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    ----------> WISH LIST <----------


    (( Caveborn ))
    CB Pyralspites
    CB Zyumorphs
    CB Metallics
    CB Naughty / Lewd Codes

    (( Bred ))
    Red, Pink, Purple hatchlings or incuhatchable eggs.
    5G-6G EG PB Aeon, unrelated to any 5-6G Aeon in group 116828 or 116827
    3G-6G PB EG Thuwed, unrelated to any in group 117116
    2G out of Naughty / Lewd code parents.

    2G Avatar/kin from M Brown Copper x F GoN ***PRIORITY
    2G Avatar from M Erador Lindwyrm
    2G Avatar from M Despis
    2G Avatar/kin from M GoN x F Golden Wyvern ***PRIORITY

    2G Venturis from F Gold
    2G Gold from M Venturis
    2G Skysilk from M Erador Lindwyrm
    2G Magma from M Despis
    2G Golden Wyvern from F Magma
    2G Thalassa Xeno from F Aranoas ***PRIORITY
    2G Blusang from M Undine x F Blusang ***PRIORITY

    (( 2G Prize/kin ))
    2G Prize/kin from M Venturis x F Bronze Shim
    2G Prize/kin from M Bronze Tinsel x F Gaia Xeno
    2G Prize/kin from M Verdigris Copper x F Silver Shimmer
    2G Silver Tinsel from F Mistletoe ***PRIORITY

    (( Holiday/Seasonal ))
    2G Erador Lindwyrm from F GoN ***PRIORITY
    2G Erador Lindwyrm from F Skysilk

    2G Caligene from M Enraged Aegis
    2G Despis from F Magma
    2G Despis from F GoN ***PRIORITY
    2G Arcana from M Autumn Seasonal

    2G Ribbon from M Dark Green
    2G Mistletoe from M Silver Tinsel ***PRIORITY
    2G Garland from M Snow

    2G Autumn Seasonal from F Arcana