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    Hello! Welcome to my profile!

    I started using DragCave in 2014 when I had a friend in high school that would let me take their scroll for practice. In 2015 I finally got my own scroll and have been on and off the site since then. My favorite dragons include the Royal Blue Dragon and the Nebula Dragon (reflected in my first successful breeding pair). I have a special interest in Wyverns and Hybrids. I'm always happy to help other users, when I have the capacity to do so, so don't be afraid to ask! I'm slowly growing my pool of BSA dragons to make my self more available for random little favors.

    Outside of DragCave I am an postgraduate student in English Literature with a specialization in Victorian detective fiction and disability studies. So basically I can watch Sherlock and call it homework. I'm an avid reader in general and always ready to hand out a custom recommendation - you can find me on Goodreads as well. My favorite video games include RPGs like the Legend of Zelda series and Horizon: Zero Dawn as well as resource management games. I'm also a big animal lover - the type of person hanging out with the dog at a party. I also work at a wildlife rehabilitation and education center for birds of prey so if you're interested in a long ramble about owls, I'm you're gal.