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Always looking for common and Halloween offspring of the following pairs! Willing to do IOU's as necessary. 

Shadow Walker (M) x Indigo Lunar (F) --- Shadow Walker (F) x Ice (M) --- Shadow Walker (F) x Green Nebula (M)

Shadow Walker (M) x Storm (F) --- Shadow Walker (M) x Rosebud (F) 

Cavern Lurker (F) x Purple Nebula (M) --- Cavern Lurker (F) x Silver Lunar (M) --- Cavern Lurker (M) x Spirit Ward (F) 

Desipis (M) x Spirit Ward (F) --- Grave (F) x Magi (M) --- Grave (M) x Magma (F)

I want even gens, but the generation doesn't matter! The higher the better as long as it's not inbred!

My Complete Breeding Wishlist 

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