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IOUs from established players only, Offering ND/Selanoff IOUs for 2G Spriter Alts, PM me!

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I'm gifting Neglecteds! Click on the Neglected to find out more.

Note to self: ND Statistics

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    You have reached sharlykng's profile:

    To flame her for ignoring her art thread, title your PM: 1.
    To hire her for world domination, title your PM: 2.
    To offer yourself as a loyal slave, title your PM: 3.
    To annoy her with continuous incessant chatter, title your PM: 4.
    To send her presents from Hell, title your PM: 5.


    Sorry, that folder is full. Goodbye!

    Happylist: (in order of priority)
    2nd-Gen Thuweds/Dorkfaces/Spriter Alts
    2nd-Gen Alt-offsprings
    2nd Prize offspring (Tinsel/Shimmerscale)
    2nd-Gen Shimmerkin/Tinselkin

    Current hoards:
    Personal lineage building
    Zombie fodder!

    Keeping track...
    [to others]
    RW - 4/12 NDs

    [to me]
    kikibug13 - 2G B.Shimmer [MIA]
    myokomiyizaki - 2G B.Shimmer [MIA]
    Tirya_Moonflame - 2x 2G G.Shimmer [MIA]
    Prince_Xanthius - 2G S.Shimmer x Thunder [last response 04/11/16]
    Tasokie - 11/15 CB hatchlings from Missing list [last response 24/02/17]
    predatorfan4ever/PREDATOR - 0/4 CB Gold [MIA, blacklist until she can tell me why she's ignoring my PMs]
    RW - 4/5 2G S.Tinsel and 1/1 2G Tinselkin (Marth)

    DR concepts I'm/I've helping/helped:
    Shatterglass Drake [hatchling] /relocated to another site
    Regal Diamonds [hatchling] /completed
    Dragonfruit Pygmies [hatchling] /completed
    Seahorse Dragon /spriting

    Scroll sprite collection:
    Soulstone [hatch]
    Holly [f.hatch]
    Aegis [u.hatch/g.hatch]
    Snow [u.hatch/g.hatch]
    Neglected [u.hatch]
    Avatars [change.f.adult/u.hatch creation.u.hatch u.hatch]
    Black [alt.curled.hatch]
    Vine [alt.m.hatch/u.hatch]
    Kingcrowne [u.hatch]
    LunarHerald [silver.f.hatch/u.hatch]
    Seasonal [autumn.f.hatch]
    SpottedGreenwing [f.hatch]
    Sunset [f.hatch]
    Undine [alt.f.adult/f.hatch/u.hatch]
    Gemshard [blue.f.hatch]

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