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I got two cool codes from my Valentine's breeding. I don't usually name word-codes but I ended up naming these in a way that makes the codes little Easter eggs.


Joe's Bookstore (cYOUy)

Three Tears I've Saved For You ( iCry9)


I should check and see what nice code combos I could breed... I think most of my best codes are bred but I probably have something.

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How To Contact Me:PM
Neat Codes I'm Willing To Breed:
It is an emoji with wide eyes, dripping mouth and an arm.
Named Dragons:(Oq0v8)is named "Fuzzy Cat", but I am considering give the name to another pillow once I get one.
Special Requirements: Please do not kill, bite or earthquake. 
Lineage Project: I plan to make a lineage made with emoji codes.
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