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Make your own character 2

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So this is my second make your own character, this one will have a completely different storyline but the rules will be the same. I know everyone enjoys making characters but writing their stories is difficult. So you fill out the character sheet and I'll add them to the story. I couldn't help myself I wrote a prologue. There are eight main planets all that can be reached by a special transportation device. The main planet is an entire city. This world is filled with magic as each person has a special ability (such as fire, the ability to disappear, or being able to duplicate oneself) that they use on a normal basis. I will be controlling two characters this time around for the sake of the plot line I’m working on. The story will be about a group of friends who grew up together, but a war is on its way.



1.PM me character sheets.

2. No flaming if you don't like how I'm using your character then Pm me about it.

3. You're allowed to post what you would like to see happen in the story on here, and you can talk about what's happening in the story with the other people who made characters.

4. You don't have to make a character if you don't want to, you're allowed to simply stalk and read the story.

5. Rule five has disappeared because it didn't make sense, and since I made it over a year ago I don’t even remember what it was anymore.


Character sheet.

Username: (so I know whose character I'm using)

Character name: (cuz everyone needs a name)

Personality: (very important since I will be controlling the character not you)

Description: (Because I have to know what they look like, humans are preferred though since there are 8 planets I might accept slight human variations but I will say they came from one of the other planets.)

History: (nice add on though not needed)

Ability: (Fire, ice, duplication, invisibility etc. But you can only have one.)

Weapon of choice: (since there will be fighting and their abilities use up energy so they need weapons as well. Please keep it medievalish smile.gif )

Side: (evil or good, evil characters might take a couple chapters before you see them but don't be discouraged to make an evil character because of that, evil characters can be the most interesting.)

Relationship with my character: (Friends, boyfriend, enemies, secret admirer. Only one character can be her boyfriend so if more than one person applies for it I'll have to choose who I use.)



I jumped out of the way as his sword swung by my head. I couldn’t help the cocky smile that snuck on my face.


“Is that the best you can do?” I shouted at him mockingly. Brent smiled fiendishly and suddenly my legs couldn’t move. Brent then swung at me again, I blocked the blow but was unable to step out of the way or gain a better advantage point since my legs were frozen, he used the momentary disadvantage to swing his sword and stop it right at my neck.


“That better for you?” He asked evilly.


“You cheated, the rules were that we couldn’t use abilities.” I snarled at him. He snapped his fingers and released my legs.


“You’re right it was unfair.” He said putting away his two short swords. I shook my head as a small smile crept back onto my face, I couldn’t stay mad at him for any length of time.

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This will be where I post all accepted characters. And where I post what has recently happened in the storyline.


Recent happenings: Some friends you just can't get rid of, no matter how hard you try.


My Characters:


Username: Chee

Character name: Yori Hammer

Personality: Adventurous, she seems to always be in trouble, or getting others in to trouble. Her friends gladly follow her because they know she will keep them from harm. She has a short temper and has taught herself to hide any emotion she doesn’t wish to show.

Description: She has very long black wavy hair that is kept in either a pony tail or braid. She has hazel eyes and stand at 5’7”.

History: The daughter of a high class family she was always respected growing up. Her mother always wanted her to be much more girly than she was, her father enjoyed her skills with a blade and her powerful ability. She grew up with her group of friends and has sworn to protect them no matter what.

Ability: Can control fire completely, is able to fly by creating fire wings, takes a great deal of energy.

Weapon of choice: Katana

Side: Good


Username: Chee

Character name: Brent Scythe

Personality: Mischievous, he gladly causes trouble with his friends but he knows not too go too far. He’s very loyal to his friends, and manipulative to others.

Description: He has shoulder length brown hair, blue eyes, he stand at six feet and has a slender build though he is still very strong.

History: Grew up with his friends, he was very talented at using his ability and trained very hard to control it to his will. His parents died when he was very young and Yori’s family took him in and paid for his training. Though they lived together him and Yori didn’t become close until the day when Brent had accidently knocked over a very important statue, while the authorities were chasing him Yori had pulled him into a hiding place and kept him safe until the authorities had moved on.

Ability: Can immobilize a person, or a specific part of them, it can sometimes back fire and requires a great deal of concentration.

Weapon of choice: Twin short swords.

Side: Good

Relationship with my character: Very close friends, people often question their relationship status but they always say it could never happen because they are like siblings to each other.




Accepted characters:


Username: sharlykng

Character name: Solmina

Personality: Extremely cautious. She hardly lets her guard down, and tends to give sarcastic remarks when conversing with others. She was once seen tending to other injured animals/creatures before. Oh, and she has the best poker face ever. xd.png

Description: She looks almost human, except that she's very slim and pale, and she has fangs and a tail. There are markings on her face, almost like patterns, in a very light brown colour (not visible from afar). Her hair is blue-purple. She often wears leather studded armour, a tiny dagger strapped to one side of her hip, across her chest, and in her shoe. Her arms have numerous scars. Her eyes are pale green.

History: biggrin.gif I can't think of one that would fit this.

Ability: She has the ability to manipulate her blood into a weapon (the bigger it is, the harder for it to manipulate. This also has to be a weapon she has seen before). She does this almost subconsciously. The blood loss will affect her more than usual, but she heals fast.

Weapon of choice: Bow & arrows.

Side: Evil is fun~

Relationship with my character: Uhm, you choose.


Username: Dragonhatchling

Character name: Venril Liazak

Personality: She is very strong willed and will almost never back down from what she knows to be right. She takes charge when needed, never backing down from a challenge or order. She is extremely intelligent and observant, because of this many who meet her believe she has the ability to know everything- she doesn't. She has a wonderful way with words, more commonly using them to get out of anything anyone might suspect her in. Aside from that, she isn't very hard to get along with- sometimes. Venril is extremely (and I mean it) hard to gain trust from. She occasionally has a short temper (which her angry is not anything anyone wants to see...). When not angered, she has the potential to be kind (in the right sense of the meaning), though it is rarer than her temper. Usually she is having her way with someone who came near enough to her to be deemed trouble. She enjoys torture and pain in general (most say it's a bit too much) and will not hesitate to set up a situation where someone will get hurt.

Description: Venril is slightly taller than average, having long dark brown hair with a bit of faint gold mixed in. Her eyecolor is an almost glowing gold color. She wears light armor and carries a pouch of herbs. This pouch has an array of herbs, many very deadly with the capability of being used for healing if prepared correctly.

History: Venril Liazak was not born into any family that she knew of, though she did know it was the second largest planet. The city-folk kept her wandering the streets after realizing how much trouble she was even at a young age. Something never seemed right with her, which kept everyone else as far away as possible. Her ability had been powerful naturally, though Venril had not discovered that until she had trapped a young man who tried to rob her. He was found only hours later, encased in ice and still bleeding to his death inside. It took days to get him out, and by then the boy had died a long while ago.

Venril's murder became known to many, though her colorful way with words always kept her out of trouble. That agrivated many of the medium sized city she lived in. They formed a large group over the years and hunted her. Though she had done the hunting.

Over those years the group was being built, Venril took the time to perfect her skills as she thought needed. She had always known the skills of a sword and worked on those in tandem with her icey ways. A few street-walkers wished to join her, and she let them, expressing that this small deal might not last in the future. When the time came, she allowed herself to be cornered and let the group think they had the upper-hand. Once they realized it was one of her followers that had been cornered, it was too late. Each member of the group got a different way of dying, the leader dying by Venril's own hands as he was the last to go. The organization she had formed continued its reign over the streets even after Venril left to find another area to terrorize for fun.

But that was a while ago, now Venril lives in the largest city of their universe, using her talents when needed. Otherwise no one knows she had left, her home city still living in fear of her unintended group.

Ability: Complete manipulation of ice. She loves coating ice around her sword's blade and occasionally the armor which does not restrict her movement.

Weapon of choice: An elaborately decorated long sword.

Side: Evil (I'm curious to see how evil you can make someone)

Relationship with my character: Enemy of some sort.


Username: happyseagull

Character name: Thalassa

Personality: Strong; clever; strategist; tomboy; can be a little violent and harsh, but kind when she needs to be; handy with tools and wood.

Description: Wavy hair that's dark brown, sea green eyes, sturdy, muscular build.

History: Can't think of one.

Ability: Completely controls water.

Weapon of choice: Sword

Side: Good

Relationship with my character: Friend


Username: Littlelostdragon

Character name: Tagan

Personality: Thoughtful, always likes to think everything through before acting. He hates being ordered around and will often do his own thing if he feels its getting to much. Quiet though will speak if there's something to say. Though seems to lack in small talk. He hates crowds and too much noise.

Description: 6 foot tall human, slim build, black hair and brown eye's, where's the color of dark blue is possible.

History: He learned to think when he had to leave his family. As they only wanted him to obey like many in that area.

Ability: He can cloak, the magic almost forms a tight bubble around him and look like nothing changed if you looked at him from the out side. If he cloaked infront of a tree and you looked at the tree all you would see is the tree. This ability drains energy moderatly, it doubles the more people he try's to hide ect.

Weapon of choice: Poison bow and arrow. He dips the arrow tips in poison before firing them. Can't fight back if your too weak.

Side: Good oddly

Relationship with my character: when he sees her, secret admirer and maybe BF GF later on.


Username: Rainbow Dash

Character name: Z

Personality: Z (the only name he is known to others by) is a bright, happy and overall enthusiastic guy. He's quick thinking, and always ready for a good dose of action. Of course, he can get cocky sometimes, and although this usually works to his advantage, he sometimes makes slips.

Description: Z has blonde hair, and blue eyes. His hair spikes up, into a fohawk. He wears a t-shirt, covered up by a button up shirt at all times, to hide something on this back. His inner t-shirt also has two holes in the back. On his lower body, he prefers to wear loose jeans, which are surprisingly maneuverable.


Ability: He's got wings. On his back. They're blue! He can fly! (This is what the button up shirt covers up, and what the holes in the back of his inner shirt are for.)

Weapon of choice: Two, small blades that hide inside his shirt. These can pop out, and are used almost identically to those in the game Assassins Creed.

Side: Good. Aw Ye!

Relationship with my character: Just friends


Username: Shric Debar

Character name: Est

Personality: Devious and deceptive. Highly intelligent. Loves to play mind games with those he's fighting.

Description: Tall, slim, wild hair (short), thin eyes. thin nose. normal mouth. wears a fedora, leather trench coat (black), shirt (dark), smart cargo trousers (dark) and leather boots (black). pale skin, blue eyes, black hair.

Ability: electrokenesis

Weapon of choice: Pair of tonfa swords http://photoshare.shaw.ca/image/b/0/f/181535/tonfa-0.jpg for refernce on use:

Side: hmm lemme think..... EVIL!!!!!!

Relationship with my character: Surprise me

Edited by chee

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Chapter 1


“Very nicely fought, you know you almost had him, until you froze to the spot.” Thalassa said with a sarcastic grin as she stood outside the sparing ring.


“I would have won hands down if he didn’t use his ability.” I responded back.


“Lie to yourself all you want Yori, you know I’m the better fighter of the two of us.” Brent jokingly teased.


“Though, I do remember her kicking your butt at the competition last year.” Thalassa said in my defense.


“No you got it all wrong, I let her win.” Brent replied. I simply rolled my eyes.


“Of course you did.” Thalassa said sarcasm dripping from the words. I heard someone shooting at the archery range. I turned and walked over to the archery range. Tagan was shooting down targets like they were nothing, he was very skilled with a bow and arrow. We had trained a little together, and we had gone on one mission together.


“Yori come on.” Brent called. I turned and walked over to them but not without a final glance back at Tagan, and I thought he might have been looking at me. The three of us walked into the feasting hall where Brent grabbed a cup of mead that he downed very quickly. Thalassa reached to grab a cup herself but her arm froze, Brent couldn’t hide the ridiculous smile on his face.


“If you don’t release me.” Thalassa threatened, Brent snapped his fingers so she could move again.


“Just having fun.” Brent said defensively. Thalassa didn’t look any less angry as she drank from the cup.


“Enough trouble from the both of you.” I said ending the fight before it started. Tagan walked in covered in sweat from working out just like the three of us, he glanced at me before walking over to a different area of the hall.


“So what is the plan for the rest of the day?” Thalassa asked.


“My parents wanted me back at home. Apparently it’s pretty important.” I said as I turned to leave.


“We’ll come with you.” Brent said and they both followed me.


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Lol we got the brother sister thing and the guy just trying to say he's better. Often that back fires later on in story's lol.


So far so good Chee, *is eager to see how this story turns out*

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Lol we got the brother sister thing and the guy just trying to say he's better. Often that back fires later on in story's lol.


So far so good Chee, *is eager to see how this story turns out*

^This. Exactly. (quit stealing my words from my mouth- joke xd.png )


Keep going Chee! You're doing great!

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Chapter 2


We arrived at my house where my father was waiting for us. My father was the leader of the kings army and would often send me on missions.


“Father I have come as you requested.” I said very formally, my father was the only person I was overly formal with. My father was standing in front of his desk looking at papers, he looked up when he heard me.


“Yori I need to send you out to one of the planets. There’s rumors of people forming a group to take over our king. I will be sending you, Brent, Thalassa and Tagan to investigate, we don’t need a war with the planets king so this mission is not official.” My father said very seriously, Brent and Thalassa were excited to go on a mission.


“Would you like me to explain the situation to Tagan?” I offered since he wasn’t in the room. My father shook his head and pointed right next to him.


“There’s no need to, I was having him show me his talent when you walked in.” My father explained as Tagan became visible next to him.


“It is good to see you Yori.” Tagan said very seriously.


“Same to you.” I replied.


“Let’s get ready to battle.” Thalassa said excited. My father shook his head.


“I’m hoping this is only rumors and that there will not be a need to fight.” My father explained.


“Doesn’t mean we can’t be prepared.” Thalassa offered.


“Don’t worry father I’ll keep them in line.” I said with a smile before leaving to get ready for the mission.



“We will be successful in our mission to take over the core planet.” Venril told her group triumphantly, the group roared in anticipation of the fight to take over the core planet. Venril waved to her followers before turning to her second in command.


“How are you planning to get all these people to the core planet?” Solmina asked. Venril looked angrily at her.


“Do you question my plan?” Venril asked stroking her sword. Solmina took stock of the situation and took a step back.


“Of course not, just curious as to what your plan was.”


“We’ll send them in waves and they will wait for everyone else to arrive that way no one will suspect that an army is making its way to the core.” Venril explained.


“Genius plan.” Solmina said slightly sarcastically before leaving to tend to other issues.



(YAy the next chapter, it's been really hot here and I've been swimming in my best friends pool. The double * means that I'm shifting to another character, I'll probably use it a lot in this story. Enjoy biggrin.gif )

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Very good chapter there. I wonder how the mission would go, we almost got all the normal group members there lol. The leader, the battle head, the quiet one(s).


*can't wait for next chapter*

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Sweet~ We get to see the evil side of things as well!

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Looking awesome so far. I echo the above statement, can't wait to see the evil side join in.

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Cool Chee. I gotta say, I didn't expect the evil ones to join in so soon (not that I mind- I just didn't expect it xd.png ) and this seems it'll be battle right off the start, and a bit more than usual.


Keep it up Chee, I'm still (and I'm sure I always will be) enjoying these stories! smile.gif

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Chapter 3


I equipped my weapons and watched the others do the same.


“We’ll have to take the shuttle over to the planet.” Tagan said matter of factly.


“We shouldn’t go as soldiers, there’s no reason to cause a scene. We can wear monk robes, monks are accepted everywhere and thankfully travel enough that we won’t stand out.” I said as I finished tying on my sword.


“Yes monks with weapons won’t stand out at all.” Thalassa said with a great amount of sarcasm.


“Well that’s what the over-sized robes are for, after all.” Brent told Thalassa with a smile. Thalassa rolled her eyes at him then turned to me.


“So where are we finding these robes?” She asked me.


“My dad has some in storage.” I said simply then signaled to a guard and asked him to get the robes for us.


“Why on earth does your dad have monk robes?” Thalassa asked, I simply shrugged.


“I haven’t the slightest clue, but I’m sure it’s a very interesting story.” I told her.




Venril sat in a chair while listening to one of her generals who was explaining how many of their soldiers had made it to the core planet. When he was finished Venril dismissed him.


“We’re off to a pretty slow start.” Solmina said from her spot leaning on the wall.


“I didn’t ask for your opinion.” Venril said with a sigh.




We were sitting on a shuttle, the robes hid us and our weapons perfectly, there were even two other real monks on the shuttle which helped us blend in a lot.


“Have you ever been to this planet before?” Tagan asked next to me.


“Yes I have, we get sent here quite a lot to take care of minor disturbances.” I explained to him.


“Though what she considers minor disturbances usually get us half killed.” Brent said with a slight laugh.


“And what she considers major disturbances usually require an army to settle.” Thalassa pitched in.


“Like the battle of the frozen lakes?” Tagan asked, the battle of the frozen lakes was about two years ago on the ice planet, we had lost a lot of soldiers and only won because the other side ran out of provisions.


“Yes, that I consider to be a major disturbance.” I agreed, I remembered Tagan being there, he had carried me to the medic tent after I received a cut on my back from a sword, I couldn’t help but wonder if I would have bled to death had he not been there.


“I seem to remember you being at that battle.” Brent said almost like he could read my mind.


“I helped out a little.” Was all Tagan responded.

Edited by chee

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Chapter 3




Venril sat in a chair while listening to one of her generals who was explaining how many of their soldiers had made it to the core planet. When he was finished Venril dismissed him.


“We’re off to a pretty slow start.” Solmina said from her spot leaning on the wall.


“I didn’t ask for your opinion.” Venril said with a sigh.



Total. Epic! I can totally visualize the scene in my head~

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Chapter 4


Once we landed on the planet we stood on the side of the walkway that was swarming with people so that we could discuss our plans.


“We’ll head to the bars first, I’ll talk to the bartender pretending to be looking for work. Thalassa and Brent you talk around the bar see if you can get any information from the customers. Tagan if you could please cloak yourself and investigate the bars looking and listening for any useful information.” I said to the group.


“I can do that.” Tagan replied.


“How many bars are there anyway?” Thalassa asked.


“We will only be going to the lower class ones, though we need to stash these monk robes somewhere.” I said taking mine off and rolling it into a ball. The others took theirs off as well, it was interesting to see how they all held them differently, Thalassa had thrown hers over her shoulder, Brent was holding it by the hood and letting the rest hang, Tagan had his draped over his arms.


“Will we need them again? We can leave the planet as warriors we simply couldn’t come in as them.” Brent stated.


“You’re right.” I said as I walked to a trash can and threw mine in, my father wasn’t going to be terribly thrilled that we had simply thrown them out but he wasn’t here.


We all walked to the scummiest bar we could find, which wasn’t too difficult on this side of the planet. The bar was filled with smoke and the smell of old sweat, the walls were covered in dirt and alcohol stains. I turned around and was glad to see that Tagan had already turned himself invisible. I nodded at Thalassa and Brent who walked off to talk to the occupants of the room. I walked up to the bartender and got his attention.


“Know of any work, preferably work where my blade would be useful.” I said sliding a gold coin across the counter, the bartender picked it up and leaned over to me.


“I hear that there is someone, named Venril, looking for warriors, though I wouldn’t take it if I were you, I don’t think they’ll succeed, and if you get caught you will be killed.” The bartender warned.


“I’m not afraid to die.” I told him back with an evil grin. The bartender slid me a piece of paper.


“Then just go to this location, but don’t say that I didn’t warn you, and don’t say that I sent you.” He finished and then went to serve another customer. I waited a few minutes before walking out of the bar and waiting outside for the others. I knew that the others would take a little longer so I calmly sat down outside and waited for them. After a half hour I thought I could hear someone breathing close to me, I turned to the noise and reached out my hand touching Tagan’s shoulder. Tagan uncloaked himself and was sitting next to me.


“How did you know I was there?” He asked.


“I could just barely hear you breathing, had you been sitting just a little further away I would never have known.” I told him honestly.


“I didn’t find out much that was useful, mostly all I overheard was drunks talking about their wives and daughters.” He said exasperated. Thalassa came out of the bar and squeezed between me and Tagan.


“So I learned from an overly drunk man that someone named Venril is recruiting an army to kill off our king.” Thalassa told me.


“I have the address to her hideout.” I said holding out the piece of paper.


“Brent is taking long enough to get his lazy butt out of there. I think he’s busy drinking himself silly.” Thalassa said. We waited another ten or so minutes before Brent came out.


“Learn anything useful?” I called to him. He shook his head as he walked over, we all stood when he got close.


“I have our next destination.” I stated.


“At least one of us did something useful.” Brent said taking the paper from me and reading it.


“Let’s get going then, I don’t want to spend any more time on this planet then I need to.” Thalassa said walking off in the direction of the address on the paper, we all followed her. It took several hours and it was well and truly dark by the time we got to the address.


“What a dump.” Brent said looking at the crooked door that was barely hanging on to the desolate building.


“Somehow I can’t see them holding an army in there.” Thalassa said walking up to it.


“Thalassa wait we need to go in together. Brent could you go through first and freeze anyone who might be in there.” I asked. Brent nodded and drew his two swords as he walked up to the door pushing it open. I followed right behind him my katana shining in the moonlight, Thalassa and Tagan were behind me. I started a fire on my hand to give us some light inside the pitch black building.


“I don’t see, or hear anyone.” Brent told me. I nodded and relaxed.


“Stupid bartender gave us a bad lead. We should go back and bash his head in.” Thalassa said with venom.


“Search the place there might be something here.” I said walking around and looking for anything that could give us a clue to what we should do next.


“Guys over here.” Tagan called from across the building. I ran over to where he was, he was squatting on the floor and looking at something. I leaned down and saw that it was a trap door.


“Help me lift it up.” I said to no one in particular as I grabbed the handle and started pulling it up, Brent and Tagan joined me. Thalassa drew her sword and stood guard in case something came out of it.


“Let’s hope this leads to what we want.” Thalassa said as she started climbing down a ladder that was there, I followed right behind her, the boys seemed to give challenging glances at each other and then Brent followed me.


(No bad guys in this chapter, but that's okay because they have a big role in the next chapter )

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Yay new chapter that is very good. God job chee, the wiats worth each chapter. Keep it up.

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Chapter 5


“We should be fully prepared for the attack by the end of the week.” Solmina told Venril. They were standing at a table with papers and maps spread across it.


“When we are ready to begin the attack we can send in a small group of soldiers though this back door, that is as long as you can get them over the wall surrounding the backyard of the palace.” Venril told Solmina as she pointed at the map of the castle.


“That will be too easy, just make sure you keep the guards distracted at the front door.” Solmina said as if she expected Venril to not hold up her end of the plan.


“Don’t question my leadership.” Venril said pushing away from the table and pouring a drink as a smaller table nearby.


“Where did we get all this information from anyway? Can we trust it?” Solmina asked as she looked at all the papers and maps, most of which had notes on guard duties and other vital information written all over them.


“The source is trustworthy and is working from the inside.” Venril stated as she brought her cup over and glanced at the papers.


“Then how do we know this isn’t a set up?” Solmina asked not believing Venril.


“I told you not to question my leadership.” Venril growled.


“How do you plan on distracting the guards?”


“I’m sending a group of our weakest soldiers in first, they’ll dwindle the soldiers numbers and draw them away from other areas of the castle.” Venril said then started drinking from her glass.


“Est has arrived.” A general said from the doorway of the room.


“Show him in.” Venril said then turned back to her maps, she could tell someone had walked into the room so she turned to look and saw four soldiers standing there.




“Well it looks like we’ve found the rats we’ve been looking for.” Thalassa said as she drew her weapon. The rest of us did the same.


“Hey Thalassa want to make a bet on who can kill the most?” Brent called over to her.


“You know I’ll win.” Thalassa said then charged at the two girls standing in the room.


“Thalassa wait.” I tried to say but I knew she wouldn’t hear me.


“Soldiers attack the invaders.” One of the women said, she drew a blade that quickly became covered in ice, I lit my sword on fire and charged at her. Soldiers started pouring into the room. Thalassa was attacking the girl with a tail, Tagan was phasing in and out of visibility and taking the soldiers out by the fact they couldn’t keep track of where he was, Brent had turned and was fighting some guy with strange blades that had handles on them. The woman, who I assumed was Venril, blocked my first swing with her sword and steam rose up in the air. I swung at her stomach next and another burst of steam went up as she blocked it, she took one hand and pointed it at me sending a river of ice towards my face, I quickly jumped back and found myself next to another soldier. The soldiers swung his sword at me and I blocked it and sent a stream of fire at him and he caught on fire and dropped his weapon as he started screaming. I glanced behind to see that Tagan was doing a good job of shooting the soldiers before they got through the doorway and disappearing if they got too close to him. I was shocked to see the woman Thalassa was fighting had cut her arm and made a sword from the blood. I turned just in time to get my sword up as Venril’s blade came down on me, I side stepped and she fell forward but quickly recovered to swing at me. Stepping out of the way I sent a stream of fire at her that she rolled away from and swung at my face, I stopped her sword with mine very close to my face and I could hear the steam come off the weapons.


“Who do you think you are? Coming in here and fighting me!” She screamed into my face, in response I kicked her in the knee, she fell to the ground but before I could swing at her another soldier was attacking me. He swung at my torso and I stepped back and tripped over Venrils outstretched leg. The soldier kept coming for me and I kicked him in the shin before rolling away until I could stand up. When I stood up the same soldier was yelling and charging at me, I started running at him and we met in a flurry of swords swinging and fists flying. Venril was swinging her blade at me from behind, I swung my sword down to block hers and quickly had to duck to avoid the soldiers attack. I tried to step out of the situation but was blocked by a wall of ice from Venril, the soldier was swinging his sword at me at the same time as Venril when the soldiers arm suddenly stopped and I had time to block Venril’s attack. I kicked Venril in the stomach and she took a couple steps back, I used the chance to send my sword through the frozen soldiers heart, I nodded to Brent in thanks as he went back to fighting. The soldiers in the room seemed to keep growing. Venril looked at me and an evil smile crept on her face. The girl Thalassa had been fighting was running out a side door and calling to Venril who then followed her. I started to run after them when the door slammed close and became part of the wall. When I got to it there was no way to open it.


“Yori we’re outnumbered we need to leave while we still can!” Brent called to me. I nodded knowing it was true, the four of us were not going to last much longer.


“It’s time to retreat!” I called out as I sliced through a soldiers gut while I ran to another side door on the other side of the room.


“I’m winning!” Thalassa called from being surrounded by five or so soldiers, I sent a stream of fire at them lighting about three up.


“I don’t care.” I shouted back at her, obviously displeased she dispensed of one of the soldiers as she followed me. When we reached the door, I looked back to see Brent fighting the guy with strange blades again. The guy with strange blades was obviously winning the fight I was about to run out and help when my heart sank. One of the blades went through Brent.


My heart screamed as I saw him fall to his knees and blood poured onto his clothes. I tried to run to him, to save him when Tagan grabbed my body and started pulling me through the door. I fought against him, kicking and punching trying to run to Brent, I knew I was screaming his name but I couldn’t hear anything, the world had gone silent. Thalassa closed the door and Tagan continued to drag me along, I didn’t care anymore, and my eyes blurred with tears that shortly began trickling down my cheeks as I simply went limp, I didn’t have the strength to stand.


(Yay it's the fourth of July!! But you'll find no fireworks in this chapter, now I will go and light fireworks with my family.)

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Wow, great chapter! What happens to the invasion plan now? tongue.gif

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I'm on vacation and remembered that I had saw Chee posted but never got the chance to read it. I come look today......


Wow Chee!! Wonderful wonderful job! Keep writing please smile.gif I'm still enjoying every minute.

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