Clothing: Purple striped t-shirt, usually not visible under her black jacket. The jacket has plenty of pockets. Blue jeans, no belt. Black/silver tennis shoes and white socks.

Accessories: Wears her backpack from college filled with various supplies gathered from her home and stores she's gotten into to raid the shelves. Wears a plain red headband to keep her hair out of the way. She also wears a black digital watch.

Other: Her equipment is 4 different kitchen knives in crude sleeves made from paperboard (the cardboard on a lot of food boxes) and tape, some cans of food, a can opener, a blanket for sleeping at night, a lighter, a pocketknife, a flashlight and some spare batteries, and a notebook and some pencils to record events.

How many days a week are you online? Nearly every day.

May I pm you about random things that may occur? Sure. I hardly ever get messages.


Username: azseanster

Character Name: Yuri Petrovich

Age: 21

Weapon: Springfield WWII American Model w/scope

Personality: Very quiet, to the point, prefers to work alone

History: Yuri has been in the Russian armed forces ever since he was only fifteen. His history before the army was simple; His father died when he was young, his mother went hysteric, and Yuri had to provide the family of two with food as a young boy. In the Army, he was bumped up to special operations when he was eighteen for his excellent service in the large terrorist attack of 2009. His operations up until the age of twenty are classified, all is known is that he was released on his twenty first birthday. For further unknown reasons, he has traveled to America in hopes of selling this particular Springfield rifle.



Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color and Legnth: Brown, very short and naturally scruffy

Weight: 158 pounds

Clothing: Blue jeans, whit T shirt, black sweater, black converse shoes user posted image

Accessories: A Mosin Nagant bandolier user posted image and a G-Shock air force quality tactical watch user posted image

Other: Yuri has a slight finger tick, where he often will slap the stock of his rifle and lick his lips when aiming a gun. Doctors have no idea why.

How many days a week are you online?: All day, every day. (about 5 days a week, sometimes the weekends)

May I P.M. you about random things that may occur?: Of course.




Username: azseanster

Character Name: Charlie Morris

Age: 17

Weapon: A pair of sturdy drum sticks

Personality: Very eccentric, rambling, geekish, awkward

History: Charlie is originally from Scotland, until on his seventeenth Birthday he was told he was moving to London, Toronto. About two days before all hell broke loose, a friend of Charlie's who went to the local school school asked if he could assist as a temporary drummer for the school band. During a rehearsal however, the infected got in and only Charlie managed to escape.




Username: Shadowwolflegend

Character Name: Makiya Fareday (also called Mak)

Age: 32

Weapon: 12 Gauge shotgun and a weed whacker with a metal fan blade at the end. (only downfall is that it is gas powered and will need to be refilled after some time of use)

Personality: He is calm, calculating and philosophical feeling more sorry for the undead then fear or anger though he may get a crazed look on his face when re-killing them. Will become angry if called short or any variation of it.

History: Was born in Silverton, Texas and grew up on a farm and did side jobs to help pay for bills like fixing tractors and trucks, building houses, and watching animals till the age of 22 where he moved to Hillsborough, Canada to work as a mechanic. He has been working 10 years as a mechanic knowing the ins and outs of most vehicles and some heavy machinery. Due to his height most people called him shorty which causes him to become upset if it is said repeatedly. Mak once beat a man for calling him short so bad he had to be hospitalized. When the town started to turn into zombies he boarded up the gas station that he works at and has been trying to help every survivor he sees though he knows his time is slowly running out.


Eye Color: bright blue

Hair Color and Length: Messy black hair that is a little above shoulder length

Height: 5’7”

Weight: 215 lbs

Clothing: Red plaid long sleeved shirt covered in oil, Denim blue jeans also covered in oil, Black leather welding gloves, and Black steeled toed boots

Accessories: Wears Black welding Goggles, and a red Bandanna around his neck. Has a tool belt where he keeps nails, hammer, Phillips screwdriver, Flathead screwdriver, wire cutter, measuring tape, a lighter, Some ammo, cigarettes, and a carpenter pencil.

Other: Will randomly think of an idea for weapons that he can build at random times. Will smoke when he becomes nervous about something.

How many days a week are you online?: 7 most of the time

May I P.M. you about random things that may occur?: sure




Username: Shadowwolflegend

Character Name: Wren Eirnhart

Age: 6

Weapon: None

Personality: Is very scared of the world around her yet curious at the same time. She is shy of people though, when she is about to cry she will go to the closest uninfected she can reach with her plush bear and stays with them until she calms down. She has some hard times saying words though she is very smart for her age but, she doesn’t show it a lot because it reminds her of ‘those bad times‘.

History: She was born in Russia and lived with her mother for 2 years then for a reason that she never understood she was but into the care of her grandfather Dr. Eirnhart. The only thing she has of her mother is her stuffed bear Coco which she will not part with. Her grandfather started experimenting on her when she first arrived doing small test that became more painful as the years went by this time is called in her way the ‘bad times‘. While living with her grandfather she has been forced to not leave her room or even be allowed outside. At the age of 5 her Grandfather left to Canada taking her with him having her experience a whole world outside her room but, once thye arrived she was forced back into another room again and she has been there ever since being tested on everyday.

Appearance- http://i.istockimg.com/file_thumbview_appr...ffed-animal.jpg

Eye Color: Blue with gold flecks

Hair Color and Length: Light blond almost white hair that is a little past shoulder length

Height: 3’ 6”

Weight: 46 lbs

Clothing: A white dress with white shorts underneath and purple mud boots

Accessories: Has a plush bear named Coco that she always has on her.

Other: She is immune to the zombie virus and is very curious and fearful of everything outside.

Edited by Quhanta

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((Sure. I'll try my best.))

Lien ran across a wide street, dodging random cars and already mutilated corpses. She was on her own, and wasn't sure if there were any other people alive anyway.

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Sarisha couldn't believe how quickly the RCMP closed off Moncton. She swirved around cars and avoided zombies as she made her way toward Shoppers Drug Mart on Coverdale road. When the break out occured, it was Sunday, which means that the store was closed. Perhaps she could hide there for a while. Suddenly, she thought she saw a person up ahead. An alive person. She slowed to a stop in the middle of an intersection and got halfway out of the truck. "Hey!" She yelled. "Are you okay?" It was a girl, about twenty, with short, black, curly hair. She tried to wave her over.

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Lien stopped and turned to look at the voice. It was a woman, she was alive. That was good for something. Quickly running over she opened the door to the car and got in quickly. She was breathing heavily, and remembered how much she was being chased.

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When the woman got into the car, Sarisha slipped in quickly and closed the door. "Who are you?" she asked. "You can't be from around here, dressed like that." Sarisha started the car and continued on her way to shoppers. "Oh, go any weapons?"

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Lien turned to the woman. "My name is Lien." She paused for a minute. "I am from Vietnam." She said and quietly took out a knife and showed it to her. It was much better being in here than out there, but she'd rather be at home under her bed actually.

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((Quhanta, have you gotten my form? I find this to be a very good Rp idea, and wish to join.))

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(Sorry. I got my computer taken away for a day.)


Sarisha looked at Lien's knife and nodded in approval. "Nice." She pulled into the Shoppers Drug Mart parking lot and stopped right at the front door. "Have you been bitten or scratched at all?" She wanted someone to watch her back, but there were precautions that needed to be taken. Just in case.

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Lien shook her head. "I have not." Lien hopped that she wouldn't be sent away, and it was nice to see someone alive after what happened.

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"Good. Do you know the aria?" She responded quickly and quietly. Sarisha gad gotten out of the truck and walked toward the front doors. Usually they would slide open when you walked up to them, but seeing as how the government had cut the power, they remained in place. She took out her knife and fitted it in between the automatic doors, neer the top. "Can you pry from the bottem with your knife?" she asked.

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"A little." She replied and ran out to keep up with her. They had cut the power already, that would make a brutal winter. She nodded and pulled out the knife again and began to pry the doors open. Eventually she got it open. "Got it." She replied standing back a step.

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Sarisha cautiously steped into the store. "Alright, let's stock up on the non parachables, cloths, perscriptions, first aid, anything we'll need. Do ou want to split up or go together?" Sarisha spoke smoothly as she walked, silently, into the store.

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"Um...We should stay together." She said, it seemed empty but she really didn't trust it. She stuck close to her, looking around often trying to be useful.

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Sarisha nodded and walked, quietly, over to the pharmecy counter. She checked behind it and then jumped over the counter. She then held out her hand to aid Lien over it, if she needed help. "We should find the binder that tells us what every drug does and what it's used for. I'm sure they have one." Sarisha said quietly.

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