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[color=red][b]Forum Name:[/b] Nathair
[B]How To Contact Me:[/B] (click on my profile, cannot figure out how to link this sorry)
[b]Neat Codes I'm Willing To Breed:[/b][/color]

[i]CB Ice (Still an egg)[/i]
http://dragcave.net/lineage/ic0mY "Icy, Oh My!" 
[i]CB Silver (Female)[/i]
She has produced two offspring with odd codes - hAaPy and B7uRP. The most ironic is the happy code when her code is weepy!
[i]CB Female Baikala[/i]
[i]Not CB:[/i]
Val 09 from a Frill :3
[B]Special Requirements:[/B] No, but if you get a goofy code that is associated with the parent, maybe name it after that code? xD
[B]Lineage Project:[/B] Nope, unless I can find a mate for both the CB that is similar or associated with what the code indicates!



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Wow mobile sure botched the code. ¬_¬

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I just went through all my dragons and plucked the neatest codes out.

Skrab (scarab + crab)

bLEs (white angelic looking dragon, blessed with this code)

SmOD (sounds cool)

PoelM (Name: Poel, male)

Pybth (pybththhh raspberry noises)

iKade (i, Kade)

METHe (methy lol)

eS0Ld (e-sold)

EVLCb (truly, the most evil of CBs)

mcFCK (mc heck)

iBaMF (mccree, texas is basically a desert)

mrFRo (mr afro, because clouds)

fukta (police)

Xuggi (the new snuggy)

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I really like hunting for nice, cool and funny codes. Here some of them:

Males CB:

01ROM Carmine

maKEE Flamingo

yTmoM Red-finned Tidal

TryM3 Red-finned Tidal

EvaHE Hooktalon

43Min Antarean

Hpunk Seragamma

Momes Water Walker

MumFH Guardian

TRIpI Blue-Banded

OiLYt Horse

o0Oox Fell

2abeL Ember

NeuVA Red

SfNoe Scimitar


Females CB:

KsAxe Monarch

GutsL Monach

CHriS Floret

tAxIT Melismor

layhI Nocturne

BKode Lumina

GRozO Glaucus

BHues Razorcrest

What5 Storm

WpaiN Gilded Bloodscale

itPOe Tatterdrake


And here are my Z Project CB Diamonds:

zRAIn Arsani 

zlVls Storm

z6SAy Electric

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Forum Name:Erg07

How To Contact Me:Forums

Neat Codes I'm Willing To Breed: CB Aeon Wyvern (Male) http://dragcave.net/lineage/lnvnl

CB Green Nebula(Female) http://dragcave.net/lineage/ScQsS

Named Dragons: Aeon is named "Emit time" and nebula is named "Star  ratS"

Special Requirements: Nope

Lineage Project: Working on a super long aeon x blue lunar herald


I have other random stuff in this group you can ask me via pm to breed pairs together. I just wanted to submit the palindrome pair.

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