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2r78uwn.gif<--- my scroll I breed on request, just PM me.

*I won a HM and chose a CB Soulpeace. I'm no longer keeping a list, just trading in the forums so keep an eye out. If I still owe you an egg please pm me, I may have forgotten you.*

Wishlist Wishing for a Holly, CB Metallics and low gen Prize Dragons. fire_crystal_dragon_by_cyangmou-d5nhwxc.gif

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    ~Ultimate Wishlist~

    CB Golds
    CB Silvers
    CB Coppers
    CB Golden Wyverns
    CB Blusangs
    CB Trios
    CB Neglecteds
    2nd - 3rd gen Tinsels and Shimmers
    2nd gen Holly form Holly x White